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Retweeted by Scott BealeBiden Searching White House One Last Time For Missing Pet Snake
Retweeted by Scott BealeJames Bond drinks garbage martinis but not without reason
Retweeted by Scott BealeMy favorite part is "3 weeks ago," as in "yes mom I started my college essay like, LAST MONTH." Also, why no gold s…
Retweeted by Scott BealeThis is 💔. Art is the voice that speaks to all everywhere.
Retweeted by Scott BealeTrump team wants to privatize Corporation for Public Broadcasting and eliminate Nat’l Endowment for the Arts:
Retweeted by Scott BealeThank you @BarackObama for giving me a chance. =,)
Retweeted by Scott Beale @kraykray Print out Trump’s tweets and make them into signs.
Taking it in on one last walk through the People's House.
Retweeted by Scott BealeTrump's inauguration is on Friday. Here's @EFF's game plan for the first 100 days:
Retweeted by Scott Beale41 and Barbara—thinking about you both and sending wishes for a speedy recovery. Love, 42.
Retweeted by Scott BealeThank you for saying that and having the last name "Tickle". Now let's form a morning radio team.…
Retweeted by Scott BealeIf you ever wanted to make Kevin's famous chili from The Office, here's how to do it. I still feel bad for Kevin.… the excitement about today? Glad you asked. Today’s the day we’re launching Threads. Mhm. Threads.…
Retweeted by Scott BealePitch Deck by @fredbenenson and @AlxHague looks really great. @GifsCom One feature request would be a resizing option. Currently we have to manually change each embed to 750px wide to match our content. @GifsCom Thanks. What we’ve done in the past is recreate the GIF and then re-embed it on the post. @GifsCom Maybe something temporarily causes them not to work on some posts. It's really weird. I'll let you know the next time it happens. @GifsCom I've been checking through our posts with GIFs and they all seem to be working now: @GifsCom Only the embeds on our blog. We haven't been posting them to Twitter. On the page they will still work. @GifsCom I'll send an example the next time it happens. It's been an issue off and on for a few months, but much worse this week. @GifsCom I don't have a current example, but when they break the embed is blank with a broken image in the upper right-hand corner. @GifsCom Weird, the GIFs we had problems with earlier are now working again. Did you change something on your end?New Blog Post: Tales from the frontlines of viral photography
Retweeted by Scott BealeRussia extended Edward Snowden's asylum
Retweeted by Scott BealeWomen's marches are happening around the world
Retweeted by Scott Beale @CarolineSiede Thanks for the via. Could you please remove the "The", it's just "Laughing Squid". /cc @BoingBoing @GifsCom We've been using them on @LaughingSquid for a while now and would love to keep doing so if there is a way to fix this. @GifsCom Here's an example. This one works just fine on, but if embedded, it is broken. @GifsCom We've noticed that some your embeds to break after a period of time. Any ideas what might be causing this?How are we supposed to work when all of reality is a freeway chase?
Retweeted by Scott Beale
No better way to kick off 95 than with a visit from my dear friend, @katiecouric. @YahooNews
Retweeted by Scott Beale @seanbonner Yeah, not that it’s an exact comparison, but you should have seen what happened to my Grumpy Cat photos. @seanbonner That sucks, I’m sorry to hear that.Every day is Betty White’s birthday in my heart
Retweeted by Scott Beale @seanbonner If it’s the photo I think it is, I’m seeing it everywhere and unfortunately often without attribution.After January 20, 2017: @POTUS@BarackObama @VP@JoeBiden Learn more:
Retweeted by Scott BealeLet it be said here in earnest, with good heart: Thanks, Obama.
Retweeted by Scott Beale @emmangoldstein Hopefully you’ll have a new countdown to start after Friday.Since some have asked, Trump wouldn’t be able to rescind Manning’s commutation even though he will be released after Obama leaves office.
Retweeted by Scott BealeRight on, congrats! We need you more now than ever in the age of computer. open letter to Trump from the White House press corps gives me a lot of hope. Journalism is core to democracy.
Retweeted by Scott BealePresident Obama largely commuted the remaining prison sentence of Chelsea Manning
Retweeted by Scott BealeThe ghost of Bleecker Street Records (it permanently closed in October). the girl from the South Side who took on a role she didn't ask for and made it her own: Happy Birthday, Michelle…
Retweeted by Scott BealeI stand with legendary civil rights hero @repjohnlewis. And sometimes crowd-surf with him.
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Recomendo is my weekly newsletter with 6 brief personal recommendations of cool stuff. 8153 subscribers.
Retweeted by Scott BealeRedditors share how MLK quotes literally changed their lives. Happy MLK day.
Retweeted by Scott BealeIf Trump keeps @realDonaldTrump account as POTUS, who will ensure DMs are not deleted in the event of a FOIA request?
Retweeted by Scott BealeWe are saddened by the loss of retired NASA astronaut Gene Cernan, the last man to walk on the moon.…
Retweeted by Scott BealeLooking forward to the release of @LovingVincent, it looks amazing. another popular country musician has refused to play the inauguration
Retweeted by Scott BealeMay we honor today and everyday the tremendous, even ultimate, sacrifices #MLK made for equality, liberty, and unit…
Retweeted by Scott Beale#mlkday
Retweeted by Scott Beale
Transition sources tell me @realDonaldTrump intends to keep using his own account as president, not switching to @potus himself
Retweeted by Scott Beale#NYC you take this clip from "Her" and rotate it, Joaquin Phoenix's forehead looks like a tiny upside-down face.… Sunday Herald TV Section wins today.
Retweeted by Scott Beale.@AlecBaldwin takes the piss out of Trump's press conference on @nbcsnl. entire account is now private. Here's a screenshot of the original post showing the trash epidemic we have here… @SFGeekGirl Here's the full photo she posted which clearly shows there is trash everywhere in NYC. @SFGeekGirl Interesting, I didn't realized she made her entire account private because since posting that. Here's a… would be hilarious if Obama resigned a day or two before end of term, just to make Biden President and troll history students forever.
Retweeted by Scott BealeWith a federal election looming in Germany, Facebook is about to start alerting German users to "fake news"
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Ringling Bros. circus is shutting down in May after 146 years. my best Nigel Tufnel voice) This one goes to 11
Retweeted by Scott Beale.@2CELLOS performing a beautiful Game of Thrones medley with @londonsymphony in Dubrovnik, Croatia (Kings Landing)., now it's happening in our apartment. This city has gone to hell! There’s a bottle perfectly posed on the sidewalk in our city? That’s it, I’m moving! Thiel considering bid for California governor
Retweeted by Scott BealeNew term: non-gender elbow spread. When you're on a crowded subway and person raises a phone to their face, hitting the person on each side.
Retweeted by Scott Beale.@HamillHimself has a new Trumpster recording! This time it's Trump's Meryl Streep tweets in the voice of The Joker. and Eagle 鷹鴿水水牛 by Hung Yi
Retweeted by Scott BealeJohn Lewis has grace. Here is a video where he chats with the now former kkk member who beat him up.…
Retweeted by Scott BealeOffice of Government Ethics website usually gets 300k visitors a year. It had 1 million in the last three days.
Retweeted by Scott BealeTeaching myself "Stairway to Heaven" on guitar 🎸 since there are no signs forbidding it in my living room.
Retweeted by Scott BealeCats have a knack for presentation.
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