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Good folks of Madhya Pradesh, the NDTV/Twitter Townhall lands in Bhopal tomorrow. Have a question for key election…
Unintentional? Have the cops seen the CCTV footage? only q. is: why announce decision in the middle of a crucial election campaign?Because of health reasons, says her family. She needs to protect against infections.
@annavetticad @jack @vijaya @TwitterIndia @amritat What specifically did Twitter say about tackling abuse?Tonight on @LRC_NDTV, a marathon meeting defuses the RBI-Govt. standoff. Can the truce hold? 9pm NDTVGamechanging
.@SachinPilot on who is going to be the Congress chief ministerial candidate for Rajasthan. Watch our special elec…
Retweeted by Sreenivasan JainRajasthan Congress President @SachinPilot when asked if it would be nice to be the Chief Minister of Rajasthan, say…
Retweeted by Sreenivasan JainI asked @SachinPilot to say one positive thing about @VasundharaBJP. His answer: to someone conversant with the RBI 'crisis'. It appears to be moving towards resolution. Was told 'Urjit Pate…
Just wow. @shendagerahul12 @DwaipayanM @Anusuhin2 @SachinPilot they will - soon @shendagerahul12 @JamalJumla @DwaipayanM @Anusuhin2 @SachinPilot thanks a lot @hashakash many thanks. Yes, that is the plan!Counting down to our first NDTV + Twitter election townhall with @SachinPilot, live from Jaipur at 7pm. Send questi… you spot peacocks in a political party office. | Watch the #NDTVTownhall in partnership with @TwitterIndia tonight at 7 on NDTV 24x7 and @ndtv.…
Retweeted by Sreenivasan JainBoom. Lanka political crisis: Big boost for Wickremesinghe, Parliament votes against Rajapaksa govt
Retweeted by Sreenivasan JainImplementing a court order is politics? @shubhragupta Oh dear I see that will have continue to feed one’s addiction against our better instincts :) @balamng Many thanks.@OnReality_Check: the Dassault CEO says gave NDA a 9% discount, but @ajaishukla’s info. suggests a 40% mark up. Th… @MinhazMerchant Contacted a number of ex-IAF. All said no or not free
#BREAKING: Sri Lanka Supreme Court overturns sacking of parliament
Retweeted by Sreenivasan JainInteresting critique of the Trappier interview. @_Faysal Too sweeping?Sorry the correct number is: 7999597193Good folks of Jaipur, we are bringing our first election #NDTVTownhall to your city tomorrow, in partnership with… @malhijs @ndtv @Nidhi @MirrorNow He insists he is not formally with BJP
Read this, for a masterclass in how to turn an atrocity into routine error. up @OnReality_Check, the politics behind the Congress' threat to clamp down on the RSS in Madhya Pradesh. 8:30pm NDTV
@virsanghvi I laughed out loudStandout line from @virsanghvi's Dubai diary: 'Whether you want to celebrate Sergio Leone or Sunny Leone, Dubai is… Sambit Patra won't be ejected from the party for this tells you a lot about the party that he is a spokesperso…
Retweeted by Sreenivasan Jain.@TruthvsHype: from bank disclosures, @MariyamAlavi finds the so-called 'secret list' of of India's top defaulters. course.
Coming up on @TruthvsHype, naming India’s big bank defaulters. 9:30pm NDTV#BattlegroundRajasthan | What do the young voters think about the choices ahead? Watch the NDTV Townhall in partne…
Retweeted by Sreenivasan Jain @omnshiva by stooge, you mean ABP News, which did the survey?Its a valid question. Bear in mind, of course, that in many channels nowadays, the anchors are no different. poll finding that seems to have slipped under the radar (v. ABP News) - Congress winning Telangana. For real?
Clearly indicates they didn’t have the numbers. But is this Constitutionally tenable?, this seems a familiar use by sarkari defenders of what can be called 'me too-ism'. Of which you would kno… @onlinejourno oopsIt tires me to state the obvious, but the PM is no ordinary citizen. His words matter. For him to use legally dubio… @AartiTikoo should the PM of India use legally dubious terms - is this a serious question? Short answer: no.Just leaving this here: the PM has used 'Urban Maoists', a legally non-existent term often used to smear critics of… @srijeny24 @AIADMKOfficial What are the other issues? @rkarnad @Acosta Moreover, as per WH, Acosta was barred primarily for manhandling an intern, not grandstanding? @rkarnad @Acosta Depends entirely on whether s/he crossed line. As I'm sure you'll agree, persistent questioning, e… @rkarnad @Acosta Not really Raghu. If in that moment you meant skirmishing with Acosta, he was more unhinged than e… @rkarnad @Acosta Sure he takes questions. But his singling out the reporter as 'enemy of the people' is in some way… @rkarnad @Acosta Unclear how a collective response to a far more egregious 'crime' - the Trump/WH response - than a… it appears that much of @AIADMKOfficial's Kolaveri over #Sarkar stems from one scene, where a character (played… @rkarnad @Acosta really? Even if one were to buy that, the response from Trump/WH was grossly excessive: singling h… congratulations @bainjal
Assuming this to be correct, can you supply credible proof that lower CIC equates to 'cleaner' economy? Kohli's statement is a reflection of the bubble that most famous people either slip into or are forced into.…
Retweeted by Sreenivasan Jain @RajeevMasand @BollywoodGandu That bad?Just clarify/apologise and move on, champ. You are bigger than this. @imVkohli😳
@Bhayankur bestAny good analysis on why Dems did(do?) better in House than Senate?Somehow the quality of WhatsApp #diwali forwards has been subpar this year.The national media is projecting this like a football score 4-1, without realising that the real battle for the Con…
Retweeted by Sreenivasan Jain
Coming up just now, @hd_kumaraswamy’s gambit: ‘Modi no longer a factor in Karnataka’. Watch the interview… reception as ever lit up beautifully. #diwali @sugataraju @siddaramaiah Sugata, was not suggesting that Bellary was simply a factor of money power. Merely that t…'d like to point out some things about the Modi vest.
Retweeted by Sreenivasan JainOur win was purely based on arithmetic, Karnataka Chief Minister @hd_kumaraswamy tells me. Watch the exclusive on… to go live with Karnataka Chief Minister @hd_kumaraswamy. Questions? #KarnatakaByElections2018Would nuance this somewhat, given that the alliance campaign in Bellary was overseen by Congress' money/muscle stro…, the information commissioner who put the RBI, PMO on notice: 'can't understand why the RBI is no… and justified statement from PEN Delhi. It is unconscionable that @Iyervval is still being held in custody b…
Retweeted by Sreenivasan JainIn an extraordinary scene, Fox News Channel personality Sean Hannity appears on stage at Trump rally after cable ne…
Retweeted by Sreenivasan Jain
Tonight @OnReality_Check, the information commissioner who served notice on the RBI, and the PMO for withholding in… end is nigh. view on the viral bear video. congratulations, Vimal! Must read.
Tonight on @TruthvsHype, inside Sri Lanka’s coup. 9:30pm NDTVThe Recurring Controversy Of Judges’ Transfers Writes @manuvichar Read more at:
Retweeted by Sreenivasan JainIf you’re someone that gets constantly asked ‘what’s going to happen in ‘19?’, this is the piece to forward.
The @RajapaksaNamal exclusive: 'my father @PresRajapaksa and @MaithripalaS were in touch 4-5 months before the 'cou…
Coming up @OnReality_Check, @RajapaksaNamal tells me his father and Sri Lanka’s president had been in talks 4 month…, I am handed a card by the Secretary to the Prime Minister (Rajapaksa). He tells me it was printed ...this…, this stately colonial pile is Lanka's PMO, occupied by its (other?) Prime Minister, Mahinda Rajapaksa.… Inside, @RW_UNP gamely carries on. Here, meeting his MP's to plot next move. Notes from a Coup /1. Temple Trees, the official residence of the Sri Lankan Prime Minister. Except it is oc… heard Sri Lanka’s President hint of Indian hand behind plot to kill him, @RW_UNP tells me. But Sri Lanka rejects… has been sacked as Sri Lanka’s Prime Minister. But Ranil Wickremasinghe refuses to leave Temple Trees, the offic…‘I am the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka’, @RW_UNP, deposed by his President tells me. Watch the exclusive on NDTV.
I think Modi Jacket is the brand name under which the PM’s Ahmedabad-based designer (Jade Blue) sells them. fact the trigger for Section 7 appears to be 'public interest', so use of phrase may be giveaway line.🤦🏽‍♂️
Totally. Because *a chowk in Kandivali has been renamed*. @OnReality_Check, a top CBI official accused of making a virulent, communal speech. Another whose call re… to the show here: