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Director of Research, Cornerstone Advisors. Author of Smarter Bank, Snarketing blog, and Cornerstone's Insight Vault #fintech #banking

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@dapinski @DanLatimore The best one, though, was the guy demoing authentication. Said he only needed 7 seconds. Ask… @waupsh @jameswester @netbanker I don’t @jameswester @waupsh #FOB (Friend of Bruene) @netbanker @Clagett @annavitals So were my previous 25,000 tweetsI don’t know know who @annavitals is but I’m mad at her for sharing my secrets to unproductivity
@bornonjuly4 @aeonmag @BrettKing @dgwbirch @Chris_Skinner @JimMarous @cherian_abraham @mdudas @nsturgill @leimer @dmgerbino @JimMarous @EVERFI @FinancialBrand @BrettKing @WFSULLIVAN3 @Finovate @NYPAYGROUP @chyppings And AFT conf… @Adobe to Acquire @marketo: So What? <--- Check it out. What do you think? With…
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@CurtQu @caryden @JimMarous @leimer @LedaGlyptis @tom_peters I wear a suit (but no tie) when I present because of T… @CurtQu @caryden @JimMarous @leimer @LedaGlyptis There's no such thing as a "casual" tie. Ties are formal. I hate t… me on a ABA webinar next Thursday Sept 27 on How Community Banks Can Combat Deposit Displacement
@jameswester @tiffanimontez @jjegher @innov8tr @JerrySilva_PGS @DanLatimore Hobby? I'm more like your punching bag.… @tiffanimontez @innov8tr @jjegher @JerrySilva_PGS @DanLatimore Won't be a problem next time. I'm planning to go sli… always makes me smile when I see a conference speaker point the clicker at the screen when changing slides @EvanSparks @JPNicols I hate to ask, but is that a depository? :)
Could megabanks become vendors to smaller financial institutions? #banking #fintechBanks should stop hiring people from retail. We don't need bank branches to hang out and drink coffee. What banks n… Square Be the Next P2P Provider to Get Into Banking? Square’s CFO confirms the depos… @NicoleLPinto @jackson_mueller It's an "age" thing because old people (i.e., me) aren't big users of Venmo and Squa… @NicoleLPinto Might not be "just you" but a LOT of people keep $ in their p2p apps. Unverified source told me Venmo… @NicoleLPinto Agreed. But really, what’s the difference between the 0% you get on the money in the Square account a… @JimMarous @pierrepinna @leimer @psb_dc @FinancialBrand @jaypalter @PatrickGunz_CH Jim: Please let me know when it'… @charlesepotts @charlesepotts The problem here is that the Net Promoter Score is nonsense to begin with. @charlesepotts I didn't think was a competition @charlesepotts #SillyNetPromoterComparisons "USAA is crushing The Weinstein Companies on customer loyalty" @charlesepotts @CstoneAdvisors Preaching to the choir, Brother Charles.This is old news, Bain. I published this on @CstoneAdvisors Insight Vault back in March. @i_vp @erinmccune I don't know if any of the existing Zelle volume is B2B, but I wouldn't be surprised if there's a… @i_vp @erinmccune Knows more than the two of you? Hahahahahaha. That'll be the day. @craver I’ll be happy to just use Google Maps
@jcharanis good to know. thanks. I'm still waiting for my phone to install iOS 12Can't tell you how excited I am about this: How to replace Apple Maps with Google Maps on CarPlay photos can be downright creepy. This one is from a white paper I just downloaded. research study from @CstoneAdvisors (me): The Bottom-Line Impact of Credit Union Loan Participations… @CindyOlson @Pudizzle no. I really do look that young.
Check out this interview with @rshevlin from @CstoneAdvisors one of our speakers for #FSMiami 4-5 OCT Get your tick…
Retweeted by Ron ShevlinThe best part of speaking at Money 2020 is the 30 pounds I lose in the caricature. Big Strategic Planning Questions Bankers Must Be Asking Now #banking #fintech #planning
Retweeted by Ron Shevlin @Anthonydna2 7.6% of people knowing what they're talking about seems to be about the right number. Regardless of wh… is going to have to explain this chart to me. charts were not meant to be stacked bar charts. Like this one. that the only cost involved? Typically, when you calculate a “markup,” you take into account all expenses.
@pascalbouvier Agreed. And what “data” does is help a lender get to a deal faster than the competition. Disruption… @DuenaBlomstrom @CurtQu Was thinking the same thing. @pascalbouvier Why do you say that? I think it’s just the opposite.
@philipgryan probably. why don't you ask her? :)Woman who wrote 'How To Murder Your Husband' essay charged with murdering husband "Paying assassins is a bad idea… Let me know if you hear of any financial institutions that have measured the effectiveness of their financial…"Literacy" is useless. Behavior is the only thing that matters. There's a study that shows that households that a… @gretapeterman I don't dispute that. But I think there are new service needs, as well.
Do Banks and Credit Unions Need a Chief Data Officer? I'm guessing that existing Chief… @dkimerling @psb_dc @TrueLinkFin @KaiStinchcombe @clairethere Have not. Will do. Thanks.Zions Bancorp has won its fight with the government to remove it from the list of systemically important financial… @paymentsjedi thanks. And btw, great research on data privacy. I reported and commented on it here: Banks and Credit Unions Need a Chief Data Officer? The short answer: Probably not. Th… deploying 10% of excess capital in loan participations, #creditunions could boost return on assets (ROA) by near… Banks and Credit Unions Need a Chief Data Officer? Many FIs appoint a Chief Data Offic… @IntuitMachine @psb_dc I think it's the generation before us. I'm a late Boomer. It's my parents' generation--now i… @psb_dc You are preaching to the choir. But I don't think people get it. I think the prevailing mindset is "we ne… @SamKilmer @AFTWeb Morning Dew @PegaScott I tell my kids what my mother tells me: “I’m taking it with me when I go. Who knows? I might need it where I’m going.” @ahatami Agreed. You made a great choice!
@JillCastilla great point regarding fraud responsibility @EmmetShea Nice ! Love it.Can't believe no one has asked me who that person in the Atlanta area is. You're just pissed off that I didn't say… @michael_diamond And if I'm ever in that position, my campaign song will be: area (or market niche) of lending is a candidate for platformification if a platform can attract and match lend… See y'all in a couple of weeks down in Hilton Head. #AskAFT @AFTWeb'll go with what ever you think it is. I like to argue, but I'm learning to pick my battles. #AskAFT @jjegher @jameswester @psb_dc I got the idea because I'm getting old and I need new types of financial services and products. @PegaScott yes. and it may impact some (or a lot) of the wealth transfer that is expected to take place.The amount of fraud being perpetrated against today's Seniors is out of control. Will be 10x worse when boomers hit… @jglyman @pglyman Shoot. I got my year wrong. My 1st show was in 1978, not 77. @senigri @ronshevlin When transaction and interaction volume reach a critical mass, #AI will kick in. AI needs data… @jglyman @pglyman 10/27/1979 :) @pglyman @jglyman They played Springfield on 4/23/77 @jameswester @jjegher yep, @jjegher got the idea after he read this: @wmaScott Scott, the term "partnership" is inappropriate in the platform context. I sell my book on Amazon, but our… @pglyman @jglyman I do remember an annoying 2-year old at that show. Could've been you.With apologies to the Millennials and Gen Zers out there, the oppty in finsvcs for next 20 years is with Boomers. A… Development and rapid adoption of mobile technologies, and 2) Widespread adoption and support for APIs. #AskAFT 8, 1977 Syracuse, NY. The encore was Warren Zevon's Werewolves of London, and Bob Weir came out wearing a werew… would say the former rather than the latter because I believe consumers will always complain about existing exper… criteria to being a platform: 1) attract both buyers and sellers; 2) match buyers/sellers; and 3) provide a "tool… has an advantage or disadvantage. The platformification of #fintech vendors means a different sales model f… @AFTWeb Who knows? But I don't think they want to displace/replace banks. But--and I know this sounds crazy--I thin… @wmaScott @DonaldShares I think Twitter changed that. I saw the tweet in my public feed.Amazon yes. Salesforce no. Google and Apple don't strike me as having the right DNA to do it. Wouldn't write off so…, but not in the short-term. The Treasury report was a stake in the ground to help establish a regulatory dire… sure. Seems like deposits and lending are already being impacted, in both the retail and small business segment… many banks (and CUs) think they can become a platform. They should be thinking about how they'll sell on someon… platform strategy makes money by bringing together multiple buyers and sellers. A bank might be a platform by ena… fintech vendors will emerge who will be platforms bringing together financial institutions and other fintech… answer that, Zach, let's get on the same page on how I'm using the term platform--not as a tech construct, but a… @Clagett Mrs. Janet RenoIf there is a typo or grammatical error in your question, it will be put at the end of the stack. If there is a s… Phishers: Janet Yellen is no longer Chair of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System. Please update your emails.Dang, @AFTWeb is driving me nuts. They keep forgetting to say that the #AskAFT session is supposed to be an Ask Me… ""Fiserv Helps Bring Voice Banking to the Aloha State" I've never been to Hawaii, but it surprises me to…