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Oceanside CA Born. Married The Smartest Gal in the Land, 2 beautiful Daughters @UNCSA & @MeredithCollege DAD ... #UCLA #USAF #RAIDERS & #RESIST

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@ProducerMcD This isn’t that
@murti_bing @kylegriffin1 What is you? Drunk? @kkondik Cool analysis!
@Raiders He’s a cancer @stevesingiser @JMilesColeman @SenhorRaposa So wild... my home county (San Diego) Went for Lincoln by a single Vote…
@gelliottmorris He’s down a point from 45.. from his high.. what are they doing over there? @lloydblankfein I gave you a $10 billion bailout you took @darrenrovell @daveweigel Kavanaugh s at the game? @Raiders Don’t need him
Ben Shapiro would like Kavanaugh to “thrust his cock in his face” so he will know what it looks like @AdamWeinstein Unfortunately he went to leftist (and my alma mater as well) UCLA... ugh! @UNCG @ParkUniversity @HighPointU Lastly, @UNCSchoolofArts hops on board the fundraising campaign bandwagon. Goal i…
Retweeted by Ron L Pitts™“No saints on either side” erm, yeah.@WinWithJMC Yes you were telling me about “both sides”? Lulz @Redistrict They finally had someone that went full bigot and could unleash their “economic anxiety” @JoshMalina @BradleyWhitford He already had one, did he really need a second? @Kris_Sacrebleu @7thtemplar @harrygod @blakesmustache @RepAdamSchiff Also I’d bet you a 20 thats it’s the same pers… @Kris_Sacrebleu @7thtemplar @harrygod @blakesmustache @RepAdamSchiff Also the fact that the administration was caug… @Kris_Sacrebleu @7thtemplar @harrygod @blakesmustache @RepAdamSchiff It’s a fairly keen inference (to me when Gordo… @awards_watch Dude, the lead miner in that scene was the most the most memorable Character on TV this year @gelliottmorris Hey I am in the CW!! hard to believe that it’s not closer if Hillary could get it to -9% @realDonaldTrump You said it on Meet the Press ugh, what a liar
@MollyJongFast Ben Shapiro will debate everyone on both sides of the head to head for charityWelp, 5:51 in the 2nd Quarter was a lot longer than I thought we could hold back the flood #KCvsOAK @Yascha_Mounk Are these “a lot of people” hang out at hipster coffee shops?.@ECTSpoiler41 Erm, the 2018 Midterms, it was in the news. Kavanaugh thanks you for your fluffing. Corn Pop tape is real @AdamWeinstein How did you score your TD? @Raiders Well at least we won’t get shut out now @Kris_Sacrebleu Sounds like Tom is setting up the “well I have to vote 3rd party because the Dems nominated a socia… @GunderzT @TomFitton’t wait for the @NinaTotenberg think piece on how RBG saying trump was bad damaged the court but, “oh well” on K… assembles the Team that will take out American Pharoah for its near fatal wounding of the VP @SamRomaine7 @Noahpinion @mattyglesias I hear ya! @Noahpinion @mattyglesias As a creative writing grad I could frame a question that would flip those poll numbers, I… @Noahpinion A bigger or smaller sacrifice than having trump as president? @emilygalati Well it was also the age I was when we finally decided to get hitched after a decade of being together @emilygalati watch this it will get you one minute closer to 35 @emilygalati 35 is overrated @Kamalasmicroph1 @funder These Russian bots still don’t have our syntax down @FairDistrictsNC @SamWangPhD Christ still stuck with Gallimore @ArashMarkazi @DavePhDone Actually the most depressing place for football is your column. That said good job on you… reached for Comment on the Kavanaugh Allegations Senator Lindsay Graham confirmed that when Kavanaugh thrust… @BeckyBunzy @kurthoppe3 @Imshy91595660 @Kris_Sacrebleu Becky, Kurt is real in the sense that things he doesn’t like don’t exist to him @Kris_Sacrebleu “It was my honor to have Brett a Kavanaugh thrust his credit card in my face” Sen Lindsay Graham @AureliusPaul @Kris_Sacrebleu I see, considering you’re a birther you ought to be an expert in false accusations and what-not @MollyJongFast Our girls are college aged but I missed this mischievous period when they didn’t think we knew stuff… @Kris_Sacrebleu Politifact rates your tweet as “probably true” @Kris_Sacrebleu Pee tape is real @awards_watch Directed by Jewison, guessing he’s the oldest nominee alive? @awards_watch Yes, so glad they finally caught a break. Maybe Kirk and Olivia De Havilland can do a DRIVING MISS DAISY: LIVE! @awards_watch TOP THAT Kirk Douglas @DailyBijoux @MollyJongFast @nytimes Poorly worded... erm, yeah.@EdWhelanEPPC says it couldn’t have been Kavanaugh ‘s penis in that women’s face at that Yale party because Googl… @RyanAFournier Kavanaugh Plot Twist: Not end of story @DailyBijoux @MollyJongFast @nytimes Perhaps, they deleted it, are they stipulating it ain’t? @stevesingiser we’re going for the top Draft Pick #OUvsUCLA @awards_watch The one with Paul McCartney was the best thing on TV last year @gelliottmorris Lulz My dude, no way, know how many shows & movies they have watched that had that song (Shr… @dpohman Lawsy, here come the “Moms be afraid if you have sons” hot takes.@MollyJongFast The honor for the Team will be Kavanaugh dropping by to put his dick in their face. @charliekirk11 This is your daily reminder that you’re a liar and dumbKavanaugh trending ... RIP?.@mrddmia I see, as one of the “staff” leaders, Why don’t you hold a hearing and see who people believe? In prime t… “...You did not do the right thing, you would not listen or believe the victims, you put money metals an…
Retweeted by Ron L Pitts™ @timcates @DavePhDone Sorry no can do, @SecPompeo Hey Secretary, fart, it will clear your mind @stevesingiser Close one @SuziMellano Cuted!
@jkbjournalist My wife got in on her second try after @NCStateAlumni 88... she was @NCStateVetMed 93.. just tell h… @Raiders 24 hours till we get scorched 50-3. But I can dream.@isaac_irby This Isaac Irby Guy is one of the doubters apparently @RalstonReports @AaronDFordNV @GovSisolak So Ford likes dirty water, quite a bold move @normative @lesliethemam @bjcreigh Unfortunately there aren’t too many heroes... Unfortunately the Administration i… @MollyJongFast CC: @awards_watch CC: @FirstTake @TimTebow Tim Tebow is a rich puke and always confirms that he is a self righteous snob @RalstonReports @JonMIPol @KFILE If it’s a choice that means Pence is thinking about becoming gay @michaeljknowles What are the odds You’re dumb: Spoiler Alert, HIGH @allahpundit @JonMIPol But I’m voting for All Trumps dumb stuff @Destiny22Ginger @JonMIPol Im determined to be 2400 @NRCC @dccc Land doesn’t vote idiotGetting to 2400 followers soon hopefully :)
Retweeted by Ron L Pitts™ @JonMIPol @JMilesColeman 2400 WATCH!!
@Sam_Vecenie Who is Tim Teebow? @Zachary_Cohen @LOLGOP @njhotline @dagerber @KyleTrygstad MI SEN... lulz
@JasonKander so glad to see you back and doing good work for us vets, and all people! @NHC_Atlantic Did you run this tweet by the Orangeman? He may want to make sure it’s accurate and stuff?We are telling timeless stories in relevant ways.
Retweeted by Ron L Pitts™
@awards_watch Yeah, wheres the problem
.@mkraju Bush 1991 lulz @CabPolitical @lex_nyc Not disagreeing per se is wise... @CabPolitical Oh lawsy, no WAY he will win. IF we can win a low turnout special in a R+9 district we are headed for some gains in 2020
@mediafriendly @864310A @PippaCrerar Scared? Lulz, they don’t even need one.@RachelBitecofer @MarcACaputo @Kris_Sacrebleu @ShelbyKStewart She’s Running @Bob_Mondello it was a long book, as I recall over 700 pages,, that's not gonna translate well into a film. Ive nev… @awards_watch That’s not sexy
@WinWithJMC @numanmyname @aggou @kkondik Thanks John NC-9 abuts my own NC CD @awards_watch @ABeautifulDay Thanks for not shattering my childhood dreams with this review... @awards_watch @ABeautifulDay Of COURSE it will! It’s Mr Rogers!!