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Stock funds attract $2.9 bln in latest week - Lipper if you followed @SEC_Exposed you would know the answer to that@ryanprociuk @jvposter @Nebrewska Galloway puts Ohio St at 6 tonight right behind Mich St he sure is predictable
@ryanprociuk @Nebrewska @jvposter say cheese oh yeah baby!@Nebrewska as far as earlier question. Furniture is way to go imo & if you buy it right the stuff will last forever & maybe timeless design@ryanprociuk all the guys who look Amish on Mich St's team are really good. Plus they already have long underwear they can bring to NE@Nebrewska who is Jake Butt gonna root for in the B1G Championship game? oh thats right he is an Ohio State fan #loser@LDrogen SUNE is a black hole@joerexrode does him arm look like a dead fish I hope he is not throwing ducks because that would be fowl on Thanksgiving weekend
@TheStalwart The Lonely Bull? I assume that is a rock opera with Tom Lee as the chief protagonist. Genius marketing by FundstratFYI, the NCAA needs to eliminate the targeting post-ejection celebration. Add a 15-yard penalty on top of it if that happens. Incongruous.
Retweeted by StockJockey@BryanDFischer yeah they should only play in a dome on a carpet in the league. Don't send em north in December they wud never winIs Vanguard running a giant tax avoidance scheme? @CBSSportsCFB ok that is probably Bielema's portion...what about the rest of the team?@Nebrewska ooh just saw your truck. damn that is a hell of a dent. weather looks so shitty everywhere peeps slip sliding@Nebrewska 2 bad head injuries in past 1.5 hours this is kinda ruining my day. jeezus@Nebrewska only thing I have to say to national media is....whatever Dantonio beats both those guys and they still cannot spell his name right@Nebrewska not sure I want u guys to win today but program needs 2bounce back after tough luck season 2 end nonsense they laughed at me proly did not help I was wearing Prada loafers or some such thing. Can take the boy out of The City but....@Nebrewska I left NYC for holidays back home once & told all my HS buddies I wanted a Carhartt jacket like Paul Newman wore in Nobody's Fool@noahtrister that was outrageous has no place in the game
@KegsnEggs play this whilst brining and complete the trifecta cuz u are so close If NEB beats Iowa and Mich beats OSU and Mich St gets by PS but loses to Iowa the B1G will be a giant mess@OhJeezums totally agree with u on the rants yesterday over fire damage and high tier carriers. Give em hell!@DavidSchawel was it endorsed by the Bitcoin CFA woman?
Phoenix housing market heating up, new home construction +46% YoY they will let Evans out of the cage again so that is gonna happen@SpartanMBA2009 @rogdanicol @SamWebb77 UM has to carry its weight why does Dantonio have to do all the heavy lifting
@Nebrewska @conorsen @ryanprociuk @jvposter B before C so Bert comes before Clemsoning oy I just saw what Zeke said after the game holy shitshow implosion time@Devious_Clan Peppers has style unlike Butt and maybe Braxton is in love with himself and is mostly a non factor this season.@MissTrade maybe there is something poisonous about way Urban plays the players against each other for playing time, dunno something wrong@Devious_Clan no way if we could take one guy for Spartans? Peppers over Braxton all day long. we should take a poll lol@MissTrade Peppers > Braxton some people here are lil cray just keep a muzzle on Butt and we can sing kumbaya soon@Moonlightrider how you doin? should I send you a cold pizza to choke on? 5 first downs lol@ryanprociuk @Nebrewska @conorsen @jvposter Party Time, sorta @BlackSheep_OSU @BlackSheep_MSU its pizza time but they will probably choke on it lotta that going around to day in Columbus@ryanprociuk @Nebrewska @conorsen @jvposter I think they have been, a win is a win except in Ann Arbor there they like to rewrite history@ryanprociuk @Nebrewska @conorsen Corso is 0-3 picking against Mich St on Gameday this season. Time for the rest homeNo Butts about it, @JBooty_88 is a Jackass @Nebrewska @conorsen Oregon is back, a different team with Adams healthy.@ryanprociuk @Nebrewska @conorsen in hindsight a lotta teams that spent time in Top 5 AP this year...were maybe not so good@Nebrewska @ryanprociuk @jvposter that a college team right? not number 8 HS team in America?@Nebrewska of all the injuries they had to suffer through this year Cook being out for this game takes the cake@ryanprociuk @jvposter @Nebrewska @conorsen this is the stuff that drives me nuts with ESPN's bias I was like "shut up for a minute Marty I am watching you on TV"@Valuetrap13 the Corona deal was big back then for them. Still love the Palm tree Christmas ads@Valuetrap13 he was on CNBC replay 5 feet away I was distracted he sez "pay attention to me" I said the real you or TV you was kinda surreal@Valuetrap13 Marty Romm at CSFB sponsored a lunch with them at 21 Club maybe '97 afterward chatted with Marty in reception area whilst...@Valuetrap13 when Richard Sands ran co he would tell story about Richard's Wild Irish Rose being named after him. 18% ABV, 100% rotgut
@DavidSchawel @georgepearkes @conorsen what r chances the people that bailed out guy on gofundme also own HSGFX and understand these things?@DavidSchawel that is true but now even Todd Hoffman is having a better year than him so.....its really bad@vader7x I haven't eaten at Subway since the Jared news broke but might eat at CMG soon and even roll the dice on the stock@georgepearkes @DavidSchawel @conorsen Hussy flat today so proly no need for GoFundMe bailoutStock funds posted $2.2 billion in outflows during the week that ended Nov. 18 surprised they didn't chase em@BrattleStCap @contangoz I think you have to live through that on the buyside to really get it. Been there, done that
@maoxian cracks me up that VRX has its best day after u know who runs with his channel stuffing postHelp! My short position got crushed, and now I owe E-Trade $106,445.56 he never learned to fish?@mark_dow Carmel?
@georgepearkes @DavidSchawel @conorsen another new low for Hussy's NAV and it is redemption season - when the money leaves, Fast and Furious@LWinthorpe just ran attribution for that account might give me some ammo to ignore them they also wanted DDD at $75+ sucker 4 story stocks@chrissolari just listened to the podcast I really love it & pass it around each week. well done @joerexrode @Graham_Couch
@AlexRubalcava @groditi I wanna live in a shipping container so this is all good for me I think@LWinthorpe debates I should say. I tell them I can find shitshows on my own dont need help with that thank u very much@LWinthorpe no but I had in past proly a wash, a few good trades & one bad one I have clients that wanted solar exposure, lead to arguments@LWinthorpe hoping this SUNE gets resolved with a human sacrifice maybe they throw Einhorn in the volcano to satisfy the stock gods. yeesh@LWinthorpe apparently its a stockpickers market and while my exposure got whttled down I own all the shitty ones@LWinthorpe I tried to dodge em and should have picked up way more ground relative over past week@LWinthorpe fwiw its worth one week ago Fear & Greed was at Greed - for those who said it is completely worthless.@SconsetCapital @DavidSchawel @ReformedBroker he was a bigger dick than Mr. Hand@DavidSchawel @ReformedBroker TWTR needs a different skill set than Costolo had. Maybe a high school principal wud make a good twtr CEO@DavidSchawel @ReformedBroker land on his feet? cmon Josh he floated down in a golden parachute while shitting diamonds on the descent@DavidSchawel @ReformedBroker I bet Costolo cud fix what ails DFS sites. Or not. Proly not unless he cud get paid 4 doing nothing like TWTR@JacobWolinsky @fed_speak @Black_Shoals @ApexHurley I think a washed up former Oscar host should MC it this year - maybe Billy Crystal?@Alphal_pha @NACMtrader17 Ackman is so damn handsome I wud gladly pay 3 & 25 just to be able to rub up against him at investor day meetings
@ryanprociuk @conorsen @Nebrewska @jvposter Arkansas at 14, almost every team from the south he has higher than poll
SEC's Chair Mary Jo White wants to police Twitter Sullivan bros on an Atlanta class were apparently inspiration to Spielberg for Private Ryan plot line that is nuts and pretty scary. I would like to read a biography of Nimitz I bet he was an interesting guy@Valuetrap13 my dad and I built a model of MIssouri when I was like 6 so that ship and surrender was always forefront quite an event it was@Valuetrap13 it is an elite fraternity and we are on a first name basis I made Rear Admiral yesterday on @WorldofWarships in my badass Atlanta class cruiser so I feel certain kinship w/Rear Admirals@Valuetrap13 they don't make em like that any more. Sounds like he did a lot of cleanup at Pearl Harbor and knew Nimitz that is awesome@Nebrewska yeah although now I see Duke moved higher maybe they had a faulty boiler and needed to allow the boiler makers in to fix it@Nebrewska to properly board a bandwagon I need to move onto basketball for the next 3 years I think yr from now they will make serious run@Nebrewska not sure, Cooper Rush is pretty smooth operator now. Also we can't be friends anymore I am sorry a merciful ending if I have every seen one
@Nebrewska lets see if Cooper Rush can do this@Nebrewska this weather is too nice for a MACtion game. Maybe hail the size of golfballs that dents their helmets - that is MACtion to me@Nebrewska Boy I never thought we would see Iowa here in mid November. Have u watched them play much this season?@ChrisVannini The Little Sister icon should actually be a dress
@Nebrewska I am about the watch today's BTN Live on the DVR I will start booing any minute now@DamionTerry of course, put a mobile phone in his hands and he is a tough guy. And a liar@DamionTerry shit Langford already has more catches tonight then Jake Butt will ever get in NFL cuz Butt is "timid" damn!
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