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Sumitra Mahajan or Draupadi Murmu or Sushma Swaraj or Govindacharya or Humukdev Yadav or Amitabh Bachchan, turn your cameras to Nagpur.
Retweeted by CA Shashi Kant RathiStill talking about animal..not cow..such is pathological hatred for Hindus...lipstick on pig by pigs election impact...otherwise you r as anti Hindu as your Kerala followers...for 24 hrs you were assessing po… god what a religion.. what a preaching.. notes..drugs..had direct relation with peace warriors and liberals...All r top class... all have gone...part of gold era spokeperson ...Except she everybody knows Muslims have pathological hatred for Modi and BJP.. Idiots r obses… r law enforcing agency,they r become law breaking agency,behaving like VIP goons... @narendramodi guards of my society were doing their duty..they were not committing any crime..VIPism..elitism bec… VVIP culture,corruption bloated bureaucracy,Kashmir mess, defeat by Chinese, westernised education, Hinduphobia,Islamish, IT'S ALL NEHRU
Retweeted by CA Shashi Kant RathiIn Kerala, Congress is in alliance with Muslim league.Yes, the same Muslim league which tore India into pieces
Retweeted by CA Shashi Kant RathiOnce again Congress proved how anti Hindu it is...and biological hatred for Hindus and India...killing mercilessly calf to showcase it..Barbaric slaughter of a calf just to protest.. Thats @INCIndia @OfficeOfRG .. #CongressMustDie @Timesnow @Republic
Retweeted by CA Shashi Kant RathiCongress, which banned cow slaughter in state after state since '47, protests #beefban by openly killing a cow, distributing meat in Kannur
Retweeted by CA Shashi Kant Rathi
@polldec Yes Jayprada has classic features.. very beautiful indeed in conventional sense..but Madhubala was incomparable beutyMesmerised by her beauty even as a kid...'The Venus - Madhubala' for Filmfare photoshoot in 1958 @filmfare
Retweeted by CA Shashi Kant RathiDemocracy defined in one simple picture - By the people, for the people, of the people. Photo courtesy: whoever m…
Retweeted by CA Shashi Kant RathiIf not for KPS Gill, Punjab would not have been in India. He eliminated terror in Punjab. He should be awarded Bhar…
Retweeted by CA Shashi Kant Rathi @polldec aggresive
This girl died because politicians value immigration above your safety - she was sacrificed on the altar of multicu…
Retweeted by CA Shashi Kant RathiI am not entirely euphoric about this govt..performance is definately not to d expectations... needs to change economic policy completelyForeign affairs which started with bang lost its way,nowhere and reluctant Pak narrative..RTE..freeing temples r sore pointslike digitalization...GST...spread of banking among poor..but very lukewarm performance so far as economy, jobs and urban infra r concernedModi govt done extremely well on controlling corruption at ministerial level...defense procurement.. power..infra..some long term measuresBastard deeply mourn the sad demise of iconic IPS officer, the legendary #KPSGill. His work in defeating Punjab militanc…
Retweeted by CA Shashi Kant Rathi
Channel your inner Chanakya when dealing with Pakistanis. Not your inner Prithviraj.
Retweeted by CA Shashi Kant RathiThe way CNBC anchors going ga ga over TATA MOTORS results, as of they fervently wanted d stocks to 10% at least...sad market disappointedअगर देशहित में बोलना गुनाह है, तो कोई मुझे रोक नहीं सकता. आज वक्त है ट्वीटर को उसकी औकात बताने का. कौन-2 मेरे साथ है? #IStandWithAbhijeet
Retweeted by CA Shashi Kant Rathi
Islam expert...their liking for Islam like adult love..#LailaMajanu SM and enemies themselves expose themselves yet no action by govt...strategy or cowardice? @polldec BS as per their UP recordHigher taxes? If so then confirm that Higher taxes is hallmark of this govt and it has misplaced overconfidence in… Bond star Sir Roger Moore has died aged 89
Retweeted by CA Shashi Kant RathiRIP Roger Moore #007
Retweeted by CA Shashi Kant RathiAap Cong walon ki sadak chhap mansikata badalana Bhagwan ke bhi hath nahi.. #sexscandals Army formally reveals big punitive retaliatory strikes on Pakistan Army positions in Nowshera sector of J&K.
Retweeted by CA Shashi Kant Rathiliquidity is double edge sword...way up it creates virtuous cycle higher it goes more it attracts and way down vicious cycle..just reversestretch in one direction results in stretch in other direction
Award or no are our hero..proud of you is PM but few people still don't accept him nd Modi striving hard to win them over and there lies d problem...Hi… via @realmadrid
So called Chote Sardar keep changing himself ..sometimes to Mullah May 91..i went to see a girl who later became my wife....there came news of Rajeev...Trump support of Saudi Arabia-a brutal theocracy & biggest sponsor of terrorism & the Wahhabi Salafi ideology fueling it-is a HUGE betrayal
Retweeted by CA Shashi Kant RathiBut Jaitly said many times..we r in d business of distributing wealth a story. Kid has cerebral palsy, is written off. But Mom fights on alone for 29 yrs, taking him thru Harvard.
Retweeted by CA Shashi Kant RathiThis is versova beach an hour back. Week 85 of cleanup.Versova beach is gorgeous and clean now.we have done our bi…
Retweeted by CA Shashi Kant Rathi
Our sentiments never hurts because of your stupidity...on d contrary we happy if u keep chanting Muslim..Muslim man… there is no Khan in it ..simple @polldec Seen many master strokes in 3 years...only matter for Modi is optics and winning election...yes he is hone… is facing severe leadership deficit...yes including India..those who were expected to extra ordinary r as ordinary possibleThose who have black money r untouchables with this govt..but in d name of black money life of layman has became one hell of difficultEase of doing business..even opening bank account is not easy...Xavier ghat... Teresa river front... Mosques & churches lining the Ganga... Aagey dekhte jao....
Retweeted by CA Shashi Kant RathiMy take on Major Nitin Gogoi's actions in today's Indian Express.
Retweeted by CA Shashi Kant RathiDipankar Gupta, no pal of Modi govt, debunks "liberal" claim that ban on cow slaughter infringes right to eat beef
Retweeted by CA Shashi Kant Rathi3 Hindu killed..doesn't matter..Hindu haters..exhorting Muslims to start riots....
GST is neutral...not inflationary as many feared..good job doneat d top market always priced in Fairy tale and at d bottom Armageddon
Brazilian Bloodbath: Currency Halted, Futures Crash, Bonds Tumble Most On Record
Retweeted by CA Shashi Kant RathiBrazil ETF down 18%. Nearly a fifth of Brazil's stock market wiped out overnight
Retweeted by CA Shashi Kant RathiIronic only Trump could be saviour with his economic agenda of global growth..but he lost his way..hope better sense prevail..India loses a great human being and a dedicated public servant with clean image. RIP @anilmdave
Retweeted by CA Shashi Kant RathiMr Chidambaram, will you sue us now? - by @sgurumurthy via @NewIndianXpress @swamy39
Retweeted by CA Shashi Kant Rathi @dhume @tkarun so corrupt leaders have corruption immunity..thats why we hate deshi videshi...firm believer in stupidity of politicians - beuro..they do wrong things at wrong time.. #silkroad means great depression is not far away
S&P down 1% and rate hike in June odd down to 5o%...that tells lot about Fed and market...know thin ice can crack any timeWorld war 2 revenge? message from Arnab.
Retweeted by CA Shashi Kant RathiTemporary end of big story if rising economic-military power aspire for something grand..#silkroad sell off will hit China big timeon way down creating downward spiral loop...momentum and liquidity markets end in tears.. #finalinning finally after 8 yrsGlobal markets have ugly belly,hiding high leverage,corruption,window dressing nd crooked accounts,god forbids if rolls over,these wil hauntghar vapshi..i know Bapu very well...he is story of how honest SS changed into not writable...few things i know ..s… don't hate..
China silk road project will mark d end of China story?
@sushant566 ☺☺Ab BJP main bharati pe pahala shabd past it was Bharat mata ki jai 😥