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Director of Research, Cornerstone Advisors. Author of Smarter Bank, and Snarketing column on The Financial Brand #fintech #SmarterBank

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7 Strategies to Increase the Profitability of Mass Market Households via @FinancialBrand G… Partners With Beanworks FI.SPAN’s recent partnership is a proof point of the evolution of a new breed of… @RealPabloRuiz Couldn't agree more. And the same with "bitcoin"
@abbruzzd Agree. But it does beat saying "I'm an expert in...." :) @RAlexJimenez Already happening. In fact, I got a reply from one of them. Some guy says to me: "You are asking to b… @jdriley Bitcoin miners have bosses? :)I'm seeing a lot more Twitter handles with the description: "Passionate about #fintech #bitcoin #blockchain" Peop…
@dionlisle Hefner is dead. @Clagett I hope he's not on Twitter. Or, that he takes that as a compliment. @Clagett Pardon my geographic ignorance, but which ocean does Nebraska touch?“the *market value* of bitcoin is higher than the *market cap* of Visa. comparing them is pointless.” there, I f…
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@stessacohen @Clagett @AHAHibbard @cvs I had same problem w/ CVS app. Gave up trying. @jameswester And Cyberkitties are what, normal?Will banks bets on Alexa pay off? @ehigdon's comments are spot on.
Target Launches Digital Wallet How does Target’s launch of a digital wallet square with what consumers want?… to @devie_mohan, one of the true top influencers in fintech
@cmogle @Hertz I have ZERO intention on putting the car back together. @cmogle @Hertz Wait. What penalties? @cmogle Brilliant idea. I am so going to dismantle the next car I rent from @Hertz before returning it.Great discussion. @deriksutton @charlesepotts @InfernoJJ @HoekstraChris @trentio Nobody on this planet is better suited to hold Milli… yeah @RAlexJimenez @NMFCOfficial Oh. Rugby. @RAlexJimenez You’re just upset because your Schwab account is in the dumps, and the Yankees haven’t won the World… Why not "her"? @belapei I like the former. The latter may be true, but might not be great click bait. :) @belapei How could I have made it more click-baity? I'm not too proud to change the title now.One of my favorite posts. One of my least-read posts. A frequent occurrence. Bigger Than Schwab? Schwab has 2.7 million fewer accounts than Coinbase, a platform for bitcoin transacti… @TSindzinski Scrolling? That’s a lot of work.You forgot “decline the request to whitelist the site” furthers Deposit Displacement with its Acorns partnership #NewsNotNoise #fintech
@DanPeacockFIS I can help but think that the terms #mobilewallets and #mobilepayments are incorrectly used interchangeablyThanks, @CULytics. Looking forward to this. Great lineup of speakers.
Why, so they can laugh at me? @AbsorbingStates No argument there. @AbsorbingStates There was plenty of debate around this bill. It may have only involved Republicans..... @ceehart Pelosi’s comments. Can provide a link to the YouTube video if you can’t find it. @BobMetcalfe Thought you might be interested in seeing this: Metcalfe's Law as a Model for Bitcoin's Value other 59.7% clearly didn’t understand the question. that TED hasn’t heard of laser pointers. him to go to Fort Wayne Indiana @jameswester James. Look at the source of the article. When you’re at VB, Silicon Valley IS the center of the universe.Well, except for Obamacare which had to be passed before the Senators could read it and figure out what was in it.
@matthod ok. I shoulda done that, too.Just took a survey asking about my financial activities in 2017. Survey asked: Q. If you could go back to January… @Dan_Brames Agreed, and that was the general consensus of the group. But the lack of definitive definition complica… @OnCallCIO I don't care that you hear voices in your head. I'm worried about you tweeting them back out.True. But it is inconceivable to me that I would let anybody do that to me. mean “credits the interwebz” what, exactly, is (and isn't) a mobile wallet? Great discussion at yesterday's @tearsheetco conference:…’s move into P2P gift cards is a smart move -- aligned with consumers’ interest in using PayPal for retail pu…
@pascalbouvier @leimer @JimMarous @RAlexJimenez @GhelaBoskovich @ScarlettSieber I'm not a grumpy old man. I just pr… Tearsheet's Mobile Payment conference. Great to hear @joxman's take on the industry. @stessacohen @Clagett he means banks aren't meeting GEEZEO'S needs :) @mi_jim @askBBT @FifthThird @keybank @PNCBank @askRegions @SunTrust @usbank @CNBC Not so sure about that. If dereg=… @Clagett I put the “ron” in Irony @charlesepotts @LisaServon Everybody in fin svcs should follow @LisaServon and learn about how people REALLY manage… how it’s the people who DON’T use payday lenders that hate them the most.
@OnCallCIO you weren't already there? shoot. another one slips thru the cracks. @LisaLamagna Thanks, Lisa. Appreciate the comments -- and the share. @OnCallCIO Like a lead balloon. :) Sophisticated snark is for the elite minority. @leimer The brainchild of Cornerstone partner Steve Williams. One of his many brilliant ideas. #NotSarcasticExcited to launch the digital platform for my strategic research service, Insight Vault. Please check it out. New… to the US Census Bureau, 1 in 5 Millennials moved in the past year. Personally,… Leandra English will make a boatload of $ in 2018 speaking at fin svcs conferences, telling us about he… bet a lot of employees at the Bridgestone Tire Company are wondering what all the hoopla is about.I fail to understand the exuberance of BTC reaching an arbitrary, US DOLLAR-DENOMINATED number. retweeted Laurie’s tweet (Is it “refer to yourself in the 3rd person” day today and nobody told me?)
@patrivenbark Actually, I didn’t know. @belapei Gotta wonder if it was even s/he posting, and not some marketing person posting under the CEO’s name, @mikeallen430 I was joking. I'd expect the same looks if I said that in all seriousness to a bank CIOBanks should have branch tellers do bitcoin mining. Lot of down time in between customers, you know.Funny Money? Does Humor in Financial Advertising Work? via @FinancialBrand @DammertJ good point. do you know what that number is?Alibaba's Singles Day sales: $25.3b = $18.35 per person (Chinese) Cyber Monday sales: $6.6b = $20.43 per person (American) #CyberMonday @Dangerpele @toughbunny1 That’s why we have the CFPB @toughbunny1 @Dangerpele Yes, and timing. Why would the US need a new physical branch-centric player in the banking… @toughbunny1 It’s always been a good time to be me.