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@punchesbears Yeah, he taught me how to tweeze my eyebrows. @punchesbears I keep a mini soccer ball under mine and practice some sick world cup moves. @Vjeux Do what now? @acemarke @modernserf @tomdale Listening to that makes me expect to play some DOOM! @acemarke @modernserf @tomdale ATA @swyx I try not to take over rendering by patterning my components after HTML. <Table> {… post: Chapter Two at Deque.
Retweeted by Ryan Florence @lawduckfan In-laws amirite? @chriscoyier maaaaaaan, I've dreamed of getting to do a project like that for years! @chantastic save some for me
@Vjeux Is that open again? I really didn’t like being impersonated the other day 😬 @shanisebarona Angry eating rnWhether react or react native lives or dies doesn’t matter. What’s important is that the programming model pioneered by react lives on.
Retweeted by Ryan Florence @ByCommonConsent And here I thought the white horse prophecy was gonna be to save it from liberals @swernerx thanks :) Default routes are in the tutorial Should probably add one to the basic example. @Mybridge @MaterialUI @vincentriemer @0xca0a @pusher @getcompositor @jxnblk It’s “Reach Router” not “React Router” @TejasKumar_ @souporserious Take a closer look at the code I posted 😑 @qoouep @kentcdodds @dan_abramov Make input a child of label, remove all the click handlers, the browser already does it for you. @qoouep @kentcdodds @dan_abramov Why do you need onClick? @bri_fugate @MailChimp Seemed like a really great place to work when I did a workshop there! @knitcodemonkey @MichielBijl Just use the <menu> element ... oh wait. @stiggler Apparently my tent for "CSS in JS" is way bigger than a lot of people's. I consider CSS modules CSS in JS. @jamiebuilds @jeresig My SEO game is strong. Try to keep up John. @jamiebuilds @rmurphey @paul_irish @SlexAxton @ajpiano what are you doing anyway that would lead you to my super old gists? @stephenrivasjr There's a difference between "can't" and "didn't". Linters could catch that and it's really easy to…
@rmurphey @jamiebuilds @paul_irish @SlexAxton @ajpiano That moment you praised how the code was written ("all objec… @jamiebuilds Also I blew a few legendary personalities' minds I doubt @rmurphey @jamiebuilds I was so young. But I was happy: @MichielBijl I feel your sentiment deeply, but I also like really nice design, and so do designers, and so do users… @dan_abramov double points for talking about it on twitter right after. @Akryum @kadactivity @YoruNoHikage "Component Styles Generated By Tools" CSGBT Can I get a high five? @souporserious @souporserious yeah I wouldn't do that. @Akryum @YoruNoHikage I like it too. I guess you’re just saying “don’t call Vue files css in js” @Akryum @threepointone @YoruNoHikage What hair are you trying to split? I’m saying Vue files are in the club that I… @Akryum @YoruNoHikage Vue files are near and, like my preferred method styling, removes a whole category of problems. @Akryum @YoruNoHikage Yes. We clearly have different definitions of css in js. So here’s a new term “css that doesn… @Akryum @YoruNoHikage CSS in JS has nothing to do with runtimes to me. I can ship a gatsby + glamor site and not ev… @Akryum @YoruNoHikage My definition of CSS in JS is any time you have styles associated with your JavaScript that a… @timdorr Oh, well, we have a convention that ~everybody follows~ to prevent that. @YoruNoHikage @Akryum Yeah it's the very same thing, just colocated with a style tag instead of a an import statement. @Akryum @YoruNoHikage Sounds like CSS in JS to me. I use inline styles with glamor and react and gatsby turns it al… @AdamRackis @ianstormtaylor If you have a 10% edge case you drop down a layer of API and compose up whatever you need. @Akryum @YoruNoHikage Does that CSS get parsed by JavaScript before going into the page? @ianstormtaylor @AdamRackis Not when built on top of composable pieces. Zero config is just a high level API. What… @Akryum @YoruNoHikage we're talking about the <style> tag in a .vue file that gets compiled by webpack, yes? Or w/o… @Akryum @YoruNoHikage Isn't that technically CSS in JS? @juliandoesstuff @BenLesh @sharifsbeat Oh, this was just for fun, I had no problems. I just realized my render prop… @timdorr Agreed. I just mean generally speaking, these are the things that just don't happen with CSS in JS. A few… can you predict how your bundling of CSS will affect having specificity bugs across your app without using CSS… can you predict changes to your CSS across the app without using CSS-in-JS? Answer: You can't. @juliandoesstuff @BenLesh @sharifsbeat I did this a couple of years ago for fun but didn't dare show anybody :P tha… @pomber don't wanna waste time rendering the tree if you're not gonna actually show it! @EthanGarofolo @richardiii @acdlite that was fun in coffeescript until your event handlers didn't mean to return fa… @Johannes_Scha That’s actually really good @onion2k yeah that makes sense I guess @chantastic I'm coming for the bbq though, not the lemonade. I'll hit up chick fil a before hand for the drinks. @chantastic Well, maybe it was a lot of ice, on a hot day, and it melted really fast. @acdlite actually if we .call a function it should give an "answer" let add = (x, y) => { answer x + y } Monday n… @kddeisz ah, and so maybe returning "with a value" was later. @acdlite I dunno, I'm no better at this than anybody else, definitely worse at it than language designers, but I'll… go to your friends house, they hand you a glass of lemonade. "I'd like to return a glass of lemonade to you."… of naming things in programming being hard: return What the heck? Return? Who came up with that? @dbanbahji When the API settles, yes, I have a course outline and examples all in development right now, but won’t… @EsrefDurna In a little twitter window, yeah, but at full resolution in the full quality video I think it’s fine @brian_d_vaughn @sompylasar That’s a resize observer though 🤷‍♂️Lessons are: - setState updater signature - componentDidCatch and ErrorBoundary - getDerivedStateFromProps - getSn… wrapped up the 10th lesson in an online course I'm publishing soon. React Catch-up! React has changed more t…
@iammerrick Agreed. And I can't figure out how this is controversial to a lot of people. Smart, experienced people. @rossipedia Just different projects, use whichever you want. @kyleshevlin I always record a minute or two and then check it out first before going for the whole thing. Never ha… @sprog_ch theres no way to know afaict. classes are functions, functions can be components 🤷 @sprog_ch That’s why there’s a component prop 😁 @javamazon @MomsCanCodePgh @simply_cima @dizzyd I’ve had this happen, so annoying. @tannerlinsley Just got my first #1 today, so it’s going well! @swyx i hope i'm the one asking? @tannerlinsley Y, but not X @richardiii You can invert Y, but not X. I (used to) invert both. @sarah_edo @eplawless @dizzyd Same, Netflix is my last destination now between amazon, Hulu, cable, Netflix.