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Director of Research, Cornerstone Advisors. Author of Smarter Bank, Snarketing blog, and Cornerstone's Insight Vault #fintech #banking

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At this point in the #Olympics2018, I’m sick and tired of all the commercials, except one: “Mom and dad, I can’t be your IT guy anymore”
My @TEDx Talk How #Fintech can positively impact the world #fintech #insurtech
Retweeted by Ron Shevlin @wadearnold @bpmilne What!? Banno wasn’t a unicorn? @charlesepotts @dmgerbino @pascalbouvier @tearsheetco @BrianRoemmele David is talking about the firm Digit failing, not digital in general @dmgerbino @pascalbouvier @tearsheetco @BrianRoemmele Yeah, that’s what I was trying to say. Thanks, DG.
@pascalbouvier @tearsheetco @BrianRoemmele is "yes" the right answer?Great @tearsheetco article on: Why Digit is moving beyond #chatbots Here's what you should take away from this ar…
@JeffMarsico @SamKilmer I didn't make that up, bud. But if I did, it would mean Ron's Pale Ale. @RAlexJimenez @tiffanimontez @jameswester May I suggest a compromise? @RAlexJimenez @jameswester @tiffanimontez careful, dude. @RAlexJimenez @jameswester @tiffanimontez Examiner: “We see you are giving out alcohol. Do you have a liquor licen… @jameswester @RAlexJimenez @tiffanimontez FDIC = Free Drinks w/ Ice Cubes @RAlexJimenez @jameswester @tiffanimontez Concepts like “legal” and “compliance” don’t work here. This is Twitter.… @tiffanimontez @jameswester The 9 Types of Yoga: Anusara Yoga Ashtanga Yoga Bikram Yoga Hatha Yoga Iyengar Yoga Kri… @Ali_Shafai as well they shouldThe agency (that should be) known as Civil-servants Fixated on Punishing Banks wants to require FIs to provide free… @tiffanimontez Why, yes it does. Beer and pretzels would make it even better. (@jameswester)The #CFPB is considering forcing #creditunions to provide free credit scores to members. Here's my take on it:… @Fegan Those really aren't mutually exclusive groups. :)The "retweet-to-pageview" ratio on my blog posts runs about 100 to 1. BTW, I hereby trademark the RPV ratio. @BourseetTrading Banks don't have to acquire fintech to get tech expertise. Hasn't everybody and their mothers been… @BourseetTrading Not surprising to me. Historically, banks acquire other banks. Fintech firms run the gamut from ne…
How many should they have acquired? many bank marketers think mobile location data is for hitting people up with an ad when they walk by the branch…'re excited to have @ncino as a sponsor at this year's @BankOnPurpose conference. Check out this recent commercia…
Retweeted by Ron ShevlinMaybe it should recommend them to move to an organization that isn’t known for recently scamming customers…
Retweeted by Ron ShevlinThe Financial Brand proclaimed 2018 “the year of #AI and machine learning for financial marketers.” Nobody told t… @peggymangot Really didn't expect you, of all people, to like my WF tweet. :) @charlesepotts Exactly. It finally sunk into my think skull why I don't like all this AI-driven advice. It's NOT advice -- it's marketing.Being RTed by the "Fake News Global" twitter account is really annoying. :) Fargo app uses #AI to recommend customers move $ to savings account. When it recommends moving it to an acc… @ploberman might want to trademark that (before @leimer does) @ploberman It's all set to go -- just can't decide on title. Should it be: a) Smarterest Bank, or b) Smarterer Ban…’s Going On in Banking 2018? Warning Signs From the Exec Suite You'd think mid-size banks had never heard of…
@horaciorousseau Thanks! Greatly appreciate that.Three years after publication, and Smarter Bank is currently #34 top-selling financial services book on Amazon.… are fewer bank CEOs--and more credit union CEOs--optimistic about 2018 than they were going into 2017? Downlo…
Jackson Pollock’s data center @jameswester What does Mrs. Wester say about that?In case you were wondering What's Going On in #Banking? this report will tell you. Community-based FI's outlook… @jasonhenrichs oh! so close! here's the actual methodology @BankTaxBlake Thanks, Blake. Appreciate the comments.Great report out on The State of Digital Lending from @ABABankers see @jmarous' take: t… Banks: Dethroned by Decaffeinated Deposits? Big bank cafes from the likes of #CapitalOne are the last th…
@SuperDaveBruno Nah. Too much money at stake. Will survive for a long time.Prediction: 25 years from now, when Millennials are running the International Olympic Committee, all participants w… tells me that a methodology for valuing "bank brands" is nonsense than seeing Wells Fargo as the highest ra… nonsense like Klout scores. This is why @dgwbirch is one of the top thought leaders and influencers in banki…
@W_Hernandez16 @__JasonMarshall @RAlexJimenez @mevans14 I hate it when my wife and daughters make mobile payments.…
10 Banking Channel Metrics That Have Dramatically Changed in 10 Years #creditunions How to Grow 2018 Revenue While Renovating Delivery Check out this webinar on Feb 13 with… to know what the future-ready bank or credit union contact center looks like? Join my colleague Ryan Brogan… @JHamiltonWMA @JimMarous @SpirosMargaris @leimer @pascalbouvier @sammaule @BrettKing @jaypalter Looking back at the…
For #chatbots (and #AI) to be "game-changing" in banking, this chart needs to flip-flopped. Well, not the "none o… @P_Wannemacher @jaypalter @JimMarous @SpirosMargaris @leimer @pascalbouvier @sammaule @BrettKing touche @P_Wannemacher @AmerBanker @Affirm It’s been a “software-based product” for a long time. Only thing different is th… @P_Wannemacher @JimMarous @SpirosMargaris @leimer @pascalbouvier @sammaule @BrettKing @jaypalter Except that my pos… @bryceroth I bet that 95% of the potential opportunities to provide consumers advice on managing their financial li… @bryceroth Agreed. But a lot of the justification for the "disruption/transformation" claims is based on advice, not added convenience.Discover how #location data can improve #bank marketing! Join @rshevlin & @mikepenna on March 7th, as they discuss…
Retweeted by Ron Shevlin @bryceroth There is, increasingly, data about WHAT bank customers did. There is not, however, a lot of data about H… @bryceroth 2 aspects here: 1) gathering the data, and 2) changing consumers' attitudes. #1 requires partnerships, a… Disruption Occurring Faster Than Most Banks Can Handle #banking #fintech
Retweeted by Ron ShevlinOn today's #podcast, @BrettKing @BrianRoemmele @rshevlin talk Painless Frictionless #Investing with #fintech founde…
Retweeted by Ron ShevlinListen to the @CarolinaFintech podcast for the latest in #fintech and NC banking. @JimMarous @rshevlin @NCBankers
Retweeted by Ron ShevlinDebunking the AI, Voice, and Chatbot Hype in Banking #AI #ChatBots write-up on the recent @BankDirector #AOBA18 conference the #AI, #Voice, and #Chatbot Hype in Banking Sigh. Looking at another day of being told how wrong I am… now for #FinTech FaceOff #WFTR18 Team Captains: U.S.- @sammaule @citikris
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@bornonjuly4 I couldn't DRIVE 55 meters in 7.5 seconds, let alone run it in that time.The Shevlin in 4th place is my daughter. My time for the 55 meter dash is in the upper right hand corner. know how to use location data to improve bank marketing results? Join me on this @Cuebiq webinar on March 7… thinks it can become a banking #platform. @neffhudson Rhetorical question? No. It's click bait to hype a report I recently published. And I'm using "click ba… CMA's Open Banking 'nursery' is playing fast & loose with Customer Consent via @FinextraWhat if Amazon Offered a Checking Account? via @BankDirector Overstock’s Financial Services Strategy Succeed? I'm not optimistic about FinanceHub's prospects, but I am re…
@sambrownell @Clagett I don't even know what avocado toast is.I just published a new report, commissioned by @nCino: The Future-Ready Commercial Bank Download it here:…