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Citizen first. Only 'ism' is humanism. Journalist,anchor,reporter,author, columnist. Failed cricketer, bad singer, full time foodie. Tweet in personal capacity.

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In my 3 and a half years at India Today, not once has the channel silenced my voice or told me what to say and that… I didn’t! I predicted a super over in Karnataka which is exactly what you got!👍! Never let the things you want make you forget the things you have. #gratitude. Have a great weekend friends!Every party in this country is welcome to choose whichever poll suits them! In the end, the voter will decide: a go…
#MOTN Can united Opposition take on PM Modi in 2019? Watch the full video of CSDS-Lokniti Mood of The Nation Poll…
Retweeted by Rajdeep SardesaiAnd yes, took 3 catches and a run out!! someone tell me when was the last time the same player had the best economy rate and the best strike rate in… would have thought that an Afghan cricketer would be in line for the MVP at the IPL? @rashidkhan_19 is the new… Lokniti poll: if elections held today: NDA 274; UPA 165; Others 105. Note: same poll 6 months ago had NDA over… @cobrapost should have the integrity to distinguish between media houses up for ‘sale’ and those who will not let t… up on @IndiaToday tv: CSDS Lokniti poll: what would happen if general elections are held today? The latest tracker poll.. 9 pmOn now CSDS Lokniti Mood of the Nation poll on @IndiaToday tv: who will win general elections if held today? More at 9 pm.. @rahulkanwalDon’t get me wrong: i support sports minister @Ra_THORe initiative to encourage fitness . I just dont like the ‘cir… think ‘fitness challenge’ should be given by loaders, farmers, manual labourers, many of whom work 7 days 14 ho… story of hope! ha! Super one! there a conspiracy behind Tuticorin protests? Watch PMK leader @draramadoss & neta @ikamalhaasan debate on…
Retweeted by Rajdeep SardesaiFrom ‘raj-dharma’ to ‘Chanakya-Neeti’ is the BJP still a party with a difference? The fuller version of my column f…! Look at your problems as problems & they'll continue to hold you down. See them as blessings in disgui…
I feel very blessed today! And this wonderful gesture by the kids of @udayfoundation is a reminder that the more yo… Today: the Tuticorin fallout; what will it take to control fuel prices? The fitness craze and more @IndiaToday tv @sanjeevpaliwal आपने तो दिल छू लिया! शुक्रिया! the BJP a party with a difference? My latest column for @htTweets . Do read and share if you like..! You can do anything if you have enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is the yeast that makes your hopes rise to the… a leader and his army keep chanting ‘I/we are the best’, expect the rivals to feel fearful, insecure, ready to…
Delighted to hear this! 😄👍'Anti-Modiism' is the glue that binds a disparate opposition for now: my take.. all the oppn leaders on stage today, 3 women perhaps matter most: a) Sonia Gandhi: still has goodwill across par… BJP’s 2019 slogan is ready today : ‘woh kehte hai Modi hatao, mein kehta hoon desh Bachao!’ #KumaraswamySwearingIn @narendramodi Vs ‘all’ ; join me on a Facebook live at 7.35 pm on @IndiaToday . Will take your questions and commentsTo those who target Archbishop Couto, please show me a single hate speech word in his letter; then contrast it with… @ABdeVilliers17 is a reminder of how cricket was played before the computer men and micro level coaches took over;… don’t categorise @ABdeVilliers17 as an all rounder; but to my mind he must rank as the finest all round athlete… repeats itself only the actors change: In 1977 oppn came together to defeat Indira, then to defeat Rajiv in… atleast for today has unofficially a two party system: a Modi BJP and an anti Modi opposition. What happens… take: Where you stand on oil price hikes depends on where you sit:’t use Chanakya’s name to misuse power argues @sagarikaghose ..! Wear this is on your T shirt today! And have a good day! a day when 11 protestors are shot dead in Tuticorin, when a deadly virus kills 10, when petrol prices are above… is the last ma'am.. but thanks for kind words!👍
Congrats Anurag Tripathi: just got your timely book on Dera Sacha Sauda! Looking forward to reading it.. @msdhoni has now played in eight IPL finals; that is quite simply incredible. In a format where the game can be a b… people dead in Tuticorin protests, some of the protestors shot at point blank range. Is there a govt in TN that… Archbishop Couto has every right as an Indian citizen to express his views/concerns on politics but as the hea… top story on the 9 pm news @IndiaToday Facebook live: what does the Modi Govt need to do to control fuel prices? Join us in a minute with y… Today: 9 pm: fuel on fire: what needs to be done? Tuticorin violence: ground report; what is the Nidah virus?… story at the moment. Birthday Erapalli Prasanna Most Test Wickets (189) as an off spinner for India before Harbhajan arrived. Pa…
Retweeted by Rajdeep SardesaiIssues like Nipah virus and a fuel price hike hit all Indians from all religions so often don’t make prime time TV…! By becoming the answer to someone's prayer, we often find the answers to our own. Have a good day friends!!
A number of you asking for my take on Bengal panchayat polls! Here it is: From a week ago. love to see all the old tweets and sound bites on fuel price hike when the UPA was in power; am told that a f… colleague Rohini Swamy with the inside story on the ‘horses’ that were sought to be traded in Karnataka: 2019 going to be ‘Modi Vs All’ election? Will join @rahulkanwal on the 2019 election round table at 10 pm: my vi… that anyone could even consider comparing Atal Ji’s resignation in 1996 with @BSYBJP in 2018: one resigne… story that should truly shock and shame: journalist @sardesairajdeep says that the arbitrary arrest of Dalit rights activist & Bhim Army leader Chand…
Retweeted by Rajdeep SardesaiHD Deve Gowda tells me: I had first offered the Cong the chief ministership, they refused. My son and I are not aft… ask HD Deve Gowda: if Mahathir Mohd can become PM at 92, do you see yourself as a future PM at 86? He laughs: thi… the Cong 'stung' @BSYBJP son with the voice of a woman pretending to be an MLA's wife! All maybe fair in politi… the Cong MLAs had not been kept in resorts, the results would have been very different in Karnataka: @AmitShah .… the Cong and JDS ganging up in Karnataka to keep the BJP out , this column from March this year seems even mor… my book Democracy's XI, draw a parallel: in 1971, Indian cricket and Indira were conquering the world. By 1974,… seen this but thanks for sharing! All I can say is that I was there on the historic day at Mumbai airport but… to get a positive outlook to life? Here's book that will tell you how! Congrats to my friend and neighbour Gee… is not old yet!👍😄! Look for something positive in each day, even if some days you have to look a little harder. Have a gr…
Mumbai Indians knocked out! My fav team: Rajasthan Royals, the outsiders, coached by old club mate Zubin Bharucha,… it's comments like this which keep me going though the low times! Let's see what the future holds.. Pawan Chamling of Sikkim .. now in his 25th year and counting! Those who got it right, well done!👍 quiz qs: @BSYBJP is the second shortest tenure for an Indian CM but who has the longest tenure? No using google! #newswizHappy Sunday! Stay blessed!👍😄 take on Karnataka: picture abhi baaki hai!! Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of nowhere, and sometimes in the middle of nowhere, you find… a day when you have winners and losers, a bittersweet song from the great Kishore Da.. Gnight shubhratri..
Yes Sayema. But in a polarised society, those who cater to the biases and prejudices of the majority are called 'ne… excellent reporters too! So they deserve the real credit!