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Prayer... people solve problems with their superior logic.’s the famous liberal two-step: First screw something up, then claim that it’s screwed up because there’s not eno… mean nothing to liberals. They say whatever will help advance their cause at the moment, switch talking point… General Jeff Sessions told the White House he may resign if President Trump fires Rod Rosenstein, his depu… problem for intelligent people who think a lot- is they think a lot..... Armstrong @MsAvaArmstrongFollowingFollowing @MsAvaArmstrongMore2 guys get kicked out of Starbucks and everyone… @Thomas1774Paine CNN reporter was left “speechless” by news that North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un announced he will suspend all n… very appropriate, by the way there's a lawyer  on gab that's going to come along and tell you, your Meme is irr… scandal surrounding FAT Fresno State professor Randa Jarrar grew  worse this week after video footage emerged of…
Nut Job Anti-Second Amendment Teen: "Your Right To A Gun Doesn't Supersede My Right To Graduate High School" is seen as a plus among lawyers because seeing troubles as pervasive and permanent is a component of what… is probably going to make some folks mad, but there are some facts, statistics, and unanswered questions that…  ( Stormy Daniels ,adult-film, sex worker )opposed to Trump also represents a chance — however slim it might be… appears you're looking for attention, or should I say clients, you don't like gab- go back to twitter.......... soon can all of this departure stuff take place Sessions, Rosenstein need to go, there deep state pieces of gar… American tax dollars at work in our nation's highest court, a liberal praying at Obama's State of the Union...’s a Classic Bush Moment, @realDonaldTrump @TheWisdomTank We the people should file a class action lawsuit against the Democrats for stealing…
Retweeted by StevieRay Hansen @StevieRayHanse1 Just like the statues, you can take it down but it doesn't change anything.
Retweeted by StevieRay Hansen @StevieRayHanse1 Keep it up, Jerry, hell is getting hotter.
Retweeted by StevieRay Hansen are so right, I guess I'm a little impatient for that day, please forgive.... yukking it up, No God, No life, No joy, what will take for people to understand that these embarrassment…
2018 California Bill Will Ban The Bible?... It's very plain the perverted sinful sick son of a bitches (control) the… Is Being Declared On Conservatives They Are Silencing Billions: via @YouTube“Funny how Twitter allows willy pics and boobs,” she cracked. “Funny how Twitter allows paedophiles and other scum.…“T conservative movement is facing a threat to its very existence @a warned all of us on gab that Silicon Valley wo…
2018 Bless.... Department of Justice inspector general has made a criminal referral for former FBI deputy director Andrew McCa… Internet pedophile ring with up to 70,000 members — thought to be the world's largest, the Rats Scramble...…
Hundreds Of Muslims From Bangladesh Illegally Crossing Into US At Laredo, Texas... NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT, THE MEDIA HAS ALREADY DECIDED THAT PRESIDENT TRUMP IS GUILTY. THEY DON’T KNOW WHAT HE’S G… @a speak freely, more important you speak the truth, hopefully people will start  listen to your welcome advice and…, really is a mental disorder... was a long program of demonetization against the groups that the Nazis hated before they ever started to roun…