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Award-winning speaker. JS @Microsoft. @vuejs Core Team, Writer @css, co-organizer @ConcatenateConf she/her

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@ashish1732 @vuejs @vue_london @CodePen @openprocessing @ProcessingIndia @p5xjs I love it 😍 @vuejs logo animation, inspired by @vue_london logo @CodePen @openprocessing @ProcessingIndia @p5xjs #css
Retweeted by Sarah Drasner @daxdax89 @FrontendMasters The workshop date is stated in the link- the raw videos are available pretty fast but th… @jevakallio🔥 If you want to see your timeline as chronological again, and without all the weird "____ likes" stuff, you can go…
Retweeted by Sarah Drasner @csswizardry @FrontendMasters doesn't feel like that on my end but thank you for saying that!🚀 Giveaway! I have two tickets to Web Unleashed @FITC to give out. Here's how it works: link up your favorite cod… @saiemamer @FrontendMasters pretty much! I might assume basic knowledge of CSS but we'll even cover some of the building blocks there too. @Una @FrontendMasters Thanks Una! @Duncanma @coldfrontconf Can you please talk to the organizers? I’m a speaker at the event.Hello world! I'm giving a brand new talk with new strange demos pushing the boundaries of web animation coming up a… @Joey_Farruggio Yeah, that's intentional and a preference of mine- to have a high contrast theme you have to pull c… @jenlooper @cotufa82 My first boost in terms of someone who helped train and teach me things was @estellatse ❤️ My… @TejasKumar_ Thanks Tejas! @matthewcpaul @CompuIves @FrontendMasters That’s not what I’m communicating here @davedisasterman @FrontendMasters Hey thanks @JasonEtco @FrontendMasters Thanks Jason! @rogie 🙌 @rogie Top! But I like the copy on the bottom @timknight @FrontendMasters Thanks Tim! @github_idbot sdras
I'd love to take this course. There is at least one open source project I want to start and I haven't been able to…
Retweeted by Sarah Drasner @Jon_E @FrontendMasters Thanks Jon! I hope it's helpful. I'm going to try my best to make it useful. @briancribb @dizzyd @FrontendMasters haha no but that would be funny @dizzyd @FrontendMasters 🧡 yeah but I pay you to say that :) @sakhisheikh @FrontendMasters Thanks!This is the first time I'm creating a course just because people asked me to! It's not going to take the place of…🖊 Today I'm working on some course material for "Design for Developers" for @FrontendMasters @nebrius Mine too! Twins @film_girl @nebrius 🥂 @nebrius I love it! What's our emoji? 🦄🌶🎤 maybe a compound of these? @msimundza_ @FrontendMasters Haha action shot of Vue excitement :) Thanks! I hope you're having fun too. @NAPOLEON_COC @ArtTechChat @vlh @TheLarkInn @leenyburger @youyuxi @bendhalpern @lydia_hallie @kentcdodds @reactiveIntent @toggleModal ❤️🌈 right back atcha @_jared aww, poor thing. hope he gets the treatment he needsHappy Bi visibility day! I'm here, I'm queer, I'm still in my pajamas 🌈🦄 #BiVisibilityDayAlso! A bi woman being with a man doesn’t make her any less queer. Same goes for bi men dating women! #BiVisibilityDay
Retweeted by Sarah Drasner @cotufa82 @WakaTime @thekitze @NikkitaFTW @code It does? No way! Ok I know what I’m doing this morning @toggleModal Oh nice! That seems pretty useful. Thanks!This @WakaTime app looks pretty cool! Gives you stats on your programming time. H’t to @cotufa82 @thekitze @HolaJacquie @crgrieve @HotChilliCode @EmmaWedekind @developerontour @lost_semicolon @francesmx @r_osalyn @anthonygore Nicely stated @jenlooper @HolaJacquie @iamlexieonearth @crgrieve @HotChilliCode @EmmaWedekind @developerontour @lost_semicolon @brianloveswords I think this too, anytime I’m on a panel- it’s much more comfortable and then otherwise I have to… @AzureAndChill Hahaha! You too! @LOCnCode Hahahaha @Rxbun She’s the best ever @punchesbears Oh no I should have known from the coke and weightlifting babe buddies @punchesbears I’m not sure! She loves sausage and would rock those sunglasses. I never realized how many similarities there are @toggleModal Guilty @the_whittington I don’t think so! I have no idea where she gets this stuff @Rxbun Lol it’s usually when something she’s really excited about is gonna happen: - getting Mac n Cheese - winning a video game - bathtimeI can’t video it because I don’t know when it’s gonna happen and also don’t want to subject her to the internet so… 4yo stepdaughter has started saying “OH YEAH” like the Kool Aid man and it’s the most hilarious shit everEarly unit of computing power: one "kilogirl" was equivalent to a thousand hours of manual computing labor
Retweeted by Sarah Drasner @hazelnutfondant @anildash TiltBrush! It’s amazing! My friend @estellatse is a master. @anildash I draw in 3d and it’s awesommmmme! Also zombie fights 🧟‍♀️ Pro-tip: if you have kids you have to erase t… @horse_js Horsey gonna get me in trouble @Apex_Zy @unicodeveloper @CodeMonster_ @codebeast @coder_blvck They made a comic about me!So a woman contestant on Vietnam’s The Bachelor confessed her love for another woman !!!! Bitch im rlly screaming a…
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@pecus @DynamicWebPaige @tkadlec If we're ever at a conference together, come up and say hi! 👋Playing around with @NativeScript + @vuejs. Made this quick demo in less than an hour. You should give it a try!…
Retweeted by Sarah Drasner @mergesort Thank you Joe! @ScribblingOn extremely same @jamonholmgren for good reason @jamonholmgren yes! I also love love love Calvin and Hobbes @kehdcode @saniyusuf @ireaderinokun @codebeast @unicodeveloper P.S. see comments in the Concatenate slack @kehdcode @saniyusuf @ireaderinokun @codebeast @unicodeveloper That’s so awesome! I love it! Thank you. @ashsmash My life right now exactlyi talked about the latest report that finds that women in tech hold just $0.47 (!!!) for each dollar of equity that…
Retweeted by Sarah DrasnerI've recently started mentoring interns and have realised just how important and useful programs like…
Retweeted by Sarah Drasner @knight_chronicz @DDubb3000 no, not on a CMS @knight_chronicz @DDubb3000 I'm done now but thanks :) It's also my 40th time doing this or something @knight_chronicz @DDubb3000 I'm helping out on a project that's not mine with a quick turnaround :) can't refactor. @iamuchejude totally :) @calder12 Fits her perfectly 👍Not really sure why we buy presents for kids when all they really want to do is play in the bag it came in @youyuxi @blakenewman Awesome job, Blake! 👏 @DynamicWebPaige @tkadlec @grigs likewisseeee. let's hang out next time I visit Seatte! @DynamicWebPaige @tkadlec bahahaha I see Tim in NY in about a month, I should start preparing too. Except now that… @DynamicWebPaige OMG this is so relatable and also totally the way I freaked out @tkadlec when I first met him. HE… @joshlangner yeah, thus the tweet 😫
@atari_zero thank you! @DevotionGeo lol no I am working on an existing project for work @atari_zero nice cover btw! @Klastic_ thanks for the clarification. sorry, I'm so used to having things I know well explained to me by random p… @DDubb3000 so agreed. I love flexbox/grid. it's removed the need for these giant frameworks, IMO @atari_zero cheers @Klastic_ I've been a frontend eng for 14 years. The problem is not experience. @joshlangner I totally agree but I'm jumping into someone else's project and don't have the time to refactor @jackiehluo @ellasibio same, same @WinnerCrespo It's not open source and it's for MSFT, but thank you for being so willing to help! Much appreciated. @mrolaolu I love your tweets.I wonder how many people hate CSS because their experience with it is overriding bootstrap. In completely unrelate… @ivansieder @drosenwasser @typescriptlang Aw thank you! @drosenwasser is world class.A short summary: double runtime performance, half the size (with optional features imported on demand and tree-shak…
Retweeted by Sarah Drasner @cwonrails Thanks! @sarah_edo Agreed - this helped too
Retweeted by Sarah DrasnerWhat I really like about it is that I follow a lot of brilliant people who don't have a lot of followers. Now their…