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Shashi Tharoor @ShashiTharoor New Delhi & Thiruvananthapuram

MP for Thiruvananthapuram. Author of 16 books. Former Minister of State,Govt.of India. Former UnderSecretaryGeneral,UnitedNations. RTs do not imply endorsement

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Londoners: My father helped KrishnaMenon establish the IndiaClub on theStrand nearly seven decades ago. Pls save it!
Back in Delhi last night. Busy morning of meetings &now flying to Chennai for @ProfCong meeting this evening. Here… @ShashiTharoor and I will be in Chennai soon! Look forward to our interaction with fellows of @ProfCongTN
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorTamil Nadu @ProfCong conclave "My India, Our India" - a conversation with @ShashiTharoor
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorIt's not about them; it's about you !! Please Vote for you !! @ShashiTharoor @OfficeOfRG @divyaspandana @INCIndia
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorHa1 I suspect there will be many alternatives offered for the last verse.! It would be instructive to know the categories of reasons for these Govt requests. Abuse? threats? Or…
On the "incoherent mess" that was the US president's maiden speech at the UN: @ishaantharoor pulls no punches independence referenda in Catalonia&Kurdistan are raising temperatures (&some serious questns) by @ishaantharoor
@SankalpIYF Refugees are not "illegal migrants". They are people fleeing persecution. Precisely the people we have… are only 40,000 Rohingya refugees in India, and we can easily welcome them in our midst, writes…
Retweeted by Shashi Tharoor @OMRcat @Tharoorian_INC @ShashiTharoor @TheWeek @JayasreeVijayan @MATTSMATTS @ramask For easy reading #Tharoorians
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorLovely & hilarious piece by @ShashiTharoor on interpretations of the "English language"in the @TheWeek
Retweeted by Shashi Tharoor September 21st, Sri Narayana Guru Samadhi, it’s time to rededicate ourselves2his faith in harmonious co-existence can book your seats here: Don't lose the opportunity TN , Chennai. @ShashiTharoor
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorRohingya refugees: We should respect the principles of asylum & our own millennial humanitarian traditions: session in Seattle #WordsOnWater @kanishktharoor in conversation w/ Prof Nalini Iyer. The joys of fiction"As a writer of fiction I try2build a house4the reader&hope you will like the paintings on the wall"-… dominate the Rohingya debate, my pending Asylum Bill by @ShashiTharoor work…
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorOn how "nudging" can be a useful instrument of policy-making, by @VinayakDalmia analysis by @Ram_Guha of the anti-intellectualism sweeping our public spaces:😝😝😝 @ShashiTharoor
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As ignorance&bias dominate the Rohingya debate, my pending Asylum Bill: surprise! As I wrote 2 years ago: "we'll get see more of the thoughtful, reflective pers… lengthy analysis of India's #DemonetisationDisaster for @CIRSD: Written before @RBI figures confirmed it's worse!We rented President Trump’s childhood home to welcome refugees. Here’s what happened. via @OxfamAmerica
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorAs world leaders meet at UN, opinion hardens against Myanmar
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorCould British diplomats be persuaded to leave their grand colonial edifice&turn it over for a museum of colonialism?, Post floods in Assam 1000 Mosquito Nets each costing 200/- are needed. Can you sponsor a few? Pls donate o…
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorSeattle/Bellevue book-lovers welcome tomorrow 6.30pm, Bellevue ArtsMuseum! @kanishktharoor #WordsOnWaterSad that our govt betrays Hindu traditions of asylum by threatening to deport Rohingya refugees,says @aakar_amnesty: @Bloomberg suggests that India cld overtakeChina as the world's engine: But this will depend on skilling Indians!Odd to see a novel represented on a literary site by quotes out of context, but i'm glad still4these from my "Riot":, the latter link was missing! more from Australia last month: LateNightLive on @ABCRadio w/ PhilipAdams, &a review of my SydneyOpHouse remarks
This is wonderful. Through his beautiful religious songs, Yesudas has done more to instil devotion in Hindus than m… my way to Seattle for this: Back in India Thursday night. Chennai for @ProfCong Professionals' meet Friday.Will be at @BSftA Museum Seattle for Words on Water: Writers in Conversation tomorrow 6.30pm w/ @kanishktharoor tak…'Not a single corruption charge on my govt in the past 3 years': PM Modi Yet, here a scam, there a scam, everywhere…
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorHundreds of members from #BJP Gujarat have joined Congress today at Ahmedabad. @ShashiTharoor
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorAthirampilly waterfalls in Kerala after the heavy rains since the past three days.
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorNew cells & depts of @INCIndia buzzing with activity: @ProfCongBest wishes to Anju Rao G., the only female candidate for the post of President of the Hyderabad Central University… who'd pursued health benefits for women is candidate for HCUUnion! National Herald:"it 'had cachet' " was what I said & more people are coming up to me to say they voted BJP last time &won't make that mistake again in 2019! Of Life.
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorInterview with @SadhguruJV ! On @ZeeRajasthan , Monday 6pm. @KumariRukshmani #RallyForRivers Rivers are the vein…
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorSuch a joy to enjoy a literary festival with my brilliant sons @ishaantharoor & @kanishktharoor. Pleasure2listen2th… to see @kanishktharoor in dialogue with @MichaelRezendes &Suki Kim at #ZEEJLFatBoulder. Fascinating exchange dialogue between @ishaantharoor &senior war correspondent @christinalamb at #ZEEJLFatBoulder's been a terrific festival with an amazing turnout for a small town. Not Jaipur but all the more charming for t… conversation brilliantly conducted by @tweeter_anita! Shows the importance of preparation allied with tal… british cut off the thumbs of the master weavers to prevent them from weaving. @ShashiTharoor #zeejlfatboulder
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorThanks. I think the desis liked it when I said the @britishmuseum should be called ChorBazaar in Hindi since everyt…"We missed the bus for the industrial revolution b/c you threw us under the wheels" -@ShashiTharoor about India & Britain #ZEEJLFatBoulder
Retweeted by Shashi Tharoor @mitra_aditee29 You did. But many tweets coming in advising against it.The british honed the art of saying something and doing something completely different. @ShashiTharoor #zeejlfatboulder
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorNo amount of money will compensate for british colonial rule. But moral compensation would be appropriate @ShashiTharoor #zeejlfatboulder
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorIt's an excellent piece, well-argued &heartfelt. But I don't disagree with her. I'd just like to know what i can &… @pk_9451 I hope you will find a good @INCIndia candidate in your constituency. In a parliamentary system you can on…
Never heard of sun-gazing before but its benefits seem amazing: Is this a crank fad or....?How the value of the Internet has transformed the global economy. No one knows what real assets are any more! video interview w/ @khaleejtimes on Britain's colonial wrongdoings in India (but the headline is inaccurate): agree w/ @ashoswai's analysis but not his conclusion. No one should begrudge… @Pvsindhu1 👏👏👏 @ShashiTharoor HuffPost India: PV Sindhu Makes History, Wins Korea Open Superseries.
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorJust did so. Marshal of the Air Force is equivalent of the army's Field Marshal. We don't appoint either very often. correct. Tried to abbreviate to fit the 140-character space; shouldn't have @ShashiTharoor HAPPY VISHWKARMA DIWAS to U... !!GM u 2! @alamgirizvi @Tharoorian_INC @jamewils @vidya7281
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorThanks @UttamTPCC for encouraging more Telengana professionals to join @ProfCong! we need the apostrophe? Or as Shaw said, should we stop "peppering pages with these uncouth bacilli?" totally with @narendramodi on the disgraceful fuel price increases inflicted on ordinary people by our tax-ha… new blog by @jamewils, "Ministry of Facts", questions the direct tax collections figures being touted: our Prime Minister @narendramodi many happy returns of the day. May God grant @PMOIndia joy&blessings on his birthday.Angela Merkel is going to win reelection. That may not be good.
Retweeted by Shashi Tharoor.@ShashiTharoor & @larrypressler along with #JohnElliott at Day 2 of the Greatest Literary Show on Earth, @ZEEJLF.
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorDay 2 of #ZEEJLFatBoulder opens with @larrypressler, @ShashiTharoor & @JElliottIndia, discussing the India-Pakistan…
Retweeted by Shashi Tharoorअचानक पतझड़ में वह दिन आता है— जब सड़ चुके पत्ते गिरते हैं। अचानक फिर उसी पतझड़ में वह दिन आता है जब— ताज़ी कोपल फूटती हैं!#DUSUelection2017
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