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Atheism, science, astronomy. Feynman/Sagan fan. Poly-curious.

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When do you think the next General Elections will be held in India?
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Don't be dismayed ... fellow is an actor, not an intellectual. now it's anti national to engage with China?Do bhakts want PM to boycott SCO too?Discourse on twitter beyond ban…
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyYou are equating Indian and Pak soldiers as same? Anti-national 😊 downplays LoC beheadings to keep public anger fm spiraling out of control. They happen more than public knows
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyUS officials telling Israeli counterparts not to share intel w/ Trump cuz he can't be trusted. No words
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyIndian Girl, 10, Was Raped Repeatedly. Now She May Have to Give Birth.
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyIn case you thought this was the week things were going to get normal.
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyAssad regime built crematorium to incinerate dead in prison, US officials say "mass murder," drawing Nazi parallel
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyIf you were to look at today's @EconomicTimes , you wouldn't be wrong to mistake it for a government PR pamphlet.
Retweeted by Sachi Mohanty @sachi_bbsr There are more Hindus now than ever in history.
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyQuartz is publishing important info of deep interest to Asaram, Ramdev, Sri Sri, Jaggi Vasudev ... is so totalitarian that India's Hindoo population has increased 1,000% in 100 years ... 🙄 does this guy get taken seriously ... even by @ShekharGupta 😬 GIF featuring #Saturn's #Encke Gap (+ a ringlet) and Keeler gap above! Taken by @CassiniSaturn May 15 2017.…
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyAdam Sandler looks like he's slowly turning into Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyStay dogs in that state are quite something 🤔😕 those who wanted to be generous & handover Babri land for construction of a temple, be ready to handover anythi…
Retweeted by Sachi Mohanty😀's a drone, it's a bee, it's... paper balls! Superb timing, lens wizard Vishal Srivastav @IndianExpress (& don't…
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyDesi Voltaire @Retributions asking questions on Quora.
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyDamadji will be gifted 5 more Gurgaon villas or so by DLF once RG becomes PM ... but so what 😊1. Syrian Crematory Hiding Mass Killings of Prisoners, US Says w/ @GardinerHarris @RickGladstone @KaramShoumali etc
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyAnswer should be 'yes,' many times more qualified than feku Modi. belongs to Kashmiris ... just as Maharashtra belongs to Maharashtrians, Bihar belongs to Biharis and so for… I think he is/was ... Leone is an honest human being, a better role model and a better person than the fraud in every way. Shares h… is big difference between instant triple talaq and Talaq. Not easy for motivated minds to understand this.
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyNation has been asking: 'what about Malda?' since long. Finally, Mr Akbar has answered! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 am still searching for ONE economic metric that would justify the 7.1% GDP growth last quarter. I know the govt l…
Retweeted by Sachi Mohanty @sachi_bbsr A ganga dipping naturopathy fan is our next gen leader😂😂
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyThe idea of suggesting the existence of 60 crore under 40 clueless morons as India's strength is wrong. It's a liab…
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyThis is the Adarsh minister of this govt. Fellow goes missing when accidents happen. Then resurfaces ... shameless., the fronts of planes have not started sporting dangling ganeshas ... like the fronts of pvt. buses. Yet. M… out the new jumla from nautankiya Tulsi minister has strange priorities; fit to be foreign minister of some tiny nation. Like EAM of Goa India a 'WTF' nation? Some samples ...How big a feku you have to be to aspire to be PM. cc to Nitish, Mamta didi, and anyone else. @narendramodi
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyHey @narendramodi how many retweets for you to deposit ₹15 lakh in our account?
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyWhat a week working in journalism will do to you.
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyA Captain with head up his ass ... good accomplishment is not bad at #springart, even though it is autumn down under! It has the craziest colours on Earth, fro…
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyAn acquaintance with pile of ash on his forehead is complaining how hijab is all about showing their identity even…
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyGood morning madam. Hope the 3 year long sleep was full of nice dreams.
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyDear Rishi Kapoor .. As I said, you've lost it. That you'd to DM me the abuses, 'secretly', says it all. What a fal…
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyUseful reminder that the Congress has no shortage of "leaders" willing to say illiberal and incredibly idiotic thin…
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyRomila Thapar: 'The Media Today is Not Communicating Reality But Propagating Ideology' via @thewire_in
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyNext time somebody says revealing unconstitutional mass surveillance to the press crossed a line, show them this:
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Long are they getting to take selfies with Modi ..."Maa, I'm sorry I sent you to the bank to get your old notes changed during demonitization to score political goals." <Overheard in Delhi>
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyWe haven't learned from history. Germans have. Germans also have a great sense of humor.
Retweeted by Sachi Mohanty6 Lakh people can apply for jobs as Gau Rakshaks as that's the only profession seeing rapid employment.
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyIT guys on Twitter in 2014: Modi will create millions of jobs. IT guys on twitter in 2017: Layoffs in IT is very common.
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyIn the Horrorscape of Aleppo via @nybooksIs Rahul Gandhi prime minister material?Is Tharki Nitish Kumar prime minister material?#MP #Singrauli District Collector asking for Rs 85.60 lakhs from d Govt to make arrangement to ferry people to…
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyIndia & Pakistan are fighting 😨 New York/Bishkek. #EdwardHopper #Kyrgyzstan #EdenWalk
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyWaiting for an honest pop-up from a website congratulating me on my good-sense installation of an ad blocker.
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyTheresa May wants to clip @Peston round the ear for staring at his phone while he’s talking to her and it is HILARI…
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyWell ... a Q&A, Ban Ki-moon, now a @Kennedy_School fellow, reflects on global concerns
Retweeted by Sachi MohantySo I'm just trying to understand: is our defence that this Indian we are defending is not really an indian?
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyLouise is ruining the word "mensch" for everyone.
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyMy quest to find all the people who share my name, by @julieebeck
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyEach dot is a US adult's guess about the location of North Korea
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyEven as investors are losing faith in food tech, more Indians are ordering food online via @scroll_in
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyGood old days, when Pakistan used to Kill Indians, Govt used to be questioned for their failure to protect. Now, it…
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyToday is Williamina Fleming's 160th birthday (1857-1911). Discoverer of the Horsehead Nebula
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyIs Kashmir ... does Kashmir belong to India (A) or belongs to Kashmiris (B)? What do you think? 🤔Well, was/is #KulbhushanJadhav a spy or not? What do you think? 🤔And HBD to Sunny Leone too. Bad memory? But then this student of mine never did learn anything despite my strenuous… got minister exporter dude the American prom ever die?
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