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@SnoaH_ We're sorry for playing such... πŸ’š @Yaadoking Nice one. That's 157 days worth of listening! πŸ‘ @joehicksmusic Nope, it doesn't, but it does make a sound: @brentwrites πŸ€› @brentwrites How long did you leave it on? πŸ€” @davemnlg The North Remembers...
🎢 Smart and strong and beautiful, works hard, going far, unstoppable 🎢 Happy birthday @HaileeSteinfeld πŸ’š look! It's the No.1 streamed artist of 2017, @edsheeran. @CatsNapsSnacks ..., Wyatt! πŸ™‚ @maybeacontra Same as it ever was Same as it ever was Same as it ever was Same as it ever was Same as it ever was S… @pllcy Shania & Garfunkel? A tribute band by Paula? Song 1: 'Man! I Feel Like A Bridge Over Troubled Water' Song 2… @RichardvHengel Ever considered moving to Lapland? πŸŽ„ @joshi1234 Nothing to worry about... just watch out for any cravings to buy beard oil, purchase dungarees, or start a blog about avocados 😬 @MadysonRodgers5 DOOO IT, DOOO IT, DOOO IT.
Man falls asleep. Woman calls a cab. Man feels sick. #TLDRsongs15 years ago, @common released Electric Circus ⚑️ πŸŽͺ Take a moment to re-experience this eclectic album.… has taken over the #VivaLatino playlist this week. Watch his new music video #Corazon now πŸ’”β€¦
In the #LandOfAMillionSongs (a.k.a. Spotify πŸ˜‰), these are @LukeBryanOnline’s top three classic country tracks. Stre…
Retweeted by SpotifyπŸ’šΒ @Camila_Cabello πŸ’š check out the #RapCaviarPantheon statues of @sza, @21savage and @MetroBoomin on display today only until 6 PM at… googled β€œnet neutrality”...yeah, we gotta keep that.
Retweeted by SpotifyOne week on from #WhoWeBe and we’re still trying to work out why Big Shaq was let through security πŸ”₯…
Retweeted by Spotify @OllieMattTurner Not at all, Despacito is a tune! @laurenandrich It's not pretty Lauren. Here's a quick insight: @KassiLuja What can I say except... you're welcome 🎢 🌊 @Ashlilliann Next stop - Rap God. @AxVlogger This is the king of the jungle here 🎢☝️ @OllieMattTurner 4472100 seconds well spent πŸ‘Œ
🎁 @GwenStefani puts her #SpotifyFansFirst. She’s treating her top listeners in LA to a holiday treat. Follow along…’s here ❀️ Watch @maluma's #Corazon music video right now on #VivaLatino @spotify for including the #SoFarAway video on the Mint playlist πŸ™πŸΌ
Retweeted by Spotify#RapCaviarPantheon is here. Three breakthrough artists of 2017 who forever etched their names into the culture: Th… @ 8pm ET. @maluma’s #Corazon music video ❀πŸ’₯ Catch it on #VivaLatino. @ericalenti You should be dancing!
SPLISH πŸ’¦ @Miguel’s new album #WarAndLeisure is here. Stream it now. is naming 3 breakthrough artists of 2017. #RapCaviarPantheon is coming.πŸ”₯ @maluma is coming. #Corazon music video. Tomorrow on #VivaLatino. artist @russelled shut down Nashville last night for some of his top fans. #SpotifyFansFirst -… #ARMYs, check out where #MICDropRemix is at #Spotify right now! :
Retweeted by Spotify @emyrhughes Don't. Stop. Belieee-vin' 🎢 @travelsofadam Half of your heart is in Havana, oo-na-na 🎢 πŸ’š @HiMitchell 4 months well spent, Heather πŸ‘Œ @jaredtwagner Hey now, you're an all All Star 🌟 @laurx_a Sounds like you're a model student, Laura! πŸŽ“ @mlouise3xo Glad to make you..., Maisie! 😁 @KarysSimone We like you... 😁 @ClassCollect97 Nice! Looks like you're showing some super-fandom @Tweet_Dec 2018 Goals: 1. Buy a Dinglehopper 🍴 2. Get 20 more gadgets and gizmos πŸ‘“ 3. Wander Free 🐠
.@NERDarmy takeover complete πŸ–– Shouts to their team for a great night with our #PremiumSuperFans -… @MohFlowMusic, a Syrian singer-songwriter. #ImWithTheBanned strongly oppose the FCC’s proposal to roll back #NetNeutrality. These changes will harm music fans and the artists they love.The Year in Music πŸ”Š albums in seven months. Thank you, @ChrisStapleton 🀠 πŸ™Œ Listen to From A Room: Volume 2 @arrmichael13 It's on! See you next year. @jackalate So will this be your top song of 2018? πŸ˜‰ @rikksareforkids 2018 goals: Listen to one, full song from start to finish πŸ˜‰ @DramaticMac There may have been a little mix up. @arrmichael13 159,160 minutes... that's over three months! 😳 Congratulations, here's to 25% of your 2018 being filled with tunes too πŸ₯‚ @melismaticdiva Better luck next year... πŸ˜‰ @katiechang96 Nice! So close to 100,000 minutes 😱 Do you think you can hit 100k next year?.@edsheeran πŸ₯‡ @Arsenalista49 Blazing through the streams! Next year's target: 420 (thousand) minutes of listening. Deal? πŸ‘€
We stand with artists from the nations of the travel ban. OUT NOW ON @SPOTIFY πŸ’€β€
Retweeted by SpotifyToday's the only day you can RT this. __ days until Christmas. dedicate this tweet to anyone who ever thought Phil Collins was singing about an 'easy llama' #MisheardMondays
Girl goes to Atlanta. Leaves heart in Cuba. #TLDRsongs
This is why she still reigns supreme πŸ‘Έ Happy #BritDay, @britneyspears!
@charli_xcx is taking over our Instagram Stories LIVE from her Sydney show with @sia and @MOMOMOYOUTH. Follow all t… is here. This week, we're featuring the work of female producers. 🎧’s making @JheneAiko move like that? Watch her new video with @goSwaeLee to find out. on rockin'... All 4 million of you 🀘 a great night in BK celebrating #warxleisure. Check it out now on @Spotify
Retweeted by SpotifyAll the feels. New @Miguel is here. Listen to #warxleisure now."When he's throwing a punch, he's throwing a righteous punch." β€” @U2's Bono on "Get Out Of Your Own Way" collabora… of Experience. The new album from @U2. Listen now. #U2SongsOfExperience
Retweeted by SpotifyOkay! Here, for your listening pleasure, is a mighty playlist of My Top 50 Songs Of 2017. I do hope you all enjoy.
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Nothing but #AmorAmorAmor for @JLo, the very first guest on the new #VivaLatino podcast. Stream it now.… in time for the Holidays, @edsheeran and @beyonce have the perfect gift for us πŸŽ„