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Software Developer at @Lufthansa. I do the impossible in C# and JavaScript, sometimes at the same time! Opinions mine

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@kclemson nononononononono don't do it! Friends don't let friends send spammy stats tweets!
Retweeted by Shmueli EnglardSo is that a yes or a no? 😜 @mordzuber LOL @mordzuber who said this was bad news 😎This year I will learn how Pebble employees felt last yearAs we say good bye to long MSBuild files in @VisualStudio I want to thank @sayedihashimi for the help all these years @davkean perfect 😈 @davkean but i liked it being explicit, allowed me to do hacky things 😁
but i can say that the new logo really should be mozs://a if they care about security
Retweeted by Shmueli EnglardCross-browser support is very important, thus I'm making sure that Esprima test suite runs with @MicrosoftEdge!
Retweeted by Shmueli Englard
@ecomstation1 going to disagree. Centennial is the "gateway drug" @ecomstation1 Centennial @ecomstation1 Yes. I've seen them. But one should never count Microsoft out. @ecomstation1 It's not, trust me @ecomstation1 who are all developing on macOS because POSIX. Can't make UWP apps on macOS. Get them to switch to Windows... @ecomstation1 Window's great "power" comes from being developer friendly, WSL is dev friendly. Get devs, get apps @ecomstation1 @richturn_ms Linux is far from Jurassic. And POSIX is really the main goal here *cough*macOS*cough @richturn_ms lol @richturn_ms true, but the fact that the company cares enough to do it themselves is good! @hacks4pancakes Aww, thanks. My main issue is receding hairline and going bald. Doing anything with it is near impossible :) @hacks4pancakes still looks awesome! My hair will never look that good! @noopkat hug 🤗 hope things get better. You know where to find me ❤ @richturn_ms congrats on SUSE! @noopkat I only caught the beginning of the stream, but it looked awesome! @hacks4pancakes I think I'm a bit late but I'm in love with what you did with your hair!Best part of this is getting the notification on the desktop thanks to Cortana @WinObs or NFC but yeah @WinObs that could be it @WinObs i personally can't wait for them to open an API for third party usage of this. Or being able to unlock Windows with this
@robertmclaws I'm starting to think I could make a living over language ports! @StonetipApps what you need?
@tarah Try Windows 10 phone :D @sbisson share contract. share contract. share contract. USE THE GOD DAMN SHARE CONTRACT SKYPE. It's been over 4 years FFS! :(
Retweeted by Shmueli Englard @ChrisWalshie i decided to skip. Annoyingly this build fixes a bunch of issues my work machine has
@noopkat nothing wrong with having both :) @noopkat We can go computer shopping together! :D @ElissaBeth thank Cortana :)Idea: Twitter bot that sends what Cortana would if ask on Windows @ElissaBeth As request... @AmazonChique good point @AmazonChique I'm trying to figure out how "looking at genitals" is "privacy"It's the same horrible app, just easier to uninstall. @hacks4pancakes O_O Another reason I must go! @hacks4pancakes wait, you're going to be at GenCon?I finally get it. Twitter caused the Internet to leak into real life.
Retweeted by Shmueli Englard @terrajobst no JavaScript? @billwagner thanks! @billwagner is there recommendations on documenting exceptions from async methods?One week until @gdinyc Study Group, first the of the new year, at @MozillaScience in Brooklyn, sign up to join us!
Retweeted by Shmueli Englard @hacks4pancakes yeah. Which admittedly would make it a great horror show... but that's not what I signed up for! @hacks4pancakes What got to me was Q's dream of being locked in a mental ward... hit waaaay to close to home for comfort @hacks4pancakes As a story I loved it, as me I was this close to having a panic attack. Though showing the suicide & rape call #s was nice @noopkat :p @noopkat good lord! you NEED a new machine! @noopkat LOL. So no need to upgrade the MacBook then! @noopkat ooo, which ones? @IrisClasson lol, well back to dating and continuing to try to work for MS so far @IrisClasson pretty good to. Got divorced so starting the new year off fresh! @IrisClasson "they" referring to the holidays :) @IrisClasson How were they?Nice analogy of .NET Standard by @davkean: .NET Standard ~ HTML .NET platforms ~ browsers
Retweeted by Shmueli EnglardThis is awesome! 🎉 @noopkat and we NEED, MUST celebrate this! 🎉 🥂 @noopkat So i guess you're getting a Windows laptop after all 😜 @noopkat i just screamed in my office! That's awesome! And slightly jealous 😁 what product? @sudhagart ok, so that makes it easier then! Thanks! @BonnieBellG i think the idea of you on caffeine scares me ❤Entry number 1234 of reasons I don't want a 4K screen under 32" you're in IT and claim to know anything - ANYTHING - about security, you're not allowed to recommend Windows 7 over Windows 10. Ever.
Retweeted by Shmueli EnglardSpread freedom, responsibility, and respect. Send this job posting to your internet hero.
Retweeted by Shmueli Englard @Sphynxian @Delafina777 pretty sure in my case it's impossible @sudhagart fooy. I should have no issue with license though, right? @sudhagart the tool where no even oem apps are kept
@WinObs I'm skipping 15002 @GitHubHelp done, thanks! @robertmclaws ah @robertmclaws not @mclaws-dot-com? @richturn_ms anything from your team? @getwired They could have gone for Alt-Vista :) @gcaughey @edbott you've scared me off todays build. Switched to Slow for now...