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Ultrarunner, chasing rabbits. Tech guy. Focused on building an SDK for the open web. @linkedin #emberjs #emberData

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@JohnFricke @nbc Crazy that Tiger was one Rose bogey away from winning the #FedExCup too.#TigerThe man in the green jacket is Geoff Oliver. He's 85 years old. He ran around a single 400 meter track for 24 hour…
Retweeted by Chris ThoburnSomehow the Redskins played atrociously bad and yet beat the Packers.
@ZachACole After st George come join @Oakland_TC and I on Sunday mornings for trails if you want more of that :DThe only thing that would be better for golf tomorrow? Swap Rory for @JordanSpieth. Legend vs upcoming legend. @ZachACole Lovers lane, bobcat are both great for this. Diablo if you want longer and steeper next time (IE DVT training) @ZachACole Nice! Going for the speedy time eh? Hope you’ve put in the downhill work 😎 @ZachACole Chicago?#Brussels went car free for just 9 hours yesterday, but the levels of black carbon in the city's air decreased by a…
Retweeted by Chris ThoburnTomorrow I will be canceling all afternoon plans to watch golf for the first time in a long long time. #TigerHunt #TigerInRed @alexrschmitz I assume you saw this?Now if we can get full touch-action support and finish the touch-action spec for multi-gesture support we will be in serious business :DFor context: this is an extremely amazing thing. Support for touch and gestures on the web stalled for a decade bec… Who replaced Apple leadership with Microsoft’s?
Listening to @jwwweber drop bombs about how to defeat the monsters that keep us from achieving goals. #emberjs @JordanHawker @discordapp pretty sure it's just youPennsylvania has barred the delivery of physical books in its prisons. Instead, a vendor sells ebooks that are avai…
Retweeted by Chris ThoburnThe Browns could win no more games this year and still feel like they won the Super Bowl.There's a deep sadness in the fact that tens of thousands of mostly black people are languishing in jail for minor,…
Retweeted by Chris ThoburnAbsolutely amazing this homeowner lived.
@oleg008 You can’t exactly write code effectively on a phone ;) @oleg008 A few folks in the ember ecosystem went so far as switching everything in their life to android and window… @oleg008 I take a paired approach. For mobile web I’d consume what I was building with a burner android device whil… @oleg008 This is a widely held beliefSo @TheEconomist is owned by Putin I gather.
Methane is a major contributor to climate change and a danger to human health. The Trump Administration is quietly…
Retweeted by Chris Thoburn @tomdale @RyanTablada @trentmwillis Oooh! You joining us in the gym at lunchtime today?I’m all for hunting, but having your son-in-law bait a gator into a trap then hold it there for a few hours so you… @brianarn I miss the rains too
@amatchneer Also I knew you weren’t trolling but everyone else and I was on a roll with the replies and was I figur… @amatchneer Yeah. Basically any boundary between separately cached entities. @CodingItWrong More of a relationship problem tbh @amatchneer A social network with a chip on its shoulder and an eye for fashion @chadhietala Ive heard it’s quite fetchingThe longer I work on data-layers, the more convinced I am that all accessors for graph edges need to be async methods. @zachaysan Discord invite: @zachaysan I'm happy to talk here but discord might be betterWhy is a United States Senator targeting a private business (as crappy as the restaurant is) this way? And includin…
Retweeted by Chris Thoburn"As another member of our family commented during one of many meetings about Mark’s behavior, 'Mark went to Markla…
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@asalamunovic @CShentrup @BrianNorgard Missing your every day staples in here. @AshRuns100s this isn't an excuse but a very valuable and positive outlook on how training accumulates @krisselden @michaellnorth Are all 80 of those the core react methods though?I do this too but only bc then I eat all of the best part at once at the end. #teamIcing
@hansonsrun He want's sub-2. He can taste it. He knows it is doable. He wants to be the first. I think this is the… an amazing day! I want to thank my coach Patrick Sang, my team mates, my management, Nike and NN. A special…
Retweeted by Chris ThoburnThis article really aged well 🙄 @rdsanchezjr On the other you have the guy who was "honestly only good bc of the system" on a new team putting up 4… @rdsanchezjr Same, but today just shows why that mistake was so bad. On one hand at home against a bottom dwelling… weekend just further proves that Dan Snyder needs to go. The Redskins will never be great until he does.The craziest part was that his pacers couldn’t handle the pace today, had to do it alone. He’ll probably go out a m… wants sub-2. He wasn’t racing the clock for the WR in #MarathonBerlin, he’s racing the clock for 2 hours.…😱😱😱 On her first serious attempt at the distance, Sifan Hassan wins the Copenhagen Half Marathon in a European rec…
Retweeted by Chris ThoburnAnd now #Kenya’s Gladys Cherono wins the women’s edition of the 2018 #BerlinMarathon, smashing the course record.…
Retweeted by Chris Thoburn @EliudKipchoge Kipchoge's official time confirmed at 2:01:39. Flash report: More to follo…
Retweeted by Chris Thoburn @Prishita_MA I’m always curious who the folks are that get upset about it. I’ve yet to be in a situation in which e… Computer Vision model that hasn't been trained on both states of a glass door :)
Retweeted by Chris Thoburn @chriseppstein My first name is actually James and that night has well mean messiah. I always thought it was weird… she was my fav teacher in Primary school. She never spank me. Not even once 😆
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@Twitter I'm Patrick, the name was given to me in the past & I've used it ever since. Chronologically. Like the…
Retweeted by Chris ThoburnHere is the Nike “Just Do It” ad with @EliudKipchoge
Retweeted by Chris Thoburn10yrs ago I was building an ML based coaching app for runners with social networking and a focus on positivity: "Ru… @shawndumas lemme know! most folks tell me I missed a pretty good movie. @JWLevitt I get up, pack my bag for work + running stuff + breakfast + vitamins for the day + water bottle and get… @michaellnorth app code? probably wouldn't even say a dozen. Framework code? It probably tries to optimize > 50% of… @EmmaGZRoberts I have literally never experienced this in my 25k plus times eating there. Ok, maybe not 25k but a f…,800. Children.
Retweeted by Chris Thoburn @iam_jrjohnson want to set up some time to pair on the flakey tests in Ilios? I know adding it to the ember-data te…
I'd like to officially announce that I'm available for new opportunities! Please contact me if you're looking for a…
Retweeted by Chris ThoburnThe thing that most says Kavanaugh is guilty of attempted rape is how conveniently overnight 65 women were availabl… @basicBrogrammer In addition to the thoughts I had on discord earlier, I should have mentioned that ember-M3 makes… main Ember app at @envoy was started with Ember 1.7 about 4 years ago. After > 9000 commits from 51 different c…
Retweeted by Chris Thoburnfor all those #emberjs users out there: ember-cli-uglify has been using terser under the hood for quite some time a…
Retweeted by Chris ThoburnAs #emberData had a bit of a release party this morning. 2.18.5 | 3.0.4 | 3.1.2 | 3.2.2 | 3.3.2 | 3.4.1 and 3.5.0-… @jamonholmgren except that Google painstakingly copied Mailbox, but then made it creepy and bad. @MelindaHoward4 Imma let you hold that plank, but this is the best #humblebrag photo of all time @MelindaHoward4 you speak my love language @rundemtrails @runr_uk @MelindaHoward4 any or all? I'm not a hoodist.Gas explosions damage homes north of Boston; officials scramble to contain a wide-ranging emergency
Retweeted by Chris Thoburn @wycats But at the same time, yes, it is difficult and often confusing as to how to balance the needs of the social… @wycats Fwiw most folks failed to understand that SC ruling. Were the same baker to refuse the same cake to the sam… @youyuxi I've been ignoring that it was a cheap ill-suited knockoff of Mailbox since before then.
@Auhim @CodingItWrong Fenix 5 + foot pod + HRm Tri for all day (and all night) tracking on my end. @Auhim @CodingItWrong Even the series 4 would likely require 1-2 charging sessions daily for very active individuals. @Auhim @CodingItWrong And what I do is very average for a sub-elite+ athlete. It’s not just about the AppleWatch no… @Auhim @CodingItWrong I generally charge my watch an hour once every few weeks, get nice sleep tracking wearing it,… likely that @realDonaldTrump still doesn't know that Puerto Rico is part of the United States. @stefanpenner @domenic @wycats although maybe that's just crotchety old me not liking the poor use of iconography,… @stefanpenner @domenic @wycats I find the love surprising. I usually try to get back to the better desktop experien… should have kept some of that .7mm depth and expanded the battery for the Series 4. Instead it remains one of… @tphynes Oakland Track Club :) Saturday Tempos and Sunday Trails
@jonathansampson I know with you this is choir preaching ;) I wish the standards committees had pushed hard on App… @jonathansampson But from basically the beginning of the mobile web there have been tablets, palm pilots, blackberr… @jonathansampson This check has been the bane of our existence in hammerjs, always meant to fix it, but the hammer… @jonathansampson As someone that’s been working on gesture support for the web for a long long time, I can tell you… @eevee The parallel is very true here too: companies that invest in excel replacements for their data admin needs a… Ember Learning Core Team is pleased to announce two new members! Chris (@real_ate) and Amy (@amyrlam) have both…
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@CarHelmets You mean the scooter ran a 4 way stop ;)It’s called the iPhone Effect, an unexpected second derivative side affect of the Reality Distortion Field.