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Dad to Jacob and Freya Merete, husband of Liz. Founder of Sixty North by day, open source technologist by night. Living and working in Oslo.

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@type__error Don’t be exploited. Check whether the conference will cover: speaking fees, travel and accommodation e… @lhochstein A better version of the same talk here, from a time when I didn't have a horrible cold. Seismology is a unique science: the earth controls the experiments. We have to catch the devils in the act if…
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@loadcode When we started using iStock it had good pricing. Since then, they've been bought by Getty Images and it'… @loadcode Don't know about the best, but we use iStock, though it can be pricey. I usually swing by WikiMedia Commons first. @PeterHilton @chrisoldwood They asked for one thing.Amazing plastic flow of snow from the handrail on our garden deck. #rheology of 800 unmanned bicycles being pushed until they fall over 😍🚴‍♂️⚡️🚴‍♂️😍
Retweeted by Robert SmallshireThis is what happens when a bar that is being hot rolled in a steel mill comes out of its normal rolling trajectory…
Retweeted by Robert SmallshireCalling anybody who has been to @emfcamp before: Would you take a ten year old? Or is the event more suited for grown-ups only? @emfcamp How appropriate is the event for kids aged 10?
@jezhiggins @georgebernhard No. I’ve never taken stock in any employer or customer (except @sixty_north obv.) Too m… @georgebernhard @jezhiggins We did some work for a cryptocurrency outfit and were given the option of being paid in… @driveEV OIL LOL in Japan before noon, arrival in Zurich in the afternoon. I was wondering, why did I see a sunset during…
Retweeted by Robert SmallshireThe @FT now offering free subscriptions to 16-19 year olds any where in world. Superb move.
Retweeted by Robert Smallshire @dhh At a bare minimum they should display aggregate “screen time” across all devices in the health app.
Retweeted by Robert SmallshireWe live in a post-parody society where it's impossible to invent anything more ridiculous than reality
Retweeted by Robert SmallshireI think this is probably pretty accurate: There are still a bunch of problems with widespr…
Retweeted by Robert SmallshireA letter in Financial Times this morning...
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My company @praqma is hiring for devops & continuous delivery positions across Scandinavia...drop me a line if you…
Retweeted by Robert SmallshireFantastic to be out skiing with the family at Sjusjøen today. while the government is shut down let's all switch to metric
Retweeted by Robert SmallshireNorway Calling All U.S And U.K. Tech Hipsters via @forbes
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We're looking for great experience report proposals for both XP 2018 and Agile 2018 conferences. See…
Retweeted by Robert Smallshire @Lynoure That said, I still managed to drive ~200 km from Oslo to Lillehammer yesterday in snowy conditions, about… @Lynoure A related problem is speed signs covered in snow. The car obviously can't read them so you end up in a 70… @Lynoure I've been testing this in the past few days. Our Tesla will happily follow the car in front on autopilot e… Valley VC drools over Chinese workaholism, their absence of time for fitness or seeing their kids, disi…
Retweeted by Robert Smallshire.@LordBuckethead the US government is down. You may start your landing...
Retweeted by Robert SmallshireI've been learning about 'legibility' from Seeing Like A State (thanks @DRMacIver, @austin_bingham). Three local co… in to Oslo today... And my laptop has just crapped out <sad face> Anywhere in Oslo with decent selection, p…
Retweeted by Robert Smallshire @kwinkunks @stevenjgibbons No chance of getting anything but a norsk keyboard in Norway without ordering. I use Mac…
More detail here: the big picture, this is not unconnected to my previous tweet. @rchatley @austin_bingham We've had epic amounts of snow, so maybe not very long.For starters, I think he'd have an open access point.
Retweeted by Robert Smallshire @meekrosoft SLBs management always seemed smart.Massive oil services business Schlumberger getting out of the most upstream activity of seismic acquisition. Do the…
Can anyone vouch for a freelance web designer for work on a jekyll/bootstrap/sass static website?
Retweeted by Robert SmallshireBest abstract ever? From @SeismoSue
Retweeted by Robert SmallshireGiven the outside temperature I reckon I’ll be able to manage without Cabin Overheat Protection for a bit.
@murraymontgom @faisalislam @Open_Britain I moved to Norway in 2005. No regrets.The Level 4-autonomous Renault Symbioz “Come 2023, loads of people will be getting driven around while doing other…
Retweeted by Robert SmallshireIf @Github would have built the Hawaii text alert service.
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@PokeItAndSee @sixty_north @austin_bingham You should be applauding the fact that as you recommended, we have a log… in.
Retweeted by Robert SmallshireTwo* days of writing code and clearing snow with @austin_bingham, @meekrosoft and @sebrose. *Assuming we get ou…
Amazing #map shows all lighthouses in #Europe and northern #Africa. I was first surprised by the inland ones but co…
Retweeted by Robert SmallshireWhen part of your code doesn’t have tests
Retweeted by Robert Smallshire @keith__johnston This has been a huge and apparently effective incentive on the E18 motorway into Oslo from the wes… @kwinkunks @GrahamGanssle Just CPU with barely any effort on performance. If I needed the answer quickly I'd be usi… @thomasguest Ask me again in a few weeks. A way to go yet!I'm not working this weekend, but my computer is: Exhaustive search for average shortest distance in different perm… @AntonyMarcano @sdtimes @jeffpatton @RonJeffries @KentBeck @mikewcohn @iterex Nowadays my approach is to sit down w…
Retweeted by Robert SmallshireEV adoption up to 2040 from today's @FullyChargedShw with @Pod_Point
Retweeted by Robert Smallshire2 unit tests 0 integration tests
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Would you be willing to sign this petition for fair representation for British people living abroad? You don't need… Twitter stream largely comprises alternate: 1) Remarks about the importance of mental health at work 2) Folks t…'m sure you all take a few days off in the week, so that's fine.The best #writingtips came from Winston Churchill in a memo to his War Cabinet entitled “Brevity”. (@UkNatArchives)
Retweeted by Robert SmallshireJust told the Prime Minister of #Norway @realDonaldTrump wanted her citizens to move to a country without healthcar…
Retweeted by Robert SmallshireThis is a great, brief blog about how authentic Victorian restoration means doing a ham fisted uneven job in a hurry
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This century more people have migrated from the U.S. to Norway than the other way around, @realDonaldTrump.…
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Your first (of hopefully not many) reminders @valgiNorge and @km_dep : The temporary election regulation has expi…
Retweeted by Robert Smallshire @DRMacIver The unpleasant bit. @DRMacIver #wtfHi @austin_bingham @robsmallshire Thanks for a great software architect course @bouvet. Looking forward to revisiti…
Retweeted by Robert Smallshire @DRMacIver @austin_bingham They're definitely related.Graph theory or summoning Satan, @robsmallshire?
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@virtualirfan @flowchainsensei @joeerl @ahoy_jon No. I'm aware of it, but I'm already familiar with AVR and ARM. I…"I saw your tweet on Facebook" - a horror story
Retweeted by Robert Smallshire @gareth @flowchainsensei @joeerl @ahoy_jon Getting from where we are now with containerised applications, to having… @flowchainsensei @joeerl @ahoy_jon FWIW, I know next to nothing about contemporary computer architectures. I consider this an advantage. ;-) @joeerl I thought about using 8-bit AVRs. They're simple, cheap and dumb. @flowchainsensei @joeerl @ahoy_jon Right now I'm designing a 560 node computer of ARM microcontrollers (in lieu of… @flowchainsensei @joeerl @ahoy_jon I said exactly this the other day: @mkennedy @dadgumjames Exactly. Good name too. @mkennedy @dadgumjames Agree. Its hugely frustrating that it's so much harder to get something on the screen in Pyt…