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Matt MacInnis @stanine San Francisco, CA

Founder and CEO of Inkling

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10/11 2016
We are increasingly accessing computers by talking. We’re also increasingly accessing one another by typing. What will the balance be? 🙊🙉I want Ron Howard to moderate the next debate as the Arrested Development narrator. TRUMP: I never said that. NARRATOR: He did.
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10/10 2016
So simple, @hunterwalk. if ethical() {; } else { don’t do it }Hey @donlemon! Your producers are scraping bottom trying to find remaining @realDonaldTrump supporters to hold up the house of cards on TV.Total Mensch Calls Massive Scumbag's Bluff and Releases His Tax Data, via @nytimes
10/9 2016
@stevesi Sadly, 2 million viewers of that show.Tonight's #debate was the most Tweeted ever, with more than 17 million debate-related Tweets sent.
Retweeted by Matt MacInnisOhio is phenomenal.HE AND I HAVEN'T SPOKEN AND I DISAGREE.I'm watching a beautiful sunset and wondering... will the sun bother to come back up tomorrow? #Debate at this moment. #debate
Retweeted by Matt MacInnisTrump: “You will have plans that are so good. They will be so good, the best plans.”
Retweeted by Matt MacInnis#Debate: a formal discussion on a particular topic in a public meeting or legislative assembly, in which opposing arguments are put forward. @parkerconrad I reject your buckets. I am a freethinker. Should have been facebook_desktop_VeryIndependentThinker 🤓I clicked a link to the @NewYorker from a Facebook campaign. The URL included this: source=facebook_desktop_VeryLiberalPolitics. 🤔👎 Sez who?
10/8 2016
As @realDonaldTrump has clearly demonstrated, it's a bad idea to hijack a plane you don't know how to fly. #GOPThis is neither profound nor clever, but: this election is genuinely depressing. @cher Does this begin to approximate your feelings on the topic?
10/7 2016
Someone please fix sexual harassment training. Please. Just not me. But someone. Please. Unemployment Rate: Sept 2010 9.6% Sept 2011 9.1% Sept 2012 7.8% Sept 2013 7.2.% Sept 2014 5.9% Sept 2015 5.1% Sept 2016 5.0%
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10/6 2016
@marscuriosity Sorry to hear about your global dust storm. It’s probably because of all the immigrants.
10/5 2016
@Nestsupport I have a degree in software engineering, but I cannot figure out how to change my billing credit card info. Any tips? 🤓 @neiltyson You’re aging terribly, gracefully.
10/2 2016
In 1995, at the tender age of 25, I earned about $916 million more than Donald Trump. Yet, I never felt wealthy. #LastTimeTrumpPaidTaxes
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9/28 2016
@rmac18 0 protein, 0 carbohydrates. The expiration date is mostly irrelevant on pure fat.Gotta love San Francisco politics. @Scott_Wiener for Senate!
9/27 2016
Was very excited to talk to @inkling and hear their @McDonalds news last week. Very cool training approach...
Retweeted by Matt MacInnisNova Scotia has a secret: Cape Breton Islands. Only hours from #YHZ, it's remote & beautiful. 📷: @adamhillstudios
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9/26 2016
From tonight's debate transcript. I can't stop laughing at this #Trump #Clinton #ThanksMichaelThomas
Retweeted by Matt MacInnisSOMEONE FUCKING CALL SEAN HANNITY!!!!!!WE JUST NEED TO GET BETTER AT THE CYBER PEWTERS“It could be somebody on their bed that weighs 400 lbs.” Yes, Donald. It could be you, after you lose this election. 😂There's no better metaphor for a Trump presidency than him directing us to a website that's currently down #debatenight
Retweeted by Matt MacInnisi have walked down the street my entire life. never been shot. Trump CANNOT speak to the black & brown experience #debatenight #debates
Retweeted by Matt MacInnisi’m rich i’m rich i’m rich i’m rich i’m rich can’t prove it sorry i’m rich i’m rich i’m rich“That makes me smart.” #Debates2016 @realdonaldtrump You deleted it. in case @realDonaldTrump decides to delete. @stanine “you lost your home? lol fuck you.“
Retweeted by Matt MacInnis“That’s called business by the way.” Wow. Wow. Wow. #debates2016 @irastoll That’s because trickle down economics, as a concept, is dated.TRUMPED UP TRICKLE DOWN ZINGGGGGGGGGGGGG #debates2016
9/24 2016
@mmiller206 Sure hope that’s not a selfie. @deanhuntus I’m withholding my opinion until Monday. More data coming. ⌛️ @benhuh This is what the @sfplanning department wants to preserve instead of building new housing. INSANE. is pretty much a metaphor for what America needs right now.
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9/23 2016
Saturday morning and I just wrote 1400 words all about @inkling - an exciting vendor, and there's not many of those!
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9/22 2016
Just had a briefing with @inkling - I think my mind might just be blown a little bit. These guys are doing amazing stuff
Retweeted by Matt MacInnis“forwardable” has to officially become a real word.
9/21 2016
Talking to a first-time CEO today: “I can’t tell you how much I love this even though it has been impossibly awful.” #gritThis image says it all. #ImWithHer @HillaryClinton
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9/20 2016
@benedictevans MY Apple Watch unlocking YOUR Mac is even cooler. ☠️ @joshuaforman Anything is better than Excel, and fwiw, the shareholder experience is excellent. @nytimes Grammar is hard.
9/19 2016
Today my CFO taught me how to do a paste-and-add in Excel, and I taught him how to make a newline in Slack without sending. #love 🤓Looks nice. Did @janekim sing about her track record as a supervisor? Must have been a brief ditty. @theurv @paulhogarth @aminifonua You, or the guy four rows back? 😑What did Pat Sajak do when his kids wanted to play hangman?
9/16 2016
@davidbcohen1 @pmarca Why give these lies such reach? “As Clinton scrambled to save her teetering campaign from annihilation.” Really? Data?I have an awesome new startup idea! We should cure the common cold. 😩
9/15 2016
@CaterpillarInc we are using great new tools to reach learners like never before. @inkling
Retweeted by Matt MacInnisI interviewed a dozen CEOs to find out why weekly staff meetings almost always suck, and how to make them suck less.
9/14 2016
To San Francisco voters, this is a big election. @SFYimby is aligned with reality, as is @Scott_Wiener. Please vote!
9/13 2016
Thanks, @reidhoffman.
9/10 2016
@nifra Lookin' good in SF! ☝️
9/9 2016
😂 cash into political campaigns is like end-of-life cancer treatment: expensive and inefficient. Preventive approach? Better education
9/8 2016
@ghshephard I hear you, but then I have a single source of failure for all access points. I’d prefer two-factor auth.
9/7 2016
@brian_armstrong 1. develop a vaccine 2. produce enough for everyone 3. get it to everyone right away“So purely and continuously black.”, @salesforce, for forcing me to change my password, and disallowing prior ones. It is now a weak and insecure string. #infosec #fail
9/1 2016
“Move fast and break things.” Great for software. Not so much for rocketry. @mulligan I know, it’s amazing that it works, but amazing that it’s so unrel— @fubini You mean, other than Hotjobs?Congrats to Eric and team! Hard work to get to this point!
8/29 2016
@bradvogel You are my hero because you are always you. 🍪
8/28 2016
@jpmanga I’m glad you’re safe. That means you’re fair game. 😘 @jpmanga @liamstack What’s an unarmed shooter shooting?