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PCEM Smittie GE.D @smittie61984 Your mom’s sex dungeon

Chemist⚗️ & FLAMING🔥 heterosexual👨‍👨‍👦. Not down w/ GOP/DNC. Formerly down w/OPP. No DM noodz or @Heart__stomper🗡 will punch you. Extremely average at math

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@FoundersGirl If this is located next to an airport and train tracks, I’ll pay insane amounts of money to live there.
Retweeted by PCEM Smittie GE.DRich Yt pipo @POTUS This combined with the 16 cents we saved on hotdogs this summer allowed my family to get our tree. Thank y…
Retweeted by PCEM Smittie GE.DBuild your own platform and leave this one??? @PetiteNicoco I plan to have my kid learn about Santa Clause the way god intended. Through Tim Allen.Journalists are complaining Musk is in a bubble. This site is $8 @politicalmath @gtconway3d His wife?You can literally @ him “But what if he blocks me? What if he doesn’t respond? He probably has a filter on so he w… @oneunderscore__ @mehdirhasan Y’all should get on twitter. He’s there everyday. @zemmourstann @WorstPlace @ggreenwald *Everytime @WorstPlace @zemmourstann @ggreenwald *youreJournalists get their hands on classified military documents, publish them, then scream freedom of the press when t… @WorstPlace @ggreenwald Same thing it has to do with the rising price of tea in china. @ananavarro Ignore the haters. I wish you the best success on your new show! @ggreenwald Freedom of the press only applies to people with a fedora and a laminated badge. Everyone knows this.
Retweeted by PCEM Smittie GE.DRussians! Drink! @RepSwalwell @brianbeutler You said you’d nuke Americans bro @EsotericCD He can’t run in 2024. A president can only serve 2 terms. @kimmie_c_ I don’t think anyone has tongue punched her fart box. I’d be angry too if I made it to 55 without that.Rankings for your program is what I found matters most. But in reality, all the top schools are usually private exc…, I think I could fix TLenz. @elonmusk @TheCriticalDri2 Elon, I’m gay. How do I fix this?
Retweeted by PCEM Smittie GE.DIf you're outraged about the Balenciaga ad campaign... just wait until you find out about the worldwide billionaire…
Retweeted by PCEM Smittie GE.D( me after seeing two guys in any context whatsoever) Well well well if it isnt the Blowjob Brothers
Retweeted by PCEM Smittie GE.D @kimmie_c_ @TaylorLorenz 100% okay with welding T-lenz into her apartment until COVID is completely gone.The America @TaylorLorenz wants
Retweeted by PCEM Smittie GE.D @VerumVulnero1 Either way. It worked. Ends justify means and stuff. @CNN TBF, CNN laying off a lot of employees leaves workers more time for hate speech.Finally cold enough in Michigan for ice coffeeNo one assumes reporters are in it for the money. They come from money. They don’t care about money because they’ve… = darker gingers, the science is settled
Retweeted by PCEM Smittie GE.D @PoleDancingPooh @FearTheFloof Right in the nostalgia! @ramzpaul ...
Retweeted by PCEM Smittie GE.D @Amer1can_Barbie Just don’t take my car’s name! @hezster @chadfelixg It’s the next job I’m applying for!And it’s full op can’t catch a break @cobracommandr15 @braxton_mccoy The ideal male body @BudRespecter I figured he just went to tropical smoothie a lot.Can’t stop won’t stop
I mean. The vice president and soon to be presidents literal crackhead son being involved in the 2 main belligerent… like they plan on making it more expensive. @FearTheFloof @oneunderscore__ Sending himself DMs of himself whacking it while looking at himself in a mirror. @SenWarren Doing your job? That’s crazy talk! @fenstermakerd @iowahawkblog I took a MKZ via Uber Select while wasted drunk with a $125 ride cost. I don’t remembe… @AJEnglish They sell guns. And roses. What’s the issue?Too bad the Dutch didn’t have a defense like this in 1939. @KelliWindsor @PolitiBunny *squints in Gawker and Bush Twins*Lol. It’s like they think we’ve forgotten their mourning over Gawker. Hell. I’m old enough to remember the bush twi… media needs to stop recommending people i may know. i know them and i hate them
Retweeted by PCEM Smittie GE.D @hoesluvad @DollyMarlowe Cc @elonmusk Please buy Facebook/instagram next and fix that. @redsteeze Honestly, I’d pay insane money to learn how to properly bribe public officials to get away with stealing money.Found the groomer own fart on the way to work once the heater is ramped up can fix her @JasonAbbruzzese Y’all cried over gawker so you all can STFÛ on that one.*instagram thots triggered hardest* @just_mindy Bush Twins were fair game for drinking in college but Biden’s cràckhead son on the board of a Ukrainiàn… train horns is my love language. guess the only really shocking part of this saga is that so many pundits that mourned the loss of Gawker are upse… New Englanders are such simps for a monarchy (see Kennedys) they should change their football teams name fr… @NathanWurtzel @oneunderscore__ Some billionaires are more equalStolen for the insta and grams! @FoundersGirl I still just assume my tweets are too good to be appreciated in my time.SC donkey punched America spent thirteen years as a reporter and not once did I get a scoop from anyone who had anything but the purest, mo…
Retweeted by PCEM Smittie GE.D @WajahatAli I don’t like them. But I also just think you’re legally retàrded so I don’t know. @damintoell @assliken @gorskon @WajahatAli @The2ndKelly @MidnightMitch @mtaibbi happened to Matt Taibbi? He used to report about people in power I don’t like and now he reports about people…
Retweeted by PCEM Smittie GE.DThese inbreds mourned Gawker. Lulz @mattyglesias @elonmusk @hodgetwins @micsolana Pretty sure you supported Trump for president.I think I’m going to start all my tweets with “I don’t mean to sound gay” no matter what. “I don’t mean to sound… vaginas holla! that mourned Gawker’s collapse suddenly concerned about nudity. @EsotericCD I’ve never seen Office Space all the way through. But I know the whole movie because it always came on TBS in the 2000s.It was written by a human Musk paid $44billion because you guys couldn’t handle @TheBabylonBee @EsotericCD Still shakingLmao... Jack's email is @
Retweeted by PCEM Smittie GE.DYe’s lawyers knowing journalists can’t resist stories about themselves @MidnightMitch @MattGallagher0 @ChristinaPushaw @JeremyRedfernFL @oneunderscore__ Lol. rn Conservative has thots @oneunderscore__ You work for billionaires bro @JazzShaw @JonahDispatch The twitter files prove exactly my ideology when tug read into it!RELEASE THE BRIAN STELTER REQUESTS!!! AVENGE @Oil_guns_merica!!!
Retweeted by PCEM Smittie GE.D“sir, the Twitter files are being released”
Retweeted by PCEM Smittie GE.D @SuperAndrea I refuse!
Realized my company’s main go to crapper has a tank. It’s my chance to live out a dream of mine needs to be said. The best version of WHAM!’s Last Christmas is T-Swift’s @BridgetPhetasy This site is $8!lmao
Retweeted by PCEM Smittie GE.D @mehdirhasan Soviet posters chosen by a democrat White House official. living in a communist dictatorship and having to make gun parts for Americans. I bypassed this one.
Retweeted by PCEM Smittie GE.D @sunnyright @EWErickson Go to any college campus and you’ll see liberal kids in these. Hitler was a minor league ma… @kattenbarge @redsteeze @NBCNewsPR A parkland shooting survivor lost admission into Harvard over private group chat…
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