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feminist, agnostic, politically bipartisan,Indian, Bangali, socially progressive, follow Hindu human & legal rights, student of Hindu history, engineering acade

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@LathaIsloor @RahulEaswar @harigiri941 @Auro_Mere @PanchaVaktra @sarker_kaushik @maidros78 @madhukishwar Aurobindo…
@lal_shiban size/minority at moment within a spectrum - doesnt matter to me. determined minorities can carry the da…
Retweeted by Saswati Sarkar @lal_shiban u think those that are buy-able are worth retaining? better they go now than betray in the middle of battle.
Retweeted by Saswati Sarkar @lal_shiban its historically incorrect that "mathematical brains" dont make war: the most innovative warmongerers were very "mathematical"
Retweeted by Saswati Sarkar @lal_shiban same goes for Julius the "Hairy": down to Eamonn de Valera of both Easter uprising and then rebel county guerrilla warfare.
Retweeted by Saswati Sarkar @lal_shiban Napoleon (then still Buonaparte) rose at first only because of his mathematical ability which was cruci…
Retweeted by Saswati Sarkar @AlfredoKumar Social media has been a great help. SM was not strong during UPA1 @truerightwinger @sunil_corporate @banerji1 In my opinion @AlfredoKumar Between evils of politicians, I would rely on those who win in their name in the state 2 do less harm… @AlfredoKumar The Hindu veto needs to be established @truerightwinger @sunil_corporate @banerji1 No, IMO @AlfredoKumar So did I, now I know better, he was securing his base against VHP and perhaps missionaries too, he do… @truerightwinger @sunil_corporate @banerji1 Go to the pinned tweet in my profile, click the link, go down, react ol… @AlfredoKumar + particularly the Hindu lower strata, the upper strata is rarely hit, if they do, actions are taken @AlfredoKumar U have an all or nothing approach :) That's my approach too, except it's hard 2 see Hindus suffer as… @AlfredoKumar The leadership of Bihar was in a national party's hand, right? Not one whose base is Bihar. Nitish won't risk as much @AlfredoKumar + Not sure though how long Mamata would hold out on Teesta, she is vulnerable to corruption charges w… @AlfredoKumar If BJP wins WB, state govt would buckle under Central govt's pressure, and North Bengal would lose its water right away + @AlfredoKumar It was Modi who is dealing with BD on WB's land and now water, Mamata opposed the first, gave up unde… @AlfredoKumar + While WB isn't expendable 4 Mamata, so she would respond 2 pressure if there is 1, sooner than BJP there @AlfredoKumar + I expect BJP would do nothing 4 Hindus in WB if it wins, like it's doing nothing 4 them in Assam, b… @AlfredoKumar Recall Modi implemented the anti-conversion law in Guj, but BJP isn't doing it in Jharkhand, Guj is B… @AlfredoKumar Mamata might change, in fact she would change, if Hindus are not on their guard, but only protection is that WB is her base + @AlfredoKumar The best situation for Hindus in the current setting is where parties are close in terms of strength + @AlfredoKumar What I am hearing is in her party the entire pressure was coming from the Muslim leaders, she thought… @AlfredoKumar My philosophy is simple - never ever trust any politician, no matter which party they belong 2, press… @MaitraArpita @sarkar_swati @timesofindia So fierce hindus have burnt the place where Godess Durga is worshiped.
Retweeted by Saswati Sarkar @sunil_corporate @banerji1 Our blogs show the Gandhi sans the propaganda based on his own writings and speeches which are available onlineRead @sarkar_swati 's twitter you will find many examples of books that you won't be able to get even . other searc…
Retweeted by Saswati SarkarNo not google ... find authentic books written by people who knew him and historians ... 95% of course books are pr…
Retweeted by Saswati Sarkar @AlfredoKumar + So if leaders see that their base would rebel they would act, this didn't happen earlier I think @AlfredoKumar + That WB has an apolitical Hindu pressure group which is growing has put Mamata on notice + @AlfredoKumar +Mamata is a shrewd leader too, she knows if she continues her current tilt she would lose,sooner or… @AlfredoKumar + All leaders are territorial about their base, Mamata knows if she loses WB, she has nothing 2 fall back on + @AlfredoKumar + This feeling is openly expressed by low level cadres of Mamata's own party in WB, even outside the riot affected areas + @AlfredoKumar There is a widespread feeling in WB, even outside the riot affected areas, that Mamata is unduly biased towards Muslims + @AlfredoKumar There was a significant Hindu backlash from Hindus of riot affected areas of WB, including from worke… @AlfredoKumar Mamata is not facing any poll right now, but there are early indications that she might course correc… @AlfredoKumar Was Congress aggressively anti-Hindu before 2003 ?If other parties understand that there is a Hindu vote bank that's becoming BJP's monopoly because of TINA, its goo… @RahulEaswar @sarkar_swati @Auro_Mere @PanchaVaktra @sarker_kaushik @LathaIsloor @maidros78 @madhukishwar Alternati…
Retweeted by Saswati SarkarNeither right nor left would find this news palatable, but apoliticals would welcome course correction of… @abhic_1983 @Wolverin81 @maidros78 This has been my observation too about local cadres, one of them used to be the purohit of the local puja @abhic_1983 @Wolverin81 @maidros78 Send may not be a right word, as family members have their own agency, but most… @RanaAyyub Even I had missed my train because of these Namazis they start anywhere as if it's their grandfather's p…
Retweeted by Saswati SarkarHis sickness of mind has infected us all .... we need to rid ourselves of his germs !
Retweeted by Saswati Sarkar @Abhijit51299123 @atulpatel1981 @madhukishwar @manakgupta @madskak @maidros78 @sarkar_swati @Prof_HariOm
Retweeted by Saswati SarkarExcept Hindus in India, right? That's why no @HMOIndia team for Dhulagarh, Tehatta or Basirhat.
Retweeted by Saswati SarkarCentury-old auditorium set ablaze in Kurseong - Times of India via @timesofindia "Fierce Hindus" have done this
Retweeted by Saswati SarkarSo, Halal certification for @PypProducts can't shine fortune for @yogrishiramdev?
Retweeted by Saswati SarkarWhat @scroll_in didn't report that publishing such comics didn't cost them the fate of Charlie Hebdo. via @scroll_in
Retweeted by Saswati SarkarThis is"secular" govt. Anything that demonize Hindus is great. The more Hindus are killed, the more satisfied this…
Retweeted by Saswati SarkarForget killing of swamsevaks in Kerala, jihadi attacks in WB, exodus of KPs, stopping Gau Rakshaks is top priority.
Retweeted by Saswati SarkarJMU's Poonch turns 95% Muslim. Rajouri almost 65%. JMU district on D top of ISI agenda. Border-belt from Kathua to…
Retweeted by Saswati Sarkar @banerji1 Gandhi was a very sick man @RahulEaswar @harigiri941 @Auro_Mere @PanchaVaktra @sarker_kaushik @LathaIsloor @maidros78 @madhukishwar Then you s… @Wolverin81 @maidros78 Bulk of the Communist leadership is Brahmin @RahulEaswar @harigiri941 @Auro_Mere @PanchaVaktra @sarker_kaushik @LathaIsloor @maidros78 @madhukishwar I disagree… @RahulEaswar @harigiri941 @Auro_Mere @PanchaVaktra @sarker_kaushik @LathaIsloor @maidros78 @madhukishwar I disagree… @RahulEaswar @harigiri941 @Auro_Mere @PanchaVaktra @sarker_kaushik @LathaIsloor @maidros78 @madhukishwar Since Gand… @RahulEaswar @harigiri941 @Auro_Mere @PanchaVaktra @sarker_kaushik @LathaIsloor @maidros78 @madhukishwar Last time… his Dharmic and unbiased views, British expelled from British India, and he too shelter in French India.
Retweeted by Saswati Sarkar @RahulEaswar @harigiri941 @Auro_Mere @PanchaVaktra @sarker_kaushik @LathaIsloor @maidros78 @madhukishwar Hope you a… @rparashar786 That gesture was good, but not addressing core issues @_amitnath1991 @myogiadityanath @pksbjp @manakgupta @madskak @maidros78 @sarkar_swati @Prof_HariOm @LathaIsloor
Retweeted by Saswati Sarkar @raydeep @_amitnath1991 @myogiadityanath @pksbjp We voted a incompetent MLA , @rajnathsingh is in politics to secu…
Retweeted by Saswati Sarkar @RahulEaswar @svbadri There are enough documentations of Gandhi's sexual abuse of young women wards, truth isn't character assassination @maidros78 @sarkar_swati ..In Maharashtra schools..."SARVATMAKA SARVESHEARA" a beautiful poem by KUSUMAGRAJ, was introduced nd withdrawn.
Retweeted by Saswati Sarkar @harish_purohit @hindu_g @tishtriya @mariawirth1 @Janamejayan Thank youBJP is planning to win WB through a fish festival to avert the criticism that they don't get Bengali culture. Good. @myogiadityanath @CMOfficeUP first drizzle of the season I can see the VIKAS our MLA @pksbjp too has vanished get…
Retweeted by Saswati Sarkar3) My greatgrandmother used to sing it very well, I am told. My mum sings it passionately even today. This is the heritage of Kerala.
Retweeted by Saswati Sarkar2) The defenders of Kerala, after Malabar kingdoms fell, were Travancore kings. No better way to celebrate it than resurrecting their anthem
Retweeted by Saswati Sarkar1) This, BTW, is the anthem of Travancore state. Use this if you want to celebrate Kerala heritage.
Retweeted by Saswati Sarkar7) Let us reclaim that by raising the Varahaswami flag of Vijayanagar & praying to Goddess Chamundeshwari to give us strength to resist.
Retweeted by Saswati Sarkar6) It is this blood that flows in our veins - that of resisters against all oppressors, Islamist or British. Let us celebrate that.
Retweeted by Saswati Sarkar5) We resisted Delhi sultanate, Bahmani sultanates & Mughals. We fought against usurpers like Haidar & Tipu. We fought out the British.
Retweeted by Saswati Sarkar4) Let us reclaim our heritage of Karnataka - that of Vijayanagara & Mysore kingdoms. We are the children of a people that resisted invaders
Retweeted by Saswati Sarkar3) By the way, Mysore anthem was the official prayer in all schools in Karnataka in our parents' time (1950s).
Retweeted by Saswati Sarkar