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Be Careful What You Wish For

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@Dutch_Book Bennett's website has this pic up @Dutch_Book what is with u people - u let Larry Bird park in handicap spots I bet @ReformedBroker Official TWTR slogan: Leaving Money on the Table since 2006 @Nebrewska Cattle outnumber people 4 to 1 in Nebraska and The Big Short of Hereford, Angus & maybe Huskers is closer @ReformedBroker poor schmuck has nothing left over for a wine collection and a house in Quogue. That is no way to live @maoxian twtr music critics might not go 4 it but was funny to see band blow up. That was good era in big city, still gritty but on the mend @maoxian some obscure band was playing there in advance of first record release. NYC was so fun then, time flies by @maoxian Yes, Time. It ain't no friend of mine either. In June '94 buddy called me last minute to meet him at Knitting Factory on Houston St
@DavidSchawel @kevindepew also they never did it again from what i can tell. Fucking amateurs @DavidSchawel @kevindepew of a quarter. The taped it and then sent it to my boss cuz they were pissed. He laughed and promised me a raise @DavidSchawel @kevindepew one time I called a sellside boutique and left VM bitching them out for downgrading a stock on valuation last day @MrUnexpectedly @maoxian the Chairman has a face for radio, or so I have heard #wikileaksrumor @ComfortablySmug 2 barks buy, 3 barks sell. One bark...thats a hold of course @Morgan_03 when I go out drinking with the Naked Cowboy we always laugh about that doofus @Morgan_03 @nicolatheron they always have to push the envelope on eyewear, don't they? @maoxian maybe that was the last of einhorns position he found in the couch cushions while digging around for change @maoxian yeah i got caught spoofing need to set up those hot keys @maoxian thx sitting here can see stuff but not enter trades might sell last slug this thing has given me gray hair @JeffCNYC without Einhorn!whats going on with MU
@MissTrade help us Trump! @MissTrade they should just dump garbage in it and cover with dirt like a landfill. Fitting end to all those Lions seasons @misstrade Fixer upper for sale, needs new roof and turf, possible flip @ComfortablySmug a big bottle of Gin @maoxian maybe he will get a spinout show "The Mensch of Manhattan Beach" @maoxian maybe he will play a guy who berates Wall St for getting negative on TWTR in the $40s
@hmeisler the 5pm shows needs a seeing eye dog to show these guys the way @hmeisler they also put dog stocks on a "tight leash". woof woof VRX @The_Analyst @DavidSchawel damn I am hungry does that site float u for hamburgers? @lhamtil yeah but we lost a lot of jobs, from people cleaning up horse shit
@EddyElfenbein Bless them, they fight the good fight @jesseobrien he is a little bitch
@jvposter that is where I want to be @euanrellie yes, when you are dead @isportsDave so...the dog is the only good thing we have going? ok I will take it. Along with a win tonight
@pcdunham @pearkes don't judge me but I am long TWNK. Pls don't tell Barro @pcdunham @pearkes yeah but would Josh Barro eat it? He is now the benchmark @christopherhuff magic mushrooms @ExecutiveBuying that was a helluva time to start lol u have the same scars as poor DanIf we have too many grocery stores, what does the future look like for Publix and Kroger? @ExecutiveBuying I think the fact he entered biz just in time for the 2000 tech wreck really ruined him for life. He is entirely predictableNot sure how to play St Patty's Day since Ancestry DNA test tells me I'm only 13% Irish. Drink but stay sober?Stay in but eat Shepherds Pie?
@JeffMossDSR next stop...Bartlett's Familiar Quotations? @Valuetrap13 once I asked Neal Preston who put on best show he ever saw. He saw it all as photographer. Buy American @maoxian now Calacanis is calling for Ev to come back and run the company. We are almost into the Greek Tragedy stage of this shitshow
@maoxian now he tells us
Fast Money is so Feisty. Feisty Money
@hmeisler @pearkes good pt about working at home w/ structure provided by 930-4.Mkt is like invisible metronome dictating tempo of our lives @hmeisler started listening to ur podcast w/ George..does anyone serve lunch during this?kinda hungry and wanna experience GS lunch largesse
@LWinthorpe oh baby we are back in bizness! Maybe Trump makes a cameo at the Center! @LWinthorpe please defend those levels and help an underfunded pension near you
@griffinmcgee the threat of imminent death keeps u on ur toes, aware of surroundings. Also burns calories, thats why people in burbs get fat @griffinmcgee in 1991 on 88th/3rd we had a vestibule as u enter apt building, then locked door to go up. every AM crack vials wud litter it @griffinmcgee that being said seedy has its charms, maybe NYC was better in some respects before it turned into Disneyland under BBG @griffinmcgee doesn't really matter, that guy is radical dude more political commentary, i guess he hates jobs and loves seedy @griffinmcgee I thought it was funny those SNAP protesters were so eager to take free hamburgers from SNAP food truck. Venice cracks me up @griffinmcgee what does "County Council" do anyhow. 26th is your district, correct? @kiddrussell @coffeygrinds @DavidSchawel Happy Pulaski Day!
@Trace_Urdan @conorsen saw Conor's bit in Fortune about education, skilled trades/infrastructure spend, chew on this
Galleon's Rajaratnam loses bid to cut insider trading sentence @DavidSchawel @DavidTaggart just fade whatever "process" this guy believed in
@LWinthorpe a breakaway gap here will truly make America great again @michaelsantoli @LWinthorpe Marcus Lemonis' stock CWH hit another new high today- lets be honest the CNBC crew is swimming in tubs of moneyBill Paxton is one of few to have characters killed by an alien, predator, and a terminator
@coffeygrinds @DavidSchawel this is only real thing I have seen lately, I wish I was in Chicago... @DavidSchawel Paczki filling. Who the hell ordered me one with prune I wanted cherry They better get it right on Pulaski Day
@monsieurblister this is good too Oscar reaction from the Wyld Stallyns #bogus @coffeygrinds not sure, but this won an Oscar for best documentary and was about a muslim boxer
@conorsen I thought it was a theme park
@RussianBear pls pour one out for the Russian Bear
Sheila Bair is on Wall St Week talking about student debt and income share agreements pioneered at Purdue, example @vader7x not even Houdini could get out of this mess @RussianBear is this gonna end with a TWNKie? talking your book?
Woah: This mutual fund suffered a five-day, 15% plunge amid S&P 500’s run to fresh records
Retweeted by StockJockeyKushners halt Marlins talks amid reports of Loria working for Trump sounds...shady @billygriffin22 @conorsen @DavidSchawel last time I criticized a fund during Westminster TCW sent a hitman after me
@michaelbatnick he probably had a plan until he got punched in the face today
@Dutch_Book where else will I learn how to handle oenophiles behaving badly