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Associate Choreographer of KINKY BOOTS Broadway, 2013 Tony award winner for BEST MUSICAL, 2016 Olivier Oh, we also won the 2014 Grammy best cast recording

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Stay woke. Virulent greed and petulance never sleep.
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryWhen Trump told crowds about all the winning that would occur, maybe he meant on the golf course. Although, doubtfu…
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryBwahahah!! At least there's a few dogs of color there. Can't say the same for the House GOP.
Retweeted by Rusty Mowery-@DevinNunes - u r a national disgrace - an embarrassment to the office u hold - u betrayed ur oath and ur constituents - resign - seriously
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When I know Paul Ryan is having a bad day:
Retweeted by Rusty MowerySpeaker Ryan now apologizing 4 not being able to destroy the lives of 26 million Americans. "Growing pains" he calls it. They'll keep trying
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryWhoa! @Lawrence is going to town on the weak-ass loser that @realDonaldTrump truly is, and it's scathing. #TrumpLoser #FakePresident @funder
Retweeted by Rusty Mowery.@SenSchumer : someone under @FBI investigation shouldn't be able to nominate a judge w/lifetime appt (reminder:…
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryThank you very much Josh!
Retweeted by Rusty Mowery.@SpeakerRyan just said we were close today. Really?? 34 Republicans didn't want this 17% approval rated #AHCA bill. Yeah, really close.
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryU R racist arrogant garbage& history will remember u that way & I know u asked Jeff Ross if my tits were real (they…
Retweeted by Rusty Mowery @SpeakerRyan @realDonaldTrump @realDonaldTrump you didn't need a single Dem vote to pass your TrumpCare. You only needed ALL the republican votes. You are an idiot.By the way @SpeakerRyan lied again tonight. Obamacare is NOT collapsing. It just got 12.2 million new signups by the January deadline.
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryHey Republicans, don't worry, that burn is covered under the Affordable Care Act
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryThank GOD of being Opposition Party for 8 yrs, @SpeakerRyan should have worked with @POTUS44 - for the good of ALL Americans! #ProtectOurCare
Retweeted by Rusty Mowery"The Art of the Deal" @realDonaldTrump is a grifter not an artist he ran a Ponzi Scampaign release the tax returns…
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryIn other news- score for human decency! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Retweeted by Rusty Mowery @realDonaldTrump @SpeakerRyan you boys must be exhausted from all the WINNING this week. #losers #unfittogovern #ImpeachTrump #DontheConEnjoy this moment of victory but be ready to get back to work!
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryYeah. This:
Retweeted by Rusty Mowery#Nunes working overtime to HIDE info from the public. INEXCUSABLE! #Nunesmustgo #NunesMustRecuse #AHCA
Retweeted by Rusty Mowery"We need to make it their fault if I can't keep my promise." - POTUS on House Republicans against AHCA.
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryWe stand with @PPact against this disgraceful attempt by @realDonaldTrump and @SpeakerRyan to strip women of Health…
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryThe AHCA is dead...for now. A reminder that there is no fear or anxiety or sadness you feel that cannot be cured by political action.
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryGOP aide on CapHill: "I'm starting to think that while we're pretty good at winning elections, we're not great at the whole governing thing"
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryAsk yourself this. If Putin wanted to cripple America, could he have chosen a better fool than Trump to do it? #TrumpRussia
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryIt’s time for Congress and the Trump administration to move on and stop target vulnerable communities and rolling back essential rights.
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryJust Say NO to homophobic hotels! @rdoconstruction @MitchOFarrell WATCH video and SIGN petition:…
Retweeted by Rusty Mowery @GOP @SpeakerRyan GOVERNING is harder then blocking isn't it. You guys are unfit to govern. @POTUS @SpeakerRyan @HouseGOP @GOP - ethic volations - shitty decision making - partisan politics at the highest level - running to daddy - like a toddler wtf @thehill
Retweeted by Rusty Moweryhey @SpeakerRyan - replace NUNES u incompetent pathetic short sighted sell out - REPLACE HIM - IT IS UR JOB AND DUTY PAUL - save whats left
Retweeted by Rusty Mowery @realDonaldTrump @SpeakerRyan reminder to the right that patriotism isn't always easy. Time to put #CountryOverParty
Retweeted by Rusty MowerySessions & Nunes remaining in their current roles basically ensures that the rule of law will be fundamentally undermined. #Trumprussia
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryI reject heavy-handed GOP tactics on #ACARepeal . This is Washington, not Moscow. This is Congress, not the Duma.
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryNew CBO score confirms what we’ve always known on #TrumpCare. It covers less, raises costs & is still one big tax break for the wealthiest
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryThe Trump Presidency Is Already a Joke TRUMP IS DONE #treason #TRUMPRUSSIA #HELLno #noONtrumpcare
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryQ: What kind of people go to bed at night thinking about how to hurt the middle class and the working poor? A: The GOP in Congress.
Retweeted by Rusty Mowery"A Quinnipiac press release said every age demographic, gender, and ethnicity opposed the bill" #AHCA #SavetheACA
Retweeted by Rusty Moweryyes @paulryan is about to be disposed of - like mike flynn - bye bye - and i couldn't be happier - he is such a dis…
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryDear Congress, Trump can't fire you. The millions of family members left behind to plan funerals can. Choose wisely. #SavetheACA #Trumpcare
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryRT- We asked you yesterday. We ask again today Call Paul Ryan at 202-225-3031. Demand an #IndependentCommission to investigate Trump/Russia
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Big step in the right direction by @SenJohnMcCain. But standing or select committee is not enough…
Retweeted by Rusty Mowery @SpeakerRyan @realDonaldTrump @GOP @HouseGOP #ACA has insured over 20 million Americans in 7 years, while #TrumpCare stands to leave 24 million fewer people with health care
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryDonald Trump made 14 false claims in his Time interview on the subject of whether he makes false claims. #TrumpCheck
Retweeted by Rusty Mowery7 years ago, @BarackObama and @JoeBiden expanded health coverage to millions of Americans. We must protect their le…
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryHOLY CUTENESS
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryFirst time on the travs with @Toby_Francis 😍 He didn't like them at first now (his words) he…
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryMy heart goes out to the victims and their families in London. No act of terror can shake the strength and resilience of our British ally.
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryWhat a shock—among the wealthiest Americans who would benefit from tax cuts in the Republican "health care plan" is…
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryAnd so the "pro-life" party will vote this week to curb health insurance coverage of "pregnancy, maternity, and new…
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryPaul Ryan said Republicans made “improvements” to their so-called health care bill. They did—for the top 2% and pha…
Retweeted by Rusty Mowery#DoNOTPassthisbill I fear for my Family and friends in #michigan who will be in #worseshape
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryWhen the Republicans say they want to repeal health care for 24 million people today, they need to explain this.
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryG'night, optimists. Set your alarms for "Shitstorm O'Clock." It's coming apart. I thought it'd take longer.
Retweeted by Rusty Mowery“The reality is clear: America is stronger because of the Affordable Care Act.” SAID A REAL ACTUAL PRESIDENT #voteNO
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryEver wonder why Washington puts what's best for Wall Street over what's best for Americans? Here's your answer.
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryThe truth will come out, @GOP. Get on the right side of history before it's too late.
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryHappy Opening Night 2 all my friends/family @MissSaigonUS. Welcome back to Broadway 🎭 🎉
Since last night: Lincoln. Manafort. Tanks. Nunes. Trump is a failed president and those around him are idiots
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryIf the Republican Party wants to do what is best for this country and its national security, they will remove Devin Nunes as Intel Chairman.
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryBREAKING - US officials: Info suggests Trump associates may have coordinated with Russians
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryDevin Nunes has most of his net worth tied up in a company that does biz in Russia #nunesmustresign #trumprussia
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryNunes is clearly partisan. For the sake of the preservation of our democracy, we need an independent commission & special prosecutor now.
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryLock him up: Devin Nunes didn’t just disqualify himself on Trump-Russia, he incriminated himself
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryThe idea that Devin Nunes will investigate Trump/Russia is a farce. It's time for a real, independent, transparent inquiry.
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryPlease note that Nunes went to Ryan first. So @SpeakerRyan is now tangled in the Trump-Russia inference web as well!
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryTHANK YOU @RepAdamSchiff #BYEBYENunes #gethimout
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryYou cannot properly investigate the Trump transition team if you are a member of the Trump transition team. #nunesmustrecuse
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryRT- Call Paul Ryan & demand an #IndependentCommission at 202-225-3031 Nunes destroyed his remaining credibility. We need to #Resist.
Retweeted by Rusty Mowery👀👀👀👀
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryNunes just asked on CNN to confirm that Trump was NOT wiretapped. Nunes responded "That is correct" #IndependentCommission
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryNunes rushes to Trump w/ intel committee info while he's supposed to be leading Trump campaign inquiry. #IndependentCommission NEEDED.
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryFEC commissioner sends letter to President Trump: Where is your proof of voter fraud?
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryThe House votes on #Trumpcare tomorrow. Show up. Call. Demonstrate. Hold a vigil. #ProtectOurCare. More info here:…
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