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Proud Jew. Software Developer at @LH_Systems. I do the impossible in C# and JavaScript, sometimes at the same time! Opinions mine. @BonnieBellG's Favorite

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@hacks4pancakes I'll need a new roommate soon...
@dinabass don't forget the duct tape"If it fits, I sits." - every cat, ever. #cats
Retweeted by Shmueli Englard @RealDarrenCohen my Icon finally stopped getting updates 😭Word, @stevekrouse.
Retweeted by Shmueli Englard @LeaVerou I just got that from someone in Russia...Preparing for blastoff πŸš€Get ready to build and complete a successful Moon landing mission!πŸŒ”…
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@SoftSavage lol πŸ˜†Happy Birthday to our Queen - @Jenna_Coleman_! πŸ‘‘πŸŽ‚ #Victoria #VictoriaPBS
Retweeted by Shmueli Englard @SoftSavage I think human is the oldest profession 😁Happy birthday to the Impossible Girl, @Jenna_Coleman_! πŸŽ‰ #DoctorWho
Retweeted by Shmueli EnglardHello Twitter! I have missed you, though my productivity has not @SaraJChipps Jewish Orthodox Shabbat πŸ• @terrajobst yeah. I get that feeling whenever I'm on some developer social thing @terrajobst you've been on GitHub too long. Take a break πŸ•only XBLA developers will remember this
Retweeted by Shmueli EnglardLove these signs at a #Microsoft campus building as we think about building schools for the future of teaching and…
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.@terrajobst I need popcorn when reading .NET CoreFX issues 😁
@MathnSkating will they play on other devices? Ask Marc to borrow his?
@noopkat I was rushing like a maniac thinking I was late lol!
@nooplat did you get a @HoloLens O_O ? @noopkat are you planning to control your tiara by running?
@richturn_ms So Just have it not run when I'm using Bash :) @richturn_ms I guess one way to find out? @richturn_ms -_- I know that... Was hoping file history would understand it πŸ˜„ @richturn_ms I was thinking of it... @richturn_ms will it backup/restore/respect the alt-streams that VoIFs uses? @richturn_ms does File History understand WSL?No computer tells me whatΒ  it can or cannot do!
@richturn_ms good point! Thanks!#YouTube TV streams live today in 5 cities, unless, that is, you have a #disability. Spoilers: not an #a11y.
Retweeted by Shmueli Englard @richturn_ms But I'd lose *nix permissions and what not :( @richturn_ms to an external drive formatted with a *nix format. Can I attach *nix formatted drives to WSL? @richturn_ms What's a good strategy for backing up WSL?
@sayedihashimi sounds fun! πŸ˜† count me in! @sayedihashimi ready to help with dotnet new πŸ˜„
@VisualStudio seems to have been fixed with one of the recent updates. If it happens again will do! @sayedihashimi Crazy talk πŸ˜„ @sayedihashimi O_O but, but why would someone do something so evil! MSBuild is awesome! this just got more complex, hmmm. Thanks! @sayedihashimi PowerShell Module project. Removed Import C# targets. Calling Exec in Build target..@sayedihashimi Oh master of #MSBuild: Why does Visual Studio 2017 not call my target but using MSBuild directly does?
@v_sadov @jaredparΒ  true, and i do that. I'm just a nut as @terrajobst Can attest to πŸ€“ @v_sadov @jaredpar @terrajobst that yes, but to make it not box at all? @jaredpar @terrajobst @v_sadov The problem is that it shouldn't have to box at all since if it's a "built in type" it just becomes a ldc @v_sadov @jaredpar @terrajobst That's externally implementable?!?I have found my new favorite #PowerShell Package: 😍 @richturn_ms Yup. I'm pretty much going for "look like nano is running on Windows". So 'nano .\somefile.txt' will work @terrajobst any reason Expression.Constant isn't generic? @richturn_ms in the end yes. The bigger deal is that it takes the windows path and converts it to the WSL path for meWhy the !@#$% doesn't Hangouts work in @MSEdgeDev?!?!?!? @richturn_ms I wrote a #PowerShell script that allows me to use nano in bash from windows seamlessly πŸ˜†.@mjhutchinson is a silver smith
@noopkat yeah... Math.random() is weird... @noopkat πŸ˜‰what else would I do. I never do things the easy way @VisualStudio Extensions installed in both are disabled in one. Enabled in it and then they are disabled in the other @noopkat the way I was doing the crazy colors was I created a @TextExpander code to generate a random color πŸ˜† @VisualStudio There seems to be some issue syncing settnigs between 2015 and 2017
@noopkat you make me blush! @noopkat Thank you!!! ❀
@jongalloway C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\VisualStudio\Packages\_Instances\**\state.json @jongalloway Taking that as a yes... I found the answer πŸ˜‰ @jongalloway I'm guessing you want to know this too?Β @VisualStudio But it doesn't tell me the names I need for the CLI πŸ˜‰
@richard_ms Running PowerShell in WSL in the PowerShell Console... @VisualStudio That looks great but I'd need a way to get what components I installed :) @VisualStudio I want to install the same configuration on other machines @ElissaBeth best part is that as weird as that sounds it actually makes sense! @ElissaBeth IP6 VPN over IP4 VPN to IP4 VPN over IP6 VPN 😁Amen! @VisualStudio is there a way to "export" my 2017 install configuration?
@bitcrazed Thought you might have some, but figured they'd be better coming from you :) @bitcrazed @richturn_ms will do! @bitcrazed have you seen ? @bitcrazed @richturn_ms Ah, figured it didn't still. Log in Feedback hub or WSL repo? @bitcrazed @richturn_ms 15061 @richturn_ms A false positive. That I reported. I guess a bug of sorts is that it doesn't understand the lxss system @richturn_ms It's not really a bug, it found a suspicious file on my system and removed it. It just happened to be in the lxss directory
That moment when Defender messes up the WSL file system... @richturn_ms @_chelnak no problem :)