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Currently: Designer at @ProPublica. Formerly: @Harmonix, @happycog. Perpetually: Art, music, film. If you’re evil, I’ll forgive you by and by.

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@superic @urbancrunchy It is the only idea.
To whom it may concern, this is my official mea culpa for not taking high school math more seriously. #programmingI just don’t get it.
“Walmart wants to do better. It has to. Even in the age of Trump, inclusivity sells.”
Trying to suss out the patterns of nights like this, when I’m 100% out of step with everyone around me. An unwelcome return to adolescence.
Mobile devices have improved our lives in many ways and I’d give them all up in an instant if it would forever put an end to vertical video. @peteburgess Yeah, you’re overthinking it. Even so – and I’m no etymologist – but I think the likely answer to your question is… patriarchy.“Guns don’t kill people; people do.” OK. From 1980–2008, men committed 89.5% of US homicides. Can we talk about men?
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Uber gonna Uber, I guess. WSJ hedcut ever?’ve looked forward to this since it was a twinkle in @clagnut’s eye a decade ago. Haven’t read it yet, but I can c…
One of my favorite things I’ve read about Prince. 30th anniversary to the greatest handshake in cinema history
Retweeted by Rob WeychertMe: “Just calling to say I’m sorry you missed it.” Her, both disappointed and giddy: “Did you fall down?!”“I think the first real disruption will happen with the people tinkering with CSS and variable fonts…”
@JessicaHuseman @mollyesque More cult than major, but otherwise the band you’re looking for formed 15 years ago. has long perplexed me: Like any certifiable bully, Trump (mostly) knows how to make a fist, so why is his thum…
“[W]e’ve given this feudal Internet the power to change our offline world in unanticipated and scary ways.”
@Smomotion Why wouldn’t Miles be on it?Solid tips for beginners and veterans alike. excited to return to MV. No pressure to win, score, achieve, collect, etc. Just a beautiful space with thoughtfu…
These animated subway maps compared to their actual geography are a wonderfully concise look at design thinking.…
Sending my love to Kabul.
Oh good, my favorite iOS Safari issue is now happening on desktop too. Anyone else have this problem constantly? bonkers Yowie record is tying my ears in knots and I am loving it. @gjhead Thanks, I’ll give it a listen![scary Evil Dead “JOIN US” voice] @KevinLFerguson Thanks for writing!Best thing I’ve read this month: @KevinLFerguson on art as continuum. @pdoughbrie More qualified? Absolutely. The right guy for the right reasons? 🤔 Springer said, “I could be Trump wit… @pdoughbrie Yes, but that’s not remotely what he’s most famous for, and it doesn’t make this potential run any less timely.Monkey see, monkey do. forgot what a great bit of television the Twin Peaks Season 1 finale is. There’s a cliffhanger for almost every character!
The case against maintaining a “perfect” lawn.“Diane, I’ve just opened Laura Palmer’s diary.”
Today’s meditative soundtrack.
1. “Welcome to the Jungle” by Guns N’ Roses 2. “Lovesong” by The Cure 3. “Buffalo Stance” by Neneh Cherry 4. “The Promise” by When in RomeThis concludes today’s “nostalgia” trip. Thanks for joining me. (I only lost two followers!) Top four songs I did NOT skip:“Right Here Waiting” by Richard Marx“Shower Me With Your Love” by Surface“How Can I Fall?” by Breathe @ryaninteractive @halvorson Transferrable skills.“She Wants to Dance with Me” by Rick Astley“Keep on Movin’” by Soul II Soul“The Way You Love Me” by Karyn White @ryaninteractive @halvorson Winger was one of the best! If only their biggest hit wasn’t an ode to statutory rape. 😕“Giving You the Best That I Got” by Anita Baker“It’s No Crime” by Babyface @hoyboy Meanwhile, @danmall needed to charter a separate flight for his gargantuan bag. @halvorson I won’t pretend I didn’t dig plenty of hair bands, but I never liked Warrant. @tracyweber This isn’t a 1978 playlist, Tracy!“Walk on Water” by Eddie Money @pdoughbrie We’ll have to confer after I give up, which may be sooner than I expected.“Soldier of Love” by Donny Osmond“Heaven” by WarrantIt should be noted that some songs are skipped because the non-radio edit on the playlist overstays its welcome. @MikeSacksEsq Sorry, the American people are counting on me and I can’t let them down.“I Don’t Want Your Love” by Duran Duran“Born to Be My Baby” by Bon Jovi @pdoughbrie I did the same thing for 1988 awhile back. @pdoughbrie It was, I think, the last year I was fully invested in the pop radio landscape.“Hangin’ Tough” by New Kids on the Block“Heaven Help Me” by Deon Estus @_johnbyrne Of course!“Wind Beneath My Wings” by Bette MidlerI shall now begin updating you in real time which songs I skip as I shuffle this Billboard Top 100 of 1989 playlist.
If you think Jared Kushner is above twirly-mustache-rich-guy villainy, dig how his company does low-income housing.
Sending my love to Manchester.
Anyone out there using @HemingwayApp? Is it useful for non-pro writers who need editing help?Revisiting the uniquely incisive teen angst of the mixtape mainstay that is Violent Femmes’ landmark debut.
“[F]oreign nationals simply aren’t plotting attacks within U.S. borders at the same rate as U.S. citizens.”
That Sopranos episode where Tony brings his capos to Italy and Paulie is incensed that spaghetti and meatballs aren…
I hope Huma’s got an amazing vacation lined up.People aren’t good at designing chairs.The guy who sued his date for texting in the movie theater is less amusing when you realize he’s a psychopath. @pdoughbrie At the end of the day, isn’t every section the business section?
I am a believer in art of, by, and for the people. I am baffled by the economics and social mechanics of the art ma…, little barfing C train girl. 🤢