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Citizen first. Only 'ism' is humanism. Journalist, author, father, friend. Failed cricketer, bad singer, full time foodie. New Book: Newsman.

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They remain the angry invisible voices of an India that can’t see compassion as the core of our existence.. who rea… ask @myogiadityanath : are elections to be fought on Ram or rozgaar: उनका जवाब : हम दोनों मुद्दों पर लड़ रहे है,… @ChouhanShivraj his success formula, he breaks into song: हम है राही प्यार के हमसे कुछ ना बोलिए.. जो भी प्यार… @ChouhanShivraj tells me: Vyapam mein mera koi haath nahi, SC ने मुझे clear किया है.. यह सवाल Congress के नेताओं से… at all. Without fear or favour my friend. Not here to do ‘hit jobs’ on any one but just do my job by asking qu…! Surround yourself with those who bring out the best in you, not the stress in you. Have a super day friends!!Wrong. Danger of lumping all in same basket.
@JM_Scindia at his pugnacious best in this interview with @IndiaToday well worth a watch! @JM_Scindia at his pugnacious best in this interview worth a watch on @IndiaToday @JM_Scindia gives as good as he gets. More netas like him needed for us journalists to ask questions to!🙏 Chattisgarh, a state which often gets lost in MP focus, turning out to be the surprise of this winter test? Or i… Aawas Yojana given 👍 in several villages we’ve gone in MP, performance of local administration 👎 @ChouhanShivraj👍😄 sure did: his response: i stand by every word, I said be careful of those who try and disrupt communal peace. We… Cong President @KamalNath_ tells me: you guys think Shah and Modi are the last word in elections: don’t forget I… ask Budhni की बहू Sadhana Singh or Mrs @ChouhanShivraj whether she is a power centre in MP.. her reply: मैं घर…हमारे @ChouhanShivraj सोना है लेकिन उनके लोकल नेता (chutput) नेता भ्रष्ट है! Voices from the ground on the campaign… it @ChouhanShivraj vs Maharaj in MP as is being projected by the BJP, I ask @JM_Scindia on the campaign trail..…
I notice the Pakistani cricket team yet again did a ‘Pakistan’! Snatched defeat from victory while chasing a small… take: RBI to CBI, governments will come and go, the institutions need to endure. Today: RBI fire doused for now, but CBI is a raging inferno that threatens to 'burn' big names. watch before commenting! really! I report what I see! Very little shocks me any more.. who wins or who loses is for voters to decide! doing a job my friend without fear or favour. And getting older!, petition says 'few' crores!🙏🏻 to the petition in SC, it is Haribhai Parthibhai Chaudhary, MP from Gujarat and minister of state for coa… CBI DIG in SC claims some of country’s biggest officials blocked a major investigation, union minister sought a 2… Today: 9 pm: RBI and CBI and the ‘war’ within: are the allegations of interference from the top hitting the cr… one of my top stories tonight! From RBI to CBI, news without the noise at 9 pm!!😄🙏 @BishanBedi stirs the pot at sahitya @aajtak where he launched my cricket book’s Hindi edition: IPL is a scam!! @MPvikasmahatme has prepared an excellent index that combines social and economic backwardness.. for reservation grows while supply of government jobs shrinks. When vote banks hijack common sense, we are i… Marathas are now a socially and educationally backward class in the land of the great Shivaji.why not just decla…! To be a great champion you must believe you are the best. If you're not, pretend you are. -Muhammad Al…
इससे ज़रूर देखे दोस्तों! @TheLallantop moment: With @BishanBedi @MadanLal1983 @vikrantgupta73 at launch of लोकतंत्र के ग्यारह.. हिंदी edition of D… to Telangana next weekend! Missing out on Mizoram which is sad. case you missed the show, here is #ElectionsOnMyPlate from Malwa/Indore.. hope you like it! @IndiaToday tv @sardesairajdeep at his best out interacting in d election akhada of #MadhyaPradesh in Indore, d house of…
Retweeted by Rajdeep SardesaiThe right hug this time: PM @narendramodi making a much needed reach out to Maldives:सुप्रभातम! Sunday के shubh दिन पर मेरी cricket और लोकतंत्र पर हिंदी किताब का आज विमोचन है! ७ बजे…
Full house to listen to @ravishndtv in conversation with me.. he is now seen as a ‘secular’ preacher, a voice of ‘r… waah! Thanks.. but all good things must end!👍🙏 you are at home and watching tv, 10 pm try #ElectionsOnMyPlate on @IndiaToday .. 👍From parrot to vulture, @ShekharGupta is spot on in his take on the CBI.., reminder: @ravishndtv and I will be in conversation at 7.30 pm this evening at the @tatalitlive at Tata theatre!.. do come:The PM must take the lead; the opposition must take the cue. Enough of this chaiwallah, chor, nana nani, Italian la… Garu will be there next weekend!👍 expect my elected, popular, much respected prime minister to raise the bar of public discourse, not lower it.. #Bangladesh Don’t oppose bail. Shahidul belongs on the streets and in slums documenting, working, p…
Retweeted by Rajdeep SardesaiA true citizen is judged by how he/she reacts in tough times. When Bombay/Mumbai was burning in 1992-93, Alyque Pad… you grew up in south Mumbai in the 70s, did a bit of theatre, went to Xaviers college , watched the Liril ad and…आज के @Dainik_Bhaskar_ में मेरा चुनावी विश्लेषण ज़रूर पड़िए! क्या होगा २०१९ में? who missed it: #ElectionsOnMyPlate repeats at 1 pm and 10 pm Saturday and 9 am/4 pm Sunday.. where poha meets… powerful book of ideas that challenge both the left and right and builds a new liberal narrative is almost here..… is no Scindia vs Scindia 'match-fixing' between me and @JM_Scindia in Madhya Pradesh, @yashodhararaje tells m…
Retweeted by Rajdeep Sardesai
Don’t discount the Modi factor: his campaign tends to give the BJP a ‘bump’ up in close contests as we have seen i… to see response to #ElectionsOnMyPlate from Indore/Malwa! Only confirms my view that tv news has to look… innings time!👍🙏 ma’am, but this may well be the last hurrah!🙏👍 waah! 🙏! There is pro and anti incumbency in MP!! Kaante ki takkar but could change because of multi cornered contes… come soon!👍👍🙏🙏 for thought!🙏👍😄👍🙏 pm tonight; 1 pm and 10 pm Sat and 9 am Sunday: #ElectionsOnMyPlate is back in election season! From Indore and a… troubling order passed by the AP govt while refusing to accept CBI supervision.. Co-operative federalism has n… @RahulGandhi on campaign trail in MP: ‘Demonetisation biggest scam in independent India.. the poor were robbed for… @narendramodi on campaign trail in Shahdol, MP: compare four generations of one family with the work I have done in… done Delhi Govt! Yeh hui na baat! May the song of protest long continue! Neerja and Tumhari Sulu, my school friend @atulkasbekar back with another major film: this time on education… brazen politics on all sides on Sabarimala is stunning: the Cong leadership talks ‘equality’ in Delhi, it’s Ker… friends: will be in Mumbai at #TataLitLive tomorrow (Saturday).. 3 pm at St Paul’s in Bandra with the New… channels are often accused of bypassing world of arts and culture. Which is why it’s great to see @aajtak orga…! Two things define you: Your patience when you have nothing, and your attitude when you have everything…
Law above sentiments: my take.. Sabarimala showdown awaits? @tmkrishna interview: do watch.. Gandhi's govt banned Kishore Kumar from singing on AIR during the emergency for not playing to the govt tune… @tmkrishna tells me, it's tv channels with their 15 boxes and getting guests to shout at each other with anchors in… Olga! It was women like you in the Mumbai of my 'youth' who inspired us to become journalists! 👍🙏🏻 trolls can unite, so can those who are targeted by them, no?😀👍🙏🏻 up next on @IndiaToday : I speak to @tmkrishna as we speak on the clampdown on dissenting voices. Cultural p… on my plate every Friday evening/weekends on @IndiaToday this election season. Episode one from Indore/Mal… Today 9 pm: another Sabarimala showdown: politicians playing with fire? 10 pm: the silencing of a musician? Ne… Madhya Pradesh, inches closer to the Assembly polls, Our consulting editor @sardesairajdeep takes you on a journ…
Retweeted by Rajdeep SardesaiRelevant in the context of the shameful TM Krishna episode.. comment: Shiv Sena mouthpiece, Saamna editorial headline this morning: Rafale is a bigger scam than Bofors!… good news story today is from the Kashmir valley.. can football build hope? Do watch this video.. Krishna can’t sing.. powerful must read piece by @Ram_Guha will a troll army now determine our cultural choices?! The richest man is not he who has the most, but he who needs the least. Have a super day!!
I honestly thought @sardesairajdeep had @ShashiTharoor in the corner with that question. But then Mr. Tharoor never…
Retweeted by Rajdeep Sardesai @ShashiTharoor on the Nehru legacy.. @SachinPilot on who is the Cong CM face in Rajasthan, he or @ashokgehlot51 .. watch: Ram temple or rozgaar: what should be a govt’s priority.. listen to the temple town of Ujjain speak out..… Today: 9 pm: the Rafale battle in court; the contested Nehru legacy.. @ShashiTharoor joins me; Rajasthan Cong… you as a consumer want a voice, participate in this short video contest and win exciting prizes ..…