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Currently: Designer at @ProPublica. Formerly: @abookapart, @Harmonix, @happycog. Perpetually: Art, music, film. If you’re evil, I’ll forgive you by and by.

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Conversation-starter of the year?
I miss personal websites.
Critics should be concerned “not that Pence believes in God, but that he seems so certain God believes in him.”“And it’s something almost beyond me to imagine, looking into Dudley’s eyes and saying, I’m sorry I didn’t save you…
The Disaster Artist ★★½
A lovely behind-the-scenes on making typographic choices for a redesign.
Retweeted by Rob Weychert @meyerweb You’ve said plenty. It’s on them to listen. Big hugs to you and your family. ❤️ @meyerweb Aaaaaand here’s my uncle and my dad, both of whom passed away years ago. Not quite the same thing, but st…
After he’s written and spoken extensively on how design/tech can be more humane, FB gifts @meyerweb a photo of his… @FictiveCameron RIP @gimmebar. Thank you for making. ❤️Nothing pushes my morbid fascination buttons like @willsommer’s Right Richter. @smashingmag Uniform vertical space between an element’s disparate children: .example > * + * { margin-top: 1rem; }Franken out and Moore in would be a hell of a moral statement on both sides of the Senate aisle
Retweeted by Rob Weychert @saila The beauty of Sass is that you can learn as much or as little as you need! It doesn’t have to disrupt your existing CSS workflow.
@beep I’ll definitely be looking into that! @JennLukas I’m a latecomer to Grid. Before its browser support exploded, I made a Sass tool for float-based layouts.
I keep forgetting to turn off Do Not Disturb after @hqtrivia. 🙉 @iamrumz Oh I see, you mean copying/pasting the actual vector art into a text file. And yep, that worked. Not minified, but oh well. Thanks!Now the exports appear to have given up entirely. 28 minutes and counting. WTF. @iamrumz No dice. I’m exporting via Export As and the Show Code button is mysteriously grayed out.Illustrator SVG exports are now taking *several minutes* to appear in my Finder after I save them. Anyone else having this issue?
@CaseyMalone In alphabetical order, my top three (for the moment) are The Florida Project, Lady Bird, and Raw. @MikeSacksEsq @gregsestero Greg’s might not be the most objective opinion. 🙂 I’m seeing the movie later this week, so we’ll see.“Sitting inches from the president, Hannity covered the biggest issues of the day, serving as rudder and prompt.”…’s time to bring my favorite holiday meme back
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Rereading The Disaster Artist, skeptical as ever that James Franco will convince me his adaptation needed to exist.Though the game technically only began yesterday, it’s not unfair to say I lost a week ago. to express how much I love this. Something about seeing artist and art feeding each other and moving together… the GOP couldn’t help themselves. They had to look right in the people’s eyes as they fucked them, and whisper, “We’re not fucking you.”“[T]he [American] poor see themselves not as an exploited proletariat but as temporarily embarrassed millionaires.” —John SteinbeckIf they said, “The rich will get richer, and they deserve it, whereas you do not,” enough brainwashed poor people would still be onboard.Maybe more than its contents, it’s the disingenuousness of this tax bill that upsets me.
People are the worst, but thankfully they are also the best.’m not the Dream Theater fan I was 25 years ago, but for all its goony excess, sometimes Images and Words still really hits the spot.Building a lil site for the first time in eons. Friends keep asking me 'in what'. HTML AND CSS, THAT'S WHAT
Retweeted by Rob WeychertI do a monthly newsletter of noteworthy links, so if you like what I share here, you might want to check it out!’s my collection of noteworthy links from November.
Um. Roger Stone, who has Nixon’s face tattooed on his back, is vexed about the “hypocrisy of our current drug laws”? years at @ProPublica!
Whatever terrible things await in the next few months, the new @AndrewWK album cover will get me through.… designers, here’s your chance to work with the great team at @oakstudios.“It makes me wonder if [HBO’s] aspect ratio department is actually run by my mom’s boyfriend.”
In case you haven’t taken your design nerd vitamins yet today.’s @the_completist living up to its name with a thorough dissection of Hammer Films’ Frankenstein franchise.… @mikecostanzo @RWD @beep Yeah, I noticed recently that iOS’s sharing tools prioritize canonical URLs when they’re present. Not sure why. @mikecostanzo @RWD @beep Thanks for the heads up! I forgot to update the canonical URL. Fixed now. Were you trying to copy/share via iOS?I wrote a bit about the typography and spatial relationships underpinning my site’s recent redesign.
1. Take photo of self seated on 2×4 2. Add logo, caption: “I sit on [organization name]’s board.” 3. Rival value of actual advisory board“Are all ambitious artists monsters? Tiny voice: [Am I a monster?]”
Kicking off Thanksgiving by discovering that the car I reserved weeks ago for today’s festivities was actually reserved for yesterday. 😑
The shuffle just followed Dead Kennedys with The Outfield. Somewhere, Jello Biafra is suddenly overcome with disgust and doesn’t know why.Americans: if you have a moment, give your members of Congress a call today. #NetNeutrality
Retweeted by Rob WeychertCharlie Rose: “I always felt that I was pursuing shared feelings, even though I now realize I was mistaken.” There’…
Good @LeahFessler piece about how the problems with differing socialization of men and women perpetuate on @SlackHQ. @jimshreds More of a @lowtheband kinda guy. @meyerweb @adamnestler FWIW, your site doesn’t seem to explain that either.Nothing like “solving” a problem by moving it to blockchain and ignoring what actually makes it a problem. Living w… @KudosProject, what exactly is the difference between tips and “performance-driven rewards”?, Trans-Siberian Orchestra season is upon us once again.Revisiting this comedy gem in light of Charles Manson’s death.
Working on a @jekyllrb site. Archive pages are rendering with category lists that *aren’t in the markup* and it’s freaking me the fuck out.RIP Malcolm Young. Here’s to the folks in the background. many cars peeling out in Stranger Things 2. For such a sleepy little town, everyone sure is in a hurry. “Have a good day at—” SCREEEEEEEE
Boxers, briefs, or boxer briefs?
A reminder from The Smiths. Lots of anger these days, but when we encounter bad behavior, let’s find paths to preve… @DanBiddle Sorry to disappoint you. I forgot my obligation to experience Twitter as prescribed. 🙄
@fanelli The best part is just sitting and stewing about how I’m being lame, rather than actually doing something else with the time.Maybe I’ll spend the night in combing through years of ticket receipts in my email to quantify the experiences my inertia has cost me.It’s one of those nights where I have tickets to a show but I can’t drag my ass out of the house and I hate myself for it. @essl fake news @nickdunn Don’t think I have that problem. I can tweak settings as needed, but I’m fine with collateral damage if it’s the price of brevity.“I’m tired of comedians martyring themselves. I’m tired of them being overly defensive, misanthropic assholes.” louise linton work on the death star @tweetbot The straw that broke the camel’s back. (I also added regex to mute tweets with 5+ @ mentions.… @karenmcgrane so many dead tweets @A_L @beep I’m at FOMO zero and feelin’ good. @A_L @tweetbot I’m not sure I’d use it. My attitude may change, but for now, I’d rather just blow it all away.Apparently @tweetbot mute filters can take regular expressions! Just zapped the 280 scourge from my timeline. ⚡️