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Haha! Very wise!! ten takeaways from Gujarat for the always engaging Hindi site @TheLallantop those days! number 7 pm tomorrow! I don't agree but will always take my old Election mate seriously . Let's see on 18th!! a journalist who covered the attack from inside parliament, went to to pay tribute to those killed in terror att…👍👍 Hope EC is watching how diabolical messages like this are being put across through whatsapp/social media.. will E…, Sunday morning 10 am and 12.30! Be there!! #TimesLitFest the sarcasm missed you lot: time to end all conspiracy theories my friend. And get to work! My friend 'Vikas'… sir!! in delhi.. will try and return post 18th.. it isn't new, is it? Don't you remember one of India's finest civil servants being called 'James Michael Lyngdo… from Ahmedabad: may give you a sense why Ahmedabad remains a BJP citadel.. hope is replaced by fear (and dare I say loathing): @pbmehta hard hitting column.. at 7 pm that the toxic election campaign in Gujarat is over, hope we can get away from name calling, conspiracy theori… to SMITA PATIL on her death anniversary. One of the most acclaimed actors and youngest film artist honoured…
Retweeted by Rajdeep SardesaiNice piece on #DemocracysXI in @afaqs website. May wish to read..! You can never base your life on the expectations of others!! Have a great day friends..The sea plane that @narendramodi ji flew in came via Karachi. Was there a 'secret' plot, meeting, deal? Should it b…
Since this was written before the sea plane 'event', should add a 11th: many Indians love politics as 'spectacle':… there must be life beyond the noise of TV: need to discover it..! But time to retire now.. sir sir ! hate anyone. Life is too short👍 are not all bad guys at all.. not easy to be a neta in India.!👍 say fine and Insightful reporting by @sardesairajdeep on #electiononmyplate, perhaps better than many local news reportings 👍
Retweeted by Rajdeep SardesaiAm a 'west' Indian! #ElectionsOnMyPlate! Price is paid by those who live on margins in our society.. #ElectionOnMyPlate't agree more here with the @timesofindia boss. When will we change with the times? 8.58 pm: #ElectionsOnMyPlate from Gujarat. Is the rural urban divide as sharp as is being made out?… anyone who says Indian mainstream media doesn't tell truth to power, read this powerful editorial in… Gujarat 2012, @narendramodi successfully experimented with hologram technology in campaign; now with sea planes.… @OfficeOfRG ducks out of question on reservations to Patidars in PC; by what 'secret formula' will Cong provide res… our cheerleading North Korean channels are calling this the first sea plane ride in India, my duty as journal…'re excited to announce the 4th edition of #Batting4Life🏏 -A unique event where Members of Parliament & Journalis…
Retweeted by Rajdeep SardesaiThank you ma'am! @DailyO_ has just picked up by Gujarat election blog here. luck and god bless! 👍 sir!👍 @narendramodi to land on Sabarmati River by sea plane on last day of Gujarat campaign; @OfficeOfRG to address a pre… you! Very kind you! 👍 you Prashant. Tomorrow's phase holds the key.. esp central Gujarat.. be a fan of any journalist sir! Cricketers and film stars are there for that! @AnushkaSharma Many congrats to both you and @imVkohli . God bless always! Loved the way you kept the media guessing and the event private!Thank you Ram! a reporter's analysis matches that of a reader, he suddenly becomes neutral! Anyway, thanks for your kind word… keen on election results of Gujarat...should read this ... great analysis @sardesairajdeep
Retweeted by Rajdeep SardesaiGood analysis by @sardesairajdeep , always think what he predicts happens, and he predicts its the article
Retweeted by Rajdeep SardesaiThank you Milan! ten takeaways from Battle for Gujarat, including who might be winning! May wish to read and share:! It is better to be a lion for a day than a sheep all your life! Stay well friends and have a great day! 👍
Yeh mera deewanapan hai ya mohabbat ka kasoor.. happy birthday Dilip Saab! Legend.. Gnight shubhratri..May seem like an anti national question to ask but still must be asked: who gave Khurshid Kasuri a visa to come to… folks.. first 'breaking news' pictures of Anushka Virat wedding means election show gets dropped.. perils of… pm: #ElectionsOnMyPlate from Ahmedabad to Viramgam and beyond.. look forward to your feedback @IndiaToday tv @AltNews exposes the shameful agenda of our North Korean tv channels once again. hati maari Gujarati? Mane pan Gujarat ma janm no gaurav che.. pm: #ElectionsOnMyPlate from Ahmedabad and beyond.. the sights, sounds and smells of the #BattleGroundGujarat @PMOIndia is suspecting former PM Singh, former VP Ansari of treason, he must provide evidence. Else apologise t… with @HardikPatel_ : the @aajtak interview: may wish to watch: nashto with @HardikPatel_ giant killer or media creation? Watch now on @aajtak #ElectionsOnMyPlate @HardikPatel_ tells me his three heroes are Bal Thackeray, Sardar Patel and Bhagat Singh. Guess there is no space f… wishes to DILIP KUMAR. He debuted in in ‘Jwar Bhata’ and featured in 65+ films in a career of 6 decades. T…
Retweeted by Rajdeep SardesaiSir, may I remind you that I do ground reports from most election bound states including UP where BJP won!!😄 for making my morning. Always nice to have people say kind things on twitter!! is a must read for every cricket fan says @dna newspaper.. @Inspire_Us Suprabhatam! It is amazing how much you can achieve if you do not care who gets the credit: Harry Trum…
14th 7 pm a long day on campaign trail, delighted to come home and read this. #DemocracysXI @OfficeOfRG cannot match @narendramodi son of the soil image or emotional pitch but has clearly found his voice. Ev… to @OfficeOfRG in Kalol: if @narendramodi says Congress is finished, then why does he spend half his spee…