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Associate Choreographer of KINKY BOOTS Broadway, 2013 Tony award winner for BEST MUSICAL, 2016 Olivier Oh, we also won the 2014 Grammy best cast recording

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@realDonaldTrump @HouseGOP's the thing: Trump knew that Flynn had spoken at RT event for $ & dined with Putin--and still hired him as natsec adviser.
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryEXACTLY. #TrumpRussia #TrumpTreason #TrumpColluded #TrumpLies #TrumpLoser #RussiaGate #PutinsPuppet @funder @maddow
Retweeted by Rusty Mowery @realDonaldTrump @realDonaldTrump @realDonaldTrump #lockhimup's biggest corporations have stashed over $2.6 trillion in profits offshore, & @realDonaldTrump wants to give them a tax cut.
Retweeted by Rusty Mowery @united Bye!!! Never flying u again @HouseGOP @SenateGOP #CORRUPTION #TrumpRussiaCoverUp #TrumpRussiaInvestigation #weseeyou in the coal-mine country who believed Trump, I want them to listen to who he is and what he’s doing and how he lies every single day.
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryTONIGHT we say a FABULOUS thank you to London audiences who have now embraced Kinky Boots for SEVEN HUNDRED perform…
Retweeted by Rusty Mowery @realDonaldTrump @IvankaTrump @HouseGOP!!!! its leader would rather be impeached and removed than admit he made any mistake, ever. It's not complicated…
Retweeted by Rusty Mowery @HouseGOP @realDonaldTrump #lockherup you're doing is working. What you're doing has never been more important. Keep it up. We can win this one.
Retweeted by Rusty Mowery @realDonaldTrump @SpeakerRyan @HouseGOP @SenateGOP could not be more clear: @POTUS won't release his returns because he knows it'll show that #TrumpTax is designed…
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryAsked about MacArthur frustrating moderates, Ryan says,"I don't know if that's the case," then brushes his nose. THAT'S HIS TELL! CALL HIM!
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryI'm in disbelief. Just learned that new AHCA doesn't fix loophole that strips tax credits from up to 7 million vets.
Retweeted by Rusty MowerySuspend Jared Kushner's Interim Top-Secret Security Clearance immediately! @moveon
Retweeted by Rusty Mowery"A Land Grab by the Ruling Elites": Trump's Tax Plan Derided for Benefiting the Rich
Retweeted by Rusty Mowery @ActorsEquity Should be easier. 11 weeks is a lot for some actors across the country.61% of Americans disapprove of your handling of health care. Stop trying to take health coverage away from 24 mill…
Retweeted by Rusty Mowery @HouseGOP @SenateGOP stop this madness #ImpeachTrump have an idiot President. @HouseGOP @POTUS President of the United States paid a $25 million settlement last fall because he defrauded students at his fake university.
Retweeted by Rusty Mowery @realDonaldTrump Michael Flynn anywhere in the WH now and you'll get pulled into an empty room & berated. Just watched a staffer leave, teary eyed.
Retweeted by Rusty Mowery @realDonaldTrump @HouseGOP @SenateGOP @HouseGOP @realDonaldTrump @realDonaldTrump @realDonaldTrump @HouseGOP @SenateGOP @HouseDemocrats @SenateDems @SpeakerRyan on your citizenship form about a nickname, get deported. Lie on your security clearance form about contact with Russia, work in WH.
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryAll GREAT presidents had compassion. @realDonaldTrump has NO understanding of what makes our nation great. #diversity #TrumpAccomplishments
Retweeted by Rusty Mowery"The evidence ... is powerful, mounting, incontrovertible evidence that there has been a violation of criminal law,…
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryTRUMPCARE UPDATE: They do not have the votes right now. Meeting at 5 to decide whether to vote this week. Need TIDAL WAVE OF CALLS. (pls RT)
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryHey @realDonaldTrump You are the one that signed an Executive Order yesterday shitting on our National Parks. Or d…
Retweeted by Rusty Mowery @SpeakerRyan @realDonaldTrump is proof that people are ready to stand up and make a difference. Let's end #LGBT youth homelessness.…
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryThe Alternative Minimum tax cost Mr. Trump an additional $31 million in federal income taxes in 2005, and now he wants to kill it. Huh.
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryI will not be distracted & will continue to push for credible #TrumpRussia investigations until we get to the truth abt Trump & #KremlinKlan
Retweeted by Rusty Mowerywhen will it end - we need a time line - a realistic assessment of when he will be arrested - cause frankly - its g…
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryI just introduced the "No Russia Exemption for Oil Production Act" - the No REX Act. The bill blocks Trump from ever granting Exxon's waiver
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People of New York: Go after REED, KING, STEFANIK, KATKO (Donovan is already with us)
Retweeted by Rusty Mowery @realDonaldTrump @GOP @HouseGOP You're denying the House Oversight Committee access to info on Flynn. We call that OBSTRUCTION OF…
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryWarning to media: Trump plan is a tax cut not reform. If say "tax reform" you are not being a neutral reporter. You are accepting a lie.
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryRetweet this – then call your reps!!
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryVery clear now Trump does NOT have a tax reform plan. They can't answer the simplest questions.
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryNo tax returns, no tax reform.
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryWhy does @MSNBC refer to Trump’s tax stunt as a “plan”? It was a promotional event with lots of hyperbole, few details, no legislation.
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryAre any of these reps yours? Call them and tell them to stop a health care plan that they themselves wouldn't deign…
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryWe're rocking this summer @KinkyBootsBway #Broadway #kinkyboots #brendonurie #panicatthedisco
It's back but so are we
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryLet your reps know how you feel about this amendment.
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryNEW VIDEO: FBI, House and Senate Intel Committees believe Trump White House creating "Active Cover-Up" on Russia
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryI want to say this is simply astonishing But we are speaking about the @GOP and they've now exempted themselves fro…
Retweeted by Rusty Mowery"Look at me, I went through a lot of pain to avoid military service. I congratulate myself w/ a Purple Heart." *T…
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryWe have a total moron as President. #TrumpRussiaCoverUp #ImpeachTrump @GOP @HouseGOP @realDonaldTrump Rosenstein needs to appoint special prosecutor for the #TrumpRussia probe immediately or we'll be calling for him to be fired tomorrow.
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryDear @realDonaldTrump: Had a second packed Town Hall tonight in Redondo Beach. They still don't like you. #ImWithTed
Retweeted by Rusty Mowery @HouseDemocrats @HouseGOP @SenateDems @SenateGOP is standing in for/as POTUS at #W20Summit, but white male pundits are hysterical over @ChelseaClinton tweeting. You. Guys.
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Retweeted by Rusty MoweryYet Trump can vacation at Mar-a-gofuckyourself and essentially pay himself with public money, classic.
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryRepublicans’ plan to cut corporate taxes would lead to massive revenue losses, congressional accountant finds
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryThis LA Times Editorial shows what Speaker Ryan said about protecting people w/ pre-existing conditions is false.…
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryCall and say thank you to these two. Then call your members and tell them you're waiting on their statement.
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryWhen your primary policy is saving statues celebrating slavery, you know exactly which bumfuck part of VA he's targ…
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryIt effectively eliminates Medicaid expansion and rations future Medicaid care while give $600 billion in tax breaks to the wealthy.
Retweeted by Rusty MowerySome things haven't changed: TrumpCare still strips coverage from as many as 24 million people.
Retweeted by Rusty MoweryDiscussion draft of how the GOP plans to make #TrumpCare even worse LEAKED:
Retweeted by Rusty Mowery @GOP @HouseDemocrats @HouseGOP we're watching you!!!!! new GOP amendment allows insurers in some states to: —Charge sick people higher premiums —Charge old people higher premiums —End EHBs
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