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😂 http://t.co/ENtbwceQP7
Retweeted by s e w i n ♛Can't stop thinking about you.“@sophiaadiiana: You just gotta let them talk” yup😅
You're a lame ass nigga if you're letting somebody else's opinion on your girl effect how you feel about her
Retweeted by s e w i n ♛Maybe one day I'll settle down, but for now I'll just play around.
When bae starts catching your same habits, you know its real👌 http://t.co/nvIgtbVQsP
Retweeted by s e w i n ♛@sewiinxo That's all you 🔥😻
Retweeted by s e w i n ♛@sophiaadiiana you're so fine mamas😍🗿 http://t.co/x3aPObd9gZ
Retweeted by s e w i n ♛http://t.co/6RJyNUUw6cIt ain't a secret baby, everybody saw us.The "Bae is coming over" starter pack http://t.co/KR2WgBilmZ
Retweeted by s e w i n ♛Ain't much out there to have feelings for.people that are in relationships but still flirt with you anyway http://t.co/8iwDoRfC4R
Retweeted by s e w i n ♛
Letting go was the best decision I've ever made.Want😍 http://t.co/Li4k4BKcs0
All my bitches is styling... Beaches & eating Italian
Retweeted by s e w i n ♛I'm in love with the coco🔥When you see who your ex downgraded to 😂 http://t.co/du996ndION
Retweeted by s e w i n ♛100%😭 http://t.co/11rRZCApVY👽 http://t.co/Ksfl8RYbpA@sophiaadiiana khafeshoInside moda_nightlife tonight With my babe @sewiinxo 💕 #magiksundays http://t.co/QN8cSIw2eh
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“@VineForTheBird: When you pass me the aux cord https://t.co/mN1V6ku28t”SO MEEEE 😂😂😂 @sewiinxo
Retweeted by s e w i n ♛“@IrissMariaa: http://t.co/egH29Tbtce” look at you mamas 💦👀@sewiinxo is the definition of a female boss and for that, I will always look up to you. 👏
Retweeted by s e w i n ♛
Met @sewiinxo the other night AND she followed me on IG #yeslawd #finally ☺️☺️
Retweeted by s e w i n ♛I swear there's not a minute that goes by where we're not laughing our asses off @sewiinxo 😂
Retweeted by s e w i n ♛Should I cut my hair short or na💭 http://t.co/5oz9pjko28I need the iPhone 6 asap 👀I'm such a little girl👧 http://t.co/6dQAJcxXT2They said fly girls have more fun😈late night kinky convos ft. bae
Retweeted by s e w i n ♛
👄 http://t.co/61gVzHRigFDinner with my man on a g5 is my idea of an update.Just double checking.
Retweeted by s e w i n ♛
@LegacyAzim 😏I spy drizzy 👀 http://t.co/qoVGUKZPP5If I cut you off, chances are you handed me the scissors.
Look at that face, you look like my next mistake
Retweeted by s e w i n ♛Second chances have never been a problem with me, I tend to give 7 or 8 before I realize I'm a fucking idiot.when bae says "no" http://t.co/uGL2lKmO5W
Retweeted by s e w i n ♛actual bae goals http://t.co/rPyqudlLWa
Retweeted by s e w i n ♛Kanye's mom taught him well http://t.co/VutAeIEuRr
Retweeted by s e w i n ♛Can't wait to live it up with you baby. Happy mother fuckin' birthday to my #1 gyal @athenaaxo , love you tons💞High school relationships are more pointless than Chief Keef wearing a belt.
Retweeted by s e w i n ♛@sophiaadiiana smh, get out of there asap😴Know yourself.
Retweeted by s e w i n ♛Always trying to catch me slippin 👀📷 http://t.co/fLaYzPj7oY
We the north 🍁 http://t.co/09zZ1KFfLY
Can't wait to get the fuck out Toronto and ditch this cold ass weather 🙏 counting down the days 🌴☀️👙
Retweeted by s e w i n ♛People talk too much without knowing facts.
Retweeted by s e w i n ♛People talk so much shit😴You thought I'd be sad without you but I laugh harder.Fuck that love shit, I don't feel none of that.@sewiinxo Now Thats How You Kill It On A Drawing Of Such A Beautiful Girl. . . Your Perfect http://t.co/axXts9D45G
Retweeted by s e w i n ♛I'm bout to call the paparazzi on myself @sophiaadiiana 📷 http://t.co/jI3A0vuB6w
@LegacyAzim @sophiaadiiana yesir🔥if you don't look like this on your wedding day then you ain't marrying the right one bruh http://t.co/8FLjT17S9v
Retweeted by s e w i n ♛“@sewiinxo: Miami is the place to be 😈”2 weeks baby girl 💆😏☀️🌴👙
Retweeted by s e w i n ♛Miami is the place to be 😈I even take selfies at the gym 💪 http://t.co/SzZ3Yl9baxDon't ever be with a man who's just holding you back from everything.Loving life.👅😈 http://t.co/jRm6k6CZQ8
Uber life @sophiaadiiana 👑 http://t.co/LMXo5du9oC@sewiinxo Good style and fine tummy!
Retweeted by s e w i n ♛I don't hold grudges, we're good. You may not ever hear from me again but we're good.http://t.co/T87TFtVoqXThe girl he says not to worry about while you two are dating is the first girl he's gonna text when you break up.
Retweeted by s e w i n ♛
Always go with your gut feeling.I spy my little midget 👀 http://t.co/DAGULKw1ZQ
I hate that I love you.Fml http://t.co/a23ehaN4gBThere's a million reasons why I should give you up, but the heart wants what it wants.Money on my mind.
@IrissMariaa ya fam😏😝 http://t.co/h6qkQhLbkuConfidence goals http://t.co/KIuZ0hIWyZ
Retweeted by s e w i n ♛@sewiinxo Super Sewin‼️ You Deserve That "S" On Ya Chest http://t.co/ZOjrhNYjas
Retweeted by s e w i n ♛
Isn't it funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back, everything is different?
Retweeted by s e w i n ♛I'd much rather chase my dreams than to try to chase these men.@sophiaadiiana you're my other half fam, forever and always💕I feel like I can conquer the world with you by my side 👯 @sewiinxo ❤️
Retweeted by s e w i n ♛It's always the loyal ones that get fucked over.“@CHlLDHOODRUINER: Some serious ass goals 😈🎃 http://t.co/FOZ9g3f66t”😍🐚 http://t.co/Kp6XKndXRN'Why are you always alone?' http://t.co/HYQUuYtpSs
Retweeted by s e w i n ♛I find guys with tattoo sleeves so attractive 😍Moving on to better and bigger things.Missing someone and not being able to do anything about it sucks.
About to watch "Ps. I love you". I'm ready to ball my eyes out😫I don't understand why guys call their ex girlfriends hoes when they left them for an actual hoe. Something I'll never understand.“@sophiaadiiana: Only man that motivates me 💪😍 http://t.co/T0q7LGWmpQ” he's the bomb 😏It's always the ugliest ones who hate, so sad.Who wants that perfect love story anyways.show me off like this 👌 http://t.co/JRGeut8REP
Retweeted by s e w i n ♛Love seeing progress👊I love a guy who's protective over his woman.True. http://t.co/B0wURBZEN6
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