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Shabnam Gani Lone @shabnamlone Srinagar| New Delhi

Lawyer ( S.C.I ) Daughter Leader A.G.Lone, assassinated in the quest for peace in J&K. wish to oar the roar of life for peace.

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@ModiBhaktRanjan @TrendingKashmir @sraina34 @KoshurRohit We all have hurt sentiments seek justice not revenge @write2vjr Am glad u liked it 😊 @write2vjr U r wrong fight 4 justice not revengeRefute state times report as incorrect. NC. Seems nervous kashmir conspiracy will b revisitedMehbooba Mufti roughed up: Chaos at an event organised for women self-help groups via @firstpost
Retweeted by Shabnam Gani LoneWas viciously menacingly attacked by kp. Activists security intervened at taj Am mulling action @TrendingKashmir @ModiBhaktRanjan @sraina34 @KoshurRohit No way u guys attacked me at taj. Ifsecurity Protected m… @shreha211985 Will not apologise was attacked at taj hotel. By savage rampaging. KP activists security had to b called in @PawanDurani No I will not. Ur ashok has no rt to talk to lady and say u have lost ur reputation. Fine. U guys want it this wayMalaysian customs officers saved 330 of the most endangered tortoises on the planet smuggled from Madagascar.
Retweeted by Shabnam Gani LoneA live look at @washingtonpost's chartbeat
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The Army doesn't get to do what it deems fit. You don't get to tie our people to your jeeps. This isn't a banana republic yet. Or is it??
Retweeted by Shabnam Gani LoneClean chit to Army Major who brazenly used a human shield is a blot on our democracy and judiciary. Are you at war with our civilians?
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Trump urges Liberty graduates to find courage to challenge critics, assails Washington leaders as 'failed voices'
Retweeted by Shabnam Gani Lone23-year-old woman raped, killed and then bitten by dogs Read on…
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@KanavSh79481137 Tx😊 @shabnamlone @republic I remember how sealed ballet boxes were changed in the mid way from poling station to handwa…
Retweeted by Shabnam Gani Lone @shenoy70 @narendramodi I am a common person wings of fireNow is the time to have a Islam vs. Hindutva debate @hstapanghosh @AmWithModi Tx 😊 the Twitter is savage in abuse. Liked ur gesture @myvotetoday @gowhargeelani Now what vote today u can sometimes. Be generous cultured. To me. What say u 😊 @shenoy70 Tx wings of fire this Twitter abuse is getting. Communal now. Savage @ashokepandit @majorgauravarya @republic Ashok what's up. Tx to tweets like yours the abuse on Twitter is savage
Retweeted by Shabnam Gani Lone @shabnamlone on @Republic__Hour says I am getting abused. I say you deserve it
Retweeted by Shabnam Gani Lone @aalav2010 @republic Yes alav u r so right busy looking after abdullah S Mufti S left us alone my father 2 @hstapanghosh Tx Tapan gosh sahib appreciate ur tweetThank you @shabnamlone for this patriotic tweet. I love you.
Retweeted by Shabnam Gani Lone @aalav2010 @republic Aalav Tx Ashok pandit is as usual. ?! @PawanDurani @gowhargeelani Pawan not expected of u I don't know him u r my contact bro on Twitter @ashokepandit @majorgauravarya @republic Ashok what's up. Tx to tweets like yours the abuse on Twitter is savage @hstapanghosh 😊#SunandaMurderTape IS A TALE OF BETRAYAL DANGEROUS COCKTAIL OF MISUSE OF POWER TO DEFEAT #justice #REPUBLIC #PREMA @sanjivbhatt U hav really lost yr marbles! Go2 a Shrink! U wretched Soul = @shabnamlone Wonder how yr wife Trusts U…
Retweeted by Shabnam Gani LoneSure no one has the right to. Agree. But are you investigating the case? How do you know? Or are you buttering Arna…
Retweeted by Shabnam Gani Lone @HybridKashmiri Absurd. Reason. U give. I believe in what I say. Yes she was murdered. Justice she shud have @HybridKashmiri Yes she was murdered No one has the right to do that how so ever high mighty u may. B#REPUBLIC. BRILLIANT INVESTIGATION BY #PREMA IN #SunandaMurderTape HOTEL #Leela GM &EMPLOYEES AT THAT TIME ARREST @myvotetoday 4 those who support state terror human rts violation tying humans to jeeps as shields I say u r #Terrorists Hi ? @TimesNow R s n deeply offending statement. I was not responsible 4 that Stop hiding behind this tragedy where is justice ?
The day you drove out Hindus from Kashmir, you killed Kashmiriyat: RSN Singh to Shabnam Lone #IslamistCaliphateTape
Retweeted by Shabnam Gani LoneIf intelligence agencies are playing with fire, why don't you become the water:Sambit Patra hits back at Shabnam Lone #IslamistCaliphateTape
Retweeted by Shabnam Gani LoneI have seen this video. I don’t know the person in the video: Shabnam Lone #IslamistCaliphateTape
Retweeted by Shabnam Gani LoneIntelligence agencies are playing with fire: Shabnam Lone #IslamistCaliphateTape
Retweeted by Shabnam Gani LoneSambit Patra spoke a pack of lies: Shabnam Lone, Lawyer & Activist #IslamistCaliphateTape
Retweeted by Shabnam Gani Lone @AnchorAnandN Db8s #islamistcaliphatetape @TimesNow 10PM Guest @sambitswaraj @GeneralBakshi @shabnamlone RSN Singh & Inam Ul Nabi-Stay Tuned
Retweeted by Shabnam Gani LoneShabnam Lone: I know one cabinet minister who was running a social media site fanning anti-India sentiments #RepublicStingsLashkar
Retweeted by Shabnam Gani LoneHansraj Ahir, MoS Home speaks on #RepublicStingsLashkar
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@PawanDurani @ZARA No @aalav2010 Aalav am proud of u 2Why was the army officer allowed to go to his home without any escort?: @shabnamlone #TTP
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Watch @NalinSKohli VS @shabnamlone on #FaceoffAt9 with @Zakka_Jacob
Retweeted by Shabnam Gani LoneKeep voting @News18India #HTP #फयाज़_अमर_रहे .आज के मेहमान हैं- @SudhanshuTrived @AmeerHaider786 @shabnamlone
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@HybridKashmiri Why#Republic crew manhandled at Tharoor residence in. Kerala @Proud_Indian36 😊 @Proud_Indian36 Tx that's so nice of u#ADITIYA RAJ KAUL STAY SAFE TAKE CARE
@Proud_Indian36 @republic Tx??
Retweeted by Shabnam Gani Lone#SUNANADA PUSHKAR MURDER. REVISITED BY #REPUBLIC JUSTICE MUST PREVAIL IT ELUDED HER @sanjayD20305103 😊#SayItWithStickers on iPhone 7. Click here to get these stickers and thousands more from th…
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This makes me very, very uncomfortable. RSS wing has prescription for fair, tall ‘customised’ babies
Retweeted by Shabnam Gani Lone#CHIIBOK 114 girls kidnapped by book haram released #BringBackOurGirls most defining success every best wish
#सबसेबड़ासवाल : अब्दुल बासित को क्यों नहीं पाकिस्तान रवाना क्यों नहीं किया जाता- @shabnamlone शबनम लोन
Retweeted by Shabnam Gani Lone @news24tvchannel @shabnamlone @sandeep_news24 सत्ता के लिये bjp ने देश का बेडागर्क करके रख दिया ! @AAPforINDIA
Retweeted by Shabnam Gani LoneYes, the iPhone has a hidden backspace in its calculator.
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Tx # SC 4 death to #PERVERT BARBARIANS 4m the bottom of my heart say. These words Define pain of generationsAbsolutely gorgeous...
Retweeted by Shabnam Gani LoneThe story behind a powerful photo of a Czech girl’s contempt for neo-Nazis
Retweeted by Shabnam Gani Lone via @youtube via @youtube#NIRBHAYA U HAVE #JUSTICE AT LAST RIP #SC UPHOLDS DEATH 4rapists killers via @youtube#Hallabol .@RakeshSinha01 और इंजीनियर राशिद के बीच हुई तीखी बहस. लाइव
Retweeted by Shabnam Gani Lone#Hallabol सेना का काम देश की सुरक्षा के लिए वहां तैनात है और वह अपना काम करती रहेगी:ले. ज. (रि) राज कादयान लाइव…
Retweeted by Shabnam Gani Lone @Manojmehtoo @aajtak @anjanaomkashyap Those who dishonour dead r neither Muslims nor Hindus u just don't do it.@RakeshSinha01 ने पत्थरबाजों को लेकर @shabnamlone से पूछे ये सवाल लाइव
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