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Shabnam Gani Lone @shabnamlone Srinagar| New Delhi

Lawyer ( S.C.I ) Daughter Leader A.G.Lone, assassinated in the quest for peace in J&K. wish to oar the roar of life for peace.

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@abhijeetkum @News18India @AMISHDEVGAN @neelakantha Don't say that it is hurtful all my best friends r hindus @KumarramDr @News18India @rsprasad @narendramodi @AMISHDEVGAN @awasthis I respect ur sentiment#AarPaar। हमें #DSP श्वेतांबरी शर्मा पर गर्व है-@shabnamlone
Retweeted by Shabnam Gani Loneभाजपा और कांग्रेस दोनों राजनीति कर रही है-@shabnamlone @AMISHDEVGAN
Retweeted by Shabnam Gani Lone#AarPaar डिबेट शो के दौरान @neelakantha और @shabnamlone के बीच तीखी बहस! @AMISHDEVGAN के साथ देखिए #AarPaar
Retweeted by Shabnam Gani Loneकठुआ बहाना, मोदी निशाना। @AMISHDEVGAN के साथ देख रहे हैं देश की सबसे बड़ी बहस #AarPaar सिर्फ़ #News18India पर!@neel…
Retweeted by Shabnam Gani Lone#shewataambri #POLICE officer 4m #JammuAndKashmir ridiculed by #KathuaRapeCase accused lawyer #Ankursharma am so…
The true test of Leadership and Character is not continuance when you see a light at the end of the tunnel. The tr…
Retweeted by Shabnam Gani LoneI can't explain the storm inside. Sorry Asifa! #JusticeForAsifa
Retweeted by Shabnam Gani LoneMan~ Internet , I am using you because you are free. Internet ~ No.... I am using you because you are free.
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#surat #Rape horror crimes most heinous murders most foul just find them the perpetrators hang them @nachiketh_s By harmony among all of us regardless of our religious affiliations humanity
#NewProfilePic memories with my dad Abdul Ghani Lone when he was a .minister in Cong go t headed by sir qasim sahib as cm… @saxenafida Wish u the most wonderful year the best of health and wealth fida HAPPY BIRTHDAY @saxenafida Tx fida u r a sweetheart girl have a grt day @NeerajPandita In this case trying was not hard enough @NeerajPandita Not she pm modi she failed like omar Abdullah who was quiet all these months#ASIFA LITTLE ANGEL #RIP
@rohan12raj Tx
#FightForAsifa | If you're going to fight crime seriously, you're going to have to take the help of the legally est…
Retweeted by Shabnam Gani Lone#FightForAsifa | Come on India! This is the crying need of the hour. Let us have justice!: Shabnam Lone, advocate,…
Retweeted by Shabnam Gani Lone @saxenafida Yes fida it is demeaning#Rahul Gandhi has not spoken up so voiceferosly for #Asifa the child raped killed in a most baberic manner he i… @NeerajPandita She shud act firstCM JK #MEHBOOBA WRITE TO #GOVERNER seeking dismissal of #BJP #RAPE SUPPORT MINISTERS #BJPMocksBetiBachao lady…
.@shabnamlone, Lawyer: Where has the 'Ram Rajya' melted? Whosoever has done this, he has no religion.…
Retweeted by Shabnam Gani LoneThe government can do whatever it wants with him, if he has really joined it. I will not even accept his dead body.…
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#ZABARWAN #MAGICAL #MYSTICAL @NeerajPandita Neeraj ok do e 😑 cold and breezy winter vintage am just off to tulip garden its raining love the aura
Pakistan minister links Salman case to religion! Lawyer @shabnamlone says it is not expected of a foreign minister…
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#BharatTak , @shabnamlone: आज कश्मीर में उदासी है. नेताओं ने वहां तबाही मचाया है. आखिर वहां के खूनखराबे से हम खुश…
Retweeted by Shabnam Gani LoneIs it time to relook operations taking place in Kashmir? Watch @shabnamlone, @GeneralBakshi, @gauravbh &…
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@saxenafida Tx fida ur comments r always welcome @KingAchelleus No u did not ofgend m hVe a grt evening @KingAchelleus Mudassir it is a rare balochistan tribal ethnic dress no issues u r entitled to ur view am glad we…
Pakistan defence analyst Qamar Cheema and Supreme Court lawyer @shabnamlone slug it out on Pak minister's muslim Sa…
Retweeted by Shabnam Gani Loneहम फैसले का सम्मान करतें हैं पर बाकी 4 लोगों को छोड़ा गया उसपर विचार करने की ज़रूरत है: @shabnamlone #JailForSalman
Retweeted by Shabnam Gani Lone @saxenafida Tx fida have a superb dayRegal , Royal the #TIGER don't trespass their space they make our #world #beautiful preserve protect
Was an honour to c sajada zamer sahiba 1st femal education director jk a pioneer she touched countless lives hones… @saxenafida @ravindernathbh1 Fida we were neighbours its heart breaking for m when I am told about how their houses were looted
@shabnamlone hai
Retweeted by Shabnam Gani Lone @ravindernathbh1 Tx ravinderr bhat for this picture . Tx 2 for making m go down memory lane when all of us lived in… Malala Yousafzai flew by army helicopter to the Swat valley where she met friends and family before visiting…
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The truth about #miracles is they do happen at times well spot on aik lamha jis ke baad zindaggi ka har lamha kuch badl sa jaata hai...
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@RANJANBHARDWAJ8 Kashmir Srinagar city @RANJANBHARDWAJ8 Kashmir
@panditaAPMCC63 Tx @Avaneeshm 😐 @vijayPCCB All of us 😑Walking around d the foothills of #mountain #zabarwan sheer magic blossoms r awesome @shabnamlone
Retweeted by Shabnam Gani Lone @Aalav_Kashmiri Come over my brother u stay here with ur sister lone sahib daughter @Junaidwani96 Tx junaid @Aalav_Kashmiri Alav how r u such a pleasure to hear from uHeralding the riot of colours spring 2018 Kashmir GOD BLESS
@alkagadgil1 😗 @saxenafida Fida 😐 @rraina1481 😑 @SureshLalDas3
Busy honey bee
@suneelwattal Must make it by GOD'S GRACE @suneelwattal Yes suneel but tulips have not flowered that much @rraina1481 Tx u & family stay blessed @krishenkhosa Inshallah We all will b there @rraina1481 Yes raina sahib trueZABARWAN u R my strength thank u for ur myriad hues @ujawar_11 Yes despite the burden of strife we carry in Kashmir ujawar we all must find time to give ourselves nat… serenity I love it @bb_raina @republic 😑