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Hey y’all this website is cool or w/e, but it’s time for a (potentially forever) break ✌️
Built a Twitter replacement that just reroutes to Kindle.
Retweeted by Sam Kottler2017 in review: there was an hour long convo at the nye party comparing notes about ssris
black mirror is written by one stoned british dude who just mutters shit like wot if ya mum ran on batteries
Retweeted by Sam Kottler✌️✌️ @ New York, New York @ejgreenberg approximately 103%EIP: North Carolina is no longer classified as a democracy - "North Carolina does so poorly on the measures of lega…
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cardi b 2020
Thanks to @Instagram’s incredible algorithm, we’re just a few days away from Christmas.
Retweeted by Sam Kottler @Twitter Looking forward to more statements from Twitter about how seriously they take this and all the work they’r…
Retweeted by Sam KottlerWooooow, @Twitter.
Retweeted by Sam KottlerImagine if one of the largest retailers in the country paid a sufficient wage so its employees could buy a car.
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we them boys @ New Delhi👨‍💼 @ The Oberoi, Gurgaon
“I blame Reagan.” “For what?” *gestures vaguely towards everywhere*
Retweeted by Sam KottlerThis is the most important article I've read this entire year:
Retweeted by Sam KottlerFor the cost of the GOP tax cut you could fund the entire food stamp program, which feeds 1 in 10 Americans, for tw…
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rather than saying “make X great again” have you instead considered walking into the seaI hope one day we’ll realize at long last that the NE corner of 6th Ave & West 3rd st in Manhattan, where in the sp…
Retweeted by Sam Kottler⛅️ @ Khan Chacha
them: hi me: miss me with thatRe: Racism at @Vice and in the media world in general: (Thread) 1/27
Retweeted by Sam Kottlerwill smith single handedly saved 2017 just by joining instagram
Retweeted by Sam Kottler @isamlambert i feel extremely dragged rni’ve done literally nothing of substance for a week and i’m feeling the most clarity in maybe ever?wow this owns
Retweeted by Sam Kottleri am truly a nightmarethem: what a funny coincidence me: coincidence isn’t real, time-based synchronicity is what you are referring tothis is so well put, informational meetings are such a poor use of time💯💯💯💯 “One on one meetings are underrated whereas group meetings waste time” son's a little worried that Santa may skip our house because he was sometimes bad this year. I explained that S…
Retweeted by Sam Kottler🦆🌿 @ The Oberoi, Gurgaon, binch, @BarackObama, on apparently creating Seinfeld
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[sees a cop] disgusting. they shouldnt be out in public. how am i supposed to explain that to my kids
Retweeted by Sam Kottlerbouta update my “interested in” on facebook to chicken nuggets and silenceVICE took a year of my life from me. I quit journalism. I quit writing. A world like this was not safe for me. I fe…
Retweeted by Sam Kottler @tbmcmullen also they are from new york and live in my neighborhood gdi @tbmcmullen the whole family is now going around being like “anyone wanna try this, not spicy” for like each thingthe dude just ordered plain rice as an entreeyo i just heard someone ask if naan is spicy at this restaurant and my brain legit segfaulted
holy shit "AIDS" is trending, remember that Trump proposed a 2018 $800 million dollar budget cut in HIV/AIDS programs (…
Retweeted by Sam Kottler @bleything @bryanl the model x is a $150k pontiac aztek, but all the models are pretty ugly @joedamato rejectedWeird that Vice which started as an exploitative porn mag co-founded by a white supremacist would turn out to have…
Retweeted by Sam Kottler @bryanl the model s is hella ugly tooi should put “sorry” in my email footeryour boy is currently responding to months old personal emails at 5:40amcan we please stop calling cryptocurrency “crypto” that word already means somethingthere is a place in my heart for all these men who accidentally became billionaires cuz they were doing nerd-ass sh…
Retweeted by Sam KottlerHow corporate PR works in 4 parts
Retweeted by Sam KottlerI don't know what better advice I have at the end of 2017 than to stop worrying about the people who've chosen not…
Retweeted by Sam Kottlerunfortunately, as you already know, julian assangea photo of me as I enter 2018
Retweeted by Sam Kottlerwhat idiot called it a debate between cornel west and ta-nehisi coates and not the East Coast West-Coates Feud
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@joe___nelson joe what the fuckATT announced $1000 bonus then also announced it will lay off 600 in Illinois, Wisconsin, Missouri, Michigan, Indi…
Retweeted by Sam Kottler @importantshock nvm it’s the manufacturing date we good @importantshock it’s v expired @waferbaby they definitely sell liquid probiotics, but none with such a slogani’m screaming @azizshamim thank you aziz, that means a lot @AaronBBrown777 well that’s a...reliefI haven’t done any computing in a week. That’s probably the longest in literally 10 years.TIRED: treating junior devs like idiot babies and senior devs like flawless gods WIRED: realizing that inexperienc…
Retweeted by Sam Kottlermy main activity since arriving in india has been eating and i feel pretty good about it @diptanu oh I’m fine there were just people being super rude but they were Australian hah
Retweeted by Sam Kottlerthat feeling of overwhelming relief when you’re in a country other than your own and the people acting like total assholes aren’t american 😅 @jasoncwarner @kdaigle @Fanatics Had my 7th bday party there and was extremely torn up when they closed @jasoncwarner @kdaigle @Fanatics y’all remember the new haven ravens though?“the president will be watching” is legit the least threatening thing given that the dude watches 8 hours a day of tvbotswana will take no shit Moore is taking his loss well.
Retweeted by Sam Kottlerit is genuinely perplexing to me as to whether there are so few democrats ready to lead or if they actually just like losingplease do not accidentally fell asleep and now it’s midnight and i’m wide awake fffff @bryanl wrong country 😉