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Our exclusive #SoulTrainAwards playlists are on @Spotify NOW! Don't miss the show Sun at 8P|7c on @BET & @CENTRICTV
Retweeted by SpotifyThe #Spotify2015 Year in Music might surprise you. Get your very own 2015 recap, coming in December. @KaceyMusgraves reveal how Country livin’ inspired "This Town" #AnatomyOfASong ready to laugh your a** off 😂 Stream an exclusive playlist of up & coming comics from @ComedyCentral's #NYCF
Retweeted by SpotifyDanny McBride here. Check out the new single SHOTTASoCo, feat. me, on Spotify's #FreshEDM
Retweeted by Spotify@SUNNYSCORCH May the odds be ever in your favor, Nikki
Predictions time! Who smashed this Year In Music? #Spotify2015 #ComingSoon these guys? Find out the #Spotify2015 Year in Music most played track, coming in December. up to a fireplace & stream my #LastChristmas cover on @Spotify! 🔥
Retweeted by Spotify@Zelerim Welcome aboard, Marcus! Here are some fresh tunes to get you started: We do our best, Raj. There's just so much great music to pick from!@sunnygovanemma On a Tuesday? We've got you covered for every day, Emma: Hey Cath, 80's tunes are where it's at! Here's a few more to keep the party going: Enjoy it, Ed. Enjoy it! You ain't heard nothing yet: Already? Christmas came early: We're glad you like it. Life is better with a soundtrack! Just because you're asleep, doesn't mean the music has to stop! Try one of these for your next snooze: Hey! Right back at you, It's never too much, Becky! #WishItCouldBeChristmasEveryday
@hannahcremer Thanks for makin' our day, Hannah! You're our... 😍🙌i made a playlist for @Spotify "DARK BROWN WINTER JAMS"
Retweeted by Spotify@RunawayAlaska Help is heeeere! Check out this fun workout playlist: 💪💯🎶@brooksbratten Hello, Brooks... It's us... 👋✋👋 out all the amazing music that inspired our new song #IntoDust on this @spotify playlist! Follow here:
Retweeted by SpotifyThe complete 7/5/15 Fare Thee Well show has been added to the Official Grateful Dead Playlist - listen and follow n…
Retweeted by Spotify@BreaksMyHeart__ And that's the TRUTH! 🙌🎧 We're blushin' 😊😍 You're our... Then you'll LOVE this workout playlist filled with 2000s Hip Hop & Pop! Check it out: 💪🙌b e s t t h i n g v i d e o c o m i n g // s t r e a m o n @Spotify t o u n l o c k a t
Retweeted by Spotify@AlwaysLoiYal 😍😍😍 You're our... Pshhh! You're the awesome one. You're our... ☝️😍@HappyHailey So pumped you're diggin' the #DiscoverWeekly playlist, Hailey! We think you're... 😍🎧🙌@jiaoss We're psyched you're enjoying Mondays, Simone! You are... 🙌😍@krusti_krabs WELP, it looks like we've accomplished the... 😏🙌@Maryismz Soooo... You're saying we accomplished the... ??@Elyssa_Kemper What can we say, Elyssa? The #DiscoverWeekly playlist is a... 😜Follow our Guestlist playlist on @Spotify + listen to @djhoodboi's JAMS!
Retweeted by SpotifyThe choicest cuts from my #t5doa list on @Spotify- you can't even argue wit these!
Retweeted by SpotifyGuess what?! You can also listen to #boyslikeyou on @Spotify NOWWWW!!
Retweeted by Spotify@SvenUbags Good. We are also very glad - That is by far the most appropriate .gif you could have possibly picked.@SvenUbags Problem, Sven?@LawrieARussell Hey Lawrie, sorry about that. Try this song instead: We're here for you: We hear you, Lloyd! Here's something to get you through the day: No hard feelings, Wayne. Glad we could help you through your!
Five years ago, @kanyewest dropped his hip-hop Mona Lisa—Stream #MBDTF #AlbumAnniversary
Jam this #KANESEASON playlist I curated for @Spotify. Some music to ride & chill to.
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Dark Sky Island by @official_enya will have you like: 💙☔💙 explains the life-shaping challenges of growing up in a small, Southern town:
Felicidades @robertocarlos, for being named the @LatinGRAMMYs' "Person of the Year"! #LATINGRAMMY @ChrisYoungMusic explain what happens when you tear your pants playing live #AnatomyOfASong made a slow/somber mostly instrumental playlist, check it out if you're interested:
Retweeted by SpotifyThe @LatinGRAMMYs air tonight! Listen to the biggest Latin stars before they hit the stage. 🏆 #LATINGRAMMY just announced that it's expanding #PaidLeave. Got Qs? Ask with #LeadOnLeave by 5:15pm ET, and I'll answer with @JonathanMPrince.
Retweeted by SpotifySpotify is proud to #LeadOnLeave. Introducing: 100% paid parental leave for all employees—Learn more: Hear @Alanis decipher “You Oughta Know” & more from #JaggedLittlePill! #Landmark 100% paid parental leave for all employees. Read more about it: #leadonleave
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@imaPRO_THO Well, what a coincidence! We've got the perfect playlist for ya: How about 36 songs?? BOOM. Oh yeah–We're here for ya! Check out these fresh jams, Jess! Help's here, Nicole! Break a sweat with these pump-up jams! 💪🎧 This is a really GREAT one, Jill! 🙌💪 how your music crushes add up after a year of plays & repeats. #Spotify2015 Year in Music, coming in December. made a @Spotify playlist that includes every release of 2015. Did you have a favorite? What was it?
Retweeted by Spotify.@ChrisYoungMusic describes how he wrote “I’m Comin’ Over” & why it’s so damn relatable on #AnatomyOfASong
New additions to my playlist on @Spotify.. @mariamena_no & @KELLYROWLAND, if you'd like to listen xx
Retweeted by Spotifyvibing! what song do you have on repeat right now? #MusicMonday
Retweeted by SpotifySee @odesza in concert! Enter to win an #InReturn tour pass just by streaming "Say My Name." Thank YOU for being an awesome fan, Carito! We think you're... 😍@ZeGrandFinALLIE Hey Allison––We've got an exciting opportunity for you! Follow and DM us if you're interested. Thanks!@FosstheBoss42 Hey Allen––We've got an exciting opportunity for you! Follow and DM us if you're interested. Thanks!LIVE: It's @Real_Liam_Payne's turn on the @onedirection Teen Party takeover—Tune-in now! #1DTeenParty #1DLiam are taking over @Spotify's Teen Party playlist now. Follow along and listen! #1DTeenParty
Retweeted by Spotify.@djcarnage is on the cover of @Spotify's #ElectroNOW playlist! Follow it here:
Retweeted by Spotify@_brianna_444 NOPE. Go for it, Brianna! 🎄@Grover_is_super Let us know how you get on, Ellie! Nothing quite beats a good shower singalong....@onedirection are taking over Teen Party! Hear picks from Niall, Liam, Louis & Harry all day
1D is taking over @Spotify's Teen Party playlist tmrw. What's your favorite #MadeInTheAM track?!
Retweeted by Spotify@Brian_Way2 Spotify Discover Weekly is... ❤️@EnnisEvan Well, Evan... You just made the... 🙌@actuallyaidano Wooo! We're pumped to start jammin' together! 👏🎧@MikkohlWH Better late than never, Mikkohl! 😜👌 We're gonna be so... And that's the truuuuth. 🙌🎄🎅 Nahhh. Go for it, Shannon! Don't stop there, Hallie! Jam out to the next decade, too! 🎧👌@allkindsofshane Streams on streams on streams 🎶🙌 That's what we like to hear, Shane!@irwinpizzas You got it, my friend! 👌Now streaming on your TV: Spotify @googlecast #Chromecast #YoureWelcome @PUSHA_T @elliphantmusic share 30 tracks that inspired SIRI ✚ Listen:
Retweeted by Spotify@irwinpizzas YUP! But we beat you to it, Camille! 😉🎄🎅 how an earring can almost ruin a live gig with @MarenMorris on #AnatomyOfASong made a '5 Years of Tri Angle' playlist on our new @Spotify page...
Retweeted by SpotifyGet sacked by @JJWatt's pre-game playlist, built for gettin' fired up & powered by @Bose That's what we're here for! 🙌💯 final secret is on my @Spotify playlist with shout outs to @BURPSIDES @daniwhitesider @simpleserenade!!
Retweeted by Spotify@tmthywst We're glad you're a fan, Tim. Just be careful with that fire, ok?
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