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@RituRathaur @Indian_ByChoice @ShekharGupta Hi pls stop tagging or will have to blockWith respect, why is closing down courts for a day seen as mark of respect especially in a country that has such a…
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@SwoonyLoony 🙏Lovely pix. Could be on Holi. Truly a loss. @jeetuk77 Seriously? seen this? @annavetticad @ndtv @SnehaMKoshy @PrannoyRoyNDTV @soniandtv @Nidhi @vikramchandra Thanks AnnaAgree. Vajpayee: my 2014 news documentary on the man some called the Nehru of the Right.
@abhilashmohanan @sardesairajdeep @rahulkanwal @navikakumar @Zakka_Jacob @bhupendrachaube dear Abhilash, NDTV has b… 12 pm this afternoon on NDTV 24X7 - exclusive details of the manned Indian space programme, its costs, ita crew…
Retweeted by Sreenivasan Jain @AmanKayamHai_ET AyushmanKrishen Khanna, Kiran Nagarkar, Aruna Roy, Ramachandra Guha, Arun Shourie, Elaben Bhatt,, Mark Tully, Shekhar Patha…
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Coming up @OnReality_Check, the arrests by Maharashtra’s anti-terror squad revive the spectre of ‘Hindu terror’. 8:… @smitaprakash @kushanmitra @dtptraffic That looks like a VIP license plateImportant story. Until we have a privacy and data protection law such attempts will continue. For those citing the…
Retweeted by Sreenivasan JainNice.‘Create folder on journalists’. ‘Monitor individual social media users’. ‘Neutralise negative sent… @ndtv investigation into lynchings on front pages again. And thank you ⁦@the_hindu⁩ for crediting us.
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Exclusive: starting in 2014, the government made 7 attempts to set up a hub to monitor social media, 'neutralise ne… and again, the government tried to hire private agencies for monitoring social media users. Breaking now… @OnReality_Check: the government made not one, but 7 attempts to monitor, and influence, social media users… @rahulbiddappa this is her first book? @syrinje see the clip in my Tweet.Props to @Zakka_Jacob for pulling off a possible first -- live phone in on speaker w. translation from Tamil. @syrinje Not really. He simply says the tea-maker made a hole in a utensil, and ran a pipe from that to his thela.… in. he gets to be martyr - with zero consequences know there's been a ton of mocking of this speech, which is sort of a pity because biogas is a thing. But -- corr… noting that this BJP MLA guilty of multiple instances of hate speech has finally broken with the party on his… @afloo Wonderful! isko share karne ke liye bahut dhanyavaad 🙏
@CricSuperFan Hi please stop tagging me on this, or will have to block. @priyamg4 but its the same bowling attack?Given the trainwreck of the Test series, how on earth did KL Rahul hammer than century in the T20's?😡😡😡😡😡 is out of control. ANI interview was also written answers? after the NDTV sting, police in UP and Rajasthan claim they will act against the lynching accused. @SundeepDougal @tajmahalfoxtrot @RMantri thanks so much Sundeep; so glad to know you read and liked the bookMany ages ago, the lovely @anushayadav gave me this. Only now got down to reading it. Just brilliant. morning. 🌸🍁🌺🌝
correction: tonight on @TruthvsHypeTonight @OnReality_Check, the impact of NDTV's sting on cow lynching: officials promise to act, but will action mat… Netflix reverse engineered Hollywood, from Alexis C. Madrigal
Retweeted by Sreenivasan JainThanks @RMantri. Your deletion of tweets and apology noted. As far as my brother and I are concerned, chapter close…'s anti-terror squad unearths evidence of terror plot by hardline Hindu outfits, reports @IndianExpress.…
Good morning. For the last and final time the U at the end of terms like Tamil Nadu or Kalari Payattu is not pronou…
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Breaking this: Uttar Pradesh govt spent Rs 14 lakh on hiring chopper for keeping a watch on Kavad Yatra, from which…
Retweeted by Sreenivasan Jain @barugaru @TheQuint thanks Sanjaya - that is a perfect characterisation @vijayprashad @RMantri Thanks Vijay
Earlier this week, my brother and I sent a legal notice to @RMantri for abusing my father. The questions it raised,… piece by @iyersaishwarya on the 'scam' of drug rehab centres in Punjab. for Netflix
Retweeted by Sreenivasan JainI have never seen a more clownish use of police force.
Retweeted by Sreenivasan JainVia NDTV's @jsamdaniel, the sketch submitted by the DMK for Karunanidhi's resting place. Such a moving image - Kala… @sanjukta @ndtv @PrannoyRoyNDTV @Nidhi @sunetrac @VishnuNDTV @soniandtv Thanks Sanjukta 🙏After UP, senior police officials in Rajasthan tell @harsha_ndtv that the NDTV sting has strengthened their case ag… @AbhinandanSekhr Thanks Niks"In this nearly-five-minute scene, there is but one interruption of a few seconds by the prosecution lawyer. The re…
Retweeted by Sreenivasan Jain.@asaravanan21, DMK spokesperson: only 2 parties did not support #Marina4Kalaingar -- ADMK and BJP.Not sure of source, but what a lovely picture. @BKSingh @Nidhi thanks Bikram @alokmehtaeditor @Abhigyan_AP @Saurabh_Ndtv @ndtvindia thanks so much Alokji‘Prabhakaran is not a terrorist. He is my friend’. #Karunanidhi to me, in 2009.
DMK moves Madras High Court seeking space for Karunanidhi at the Marina Beach. Follow updates on @scroll_in’s Liv…
Retweeted by Sreenivasan JainKarunanidhi and MGR: A checkered friendship, and a lesson in civility and empathy. A profound write up by R Kannan…
Retweeted by Sreenivasan Jain @SupriyaShrinate @saliltripathi thanks Supriya @vinodkapri @Saurabh_Ndtv thanks brotherJust interviewed the ADG Law and Order of Uttar Pradesh police. Says have taken cognizance of the NDTV sting, and w… @saliltripathi All the more when it involves ones parents. Anyway, don't want to prolong this here. Planning a shor… @saliltripathi This guy, as I've pointed put in earlier Tweets, heads a VC firm, writes for the likes of Mint, has… @saliltripathi Salil, wanted to write to you earlier. And can do in greater length elsewhere. Look, this is not an… @khalidmba @RMantri thanks Syed of course it is @sardesairajdeep thanks Rajdeep @Abhigyan_AP @Saurabh_Ndtv @ndtvindia 🙏 @RevatiLaul @ndtv thanks Revati cc: @Saurabh_NdtvLawyers for the Hapur lynching victims have approached the Supreme Court for an urgent hearing in the light of the… didn't watch @ndtv report says every minister we ask to react, respond to this report . How long will they keep…
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