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Ultrarunner. Tech guy. Focused on building an SDK for the open web. @linkedin

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Any running/hiking friends ever been to Maui? Any decent trails? Looks pretty sparse on strava / alltrails / google maps. @WoodwayTreadmil any plans to make your treadmills broadcast elevation and speed data to devices via bluetooth for… @goodsenseruns @wser There’s a lot of things. But that doesn’t diminish the difficulty of 100. Huge accomplishment… only mockery I see here is you. loved the “praise” slack channel at Coinbase where employees post thanks to their colleagues for their hard work,…
Retweeted by Chris ThoburnNao Kazami just ran a 100k in 6 hours and 14 minutes at Lake Saroma in Japan. Thats a World Record. Thats 62 miles at 5:56 pace.
Retweeted by Chris Thoburn @courtdauwalter women’s Champion! 👏👏 #WS100
Retweeted by Chris ThoburnCourtney’s finish was amazing. Feels like she’s just starting to find her stride. 2nd fastest course time despite the heat. #WS100 @iRunFar Assuming you mean 11th?iOS really hates Walmsley’s name. Tries so hard to keep autocorrecting to WamsleyWamsley’s official time is 14:30:04. Cutting 16:44 off the previous record. Again, previous year high was 68, this… hates Tim Olsen (previous record holder). Bad bad man. #WS100 encountered bears. #ws100 race interview #ws100 champion did it! Walmsley breaks the record (set on one of the cooler years) on one of the hottest! #WS1007:19:14*Wamsley passed Robbie at 7:14:19. Closing in on the track. #ws100Walmsley is 3.4 miles out. No stoppage at No Hands Bridge. Well ahead of Course Record and looking fresh. #WS100
@JWLevitt I’m in the shade by the aide station exit @JWLevitt Where ya at? @RealDoctorD Although apparently the tracker was just not working for him and he’s still out there but 40min back now.It was only “hot” earlier. Now, it’s “@&%*ing hot.” Like 106F/42C!?! In the shade at the river crossing at mile 78.…
Retweeted by Chris Thoburn @iRunFar is there an official word on what happened to Francois? @RealDoctorD No one else was within striking distance after forest hill. With Francois out it’s completely Jim v Jim @RealDoctorD Francois disappeared.Only thing stopping Jim from the course record and a win is Jim. 25 miles left but he looks better than his first attempt. #WS100The chase is on! They are trying to stop Jim! Run Jim Run! #WS100 #WesternStates @LArunr Looking genius so far this year.Jim is literally trying to run away with it. Somebody stop Jim. #WesternStates @ZachACole Yep! There’s usually 3 official and 2 more unofficial but regular meet ups. You’d fit in well other than… @jaffathecake @clagnut @gregwhitworth @MSEdgeDev I honestly wonder though if SW isn't a partial solution to this pr… @jaffathecake @clagnut @gregwhitworth @MSEdgeDev I'm just waiting for the "please install this font on your OS for… @ZachACole Duuuuuuuude why have we not run again :D Come to our club run tomorrow AM? Lake Merritt start, 7:30am at the Amphitheater. @JWLevitt Following the leaders: Firesthill => No Hands => Placer TrackAnd yes, I'm the kind of fan of running that is headed to Tahoe to watch this. #WesternStates tomorrow marks the start of the "SuperBowl" of Ultra Running. Both the women's and men's field this year (despi… @Bromka @ZachACole From what I’ve seen though, unless work is part time or you are sponsored, above 85 is only doab… @Bromka @ZachACole And that brings me to the last point: I run for joy. If you must compromise, do so. Otherwise yo… @Bromka @ZachACole Generally if I’ve done those three things well I have a decent amount of time for life things (f… @Bromka @ZachACole Being diligent about not wasting time: eg no binge consumption of Netflix / news / Twitter (bad… @Bromka @ZachACole Commute is the next thing I refuse to sacrifice. I have a long one but I set it up to be working… @Bromka @ZachACole The first optimization is usually meals: find ways to lower prep time, especially for the quanti… @Bromka @ZachACole Above 85 is where I start having to make sacrifices and get very creative with time saving and optimization. @Bromka @ZachACole Often this means doubling, or late night, or lunch. I shoot for 45-60min on week days and 4 hour… @Bromka @ZachACole The answer for most is that you fit it in when you can. I have 3 runs a week that are scheduled…
It’s 75 in SF today and I’m clammy because it’s just too hot. I’m never going to be able to live somewhere with a m…'m still geeking out about @chadhietala's Glimmer talk at @dinosaur_js. Turning handlebars templates into efficien…
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@danbucholtz So ime the choice is still between hybrid and native, mostly depending on feature and UX needs. RN mig… @danbucholtz I both agree and don’t. Thing about RN is it brings the same challenges as hybrid without the same lev…
WSER is also live for Google Assistant™ (Android / iOS) and any Google Home™ devices! Updates, race history, runne…
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This was an uplifting moment right when America really needed it. Chadwick Boseman gave the Best Hero Award he won…
Retweeted by Chris Thoburn @devongovett @jamiebuilds @parceljs I'll try to make the packager spike there work with the packager RFC and see how far we get :D @devongovett @jamiebuilds @parceljs They’ve changed but mostly in the direction of Glimmer. :) @jamiebuilds @devongovett @parceljs If this sort of thing is possible today, I’d love some help spiking a packager… @jamiebuilds I’m happy to interact with you in a sane way. You chose to come back and be reasonable, And I’m always… @jamiebuilds @devongovett @parceljs As an intermediate step we’ve considered inserting the imports. While not ideal… @jamiebuilds @devongovett @parceljs Ideally we can leave the imports implicit. Has a huge impact on bundle size and… @devongovett @jamiebuilds @parceljs It has huge value to more than Ember to do this to give more power to split points. @jamiebuilds You've bullied me on this thread. You bully people not stop. You scream bully when someone disagrees w… @sebmck @jamiebuilds "next" was a poor word choice, I was asking for him to get to more serious questions. Tossing… @jamiebuilds Nice of you to stereotype and generalize, especially when I've heard the other side of that story. @devongovett @jamiebuilds @parceljs Parcel doesn't need to support anything Ember specific. It just needs to be a m… @devongovett @jamiebuilds @parceljs We also have a plan to make this nicer in the very near future. We've landed mo… @devongovett @jamiebuilds @parceljs It's easily predicted, but it's also mostly already dealt with before the modul… @jamiebuilds Removing other folks from this thread to be kind to them. I've been nice, and polite. You chose to do… @jamiebuilds @devongovett @parceljs 😂 @jamiebuilds @devongovett @parceljs Wooooooow. You state a false premise about a minor squabble with an article and… @jamiebuilds @devongovett @parceljs It is declared though: @jamiebuilds @devongovett @parceljs our DI is explicit. Next. @jamiebuilds @devongovett @parceljs Say more? @jamiebuilds @devongovett @parceljs Source of truth for which steps to take, how to order them, and on what inputs. @jamiebuilds @devongovett @parceljs I wrote a blog post about why we built broccoli (for builds, not bundling) and… @jamiebuilds @devongovett @parceljs They are separate problems and the solutions that attempt to solve both continu… @devongovett @parceljs Have you considered just focusing on bundling and not building?Garmin brought a feature I’ve been curious about for over a decade into a watch for the first time: O2 Saturation.…
I just wanted to know which day of the week it was, but good to know the world might end. 😂😂😱
We had it all wrong: It's not delayed gratification that leads to success in life. It's privilege that leads to bei…
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