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high key, low life

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@jilljubs 😅😅😅 @tef further solidifying golang’s place as the ryanair of systems languagesthe new golang branding looks like it should belong to a family owned chain of midwestern grocery stores rose is so creepy that john oliver had a repeat segment about him harassing people on air tf is this even real, reads like an onion headline
one cool thing about 2018 is getting to watch celebrities fully lose their mind in real time @sophaskins @isamlambert @github sophie they are not vans, wow have some respecthi all, me and my team (which i lead) have discovered that several of my past tweets were altered by hackers by ac…
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@bryanl you’ve come to the right place then!when a vendor accidentally forwards an email where they did due diligence on you feel very bad for anyone who followed me thinking they were about to get computer contentI have to give kanye credit - he went from “maybe I’ll rejoin twitter” to full “the thought police are trying to si…
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tfw i meet someone new at work and they go “i’ve definitely seen your tweets before” week i was visiting my parents and explained to my dad what a furry is. he walked away and then came back 15 m… @sophaskins first off: sophie think about your choices second: once you're buying a mitel phone why not get a ICP…
Calling it now: Kim Jong Un is a reddit user
Retweeted by Sam Kottlermy version of netflix and chill is twitter and panic attack
can new york be like this year round please ☀️☀️☀️
“I feel like there should be a Pulitzer for being a fuckboi, and that I should win it” - @samkottler is a gem y’all
Retweeted by Sam Kottlers/o every1 who is a thot on a instagram but a life coach on twitter
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tfw you spend multiple hours tracking something down to the place right below the line where you added a comment ab… @__wwoods__ I legit don't get why drpms are even a thing that are used by default. Like are they really something t… a New Yorker, I am a bodega sandwich. I am a subway rat. I am a goat cheese wheel from Murray's. I am a saw mill…
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Retweeted by Sam Kottlerreally curious to find out what led to my building sending out an email saying that you can't have live animals delivered to the lobby...if you then you don't love don't deserve us at our…
I'm building out a team at GitHub to add GVFS support for humongous git repos. I'm looking to find folk interested…
Retweeted by Sam KottlerHas anyone done a study on the effect on brain serotonin of dunking your head into Twitter at 8am and just madly re…
Retweeted by Sam KottlerI wanna approach everything in life with the confidence of someone riding a citibike in heavy traffic with no helmet.That's what adults do, you absolute morons.
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@marcprecipice I’d be willing to settle for being the Solange.Me getting gifted socks as a child vs getting socks as an adult.
Retweeted by Sam Kottlerwe are doing quarterly planning so I’m asking the important questions now have a long-lasting, single-shot Ebola vaccine.
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Michael Cohen's previously unnamed third client is SEAN HANNITY.
Retweeted by Sam Kottler @lstoll gonna go out on a limb and say the sliver of the venn diagram of people who buy reflectometry devices and p… is so shook
Retweeted by Sam Kottler @sophaskins and I thought _my_ relationship with computers was masochistic @olix0r instagram knows you're a snitchi get ads on instagram for otdrs, my life is extremely exciting @jmsdnns you might be getting a little wrapped up in procedure over sentiment here 😉them: i really hope trump gets impeached me, thinking about mike pence as president: loves a great comeback story, especially the part where a “weak and incompetent” Hillary Clinton emerged fr…
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Michael Cohen and the End Stage of the Trump Presidency.
Retweeted by Sam Kottlerapoliticism is just a very meek way to not care about otherslook, i'm not trying to get political on here, but naps are very goodwhen ur doing a group presentation but the person who did all the work stays home sick
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Assad wasn't targeted. His air force remains intact. US efforts taken to prevent escalation with Russia. So the m…
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Retweeted by Sam Kottler @gjtorikian @alexbernson i wonder if it’s the same person. the hero among us all.extremely big ups to the dude openly smoking a joint on this A train. congrats on living your best life. @fabrahamlincoln wow, you don't deserve my food tweetsgot all the windows open in my apartment and new york is Very Good todayg r e e t i n g s"capitalism is the most moral economic sy-"
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@annawiener oh duh, yeaFacebook wants you to simultaneously believe that average users can know how their data will be used while claiming…
Retweeted by Sam KottlerHonestly didn’t know, but seeing this I won’t be sayin it again. See how easy that is folks.
Retweeted by Sam Kottler*This* is what ICE is doing in Philadelphia.
Retweeted by Sam Kottlerare "love guns" or "support banks" really my only two options here
Retweeted by Sam Kottleri mean i guess “modern” is one perspective
Retweeted by Sam Kottler#Zuckerberg’s emphasis on privacy settings “called to mind a line of the financial industry’s post-crisis defense:…
Retweeted by Sam KottlerMySpace Tom cashed out for $600 million and disappeared to a life of luxury without destroying the fabric of societ…
Retweeted by Sam KottlerRobert Mueller—Republican Attorney General—Republican FBI Director—Republican DAG Rosenstein—Republican (4) FISA…
Retweeted by Sam Kottler @annawiener it’s 100% dotted lines @annawiener only people’s jail sentences could evolve too.
Retweeted by Sam Kottlerso paul ryan is running in 2020, eh? @gjtorikian spend** @gjtorikian if by “works” you mean allowed him to spent 20 years in congress and likely go on to make a seven figur…, binch this website still exists. happy wednesday.
Retweeted by Sam KottlerHuh. When he was House speaker, Boehner scored a 0% from the Natl Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Law.
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