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Strategy, leadership, biz development & management, and negotiating. 30+ years as small biz owner, Medicare provider, sleep lab. Pragmatic. Progressive. MENSA.

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Anti-Science Boehner Hypocritically Remembers Apollo 11’s Moon Landing via @politicususaNetanyahu Admits He Is Helping Treasonous Republicans Try To Sabotage Obama Iran Deal via @politicususaLiar And Not-A-Scientist Boehner Blames California Drought On President Obama via @politicususa
Republicans In Full Melt Down As Trump Refuses To Quit Race, And May Run As An Independent via @politicususaSanders And O’Malley Appear Politically Tone Deaf To Black Lives Matter Protest In Phoenix via @politicususaSelf-Proclaimed Champion of Veterans Jeb Bush, Supported Switfboating John Kerry via @politicususaHypocrite Republicans Demand Trump Apologize to McCain, But They Won’t Apologize to John Kerry via @politicususa
Resistance to Change — The People's View Obama Doctrine: A New Paradigm Worthy of a Second Nobel Peace Prize — The People's View Sanders and the Minuteman Militia: "Progressive Hero" Voted to Protect Racist Vigilante Border Thugs — TPV Sanders' Race Problem: Why People of Color Aren't Feeling the "Bern" — The People's View Cruz Cancels Press Conference In Order To Avoid Answering Questions About Trump via @politicususaAmerican Taxpayers Fund the Largest Christian College In America and the World via @politicususa || by @rmuseAmerican Taxpayers Fund the Largest Christian College In America and the World via @politicususa
"You and I cannot wait for America to change. You and I must change America.” —Linda Alvarado #NCLR15
Retweeted by 21c | STRATEGIES➤ As Trump Calls Him Stupid, Jeb Bush Complains That President Obama Uses 'Big Words' #NeverTrustAnyRepublican
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Soeurorite™YESouiCannesFEMME™ @FdC_officiel @GaleadNtwk @GALA_Magazine @cannes_66 @Indie_Magazine @Strategic_Bill
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TAX HAVENS Ireland, Bermuda, Cayman's & BVI's don't protect corps' patents, enforce trade deals & int'l law in courts. Pay your U.S. taxes!
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@Strategic_Bill So how DO u track political groups misusing the designation without watching for names alluding 2 the issues of the moment?
Retweeted by 21c | STRATEGIES @Strategic_Bill My point is that they were instructed to pay extra scrutiny to applications for 501c4's expecting abuses...
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@ChanlElvn Agreed. My understanding is that after Citizens United they were overwhelmed with applications, tried to filter them a bit.RT @ChanlElvn: @Strategic_Bill ...conservative or liberal || Neither. "Patriot". "TeaParty" & "Party".
#IRS would've avoided this scandal if it followed the clear intent of the law: 501c4's can't spend on elections.
Retweeted by 21c | STRATEGIES @doodeegoose I'm just laying off on the commentary, the funditry, tweeps focused on Oklahoma. :) @politaire
CNN/ORC poll: GOP a net (-8) point swing over the past two months. And, a net (+11) point swing for the Democrats.
Retweeted by 21c | STRATEGIESScandal Backlash: 59% of Americans Disapprove of the Republican Party @politicususa || Don't miss this! Bwahahaha!
Retweeted by 21c | STRATEGIES"Democratic Party’s unfavorable rating has fallen from 48% to 43%. The favorability rating of Pres Obama’s party has grown from 46% to 52%."
Retweeted by 21c | STRATEGIES"Over the past 2 months, disapproval of the GOP has risen from 54% to 59; & favorability rating has fallen from 38% in March to 35% today."
Retweeted by 21c | STRATEGIESSmartypants: Nat'l security leaks to Fox News in midst of a crisis with North Korea...what could possibly go wrong?
Retweeted by 21c | STRATEGIESFox News Correspondent Gets Busted as 'Criminal Co-Conspirator' in CIA Leak via @politicususa
Retweeted by 21c | STRATEGIESAmid New Data About The (Shrinking) Deficit, Will Washington Finally Focus On Jobs? via @thinkprogress
Retweeted by 21c | STRATEGIESNurses Explain the Healthcare Law in 90 Seconds:
Retweeted by 21c | STRATEGIESGOP Benghazi Conspiracy Theorist Turns Obama Friend After OK Tornado via @politicususa
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Hospitals Should be Care Providers not Loan Sharks | Common Dreams
Retweeted by 21c | STRATEGIESBitter Pill: Why Medical Bills Are Killing Us via @TIME
Retweeted by 21c | STRATEGIESHospital Billing Varies Wildly, Government Data Shows
Retweeted by 21c | STRATEGIESNurses: Hospital Price Gouging Driving Up Healthcare Costs, Self-Rationing, Medical Bankruptcies | Nat Nurses United:
Retweeted by 21c | STRATEGIESIf Tea Party groups were non-political, as they told IRS, how could delaying tax-exempt status affect the election?
Retweeted by 21c | STRATEGIESOBAMA PROGRESSIVES: Pragmatic, pro-government reformers, fiscally moderate, socially and culturally liberal. #Forward #DEMs2014 @DSCC @DCCC
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Sheryl Kaye's Daily News is out! ▸ Top stories today via @Strategic_Bill @padotnet
Retweeted by 21c | STRATEGIESWith over 400 right wing Obama conspiracies and 20 GOP DO NOTHING ObamaGates all going on....Obama's poll numbers are surging. #P2
Retweeted by 21c | STRATEGIESSo I started reading this @Politico article on the AP subpoenas... But then they quoted Alberto Gonzales so now I'm doing something else...
Retweeted by 21c | STRATEGIESRepublicans Attack Science To Advance Religion and Oil Industry Profits via @politicususa #p2 #p2b #topprog #ctl
Retweeted by 21c | STRATEGIESRT @JeffersonObama: ABC needs to clean House now. This smear Benghazi fiasco is humiliating for the network.
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@SpringCityPADem I think @TheReidReport should have a prime time show. Joy Reid is brilliant! @msnbc
Retweeted by 21c | STRATEGIESINTERESTING.....#IRS also targeted #non-profits. We were one of them, and we support the due diligence.
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@marcorubio As Hobson eloquently said in Arthur......... "Go Screw Yourself" ........ #PoliticsNation @Strategic_Bill
Retweeted by 21c | STRATEGIESWhite House press secretary Jay Carney: "For me personally, it has been a good week."
Retweeted by 21c | STRATEGIESWashington Post | Dems going on offense on Obamacare. #hcr
Retweeted by 21c | STRATEGIESWhat We Mean When We Say 'Race Is a Social Construct' - Ta-Nehisi Coates - The Atlantic Backfires on Republicans as Democrats Eviscerate Issa and the GOP via @politicususaNo political operative, left or right, should use tax-exempt status meant for social-welfare orgs. DEMAND that Congress fix the real PROBLEM
Retweeted by 21c | STRATEGIESWhen the practice started for Marines to hold umbrellas for Presidents ...
Retweeted by 21c | STRATEGIESThe real scandal. The one the media has entirely ignored. The long enduring RW obstruction scandal. #DoYourJobGOP
Retweeted by 21c | STRATEGIESLET'S BE CLEAR: Right-wing outrage of #IRS careful review of TeaParty claim being "nonpolitical" is really just more 'persecution phobia'.A special tax exception is worthy of the strictest review, sorry, I don't want my taxes supporting political groups. I donate on my own!
Retweeted by 21c | STRATEGIESMethinks @barackobama was trolling the wingnuts with the Marines holding umbrellas stunt. Next he will have actual #horsesandbayonettes
Retweeted by 21c | STRATEGIES37 times. That's how many times the House GOP has voted to repeal these protections for women. #ACA #Boehnercare
Retweeted by 21c | STRATEGIESThe 37th 'repeal of ObamaCare' vote in the House is because the Republican freshman weren't on record opposing it; good to know for 2014.The balls it takes to complain about Obama asking Marine to hold an umbrella for when Bush asked thousands of them to die.
Retweeted by 21c | STRATEGIES @Strategic_Bill @Support for 3 days now!
Retweeted by 21c | STRATEGIESSeriously, what does @DarrellIssa have to hide? He's suddenly terrified of public Benghazi testimony.
Retweeted by 21c | STRATEGIESBobby Jindal paying for sponsored tweets to show the country he has no fucking clue? @BobbyJindal @BarackObama
Retweeted by 21c | STRATEGIESSo, Tweety commends Democratic Congressman for saying today what Pres Obama actually did yesterday (get rid of bad apple). @hardball *click*Colbert: How dare you cast aspersions on Louie Gohmert’s asparagus! | The Raw Story
Retweeted by 21c | STRATEGIES @lawrence @PoliticsNation @BashirLive “@3ChicsPolitico: Who altered WH emails to suggest a Benghazi cover up?”
Retweeted by 21c | STRATEGIESMy follow/follower counts fluctuating as much as a thousand accounts. Anyone else having this problem? @supportWag The Benghazi. #GOPScandalFilms
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Retweeted by 21c | STRATEGIESRetweet if you believe in the importance of early childhood education.
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