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Govt. wants to set up Cambridge Analytica-style digital eavesdropping tool, reports @scroll_in. Nuts. Karnataka Election results - Presentation by @NeelanjanSircar followed by a discussion b/w…
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This guy has some cojones.
Opposition party leaders rushing to Tuticorin where 9 anti-sterlite protestors killed in police firing. At least ni…
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Tonight @OnReality_Check, the Congress-JD(S) Game of Thrones in #Karnataka. 8:30pm NDTV @NeelanjanSircar @Radrama @sugataraju @CPR_India Looking forward to thisFor all the stick that pollsters got in Karnataka, didn’t majority of exit polls predict BJP single largest party? #justasking
Another nugget from the Shivakumar Diaries: DKS says he bagged Nagesh, one of the 2 independent MLAs (from Kolar) e… happened to 'unconditonal support'?
Still curious how JDS/Congress MLAs held the line. ‘Ideology’ doesn’t explain the half of it. #Karnataka @PrakashWKamat @ndtv Many thanks PrakashHahahahaha you cant make this sh*t up @mathangcito Was thinking same thing. Will have to live with CLP leader.@BSYBJP making an emotionally charged speech ahead of trust vote. Jury out whether he will resign before vote. #KarnatakaFloorTestImmensely proud of the @scroll_in crew. We won four Red Ink awards, in both the "print" and "TV" categories. Congra…
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You haven't heard the last on the namaz controversy in Gurgaon. The men behind the controversy command clout with t…
Retweeted by Sreenivasan JainIn the audio, Janardhan Reddy allegedly tells the MLA: "will make you sit with our National President, one to one.… @dhanyarajendran It appears the SC order says floor test will be conducted by pro-tem speakerPersonal request: my family need 24 units of #blood. At least 4 units A+ blood, rest all groups. Surgery tomorrow…
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Retweeted by Sreenivasan Jain*sly* CM wants to delay floor test? Hm. argued in midnight hearing as counsel for ‘2 BJP MLAs’. Now as counsel for BSY.WhatsApp enters SC governments dependence on Mukul Rohatgi is something to behold. #Karnataka
BJP needs minimum 15 abstentions to bring Karnataka assembly halfway mark to 104 (BJP's strength). Impossible? No.… @hemantmorparia @priyaramani haha
BJP official handle Tweets BSY swearing in time, deletes Tweet. #KarnatakaElections @dpanjana yes, just Tweeted correction :I*BhawanFascinating how section of media and of BJP has declared invite to BSY to form government - even before formal noti… isn't Congress at 77? Or has Anand Singh 'surfaced'? @t_d_h_nair SC not HC'Authorised' poaching? prepares legal challenge led by @DrAMSinghvi. Says if Governor invites BJP, will move Supreme Court. #KarnatakaElectionsNow aide to Anand Singh, one of the ‘missing’, says his boss has left for Congress meeting in Bangalore.Nagendra, Anand Singh 'tainted' MLAs from Bellary with mining links who crossed over to Congress from BJP. Now both… Congress MLAs go 'missing', reports @nehalkidwai. 2 of them are ex-Reddy aides from Bellary. Operation Lotus 2.0? #KarnatakaElections
🔥 heaven. clarifies that no time given. Have submitted claim to government. @OmarAbdullah lolAccurate tweet of the day.
Retweeted by Sreenivasan JainOf course. I wasn’t on the politics. On the (lost idea) of ethics. @NaushadVakeel 2 wrongs don’t make a rightIMO this makes no sense. Mandate not for Congress-JDS. Gowda tells Congress he’s going to stake claim at 5:30pm. (But what has he told BJP?) #ResultsWithNDTVChandan Mitra as ever in victory colours in our studio. #ResultsWithNDTV
.@OnReality_Check exclusive: ahead of election results, Karnataka’s Congress chief says he’s ready for chance to be… Union Minister Piyush Goyal to get temporary charge of Finance Ministry till Arun Jaitley recovers.‘There are at least 6 CM aspirants in the Congress’, says Karnataka party president @DrParameshwara. Watch the excl… on NDTV: Karnataka Congress president @DrParameshwara makes CM bid. Says "let me also take a chance to be Chief Minister".Tonight @OnReality_Check, the twists and turns ahead of counting day. #KarnatakaElections
Today, it's been 4 years since my Baba @Sinha_Mukul passed away. His optimism, confidence & courage inspired everyo…
Retweeted by Sreenivasan Jain @srsngpta @srivatsayb @CNNnews18 huh? Already?Yet another false claim of savings due to Aadhaar? @PrakashJavdekar said 80,000 bogus teachers detected through Aad…
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Haha then headed to Chamundeshwari and Badami, two seats the chief minister is contesting. It may not be a cakewalk in…
Retweeted by Sreenivasan JainCan’t believe the news about Himanshu Roy. Had heard of his health struggles. But he was such a fighter. V v sad.The Karnataka sting videos, prima facie, are a damning indictment of political class and judiciary. @akhileshsharma1 haha
Unrecognisable. @AmitGoelLive has raised it to Rs 28 lakhs.In every Indian election, how millions of rupees of illicit cash are generated, stored, transported and distributed…🤦🏽‍♂️ and photo-journalists in Delhi, this should be brilliant: @AratiKumarRao and @PaulSalopek are holding a…
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🔥 in for @SreenivasanJain and @sunetrac on Reality Check tonight at 8:30pm - looking at the collosal deal wh…
Retweeted by Sreenivasan JainHallelujah. page ad in Blore edition of Hindu by Nowhera Sheikh’s MEP, whose antecedents remain a mystery.… colourful characters I met on #KarnatakaElections campaign trail — film actor Tennis Krishna. Hence named…
Tonight @OnReality_Check, a close look at BS Yeddyurappa, the BJP's X factor. #KarnatakaContenders, go nuts. <3 Chand Paleti of C-Fore poses with his survey data. He’s the only pollster predicting a Congress sweep. Says ‘h…