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Stevie Ray Hansen,The Shepherd Analyzing The News

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Joined Twitter 11/10/16 Soros Son Dropping Huge Stacks On Dem, Evil NWO: via @YouTube Sad !!!@!~......... Said!! a conspiracy theory; Soros wants to end “ the Republic for which we stand” in favor of a collectivised, Sociali…
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2018 @DLoesch @JoyVBehar This Woman is Sick, Delusional !!!! @StevieRayHanse1 @realDonaldTrump 🌹
Retweeted by StevieRay Hansen Bush Family and Pals..... @AmericanHotLips @BamaRidger @realDonaldTrump @VFL2013 @carrieksada @_SierraWhiskee @ClintonM614 @SandraTXAS @Remyxoxoxoxo @GeorgiaDirtRoad @realDonaldTrump @danigirld1 a high school student - after the #ParklandSchoolShooting, more gun control won’t make me feel safer. America ne…
Retweeted by StevieRay Hansen hold specialists Mitt Romney would gladly sell the American asset(Freedom) to the highest bidder,(NWO) he's a… @loushiffer @bbusa617 @AMErikaNGIRLBOT @APTT45Babe @GeorgiaDirtRoad @Golfinggary5221 @GrizzleMeister Can Run But You Cannot Hide.... Can Run But You Cannot Hide.... Fake News Media never fails. Hard to ignore this fact from the Vice President of Facebook Ads, Rob Goldman!
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2018 @w_terrence Im a bail you out of jail man, GAB... ! They're All Scared They're Next !!
Retweeted by StevieRay HansenThey can use their finger ,or is that to much to ask?... my 3,443 followers , maybe your out of town or your hand is broken, or maybe Twatter has me Shadow banned, stuff… my 3,443 followers , maybe your out of town or your hand is broken, or maybe Twatter has me show banned, stuff t… To Work.. about my misspelling is Mitt , this is good info Lucifer worshiper , thank you , Im Dyslexic   … Kid... you for your service sir....... will need one Man to 50 Soy Boys Antifa kids... Antifa Soy Boys said there going to.. 17, 2018 Verse of the Day  Who is wise and understanding among you? Let them show it by their good life, b… @JannaWilkinso69 Cover it up, hurts my eyes..Some Don't understand ......... @polishprincessh @jgdeporre1 Advocate Sen. Kamala Harris On Parkland Shooting: “Our Babies Are Being Slaughtered” Let's be honest, if…
Retweeted by StevieRay Hansen @JannaWilkinso69 @Cowboy_Kn Ill Pass, No Thank you, go to hell lady... Does Your Spanish Surname Say About You?
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