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Ultrarunner. Tech guy. Focused on building an SDK for the open web. @linkedin

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@SSUSAJoe @NAFlagvisor @joacobt63 @Harrison9871 @CanGhostRunner @runningmann100 @Bama26point2 @TheSidebottom @twoosh_bot This was not a twoosh.. @SSUSAJoe @NAFlagvisor @joacobt63 @Harrison9871 @CanGhostRunner @runningmann100 @Bama26point2 @TheSidebottom @SSUSAJoe @NAFlagvisor @joacobt63 @Harrison9871 @CanGhostRunner @runningmann100 @Bama26point2 @TheSidebottom @mseidl75 Point total is wrong. @chriseppstein Which makes it even more obvious that guns and training aren’t the solution."Only someone with a gun can stop someone else with a gun" -> BS, turns out Parkland had armed security guards. should change the names of AR-15s to “Marco Rubio” because they are so easy to buy.
Retweeted by Chris ThoburnI'm a Texas-barred attorney and will represent these students pro bono should they choose to exercise their rights…
Retweeted by Chris Thoburn @samsaffron @wycats @TobiasBieniek @eviltrout @rwjblue @glimmerjs @emberjs @stefanpenner @paul_irish @pzuraq See so… @samsaffron @wycats @TobiasBieniek @eviltrout @rwjblue @glimmerjs @emberjs @stefanpenner @paul_irish We hit this wi… @samsaffron @wycats @TobiasBieniek @eviltrout @rwjblue @glimmerjs @emberjs @stefanpenner I meant to say when RIC is… @samsaffron @wycats @TobiasBieniek @eviltrout @rwjblue @glimmerjs @emberjs @stefanpenner You actually can't count o… @samsaffron @wycats @TobiasBieniek @eviltrout @rwjblue @glimmerjs @emberjs @stefanpenner So one thing to remember i… @samsaffron @wycats @TobiasBieniek @eviltrout @rwjblue @glimmerjs @emberjs I've been discussing with @stefanpenner @samsaffron @rwjblue @wycats We can do much better. But yes, setTimeout has unfortunate consequences, had we tied a… @chrismocko Been through boulder a few times and never saw anything looking quite like that, so tbh I’m not sure 🤔
@des_linden On my own: 12 usually unless it's hilly or I'm carrying a lot of stuff or feeling lazy. With others: 25Dev chatter is all around Vue, React, SPA's, etc. I just scanned the 3M domains in the Chrome User Experience repo…
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Remember when 😉 was flirtatious and 🙂 was happy instead of used to indicate "lets agree" and "we agree" on this ot… @lrdiv Well if you're interested, we've been working on this: @lrdiv What's more, the data tab is honestly pointless from a business logic/obscurity perspective as compared to t… @lrdiv We don't disable it. It doesn't work for other reasons :PI love @walmsleyruns as a runner. Not afraid to go for broke. Watching this video made me love him as a person too:
This article by @mraleph is an incredible read about speeding up code with profiling, algorithmic improvements and…
Retweeted by Chris ThoburnI call this #ViewerCruelty. keep using that word "buy". I do not think it means what you think it means.
First 75 Mile week this year. 30+ To go. Only 6 weeks last year were ~70+ and only 2, one of which had a 100k race…
@realDonaldTrump Yeaaaaaah.... not how that works.Mueller Twitter can be the worst Twitter. Much of it is either people exclaiming triumphantly, “Is that all there i…
Retweeted by Chris Thoburnthis really happened
Retweeted by Chris Thoburn'Black Panther' On Course For Stunning $200 Million Three-Day Domestic Opening via @forbes
Retweeted by Chris ThoburnChris Rock said a lot of real shit in his new special. This was probably the realest
Retweeted by Chris ThoburnAs factual matter: Obama /Reid /Pelosi failed w gun-control measure after 2012 Newtown massacre for one reason onl…
Retweeted by Chris Thoburn @HeelsontheRun Also @StravaSupport, do you investigate/ban users with this behavior if we report them? @HeelsontheRun I know right? I found them because they spammed a friend’s recent 50k activity asking for him to rev… a Strava user today that was faking all of their runs by re-importing the same two runs over and over with ju… when Facebook graph search was going to be revolutionary? Yeah... @alex 😀 @alex back in town?
Ok I admit it, you got me. Sometimes I'm a troll. is paying $41 million to send 1,100 underprivileged kids to college. His foundation recently broke ground on…
Retweeted by Chris ThoburnIf "thoughts and prayers" are good enough for people who've lost their families then it's good enough for people who've lost their guns.
Retweeted by Chris ThoburnLast year Miguel Camba (@miguelcamba) showed us how he built a small framework to build components that are inlined…
Retweeted by Chris Thoburn @baaz @eaf4 very broadly speaking, it's pretty good.Guess I better start drinking more.
Question. Should only teachers be prepped for school lockdowns? Why? -> don’t unnecessarily stress kids about som… updated to IOS11 overnight sadly. If I go blind from eye strain someone sign the docs to sue Apple for me. @robertshaer If I am dehydrated it’s by such a minuscule amount as to be laughableAre hangovers without any drinking involved a real thing? Cause I have one.
@WSJ @HolmanJenkins I didn't realize WSJ stood for Whacko Shit Jar @StravaSupport liking and loading activities is currently totally down on mobile.
@jedarlington I guess it is poetic to understand at a young age what life will be like perpetually in our old age. @jedarlington Also I forgot to give you the standard reply, so here it is. According to them, the confusing UX is a feature, not a bug. @jedarlington oddly it's the first variant of the UX in a while that even remotely made sense. Still lost in it 3/4ths the time though.Spurs coach Gregg Popovich on why it's important for the NBA to promote Black History Month: "We live in a racist c…
Retweeted by Chris Thoburn @jillwillrun "hot tub" "fire pit" "annoying you must restock it all the time fire pit" it's really just semantics!
@JWLevitt Oh I know. I know exactly how much I want to eat. I just wanted to log it, but eff paying @UnderArmour $1… which case, please stop sharing my activity with them, or give me a way to input calories without their service.And if it's @MyFitnessPal doing this as a way to hold users hostage to needing premium, they can get lost. No way I… finally, you took what could have been a decent integration, and made it pointless unless users pay an exorbita… importantly, adjusting for active calories is just wrong from a scientific/health perspective. Generally you w… even that would be stupid as all hell, because I may exercise earlier in the day, or later, or not at all. And… off, if you are going to adjust, how about using my actual total, not just active total, and asking me what a… @Garmin On a scale of dumb feature ideas from 0 to 100 this is 110. @Garmin this calorie adjustment you do is ridiculous. Please stop., what he’s saying–hear me out–is that not standing up during a ceremonial event is one way to protest something…
Retweeted by Chris ThoburnTips for very high calorie but otherwise healthy snacks and meals? Strategies? Need to bump to 5800 calories a day… @acdlite @dan_abramov @aweary The description in that file makes me leery. Would need to double check the guarantee… fascinating thing about San Francisco is the combination of micro-regulation and curtain-twitching like this wi…
Retweeted by Chris Thoburn @anthonypjshaw Which is why the scene with the force capable stable boy at the end has so much power: showing the impact of legends. @anthonypjshaw And ofc Leia too truly walked through the sky. @anthonypjshaw There's a reason I've kept this pinned though: @anthonypjshaw I think "Luke, I am your father" probably has that honor. @anthonypjshaw Plus they made Luke and Leia legends.Whenever you start to question your own artistic choices, just remember: Picasso drew a butt.
Retweeted by Chris ThoburnWhy does Pence hate the opening ceremonies? Oh wait...he's a using ceremony at a sporting event to protest somethin…
Retweeted by Chris Thoburn @afvarner (point being that a lot of things could help, unsure how it'll come about though. The sport needs an economic champion.) @afvarner Oh for sure. But gambling, marketing, alcohol, and ending Nike's dominance would obvs help as too ;)