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A 2 person debate on third-party financing of litigation, which Peter Thiel used to sue Gawker Ethics of Investing in Another’s Lawsuit
Room for Debate: National Park Maintenance Is an Issue that Doesn't Resonate With Many African-Americans
Retweeted by Room for DebateMoney for a lawyer that comes from someone else does not change the facts of a lawsuit. third parties be allowed to invest in litigation, or does that unduly influence the outcome? litigation finance is not so bad. In fact, it has been great sometimes.'re ready to host the @nicknotned vs. @peterthiel free speech discussion on @nytimes @roomfordebate. Let us know.
Retweeted by Room for DebateThe practice of investing in another's lawsuit is casino litigation. We all lose. this debate on airline industry deregulation w/ @crankyflier @AvQueenBenet @elliottdotorg et al #avgeek
Retweeted by Room for DebateIs it right for third parties to bankroll litigation, like Peter Thiel did for Hulk Hogan? Ethics of Investing in Another's Lawsuit're ready to host the @nicknotned vs. @peterthiel free speech discussion on @nytimes Room for Debate. Let us know.
From @nytimes: Room for Debate--Should Overcrowded #NationalParks Have Restricted Access?
Retweeted by Room for Debate“Most [national] park visitors are relatively wealthy and live near parks …”
Retweeted by Room for DebateMUST READ! Phil Francis in @nytimes room for debate: "Limiting Access to #NationalParks Is Rarely Necessary"
Retweeted by Room for DebateI believe that higher user fees are coming to a National Park near you soon. The influential are campaigning for it.
Retweeted by Room for DebateCan national parks mitigate the impact of crowds of tourists, without blocking access to these spaces?"Charging users the full cost of their visit would actually improve park stewardship." @reedowatson @roomfordebate
Retweeted by Room for DebateShould the Park Service further restrict access to protected areas, or does that contradict its mission?
Retweeted by Room for DebateThe cost of fuel is down, and profits are up. But many think flying is a pain. Do airlines need to be re-regulated?
Retweeted by Room for DebateDespite overcrowding, limiting access to national parks is rarely the answer: popular national parks to charge more, to pay for the preservation of these spaces. @PERCtweets weigh in on options for dealing with growing crowds at our #NationalParks.
Retweeted by Room for DebateShould the @NatlParkService restrict access to popular sites, or does that contradict its mission to keep the lands open and accessible?How can we protect our overcrowded national parks?, but I never would have learned about the dog that rode the bus to the park by himself without my FB newsfeed
Retweeted by Room for DebateShould overcrowded national parks have restricted access?’s the 100th anniversary of the National Parks and they are the most crowded they've ever been. Overcrowded National Parks Have Restricted Access?
I join the @nytimes debate on whether airlines should be re-regulated (no) (with @PlaneBusiness @AvQueenBenet)
Retweeted by Room for Debate.@nytimes debate on whether airlines need to be regulated:
Retweeted by Room for DebateNearly 40 years after deregulation, an interesting debate on where air travel needs go from here:
Retweeted by Room for Debate"Airlines are awful now. Let's bring back the good old days!" The two BIG problems with that statement: air travel so bad these days it needs to be re-regulated? of airlines meant that air travel wasn’t just for the wealthy anymore. Let's not reverse that. only remember the flights that are delayed or when your seat-mate smells. It's like so much in life. airlines’ customer service should be regulated: cost of fuel is down, and profits are up. But many think flying is a pain. Do airlines need to be re-regulated? is bad. Extra fees are a pain. Does the airline industry need to be re-regulated? Airlines Need to Be Re-Regulated?
Interesting, but economics,not theology will determine when #Vatican ordains women whether as deacons or priests.
Retweeted by Room for DebateGreat response by @DawnofMercy re: women deacons.
Retweeted by Room for Debate#Grateful to @chrisjollyhale for debating me on the @nytimes website today! (I'm the one *against* ordaining women.)
Retweeted by Room for Debate#Excited to take part in a @roomfordebate discussion opposite @chrisjollyhale! Watch the @nytimes website; it will be posted after midnight.
Retweeted by Room for DebateShould women serve as Catholic deacons? @chrisjollyhale and @DawnofMercy debate:
Retweeted by Room for Debate#Thankful to share @Pontifex's concerns about clericalism on @nytimes website today! @TheAnchoress
Retweeted by Room for Debate @DawnofMercy's main point is the Pope's: women should be valued in the Church not clericalized. Interesting.
Retweeted by Room for Debate"Sometimes, the failure of a legal claim in court shows just how much the law needs to change." #climatechange
Retweeted by Room for Debate @DawnofMercy more conservative than I but makes good sense. If I ever go back 2 being Catholic I'll read more of her
Retweeted by Room for DebateDebate: Dawn Eden Goldstein and Chris Hale on Women as Deacons in the Catholic Church
Retweeted by Room for DebateReframing & litigating in search of equity
Retweeted by Room for DebateSee my spirited debate with Dr. Dawn Eden about whether or not the Catholic Church should allow women deacons.
Retweeted by Room for DebateMy take in the New York Times: it's time for the Catholic Church to allow women deacons.
Retweeted by Room for DebateWeigh in: Should Catholic women be allowed to serve as deacons? should sue governments for climate change. Public Trust stretches back to Emperor Justinian.
Retweeted by Room for Debate>@DawnofMercy on why the Roman Catholic Church should not upend the sacramental system by ordaining women. a deacon isn’t easy. It’s gritty work. And women are more than capable. @chrisjollyhale citizens sue the government over Climate change? (Correct answer = yes)
Retweeted by Room for Debate"Who says a woman needs Holy Orders -- or a clerical collar and black socks -- to matter in the Catholic Church?" Justice & generational stakes: Room for Debate: Can Citizens Sue the Government Over Climate Change?
Retweeted by Room for Debate.@Pontifex said he would study whether women could serve as deacons. Our debate: the Roman Catholic Church allow women to become deacons? Catholic Women Could Be Deacons
Piece in @nytimes calls @TheCLF @Mass_Energy GWSA win at MA SJC a "paradigm shifting success."
Retweeted by Room for Debate.@nytimes sums up so well why GWSA case makes me feel proud to be lawyer using litigation for social change. @theclf
Retweeted by Room for DebateOur own @KassieSiegel in @nytimes Room for Debate: Litigation Can Bring About Social Change
Retweeted by Room for DebateThe NYT debates the climate change cases based on @UOENR Mary Wood's research on the Public Trust Doctrine
Retweeted by Room for DebateAmerican citizens have a right to sue @EPA over #climatechange violating Public Trust Doctrine: US Supreme Court
Retweeted by Room for DebateExcellent piece on how the US has let the Philippines down in the past and effect on incoming admin in Manila
Retweeted by Room for DebateA good read from Patricio Abinales. Here's an excerpt: Americans appear to be more worried about a promise to...
Retweeted by Room for DebateWashington needs Duterte as much as Duterte needs Washington from @nytopinion
Retweeted by Room for DebateWe are seeing citizens take up the fight of climate justice. Are Witnessing a Societal Move Toward 'Climate Justice' | Carlton Mark Waterhouse, Indiana U. McKinney Law
Retweeted by Room for DebateCitizens cannot sue the U.S. unless it harms them specifically. And climate change applies to everyone. Are Witnessing a Societal Move Toward ‘Climate Justice’
Retweeted by Room for DebateBoth causative and caused: litigation as substitute for politics.
Retweeted by Room for DebateProving standing is very difficult in a lawsuit Over Climate Change - but we may see progress
Retweeted by Room for DebateLitigation has always been an essential tool for solving social problems. Let's apply it to climate change: people worldwide have decided to stop waiting for the “adults” to do something about climate change. citizens use the "public trust" doctrine to sue the U.S. over better climate change action?'s advice re Duterte: "speak softly and be aware of the country’s economic and psychic vulnerabilities"
Retweeted by Room for Debate"Duterte is a sensitive guy." Room for Debate: The Philippines Has to Know It Needs the U.S. from @ianbremmer
Retweeted by Room for DebateDo citizens have a case to make against governments for climate change? can’t sue the government for laws they don’t like—read the op-ed by @EricAPosner:
Retweeted by Room for DebateCitizens have begun suing the U.S. for more aggressive action on climate change. Do they have a legal case? Citizens Sue the Government Over Climate Change?
Could #SCOTUS's ideological deadlock lead to more compromise? Prof. Roosevelt weighs in:
Retweeted by Room for DebateThe US can't afford to downgrade its relationship with the Philippines over Duterte: piece in the @NYTimes about #Duterte - Room for #Debate: A Challenge in the #Philippines
Retweeted by Room for DebateNice summary of some of what we discussed on Tues in Con Law. Is a Deadlocked Supreme Court Such a Bad Thing?
Retweeted by Room for DebateHow should Obama approach Duterte, the controversial President-elect of the Philippines? Rosca in the New York Times.
Retweeted by Room for DebateThe U.S. is not in a position to intimidate the incoming Philippine president. should American officials deal with the Philippines' Rodrigo Duterte? Challenge in the Philippines
Is a Deadlocked Supreme Court Such a Bad Thing? a 4-4 split, the justices have to compromise more — a skill they might find useful in the future! the Supreme Court splits 4-4, it fails to perform its basic function: saying what the law is.“Like a bird with a broken wing, the court hasn’t stopped trying to fly. But it can’t.” - #SCOTUS expert @Profepps.
Retweeted by Room for DebateFor 10 years, Justice Kennedy had a disproportionate impact on SCOTUS decisions. Why a 4-4 split is a good thing: