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Sachi Mohanty @sachi_bbsr DelhiIndia,3rd Rock, Milky Way

Atheism, science, astronomy. Feynman/Sagan fan.

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Why is the distance from Earth to the Sun exactly 1 AU? SUCK IT ATHEISTS!
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyHi @ClevelandClinic: can you diagnose this patient showing extremely strange behavior 👇🏿 @MayoClinic: can you diagnose this patient showing strange symptoms 👇🏿 this really reflects WH attitude, then the world is likely heading for serious grief.
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyIf God makes a country Developed, our 330 Million Gods & Goddesses in India must be quite Inefficient ones via @ndtv
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyHey Mata @Amritanandamayi! Any word on the American tourist your goondas almost beat to death? Like, is he even still alive?
Retweeted by Sachi MohantySoftBank says it could invest as much as $880 billion(!) in tech:
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyPersistent gender barriers across cultures in the 21st century: the biggest obstacle to balanced reporting on my gl…
Retweeted by Sachi Mohanty#tbt to that time @Glowsinthedark9 and I were major dorks .....oh wait.....That's all the time
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyI wonder if Havildar Aroor and Subedar Sawant have anything to say about this ... are you like this, Ajai? Be like Nitin Gokhale, Ajai. 🙂 @Siza111 It was here yesterday; now reached there, I guess. 😐🙂
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyBest banner. 👍🏻
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyI secretly want Kim to tweet at Trump: "Are you MAD, bro? #MutualAssuredDestruction" We'll probably all die but at least we'll die laughing.
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyCountry that produced Chandra also produced Tulsi. Both are starstuff 😮
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyOh, Amit is actually tweeting from a bar. Thank you Arvind @buzzindelhi., why don't you take Amit to a bar @buzzindelhi? Amit seems stressed out these days. did it better? (RT for Amit. Favourite for Saswati)
Retweeted by Sachi Mohanty<3 Marilynne Robinson
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyNow we need LK Advani to create an account
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyThe Top 5 #Longreads of the Week: @NewYorker, @FastCompany, @esquire, @nytimes, and @WIRED
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyAnd please ... this is not about being a 'climate change denier' 🙂 If humans wanna dig their own graves, they'll dig their own graves 🤷🏿‍♂️Earth is not a fragile thing and it won't be destroyed because humans decided to burn some fossil fuels. Humans are fragile. Not the planetNot in a 100 years. Not in 1,000. Not because temperature rose by 5 degrees or because sea levels rose by 50 feet. Earth is sturdy.Sea levels will rise and fall; temperatures will rise and fall; ice ages will come and ago. But the planet won't be 'utterly destroyed.'Human-caused climate change'll accentuate some changes; other long period changes'll keep happening. There are cycles that repeat over aeonsIt's fashionable to be utterly and fashionably misanthropic and proclaim how utter filth humans are. But. To be factual.Definitely do not miss @megangarber on Ivana Trump’s book.
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyWhen we have utterly and completely ruined this planet of ours, where will we go?
Retweeted by Sachi Mohantythe human brain is easily manipulated More people died in the Las Vegas shooting than in UK terror attacks this decade.
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyThere were no “good old days.” There were days when your personal circumstances allowed you not to give a shit. The good old days are a lie.
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyThis is the deepest planetary image ever made, which I shared at #DPS17 today. It is over 12 hours of @NASAHubble e…
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyA military elite that also has political power & thinks civilians are decadent. This will not end well.
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyHas Modi fixed EVMs or planning a coup? There is an election in 2019, how is he talking about 2022?
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyWait here. The headmistress will see you in a minute
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyNext time you drink before 6 PM, I'll recommend that you be shifted to Agra. Are we clear? 😐 bigots used to claim that they knew what Hindus think. Now, they have even started claiming to know what Musl…
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyI had explicitly ordered Guru NOT to drink beer before 6 PM but clearly Guru is disobeying his Guru again. has many firsts to her credit; such as 1st in chamchagiri. are not allowed to keep a bear amongst us because mazhab nahi sikhata aapas me bear rakhna.
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyHowever much you block some spammers, they find a way to worm their way back into your inbox.
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyIt’s your final chance to join me for the launch of Falcon Heavy, the most powerful rocket in the world. Carry on..…
Retweeted by Sachi Mohanty @Siza111 @SonyBBCEarth Can you share the timings with me?The world's most powerful publishers refuse to admit what they really are, writes @adriennelaf
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyGosh I love watching my brilliant and talented planet friends and "family" perform. #dps17
Retweeted by Sachi Mohanty43. Kept Mattis on to oversea Fallujah after this 👇
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyVery massive star burns through its fuel, collapses, explodes, leaves ~10km core remnant as dense as an atomic nucl…
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyThere is a decent chance an HS-14 is being fueled for an MET-ish test as we speak. And a small but non-zero chance…
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyIn light of McMaster’s comments insisting on denuclearization (presumably by force), reupping what that logic has t…
Retweeted by Sachi Mohanty @mmazumdar2014 @sachi_bbsr It seems it is. Doval is the real MEA.
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyNo, cutie. Its essence is to exclude, shame and abuse Dalits.
Retweeted by Sachi Mohanty.@AlanStern combining two of my favorite things! Icy ocean worlds and the Fermi Paradox
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyGOI: "Well, then link your Aadhaar with your bank ac." People: "Okay, boss. Whatever you say boss. Will do so, boss."Govt of India to people of India: "You are into money laundering, isn't it?" People: "Why do you say so bro? 😟"Diwali Discount from India's Minister of Medical Visa Affairs!
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyWhile we wait for *~*news*~* that may or may not drop today, NASA extended Dawn's mission
Retweeted by Sachi Mohantyconfirmation bias 🙂 of the Finest Actors in Army Uniform
Retweeted by Sachi Mohanty
In @tnyshouts: "I’m going to Europe to work on my tragic addiction to power and privilege."
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyMeet Anubhuti Goel, 2017 STAT Wunderkind. Her work? Examining brain circuitry changes associated with autism.…
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyThough I'm not sure if frogs actually even manage to last from one Earth revolution to another or 'croak' during the same year. 🤔 @astrokiwi @astrosnapper It's a smaller DPS than usual. I wonder whether causes of that also have an effect on gend…
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyHey there @NASA_Orion That's the future of crewed NASA Spaceflight..
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyWhy reveal my location and make it easy for 'folks' to 'come after' me 😛😉😅 behalf of the people of India, I take the liberty 2 wish: "May Ram, Krishna, Laxmi, Kali, Allah, Durga bless u a… is absolutely no reason for any rational person to believe a single word that Trump says
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyRaining here like during proper rainy season. Frogs must b confused. "Never in my long life of croaking do I remember it raining on #Diwali"And that's reason no. 3,981 why neutron stars are boring, apparently 🙂 I'm pretty easygoing, you? Me: *regularly gets stressed out doing captcha tests bc I don't know if bushes count as trees* Definitely.
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyI never get over this sort of stuff either
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyThe problem with schmoozing with your editor at a meeting is that you suddenly agree to write more books #DPS17
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyInching: @natgeo photographer @paleyphoto pushes the @outofedenwalk into the Wakhan Corridor, #Afghanistan.…
Retweeted by Sachi Mohantydo you like gold?? then you're gonna love [extremely car commercial narrator voice] NEUTRON STAR MERGERS!
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyPoor UCs endure a lot. Rarely such humiliation, though. This is why caste must be a factor for reservations/affir…
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyWorst proposal title ever: "No Planet Left Behind" #jobseason
Retweeted by Sachi Mohantymy son, after coming from school: ‘Do you want to hear something funny? there’s a river called Amazon as well...’
Retweeted by Sachi Mohanty