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Oceanside CA Born. Married The Smartest Gal in the Land, 2 beautiful Daughters @UNCSA & @MeredithCollege DAD ... #UCLA #USAF #RAIDERS & #RESIST

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@RalstonReports @TheNVIndy “what happened” is you sent REALLY RACIST texts @LarrySabato that crucial 1-4 corridor @gelliottmorris Why Mondale? That was weird @BadFoxGraphics Director of Strategic Communications..... Startegic.... Christ @BadFoxGraphics Who is the guy on the left with the toupee?
@JMilesColeman Donnelly should run there @RaleighReporter Hey Delegates need something when Their Grindr app doesn’t come through for themThrilled we’re finally getting some traction to Re-shape the US Olympic Committee! Watch today’s press conference 🏆…
Retweeted by Ron L Pitts™Ben Shapiro and Kyle will debate each other using only the N-Word for charity @kmclea8 Oh Yeah, give him a full ride there. He can get work study at their Jet Fuel Plant..@mtracey Yeah, well it NEVER IS a Black 16 year old, is it? He said it let Kyle live with it. But HEY, if you w… @NYCNavid @KyleKashuv @davidaxelrod President Obama already IS a Moral Leader...... For people with Morals... and that aint Kyle Kashuv...I was wondering why a tweet I sent to Kyle Kashuv over a year ago kept getting liked today, and came home to find h… @Politics_Polls Castro has an infinity lead on Yang @BillCosby Rapey Tweet @MollyJongFast I want to punch that tweet in the faceHello Twitter I would like to report the death of @michaeljknowles Grad Students ARE Historians.. theres one screw up in the first 9 words of your tweet @Fandango Dudes I replied but no guidance was provided in the DM. In fact the link you had in the DM Didn't work as a Hyperlink....
@Fandango ugh.. got an email from you, said claim my $5 reward, just so happens daughter wanted to go to movie, cli… @stevesingiser @NateSilver538 I also agree that the next few will probably show Sanders tanking @awards_watch teh gays can dance.... How long did that last? Bet thats a workout! @MollyJongFast short hand is just look at there jargon as misspelled words Like ""chonky"" means chunky, etc. @MollyJongFast Molly, its ""dude same"" @footyhlines ""Royalty""?? Christ#FathersDay Do me a favor and everyone that has a friend that lost their Dad during the last year, make an effort c… Matt, thanks for this. Simon was one of the first people i followed on the Twitter Machine and he was… ALERT at the #StraightPrideParade in Ada Oklahoma #SundayMorning @stonecold2050 also to the left of the Trump banner (not quite unfurled is a Blue Lives Matter) @Uncrewed @JMilesColeman @QuinnipiacPoll RogerThat... dang the margins in the other parts must be huge @ProFootballTalk Maybe tell him not to beat women? @Uncrewed @JMilesColeman @QuinnipiacPoll serious question.. Under this map, would Biden win Montana? It kinda looks like he would to me. @girlsreallyrule did she charge?
@TaylorInChief .@OldTakesExposed ✍🏻 @Scaramucci Excellent self-own mooch. @Scaramucci Mooch, You really don’t know Nils do you @fspbat @erikasunnflower @gus_posey Luke, Erika is an expert on the what it’s like to be a pedophile, clearly @MollyJongFast @DineshDSouza So what? Christie sux @fspbat FAKE NEWS! Sad! @RonLPitts I will do so!
Retweeted by Ron L Pitts™ @MeredithCProv Thanks so much. I hope you do some good provosting these next 4 years! @JonMIPol @JMilesColeman I rank this theorem as legit @FiveThirtyEight Not very @nubianbabe3 I’m nice @AdamWeinstein .@OldTakesExposed “Florida Gator” @nubianbabe3 @Twitter It sux.. makes zero sense that I can tweet as myself and pictures of myself and (generally) d… @nubianbabe3 I get why you took it down though.... @nubianbabe3 @Twitter That’s “chill bear” a real bear in Florida that crawled into a hammock and sat for 20 minutes @nubianbabe3 @Twitter @nubianbabe3 @Twitter @nubianbabe3 @Twitter Choose something else here are some possibles @MeredithCProv Matthew, it was a wonderful day... a bit crazy as you know at the end (her secondary French Placemen… @nubianbabe3 you need a profile Picture,Whataburger is the Melania T of Burgers Jackie O was a Racist Birther that liked to be photographed with her vag and boobs hanging out then, SURE Melan…
@brett_mcgurk “Peculiar Diplomacy Sequencing” you say that as if they have gotten anything correct in the 2 1/2 yea… @brett_mcgurk Your construct is madness...There’s no proof offered that Iran damaged the tankers... you are asking… @MollyJongFast Who da fuq is Tyrus? @RalstonReports Thank goodness... it’s a wonderful profession with incredibly dedicated folks doing it. Thanks for answering! @RalstonReports Help me here, does that move “prevent cuts” or does it give an administrator someone else’s job who… @MManningIEI @AaronBlake @BetoORourke People underestimate Betos contribution overall, his presence & personality a… @WhitfordBradley CC: @AaronBlake Texas is only +2? Christ @MollyJongFast @JaymalGreen Oh yeah, he’s good, nice call! @reddestofreeds @Susanperchede @thedailybeast Redd... I think I speak for Susan and other when I say we have to lea… Already Hot Takes on my New Glasses @Susanperchede @reddestofreeds @thedailybeast Agreed Susan, but ya gotta admit that Redd really knows his beastiality!!! @reddestofreeds @Susanperchede @thedailybeast You have to be, you are riding that beastiality thing hard @reddestofreeds @Susanperchede @thedailybeast Again, not gonna argue with you about a topic you enjoy @reddestofreeds @Susanperchede @thedailybeast Hey Redd, looks like you’re an expert on beastiality , me and Susan c…! @MollyJongFast Much needed laugh... Toddlers recipe book @KenFernandezPHD @RachelBitecofer @FiveThirtyEight Ken, you didn’t have to do that, but you did. I’m on the road wi…
@RalstonReports They would have golf balls in common? @awards_watch Everyone.@RalstonReports Jon Probably has some parody lyrics just for this moment @burgessev @maggieNYT But he would NOT wash his handsThis is hilarious 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Retweeted by Ron L Pitts™ @Yimabean Our oldest is in Film School, and both the girls were, Journalism, Band & Theatre kids. Double your succe… @Susanperchede @reddestofreeds @thedailybeast So true sureOriginally the Julie’s Chorale Tryout was going to be at 3, right after #StartStrong because of her taking the seco… @Susanperchede @thedailybeast Sorta weird it’s a religious school they referred to it as “his” school.. @thedailybeast Nicholas sparks is a bigot... did not know that but it’s duly noted for the record !He also did it... but ya get the pointTotal tangent but Former Monty Python Member Michael Palin has just been knighted by Prince William ... SIR KNIGHT… did it do it... SIR Michael Palin, Knight Of Ni Astute, zero of the dynamics that drove intensity and thus the voting surge have changed. In fact, they’… @LaurenHorsch Like when a woman’s uterus became a part on a motorcycle #FunTimes @girlsreallyrule We aren’t any closer.. he never will get removed... but the house can do@investigations and vote… NEWS... Julie has been told that she did so well on the French Placement year that she is being asked to take… are into the “Transition To College” briefing.. Dean of the Students giving advice and talking about scenarios..… @Kris_Sacrebleu @MollyJongFast BIG NEWS, the book the entire class will read over the summer is t… @RachelBitecofer He’s runningSherry has the girls stand up and introduce themselves to a neighbor.. I believe Sherry is getting a bit choked up… Boyle’s Dean of Admission thanking the parents and filling in the girls on what #StartStrong is and what wil… at Jones Auditorium in anticipation of what is always the best thing... the “Intro to Day” briefing... wonde… over to Jones Auditorium for the first thingy... forgot to post a picture of the Johnson Rotunda decked out… Schedule.. I am in Group “B” which we all know is the best group... looks like I am done at 12:35 then it’s…