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Shashi Tharoor @ShashiTharoor New Delhi & Thiruvananthapuram

MP for Thiruvananthapuram. Author of 16 books. Former Minister of State,Govt.of India. Former UnderSecretaryGeneral,UnitedNations. RTs do not imply endorsement

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We had a good candidate but now RamNathKovindji is our new President. We owe him our respect&allegiance. Best wishes for a successful term!Superlative knock by @ImHarmanpreet 171* gives IND-W 281/4 (42.0 ov)real chance of victory v AUS-W in WorldCup semis interactive session w/Delhi-based @FletcherSchool alumni. Far cry from the days when I was one of just 2 In… Airport Regulator Machendranathan to protest 65% increase in User Development Fee for Thiruvananthapuram. He h… blueprint to privatise public health care delivery in India, leaked by @nit_set:
അഴിമതിയാരോപണത്തില്‍ ആടിയുലഞ്ഞ് ബിജെപി സംസ്ഥാന നേതൃത്വം..ഒരു MLA സീറ്റ് കിട്ടിയപ്പോഴേ ഈ സ്ഥിതി..ഈ കണക്കിന് ഇവർ ഭരണത്തിൽ വന്നാലോ..
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorIs Michigan ready for Governor Abdul? My former aide @AdamJJoseph thinks so: @AbdulElSayed803 rapes & 729 murders reported in first two months of @myogiadityanath government in UP. Yogi Raj is not Ram Raj! When Bhakt media going gaga abt the incorruptible St.Modi's countless qualities,let us count the allegations of Financial irregularities+
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorDr .@ShashiTharoor Answering Media Houses Questions On Why #MASUKA_Draft_Law Is The Requirement Under The Constitut…
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorThe India we need to promote. @ShashiTharoor
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorLeaders of Opposition Parties Join Hands in Support of MASUKA
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorMASUKA Unites Opposition Leaders condemn MobLynching & demand MASUKA @ShashiTharoor @MBRajeshCPM @salman7khurshid
Retweeted by Shashi Tharoorराजस्थान का किसान दुखी है, कर्जे से दबा हुआ है- कांग्रेस पार्टी राजस्थान सरकार पर दबाव डालकर किसानों का कर्जा माफ क…
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorThe U.S. and Iran are heading toward crisis
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorPanchatantra stories marvellously recounted for children by my sister Shobha: English language readers, this is what it's about: reform suggestions for @PMOIndia from @BhanuDhamija, including adopting my Mayors' Direct Election Bill! This is what Arun Jaitley had said about Privacy & Aadhaar. Before his party formed the Govt.…
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorIt shoukd be terrific! have supported the nurses. They help patients to live. They must live too. need a Vice-Presidential debate between @MVenkaiahNaidu &GopalkrishnaGandhi. Excellent proposal by an IIT student to see a leak, for a change, serving to promote @INCIndia's message! MP s of North East unitedly demanded inter alia special package for flood victims in their states.
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorOn the national language controversy: Hindi was gaining popularity anyway, why are its advocates damaging its case? has launched its full flood response appeal. Please read, share and contribute. #AssamFloods #AssamNeedsHelp
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorAll party MPs 2 discuss Mob Lynching inside & o/s Parliament 4:30pm @ ConstitutionClub @ShashiTharoor
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorIndia should do away with the I&B ministry. Soviet era propaganda machinery that backs the government of the day. Long bypassed by tech.
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorHappy birthday @VenesaHermijil ! Have a great year ahead! the SC, CoA & authorities will act on these shocking stories of KCA corruption: &
MASUKA Unites Opposition @ShashiTharoor supports MASUKA on 19thJuly 4:30pm @Shehzad_Ind @tehseenp @StopMobLynching
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorMMS sow Modi Reap, Sweep, Weep but cannot keep his promises..
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorAfter #DeMonetisation Took Away 1.5 Million Jobs, 73% Manufacturers Say No Hires for 3 Months NojobsNoHopes
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorTerrific piece by @kanishktharoor on how the past is used as a weapon in the present: be in "Dialogue" w/Prakash Belawadi, Saturday in Bengaluru, for the first of several events there this weekend… tobacco bullies the global south. Trade deals are their biggest weapon | Matthew Bramall and Paul Keenlyside
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorBrilliant takedown of pretentious language in today's business world by @FT 's @lucykellaway : support @narendramodi on this: let's not massacre flowers for transient gratification,but give gifts that endure
Why is Indian traditional attire discriminated against -- in India? those Hindi speakers who wandered into a screening of the original Telugu film of Bahubali those not interested may become interested once they listen to a few minutes of our badinage! last function at @RashtrapatiBhvn w/ Pres.Mukherjee. Two grand stalwarts at podium to release book on fut… @ShashiTharoor importance of secular supervision and why they are voting for @meira_kumar Ji.…
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorTo make your contribution towards flood response in #Assam, please visit this page:
Retweeted by Shashi Tharoor#GOK 2launch Bengaluru Declaration outlining constitutional, institutional & policy responses to pressing issues…
@completeTWEETER . I didn't hire them, I don't pay them, & I don't instruct them. So they are not my PR team. They… @meerasandhya @completeTWEETER അത്ര ഒക്കെ എനിക്കെ വായിക്കാൻ അറിയും !Tharoorji polichadukki 😁😁 @Tharoorian_INC @yamunaks77 @Anish_Cherian @AnandKochukudy @AnandRM_ @JacobSarah24
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorThanks but they are not my PR team -- just genuine independent people who happen to be well-wishers.!
@ShashiTharoor @AllIndiaBakchod I think we are now in a situation where there is always someone or the other waitin…
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorBrilliant century by @M_Raj03 &inspired selection of RajeshwariGayawad give India a comprehensive win over NZ: YES!I agree. While i don't have the full facts, I would hope @incIndia workers will not behave undemocratically. We can…📣 @JM_Scindia kicks off a series where our Congress leaders connect with you & share some lighthearted moments like…
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorAttn all trolls: I took the #DogFilter challenge! @AllIndiaBakchod @ShashiTharoor We have come a long way in the last 70 yrs&hv much to be proud of.Dont compare us with China.They di…
Retweeted by Shashi Tharoor @ShashiTharoor Police raid Nagpur BJP leader’s petrol pump for using chips to rig fuel quantity
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorSmriti(memory) Shruti(hearing) and Shastra(thinking) #IndiaShastra #ShashiTharoor @Shashitharoor starting to read the golden book
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorPleasure to meet you @theabhikulkarni ! Impressed with your work in the media @JustUrbane to have a world-class institution for autism and related disorders @ShashiTharoor @CMOKerala @USTGlobal
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorGreat to see you @anilkantony! Keep up the good work! interview w/ Pallavi of @firstpost on Dr Ambedkar & the @Quest4Equity conference:, focus on malnutrition & not TRPs, writes @ShashiTharoor. (via @TheQuint)
Retweeted by Shashi Tharoor#Trivandrum Need B+VE blood At KIMS Hospital Call 9497363636 Via @Kochupaaru @Kuryachan cc @ShashiTharoor
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorRead thought provoking essays by @ShashiTharoor @quizderek @DrChandanMitra @AzmiShabana @shahfaesal @rahulpandita @pbmehta and more
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorThanks. Appreciate your support. Shri K. Kamaraj former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu on his birth anniversary.
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorThe uproar over plans to divide the Trivandrum Railway Division is fully justified: @sureshpprabhu“A stanza of poets and a chapter of authors...united by their ink-stained fingers..." Philip Ardagh
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorDon't let the revolting photo put you off this excellent @nit_set article on theGovt's failure to clean up the Ganga article by @LekshmyRajeev argues for opening the sealed Vault B of Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple Tvm scam bust: tampered chips were dispensing less fuel views on the silent malnutrition crisis in the country &the case for fortification of edible oils: @AngellicAribam @nsui All the best to you un the future Angellica. You have a lot to contribute to our country.For #GameOfThrones fans, the parallels with @realDonaldTrump & contemporary politics, by @ishaantharoor: the "fake news" turned out to be real: @kanishktharoor on @DonaldJTrumpJr 's Russian emails @ShashiTharoor 'Language should be an instrument of opportunity,& not of oppression' Dr Tharoor slams Modi's Hindi…
Retweeted by Shashi TharoorHard not to empathize with the grief and pain so many have known at the loss of a father
Indians' exhibited greater confidence in UPA Government contrary to NDA Government. Take a look
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