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Dad to Jacob and Freya Merete, husband of Liz. Founder of Sixty North by day, open source technologist by night. Living and working in Oslo.

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@jhannes @pati_gallardo I look forward to the end of "X: You're doing it wrong" conference talks and blogs posts. @jhannes @pati_gallardo Agree. Context-free advice is rarely helpful. @pati_gallardo @jhannes Of course, technical skills and psychological safety are not a zero-sum trade-off, you can… @pati_gallardo @jhannes Compared to most organisations, being in a team in Google is a predicator of excellence. I… @pati_gallardo @jhannes Which is to say, it's much easier to be able to set clean code aside in favour of something… @pati_gallardo @jhannes I don't really disagree with anything here, but I do think it's easy to take the position y… made me pause for thought. newspapers to life with #ARKit. 📰📱 Animated weather maps and sports highlights are just the beginning! Bu…
Retweeted by Robert SmallshireFor dance teachers, osteopaths, farriers, gas engineers & many other professions: #brexit preparedness note advise…
Retweeted by Robert Smallshire @unclebobmartin I was born in the 1930s. Almost everybody on Twitter has no concept of the horror that was the 1930s and 1940s.
Retweeted by Robert Smallshire @sf105 @BrexitBin Let’s hope so.Nothing else I have seen so succinctly sums up the @Conservatives complete transition from economic liberals to swi…
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The powerful Shakespeare speech about refugees, set up and simply performed by Sir Ian McKellen
Retweeted by Robert Smallshire @grajohnt Just got one of those too!Human migration *is* the story of human history. Despite your opposition, it will continue long after you are gone and forgotten.
Retweeted by Robert Smallshire @OlWakefield @stevenjgibbons @brit_seds @BritGeoSurvey Homes Principles of Physical Geology.Hearing tales of significant amounts of British investment money ~£billion looking for a home in Norway 🇳🇴 to shelt… @bjorn_fahller There are customs checks though.
@joshilewis @cyriux - rendering passes over scene-graphs - serialisation of hierarchical models - analysis of abstr… @rickyteachey @nedbat I don't use type annotations, so I have no idea.Is it possible to use twine to upload Python distributions (sdists, bdists, wheels) from through an HTTP proxy? I c… NaN vs Signalling NaN
Retweeted by Robert Smallshire @loadcode No. Next! @pati_gallardo @GailOllis Chrome already supports multiple languages in text edit fields. Mine is set up for English and Norwegian.I have 2 awards for journalism, 28 years in the broadcast news biz, including 11 at C4 News, currently presenting…
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God my phone typing is getting worse! Old fat fingers. @allenholub @mfeathers @marcio_lopes @chadfowler @brixen @fgeorge52 @joshstella @FugueHQ @pragdave @mtnygard I was… @nedbat I carry around an abstract bass class called NonStringIterable which implements __subclashook__ so I can as… @mfeathers @marcio_lopes @chadfowler @brixen @fgeorge52 @joshstella @FugueHQ @pragdave @mtnygard I love the insight… “It’s a piece of shit, but it does the job”. Function requirements met. Software qualities attributes lacking.
@dastels @marick From the StackOverflow developer survey 2018: @dastels @marick I’m not sure rejection plays a big part. The reality is that the majority of programmers have only…
@JuergenStrobel @loadcode I’ve seen basically everything overused by zealous intermediate developers. Including the less experienced me. @austin_bingham @russel_winder @holdenweb @ACCUConf @PyConUK I did transducers in Python three years ago, and rebui… @loadcode You’re welcome to leverage that fact when you have no other constraints on language choice. Which is basically never. @presthus Yes. I feel pretty awesome and I’m sure they do too. 😎Take the course! Python for Programmers with Robert Smallshire at Fornebu, September 5-7, 2018.
Retweeted by Robert SmallshireI’m envisaging plug-in architectures where the source code for the feature is automatically deleted if the feature… classic design patterns, refactorings, and principles are not given much attention these days. Strategy. Null O… unlocked: A client literally moved to tears by the beauty of the code they refactored under my guidance… wonderful day of consulting (mob programming) for @sixty_north today. Client: “I wish you could be here every day!” @russel_winder @ruthmalan @ChristinGorman @austin_bingham @ACCUConf “Fortunately” we don’t have the cultural drag o… @russel_winder @ruthmalan @ChristinGorman @austin_bingham @ACCUConf My own experience is that parental influence is… @russel_winder @ruthmalan @ChristinGorman @austin_bingham @ACCUConf Indeed. It will be interesting to see what happ… @ruthmalan @ChristinGorman @austin_bingham @russel_winder @ACCUConf Right. It's complicated. Which is where we started.
When I first began learning to code, I saw `public static void main` in Java and was super confused. I was also rea…
Retweeted by Robert Smallshire @ChristinGorman @austin_bingham @russel_winder @ACCUConf This doesn't explain the persistent fall though in a world… @ChristinGorman @austin_bingham @russel_winder @ACCUConf If girls are better at a broader range of subjects at degr… @ChristinGorman @austin_bingham @russel_winder @ACCUConf The two big slumps are in the mid-1980s and from early 200… @ChristinGorman @austin_bingham @russel_winder @ACCUConf The 1980s graduate cohort are in their mid-50s now. Do you… @PokeItAndSee @austin_bingham @ACCUConf That's what you get for having predominantly female pre-school staff typica… @ChristinGorman @austin_bingham @russel_winder @ACCUConf It’s plausible, but I can’t help think of Mencken: “"For e… @russel_winder @austin_bingham @ACCUConf I'd be interested to see the numbers of people doing CS over that period.… a master's graduation ceremony in Norway. There were literally zero women in the robotics and signal proce…
Retweeted by Robert Smallshire @grajohnt @emfcamp I'll look at the options for EV rental from airports. @emfcamp Turns out Eastnor is quite accessible. From Memsbury services on the M4 I could get to Eastnor and back wi… @grajohnt @emfcamp Yes. Ridiculous that there are no ferries between the UK and Scandinavia.Elektrisk stemning på Oslo Lufthavn i dag. Straks klart for Norges første elektriske flyvning! @Bellona_no
Retweeted by Robert SmallshireIf you're coming to EMF with an electric vehicle, and you'd like to be able to charge it, please add your details o…
Retweeted by Robert Smallshire @emfcamp Tempted now to drive from Oslo. @ruthmalan Here's another good exercise in constraints: @ruthmalan My daughter has this book. Even eight year olds know 10000 words on average, so restricting to 1000 just… @austin_bingham @DRMacIver @leastfixedpoint My comment was unfair. I remember you showing me some documentation ove… @austin_bingham @DRMacIver @leastfixedpoint You should. Or even some documentation for Cosmic Ray ;-) @DRMacIver @leastfixedpoint Having written Cosmic Ray, @austin_bingham knows more than is healthy about the Python… @DRMacIver @leastfixedpoint While this is true and the innards are very complicated, I find it surprisingly unsurpr… definitely miss being outside.Sometimes I miss working in the earth sciences. @pati_gallardo Dr Smallshire 👨🏻‍🎓, if you don’t mind. 😉
Powerful piece by @carolecadwalla in the @observer on how treason has been quietly accepted because implications ar…
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Retweeted by Robert SmallshireStreet in Macau. Photograph by Paul Tsui, National Geographic travel photographer of the year contest
Retweeted by Robert SmallshireGitHub's annual revenue was reportedly $300m. If correct then GitHub’s annual revenue is the same as Fortnite’s *monthly* revenue. 🤔
Retweeted by Robert SmallshireI loved #Apple but haven't bought new Apple hardware in more than 5 years just because of this:…
Retweeted by Robert Smallshire @mfloryan Our tooth fairy 🧚‍♀️ just delivered an old 50 kr note of a type which was withdrawn from circulation rece…
WATCH: Lava races across roads from a Kilauea fissure on Hawaii's Big Island. Experts are still trying to determine…
Retweeted by Robert SmallshireIt's unreasonably difficult to be the tooth fairy in a cashless society. @mattwynne I might have a use for this.
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