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@coffeecraftcode @EricaLPeterson1 this is the cutest thread <3 @richardkotze Thanks for reading it!Removing holes from Arrays in ES6+
Retweeted by Sarah Drasner @ScottCate happy birthday! @jeremenichelli thanks Jeremias! @IndikeSP thanks! @natenovs thanks! So happy you're enjoying it @annie_parker haha you and I have this in common 🤘 @paulredmond @vlh @rachelnabors yeah! the book was so good. that waterfall scene, wow @annie_parker I would love to read a book from you! I'm morally obligated to tell you, though, the amount of work y… @thisizkp Awesome, have fun Prasanth! @kentcdodds @vlh @rachelnabors wow! that's cool!
@webalys @colebemis @IconUtopia @iconifyit yeah, it's a little less flexible if you need to change based on props/e… @webalys @herr_DOS @colebemis @IconUtopia @iconifyit Right, I understand, I thought that might be the case. I think… @webalys @colebemis @IconUtopia @iconifyit Ok if you have to support sketch you can try to release compound paths,… @webalys @herr_DOS @colebemis @IconUtopia @iconifyit You can take any shape, write fill="none" or fill:none in css,… @herr_DOS @webalys @colebemis @IconUtopia @iconifyit I think it's more a question in general about strokes. But yes… @webalys @colebemis @IconUtopia @iconifyit Yep, that's why I recommend people use Illustrator for SVGs when possibl…'m rewatching Jurassic Park, and I think this is a great illustration of what @vlh and @rachelnabors and I talk ab… your site looks when you invest in accessibility. #a11y
Retweeted by Sarah Drasner @teekatwo you're welcome! happy coding @teekatwo also for future reference, if you open one of the cogs and go to the "behavior" tab, you can deselect the… @teekatwo Oh! You can append ?turn_off_js=true to the end of the URL and it will turn of the js so you can fix it @alexnmoldovan Thank you Alex! @dallin_r Hi Dallin! Hm, I havent for this particular case, but what are you using for the carosel? is it vanilla J…🚨📘 Thanks to everyone who got Hands-on #Nextjs book 📘. The support was on 🔥 and I really appreciate. I just updated…
Retweeted by Sarah Drasner @hidden_tweet oh yeah I love these- they're a series!
@raymondcamden @HenriHelvetica @smashingmag Awesome Ray! I'm so excited to see you Henri 😊 Val (@vlh is coming next… @HenriHelvetica @smashingmag @sarah_edo Thank you :)
Retweeted by Sarah Drasner @apebeast @hankchizljaw haha. it's good for the eyesballz and soul @sohom154 Thanks for reading it! @holtbt @simona_cotin @cecilphillip @jawache @burkeholland @John_Papa @_clarkio @spboyer @azureadvocates It was so… @kamranayub Thanks for reading Kamran! @hankchizljaw Thank you Andy! @davatron5000 Thanks Dave! @khaled_garbaya cool! @marvindanig @Real_CSS_Tricks My pleasure!Some tips from @sarah_edo on how to balance time when there's a ton on your plate.
Retweeted by Sarah Drasner @elijahmanor @burkeholland hahaha @andrestaltz holy crap I love this. NICE WORK! @leopardzhang1 Haha good point @linseyyo Thank you Linsey! Let me know if you do cool stuff with it @notwaldorf @vlh It's amazing! Welcome to the fan club.
@joeytwiddle @shortdiv Great job, Divya! @shortdiv @sarah_edo Thanks Divya for your very practical introduction to Vue! The video is online here:
Retweeted by Sarah Drasner @NikkitaFTW Done! @burkeholland are you up too?<h1>Twitter considered harmful</h1>
Retweeted by Sarah Drasner @Anagobarreto @ARebelBelle Yeah! I couldn't place it, but that's what it is! @MylesBorins Jetlagged and Foot in Mouth here to report in @FREDERICKnMORTY We are, that’s what I was saying with this tweet (probably not well if that wasn’t communicated)
@jamiebuilds Thank you @aganaplocha @skillshare Awesome work!I’m still very hesitant to do it, but I need to learn how to do it, so... I’m sharing the news with you👀 I created…
Retweeted by Sarah Drasner @AnilRedshift I’m not, I’m in Denver but actually won’t be home until late July @gtodd876 @JemYoung @Rumyra @holtbt You are way cooler. This is great. @cobra_winfrey A few of us are working internally but I would love to hear about efforts that effect govt directly… @shortdiv Awesome! Congrats @TonyWhomever @PulsarPlatform @APompliano no I was saying my post was a shitpost, not his @johnnysunshine @AdamRackis @ericdelia_ @vuejs CLI UI to build @vuejs CLI UI 🐈
Retweeted by Sarah Drasner @PKodmad your new avatar is adorable! @manuelhe @AdamRackis @ericdelia_ Agreed @EddiesLaundry I'm there! @anildash ❤️ @AbelSquidHead 👊I'm frustrated by the ICE situation. I'm trying to do everything I can to affect change, but I'm not sure it's goin… @brianberneker Thanks Brian!
@AlnaimiMoustafa I would start with Eloquent JavaScript or You Don't Know JS series @mattsiegel @dustinhorne Hey Dustin you can either submit an issue if it's actionable, or contact me at sarah dot drasner at gmail. Thanks! @jeffwolfram Oh great, I'm happy to hear that! @shepazu Woah that was next level Doug @sillywampa Yeah I didn't read those last tweets until later, that's kind of sad, I think getting hammered with tha… @EventBuild Thanks!Woah, this is kind of fascinating. Alternate title: The Anatomy of a Shitpost goes for if you take points or examples from someone’s articles or books. Credit your sources. It makes you…
Retweeted by Sarah Drasner @kellabyte @dshaw @hyc_symas Fwiw I was curious who it was and I have him blocked too. I guess he’s quite the charmer. @siddharthkp Good luck!