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Stewart Smith @Stewfsmith Glasgow, Scotland

Writer @thewiremagazine @theQuietus jazz & underground | Ross Roy Medal shortlisted PhD: Ian Hamilton Finlay/Alec Finlay @UniStrathclyde | Keep Scotland weird!

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@anapostille @Stewfsmith Still House Plants, Iona Fortune, Anxiety, Apostille...😎
Retweeted by Stewart Smith @CrispMermaid @MsClaireBiddles Thanks! :D @MsClaireBiddles Thanks pal! x @plasmatron Does he start singing The Horst Wessel song? @reversediorama @JasonMacphail Years since I read it, but there's a fantastic profile of Rich in Peter Guralnick's Lost HighwayA good scene needs great champions. @Stewfsmith wrote this brilliant summation of Glasgow at this point in time for…
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Keep Glasgow weird! My guide to the underground @Bandcamp @DaniGaravelli1 Thanks - was one of those magical moments where the air around you seems to glow. @DaniGaravelli1 Ah Linn Park waterfall is one of my favourite Glasgow spots. Here's on I took of it a couple of wee…'s this weird, but gorgeous mini ice floe thing going on at the waterfall in Linn Park.
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@thewiremagazine @thewiremagazine Ian Hamilton Finlay reference in my review of Marcelo Dos Reis & Eve Risser's very fine Timeless LP… put an Oxford comma after Jools Holland, but hey.On McCoy Tyner's 79th birthday let us take a moment to watch the glorious time he wouldn't stop playing, leading to… 79th birthday to the very great McCoy Tyner. Love this era, with Alphones Mouzon on drums and Sonny Fortune k… fill your ears with jazz and improv from my EOY list @theQuietus any London-based people at a loose end on Wednesday night, I'm having a book launch for From Steam to Screen. T…
Retweeted by Stewart SmithFor #InternationalMountainDay, here is Alice Tarbuck on Nan Shepherd, from the @DangerousWomen_ project
Retweeted by Stewart SmithMorrocan Ladies leading you off to other worlds. A mix made from my cassette heap. #ⵜⴰⵎⴰⵣⵉⵖⵜ #موسيقى #moroccantapes
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The @SimonCommScot have beds tonight for rough sleepers. If you're in Glasgow and you see someone sleeping rough,…
Retweeted by Stewart SmithKevin McKenna actually being all right here...
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Updated my Sunny Murray appreciation with key Murray interview excerpts: Wilmer's 'As Seri…
Retweeted by Stewart Smith2moro, 6pm : GLARC 0005 cassette / essay launch for 'Subway 121', an alternative guided history of the Glasgow Subw…
Retweeted by Stewart SmithIan Hamilton Finlay's proto-tweets (from Domestic Pensées, composed 1964-72):
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@MsClaireBiddles #popdad @MsClaireBiddles I think I said something along the lines of it being a great pop year with great songs by Y&Y, Car… @MsClaireBiddles Like I needed any persuasion ;)RIP Sunny Murray, one of the most revolutionary drummers to ever sit behind a kit.
Retweeted by Stewart SmithXmas card from a student, fair touched! hve bn even just a fly in this room...❤️
Retweeted by Stewart SmithAnother key discovery from @Stewfsmith's list - Mandorla Awakening II: Emerging Worlds by Nicole Mitchell
Retweeted by Stewart SmithAlbert Ayler
Retweeted by Stewart SmithAs we remember Otis Redding on the anniversary of his tragic death, here's a poster of his live show at the Locarno…
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@BeccaEHarrison Aw, sure you'll ace it @ThomasNRees @theQuietus Also, thanks! @ThomasNRees @theQuietus You should, it's great! :)I've got a piece in @LRB about the forces behind Richard Leonard's rise to the Scottish Labour leadership, the pros…
Retweeted by Stewart SmithEven if he wasn't a genius, Sonny Rollins would be among the most humble and gracious people I've ever talked to. T…
Retweeted by Stewart Smith @JohnRMulvey @theQuietus Oh yeah, good call. @JohnRMulvey @theQuietus Previous one was a stunner too. Less suite-like, more of a tight ensemble record."Into The Mountain: A Life of Nan Shepherd is a long-overdue reappraisal of one of Scotland's most significant writ…
Retweeted by Stewart Smith @JohnRMulvey Wonderful album: my no. 1 in 2016 @JohnRMulvey Ah, it's terrific. So many good things bubbling under: Vijay Iyer, Harriet Tubman w/ Wadada Leo Smith,… Anthony Braxton’s Early Solo Saxophone Work
Retweeted by Stewart SmithJazz 2017 - The Top Ten. Including Nicole Mitchell, Jaimie Branch, Roscoe Mitchell, Alice Coltrane, Pat Thomas, Tys…
Retweeted by Stewart SmithThe Satellites are spinning, A better dawn is breaking, the galaxies are waiting, for planet Earth's awakening.
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@MsClaireBiddles I can't help but have a perverse love for this aesthetic. It's like you have access to basic DTP a… @MsClaireBiddles Classic 90s bootleg art @MsClaireBiddles My REM nerdery knows no bounds. I have this on a bootleg tape called Its REM Jim, But Not As We Kn… @MsClaireBiddles Where's Captain Kirk? by Spizz Energy, incidentally covered by REM on a fan club single. @theQuietus jazz list for best of 2017 is really really good:
Retweeted by Stewart Smith @destinationOUT @theQuietus Thanks folks! 🎷💜Always dig @Stewfsmith 's well-thoughtful & wide-ranging "best of year/s" in @theQuietus. William Parker's gorgeous…
Retweeted by Stewart Smith @AlterAnthony Thank you sir! @eraseresk I'm sure it fancies you back! *boom tish* Cracking record!I'd have to say.... the best of jazz. @hellotaraquinn @MsClaireBiddles Oh you're right! I always mix up them Pavement percussion ladsThe excellent @lauraewaddell is guest editing @bellacaledonia this afternoon, get in aboot it! @MsClaireBiddles Bob! He's lovely. Me and @hellotaraquinn had our photo taken with him years ago.
this is *such* a good article on the recent UK anti-trans media panic and the history of these ideas in feminism (a…
Retweeted by Stewart Smith @ScotRail Fair enough but this has been happening a lot on this line @ScotRail Mount Florida-central 17.43 cancelled last minuteTrain cancelled with no warning, will be late for work. Having a great week with @ScotRailIn #Rewind2017 I contribute my highs and lows of the year in culture. In the jazz & improv I've covered new Alexand… have been music scenes in cities + large towns outside of London since the 60s and 70s. Manchester, Liverpool…
Retweeted by Stewart Smith @Henbell As it happens, I'm just editing a big Scottish underground overview so watch this space... @Henbell @Henbell Oh, that's last year's tape rather than the latest. But everything GLARC is putting out is worth a listen. @Henbell You may already have listened to them, but I won't stop singing their praises ;) @johnboursnell @Monorail_Music Hell yeah, she's awesome @Monorail_Music @Monorail_Music 1 Nicole Mitchell - Mandorla Awakening II 2 Roscoe Mitchell - Bells For The South… humble assistant editor of this very fine journal, I’d encourage friends to consider submitting a piece! Doesn’t…
Retweeted by Stewart SmithThe 2017 Ones That Got Away playlist Spotify has assembled for me includes a track from the new Morrissey album. Ca… this "trans lobby" crap, Britain doesn't have a single trans MP. A trans teenager (a group that study after…
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@cat_sierra @MsClaireBiddles "Evil yoon plot!" yell the gammon faced men of Scotpol twittter, before launching thei… @cat_sierra @MsClaireBiddles Should of course be "gonnae" autocorrect hates Scots @cat_sierra @MsClaireBiddles Haw Han Solo ya dick, ahm pure gonna pump yer maw