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Politics. Music. Words. Moving pictures. Booze. Food. Baseball. Assorted detritus. Opinions belong to whoever poured my drink. RTs mean we're going steady.

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I'm not saying my dog is unintelligent, but I'm pretty sure he just tried to eat a rock.
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiRepublicans in Congress hate Colin Kaepernick b/c they can’t understand someone who’s willing to lose his job over something he believes in
Retweeted by Rob Ruminski @michalowski @freddyhoop @lawrencemooney @abcnews I think you're the sixth or seventh.Without any other info, I reckon "knowing about/liking Elephant 6 bands" is a surefire way to tell if someone is a late 30s/40s white guy."Well but is he really racist?" He has never apologized for calling for the deaths of the Central Park Five. Do you need it skywritten?
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiMore wonderful* analysis from Cupboard Boy.
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiI, too, would love to see my team take on a backloaded contract to pay a guy for what he did for another team durin… gets two righties. You pull him with the lefty coming up. It's not fucking rocket science, man.This is how every team should support their players. Bravo. get at least a couple across the plate here.Nothing proves the necessity of a protest more simply and vividly than an autocrat becoming enraged by that protest.
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiRBI single! I'll take it.OK Bader, hit a bomb here please.Grichuk!Good. It's about time. Hopefully more players follow suit. to lip read Tommy Pham is the only entertaining part of this game. @cardinalsgifs Woke up to spend my Sunday morning watching this BS. Thinking of switching from coffee to tequila.
Prehistoric GIFs
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiWhy are you even bringing up Kaepernick's name at a political rally in Alabama? Never mind. I know the answer.
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiI feel like everything would be a lot easier if Centrist Dems could decide whether they want us with them or in a third party.
Retweeted by Rob Ruminski
Jesus fuck. A few hard, hard choices here. UP MINK DEVILLE IS A GODDAMN LEGEND is one of the most 2017 things I've read all year . @spooky_girl Hey, I'm listening to the new covers album from Luna at the moment and there's a fun cover of "Fire in Cairo"."I'm never going to get the opportunity to headbutt that c**t again ... so I seized a moment" - Man charged with he…
Retweeted by Rob Ruminski @AtticusThomas You are 20x less cool than I thought you were. @AleOfATime @4PinesBeer What's the show?I propose we all have half a skinful tonight in solidarity. @HappySinger What the fuck? That's awful dude. I'm so sorry that happened to you. @HappySinger What?Fuck I love my adopted country sometimes. This guy is amazing., Trevor Rosenthal, who’s season ended August 16th: 1.6 fWAR.
Retweeted by Rob Ruminski @Trillburne making people look up the word #dotard, Kim Jong Un has done more for American education than Betsy DeVos.
Retweeted by Rob Ruminski @stilgherrian Pub.Wait, these are different people? White dudes all look alike. @dobes Cross the streams. Unleash chaos.This is amazing. up by 2 in the 10th. Rockies down by 1 in the 6th. If both scores hold we'll be in spitting distance of the wildcard.Cubs/Brewers tied. No score yet in the Rockies/Padres game. Slightly excruciating waiting to see how things pan out after the Cards win.Guessing that the no-specific-time-set phonecall I'm waiting on will come through as soon as I take the first bite of my lunch.I present to you.....the worst possible eulogy for Harry Dean Stanton
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiMild change to the Aus Twitter Trends was needed
Retweeted by Rob Ruminski#THATSAWINNER!!! 👏👏👏
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiThe bill her father wants to sign would make this a preexisting condition.
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiNo winter break for the Cardinals. Every damn member of the team spends the off season in Florida working on defence and baserunning.How is that we, as Twitter-using content providers covering #Cardinals, have failed & not brought up this description before? Lyons, tamer.
Retweeted by Rob Ruminski📈 The word meant "imbecile" when it was first used in the 14th century.
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiThe Korean original statement said "늙다리 미치광이," which means old beast lunatic -- which was translated into "dotard."
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiWhy did Bernie agree to CNN debate? Bc it’ll be “health care is a right” (popular) vs “block grants!” (unpopular)
Retweeted by Rob Ruminskithis took an unexpected turn
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiI was going to tweet before about letting C-Mart bat for himself last half-inning. This is exactly how I saw it playing out.Thread. SHIRT IS AMAZING. to @DannyMacTV get mad (well, as mad as he ever lets himself get) over shoddy defence is cathartic.this is the future libertarians want
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiWhat did the world do to deserve the genius of @voraciousbrain? Is there a fan club I can join? Nate Silver is doing his own version of What Happened, and it's both hilarious and infuriating.
But those states are filled with white people, so it would never happen. favorite exchange on Twitter today.
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiA Sassy Gay Republican DRAMA in Four Acts. 🙌🏻
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiHow many people remember the lyrics to Parklife?
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiAt this point I would not be shocked if the High Court finds that Malcolm Roberts was actually several licked yoghurt lids taped together.
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiDay drinking
Retweeted by Rob Ruminskiahh yes this clears things up nicely
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiSo fucking good. @ruminski I'd take it at least twice I reckon. Once for a control baseline, and again while watching his show. Just to see...
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiLike, on one hand, obviously a complete horror show. But on the other, how can this guy form speech and tie his shoelaces? I'm curious.If someone invented a hallucinogen that temporarily mimicked whatever is going on inside of Alex Jones's head, I'd… listen to my podcast, Two Men Yelling Into A Cheap Microphone For Seven Hours In A Garage
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiHappy 6th birthday to the best selling single of the century by a female artist (and amazing comrade)
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiI'm literally begging y'all to read another book
Retweeted by Rob Ruminskiwhen you absolutely positively need to show that it is your exclusive right to punish any citizen at any time
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiHe did not have a gun. He did not have a knife. He had not committed a violent crime. He was on his own front po…
Retweeted by Rob Ruminskidude has copies of hitler's speeches, murders black ppl, and newspapers still got time to find his boy scouts photo
Retweeted by Rob Ruminski @miklb Kurdish forces have led the charge in the fight against ISIS, but it doesn't matter. US wants Turkey as an a… Dutch Communist Party logo looks like the best cable sports network ever
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiYall really act like Nazis are just fans of a rival sports team and not pushing an ideology that killed 10 million people in living memory 🙄
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiToday in surplus value:
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