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Shashi Tharoor @ShashiTharoor New Delhi & Thiruvananthapuram

MP for Thiruvananthapuram. Author of 16 books. Former Minister of State,Govt.of India. Former UnderSecretaryGeneral,UnitedNations. RTs do not imply endorsement

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Even though that is true, I implore my fellow Southerners not to express anti-national ideas like promoting…! Somewhere in Kerala, a temple elephant is on his way to serve his god. 😊 #ViaWhatsapp
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorEnjoyed meeting Portuguese Prime Minister @antoniocostapm who told me how much he relishes being a PIO! @ShashiTharoor bats for three timezones in India, instead of just one:
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorBefore Yogi Adityanath’s visit, Dalit villagers got shampoo, soap to ‘clean themselves’ – The Indian Express…
Retweeted by Shashi Tharoor.@OfficeOfRG has d judgemnt&sense2condemn misdeeds of his partymen.BUT @narendramodi has no guts2condemn human LYNC…
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorI was asked why I wrote so much about India. I write because i care about India. But here is my fuller response:
News: @UniofOxford modifying its history curriculum to incorporate more "non-white" themes: strongly. One does not need to descend to that level to prove a point. Cruelty to animals is unacceptable for… said @vijayanpinarayi ! #Thiruvananthapuram #kerala #picturesque @ShashiTharoor
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorMaking of a trilogy: @authoramish , @ShashiTharoor ,@samitbasu reveal the agony and ecstasy. Via @EconomicTimes
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorWe're a pluralist nation and you have to assume that anybody who wears the national colours will give his best.…
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorThis is the kind of detailed expose of "fake news" that informed Indians need to be aware of. Well done @altnews_in!
ഓഹോ.... മലയാളികളെ ഉന്നം വെച്ചാണോ...
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorMy interview in @VICE on Britain's #IngloriousEmpire in India: has failed to process MGNREGA payments. How can you have a poverty relief programme that doesn't pay the poor? argument for introducing three timezones in India, instead of just one: propaganda about Kerala Vs Reality.
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorOnly 10 startups approved for availing tax benefits since Jan 2016 ( Promoting self employment Mr. Shah?
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorPromote self employment?? Start up India recd only 1,368 applications;502 recognized as start-ups,just 111 firms co…
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorWhen they fail to deliver they divide & distract. But anger and hatred will not convert into jobs or solutions
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorOld pants can be used effectively !!
Retweeted by Shashi Tharoor @husnaziauddin @JayasreeVijayan @alamgirizvi @kauserseema Rather good! How old is he? There's real talent thereSo we need to elect a government to tell us to get ourselves a job? defence against PM's overweening dominance is a presidential system where executive doesn't control legislature simple explainer of the new slaughter rules: This is sill. The Govt has no place in the bedroom or the kitchen.Good judgment comes from experience and experience comes from bad judgment. - Fred Brooks @ShashiTharoor
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorGovt electrified 73% of 18,452 villages identified in 2015, but only 8% of these included all households(Govt data) years ago, the light went out, but the flame still glows in our minds. #RememberingNehru
As a vegetarian i object strongly to the ban on cow slaughter. Gandhiji had objected to imposing 1's view on others. Freedom is being eroded @ShashiTharoor in conversation with @arunmku at @KPMGIndia annual partners meet. Extremely witty, articulate & oozi…
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorPleased to confirm this story. We filed today in Delhi High Court. Had enough of his campaign of calumny. giving my view of current global trends to @KPMGIndia's Partners' Meeting chaired by ArunMKumar in Mumbai l… review of #IngloriousEmpire in ArabNews :'s air quality is now nearly three times worse than China's: It's time for urgent action"I'm no rootless cosmopolitan": @KanishkTharoor's delightful interview on @monocle24 on #SwimmerAmongTheStars @SheebaThattil for your invaluable help with the research! The book rests on solid foundations &that's its s…
Does the Emperor have new clothes? @NITIAayog should tell us, argues Pradeep Mehta: the decline of printed papers, there's one place that is bucking the trend @ShashiTharoor
Retweeted by Shashi Tharoor @ShashiTharoor thank you for an inspiring evening - we passed this on our way home #IngloriousEmpire #Mayfairwindow
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorWe need to know history on its own terms.If you don’t know where you come from how will you know where you are goin…
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorAny credible sum of compensation will not be payable.What I ask for is a symbolic gesture of apology-…
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorA British-Indian journalist writes about #IngloriousEmpire &what my advocacy means to Indians around the world: @ShashiTharoor Read #AnEraOfDarkness and know what is #RealIndia ?
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Great initiative! startups make a pitch for their products at #StartupIndiaUAE
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorWhat a pleasure to have @TeamIndus with us at #StartupIndia UAE Their passion and commitment is precious.
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorA mother’s concern about the injustice in the world, and yet wanting it to be a good place for her kids to live in.…
Retweeted by Shashi Tharoor @Tharoorian_INC @ShashiTharoor "مهند من سيوف الله مسلول" A famous Arabic poet in prophet Muhammad era had metaphori…
Retweeted by Shashi Tharoor @ShashiTharoor thank you for an engaging talk that leaves one with a flurry of emotions... when's the next one?…
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorFull house at @NehruCentreUK for a lively discussion. Brilliant questions by @saliltripathi in conversation with Dr. @ShashiTharoor and @saliltripathi at launch of #IngloriousEmpire
Retweeted by Shashi Tharoor“चार बांस चौबीस गज, अंगुल अष्ट प्रमाण,ता ऊपर सुल्तान है मत चुको चौहान.”चक्रवती सम्राट पृथ्वीराज चौहान की जयंती पर स…
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorIt should be "well-filled mind versus well-formed mind" but someone who posted it put the wrong heading on the vide… received my copy now going to read it @ShashiTharoor
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorAlways admire his guts. Straight Talk with Shashi Tharoor: Jadhav's death sentence 'horrifying' via @YouTube
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorOp-Ed: A robustly growing India will remain paradise for newspaper mavens for a while yet - @ShashiTharoor
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorDr. @ShashiTharoor author of #IngloriousEmpire @IngloriousEmp With Mr. Roy Moxham author of "The Theft of India" in…
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Superb piece by @pramodsarang on Kerala's bobbitization incident. My views exactly! the discussion was on #IngloriousEmpire & then on contemporary politics in India. These ladies are already… author Dr. @ShashiTharoor signing his explosive book #IngloriousEmpire at @Waterstones
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorAs you can see, it was an animated discussion! @ShashiTharoor author of of #IngloriousEmpire the bold and incisive reassessment of colonialism with author…
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorStrongly condemn the terror attack in Manchester. Shocked&saddened by the loss of lives&suffering #StopViolence @ShashiTharoor
Retweeted by Shashi Tharoorwas a terrific session with @b_judah whose line of well-prepared questions opened up most of the key arguments of t… (Sunday Times bestseller) savagely critical of 200years of British in India.It makes very uncomfo…
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorNot a wholly accurate transcript, but most of it's OK: my interview w/ @sonalijcampion of @LSEnews #IngloriousEmpire @ShashiTharoor @BBCRadio4 @AndrewMarr9 Ruthless exploitation and heartless hypocrisy #IngloriousEmpire
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World-renowned author @ShashiTharoor wants and “enduring reminder” to educate school children about British Empire…
Retweeted by Shashi Tharoor @veejaysai @sanjayuvacha @madversity @iamrana @atiyaz @BDUTT @angadc @tajmahalfoxtrot @svaradarajan do! #IngloriousEmpire Didn't think there were two of you out there! @b_judah Secularist Dr. @ShashiTharoor on secularism #RealIndia 🇮🇳
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorKind of funny & sad, an Actor or player can meet our PM in no time, but farmers/protesters sitting on Jantar manta…
Retweeted by Shashi Tharoor @husainkitabi @IngloriousEmp Waterstone's Islington Green at 7.30pm today. In conversation w/ @benjudahHow did 'Empire' diminish one of the great civilisations? @MukulikaB moderated @ShashiTharoor & Roy Moxham in debat…
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorTerrific audience as well. Thanks London & @ZEEJLF ! to a wonderful discussion on India on @BBCRadio4 w/ @AndrewMarr9 #StartTheWeek. Starts w/ #IngloriousEmpire