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Sachi Mohanty @sachi_bbsr DelhiIndia,3rd Rock, Milky Way

Atheism, science, astronomy. Feynman/Sagan fan.

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Yeah; Western individualism is nothing. They've landed on the Moon but so what. Hindus who touch feet of elders r t… "Godman to Tycoon" the book on Baba Ramdev lacks a moral compass. Quite like the Yogashri himself @scroll_in
Retweeted by Sachi Mohanty @SushantSin True. But never met the Notrther Army Commander during his visits. Functioned in a stand alone mode.
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyI think some govt school systems in India are just transitioning from marks to letter grades 🙂 upholds controversial marriage annulment amid ‘love jihad’ inquiry
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyEducated Hindu Supremacist Exhibit y Hindu Supremacist Exhibit No. x feel like I learned a lot from this video. The ASL words for “bullshit” and “whore” were particularly awesome.
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyIf he doesn't understand Hindi, how does he talk to auto drivers in Delhi? 🤔 Oh wait, our humble MPs don't use aut… Madras Oregon Bureau of the Washington Post. Not pretty but it's home. Eclipsin' with OSU-Cascades
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyI love that the U.S. continues to have a Madras while we in India have decided to rename the city as Chennai 🙂 think of Propaganda Master of India and his weird fasts and fetishes and the bhakts and media (is it in fact 'bhakt media') eulogizing.But why is everyday irrationality acceptable and not criticized as vigorously? It should be. 🤔And there would be write-ups ... quite rightly ... articles and so on bemoaning the lack of 'scientific spirit' in India and so on.The other kind of irrationality is the 'special occasion' variety and those are only revealed when that special occasion arises.One kind is the everyday kind. One ex. would be so many Hindus making a show of not eating non-veg food on certain days of the week.All the taking dips in Ganga, not eating/cooking, and who knows what else ... It's like there are two kinds of irrationalities.I wish we had a #SolarEclipse in India. Apart from the celestial spectacle, it would have brought all the irrationality out in the open. @ugosus Well ... it was 'all over' ... our ... whatever goes for primetime TV news reporting in India ... when that was happening ...Sounds better than saying "I am praying tonight for our sailors" though @ugosus Yes; and kids are not a vote bank and don't know about complaining to police; unlike women/wives who may/do… Ripley's? that is missing are magical elves #Munitzcave
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyWhen you try Indian parenting techniques in Norway 🙂 @ugosus I am wondering if there's anything like 'child services' in India 🙂 @ugosus Yeah and when these idiots try to do the same even in Norway, the govt there doesn't tolerate this form of…'m assuming that it's the mother who's doing the abusing in the video. But who knows.Beating/abusing kids all too common in India; too many people produce babies but have no idea about how to be a parent.Who found this funny? That mother should be arrested or the kid handed over to someone more qualified. Many women l…
Retweeted by Sachi Mohanty🤔🤷‍♂️ @RichardFoxYoung Reminded me of some local dish (though I'm sure ingredients are quite different) 🤷‍♂️ you ever experienced a total #eclipse of the Sun? This is from Australia in 2012, shown in dramatic detail…
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyHey Prabhu.
Retweeted by Sachi Mohanty @nktpnd I was wondering what is the purpose of videos like this (info or propaganda?) + you know Russian? @BBCTwo @rimistar1 @Cmdr_Hadfield Here's an old interview by me with the Commander those cancelling their bookings at Trump properties. Why did they book in the 1st place? Didn't know who the owner was? 🤔Old judges showing that they are just like the 90% old people in Indian society in their outlook and mindset. we thought that happened only in India has certified that Sanskrit is the best language in the world. But in Bharat, nobody cares. 😁😆
The real Silicon Valley should strongly object to all and sundry claiming to be Silicon Valley replicas 😐 cake spotted in Idaho Falls
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyWe must be on the right track. My first road sign #eclipse
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyAnything about the actual murder and the murderer B. White, on nationalism and the moon landing
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyYes, @EllenBarryNYT's reporting was great, but it reveals and details a murder. Is anyone doing anything about that?Looking for an eclipse that lasts longer? Wait for July 16, 2186 -- more than 7 minutes of totality -- longest eclipse in over 6000 years.
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyPropaganda Master of India reaching for the stars after all these years. Happy launch anniversary, Voyager 2!
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyThey were doing a test of a flying train apparently. And things go wrong when you are trying out revolutionary new technologies."Why you hate Hindu beliefs?" Twitter Hindu gyani. "Ummm ... because they are funny when not dumb."Shastri ji had resigned taking the moral responsibility of train accident, following his example we have also asked Ravi Shastri to resign.
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyWhy this solar eclipse is different. Lovely report from Madras, Oregon as it goes bananas. By @JoelAchenbach
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyMt. Ranier is blowing our minds. Our present state may be too impressionable to be able to stand the awesomeness of…
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyOn the road from Denver to Casper.
Retweeted by Sachi Mohanty @NSFVoyager2 11/ The probes used assembly languages such as FORTRAN. Recently the Voyager program hired a new FORTR…
Retweeted by Sachi Mohanty @NSFVoyager2 10/ The computers aboard the Voyager probes each have 69.63 kilobytes of memory in total. That’s about…
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyWelp it's official, this eclipse is worth more to me than $1300 and a Delta dinner and breakfast. On the plane!
Retweeted by Sachi Mohantyben izlerken 3 kere düştüm aq
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Small Midwestern towns are already full of cars w/ out-of-state plates. @SarahKaplan48 on path of totality #eclipse
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Retweeted by Sachi Mohanty @ShreyGoyal old joke ... 😅 (even if only one day old)*someone* is paying to promote flattering happy birthday tweets to an Indian minister.
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyThe Peshwas were Chitpawan Brahmins weren't they? Maratha attacks from Attock to Cuttack including Sringeri, well d…
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyThe great physicist George Gamow, who once tried to defect from USSR paddling a kayak stocked with chocolate and co…
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyI had asked one fellow may be 25 years ago: is society supreme or the individual. He said 'society.' May be most Indians would say so.…but all we had to do was look down to be reminded that they were 250 miles high, not 250 fathoms deep
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyAs the sun rose on our Russian crew’s 7.5 hr spacewalk, their helmets lights gave off a glow that made it look like…
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyIt's been a long week.
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyPenis museum in Reykjavik
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyI think I can cite two instances of such murders among my relations. Both suicides. In one case, the father-in-law was a police guy.Who among Indians can say with honesty that they don't know of a murder where the perpetrator bribed and escaped pu… Cassini is now skimming the upper atmosphere, we have finally seen 3-dimensionality in the clouds of Saturn…
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyIs parental consent & arranged marriage now judicially mandated? Why wouldn't SC trust 26-yr-old with her choices i…
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyI saw a sliver moon rise just before sunrise today. Tomorrow it'll be too close to the sun to see. Monday it will be too close to NOT see.
Retweeted by Sachi MohantyThat's why Christopher Hitchens had a problem with it. Just watch Hitchens on YouTube, bro. reason religions exist is because parents and grandparents brainwash kids ... Devdutt Patnaik doesn't utter word salad like this or without forgiveness, without money, the Church is not built up.