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Shashi Tharoor @ShashiTharoor New Delhi & Thiruvananthapuram

MP for Thiruvananthapuram. Author of 16 books. Former Minister of State,Govt.of India. Former UnderSecretaryGeneral,UnitedNations. RTs do not imply endorsement

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@ShashiTharoor : While Jadeja Grew in Stature, Kohli Wasn’t Missed !!
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorCrowdfunding initiative for a Regional Animal Welfare Hospital in Mangalore: Do contribute!My takeaways from the India-Australia series: great cricket, but more civility, gentlemen, &how about a shave?
@mesoumya He said he imagined me when writing it....Attn Brits: over 2200 signatures today. 7800 to go. You can do it! @Tharoorians @nilanjanaroy @FT @ShashiTharoor See also:
Retweeted by Shashi Tharoor#IngloriousEmpire savagely critical of 200 years of British in India.It makes very uncomfortable reading for Brits.…
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorMP @ShashiTharoor ने @arunjaitley को 22 मार्च को एक पत्र लिख कर @sushmitadevmp के अनुरोध पर गौर करने का आग्रह किया।
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorThere is a need to make it mandatory for every educational institution to have counsellors- @ShashiTharoor via @dna
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorIf India wants a modern and progressive society, there is a need for this law- @ShashiTharoor #MentalHealthcareBill
Retweeted by Shashi Tharoor. @JayasreeVijayan don't worry I have lost often enough not have any such illusionsJP Nadda thanks @ShashiTharoor for suggestions on mental health bill via @economictimes
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorThank you! More of us should be reading history, @ShashiTharoor serves his nation and party when he advocates India should adopt the presidential s…
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorIt’s Asia’s century and the West better adapt to that- @NationalComment
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorIndia then was as rich compared to rest of world as US is today- @FaisalAlYafai , #IngloriousEmpire @ShashiTharoor
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorFascinating argument!'s historical amnesia brillinatly evoked by @gideonrachman in the @FT reinforces Britain’s imperial amnesia- @gideonrachman #IngloriousEmpire #AnEraOfDarkness @FT
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorBritain still has time to avoid trap of a rising nationalism based on nostalgia- @nilanjanaroy , @FT @ShashiTharoor
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorWill the US get a Muslim Governor? @AbdulElSayedRs. 2 Will Get You 250ml of Clean Water From This Water ATM & Also Help You Reduce Plastic Waste…
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorThanks to all those in Britain who made #IngloriousEmpire No.20 in @AmazonUK's List of Books Most Wished For! @JayasreeVijayan @SimmiSahani @alamgirizvi @DILIPLOHIA @Iypan8 @ShashiTharoor @shanmugam_18 #MentalHealthcareBill
Retweeted by Shashi Tharoor
Retweeted by Shashi Tharoor
Sadly, Britain's isn't the only case of historical amnesia: Pakistan is still in denial about its genociode in 1971 Kerala prove that it isn’t only the most literate state in India, it is also the most liberated? wrote to @arunjaitley supporting @sushmitadevmp's petition2lift luxury tax on sanitary napkins, essential4women: interview w/ @tarunkhaitan who advised me on my #AntiDiscriminationBill: India needs comprehensive law to punish prejudice, uplift diversity: #AntiDiscriminationBillConcern re "Trump’s inability to see foreign policy as anything but a set of transactional relationships"…'We shouldn't have to keep saying sorry': After the London attack, Muslims react with fear and anger
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorPowerful piece on civilian victims of American air strikes, in an American newspaper! Shabash @ishaantharoor @TheUKAsian intrvw that stirred a hornet's nest around Churchill + Brits&colonial history @ShashiTharoor trying to revive Congress brand of nationalism through his book?- @how_isee #AnEraOfDarkness
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorThanks to journalist who wrote this! Dear fellow Indians gifting you without comments,request @ShashiTharoor to RT…
Retweeted by Shashi Tharoor. @vibhamathur10 @saifalinaqvi I won't cede the mantle of nationalism to one political party, even if they happen to be ruling the country. @ShashiTharoor 's bill seeks to correct anomalies by creating comprehensive framework to address various injustices
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorWhy the Anti-Discrimination and Equality Bill 2016 must find champions in the Centre and states. Tks @ShashiTharoor
Retweeted by Shashi Tharoor @ShashiTharoor 's Equality Bill Is A Way Of Realising Ambedkar’s Vision Of A Discrimination-Free India 🇮🇳…
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorThe need for a museum on British colonisation of India. അഭിനന്ദനങ്ങൾ... ശ്രീ. ശശി തരൂർ
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorWhat makes us a nation? Powerful piece by @ShashiTharoor in the fourth essay of our Brainstorm series:…
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorFor the education of @helenzille this is @ShashiTharoor at Oxford Union
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorTo win the 21st century, we must remain true to our founding values of the 20th, says @ShashiTharoor in Brainstorm:
Retweeted by Shashi Tharoor. @Ms_LazyPants any. Each is very different from the next. Do you like fiction or non?Short stories? Satire or serious novels? Short essays?That's too kind. But it was a terrific exchange this man talks, you just have to listen. Period!! Via @TEDx @ShashiTharoor #EducationForAll
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorMentalHealth Bill passed in LokSabha this evening. Congratulations @JPNadda. Now implementation is crucial. Need good rules&budget resourcesCalling British citizens: petition2apologise to India for colonialism has 1193 signatures so far. Needs10k for reply'll be doing an AMA: Ask me Anything on @redditindia on Wednesday, March 29 at 7pm. Looking forward to talking to redditors!Why the post-Brexit UK should prioritize trade with India: review by @Soumya1910 of the latest @WisdenIndia : wishes to NicholasKharkongor for the success of "Mantra", a film I nearly agreed to act in myself!
Podcast of Shashi Tharoor's conversation w/ Mukulika Banerjee at LSE earlier this month available here:
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorShashi Tharoor on Britain’s Colonial Past We don’t learn this at school, why not? #History #Society #Colonialism
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorActually 100,000 to have it discussed in the UK parliament. Just 10,000 obliges UK Govt to respond. So far 1476 Bri… March को @ShashiTharoor & @salman7khurshid जारी करेंगे MCD चुनाव जीतने पर शिक्षा-स्वास्थ्य में काम रोडमैप,ये घोषणापत्र भी होगा @ajaymaken
Retweeted by Shashi Tharoor. @Notijj No immediate plans alas. Will revert if/when it happensDear @ShashiTharoor Sir #IstandWdSalmanNizami because I have to protect pluralism the very essence of motherland 🇮🇳
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorI stand with secularism, I stand with free speach, I stand with truth #IstandWdSalmanNizami
Retweeted by Shashi Tharoor#IstandWdSalmanNizami ridiculous! BJP Govt got so insecure that they are filing defamation cases. @ShashiTharoor
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorAppreciate @SympLySimi & @RamanDSingh_ ! Easy to get recent articles&pictures of @ShashiTharoor ! Brilliant
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorOur Censor Board opens itself to yet more ridicule with this decision to "mute" a sequence in a comedy film:'s defence against a terrorist attack: not an impenetrable shield but impassable traffic! #Tharoorians join Mr. @PrakashJavdekar " @ShashiTharoor 's #AnEraOfDarkness @IngloriousEmp belongs to everybody.
Retweeted by Shashi Tharoor#MothersDay Wisdom from @ShashiTharoor
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorToday's Bengali magazine has a wonderful interview of one of my favourite authors @ShashiTharoor .
Retweeted by Shashi Tharoor @ShashiTharoor @RahulBose1 Poorna, youngest girl to climb Mount Everest & Aditi Inamdar, actress after screening of…
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorW/former French PM(&now head of the ConstitutionalCourt) @LaurentFabius & Ambassador AlexandreZiegler after a livel… frustrating debate on the #PresidentialSystem since none of the 3 had access to the others' arguments. Sti… pictures of people w/their electronic devices & phones edited out have a surreally disturbing quality: bureaucrats be immune from arrest &do the police have the needed credibility2enforce the law?asksAbhinavKumar
Some of my remarks in HyderabadUniv on our education system: & & @smanoj4081manu see my previous retweetThat's right,companies can now give unchecked sums to political parties (usually those in power benefit because of… @rmenon05 no, I say very clearly it's subject to success at the ballot box. @natrajan I help my constituency every day w/what an MP can do. This sadly is a problem for the Mayor, municipality&StateGovt (all CPI/M). @ShashiTharoor Compares Winston Churchill To Hitler & Pricks The Balloon Of British Pride Again #IngloriousEmpire
Retweeted by Shashi Tharoor. @SaroshHussain Absolutely. Everything I say in my book applies equally to Pakistan&Bangladesh. Brits' racial theories made yr outsize army