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@TheStalwart Thank you Cynthia NixonWow is today the day they fix the subway male journalist literally just messaged me to ask me to change the lede in my story because he wanted to use a si…
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Lookin for a guy who’s nice, smart and @IsaacFitzgerald @instagram Me too I might buy one that says hubbly @olenskae I am seriously so excited about this.@alanna is a generous soul who guided my dumb ass through knitting this beautiful perfect hat (my first ever!!) an…
Retweeted by CaroIf you’re not following HEY LADIES! on @instagram ( you’re truly missing all the fun (btw h… is this worse or better than uh *checks notes* Malia Obama smoking pot at Lollapalooza is the content I care about. Thank you @4evrmalone
Retweeted by CaroWhen Harry Met Sally’s me, deciding what I want and what I don’t care about @Molly_Minturn Congratulations, Molly! That’s such a big milestone.My only hope is that a younger generation seems to understand this because they understand the internet. It is idio… YOU ARE LOOKING FOR BREAKING NEWS AND UPDATES ON BIG HEADLINES, MAYBE UNDERSTAND THAT YOUTUBE IS NEVER GOING TO…'m telling you, I still use a piece of advice @alanna wrote about in THE CURSE OF THE BOYFRIEND SWEATER every day:…
Retweeted by Caro @alanna “No, thank you"NBC News Special Report: Shooting at high school in Great Mills, Maryland. Watch live on the @NBCNightlyNews Faceb…
Retweeted by CaroIf anyone knew this song existed in the first place I’m sure this wouldn’t be such a crazy revelation @TheStalwart If you are talking about that little LGA service road, literally every time.Looks like the Sam Hyde hoax is going around yet again following the shooting at a high school this morning. Remind…
Retweeted by Caro @McJesse JESSE @BethAnnesBest @JentoInfinity I might be biased but it’s fiction based on real life…how is that lame? @alanna I need recs!!!!!! I will text. @alanna I was gonna stop by Michaels to get yarn and needles tonight after therapy. What an evening!the amazing @alanna has her debut book out today: THE CURSE OF THE BOYFRIEND SWEATER! I think it might inspire me t… Nixon should film her first campaign ad in a stalled, packed subway car.
Retweeted by Caro“If not, “ D A M NAhhhhh Grandma I miss you!! first day of spring
This is extremely genius and I want more college kids to read it. Ask your crushes to write you letters of rec!!!!!… just read an advance copy of the upcoming Hey Ladies! book and it is SO GOOD. It comes out May 1 and you will lau…
Retweeted by CaroFixed it @mollytheghost @Nicole_Cliffe MOLLY NOOOOO THIS IS SO RELATABLEThis is a sext @bjnovak @Nicole_Cliffe I mean wouldn’t you change your mind? The colander had never looked better @Nicole_Cliffe Ummmmm I was broken up with in his mom’s kitchen after he BROUGHT ME HOME TO MEET HIS FAMILY for the… @AskAManager @michmarkowitz Omg SO EXCITED you loved it!!!works way better with the pictureOkay really annoying that amazon prime won’t let you screenshot stuff but so this is the episode of SATC when carri… HEART IS MELTING 💔 After a Pennsylvania school issued detentions to students who walked out of school for…
Retweeted by Caro @TheStalwart MIAY“I’m a Miranda” is now the only good answerSamantha: I don't believe in the Republican party or the Democratic party. I just believe in parties. Miranda: @socarolinesays that was fantastic. yeah, zero live tv really cuts into my commercial quotas.
Retweeted by CaroI was served this trailer on facebook and for the first time in my life I am SO GRATEFUL because this movie looks w… SOON: my spring book recs 📚🌸
Retweeted by CaroHappening now: @aminatou discusses the package bombs that have been killing people in Austin, TX.
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Retweeted by CaroIf you’re looking for more coverage and conversation about what’s happening in Austin, TX, the amazing @aminatou wi… @JoeBerkowitz @aminatou will be on @AM2DM this am to discuss! @christinefriar good morning @mycandacejean hi! I’d love to send you a DM, could you follow me back?This guy story AND it also comes with this photo of how not to self-tan @bymariandrew @cartoonsbyhil You guys! Hey Ladies!: spent some time with Hope Hicks during the last several weeks. She declined to speak on the record. This is the r…
Retweeted by CaroCc: @michmarkowitz @socarolinesays You had a Hey Ladies lady in the White House and didn't even know it
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@christinefriar Hey guys! So into matcha lately. Has anyone had it? Yum!Christine’s favorite all-encompassing example of this is if kim were to tweet, “has anyone heard of Game of Thrones??? is it good?”Okay so @christinefriar has noticed @KimKardashian’s strat to not seem like a total self promo bot is to go on Twit… ARE TOO SAD @SheaSerrano It might be the outlet!Sounds rough! 💅🏼 @mat @katienotopoulos call your officeYep okay there ya go and 70-something women have 100% all been harassed, most don’t know how to identify it, and more than anything,… few weeks ago I had a convo with a women around the same age who said the same thing. Minutes later they talked a…
This is ... something race is tight day of the year:HELP ME PLEASE. A MAN NEEDS HIS NUGGS
Retweeted by CaroA friend in Savannah just told me that the city put out a warning that people are not to have alcohol or dogs near…
Retweeted by Carome liking ur sad tweet so u know i am here for u but i am too scared to initiate any sort of conversation
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3 years ago, I met someone amazing and lovely who loved labradors and books. Then he met someone else, probably has…
Retweeted by CaroMCCABE RESPONDS: “Here is the reality: I am being singled out and treated this way because of the role I played, th…
Retweeted by Caro @nickwiger Too real to laugh