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Again, I rarely curse on this feed. But @KellyannePolls now telling critics 2 be careful w/ what they say. Fuck you, Kelly. This is America.
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiThe media organizations that refuse to report on Steve Bannon's white nationalist ties shouldn't be read, viewed, or trusted anymore.
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiNone of the major newspapers consider Trump naming a white nationalist as chief strategist to be headline news, fyi
Retweeted by Rob Ruminskiyou must drink water so you can maintain your physical form, thank you meat-creature.
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We need a reaction video of Biden looking at the Biden memes.Scathing post. As close as we'll get to knowing why Trump looked so glum on his tour of the White House.
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiObama: "Joe you can't tell Pence that your best advice for him is 'Get fucked, Hoosier.' " Biden: "But that motherf…
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiJoe: I hid all the pens from Trump Obama: Why? Joe: Because he bringing his own. Obama: ??? Joe: HE'S BRINGING HIS…
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiObama: Didn't think he'd be late Biden: I gave him the wrong address Obama: Joe he's the president-elect Biden:…
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiBiden: Ok here's the plan: have you seen Home Alone Obama: Joe, no Biden: Just one booby trap Obama: Joe
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiBiden: I ordered huge replacement doorknobs, huge Obama: Joe, we can't- Biden: President Tiny Hands!!
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiBiden: I'm not giving them the wifi password Obama: Joe... Biden: I said what I said
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@AleOfATime I don't care if it's fake. Still amazing.This is the best summary of Twitter over the last few years. I just posted is the product of only 1 day of reporting. There's more, I'm sure. Boulderites with something to add, please contact me.
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiBoulder's LGBTQ+ non-profit has been a rotating door for people in tears, including many trans folks fearing for their livelihoods.
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiAlso at U of Colorado, a Latina professor's class was interrupted by a man who busted in and told her to "shut up" and "go back to Mexico."
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiA Muslim HS student from Longmont reported being punched in the face and having her hijab ripped off during last night's protest in Boulder
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiA Boulder rabbi told me some of his younger congregants have been called "kike" and subjected to concentration camp jokes this week.
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiAt the Univ. of Colorado, a female student reported having her crotch grabbed by a man who said "there's nothing you can do about it now."
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiIn Longmont, a Latino immigrant was approached on his way to son's daycare by men w/rifles, chanting at him about taking the country back.
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiThis happened to my friend Stacey today. She's seven months pregnant. Welcome to the new normal. 😔
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiA florist from California is driving a 'homemade tank' to battle ISIS in Syria
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It's great that the left can stop sushi being served in white university cafeterias but can't stop Trump from being president
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiClinton-Begala 2020 is for sure scrawled across some whiteboard right now, as the Hamilton mixtape plays and an intern is scolded
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiTwo days after Trump wins the presidency, NYT's Phoenix correspondent @fernandaNYT has her first racist encounter--…
Retweeted by Rob Ruminski @spooky_girl He might not cope. He might keel over and leave us with President Pence, which is when the scary shit will really start.The "let's give Trump a chance" people need to read this.'Hi, I'm from the metaphor of the day club here with today's delivery'
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiThat was then, this is now
Retweeted by Rob Ruminskivery upsetting news 2 learn of Leonard's passing. the world has 1 less gentle soul tnight. we thank u 4 the multitude of gifts u left us. jc
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiOde to 2016.
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiNot in the mood for jokes at all right now, but I'll pay this. had so much shit to do today, but I really can't face anything right now.In conclusion
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiI'm sure I'm not alone in saying that Leonard Cohen's music got me through many, many dark nights. Can't imagine my life without him.2016 just gets better. Leonard Cohen. Gave more to this world than any president or pope or cop or deplorable in its basket.
Retweeted by Rob Ruminskiall you fuckers cooking up tribute versions of 'hallelujah' cut it our right now 2016 has been brutal enough
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiFucking hell. I didn't need any more bad news. won Wisconsin by 27,000 votes. 300,000 voters were turned away by the states strict Voter ID law. There is your "rigged" election.
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiPresented without comment.
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiI'm hearing Schumer, Booker or Kaine are the future of dem party. If you didn't learn anything from this cycle, you deserve to lose again.
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiBreaking: Kansas revises revenue estimates for current fiscal year down by $345.9 million #ksleg #ksed
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiNote: Trump's tax plan is similar to the one we have here in Kansas #ksleg
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiI walked into my room and my heart aches with pain.
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiThis is why America needs a stronger Left and fewer liberals."Go back to Asia," said the white man, emboldened by Trump, to the American citizen. I have 3,000+ emails in my inb…
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiA nurse wrote me this heartbreaking message a moment ago. She broken down crying on the spot.
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiI know of at least 50 instances of this happening in the past 48 hours.
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiNever change, Joe. VALLEY: How could anyone vote for Trump? It's insane! ALSO SILICON VALLEY: Let's absolutely destroy the idea of stable employment
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiNot even two days since the election and I reckon I've seen over a hundred stories so far of Trump supporters attacking PoC/women/LGBTIQ ppl
A house three blocks away from where I used to live in Noe Valley/Dolores Heights is now waving a Nazi flag in thei…
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiIf you're wondering what it's like to be a Jewish writer in the Trump era
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiAs I'm stopped at a gas station this morning, a group of guys yell over: "Time to get out of this country, Apu!" Day 1.
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiIt will never happen, but the Dems should run @JohnFetterman in 2020."Guys, how do we overcome this backlash over a narrow political class beset by dynasties and nepotism?" "Let's get Michelle Obama to run!"
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiProtestors outside Trump Towers in Chicago.
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiNO. I am 100% there for political protest. I am 100% NOT THERE for whore-shaming Melania. SHE is not the problem. D…
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiWhen we talk about online radicalization we always talk about Muslims. But the radicalization of white men online is at astronomical levels
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiAustralian: Electoral college is stupid, why do smaller states carry so much power Me: Have you looked at the power of Tasmanian Senators?
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiFuck you, white dude. @aptronym But some poor sod on the @Lateline account has an "Engagement" CPI that they need to tick off.Welp... Also Oakland, via Katherine L.
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiModerate Dems in purple states who are up for reelection in two years will fold like a card table just to try to save their own asses.LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL at the people saying "Dems should obstruct! Block everything!" They don't have the spine to fight.Touche.
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiDay 1 of Donald Trump.
Retweeted by Rob Ruminski @ActuallyAGoose Glad I could make your night a bit more tolerable!exclusive sneak peek at vox in 2017
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiAnyone still want to talk about how this wasn't a fundamental problem with the Democratic candidate? speeches and fuck Sorkin and fuck Bartlett and fuck white liberals and then go fuck them all again. This shit is a cancer of the left....squandered the momentum of his first turn as he tried to play nice with the Repubs. "But he gave such beautiful speeches!" Fuck speeches....get to work. This is how we ended up with an ineffectual Obama presidency that veered towards neoliberalism from the get go, and...Get off the high horse of your pious, sanctimonious, wet-towel white liberalism, realise that nobody is coming to fucking save you, and... @ruminski school boards, as sheriffs, as fucking dog catcher.While you're bingeing on your jerkoff fantasies of a grand leader with perfect Hollywood dialogue, Conservatives are out getting elected...This is why Democrats do terrible in midterms. This is why Dems have been losing state governments for years.This liberal fantasy that some benevolent father/mother figure is going to sweep in and solve everything is dangerous bullshit.