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Currently: Designer at @ProPublica. Formerly: @Harmonix, @happycog. Perpetually: Art, music, film. If you’re evil, I’ll forgive you by and by.

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“Rather than working to close the digital divide, this action widens the gap.”
“We have the equivalent of a dynamic neural network running our government.”
RIP John Wetton. Colon cancer. Here’s my favorite King Crimson song, which he co-wrote, sang, and played bass on.
@beep ethan why do you hate knowledge @beep Only one way to find out.If you’re suffering from an excess of self-respect, the Corey Haim/Feldman erotic thriller is now available on Hulu. meeting with top gang thugs
"Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will." -- Frederick Douglass
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“Congress can protect the American system from an overbearing president. But will it?” makes sense Trump would want to begin with a humiliating display, forcing the future justice to debase himself before the emperor.
Retweeted by Rob WeychertAn excellent explainer on refugee screening. Fun fact: In 2015, only .4% of the world’s 20m refugees were resettled.
More detailed info on our existing refugee vetting process (via @sikthought). all the opposition to Trump’s Islamophobia, I see little mention of how intensive our refugee vetting already is.
Who wore it better? @IvankaTrump
Retweeted by Rob WeychertSending my love to Quebec City.In these uncertain times, one man had the courage and wisdom to realize what we really needed: an M. Night Shyamalan cinematic universe.
The email at the bottom of my inbox is two years old today. I didn’t make time for the thoughtful reply it deserves. Its sender is now dead.I’m on a bus on the Jersey Turnpike. Just passed the Statue of Liberty. There’s a plaque on the pedestal. I couldn’t make out what it said.
I just revisited this @shauninman post, which gets at part of it: “There’s an unmuddied economy of expression…” to get my head around why this kind of work is so appealing to me. I want to believe it’s more than just nos…
“Still, Mr. Trump, who does not read books, is able to end his evenings with plenty of television.” of my favorite things in the entire world is watching Oprah meet her hero, Mary Tyler Moore:
Retweeted by Rob Weychert“Part of my discomfort here is the realization that a tactical approach to life may require privilege.”
I always miss my dad, but every once in awhile, a moment strikes in which I miss him so much I can barely stand.For all the federal workers being told you can't talk to the press, here's how to leak to @ProPublica.
Retweeted by Rob WeychertWhat Republicans mean by "universal access" to health care
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Scoop: Trump admin has ordered freeze to EPA contracts & grants. Could affect wide swath of work.…
Retweeted by Rob WeychertIn case anyone forgot irony is dead. saw a guy on the sidewalk go out of his way to properly dispose of a cigarette butt. May be the first time I’ve ever seen that happen.An outstanding @TheeNerdwriter deconstruction of an outstanding Louis C.K. bit.
To allay some apparent confusion, I am RECOMMENDING Mother Jones and Pro Publica, among others, as good journalisti…
Retweeted by Rob WeychertStatements like the one Spicer just gave are why access journalism does not matter in the age of Trump. Investigative journalism matters.
Retweeted by Rob Weychert YouTube upload of Chaplin’s amazing monologue from The Great Dictator is retrofitted with corny-ass Hans Zimmer music. 😒
Women, am I right? They love going to the mall. day. A deluge of badly needed medicine for the soul. Thanks, y’all. 💗On Punching Nazis |
Retweeted by Rob WeychertStay safe out there today, everyone. Much love. 💗
2017 years ago today.
“[T]argeting waste like @NEAarts and @NEHgov would be a good first step…” 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻 Trump fails, America fails. If he succeeds, a lifetime of terrible behavior is vindicated. Lose/lose.
@tangentialism You are in an uncharted category of misguidedness. @jasonsantamaria Apple Music’s curated playlists are great. But I have many other issues with the service that make it a nonstarter for me.When Rdio’s demise pushed me over to Spotify, Discover Weekly was the main saving grace, but a year later, it is talking right past me. 😴How the community Betsy DeVos comes from has shaped her troubling positions on education policy.
Sending my love to Nigeria.After following his landmark reporting for much of 2016, I got to chat a bit with @Fahrenthold today. Insightful, generous, congenial guy.“Disruption in politics and dysfunction in government reinforce each other. Chaos becomes the new normal.”
#MLKday2017 The real, non-homogenized Dr. King.
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u up
Good thread on what exactly #ACA is, and how opponents sabotaging of it created the problems Republicans now claim…
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When Ryan Gosling sings “City of Stars,” my ears editorialize it as “City of Cars,” but then he wins by making me wish I had nice hair too.Pretty nice to have a spontaneous lunch with my buddies @theledu and @tinochop after randomly running into them this afternoon.
The Post published an 18-page section today on President Obama's Legacy using the work of five amazing illustrators…
Retweeted by Rob WeychertAny way you slice it, a staggering number of people at Fox News have engaged in harassment and/or extortion. you couldn’t sleep last night, maybe this will help you tonight. Maybe not. Any rest feels like privilege now.
❤️.@tanehisicoates on the death penalty for Dylann Roof, from May
Retweeted by Rob WeychertNow is a good time to remind everyone that the death penalty is barbaric, and we should be ashamed of ourselves for allowing it to continue.
Retweeted by Rob WeychertAn exclusive sneak peak of Obama's farewell address, from @tomtomorrow
Retweeted by Rob WeychertWhen adults make unironic use of the word “sheeple,” they never seem to understand that they’re telling me to stop listening to them.
Four years is a long time for kids. So many will become aware of the broader world as it’s led by a profoundly bad example of a human being.
“Take your broken heart, make it into art.”“I don’t think I need to see any more Ryan Gosling. His voice doesn’t match up with his face.”I just naturally assumed when I opened this book it would start playing the backing vocals from “Runnin’ with the D…
Actually, I want a @FrinkiacApp for all of @lorenbouchard’s shows. piling up outside, day plans canceled, plenty of snacks. Still, my perfect couch day is doomed to incompletion without Resident Evil 2.Hats off to the woman in self-checkout effortlessly managing a full cart of groceries with a guitar on her back and a baby on her front. 🏆Productivity in Terrible Times: Helpful tips for making a difference even when your work feels useless.
“You shoulda _seen_ my email signature in 1994.” ASCII art tangents with @robweychert @stuntbox @jilliankumagai
Retweeted by Rob WeychertDay 59. This is still a thing that is actually happening, and it is still not remotely okay.“We’re the effigies that haunt America’s nights harder the longer they spend burning us”
@doodlebugdeedee We do have a linked PDF you can download and print your own cards. Best we can do for now. 🙂 you want to add to your collection, there are several new additions to our Trump administration trading cards.… informative thread on how the Podesta hack went down.
Today’s unsolicited Siri interjection. House of Representatives may no longer be interested in investigating congressional corruption. We still are.
Retweeted by Rob WeychertDreamed I went back to college and moved into a dorm to take just one class. Woke up before my inevitable social and academic DOMINATION.