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Be Careful What You Wish For

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@conorsen I thought it was a theme park
@RussianBear pls pour one out for the Russian Bear
Sheila Bair is on Wall St Week talking about student debt and income share agreements pioneered at Purdue, example @vader7x not even Houdini could get out of this mess @RussianBear is this gonna end with a TWNKie? talking your book?
Woah: This mutual fund suffered a five-day, 15% plunge amid S&P 500’s run to fresh records
Retweeted by StockJockeyKushners halt Marlins talks amid reports of Loria working for Trump sounds...shady @billygriffin22 @conorsen @DavidSchawel last time I criticized a fund during Westminster TCW sent a hitman after me
@michaelbatnick he probably had a plan until he got punched in the face today
@Dutch_Book where else will I learn how to handle oenophiles behaving badly Wall Street Journal to close Google loophole entirely @maoxian but be careful, HAIN is about 6 years past its SELL BY date @maoxian maybe you can eat a bag of Terra chips with your beer, Irwin Simon at HAIN needs all the help u can spare in these troubled times @maoxian lay down and take a nap, but not a dirtnap like that Jack guy @DavidSchawel More style drift from the fixed income people. STOP THE MADNESS
@maoxian Sammy Hagar invents a new booze category - Mezquila @conorsen maybe you can run a kickstarter campaign to fund the purchase for the Braves cuz I don't think this type… @conorsen the Tigers might be for sale soon if you are interested it is surely a better franchise opportunity than pizza or even the MarlinsTigers, Red Wings owner and pizza titan Mike Ilitch dead at 87
@Nebrewska just watched The Pacific and then read Ambrose's book of same name. Great acting Rami Malek was something else @Nebrewska I am trying to track down a copy of EB Sledge's With the Old Breed have u read it by any chance?
@Dutch_Book dunno if they re-created scene of guy getting pushed out of the helicopter but 2 stars here @nicolatheron Trump administration could lead to more drinking are buying more liquor while beer continues to lose ground American Whiskey case volumes +6.8% YoYShould you Take a Shot of Jose Cuervo’s IPO? @Dutch_Book Gold ripping since McConaughey/Gaghan movie "Gold" was released. Based on Bre-X scandal. Another excuse to BUY GOLD! #buyGold
@DavidSchawel fwiw Oregon's free CC program @azdeandobbs Do u think u will like Alien: Covenant more than u liked Prometheus? @maoxian we have come along way from the redwood wine racks - these guys have 3 patents on storage designs/function Prisma, PAAMCO to merge Jane Buchan to stay on @ryanprociuk @conorsen @Nebrewska big news from Sark but today's top story is here
@awealthofcs @maoxian 11-Hour Lines for a New Ale? Fans Wait, Breweries Worry @GRDPnL @michaelsantoli Looks like Jono/WETF trying to tap defined contribution plans via CIT structure. Sands are… @swiftforcode thats funny. He is such a huckster, just recently heard the story on teh Aikman rumors he started back in the day. sad shrimpy @groditi @michaelsantoli What is endgame for WETF? rough start to year. This was as good as it got/toptick @swiftforcode Shrimp Bayless
@swiftforcode we gotta get him calling the market wud be infallible contrary bet @maoxian what does it gain by aging? more carmelized, autumnal type taste? @nachkari @pcdunham Kislyi is the King Fund Observer for Feb @maoxian maybe I will just short beer in general. Beer bubble! America is swimming in shale oil and beer. Too much of a good thing @maoxian need the next act. How about going halfsies on a vineyard in the Finger Lakes. Germans love riesling u know @maoxian earnout should get us to a little over $100 million by 2021, then discount deferred payment. But not bad, Campari needs a Gin brand
@ryanfreedman_ videos from @skymarkventures my favorite is about the seed round which we did 10th floor 230 Park't let your babies grow up to be compliance officers. There is no future in that racket. Sad! @LWinthorpe I'm cool with gray. Orange tho...fuck it just start drinking. Its almost 4pm for youthese Trump weeks are exhausting. We will all get gray hair like a president. Of course he won't get gray hair @ryanfreedman_ its 4pm and I think Shu would agree its time for shots to celebrate this exit @brooklyn91941 @awealthofcs @jessefelder just unfollowed Deadspin 4 pushing nonsense on their feed. Aholes need to stick to core competency @awealthofcs its really amazing how different people are in various parts of the country. @awealthofcs while stroking their beards that are embedded with week old bits of venison jerky @DAG_Investments love the move to local in all food related stuff is sorta a return to the way it was. but just seems overdone in some areas @bradleyvandalen @pearkes @Nebrewska @ryanprociuk wonder if this guy who put up money for Baylor's football stadium is having buyers remorse @DAG_Investments proly a plot by SAM. they need to stop this expansion or stock goes to $125 lol @awealthofcs beer snobs in michigan are worse than wine snobs in NYC. I just want a crisp Lager in the summer and they wax poetic over stout @awealthofcs I can't wait to visit Grand Rapids for a "beercation"
@Jkevinkelly I love the politics of allocations and the pot lists, everyone usually ends up pissed off lol @conorsen AirBnB baby after you ask him if he wants to put in a 10% order on the Snapface IPO @pearkes yeah, that is true they are doing way better than Ackman @michaelbatnick there must be a pithy Benjamin Franklin quote about the perils of covering AMZN up 500 pts but I don't have time 2 look 4 it @conorsen they like the DATA numbers so far @kevindepew love a good Negroni in the summer. Que Tonic too for G&T. PerfectionGruppo Campari acquires Bulldog Gin @conorsen if they lay another egg or two maybe that serial acquirer Ellison finally puts them out of their misery @conorsen DATA eps on tap fwiw @bradleyvandalen @pearkes @Nebrewska @ryanprociuk I don't think these guys puffed up to 350 lbs will live to see 88 yrs old, cant be healthy @pearkes @Nebrewska @ryanprociuk so since the 50s those guys have almost doubled in size I guess @pearkes @Nebrewska @ryanprociuk Don Coleman was pillar of community, tremendous person, played OL at 185 lbs @pearkes @Nebrewska @ryanprociuk @conorsen twinkle toes at 345 lbs @conorsen I heard Trump already picked out her condo at Del Boca Vista and will rent it out to her at an above market rate
@BraincageGaming THERE IS ONLY ONE Wolf lands at Marketwatch....and Pershing Square? @hmeisler after that I sure could go for some beef jerky. This is the best, she also bakes stuff @LWinthorpe this market is acting like Grayson Allen tripped it up and then stomped on it
@MicroFundy @ReformedBroker TeenWolf of Wall Street?
Jordan Belfort: Leonardo DiCaprio “Got Sucked in” to Wolf of Wall Street Scandal
@adoxen @CapitalObserver They could have been a contender, but now they are a bunch of has-beens. Sad!
@KenofCostco yes always cherish a chance to play Aerosmith after a Grant media appearance