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Grave of 28 Hindus killed by Rohingya militants found: Reports AFP quoting Myanmar army
Retweeted by CA Shashi Kant RathiCow hasn't gone Mata to menace..your mind gone sanity to insanity..your political drama is menace to Mata and every… Arvind Subramanian & Arun Jaitley escape all flak for helping ruin the Economy remains a mystery. Superlative media management, perhaps.
Retweeted by CA Shashi Kant Rathi @polldec Why so much compliments to us 😊If you put the federal government in charge of the Sahara Desert, in 5 years there'd be a shortage of sand. - Milton Friedman
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Jyotish he another planet..@dpradhanbjp is wishing all my Hindu friends observing the solemn period of Navratras, eternal bliss & blessings of Lord Ram
Retweeted by CA Shashi Kant Rathi"Koi khaana de do! Saare daaru pila rahe hain!" Excerpt from the surgical strikes chapter in #IndiasMostFearless.
Retweeted by CA Shashi Kant RathiAny package which excludes mid.classes will backfire..1 section of society can't do heavy lifting of all others indefinitely @narendramodiPerfection, charted:
Retweeted by CA Shashi Kant Rathiमम शत्रवोऽविस्मरनिति मम पालिका भगवती।
Retweeted by CA Shashi Kant RathiWe bow to Maa Chandraghanta on the 3rd day of Navratri & seek her blessings for joy & strength. Here is a Stuti.…
Retweeted by CA Shashi Kant Rathi @arunjaitley @narendramodi Problem is they listen to everybody except real stake holder,who is reeling under massiv… @arunjaitley @narendramodi Every fiscal stimuli will abject failure if it will not benefit masses...take bold decis… @arunjaitley @narendramodi they have glorious name for this doctrine 'tricke down economy" favorite of MMS which de… @arunjaitley @narendramodi problem is when ruling they believe world bank per dem biggest reform is keep givin… @arunjaitley he is FM he doesn't know what ails economy..for 3 yrs saying.. demand slack..cut taxes nd rev… too talk 20% of GDP..nobody bothers about UPA..more change things,things remain same.. @arunjaitley
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Ha..ha..since last March global economies is on roll..Indices hitting new high..most benign conditions in last 4 yr…
Retweeted by CA Shashi Kant RathiThe inside story of how the surgical strikes were authorised, what preparations went into actual cross-border raids
Retweeted by CA Shashi Kant Rathiimpact of demonetization ended in Ist quarter of calendar year 17 wrong to blame it for economic malaise...wrong economic policies r reason @vinilharsh12 overpriced currency is not good for overall health of economy particularly when every other country d… said earlier $ is bottoming out EMs currency nd bonds would under performing currency Indonesian and Indian under pressureJaitely has enough clout with journos but social media is now much more powerful to punch d hole in useless argumen… Bahal..Goondesai and now Pranav Roy..Cong media getting dismantled brick by think we will have less reasons to cribWarrenBuffett predication about DJI.. and yield flattening and people buying indiscriminately banking stocks ..TOP is coming..scary @narendramodi respect for IMF-World bank economists like Rajan and AS but their approach is flawed in Indian contex… @narendramodi taking charge of economy...i have been right about economy all along..govt conceded at last..… @polldec @Sheks65 Ajai Singh took over long agoFor clients of courseJourney of sakar to nirakar..which cult of death and rape will never understand..mental faculties busy with 72 hoor… are trying to get working capital with full security without any interest in lending except housing… economy would have been higher orbit permanently but for Chidu..Pranav Mukharjee MMS..Sonia and now Jaitely ..Lawyers are talkers, not doers. Make lawyers ministers only for Ministry of Silly Walks (Monty python)
Retweeted by CA Shashi Kant Rathi @Sheks65 Must have control on Eng. Ch...rightly..wrongly or sadly..they have clout..though waning @Sheks65 only India Today group..Times changed after UP electionOn the left is poster to fool you... On right is what youll get after @FilmPadmavati & @RanveerOfficial glorify rap…
Retweeted by CA Shashi Kant RathiJaitely facilitating deal ..footprints all over writing this article is retard..pathetic...why you r staking your reputation for lies too is NRI..he is more outside India ..always on vacation..touring Thailand..Spain.. to buy d fucking will end but will have stocks for next birth..☺ devastation pushed Trump to victory in 2016, and it might again in 2020 via @MKTWDelamaide
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sad reality
Retweeted by CA Shashi Kant Rathi @arunjaitley Here and there stimulus will wastage of money,it needs to be comprehensive- bold at least 1lac cr.must… a CA nd from personal experience saying credit is not growing because PSB not interested in lending except housing-consumer @arunjaitley @arunjaitley do well not to listen these fools be street smart..even astrologers have better forecast than economis… @BJP4India @narendramodi @arunjaitley @dpradhanbjp Ha..ha..for last 1.5 year we have not increase excise..baki rah… Nov 13 tweet must not watch this movie....because of Islamists Bollywood i stopped watching movies long ago photo of a versatile, talented, master of drama, action and comedy meeting Kamal Haasan.
Retweeted by CA Shashi Kant Rathi"Muhammad was once a refugee taken in by Jewish City of Medina. Within 5-years, he had driven out, executed, or enslaved every Jew there."
Retweeted by CA Shashi Kant Rathicutting PD prices for the sake of Hindu unity and their fate and to stop vultures who waiting in wings is very small price...People saying even PD at 100 they will vote Modi..i too but can't say for others who might opt for others just for low PD prices. i thinkCentre raised excise duty on petrol&diesel 9 times since Nov 2014-tax rev from Petrol/diesel up from 0.44% of GDP13-14 to1.44%16-17 1/2 RT
Retweeted by CA Shashi Kant RathiMeans economy is not generating enough revenue..neither growing at govt no. that too when int.rate is lowered and b… mata ki...Navratri ki subhkamnayen ..maan sabhi ko shakti ka vardan den conceding fiscal deficit came down because revenue earned on PD not because of economic growth of 7% ..reaso… 3.5 yrs doing fiscal consolidation yet not going anywhere..for 8 yrs people suffering high prices..there is pol… @narendramodi perception gaining traction that u r anti middle class because of insensitive utterances of ministers… @narendramodi Indian economy needs to be stimulated and its ultimate stimulant, take the considerable pressure off middle class budget @narendramodi cutting diesel-petrol prices might hit govt revenue in short term but ultimately will Goldilock for economy and politics @narendramodi net impact will be higher GDP..lower fiscal deficit..more jobs,more profits 4 banks, recapitalized,mo… @narendramodi pressure from govt capex..there will be re-rating of assets as stock market will soar and govt can ea… @narendramodi lowering interest rate in long run..higher demand ends slack in economy and revive pvt capex and take… @narendramodi controlled by cutting DP prices which will have cascading impact of lowering will reviv… rescue economy @narendramodi must cut taxes across the board and expand fiscal deficit, in short term it could inflationary but could beGood things are coming down the road .. Don't stop Walking .. #Mindfulness #NeverGiveUp #MindBody
Retweeted by CA Shashi Kant RathiLearn to love without condition. Talk without bad intention. Give without any reason. Care for people without any expectation.
Retweeted by CA Shashi Kant RathiVegetarians and Vegans live longer and have a lower risk of some serious diseases than meat eaters #Vegan #Healing
Retweeted by CA Shashi Kant RathiWhenever FMs try2impress retard rating agencies,economy get into mess,nobody gives dem even junk Argentina got 100yr bond subscribedNot a single MSM will ever find fault with FM for economy-It is all due to Global slowdown/RBI/Seasonal factors/propaganda-hold on media:)RT
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@narendramodi This govt sole job se tax collection yes not whole but @arunjaitley is responsible for this perceptio… @narendramodi Besides many states r no longer poor..there are middle class states like Guj. Raj. MP..yes MC not an… political analysts..who talking about @narendramodi new constituency #poor forget its middle classes wo hava banati aur bigadati heHave been saying since long 4 need forensic audit to prove their worth. Repeatedly caught in frauds, they will now certify who's fraudulent…
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