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Award-winning speaker. Sr. Developer Advocate @Microsoft. @vuejs Core Team, Writer @Real_CSS_Tricks, cofounder @webanimworkshop, work:

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@ken_wheeler Dizzy and I are cracking the f up @ashleymcnamara oh... that seems... awkwardto understand (and admit!) privilege, you have to come to terms with the fact that in some area, you can be simulta…
Retweeted by Sarah Drasner @sophiebits @captainsafia lovely!I'm sooo excited I got my ticket today for the web animation workshop with the Khaleesi of the SVG and @vlh :)
Retweeted by Sarah Drasner @dmarthal haha @GreysonSofia If you don't follow @sxywu, @NadiehBremer you should! They have great talks about their projects too @somascope hahaha I want that shirt @dsenneff @StillUpMySleeve Aw that's awesome! Yes it's fantastic! The student has become the master... @StillUpMySleeve @dsenneff Ha yeah I retweeted it a couple days ago. It’s amazing! @vick_OnRails @ryanflorence Hahaha this is amazing @johnlindquist hoo doggy. actually I think that helped me get back to work @Craig_PointC It fits easier on a business scroll @jptoto Well first I had to go find the original and then it took like 5 minutes hahaI'm procrastinating."It is I, Sarah of the house Drasner, best SEO of her name, The Unlearnt, Queen of the Vue Instance, Khaleesi of th… @deanleigh cool! :) @estellevw @stefsull dear lord, the conversation should be about GUN CONTROL AND CHILDREN, not what some security g… @philipcortes @nuxt_js thanks! @nuxt_js alright, done :) @deanleigh easy solution: give in @MoustacheDsign yeah, might make more sense to use scrollmagic directly, or write it yourself @g33konaut Yeah! Little Beam joined us in December @nuxt_js I'm almost done with this cocktail finder. Does it count if it's just an open source project and not enter… @patnealcodes @AdamRackis @sehurlburt couldn't agree more @ken_wheeler Hahha excellent Ken work here, Ken. @kalyma Thank you! @jkup Outrage, medium post in retort @SpaceSloth3000 Thank you Space Sloth! @Akryum What a pretty kitty @MadeWithVueJS Aw look at that face. 😍
@paulmgower @TheMattShull @nuxt_js absolutely! happy to share @MoustacheDsign ah yes I see- there are a number of use cases that I would use scrollmagic for. this miiiiight be o… @anthalus oh me too, any day of the week. a demo is worth a thousand words for me @mikesusz you're welcome :) @holtbt @stephenrivasjr @kentcdodds @TheLarkInn heehee good times, good timesI spend a really long time researching and making demos. I suppose if I decided to be less demo-heavy, I could do i… @Esger66 Totally. Same range of emotions. Between "yes! this is great!" to "what the hell is wrong with me this is garbage"Y'all... writing talks is a lot of work. Rewarding! Yes! But a lot of work. @TheMattShull @nuxt_js My pleasure :) @TheMattShull @nuxt_js Oh! I have my notes for how to do this! It's not really that straightforward right now but w… @AdamRackis @dubya_brian @sehurlburt Yeah, that's not what I was saying at all. I don't even get how you arrived th… @sptonjohn @chrisvfritz haha @LukeInAmerica Awesome! Well send her my way if she hits any walls :) @chrisvfritz awww @briancribb definitely not weirder than mine, so you're good 👍 @barmijo haha aw @rakshesha Congrats! @devdevcharlie @jsconfeu Congrats! That's a very tough conference to get into :) @LukeInAmerica The book would teach her animating SVG in general (which she'll also need), but the talk is better f… @LukeInAmerica Hi! I do have a section that goes into React-Motion but probably the best resource I have for what s… @tameverts Wow, great job with that lineup, Tammy and team! @swyx oof, I had no idea. @swyx huh? did I miss something? @AdamRackis @sehurlburt So true, I don’t think people don’t realize it isn’t a zero-sum game- in fact it’s a... sum… @punchesbears I'm giving a talk about ML/AI in Iceland next week! @punchesbears Is that woooo as in 👻 or wooo as in to Train Your Robot, AI for Everyone enjoy!2) The Best UX Is No Interface At All! Did you know that @burkeholland has been working his tail off putting out quality stuff WEEKLY? You should con… @ryanflorence @knitcodemonkey @kentcdodds @kurtiskemple @AdamRackis @Swizec @acemarke lol you've sent me into a wei… @jkup @holtbt @soujanya_gl Um, well maybe it will go faster for you than it did for me! Mine was a little slow-going. @knitcodemonkey @kentcdodds @kurtiskemple @AdamRackis @Swizec @acemarke I softly ask how they are doing and they wi… @knitcodemonkey @kentcdodds @kurtiskemple @AdamRackis @Swizec @acemarke Totally. So... actually I don't ignore the… @holtbt @soujanya_gl Agreed! 90% of mine are garbage for sure. They get better the more you make :) @Matthew_Wadley @jeffhollan @timheuer Thanks! I spent a lot of time writing it, as well as all of the open source m… @TobiReif niiiiice! @willk yet you still did @XipheHH @chrisvfritz @escapedcat @vuejs @y0da @MortiK totally :) @Mamboleoo @CodePen Great work Louis!🍭 I just found back a private pen I made a few months ago, it's time to share it 🍭 #threeJs #WebGL @CodePen
Retweeted by Sarah DrasnerManaging is hard, managing distributed teams is that much harder. Today we chat with @dizzyd about setting yourself…
Retweeted by Sarah Drasner @alexbourlotos hahaha nice @pgdj88 aw, cutest little lamp shade @alexbourlotos haha that hashtag @AdamRackis @knitcodemonkey @Swizec @acemarke @kentcdodds There are only a few students that are the type to raise… @AdamRackis @knitcodemonkey @Swizec @acemarke @kentcdodds One thing I've learned is to pay attention to the student…