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@sruthijith you told me you gave up after 170? @imsabbah poochcho mat. 🙄Excellency, go right ahead. Meets current standards of enlightened discourse from those holding high office. : what has led to the dangerous downturn in the Prime Minister's election rhetoric? @GorwayGlobal @cotton_oranges @AltNews interesting. will see
Why is @RottenTomatoes holding back ratings for #LastJedi?Tonight @OnReality_Check, post -truth in Gujarat campaign? the seaplane that flew the PM today arrived in India from Karachi, Pakistan. @greatbong or our in-house jedis ftw @Nidhi @CarDroidusMax @VishnuNDTV lolNDTV has widened its hiring policy. “The people of Gujarat might not be ready to defeat Modi, but they can now laugh at him – that is… a nuanced investigation, and how beautifully told, in this story .
Retweeted by Sreenivasan Jain @Wah_food 🙏 @ivivek_nambiar @KiranManral @Nidhi TN case is reported in a manner that seems more clear cut, esp. given tattoo. B… @ivivek_nambiar @KiranManral @Nidhi read pieces, thanks. Not sure if this is conclusive at all? In case of Kerala b… @KiranManral @ivivek_nambiar @Nidhi yes do send links. Also, isn't the point that amplification of a false phenom. can make it real?.@OnReality_Check exclusive: beheading threats, 5 FIR's, no arrest. How VIP hatemongers thrive in India.… @sanjukta @ndtv @OnReality_Check many thanks Sanjukta @KiranManral @Nidhi Exactly. Moreover, as Pranesh Prakash and others have pointed out, it may have been fake theory… near as dangerous as the Pak conspiracy theory but still downright irresponsible for PM to flag unproven Bl… 66A struck down? Think again. NDTV's @NimishJaiswal's investigates how its ghost lives on, to stifle critic… exclusive: Sedition for Facebook post? @NimishJaiswal reports on how police are abusing the law t…
Jail for Facebook post, ‘bail’ for VIP hatemongers. Watch @OnReality_Check exclusive on air now on NDTV.(terrific wedding pix, btw)👏👏champ. Happy days! one. FIRs, multiple threats of beheading, no police action. How Telangana’s ‘hate’ MLA gets away. Tonight… minutes to track and arrest someone. This is what a surveillance society looks like
Retweeted by Sreenivasan JainAs an ordinary Indian, a satirical FB post can land you in jail. But VIP hatemongers walk free. Watch the big… to dog-whistle politics midway through campaign not new. Recall Bihar? PM raises false flag of minority quota… if the former PM and others have committed treason, why aren’t they in jail?
Retweeted by Sreenivasan Jain @Chhabiy So he had proof of a Pak conspiracy, and did nothing?Had always found Trump-Modi comparison far-fetched. Gujarat elections has narrowed the gap, though. Last straw (so…
People, this is serious. This is an extraordinary accusation to come from a prime minister against an MP. If Modi c…
Retweeted by Sreenivasan JainThe Rajasthan murderer was addicted online hate videos, police tells @harsha_ndtv. chairs, high emotion: the view from a Modi rally in Surat. @TruthvsHype
On @TruthvsHype, can the Modi juggernaut overcome chinks in BJP armour? this is (I think) an untested format @bombaywallah yes for your collectionMy colleague Rohit Bhan is reporting that 70 EVMs have malfunctioned in Surat alone. Will the Election Commission o…
Retweeted by Sreenivasan JainNot good. on @TruthvsHype, behind the Modi blitzkrieg in Gujarat. 9:30pm NDTV
@funkadelic42 @edanderson101 seriously?In one hour speech, Hardik barely referred to reservation. Or Patel cause. Spent entire time making barbs at BJP. N… @LangaMahesh Haha you know best!At Hardik rally 2 hours north of Ahmedabad. Some of the chaos and energy reminds me of early days of AAP. @Nidhi Pidi? @PradeepGoyalCA hahahaPAAS is a barrel of wonders. Just this morning we were talking to him about Hardik’s schedule! at BJP media centre, Ahmedabad. to #BJPKaManifestoKahanHai at 3pm today, when BJP will release what they say is not a manifesto per se, but… is this man not a terrorist?
Suspending MS Aiyer smart move. Also tacitly acknowledges Congress anxiety on damage its done in Gujarat.Congress, PSA: 3 weeks before every election, pack off MS Aiyar on all expenses-paid tour of Great Tudor Homes of the Cotswolds.Of course. Our brave media. Right, @republic @TimesNow? @tjoseph0010 LolBtw the BJP hasn’t released a manifesto for Gujarat elections. Is this a first for a national party? @CSSundaresha Nope it’s not. Entirely possible to use the word in caste agnostic sense @AnjaliMody1 See TLAnd you’re conveying this to him.. on Twitter? in Surat: ‘neech’ remark exposes Congress party’s ‘Mughlai mentality’.Another spectacular self-goal by Mani Shankar Aiyer. Another clever distortion by the PM - turning ‘neech’ into ‘neech jaati.’Modi in Surat plays on the latest Mani Shankar Aiyar self-goal. Adds his own twist - Aiyar ‘called me neech *jaati* ka aadmi.’The BJP candidate from Surat West has his own App. Now how tech-savvy is that? @syrinje @timesofindia seriouslyAnother piece I read says victim was 50 yrs old. How does that match (non existent) love jihad theory? @imsabbah No. You did good. Inflight food is 😷And, somewhat improbably, we run into a small group of AAP-ians. bikers also gather in same ‘hood with cries of ‘Congress aave chche’. bike rally in Surat ahead of Modi rally, through heart of ‘rebel’ Patel turf. in Surat - the Modi Helmet.
Airport bench, sponsored by your local (numerologically inclined) MP. Gujarat, Patel WhatsApp groups pose a new challenge for the BJP. @mps9320 and I report: day for Twitter detox. @DrSSangwan @SirRavishKumar @BJP4India many thanks Dr Sangwan @msondur9 :).@OnReality_Check: Termites, Aurangzeb, distorted quotes: high(low?)lights from the Prime Minister's election rheto…
Tonight @OnReality_Check, the Prime Ministers election rhetoric: high office, low jibes?