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Co-Author React Router, Co-Owner React Training. Not a real programmer.

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New business idea. Sell pre-workout drinks as "email boost". I'm flying through these emails but should probably go… @AdamRackis ?Totally recommend this It's free now but I'd still advise to buy it because it's just amaz…
Retweeted by Ryan Florence @mike_wagz @mjackson preference. Some like "children" because it gives that more natural "hierarchy" feel, some pre… @crswll well .. unfortunately it didn't work in the two places I hoped it would, but it did work in one! @knep <button/> does not have that. Neither does anything in your browser chrome. The web has gone wild with that cursor. @nozzlegear That's a bug with edge as far as I'm concerned. @nashio I make it its own standalone app: npm install -g nativefier nativefier @nashio The note is editable, you can fix this 😜I need a word for "been hacking around things before there was API added that solves the problem directly but I nev… @heydonworks @brianarn @sarah_edo @rob_dodson document.activeElement in onblur is always document.body, but its the… @heydonworks @brianarn @sarah_edo @rob_dodson Think autocomplete or actions button. Outerclick is broken by design… @geirmanc That was the idea. Hard choice for us, hopefully people keep coming to workshops or else we're SUNK! @jorybraun Nobody reads anything anymore. 😞 @daniel_pintilei Thinking indigenous people are mystical beings seems like a bigger problem than having fun with some childhood magic. @SubtleGradient thanks! I agree, I hate most calendars. Thinking about animating it. @crswll @heydonworks @brianarn @sarah_edo @rob_dodson And, as I said earlier: > Or... You know something about onb… @crswll @heydonworks @brianarn @sarah_edo @rob_dodson holy crap ... I've gone my whole career with hacks cause I ne… @niklasbostrom I like my calendar column. @tristanremy <div style={{}}/> is the right API, <div css={{}}/> is the right implementation of it. Everything else is fluff.When I saw @DavidKPiano ( and @ryanflorence ( talking about state m…
Retweeted by Ryan Florence @SudoCat429 @davidascher I've never opened it in the new firefox, apparently it handles flexbox differently. @heydonworks @brianarn @sarah_edo @rob_dodson I've lost track of this thread, but I'm not every focusing anything here, the user is. @tmaslen @Joseph_Wynn 🤦🏽‍♂️ You can't make apps accessible without it. This sentiment drives me crazy. @heydonworks @brianarn @sarah_edo @rob_dodson Not talking about first load. If an element has focus and you click… @philipyoungg I plan my day in the morning with todos, then add notes and stuff like a notebook throughout the day @heydonworks @brianarn @sarah_edo @rob_dodson Focus goes current element, mousedown blurs it but document.activeEle…
@frontsideair node.contains(document.activeElement) check inside a setTimeout in onBlur 😂 @Gobinda_Thakur Every pattern lecture is there and links to a free video, which are all part of a larger course. @SaketTawde Yeah, gonna use it for a few weeks first though. @davidascher No scrolling! You're trying to do too much stuff if you have to scroll. If it doesn't fit, you have to make a tradeoff. @kylewelch its uses indexdb (or friends, whatever is available in your browser). All private, just use the same bro… @xpollen8 🤦🏽‍♂️😇"Dad, when you go on a trip are you going to talk about how much you love sweatpants?" My daughter asks as she won…'s pencil tool is not a pencil. What is it doing to my smooth edges?! @_tcasey_ @xpollen8 solid, solid library. can just download the JSON.stringify(data) to a data.json file and upload…, another shoutout to @kentcdodds match-sorter. Makes client-side filters so, so easy. @jdan GAH SOURCE MAPS! @jergason Try putting your real routines/items for tomorrow in there and see how it feels. @Swizec so that you can navigate to any date w/ the just the calendar. @NickDeckerDevs Yeah, not gonna build for mobile until I have a data sync/auth story. I need to be able to make not… @NickDeckerDevs Oh, woops, I published as a "static" page instead of using a pushstate server @xpollen8 @_tcasey_ Data persists for me, but yeah, boxes don't show up. I'm spent for today, maybe another time I'… @xpollen8 @_tcasey_ Oh yeah, those buttons aren't there, ha! @xpollen8 @_tcasey_ Only bug I see is the alignment of the checkboxes, you see something else?Also, FYI, I run this thing full screen @samccone @rauchg Thanks :) @xpollen8 @_tcasey_ Hmm, you sure? @acemarke they get a lot better when the thing actually exists. @swyx @firefox I run this thing full screen.Some bugs around the search box, ofc, but man ... I'm pretty happy with this. @dan_abramov Yeah, the lectures will remain free forever. @jcemer no scrolling! Then you fill your days up with too many tasks, this forces me to prioritize.In less than 2 days (maybe 10 hours?) I built this app*: - Create React App - React Rout… @jessebuchananCA @spikebrehm Yeah, like <Link component="li"/> @spikebrehm One of the primary motivating factors of React Router. Over and over people ask for a "generic Link" an… @sarah_edo @rob_dodson @heydonworks A modal gets opened: move focus to the modal. A link gets clicked with JavaScri… @sarah_edo @heydonworks Hmm ... I consider managing focus the most critical part of general accessibility. Otherwis… @geirmanc only lectures are free, exercise material and solutions aren't. @acemarke No news is good news.If your app doesn't have a handful of setTimeouts, then you aren't managing focus. Or ... You know something abou… good UI kits for react native?
Retweeted by Ryan Florence @jennschiffer Super rad @acemarke Yeah ... first time I've posted there in a long time, not returning to see the comments though 😜I just published “FREE! Advanced React.js Lectures” 5 year old just said: Santa does Christmas. Easter bunny does Easter. Indians do Thanksgiving. Leprechauns do S… know I"m supposed think w3 school is dumb, but this is the best color converter I've found. if accessing and broadcasting over the internet was treated like Ham Radio? Maybe it wouldn’t be full of death threats and trolls…
Retweeted by Ryan Florence @brian_d_vaughn @gwmccull @ericnakagawa @mjackson Oh no, just me lamenting. I'd been running recently and loving it… @TheRealEnitoni @jbscript Get over it 😁 @tannerlinsley @gwmccull Twitter UI thread hiding strikes again! @jbscript Declarative if/else. Beautiful. @brian_d_vaughn @gwmccull @ericnakagawa @mjackson Flat feet, tilted pelvis, odds are stacked against me. Plenty of other ways to workout 👍
@brian_d_vaughn @ericnakagawa @mjackson Running is hard on my back and doesn't give you upper body strength, I got… @tannerlinsley @gwmccull Everything is just a function you import individually, so that's not really a question, which is why it's awesome. @mjackson Good grief @aminafoon CONCACAF? You're speaking my language! @ericnakagawa @mjackson Today: P90X3 - Decelerator @aminafoon @swyx Uhhh ... 😨