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Economist,MBA Finance,Ranked in Asiamoney,ex JP Morgan&HDFCSec, Entrepreneur,Columnist,Chief Spokesperson&Co-Convener,Intellectual Cell,BJPMumbai;Views,personal

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Tks @MCGM_BMC MC Ajoy mehta for accepting my proposals in BMC budget !
Retweeted by Sanju VermaFriends...with @awasthis at 8pm tonight on @News18India..Many Thx..#RavindraGaikwad#News18India #HTP 8PM का सवाल क्या #RavindraGaikwad का बचाव करने वालों का बहिष्कार होना चाहिए? #माफ़ी_मांगो_गायकवाड…
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Retweeted by Sanju Verma#MahaAssembly I demanded that those affected by Metro construction & coming under affected zone be provided 4 FSI extra to make up for loss.
Retweeted by Sanju VermaSane state where 2 policemen were driven to suicide by homeminister #KJGeorge who resigned,only to then become urba… like Gaikwad need to be put in place;What about @KapilSharmaK9 &his drunken in-flight brawl with @WhoSunilGrover?No media outrage?Why?Great rebuttal by @Sanju_Verma_ ...can goon MP's have any privileges??? #GoonGaikwad #aigroundsgaikwad
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@sainiraj60 Thx:) :).@narendramodi led govt has chosen to do what is right,not what is easy,despite semantics of #ShivSena,as alliance… deserves mention is,how Civil Aviation Ministry under @narendramodi led govt,has stood by #AirIndia,denouncing… mature decision should have been to protect the rights and safety of the passengers: Bejon Misra…
Retweeted by Sanju VermaWe need to amend the powers of the Parliament Ethics Committee: Sanju Verma #AIgroundsGaikwad
Retweeted by Sanju VermaFriends...on @TimesNow at 9pm,tonight...Many Thx...True..She brought attention to the subject.. thing abt #EnemyPropertyAct is,NO inheritance rights to those who chose Pakistan Vs India&to think @INCIndia s… President Mr @realDonaldTrump calls PM Sh @narendramodi ji to congratulate him on Uttar Pradesh poll victory.
Retweeted by Sanju Verma#Rupee,best performing Asian currency&6th best globally;This,despite NO RBI intervention&despite $28bnFCNR(B)redemption recently;#ModinomicsYTD #Rupe gains 4%@ 17month high of Rs65.04,with FIIs investing $6.8bn(abt 45000Cr),in last 3mnths alone;FIIs give… drove India to TwinDeficits;Despite 20-40% rise in base metal prices,India now,runs #CurrentAccountSurplus,ex GoldImportsWe are scared for #Hindus of Nalhati village who can't celebrate #DurgaPujo,thx to u&bomb making factories in… begins from 28th March till 5th April.On last day is called as Ram Navami,were it celebrates as birth of…
Retweeted by Sanju VermaIf you strip out #GoldImports,CAD,actually turns into a surplus of 0.3% of GDP in 3QFY17;In FY13,under #UPA2,#CAD was dangerously high@4.8%!Closer@home,CAD,came in@$7.9bn Vs mkt consensus of $12bn;For Fy17,#CAD will be just 0.6% of GDP,assuming 4Q No@0.3%… 29thMarch'17,process of #Brexit begins vide Art 50 of Lisbon Treaty;Coincides with falling wage growth,soft yields&rising inflation in UK
.@fayedsouza Thx for rivetting debate;400Cr+ accts authenticated;Encryption of Biometrics makes AADHAR safe from cy… tabled in LokSabha..Shud add 2-4% to GDP in medium/long term;Improve Tax/GDP ratio,Tax compliance&plug Tax Evasion #OneNationOneTaxHad an insightful discussion with Hon.PM Shri @narendramodi ji with members of Southern Gujarat Chamber of Commerce…
Retweeted by Sanju VermaIn UP, BJP won 17 seats out of 20 where VVPAT machines were installed with EVM
Retweeted by Sanju VermaTrue..#AADHAR,a great tool to plug subsidy leakages,sans pilferage;GOI has already saved 60000Cr on this count,abt… rare good piece - as usual, only by @SandipGhose -in ABP.
Retweeted by Sanju VermaSwamy writes to the PM asking him to prosecute P Chidambaram under the new Black Money and Benami Acts -
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Classic case of a #MuslimBigot,who cannot see beyond 'meat';If Saffron scares you,go back&read abt #Nandigram,State… parasite from #JNU who feeds off GOI subsidies&fancies herself as a scholar has been spewing venom ad nauseaum against #ModiGovt;#UglyEnding the day with electrifying rallies at Kudlapra,Naviluru,& Devirammanahalli villages of Nanjanagudu by-electio…
Retweeted by Sanju VermaAppreciated the service of the Brahma Kumaris family at the programme to mark their 80th anniversary.
Retweeted by Sanju VermaIllegal eateries/butcheries shud've shut down long back;This crackdown is a 'cleansing',not a 'crisis';@htTweets 'b… of democracy gets better when irresponsible #Hinduphobes(Azmi),who enjoy State apparatus&yet undermine that…
Retweeted by Sanju VermaWith fine,wef 2007,#RelianceIndustries will have to cough up,1000Cr,in all! This is not #AmbaniAdani sarkaar;This is a govt,for marginalized.@PChidambaram_IN abetted 5600Cr #NSEL scam,looting 13000 people; @narendramodi cracks whip;#SEBI ban on #Reliance banning #RelianceIndustries from derivatives trading for a yr&disgorging its profits of 447Cr is gr8 news #TaxChori undone #Modinomics.@Sanju_Verma_ takes on @RanaAyyub over the issue of @yogi_adityanath's inflammatory speeches in the past…
Retweeted by Sanju Verma#YogiGetsUP .@yogi_adityanath's track record as a parliamentarian has been very good: @Sanju_Verma_ #NEWSROOM
Retweeted by Sanju VermaIt's a sixer by @Sanju_Verma_ . Ball outside the stadium.
Retweeted by Sanju VermaDefending 'anti-Romeo drive', BJP leader @Sanju_Verma_ asks these questions to SC lawyer @karunanundy. Hear out.…
Retweeted by Sanju VermaPeople like @ansarraza16 & lawyers like @karunanundy have trivialised rape issue: @Sanju_Verma_ #NEWSROOM
Retweeted by Sanju VermaFiery @Sanju_Verma_ Takes on #Presstitute @RanaAyyub & Congress VP Rahul Gandhi ! Listen !!
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No outrage from the usual suspects in the MSM since it is secular Nitish's Bihar
Retweeted by Sanju Verma.@yadavakhilesh That 'when' will now remain a when?????? :) :) :) thx:) Kind of you:) must look at the case judiciously: Naveen Chomal #GoonGaikwad
Retweeted by Sanju VermaGaikwad is the same gentleman who in 2014 force fed a caterer during Ramzan, because he didn’t like the food: Sanju Verma #GoonGaikwad
Retweeted by Sanju VermaWe need to give more teeth to Acts like Consumer Protection Act: Sanju Verma, BJP #GoonGaikwad
Retweeted by Sanju VermaBJP completely condemns the incident: Sanju Verma #GoonGaikwad
Retweeted by Sanju Verma.@ngp_pradeep @TimesNow Thx:)UPA-1 had 80 GOMs& #EGOMs,extra constitutional bodies..That number rose to 120 in UPA-2;Not a squeak from FaliNarim… @TimesNow at 9pm tonight...Many Thx....@rajsan2016 Ppl like Ms. @AzmiShabana is the reason why Muslims in India are caught in their own siege &unable to join the new world order!
Retweeted by Sanju Verma#MahaAssembly It is absurd to serve notice for Non Agricultural tax on properties made 20 years ago! Have asked such action to be withheld.
Retweeted by Sanju VermaHealth of democracy gets better when irresponsible #Hinduphobes(Azmi),who enjoy State apparatus&yet undermine that… @sanjayuvacha. try confronting directly instead of retweeting abusive tweets. Turning into n abusive troll is ur answr to electoral loss?
Retweeted by Sanju VermaWho's bothered about the truth? "Meat row? CM Yogi Adityanath enforcing laws that existed for years" @TOILucknow
Retweeted by Sanju VermaTunday milein ya na milein,Gundein na milein!Will be happy to see No Gunday in UP.All illegal stuff must be stopped.Good moves #UPshouldgoUP
Retweeted by Sanju VermaOut of 126 slaughterhouses in the state, only 1 is legal! One of the best write ups on #TundayKabab & #RomeoSquad
Retweeted by Sanju Verma @indiantweeter And to think of the times when a government didn't care to defend a democratically elected CM from visa ban by the US.
Retweeted by Sanju VermaMuslim Approval Not Needed...time hindus stopped getting bullied in their own country!!!
Retweeted by Sanju Verma.@ushamohan1 Thank you Usha:)
2017 set the record straight that we dont endorse Mr Gaikwad's actions..i said at the outset,i do not hold brief… What makes this case slightly unusual is, both Mr Gaikwad&Mr Sukumar are public servants under Sec21(a)&7(b) of IPC,1860..You are obviously blind/deaf if you could not 'see/hear' a biased anchor who ignored my condemnation of Mr Gaikwad'… too condemned Mr Gaikwad's actions but equally, Delhi Police did a fab job by filing FIR against him under sectio… categorically said at the very outset, our party condemns Mr. Gaikwad...I 'screamed' at the obvious bias displaye… @shreyadhoundial @8pm & @Zakka_Jacob @9pm,on @CNNnews18 ..Thx..Great rebuttal by @Sanju_Verma_ !!Her conviction and subject matter ideally qualifies her to be a national spokes p…
Retweeted by Sanju VermaFriends...on @TimesNow @6pm, on @CNNnews18 at 8pm & at 9pm...Many Thx..
How times change!Last yr,quacks huffed abt $28bn #FCNR(B)redemption;That went off smoothly&today we have problem of plenty!#FlushWithDollars#Rupee,best performing Asian&6th best performing EM currency;INR,overvalued in #REER terms,so no harm,even if INR g… are flush with cash,abt Rs5LakhCr($76bn);With INR gaining 2% in March'17,#RBI may impound excess liquidity either via CRR hike or CMBsI have occasionally penned my thoughts through poetry. The book ‘Sakshibhav’ is a collection of some of the works.
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