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Read about depopulation of indigenous Hindus in Bengal under Mughal rule supported by Indic mercantiles striking parallel between the attacks on Indians in U.S. and the attacks in India on Nigerians (which undercut India's image in Africa).
Retweeted by Saswati Sarkar~6000 converted to Islam in Kerala over past 5 years in two "conversion centers". Majority women via marriage:
Retweeted by Saswati SarkarIn light of #Navaratri I would like to share images of the beautiful Draupadi Amman temple in #Malacca, Malaysia
Retweeted by Saswati SarkarLegendary Maoist baladeer Gaddar turns Hindu, encourages Vedas
Retweeted by Saswati Sarkaryogi govt allow hindus to pray again in temple closed by SP @sarkar_swati @hindu_g @kanimozhi @maidros78 @a_r_j_u_n
Retweeted by Saswati SarkarIs Irfan Hafeez Lone related to Sajjad Lone? cc @sarkar_swati @DharRenuka @Ateendriyo @kaul_ashima
Retweeted by Saswati SarkarA moving personal note by @_Shourie on decriminalization of suicide
It's possible the author misread sabqat-i Islam which means supremacy of Islam, as lesson in Islam (sabaq-i Islam) @Madame_Micawber
Retweeted by Saswati SarkarBut as regard to destruction of all the temples in Mathura, he stated he did so in order to establish the sabqat-i Islam @Madame_Micawber
Retweeted by Saswati SarkarIn other words, the destruction of the temple was ideological (he didn't want Muslims learning "shirk"), not political @Madame_Micawber
Retweeted by Saswati SarkarHe destroyed Kashi Vishwanath because Hindus "carried books of false practices" (kutub-e batil ishtighal darand) ta…
Retweeted by Saswati SarkarTrump's softer line toward China suggests that the US is unlikely to abandon its neutrality on India-China disputes:
Retweeted by Saswati SarkarThe number of Hindu victims in the 1971 #genocide was approximately 2.4 million or about 80% |
Retweeted by Saswati Sarkar @RakeshNarula2 yes, absolutelythis temple was closed by akhilesh govt& now hindus broke closed gate thinking about yogi raj but got lathis in ret
Retweeted by Saswati Sarkar @swapan55 Agree but then who's responsible for this ? Need an answer on this too isn't it @suhelseth ?
Retweeted by Saswati Sarkar @sarkar_swati when facts are presented it is hard to counter them so the only avenue left is anger & outrage. Bornol time
Retweeted by Saswati SarkarSeven parts of our series on Indic mercantile collusion up, no substantive rebuttal article yet, just outrage that we aren't serving "cause"Read how the Mughal conquest of Bengal thru Indic mercantile money power opened it up 4 Portuguese slave trade to be a slave as a child, taken to Persia and duly indoctrinated elites of Bengal from Mughal times, Bengali or otherwise, all rose through collaboration with Islamists merchants from North & West of India heavily financed Mughal expeditions in Bengal & were hugely rewarded Burdwan and Nadia tributary kingdoms of Mughals founded through collusion, 1 is Khatri, another is Bengali about the evolution of the Khatri mercantile network in Bengal, through alliance with Mughals hv srcs indicating that elite trader interests wr already taking sides of mullah-traders ag fellow desi rivals: even helping in attacks.
Retweeted by Saswati Sarkarbut it seems to hv been at the cost of the producers on soil. This possibly also weakened pol resistance when push came to shove later.
Retweeted by Saswati Sarkarelite& merchant netwrks seemingly went on happily licensing "mleccha" traders to "settle" and spread their net so their own wealth increased
Retweeted by Saswati SarkarAgriculture, horticulture can create more jobs with chem-free farming, more essential than white liquid. Review Ind…
Retweeted by Saswati SarkarIf at all, Hindu cause will be served by exposing those who sold off common Hindus to Islamists.Merchants one of th… only cause that we hope 2 serve is that of truth,of knowledge. Read part 7 of our series on mercantile collusion series is a work on history, but for the more discerning reader it's also a work on the present. Here is why: @sarkar_swati Year back I did write about my fav @thejaggi at opindia, plz read.
Retweeted by Saswati SarkarTop BJP leaders lionized&conferred awards on mercantiles who shamelessly colluded with Islamists. Like Nehru. Read. them stick to the law, apply for licence. Remodel existing premises and process as per requirements and commenc…
Retweeted by Saswati SarkarInscription of Sambhaji Maharaj rule of tax exemption for local Hindus in Goa..It States "This is Hindu Rule"
Retweeted by Saswati SarkarMercantile collusion with Islamists continuing even now, through the mercantile section of BJP. Read: the same person who wanted large scale immigration of Muslim Bangladeshis in India opposing Yogi on: Seth has been hugely glorified in a book endorsed by @nsitharaman & @APanagariya - troubling @LathaIsloor @maidros78 thank you @dikgaj @a_r_j_u_n @KirtivardhanDBit lengthy read, @sarkar_swati @maidros78 & team, but worth it. Good read is a good read, no matter how you read
Retweeted by Saswati SarkarWhen the Black Night fell, 46 years ago. We were told to kill the Hindus and Kafirs. @trunils @Bunibroto @maidros78
Retweeted by Saswati SarkarWhere @sarkar_swati @dikgaj @a_r_j_u_n @KirtivardhanD & I explore the political clout of merchants in Bengal.
Retweeted by Saswati SarkarThe exploitation of commons through Islamist-Indic mercantile collusion in Bengal @sarkar_swati @maidros78 Team
Retweeted by Saswati SarkarMerchants in Bengal were strong enough to replace Nawabs unpalatable to them. But they never cared for other Hindus.
Retweeted by Saswati Sarkar @shuklakovid thank you @myindmakers @sarkar_swati @maidros78 Another great article from the awesome team! :)
Retweeted by Saswati Sarkar @aham1857 @myindmakers @maidros78 thank you17 March 1769: the British plan to destroy the textile industry in Bengal was put in place.
Retweeted by Saswati Sarkar1 of the few acts of the Bargis that can be fully condoned -looting Jagat Seth as instruments of Islamic colonialism @sarkar_swati we have had so many Man Singhs and Todarmals.The Hindus tend to forget their dark past pretty easily I reckon.
Retweeted by Saswati SarkarRead how Maharana Pratap forbade trade with Mughals at the pain of death - mercantile collusion drains resistance how Marwari merchants financed the Mughal expansion & Rajput states like Marwar, Amber provided muscle power S Irfan Habib and Jawaharlal Nehru’s association with #BhagatSingh. @sarkar_swati @maidros78 @dikgaj
Retweeted by Saswati Sarkar
@shoksing @avatans @maidros78 @dikgaj because artha took precedence over dharma @ThakkarChirayu but there is evidence of a collaborative network based on ethnicity and religion, current piece shows that @ThakkarChirayu Jain religious establishment was party to this collusion, please read our earlier article on Gujaratfaith & honor it didnt exist all that did was the Mughal Harem a slave list for the kings & his court playing with…
Retweeted by Saswati SarkarHomo Economicus personified they always took moneys side Read how historians have lied
Retweeted by Saswati Sarkar @ThakkarChirayu ethnicity and religion often constitute bases for collaboration networks, the clanish behavior we point out is part of thatIt is an insult to starving people to offer them religion; it is an insult to a starving man to teach him metaphysics. -- Swami Vivekananda
Retweeted by Saswati Sarkar2 freely kill native American Indians licenses were given.And now hindus R given lectures by US Hinduphobes like…
Retweeted by Saswati SarkarAnd where does vegetarianism come from -- since ancient Indian texts mentions cases of cow slaughter for religious…
Retweeted by Saswati Sarkar @davidfrawleyved @tufailelif Meat and fish are both part of many religious rituals concerning Shakti and tantra at least in the EastHindus r forced to convert creed @HinduRajyam @ChakraNews @trunils @BJPSamvadWB @truevirathindu @sarkar_swati
Retweeted by Saswati Sarkar @balajinodo78 @sarkar_swati @maidros78 @KirtivardhanD @dikgaj I guess for me atleast this articles show how hard we must fight to protect 🇮🇳
Retweeted by Saswati Sarkar @balajinodo78 @sarkar_swati @maidros78 @KirtivardhanD @dikgaj dominant religions still want to hurt us&mercantile mentally is still there
Retweeted by Saswati SarkarThe exploitation of commons through Islamist-Indic mercantile collusion in Bengal @sarkar_swati @maidros78 & team
Retweeted by Saswati SarkarRead abt the infrastructure 4 collusion with Islamists in the states of Rajasthan that had the transnat trade route @balajinodo78 @maidros78 thank you @dikgaj @a_r_j_u_n @KirtivardhanDBritish did deprive us of our wealth so did the Moguls but v never discussed in India thks @sarkar_swati @maidros78
Retweeted by Saswati SarkarWhy did Man Singh surrender to Akbar, while Maharana Pratap fought on? The answer in the mercantile impact @ThakkarChirayu thank youAnother worth reading, enlighting piece of research.
Retweeted by Saswati Sarkar @Prof_HariOm thank youI just read @sarkar_swati & the co-researchers' article. It's an eye opener. All must read it and share it. Nation…
Retweeted by Saswati Sarkar @econbureau @Abhina_Prakash please research the role of the rest u believe are culpable in slave trade and write with documentary evidence @econbureau @Abhina_Prakash we are focusing on mercantile collusion in slave trade, you are welcome to write articles involving restHope @nsitharaman & @APanagariya read our article on mercantile collusion with Islamists in Bengal, both mentioned