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Sachi Mohanty @sachi_bbsr DelhiIndia,3rd Rock, Milky Way

Atheism, science, astronomy. Feynman/Sagan fan. Poly-curious.

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1/ So it begins. Daughter accosted in SCHOOL parking lot by man who offers to make her a model and asks her to get on his bike.
Retweeted by Sachi Mohanty @narendramodi ji pl STOP the lies. This never mattered. My wife continues to retain her maiden name post marriage o…
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyTBH, you cannot deport an Indian and as to law enforcement, it takes time. Just ask LKA who still roams free. ? Did Maharaja Gulab Singh sell it to your family, Gambhir ?
Retweeted by Sachi Mohanty"Father. Cricketer. Patriot," says his bio. Forgotten to add "Idiot." every idiotic statement like this, put a hundred cricketers like this idiot behind bars. has no views, no convictions, no knowledge of how this works, and no desire to learn is consistent with recent events.
Retweeted by Sachi Mohanty @sachi_bbsr I don't know why I thought that Hindoos have already reached upper most limits of stupidity.. but like…
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyFor every idiotic cricketer that makes idiotic pronouncements, fine @sachin_rt and other millionaires 100 crores quite like indoor skiing in a shopping mall.
Retweeted by Sachi Mohanty2 million stars, tracked over 5 million years! To appreciate this work, go full screen & fire up theremin music.…
Retweeted by Sachi Mohanty
#ModernWork, love it? Hate it? Join the debate with @lucykellaway @RobertKelseyWSY @SArmstrong1984 @GarethCoombs
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyPlease RT my thread,friends.I need to.locate the MS @fortis_hospital since nephrologist says no error committed and cardiologist says it was
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyRather charming how Modi puts the wrapping paper and ribbon in his pocket
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyThe India of @swapan55 and Chandan Mitra's dreams turning into a reality right before our eyes. Renaissance is progressing well. Congrats @tavleen_singh @chirag Not so really. Only @pbhushan1's Wire article 😊Finally someone read that doc.
Retweeted by Sachi MohantySo, Kehar ji needs 49 crore. Must be a fan of authentic single malt stuff from Scotland 🤔This week's #CowRakshak award goes to @swapan55. Beat @kanchangupta by a narrow margin @tamhanespeaks
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyAnyone wants to travel to the 1st century AD? D P will help you govt has revoked Bincy Lal's visa and r deporting him back to India. A lesson for those who harass us, will drag you out of ur ratholes
Retweeted by Sachi Mohanty(WhatsApp provenance)
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyShouldn't #Feku @narendramodi first control his own rich diet of cashewnut rotis & 30k per kilo mushrooms?…
Retweeted by Sachi Mohantywhen you start to take a nap but the flight is over booked
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyThat image😂
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyIf the plan is to make Modi's nanny state the laughing stock of the world, it's going really well.
Retweeted by Sachi MohantySpicer doesn't think the Jews were Hitler's "own people." Hitler didn't either. How many Americans aren't this White House's own people?
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyJapanese researchers are activating an ambitious plan to drill through Earth's crust into the mantle.…
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyWhereas India's right is quite clear about its bigotry in 140 characters
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyThe north of this country is going mad. Simply mad.
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyThe evidence in Birla/Sahara payoff cases & Kalikho Pul's suicide note is too serious to be buried w/o Investigation
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When fascist Tapan da complains about too much fascism, you know how lit the whole situation is🔥🔥
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyEnemies in the streets; lovers in sheets? 🤔 much for "flying the friendly skies"...
Retweeted by Sachi Mohanty @united @FoxNews @CNN not a good way to treat a Doctor trying to get to work because they overbooked
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyUtterly mind-blowing new research on the octopus, written up here by @edyong209
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyThis is a real picture of flamingoes flying over the Andes
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyFinally read this. Fascinating, hopeful, educational and, against the odds, rollicking. Plus: Mammoths!
Retweeted by Sachi Mohanty"The decline and fall of the Roman Empire" book set. Each volume has a progressively decayed pillar.
Retweeted by Sachi Mohanty🤔 the new United flight attendant uniforms
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyMitchell: "I have never seen anything like this where people just flat-out lie… Black is white and white is black…"
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyWhy we love China, chapter seven million (h/t @hofrench )
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyToday's shoot at the water's edge for an upcoming Discovery Channel/NatGeo documentary on Cassini. Gorgeous day!!
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyCoastal view 4500 ft
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyA giant orange in @OrangeCountyEOC
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyTo all of my #NASASocial #tweeps out there we need your help. Please RT this or do what you can and fee free to DM…
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyWhen is an ice cream not an ice cream? @ft's @kiranstacey checks in on India's ice cream wars. @Amul_Coop @HUL_News
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyApoorvanand's sharp piece for Indian Muslims is really a piece for Indian Hindus, whose blood should boil at what's…
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyDidn't I say it is about "My Religion is better than yours" and not any so called reform. 😊
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyBJP, acting to serve foreign interests is basically pushing India into civil war. Bhakts think this happens only to…
Retweeted by Sachi Mohanty21st-century fox: how nature's favourite outsider seduced the UK suburbs:
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyBirth control pills and condoms are 2nd and 3rd most effective methods of controlling population in Dubai. School Fees continue to be No 1
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyI’ll be working aboard the @Space_Station longer than expected! This is where I make the greatest contribution so I…
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyToday in the #NASAvillage... Let's Fly! Jet training is essential in astronaut training. Why? Find out here:…
Retweeted by Sachi Mohanty3.3mn Americans become victims of tech support scams every year. @snigdhapoonam @PySamarth investigate one such scam
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyA day in New Delhi.. No more comments!
Retweeted by Sachi MohantySoon, you will need Aadhaar or passport for flights in India - Times of India via @timesofindia
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyMore accurately, the Titan sequence was my idea/contribution. It's not really technically correct.
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyTouchdown at 11:21:06 GMT on the Kazakh Steppe; landing zone 6 (LZ-6); ~140 kilometers southeast of Dzhezkazgan.🇰🇿💫…
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyWhen people of India realize that they fell for a fraud
How to speed read the @NYtimes "Sunday Review" section. Consume that last two or three grafs of each piece. You're done.
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyI did this with my first TED talk. Guess I was in good company.
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyWatch a conversation w/orig Mercury astronauts John Glenn & Scott Carpenter:
Retweeted by Sachi Mohanty you cant dispute what @amnestyusa says about India's present climate of intolerance.
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyToo bad sexually repressed clowns like Mohan Bhagwat don't have half the respect for women that they do for cows.
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyWell, the CM there is ... he has a love affair with the IPC, I think. citizens-cum-part-time-document-checkers 🤔 P morphing into Dick Chopra? 🤔 me a while to frame my thoughts but silence is not an option.
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyIn case you missed our Facebook LIVE event on @NASAHubble's new view of Jupiter - check it out now!…
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyIs the NIA actively working to keep Aseemanand out of jail?
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyLittle children are being radicalised, slogans like "Blood of Hindus will bring Ram Mandir." This is a legitimate t…
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyHoly shit there is a full on terror recruitment camp in Goregaon today. Asking Hindus to take up arms, radicalising…
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyCheck out this thread. In Mumbai
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyThis is really quite pathetic.
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyWhy @MerriamWebster defines 'donkey' as "a bipedal mammal usually found in the Indian subcontinent with deep love f… news is excellent these days
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