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It's been a long time!

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@botingme hi!
Since it is Presidential election time, I will have to return. It is time for Democrats to push liberal agenda further.
Some days are just tougher.
This life you are living, it's gonna be the best life you live.
I like Bernie Sanders.
This Republican front runner's race for President is a joke. It really is.
It's been so long. Hello world, again. Things aren't better or worse. They just... are. Right?
hello world!
Obama's on a winning streak: #Cuba
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New management coming for 2014!
So, GovChristie throws his staff under the bus ... bridge traffic light?
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My significant other and I are going to separate. Trying times. I'll be around. But hey, hope you're doing better than me. Merry Xmas.At this point, I feel like I should be grieving. Part of me is. But also part of me is at peace. And that means a lot.I'm going to keep a constant mind about things amongst a sea of change. It is hard to do.Another Saturday night.
@JonahNRO BTW, tell me again about Benghazi! LOL! @JonahNRO All fair, Jonah, all fair. We do have a big contingency of idiots in the US and on Twitter. Enjoy them as followers.
@EricShapiro3 If you think Iran is "terrorist," that's fine. They've done some shady stuff. But to insinuate they'd hand this over? No. @EricShapiro3 First, a nuclear arms race is happening with or w/o US intervention. Secondly, if nukes fell into terrorist hands, we'd know. @JohnCornyn There is skepticism, and there is hope. Perpetual war with Iran is not a good thing. But you're Texan. Ride'm high, cowboy! @EricShapiro3 What do you think a nuclear Iran would do? I'm very curious.ARE YOU FUCKING DEAF?? MT @mitchellreports Obama speech announcing #Iran deal makes zero mention of his Sec of State
Retweeted by Stuff That I Like @TheXclass I believe that. @jspoupart #gene @mitchellreports LOL, Andrea, you fukked up. You fukked up. You fukked up. You fukked up. You fukked up. You fukked up. You fukked up. LOL! @JonahNRO Hey, many people on Twitter think you are an ass. It doesn't mean they are right. (But they are.)Words to live by...
Retweeted by Stuff That I Like @jspoupart Yes. And we know how useful that is, right? Wait until your petite princesse starts arguing back! @TheXclass @jspoupart I like to hammer them 11 out of 10 times! LOL! @TheXclass @jspoupart At some point, the facts won't matter to people. I wish I knew when that happens. It is then time to stop. @TheXclass @jspoupart I know! It's emotionally satisfying at times. But now? How many times can I, you, or @TheXclass do it? (A lot! hahahaha) @jspoupart I will never go away. Hopefully even after I breathe my last breath. Thank you. :) @TheXclass @TheXclass LOL! @jspoupart @jspoupart Je suis heureux de l'entendre. @TheXclass @TheXclass Yeah, you are. But douches are good for cleaning, from what I know, right? ;) @jspoupart @TheXclass @jspoupart Going through changes. I don't think I like the conflict I usually engage in, with glee. It's brought on some sadness. @TheXclass Tous les temps. Vraiment. @jspoupart @jspoupart I'm with you. Talking to the "other side" can never be a bad thing. Also, the world is so unfair in its standards. @TheXclass @stuffthatilike Shimon Peres always talked sense, I admire him. He did so much for Israel and people have short memory.
Retweeted by Stuff That I Like @TheXclass @jspoupart I hear you. I have issues. I do not mourn openly. :( At least not openly on Twitter. Flames are flames. @jspoupart @TheXclass Mon ami, je te remercie. Je suis ici. Je te remercie de votre amour. J'espere que tu et votre famille faites bien. @TheXclass @jspoupart So, spill the beans in 140 or less, both of you, thumbs up or down on Iran "deal?" @jspoupart @TheXclass You guys will always keep me coming back! :)))) @jspoupart @TheXclass Work, family, and mourning. But here. I'm not going to ever go away. #thinkherpes @moronwatch LOL... when Israelis/Jews compare this to the Holocaust, they seem to have lost touch. @TheXclass You are always very serious. @brooklinegirl Adorable! Just saw the pic. Congrats! She's lucky to have a grandma like you! (Teach her well! I know you will!) @TalOfer Tal, is it me, or is Shimon Peres a voice of wisdom and moderation? Let history judge!#Iran unlikely to breach interim deal, says top Israeli analyst via @timesofisrael
Retweeted by Stuff That I Like#ASU received grant to partner w/ women's college in Pakistan. We must continue empowering women thru education
Retweeted by Stuff That I Like @brooklinegirl Hey sweetie! I did not! Have a link you can share? Congrats! I hope Laila is a healthy, young lass! #awesomeness @California_Bloo I know... I feel the same way. But GOP is getting punched in the mouth hard. That's nice. Missing teeth as a result.#MustSee Great, touching and inspiring short film by @MatthewModine, Jesus Was A Commie:
Retweeted by Stuff That I Like @wilson6923 :))))) That's perfect as well. God bless you all! #familyIs Ari Fleischer asshole of the day for tweeting “You can’t spell abandonment without OBAMA”?
Retweeted by Stuff That I Like @wilson6923 LOL, I hear you. How is the little one? Not so little? :)) @California_Bloo Yeah, but seriously, who knows what the future holds? My instinct says let's face it optimistically.Will Iran continue to push for a nuclear weapon? I don't know. But the sanctions have taken their toll. Enough? No, not likely.I don't know what to make of it. Diplomacy, hostile state or not, is a good thing.Regardless of football, the world is changing. I am trying to understand what is going on in the Middle East.I wished I liked football. I just don't. So many people follow it. I guess it is fun. I just don't see it.
@JamesDelingpole And that's the problem with you conservatives. No morality. Void of values. @JonahNROI'd take a crack-smoking, whoring, small government politician anytime over a clean-living big government fanatic.
Retweeted by Stuff That I Like @JonahNRO @johnhawkinsrwn Oh please. To compare an item used to kill with health insurance is asinine in and of itself. Please! @JonahNRO But seriously, don't take all the urgings to do something bad to yourself seriously. Tonight. Tomorrow? Another day. :-) @JonahNRO Hey, can I get more reliable info from you? You're pretty useless. (Okay okay, you do help liberals, LOL!)Watching @billmaher. Bill used to be funny. Now just a crotchety, old, borderline senile flamethrower. @italianjewmom Give them candy corn! Deer love candy corn.
@srossie I think conservatives are liars. Good doesn't love you! @stuffthatilike The Left r liars & u can't have an honest debate w/liars. #Obamacare was a purposeful lie & disaster. Left's days r numbered
Retweeted by Stuff That I LikeSo Benghazi tale was a lie. Not surprised. I love how much this story has fallen apart. Loving it. @francie57 So glad that gunshot was a setup. He's my favorite character. :))))) @homeschool4Ken I may be immature, but I'm not home schooled, and I'm loving it! You can call me anything. The Cooch is... A LOSER! @artislifeisart I wish! Total idiocy. Lose some local election, but Prez material! Hahahahaha. @RomeroRobbins @KenCuccinelliIt's time for another timeline cleanup. I follow some idiots. Think, people, think. I've got limited patience. I know I'm bad... :) @ScandalousHussy @billmaher Commiting a crime is only part of it, Policewoman Hussy. @bluecollar101 @KenCuccinelli You homo-Jesus types are a dying breed. I can't wait until we bury the last one. Losers! LOL. @KenCuccinelli still hasn't called @TerryMcAuliffe - class act, our sitting AG.
Retweeted by Stuff That I Like @Patriotress @KenCuccinelli @WashingtonDCTea You are losing! Its awesome. I love it. Get mad! Get angry! Hate liberals! And go fuk yourself! @KenCuccinelli RINOs rather have Dem win instead of Conservatives Tea Party DISGUSTING! #DefundTheGOP @WashingtonDCTea
Retweeted by Stuff That I Like @Dan_Z51 @KenCuccinelli Ken who? LOL! Ken the loser Cooch. LOL! @homeschool4Ken @KenCuccinelli LOL! You ran on principles. You lost on principles. God hates you and the Cooch. @RomeroRobbins @KenCuccinelli You are pretty stupid. Really. Go play with a gun. @KenCuccinelli Thank you for running sir! Maybe you should run for President! You were the first person stepping out against Obamacare
Retweeted by Stuff That I Like @RichardViguerie Hey cowboy, @KenCuccinelli lost because he is a turd. Besides, it is God's will. Jesus would never vote for the Cooch.LOL, ring around the neck. RT @ahill6853 @KenCuccinelli Senator Cuccinelli has a nice ring. @railgirl1952 @KenCuccinelli LOL! The Cooch bit it. LOL! Goodbye! :) @sammisgrammy @KenCuccinelli "Stay with us?" You gay? Its okay. @lisarichards124 @KenCuccinelli LOL. God does have plans for the Cooch. Losing elections! Good plan. @srossie @KenCuccinelli @BreitbartNews LOL. The Cooch is a loser! @Tammiriam @KenCuccinelli @TheRealAshworth God made it happen! @kencuccinelli So happy God made you lose. Christ loves all of us, maybe except you. I will pray for you. #godhatesteabaggers @billmaher - you fukwit, I'm surfing "Terror" bytes of data. #stfu @billmaher has declined so much. His ignorance is no longer funny.Not healthy! RT @FauxPho This is my co-workers dog. Seriously. @ParableJean Awww... thank you. I'm around!
Hello world. Sorry I have been less active. Just watching the conservatives do themselves in. Loving it! :)
:)))) I've got nothing but smiles. I've got 99 problems, but now, the #GOP ain't one. Fuk you bitches. Eat your own, finally. #losers:))) RT @Fleckman: #p2 idiot child @stuffthatilike #ObamaCare is an abomination. But you knew that. #tcot