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Facebook is actually showing something bad about Hillary in their trending list and the top article is from…
Retweeted by Susan Reaneybiased media.
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyRIGGED ELECTION REWIND:
Retweeted by Susan Reaney @KarlRove I'm sure there's no need for me to tell you where you can put that white board. will spew talking points all day, but watch her run when the press asks her about the O'Keefe videos…
Retweeted by Susan Reaney @nickconfessore Exactly. They are liars and they know they are lying--that is why they refuse to identify a single example.
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyThree Largest Police Unions Endorse Trump In Crucial Battleground State
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyPoll: Most Americans Still Say Hillary Should have been Indicted
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyWhen you go to the polls WEAR RED! "Like" Wear Red for Trump 2016
Retweeted by Susan Reaney#tcot Rolling #JusticeRoberts Obama Played on Roberts fears to intimate him! #Hillary Must Not Seize the Court!
Retweeted by Susan Reaney#WikiLeaks: #Clinton aides scramble to address alleged mistress nicknamed 'Energizer Bunny'
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyAt 4:30pm Hillary Clinton staff discuss calling her to "sober her up some". Any questions ?
Retweeted by Susan Reaney#Gettysburg knowingly knowingly knowingly
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyAt Gettysburg, Trump Makes Closing Arguments To "Make America Great Again" With Ten-Point Plan @mitchellvii drove all the way from SC to VA this week, and I have yet to see a Hillary sign...several Trump signs but none for Hillary.2008, the media pointed to Obama's rallies, social media and merchandise sales and signs he was winning. Same media now say doesn't matter.
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyAnd now from the media, a pornstar offended by a proposal from a billionaire. Lol, just lol.
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyFunny that porn star comes forward for free publicity day after she launches new porn website.
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyThis Is How WaPo's Latest Poll Gave Hillary A 12 Point Advantage Over Trump
Retweeted by Susan Reaney4 major polls now have Trump winning: IBD, PPD, Rasmussen and LATimes. Media ignores them all despite at least 3 being among most accurate.
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyThere are polls that are polls and polls that are propaganda. These D+11 polls are propaganda.
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyPundits making a big deal of slightly lower R turnout in early voting but ignoring the corresponding EXPLOSION in Independent early voting.
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyThese pundits are assuming Republicans are staying home. Reality is, they just became Independents and are voting Trump.
Retweeted by Susan Reaney
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyAnyone questioning @mitchellvii Just got shut down.
Retweeted by Susan Reaney @mitchellvii Cross over Dem here. I am a woman. I am college educated. And I voted yesterday for @realDonaldTrump! Time to #DrainTheSwamp!
Retweeted by Susan Reaney2 emails discuss over sampling, as @mitchellvii has tweeted on at length, and the unreliability of polls. Rigged.
Retweeted by Susan Reaney @HillaryClinton's plan to discourage Trump support: "Barrage with high frequency polls and declare the election ove…
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyHere's an idea to stop illegal immigration. Let's just use our tax dollars to send food stamps right to Mexico. Sound good Democrats?
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyIf IBD's internals are correct, Trump is up by a lot more than 2.
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyFormer Prosecutor: The Clintons Are So Corrupt, Everything ‘They Touch Turns To Molten Lead’ via @dailycaller
Retweeted by Susan Reaney#PodestaEmails16: Warring with NYT to squash classified email story.
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyI just dropped most of the info that's contained in the #PodestaEmails16, about 40 items, see my #TL
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyMorocco $12 million dangle... "This was [Hillary's] idea..." #wikileaks
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyLAS VEGAS REVIEW JOURNAL: DONALD TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT #TrumpPence16 #DraineTheSwamp #RiggedSystem #MAGA
Retweeted by Susan Reaney.@JudgeJeanine: "There are two systems of justice in America. One for everyday Americans. And one for Hillary Rodha…
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyAmazing how the media groups are conceding for Trump's campaign...the fat lady hasn't sang yet boys! @ABC @nbc @CBSNews @CNN @MSNBC @foxnewsPriebus: Trump 'not willing to not concede' | AP Photo
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyDid you know: Gavin Macfadyen was arrested with Bernie Sanders, was a body double for Nick Nolte & was banned from South Africa & the USSR?
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyA bloody year for WikiLeaks
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyHillary Clinton VP candidate Tim Kaine today on his agenda-free "pushing" of the U.S military #TKSurprise
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyHi @benensonj, please provide a list of #WikiLeaks #PodestaEmails "that aren't authentic". Or are you not able to d…
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyJudicial Watch Releases New Hillary Clinton Email Answers Given under Oath via @JudicialWatchAudits: some county DSN boards failed consumers
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyIBD Tracking Poll Trump 43, Clinton 41; LATimes/USC Trump 44 Clinton 44; CBS FL Clinton 46, Trump 43 #MAGA #TrumpPence16 #TrumpTrain #Dobbs
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyMook claims no conflicts, then “can’t comment” on Haiti pay-to-play State Dept. emails 🤔
Retweeted by Susan Reaney @ChristiChat Does Hillary Clinton still owe the king of Morocco a $12 million favor? | New York Post
Retweeted by Susan Reaney @HillaryClinton #TheClintonCrimes
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyDon't file that lawsuit quite yet, @realDonaldTrump, more video coming that HRC was personally involved in directing what happens at rallies
Retweeted by Susan Reaney#BREAKING A sea of supporters await @realDonaldTrump at campaign rally at Regent University in Virginia Beach, Va
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyHow mega-donors helped raise $1 billion for Hillary Clinton
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyWe Endorse Hillary Clinton @RealClrPolitics Odd that anyone including you would endorse Hillary based on her sex.Swedish arms magnate with Swedish PM in toe head off to Saudi Arabia, which helped to arm ISIS, to sell more arms
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyFox picks up our story on Bill Clinton's 'Energizer Bunny' 'affair'
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyClinton also told me she has 'nothing to say' about Wikileaks email revealing a $12M Clinton Foundation quid-pro-quo
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyReleased so far: 87 Chelsea Clinton emails under secret address "" and "Diane Reynolds" code name:
Retweeted by Susan Reaney"A kiss on the cheek while she's sticking a knife in the back" -- Clinton advisor Doug Band on Chelsea Clinton…
Retweeted by Susan Reaney
NEW: So...the Clinton campaign's 1,020 page Bernie Sanders oppo file was in Podesta's emails.
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyClinton's latest hacked emails show that she pushed for a charity meeting in Morocco #PodestaEmails15
Retweeted by Susan Reaney🚨 1,000 Clinton-Petraeus emails MISSING from records sent to State, FBI files show
Retweeted by Susan ReaneySecond stop of the day - Trump takes the stage @RegentU in Virginia Beach, VA
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyLANDSLIDE BREWING #Trump n Virginia Beach, VA. Arena w 1000s of Women, Seniors & Young Watching, plus 20,000+ onlin…
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyENOUGH! 642,000 crimes against Texans by ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS in 8 years! Don't you DARE call me racist for wanting to protect my kids! #Trump
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyCubans protest @hillaryclinton in #Havana after #Wikileaks email reveals DNC plan to abandon dissidents…
Retweeted by Susan Reaney.@realDonaldTrump: "If I am elected president, we are going to drain the swamp in Washington, D.C."
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyCaught In A Lie? Server Code Shows @donnabrazile's Emails UNALTERED By #WikiLeaks
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyToday, Trump gave his Gettysburg Address before millions. Hillary is looking for an address with fewer seats.
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyDear Democrats, here is latest IBD Tracking Poll. The internals of this poll should scare you.
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyClinton Adviser: ‘Seems Odd’ To Put Tributes To ‘Four Guys’ In Benghazi Statement - Breitbart via @BreitbartNewsThis is disturbing and should frighten even the NeverTrumpers. We can't let this happen. God help us…
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyLOL! #PodestaEmails15 show John Podesta expecting Paul Begala to go full Pinocchio
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyIs Information On Google's Ties To The U.S. Government @Wikileaks’ Next Focus? #PodestaEmails15 Zero Hedge @AppSame
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyFOLLOW THE MONEY! The proof is HERE! It ends NOW! @seanhannity @FoxNews @realDonaldTrump @DonaldJTrumpJr
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyWhere'sIRS?990's FOLLOW MONEY! Right in front of our eyes. TRUST @CharlesOrtel BRING HRC DOWN NOW! #PodestaEmails15
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyNew WikiLeaks: A king's $12M for access to @HillaryClinton |
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyTop Swedish arms dealer Marcus Wallenberg "accompanies" Swedish PM to Saudi this weekend for "official visit"
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyWikiLeaks: Bill Clinton took home "expensive gifts" from foundation donors
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyThe Obama administration should not have attempted to misuse its instruments of state to stop criticism of its ruling party candidate.
Retweeted by Susan Reaney