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@pkedrosky I wear this every quarter for earnings but truth be told I am living a lie. I care, I really care @BrianNorgard they could rent out the log cabin on AirBnB and staunch the bleedingIs Jack gonna work the first half of the TWTR conf call or only the second half? #parttime @michaelsantoli I think what we need to talk about is decrease in financial flexibility from these buybacks, FCF has not financed all of it$5 billion buyback but Bezos promised us flying cars. Or rockets. OR something more fun than immaterial buyback amount @ReformedBroker thank you, you are lucky to have me, that much is true @RussianBear great taco joints and enough visitors to keep it from getting to boring. btw u ever look at AGX have buddy pounding table here @griffinmcgee @RussianBear Santa Barbara is easy small town livin w/o hassles of LA
@MissTrade 99 cent gas and more Paczki bombs this time next year in Hamtramck @Nonrelatedsense you can be the new a'God of Oil" cuz Andy sure as hell ain't these days @MissTrade Paczki Bombs Suisse Launches New Oil ETN After Barclays Oil ETN Crashed Last Month thank god I cannot imagine life w/o one @conorsen @Nebrewska @ryanprociuk This Wolverine vs SEC Conf story is pretty funny @msttrader I am in awe of that stock lol really unbelievable relative strengthIf Beyonce walked into a ROST location the stock wud be at $70. Thing is Teflon but...source of funds in a rally?Northern Trust freezing salaries for most of 2016 @maoxian do you think Bobby fades these guys on a regular basis? @jamessaft assuming he still owns it I think he should take out a second mortgage on that house in Larchmont to pony up the fundsIs OI the poster child for currency translation headwinds?
Arizona classic/collectible car auctions showed a changing market, not a retreat Ferrari market is downshifting? @dasan @AlexRubalcava @conorsen The Thrill is Gone @hmeisler my dog stinks worse than this market. The Dog Groomer is always the first to get fired in bear markets @jvposter @conorsen Villanova number one I guess the world has gone madI wud pay cash money to see lagging algorithmic tweets about the bull market from the olden days so I could feel good if just for a few mins @conorsen lol proly just when we all need a hug from a real live personFidelity unveils new pitchman, 18 years after Peter Lynch
@The_Analyst @IvanTheK wud like to see an option in tweetdeck for algo column and then see what i missed and wud never see w/o algo helpNew attendance record at WM Phoenix Open: 201,003. Absolutely amazing.
Retweeted by StockJockey2016 Stock Market Bears > 1985 Chicago Bears #30for30 @OptionsHawk woman who ran it for years when they cud have taken it to next level just left TWTR. I see a pattern with her @michaelbatnick and it was the first time that if felt like they were all down 20% in a weekSmall Cap Growth down 15.91% YTD and nearly 20% last 13 weeks as baton passes to value
@Valuetrap13 wow that is a hell of a run. U have some cool family history and glad u r in a position to do this now with him @Valuetrap13 when he was at OSU I guess he hit over these trees and carried a green it turned into legendary story @Valuetrap13 every time we played Forest Akers West someone wud retell story of how Jack turned par 4 into Par 2 w/ mammoth drive over trees @Valuetrap13 I had Jack autograph the prospectus at roadshow from that Golden Bear Ent. deal in 1996 was big crowd at Waldorf @Valuetrap13 wow he played with Nicklaus and Beman...PS TV golf in mid 70s was pinnacle imo w/ some great players and clothing style 2 matchCostco delays credit-card switch @graemehein @The_Analyst @noalpha_allbeta @chigrl wonder how well Lambo SUV will sell @mariocibelli I figured these GRUB pieces had run their course but they are still writing them @StockJockey @WineRex "this too shall pass" sez Cramer. What a YTD today might have been Top 10 All Time shitshow days outside of fin crisis @chigrl its a RACE to the bottom. And mark my words, If the stock sees the teens they will cave and make an SUV!! @chigrl after a week like this somebody really needs to start a fire in this dumpster @jennablan they had a duel at 20 paces, Ray made sure Jensen had blanks in his gun - so the bossman wins againSAM green today a gift from the Stock Gods with an embedded Protip...DRINK @LongShortTrader I will jinx myself by saying ROST
Attendance today at Phoenix Open: 101,021. Record was 118,000-plus last year for Tiger's return.
Retweeted by StockJockey @conorsen they are sinking their teeth into growth stocks. And if its got a cutesy ticker, well forget about it @conorsen DATA breech-ing @conorsen snapback on furniture? @buckdeerstocks4 I am having best day, relative, of the yr. But that is not saying much a few dogs overran what I thought was prudent cash % @mariocibelli GRUB hysteria finally ran its course? nice move there maybe competitive issues blow over given Uber early fail etc @buckdeerstocks4 stocks like OI not waiting for that to happen. Has been pretty brutal tho, value peeps might finally get a reprieve
@IvanTheK @mark_dow he thought he was going 2 eat bonbons with Marissa in Versailles but never got past Petit Trianon so writing on the wall @IvanTheK do you think he dresses up on Halloween or just hits the town in street clothes? scary...mulligan @StockCats exactly, and its reassuring that value will outperform growth as we go to zero. Long IWN short IWO as the worm turns @msttrader weather this winter blows, pretty below avg I am not digging it has cut into my outside activities big time @StockCats my turtle emerged from mud today & saw his shadow which means value over hare like growth stocks in '16 @msttrader we had a giant hive few years ago in tree outside my office but they moved on after 24 hours. Gave them a wide berth @StockCats @msttrader killer bees killed this guy 1200 yards from where I am sitting
Mutual Fund Observer for Feb @conorsen your housing thesis is gaining traction in some markets - will it spread? @maoxian looks good
@MissTrade Cobra sold for $2.25 million
@LWinthorpe great mkt calls/stance btw last few weeks you proved your worth as a swtich hitter u can go both ways @DavidTaggart I despise the anti-timer crowd and wud put the other Zweig of WSJ in that camp sick of him bashing RIAs et al
@CAVandy UA goes up a bunch and now you are spending your money like a drunken sailor?
@chigrl after we corner the oil market we will ride away in the Sunset, American style @chigrl found catalog here is that Maserati almost $2 mill @noalpha_allbeta @chigrl the Bug pegged at 60k-80k what year/model is BMW next to it we should check catalog 4 est @noalpha_allbeta @chigrl there was a M1 BMW for 400k maybe ?? but 288 GTO pegged at $2.5 million @chigrl they had two Miura's this one was lesser of two imo @chigrl I thought this might be your favorite emblem at the RM auction today - vintage Maserati @MissTrade if the stock gods can't give the indices a day of gains I don't the Lord gonna buy me Mercedes Benz @MissTrade don't touch my car and keep any kids and dogs away from it as it is expected to bring $2.5 to $3.3 million @georgepearkes can you do it blindfolded?Hedge fund workers without MBAs make bigger bonuses @IvanTheK "purity of thought" and a "clarity of vision" that must be another joke from Costolo
@griffinmcgee no just asking if they offered you anything to drink or something we always took care of visiting peeps. @griffinmcgee did they offer u a water or anything? @maoxian hearing from buysiders who are already thinking of canceling Hamptons rentals this summer lets see if they can write that into plot @maoxian what is that from? @mariocibelli that is almost as funny as the Door Dash round.
@hmeisler I want chart art of camel's milk prices or better yet camel milk vix
@LWinthorpe was history today wonder how far back in T2108 readings u need to see that low we hit today, maybe 2008/09? @Morgan_03 did not realize how many wing suit jumpers have died in the past year or two. List is getting long @conorsen @IvanTheK I vote for a new corportate overlord to ruin TWTR as opposed the current mgmt ruining TWTR @LWinthorpe maybe your favorite movie should be The Shining cuz this is redrum @LWinthorpe T2108 4.38 but hold your fire until you see the white of their eyes lol Fear & Greed 5 going to 1 I guess @morgan_03 so they finally pulled this guy out of the canyon
@LWinthorpe saw it, but after close Friday I noticed we day undercut those previous T2108 lows intraday Friday @LWinthorpe so Doc's piece today @LWinthorpe yeah I watched it I think some little things they got very right but the name is cheesy it should be called Hedgistan @LWinthorpe I am practicising my Tea Leaf reading, how am i doing? @LWinthorpe so you are saying, just to be clear, is that it is better than Trading Places? @DavidSchawel you grade on a curve, right?
@BathosMan for all the conversations we had about this back 2011 etc never quite thought it wud get this bad/dramatic. wowzer @BathosMan but will it come in time to save the God of Oil? PS you are my God of Oil xoxo @OhJeezums uh..getting clubbed like a baby seal on WoWs and in the stock mkt builds character? maybe, but does not feel so good at the timeWelcome to 2016 - The Year of the Monkey
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