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After watching the humiliation inflicted on Cmdr. Jadhav's wife, I sincerely hope India's 'Aman ki Aasha' lobby, sp…
Retweeted by AnswerIs42BREAKING: a young mullah Karim Ansari unfortunately died due to electrocution while stealing power at Sarisha in Di…
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Jignesh Mevani and Umar Khalid to take part in events celebrating British victory over Peshwas -
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Three Casteist leaders propped by Congress. One wishes death for PM in the Himalayas in worst language. When…
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@sabir4502 Gaddar ko aur kya bole? @qadirBijnori @ZeeNews @Shehzad_Ind @narendramodi @SayyadVaseem3 @ZeeNews @narendramodi @Mdshamimalam078 @ZeeNews @narendramodi @ZeeNews @narendramodi @ZeeNews @keshurampatidar @sagarikaghose pl don’t share with any one : just voted Thru Bluetooth in Surat .. lol
Retweeted by AnswerIs42 @IndianNewsViews @dalipdutta @OfficeOfRG @INCIndia @dipakIYC @ZeeNews @RubikaLiyaquat @NayakRagini @AsYouNotWish @gcp84012 @abhisingh0077 @PatidarUnion @ZeeNews @ZeeNews @NaIna0806 @narendramodi @sukanyaiyer2 @OfficeOfRG @PartyVillage017 @Pradeep_Mahaur @OfficeOfRG @bhav2406 @AkshathaBhatTP @ChankyaBihar @PARVATHINP @sukanyaiyer2 @malviyamit @GourabMondalSun @RubikaLiyaquat @BirendraJha_UP @SalmanNizami_ @INCGujarat @shaktisinhgohil @amol_bobade @PradeepINDIAN0 @RubikaLiyaquat @ankurpoplybjym @OfficeOfRG @INCIndia @INCGujarat @ashokgehlot51 @poonam_mahajan @malviyamit @DevangVDave @NeetuGarg6 @SalmanNizami_ @hypernationlist @SureshChavhanke @Shehzad_Ind @SudarshanNewsTV @ZeeNews | Explosive twist to Neech comment: Mani Shankar Aiyar, Manmohan Singh met Pak envoy before 'neech commen…
Retweeted by AnswerIs42 @rahulroushan @ArvindKejriwal A friend called me from Surat.He informed me that EVMs r preparing for the war on hum…
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@VijeethMichael1 BS! & U continue vatican crusade to eliminate Hinduism? @VijeethMichael1 I have read everything and know Sanskrit ,Arabic also, so every tweet will give me opportunity to… @VijeethMichael1 And yet Indians electing the backward , of poor background , of minority religions as PM,Prez etc.… @VijeethMichael1 U trust white men rather then Barbarian Indians ,no? Arrian, 2nd century writes this in Indica!… @VijeethMichael1 Till 1800s Americans practiced slavery. @VijeethMichael1 Dont worry, all details of 2000 years available of how five continents were de-native-ated even if… Janta Party president Jaya Jaitley categorically denied that Swati Chaturvedi ever interviewed or spoke to G…
Retweeted by AnswerIs42 @VijeethMichael1 Hahahaha! Gud luck to both of u. @VijeethMichael1 Till 1800s! While India never had slavery. And u r still supporting Vatican crusade on India! @VijeethMichael1 While Xians did slave trading? @VijeethMichael1 Really? Who has been insulting India, Hinduism in all this TL? Typical doublespeak! Insult and pl… @VijeethMichael1 U called Indians barbarians, I didn't! I saw how much Indian u are when u support Vatican crusade… @VijeethMichael1 Every one knows who attacked, invaded, persecuted five continents ! Inspire of all ur hate for "b… @VijeethMichael1 Just bcoz I dont insult ppl or their beliefs nor support crusade on other faiths , u carry on same… @VijeethMichael1 The Indian Barbarians had republics , were discovering Astronomy, algebra, calculus, when British… @VijeethMichael1 I cud have said "Pity ur brainwashed vestigial brain" but our Indian nature prohibits such stateme… @VijeethMichael1 OK! So now u call Indians as Barbarians? Xians as enlightened? This is ur tolerance? & if I resist… @VijeethMichael1 @VijeethMichael1 Take ur soul trading shop from here and set shop elsewhere. Don't take our tolerance of what u cal… @VijeethMichael1 Don't take our refusal to attack ur faith and beliefs or insult as our weakness. We are the only p… @VijeethMichael1 So u think India canbe bought by billion dollars? U have no idea of what India is then! And they r… @VijeethMichael1 U print a piece of crap and posted it. U discuss it alone. @VijeethMichael1 Don't worry we will count each and every mass murder of last millennia and see how many were by Ab… @VijeethMichael1 What abt Billions dollars funded, Paid, organized, soul trading Franchise based crusade of church? That's OK? @VijeethMichael1 So if u think it a lie, why not outright condemn papal crusade? Do it! @VijeethMichael1 I wrote this? I neither own Vatican nor Chicago tribune. But then u r a believer,no? @VijeethMichael1 Free will is same as crusade? U haven't condemned the Church's crusade! @Shehzad_Ind @jarariya91 @AmbedkarCaravan When u burn Manusmriti frequently, no one even stirs, why? Coz its a non-… @jarariya91 @mandarjoshisays @Shehzad_Ind @AmbedkarCaravan @JagratiShukla29 Wahi Ram jinhone Shabri me jhoothe Ber…गुजरात में पहला दिन- लोग बीजेपी से इतने नाराज़ नहीं हैं जितना कांग्रेस से चिढ़े हुए हैं.
Retweeted by AnswerIs42Shourie launching Ankit Lal's book! The fall is complete!
Retweeted by AnswerIs42 @Ilmseeker_ Did Caliphs attack mosques including Medina and set fire on Kaaba or not? @Shehzad_Ind @jarariya91 @AmbedkarCaravan Okay u quote Manusmriti , I will quote Quran and we will see which one is… @VijeethMichael1 @PMOIndia Ur silence was a loud answer, thanks. That wasn't unexpected. @VijeethMichael1 @PMOIndia Indians shud be Indian 1st , then of church or umma ,period. @suvojitc @OfficeOfRG @INCIndia @TheQuint Jab wahan Dhaka men maarenge, tab Modi hi jagah Sega, ye "secular" log ne…"The terrorists didn’t think that #Yazidi girls would have the courage 2 tell the world every detail of what they d…
Retweeted by AnswerIs42 @VijeethMichael1 @PMOIndia So, by this logic, re-converting from Xianity to own religion is also good, as per u,no? @VijeethMichael1 @PMOIndia Do u condemn papal crusade on India? Oh no u guys consider resisting this crusade breach… @VijeethMichael1 @mahesh10816 @VijeethMichael1 @PMOIndia Has Church issued another directive to countermand it? Has church stopped soul trading f… @VijeethMichael1 @PMOIndia So, as per you, Pope commanding his church to wage Crusade is peaceful, Covering it in… @VijeethMichael1 @PMOIndia Do u agree with Pope's Command to church to wage Crusade on India? @VijeethMichael1 @PMOIndia If its true, then ask Pope, If not true then ask Chicago tribune's wife provoked violence against PM Modi. Lalu's son provoked violence against Dy CM Modi. Lalu's Media is on Mute Mode.
Retweeted by AnswerIs42Heights of presstitution. Why aren’t they telling us that the attack was religiously motivated? Fringes Mubashir,…
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