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Co-Author React Router, Co-Owner React Training. Breaks APIs every 18 months but it feels like every day.

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@DM_Berger @rauschma Yep, tradeoffs everywhere
@xander76 Oh haha, no I meant so many start with this basic ignorance I know there’s not going to be anything else… @xander76 It’s very easy to stop reading most of these posts.Do you know how I got more serious in open source? I searched my favorite JavaScript library on Twitter and then an…
Retweeted by Ryan Florence @TheLarkInn @rauschma Docs should always be written, ofc. @rauschma I’m just talking about this kind of thing, a blog post would have taken me a long time, this was literall… @kentcdodds @rauschma @eggheadio In other words, 3 minutes is enough for “how”, but not “why”, at least for me. @kentcdodds @rauschma @eggheadio Sometimes you need 20 minutes to go deep, 3 minute videos, even in aggregate, can’t go as deep. @rauschma And sometimes recording a video is way more efficient than writing! @mipsytipsy I AM NOT A BRIAN 😡 @joncaris @acemarke The people building these libraries don't have "death matches" and learn from each other all the time. @jdan uat. </dd> ?! BLIMEY! I've been trying to solve that problem in my code for like a month. How did you figure that one out? @Daniel15 I liked the previous one just fine.
@esajuhana @TirellMckinnon @Tholle1234 Rise up this morning ... smiled with the rising sun @Restuta But the new arrow key layout on MBP is awful, 8 months later I’m still inaccurate @Restuta Yeah that’s messing with me pretty badly right now! @hopliterated ?! I mean, I hate *bedtime with kids*, but ... not kids @kyleshevlin Oldest (daughter) was amused. Middle son was like "uh ... okay?" and the youngest son was upset. Me an… to their bedroom door, ofc.I told my kids one night if they went to bed w/o complaining I would give them a prize in the morning. They woke u… @mjackson @ken_wheeler With rules that you can't go here or there based on this or that state, and if you go from x… @agm1984 @doug2k1 I made it last week! @Jayphen @tizmagik I've seriously had it for all of 10 seconds. Feels nice though. I haven't used a mouse in ... 7 years? So I'm not the one to ask! @zachcodes Wasn't the travel, its the gutter between is too small, some keys get a terribly cheap clicking sound (n…, that was an insult to Fisher Price. But seriously, these MS Sculpt keys already feel fantastic.The MBP keyboard is so bad, even after 8 months I still hate it. Finally broke down today and bought a MS keyboard… @threepointone @acdlite This is a weird way of finding out how often people do their laundry. @amsdamsgram you have to sign up for the course, but its free. @mikeplis @dan_abramov @acdlite @codehitchhiker @acdlite @codehitchhiker One of my best friends is Filipino and his beard, while not incredibly full, is crazy (as… @codehitchhiker @AdamRackis @Starbucks Hi Cher, I'm a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Wo… @BenLesh that t-shirt svg stuff sounds absolutely amazing. 🙇🏽 @codehitchhiker NEVER @amsdamsgram There was all sorts of confusion about it actually being "free" or not, so we created a specific cours… @spikebrehm Fell out of your pocket during your hour-long-on-your-back-air-humping workout. @DannPetty PRETTY NEGATIVE TWEET DANNHey all! I'm doing an #AMA on @Hashnode right now and taking questions:
Retweeted by Ryan FlorenceHelp, I've been furiously writing code for 3 weeks. Wrists are hurting and personal hygiene has escaped me. @mjackson @kwnccc router code is ready, just need those changes to react-broadcast 🙌There’s simply no disagreeing with Marcy Sutton aka @marcysutton in her much needed talk “Enabling Users in Client-…
Retweeted by Ryan Florence23 Minutes of Work for Better Font Loading. 1) nuke your old @​font-face blocks 2) generate new font files with gl…
Retweeted by Ryan Florence @threepointone @dan_abramov @ken_wheeler @thekitze Coincidentally, that was the last OS that Steve Jobs was still h… @jaredforsyth @matthewwsymonds @dan_abramov 👆 Yep @matthewwsymonds @dan_abramov I'm saying we could have our OSS licenses say that your employer is not allowed to us… @ryanflorence I have just watched 2 lessons of your free Advanced React.js course and it blew my mind. While I stil…
Retweeted by Ryan Florence @pmikolajczyk92 You’re welcome! Thanks for sharing. @dan_abramov Our OSS licenses should not allow companies to not allow bugfixing the library by employees during work hours 🙃Didn’t realize this was controversial. If your employer doesn’t allow you to fix bugs in the open source software y…
Retweeted by Ryan Florence @KrasimirTsonev @kentcdodds @mjackson @eggheadio @ReactRally Benefit of discovering later is everybody doesn’t tell…
Tomorrow is my birthday. I feel like this video was a gift from the universe to me. Geraldo may have apologized fo…
Retweeted by Ryan Florence @Jaypi_ Oh, sorry I totally misread your tweet. Thought you said "doesn't work *with* SSR" I mean ... "doesn't wor… @Jaypi_ And it is autocorrect's job to not change it's to its, but it failed, apparently! @Jaypi_ Worst bug report I've seen all day. Our job is simply to provide you with staticContext, and we have tests… @__mharrison__ entertain/enlighten @TheAndrewWyatt @andrewingram no you nailed it. @AdamRackis @tptee @threepointone You've made it. Congratulations. @xander76 The disappointment is worse than the laptop. You'll be fine with one, but they do suck. @dan_abramov @PrettierCode yeah but what the heck are you doing? @TheAndrewWyatt @andrewingram me too! was a distributed systems algebra joke, not as good as yours, apparently 😜 @TheAndrewWyatt @andrewingram I'm pretty sure what I'm saying is eventually correct though. @djsmith42 Hmm. I'm pretty sure doing a video feed to your home while you turned on the sprinklers on stage was basically the perfect talk. @andrewingram Perhaps I'm saying entertainment + enlightenment = engaging @michaellnorth That's the "with humility" part. @DannPetty I read a thing that shows people way over-report this number. Wish I could find it. @jergason @marcysutton same @peggyrayzis Ahahaha, nice.As a developer, this is why Stripe is the best. So easy to program to every edge case. favorite conference ever. See you there! (Assuming I can weasel a ticket, I have a feeling they're going to be h… @erikras Oh, I don't think I've got any useful tips about tweeting 😬 @philipyoungg Nailed it.When presenting, your goal is first to entertain and second to enlighten, and to do both with humility. For worksh… @mjackson @timdorr clacky, flat, and ... not enough gutter space between keys always getting stuck. This thing is garbage.In 2018 I'll be connecting neuroscientists, psychologists, software and hardware engineers to build emerging tech t…
Retweeted by Ryan Florence @darylginn Now try to do what it is doing on your own and then let’s talk about pleasant. @anildash Do you have small children?