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The head of the worldwide Roman Catholic Church is talking about changing one of the best-known and most widely rec…
This is an Internet emergency. Less than 48 hours left until the vote to kill #NetNeutrality. #BreakTheInternet to… IS A ‘CUP OF TREMBLING’ BECAUSE BOTH THE DEVIL AND JESUS CHRIST CLAIM IT FOR THEIR KINGDOMS...
Amen... fact is that PC seeks to silence any expression of disagreement that is not in line with its covert agenda.....
New secret weapon for #NetNeutralty! If enough of us do this we can get Congress to #StopTheFCC this week. Sign up… ................ our individual rights are a privilege granted by the State, these individual rights can be taken away! Don't fal… Christian nations have had freedom, liberty and opportunity for all citizens, whether Christian or not. In thes… present order is based upon Christian principles. This foundation proved very successful. Contrast those nation…"A nation of well-informed men, who have been taught to know and prize the rights that God has given them cannot be… more one is dependent upon the State the more one is bound to State rules. I am not against helping those who n… people have been lured into dependence on the state through welfare programs such as the single mother pension…
2017 !...
2017 might have thought Donald Trump ordered the sinking of a British battleship or insulted the Queen What Trump d…—The British Parliament went into emergency session, urging Prime Minister Theresa May to cancel President Tr… our nation and the world seem to grow more troubled and chaotic by the day, the Baby born in Bethlehem is the on… our nation and the world seem to grow more troubled and chaotic by the day, the Baby born in Bethlehem is the on…
Nationwide protests happening in 700+ cities today demanding Congress #StopTheFCC from killing #NetNeutrality. Find…"Virginia election officials quietly removed 5,556 voters for non-citizenship between 2011 and May 2017; 1,852 of t…
Be Gone Moron.... 600+ #NetNeutrality protests across the US! Find one near you here: | Can't go? C… King David Trump... only thing good about the UK right now, Mr. Bean... turning around people, Do there parents even realize they’re living proof that two wrongs don’t make a right?... HNewsWire Radio should also remember this, The UK is NO more, Anti-Christ Islam... Christians pick and choose which passages of Scripture they want to follow and ignore the rest that challenge… of Focus Will Carry You Through We can look at Nehemiah in the Bible as a groundbreaker. In his time, he w…
The former Verizon lawyer in charge of the FCC spoke this morning ... at Verizon Headquarters ... days before votin… mindset we need to have for this new year is: "We do bears, we do lions and we do giants. That's what we do." F… up don't grope!! Retweet if you think this chick looks really uncomfortable! #CreepyJoeBiden
Retweeted by StevieRay HansenJeb and the Bush Crime Family (CTRAFFIK music video)
Retweeted by StevieRay Hansen“Scripture teaches explicitly that homosexual desire and behavior are “against nature”—meaning against God’s origin… Said...., we will begin to hear what others are saying and process those things to be slanderous towards us. More… will attack your ear gate. A spirit of offense will attach itself to your hearing in such a way that not on… will eventually put a wedge between you and your family or friends. Your relationships will change over tim… moment that offense attaches itself to your heart, every single thing you do becomes toxic and dangerous. It's… is the Great Falling Away already underway? I believe it is. We're seeing full-blown apostasy in the church......, the conscience of some influential church leaders has already been seared with a hot iron (1 Tim. 4:2). So…
Well if Soros pays antifa yes, this guys are ready...'s not almost over, it's just beginning Christians should be preparing to be the salt and the light. As darkness…
three... bless young lady.........