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Shashi Tharoor @ShashiTharoor New Delhi & Thiruvananthapuram

MP for Thiruvananthapuram. Author of 17 books. Former Minister of State,Govt.of India. Former UnderSecretaryGeneral,UnitedNations. RTs do not imply endorsement

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The hidden gem that is Thiruvananthapuram's NapierMuseum adds to the attractions of the city:… @LekheshDholakia @TrueIndology No, Nadir Shah was an invader & raider who looted & pillaged & returned home with hi…
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorBook launch – Outdoors with @ShashiTharoor book at 5.30pm Meet the Author – Have books signed with a 3 course dinn…
Retweeted by Shashi Tharoor @LekheshDholakia @TrueIndology No, Nadir Shah was an invader & raider who looted & pillaged & returned home with hi… unsparing assessment by @UnamPillai of Robert Clive, who began the large-scale looting of India while marvelling… when in Chicago to run into someone I am used to sharing a stage with in Thiruvananthapuram: Swami Gurura… the concluding session of the annual Family Convention of the Federation of Malayalee Associations of… young Rekha Nair of Chicago who donated a kidney to save a stranger's life. Such selflessness deserves re… review of @UnamPillai's new book on Deccan history: to learn that Sujatha Devi, poet and winner of the Kerala Sahitya Akademi award, passed away in Thiruvanan… a meeting of the IndianNational OverseasCongress in Chicago today w/ its Chairman @sampitroda. Great to s… revelatory interview with the founder of Jo's IT cell, PradyutBora:
Here's @ShashiTharoor's #REVIEW of @Ullekh's 'KANNUR: Inside India’s Bloodiest Revenge Politics.'
Retweeted by Shashi Tharoor“His real tyrant is the glittering phrase, so attractive to his mind that awkward facts have to give way.”…
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorExcellent piece on Churchill by @ShashiTharoor Hero or war criminal?
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorGlad to oblige. Do send an invitation to office (at) summary of this article and it's subject: An evil becomes moral when it gives everyone an equal opportunity to b…
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorViveck Shettyy with Dr. Shashi Tharoor on FM Rainbow via @YouTube
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorA wonderful piece by @ShashiTharoor
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorThe difference between a boss and a leader. You don't need an MBA to be one! the football #Worldcup2018 & the 2019 cricket World Cup demonstrate the contrast between a globalizing sport &a… was initially envisioned as a reform to make the indirect tax system simple and efficient. Sadly, but not surpr…
Retweeted by Shashi Tharoor @RajatBh07129200 @sampitroda just read a lot! and keep reading
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorHitler wasn’t permanent & neither is this phase in Indian Supreme Court: Jasti Chelameswar Read the exclusive inte…
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorRumors on WhatsApp are leading to deaths in India. The messaging service must act. My article.
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorExcellent piece by @ZeeMohamed_ argues that India should not remain the only country in the world to recruit diplom… fullest essay on the appalling views &outrageous actions of the egregious Winston Churchill, hailed by many Brit… review of @Ullekh's new book on political violence in Kannur, "India's Sicily": by news of the passing of an old friend, Ambassador JamsheedMarker ofPakistan, consummate diplomat, brilli…
@RajatBh07129200 @sampitroda just read a lot! and keep readingSadly it seems that India A was snookered by weak opposition in the warm-up games, &were overwhelmed by reality tod…[Multilingual!]: My 7-minute speech in Malayalam & English on the occasion of the Centenary celebrations of Archbis… is a shocking story &a betrayal of all that @narendramodi promised when announcing demonetisation:… Messi Life of Kerala football fans: A young Keralite goes missing in despair after Argentina's drubbing yesterd…
Yoga is about a lot more than twisting oneself into a pretzel, says new book: and thoughtful construction by @BhanuDhamija of the idea of "Indian Exceptionalism". Worth review and d… good read.on the #InternationalYogaDay2018
Brilliant exposition of the Modi government's foreign policy failures by @GirishShahane : a slightly fuller account: the imperative to offer refuge, & the need for a law like my Asylum Bill: American Malayalees: @sampitroda & I will be with you this weekend in Chicago! Janata Party (BJP) and Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) ended their political alliance on Tuesday. Talking…
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorWith the amazing young people I interacted with for two hours in the PublicPolicy course organised by @nsui in Delh… brief account of my lecture at @keralauni on higher education reform
Calling New York readers: My dialogue next week with @tunkuv on #IngloriousEmpire & #WhyIAmAHindu: Kerala style boat race in Oxford! I'll be there!, it's on Sunday, July 1 is on July 2, I believe (urging @RowleyManor to include a date in their announcement!) @ShashiTharoor is against communal politics and identity politics Watch this video !!
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorMarvellous review by @VJMallet in the @FT of #WhyIAmAHindu : @hurstpubReceiving a petiton from representatives of Thiruvananthapuram's bakeries who have found themselves going from 4% V… the new district office of the Vyapari Vyavasayi Congress which brings small businesses I to the… meetings of party workers took place yesterday & today. Great to see @Inckerala gearing up well in time for th… to see a prominent British Conservative, @WilliamJHague, agree w/ this Indian liberal that the war on drugs ha…"Another kick in the teeth for India" is how Lord Bilimoria describes Britain's latest visa policy decision: happy returns of the day @RahulGandhi. May you have many more productive years in the service of the nation. on whatsApp: What changed before and after Independence in India? Before Independence: People who looted… Chinese analysis in @GlobalTimesBiz explains why Indians make better corporate managers overseas than Chinese do: marvellous conversation with literary curator Michael Williams at the @AklWritersFest on #IngloriousEmpire:… portion of my session at the Auckland Writers' Festival on #WhyIAmAHindu : (38 minutes)Interesting book by the indefatigable JairamRamesh releases today: his biography of the remarkable PN Haksar: @ Padmanabhaswami Temple #Thiruvananthapuram is the testimony to the architectural brilliance and scientifi…
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorA two-minute clip (from a longer interview) on communal politics & the risk of it resurfacing in 2019:
Only in Kerala! Coastal football fans celebrate #WorldCupRussia2018 with a tournament for Thiruvananthapuram teams…
Retweeted by Shashi Tharoorthe author tweets at @nicholas_puneet & the site is @indialegalmedia that @manojladwa has included me in his list of ‘100 Most Influential in UK India Relations’ by… everyone has seen this excellent analysis of the Modi government by a disillusioned former BJP supporter,… @tanu_r_ If someone breaks into your house &occupies the living-room, even if your uncle opened the gate for them, if it your fault?Every day is Father's Day! My twins resurrected this quarter-century-old photo yesterday does the world expect from Germany? I was invited by the German development cooperation magazine Akzente to pr… time in Thiruvananthapuram! analysis by AmnaMirza on the lateral entry issue. My view is that there should be clear criteria for wh… to address a joint meeting of the @keralauni Teachers Organization &the KeralaUniversity Staff Union on "… to interact w/ students and faculty at @keralauni today. And to discover some of them are my readers! young couples at two more weddings in the constituency today. In the second, the whole family joined in for… happy returns of the day to @Tharoorian_INC ! comments below this tweet are strikingly illustrative of the contemporary debate on stolen artefacts. Does a th… with SantoshDesai that social media has been taken over by toxicity &hatred. When I started it was just a for…