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Proud Jew. Software Developer at @LH_Systems. I do the impossible in C# and JavaScript, sometimes at the same time! Opinions mine. @BonnieBellG's Favorite

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@Delafina777 curses, thought i made it picky enough to have a chance 😊 @jenntakahashi @ElissaBeth @the_quark but that's farther along than i am 😂 @ElissaBeth @the_quark @jenntakahashi mostly still just poking around to see how it works. Seems to be all jQuery event driven @ElissaBeth @the_quark @jenntakahashi i keep trying to hack at their API so i can do better searches @the_quark but then I can't join 😢 @Delafina777 what do i have to do to be nominated for favorite cis man Jew? @the_quark true, OKC is the least bad I've found @ElissaBeth @jenntakahashi @the_quark pretty sure that's true of all online dating @ElissaBeth Jewish mom, expect at least one setup per week minimum
Can't get Windows 10 S to install on my test machine 😭.@DennisCode any way to map MSDN docs to their equivalent on docs?
@SwiftOnSecurity I have the version of that with numpad, love it!I find it amazing how @TweetiumWindows continues to be both my best and worst example of a UWP @Nick_Craver not really, sounds like the same sense of time developers have. "When will this feature be done?" "5 minutes" A year later...Seems the Windows 10 S upgrade works with Windows 8.1 Pro too, hmmm
Emoji Update for Windows 10 Mobile!
Think of starting on new business venture: Husbands-On-Demand.
In that sense, Cortana/Alexa integration makes sense. Alexa brings devices and talking input. Cortana brings typing input.Cortana/Siri on the desktop makes sense. Not to TALK, but to TYPE. I type to Cortana all the time.Digital personal assistances are more than just Speech to Text. Shocking I know.I have too many MSA/O365 accounts! @VisualStudio thanks
@VisualStudio It's my own fault for working to get around things the @visualc team doesn't want me doing... @VisualStudio lol, I'll look through the event log and let you knowYou know you're on to something when you keep crashing @VisualStudio with your C++ code @visualc Any reason std::fpclassify doesn't support integer types on Win10?
@billwagner @DennisCode Docs for a solution. With Sandcastle I would create a shfbproj, keep doc stuff there, & reference the other projects @DennisCode is there a DocFx project type in Visual Studio?
C++/CLI is a pain, but still better than PHP
Retweeted by Shmueli EnglardPS remaining badass tech ladies: if you want to join us, hit me up! It's literally my job to find your dream team a…
Retweeted by Shmueli EnglardWindows is hiring Software Engineers passionate about the OS 💜 Interested? Let's chat!
Retweeted by Shmueli EnglardJavaScript being used to replace native apps is totally fine and good and not at all terrible in any way
Retweeted by Shmueli EnglardFor the few I can't get in the store (mostly dev related): Chocolatey for the win!
My plan to move to all store apps is going well. Looking like I might be able to setup S for none dev machines!RT if you've ever typed AT commands like ATDT to control a modem
Retweeted by Shmueli EnglardUPDATE: Issue is charging using the USB port, charging using wireless works fine. Not great but something at least...We're still hiring here at @LH_Systems in Princeton, NJ! #cplusplus devs & app testers! @StonetipApps I've got a spare (I'm prepared) just need to find itOf course my Lumia Icon decides to not turn on... 😒
@terrajobst @Nick_Craver Also need a way to make switch statements ignore caseWill the new @SwiftOnSecurity music video be a topic this week on @_RocketFM ? @jamesashley @jasonodom23 so playing D&D with @HoloLens?!? @kopshtik @Delafina777 right now it's a quick and dirty Microsoft Flow script so no "real" code @terrajobst @DennisCode @kopshtik @Delafina777 so about this evil(?) plan...? @DennisCode @terrajobst true, hmmm. Thanks! @terrajobst @DennisCode best idea I had was having Sandcastle build to Markdown and go from there @terrajobst you know of a way to convert a Sandcastle project to DocFx? @gcaughey Hey Cortana, order me an Invoke on Amazon dot com @jonskeet I've personally found @Github's Desktop app and the built in tooling for Visual Studio to my favorites @Delafina777 it would explain a lot... @stevesi you don't expect someone to try and abstract it? Say Unity? @Delafina777 are you sure Judaism isn't just an RPG system? @kopshtik @Delafina777 removed the HTML Rava, who would bend their heads and not actually prostrate themselves on the ground. @Delafina777 @kopshtik (using Sefaria's API for source)<b>and Rava, who would bend</b> their heads and not actually prostrate themselves on the ground.
@Delafina777 @kopshtik nope, seems normal to me @Delafina777 oooo idea: random Talmud tweet bot? @Delafina777 with what free time?????????? @hacks4pancakes have to find a faire we can both get to! @hacks4pancakes 😲 No sword, no buy!A smart person knows when to ask questions. Looking for experts in healthcare policy, specifically in single payer. Would appreciate intros.
Retweeted by Shmueli EnglardDo you hate TargetInvocationException thrown from reflection? Well, you could fix it.
Retweeted by Shmueli EnglardCan anyone confirm that the @fitbit #Ionic will work with Windows 10 Mobile? If so, I might finally have my Band replacement! @sbisson Before or after they update to latest .NET/Mono? @Delafina777 stop giving me ideas for podcasts!Only thing larger than Trump's ego is a developer's ego @noopkat too easy @noopkat they were the pants of your dreams? 😁Any Windows Builds released today shall be known as the birthday build @Delafina777 I feel like we should watch Anime together. I get the feeling you'd also enjoy complaining about everything while watching 😁Or....never use grey on white. Or yellow on white. Or any pastel on white.
Retweeted by Shmueli Englard @AmazonChique pre-emptive mazel tov
Great idea from @terrajobst: Warning Bankruptcy for legacy code.
@JeffreyCR it should have access to all your system fonts
I am KING OF THE PUNS! 👑 @mobiplayer @CarmenCrincoli better: Skype for Millennials. Skype4ME for short