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Director of Research, Cornerstone Advisors. Author of Smarter Bank, Snarketing blog, and Cornerstone's Insight Vault #fintech #banking

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@OnCallCIO that's too bad.
"friend"??? @leewetherington Deposit displacement. Not "fintechs like Walmart," but merchants like Walmart. @jameswester But only if they had backup singers. @P_Wannemacher I thought you were a Millennial @wadearnold @BankTaxBlake @JeffPlagge LET ME SHOW YOU HOW TO DO IT
@JeffPlagge Do they need help cleaning up?
@Sam_Burrington Exactly. And that's why I thought I could make it as a Failure Consultant. I'll help you fail--fast…"Branches are about people, trust and convenience" So digital is about cats, distrust, and complexity? Shoot. I j… @CurtQu that makes two of us. @iamdavidhorton OR....a bank could put its focus and money on improving the out-of-branch DIGITAL experiences, part… @iamdavidhorton Are you talking about UK-based institutions? @iamdavidhorton 1. show me the numbers. 2. as I conceded in a prior tweet, I am talking about the US and not nec… caution that the findings "shouldn't be taken as a blank check to be sarcastic whenever and wherever th…"Sarcasm doesn't just make you happy; it can also help you be more creative and successful.” --Inc.… @huardsmith Cuz I talked to the Barista/Banker/Teller in the Lynnfield cafe. :) @c_moore Great. Just what I want to see when I have to go to the branch: 50 faux hipster Millennials with their App… @ploberman @waupsh That would've been a better headline @nigelwalsh @robmoff coming right upThis pretty much sums up my career success. Or lack thereof. Thanks, #LinkedIn."Failing fast to achieve innovation is something banks shouldn’t look to replicate." --Cathy Bessant, chief technol… @schorgie30 @BrettKing @VirginMoney Sorry, I should have been more explicit that I was talking about the US.
Oddest headline of the day (in the Denver Business Journal): "Denver's fifth-largest bank acquires fintech platform… @RJPilkenton there we go. I knew I'd get somebody to play alongBanks and credit unions who are thinking of [opening branch/cafes] are smoking dope. (this will be be the new… discussion of platform strategies in this @financialbrand post from @JimMarous @scott_harkey @dbkahn @charlesepotts To be fair though, Scott, I believe Daniel was concerned with the welfare of t… @i_vp ok, but HOW LONG do I have to wait? @pglyman That's much a better idea. People make better financial decisions after drinking a pint.#BreakingBanks goes live today at 3pm EST! Don’t miss today’s #podcast with #fintech pundit and author, Digital H…
Retweeted by Ron Shevlin“1 million” sounds a lot better than “4%” Cafes Are a Terrible Idea Getting people to come to a bank cafe means competing with established coffee brand… @charlesepotts that wouldn't surprise me one bit @charlesepotts It's very profitable to be a trollTo all the pundits who say "banks don't innovate" (you know who you are): Here's Why Bank of America Has Filed Ne…
@HowardBush2 @Microsoft hopefully they will be better than the VRUs @DShahrawat Looking forward to your tweets from the event @pascalbouvier You mean the part about platform shoes during the disco era, right? @scott_harkey @Zelle p.s. The disbursements opportunity is huge. First wrote about that 6 years ago: @scott_harkey @Zelle You're spot on. Had a discussion about that with someone last night. I may need to amend by po… @HowardBush2 @Microsoft "Accelerated" for sure. But "most providers"? No way. Here's the data supporting my POV.’s The Business Case For Zelle? Growth projections for Zelle aren't comparable to Venmo and Square.… @jameswester then what are we going to tweet about, smart guy? :)
Did you see that @FinastraFS acquired @MalauzaiMonkeys? Now I know why @GaynorRobb hasn't returned my calls in the… @JeffMarsico talk to @TravisDDulaney @PushPayments @EmmaChaseATX I maybe should have mentioned that I do that myself, all the tine.What’s the Business Case for Zelle? Zelle is going to be YUGE! What should banks and credit unions do about it?… love it when a webinar presenter says "that's a great question" during the Q&A session, when we all know that it… 2018 Recap from @JBFinTech Interviews with standout Killer FinTech Speed Round presenters CU RateReset, Lendi… @Ali_Shafai @HomeDepot I won't bore Twitter with the history of this problem. It's already been escalated to the Es… any of you introduce me to the CEO (or some other really senior exec) at @HomeDepot? I’ve got a 6-month long is… banking providers? No way. Unless “near future” is 20-30 years from now. The sample surveyed is not representa… @sammaule And @leewetherington is one of the best conference speakers out there.The five emerging technologies that matter for credit unions Spot-on analysis from @leewetherington
@pascalbouvier autonomous tokenized crypto-tablets @Syed_Bukhari @amazon They can't. What are they going to do? Open 50 branches in Los Angeles? @Syed_Bukhari @amazon they need points of distribution?Great perspectives on the Digital Banking conference from @craigiskowitz"Emphasis on bright shiny objects like artificial intelligence and voice recognition has distracted banks from foun… if we asked consumers about PROCESS preferences instead of CHANNEL preferences? It D… @PizzaGalNYC Are you a Cap One customer? @JeffMarsico Did you open an account? Did you see anybody open an account? More importantly..... Was the coffee any good?Square is cool.“It’s a community center. There is Wi-Fi available, we see people coming in to sit down, have coffee and have a dia… @JeffMarsico Everyone drives a nicer car than you. @JeffMarsico Who said those were the right 8 choices to rank? @BlairLoganWMA I thought digital banking execs got together in-person at conferences so they could play golf.I’d like an invite. Also....can you send me a plane ticket?
@pascalbouvier @dgwbirch I hope so. I hate to think I'll have to go the common area there.Sorry, Dave, but I disagree. Cash orders don’t hold up the line nearly as much as ridiculously customized orders. @pascalbouvier Tyra @pascalbouvier I did. But then, I didn’t know they were going to claim all their existing payment volume as “new” Zelle volume.
@noyesclt @pascalbouvier “has convinced retailers to send...” or “will be paying retailers to send...” the data? @jameswester Read about it
@JillCastilla Exactly. And when the next generation of customers comes along, they'll feel a lot more comfortable… @BrettKing @psb_dc When will that be? (please respond in American years, not your typical Australian years time frame)Uber doesn’t target people it thinks are good drivers. They target people they think are underemployed. Pass that… @BarbellsnBytes @DuenaBlomstrom @BBC @LizLum @BrettKing @Breakingbanks1 @JimMarous @goforsergei @LedaGlyptis @sharonodea @leimer A lot.