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@TheJaggi out of sync with what is happening in UP..He saw immense popularity of AY...thought he is development icon.. recent reading is badSure, and everything is going just wonderfully in West Bengal.
Retweeted by CA Shashi Kant RathiNamdharis began to kill Muslim butchers. So that innocents would not be tried, they accepted guilt and voluntarily…
Retweeted by CA Shashi Kant Rathisadly economy doctrine of Modi-Jaitely no different from Sonia.. Least interference and free economy is only solutionChidu.. Mukherjee.. Jaitely.. pathetic..No serious efforts made to let d economy2 realised it's true potential,Chidu-Mu corrupt, Aj cluelessIf u carefully read all budgets of last 7yrs and Act like GST..Whole Focus is revenue collection to sustained ever growing political economyThis turn to ultraleft left with only trending economy.. killed India's potential.. Govt and services provider squeezing every penny..Loan waiver,Minority..first right on resources,Backwards have right,Govt ensuring resources to poor,nd we have nowhere economy for last 7yrsHe is BJP's tomorrow.. Perhaps I was first to say that..The very moment he was chosen to lead UP
White House sought to block former acting attorney general Sally Yates from... by #washingtonpost via @c0nveyEverybody has right to opinion so has @tufailelif ..we may be agree with him or not but must respect his right..must have healthy discussionजवाँ है मोहब्बत, हसीं है ज़माना लुटाया है दिल ने, ख़ुशी का ख़ज़ाना... (तनवीर नक़वी, नूरजहाँ, नौशाद - अनमोल घड़ी)
Retweeted by CA Shashi Kant RathiVery good... their bad days must come @PMOIndia @myogiadityanath sabka saath, sabka vikas in UP is doable thru agri growth, that is cow (dairy) led, pro…
Retweeted by CA Shashi Kant RathiNew way to deal with illegality ..Of course if committed by Muslims Hindu mitron Ko..
Colorado police investigate vandalism at a mosque after someone threw rocks and a... by…धर्म युद्ध is war that's fought for a JUST CAUSE Destroying the enemy is mandatory. Losing is not an option. Cheat…
Retweeted by CA Shashi Kant RathiEurope will now have to learn to deal with what India dealt with for 1200 years.
Retweeted by CA Shashi Kant RathiThe practice of Taharrush Jamia is an integral part of arabian culture. It has recently been exported to Europe during the refugee invasion.
Retweeted by CA Shashi Kant RathiTaharrush is the arabic word for molestation/rape. Jamia (جامعة) is the arabic word for gathering. Taharrush Jamia = mass molestation/rape
Retweeted by CA Shashi Kant RathiIndian ladies were forced to cover their faces & bodies due to barbaric arab practices such as Taharrush Jamia - mass molestation.
Retweeted by CA Shashi Kant RathiHere's my code of war, @JoeAgneya: Terrify, intimidate & unman the enemy. Discard all "civilized" norms. Show no…
Retweeted by CA Shashi Kant RathiOn namah Shivay.. Immoral and corrupt will not understand d meaning of 'moral' #MoralPolicing ..unprecedented use of words liberal nd moral
CINCINNATI NIGHTCLUB SHOOTING UPDATE: -1 dead, 14 injured -at least 2 shooters -motive... b… & X_tians can follow their religion and rituals unhindered, Muslim could stone age Sharia but Hindus must not...must ashamed of rootsThe Steady Saffron SURGE in West Bengal ! A story no body will tell you. A @mail_today Exclusive. @abhijitmajumder
Retweeted by CA Shashi Kant RathiWe have tradation of King-Sant...first name came to mind is JanakAaj pata chala Tunda kabab is Ganga Jamuna Tehjib..गाय हज़ारों सालों से दूध पिला के माँ न हो सकी.. कबाब 3 ही दिन में कल्चर का हिस्सा हो गया 😞
Retweeted by CA Shashi Kant RathiT J S George's column | Self-propelled, cleverest among BJP’s state chiefs, Yogi could emerge as the star to watch…
Retweeted by CA Shashi Kant RathiCocktail circuit talking about Santan Dharma... Ache din's column | By choosing Yogi, PM chants his mantra of maximum governance through minimum age…
Retweeted by CA Shashi Kant RathiAren't we using liberal word liberally ..actually they r more fundamentalist than even Islamists.. They r cabal of…
Minoritism ran its course nd its our time to assert to force u to behave..u spoilt brat..India can exit and develop…,Muslims,Parsis r treated with equity and dignity by Hindus.. and they behave like worst guests... sorry folks our patience runout nowHe..He..super idiots keep writing all sort of 🐂shit without knowing anything about ground realities..We r surging a… tu jamin ke liye.. as aasman ke liye.. tera vajood he sirf GST ke liye’m a woman and a kebab lover, and this is what I think about Yogi’s decisions -
Retweeted by CA Shashi Kant RathiIslamists are not fighting "the West," they're fighting all non-Islamists. #India has always been on the front line…
Retweeted by CA Shashi Kant Rathi @PamelaGellerWatch For Accidental Suicides @JamesRosenFNC Reports SMOKING GUN Evidence... by… @tavleen_singh u mean people should be allowed to give live demonstration of Khujraho in buses,trains,on roads..Ha..Ha.. Kuch din gujaro UP
Polish Prime Minister: 'Impossible Not to Connect Terrorism with Migration... by… van Gogh's faces
Retweeted by CA Shashi Kant Rathi
People like her think Hindus don't have a problem with their temples being razed and replaced. Maybe that's why it'…
Retweeted by CA Shashi Kant RathiAurangzeb great grandson of nation.. Ha..ha...90% Indians r certainly not idiots.. But few like u r refugees gang rape 28 year old German teacher on video, Said she deserved... by #TRobinsonNewEra via @c0nveyMaya ki murti ki dhulayi kar rahe the
AP Exclusive: President Trump associate Paul Manafort had 2005 plan to benefit Putin by... by #AP via @c0nvey
I haven't heard evidence from Obama that cops are racist nor evidence that Mike... by #Stonewall_77 via @c0nvey
@pbmehta @IndianExpress u people r uniting us like never before..U people r today nothing more than absolute fringe.. Blabbering nonsense @pbmehta @IndianExpress people like u who r spreading hate..Hate anything which is related2Hinduism..But Ur doing great service to we HindusI am ashamed Mr Mehta u r from my city...Ur hate for colour saffron is boundless..Don't distort d facts of my city is happening to FE #YogiAdityanath anti-Muslim or victim of media bias? This fact about Gorakhpur Mutt shows his real face.…
Retweeted by CA Shashi Kant RathiThese are the world's happiest countries #InternationalDayOfHappiness by #CNN via @c0nvey d process destroy ABV too..though ABV himself is to be blame for mess @ShekharGupta introduces the "National force of farcical comedy">> @ArvindKejriwal... When Pigs Fly...…
Retweeted by CA Shashi Kant RathiOne of the hardest things in life to learn are which bridges to cross and which bridges to burn. —@Oprah
Retweeted by CA Shashi Kant RathiQuestioning the admin ability of a mutt head having over 50 million followers and running schools & hospitals is laughable
Retweeted by CA Shashi Kant RathiFact on ground Vs Lutyens selective outrage industry. They don't let facts interfere with their narrative
Retweeted by CA Shashi Kant Rathi
Ethics in society: Last year alone, Tokyo residents handed to police a total of... by #Del_Alpha via @c0nveyWho so ever did it...its funniest of all recent videos 😂😂😂😂 Must watch.....
Retweeted by CA Shashi Kant RathiEarth and Venus orbit around the Sun
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Gajab Never read a book that can be adequately summarized 2) Never read a book you would not reread 3) No book that can be shortened survives
Retweeted by CA Shashi Kant RathiThe choice of #YogiAdityanath shows that PM Modi is not afraid to nurture strong, independent and charismatic leaders in their own right.
Retweeted by CA Shashi Kant RathiI tweeted precisely same @BDUTT us Lucknow entrepreneur ka Nam Ahmad ya Mohammed hogaIt's raining heavily. .instead of Gorakhpur in JODHPUR @narendramodi even after so much hardship people keep reposing faith in's not right way to pay them back is making more than cow it's Pokran village ..sorry for correcting USP is Development and can't afford to get away from Hindutva... whenever it got solid drubbing..Retweet If You Are In Support For Yogi Adityanath As UP CM ?
Retweeted by CA Shashi Kant RathiSickular media knows it will be star campaigner after Modi of BJP in poll bound states of Gujarat.. Rajasthan.. HP... @yogi_adityanath @AmitShah पू.महंत आदित्यनाथ जी, अभिनन्दन! उत्तर प्रदेश अब उत्तम प्रदेश बनेगा!अमितभाई, बढ़िया चॉइस! शुभकामनाएँ
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