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Technology enthusiast, humanist, philosopher programmer, entrepreneur, retro-futurist, cynical optimist, and aficionado.

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@bigendiansmalls @InfoSystir at this point, the string "Tavis Ormandy" should set off IDS by itself
Retweeted by Scott TadmanTFW your IR report starts out like:
Retweeted by Scott TadmanJust installed KeePass for the first time. On Win10 (for a client project). And, uh, no.
Retweeted by Scott Tadman @tqbf yeah, can't believe ppl recommend it. They've obviously never tried 1Password. Worse, KeePass is the best UI/UX on Android. 🤢
Retweeted by Scott TadmanNow that SHA-1 is well and truly buried we can go back to using the much faster MD5 with no loss in security properties. Huge win!
Retweeted by Scott TadmanWhen S. Korean photojournalists were shut out by the administration in Nov, they collectively refused to participat…
Retweeted by Scott TadmanI made this thing today because I wanted a tool to practice with. Maybe you might like it too.…
Retweeted by Scott TadmanAmerica began as an angry protest.
Retweeted by Scott TadmanIf you’re a news outlet allowed into a Trump White House gaggle, you need to ask yourself: what am I doing wrong?
Retweeted by Scott TadmanThen again Geneva Convention also forbids tear gas and it's been used plenty by the increasingly militarized police…
Retweeted by Scott TadmanThe right thing to do. Honest news media must hang together or they will most assuredly hang separately.
Retweeted by Scott TadmanI can solve any social problem with minimal knowledge and my imagination
Retweeted by Scott TadmanOne of the things the doc discussed was how people can get addicted to anger, to the same endorphin rush that accompanies pleasure.
Retweeted by Scott TadmanJust watched a documentary called The Brainwashing of My Dad about Fox News, Rush, and the damage they do to families. Highly recommended.
Retweeted by Scott TadmanIf only there was some way to know how important the first amendment was to the founders. Some sort of listicle perhaps. Oh well.
Retweeted by Scott TadmanBechdel Test
Retweeted by Scott Tadman"We". Nigel Farage is British. This isn't even about nationalism. This is an international movement for white supre…
Retweeted by Scott TadmanHere's an email some Cloudflare customers are receiving this morning
Retweeted by Scott TadmanThere are literally no penalties in the mainstream for lying anymore, as long as you are on the Right
Retweeted by Scott Tadmandid you know sentiment-scoring neural networks are actually still practically useless
Retweeted by Scott Tadmanbeep beep
Retweeted by Scott TadmanI am very happy to announce that we found the first SHA1 collision - … #security #TLS #SHA1 #SHAttered
Retweeted by Scott TadmanFree Advice: Democratic congressional candidates for both houses should be waiting outside these town halls with actual answers.
Retweeted by Scott Tadman
Whelp. SHA1 is going the the way of MD5:
Retweeted by Scott TadmanI was a Muslim #NSC staffer in the @realDonaldTrump administration. I lasted eight days.
Retweeted by Scott TadmanThis article is still unbelievably good and the best explanation of SHA1 + context of why it matters
Retweeted by Scott Tadman @xeni I found myself doing angry drawings of Trump and his gang and it was making me feel gross so I drew these…
Retweeted by Scott TadmanTrump's 1st month in office includes: Golf—25 hrs Foreign relations—21 hrs Tweeting—13 hrs Intel briefings—6 hrs…
Retweeted by Scott Tadman
I don't care about this white supremacist troll at all, but this piece by @PennyRed is FIRE
Retweeted by Scott TadmanWhat Privilege Does... #Politics
Retweeted by Scott TadmanThe other essential Tom Cotton fact is that he blocked an Obama admin appointee until she died of cancer, just so t…
Retweeted by Scott Tadman俺もこういう仕事がしたい。
Retweeted by Scott TadmanThe hardest part of socialism is learning git
Retweeted by Scott TadmanThe massive four-day farewell at #HonestEds kicks off tomorrow
Retweeted by Scott Tadmanthe FREE CANDY van, san francisco style
Retweeted by Scott Tadman42% of trans kids attempt suicide. Forty. Two. Percent. #ProtectTransKids because their lives matter just as much as anyone else's
Retweeted by Scott TadmanKenneth Arrow drops one last mic in the kicker of his @nytimes obit
Retweeted by Scott Tadman.@NewYorker's cartoon of the day.
Retweeted by Scott TadmanAll that once was directly lived has become mere representation.
Retweeted by Scott TadmanNever before published, classified docs detail Palantir’s work with the NSA’s global spy machine…
Retweeted by Scott TadmanJoin us (Ludum Dare) on GDC Tuesday at the GitHub GDC Party! We'll have #LDJAM games on display too!…
Retweeted by Scott TadmanToronto does not need the Olympics to justify investment in streets and transit. Great ideas justify themselves #Yongelove
Retweeted by Scott TadmanWho's writing the book "PHP: Unsafe at Any Speed"? Will pre-order a copy.Someone should hook up @gravatar to @pagerduty because their Varnish cache is having a bad day. "Error 503 Backend fetch fail"!Good afternoon~
Retweeted by Scott Tadman @apelad Why are you making this hard?
Retweeted by Scott Tadmanare you a @rustlang mentor? Willing to do a code review for me?
Retweeted by Scott TadmanPretty accurate 😂😭
Retweeted by Scott TadmanWHAT DO WE WANT? fewer deadlines! WHEN DO WE WANT IT? see, this is the problem
Retweeted by Scott TadmanI think about this a lot.
Retweeted by Scott TadmanDid you know you can self-answer StackOverflow questions as you ask them, to preserve bits of knowledge on Google?…
Retweeted by Scott TadmanSending only smaller women to Mars would reduce resource usage by up to half, compared to needs of average men 🤔
Retweeted by Scott Tadman144p vs 1080p
Retweeted by Scott TadmanLaw Enforcement Using Facebook and Apple to Data-Mine Accounts of Trump Protest Arrestees
Retweeted by Scott TadmanThis is seriously shit security @LoblawsON @SwiftOnSecurity
Retweeted by Scott TadmanPerfection
Retweeted by Scott TadmanI'll repeat a bit of nonsense that actually exists. A child tried as an adult for a crime must have his parents present to sign documents.
Retweeted by Scott Tadman"Traveling while gay" is the latest offense that might bar you from entry into US after social media interrogation,
Retweeted by Scott TadmanThe Largest Ever Analysis of Film Dialogue by Gender: 2,000 scripts, 25,000 actors, 4 million lines -
Retweeted by Scott TadmanMost anti-virus products are snake oil which make computers *less* secure:
Retweeted by Scott TadmanA way to keep the Bargain Basement personality alive forever.
Retweeted by Scott TadmanAlso applicable in local government. The subtweet is left as an exercise for the reader
Retweeted by Scott Tadman👏🏼 the 👏🏼 technocracy 👏🏼will 👏🏼not 👏🏼 save 👏🏼us
Retweeted by Scott TadmanEvery 200 years California suffers a storm of biblical proportions — this year’s rains are just a precursor…
Retweeted by Scott TadmanCanadian inventor of Hawaiian pizza defends pineapple after Iceland's president disses fruit topping…
Retweeted by Scott TadmanGood thing it's chiseled into the statue.
Retweeted by Scott TadmanMore sticky goo.
Retweeted by Scott Tadman“Generates cat-colored objects, some with nightmare faces.” best release notes ever
Retweeted by Scott TadmanYou can sway a thousand men by appealing to their prejudices quicker than you can convince one man by logic. – Robert A. Heinlein
Retweeted by Scott Tadman
These protests are PLANNED. These opposition groups are ORGANIZED. My enemies are USING CALENDARS. Someone signed up to BRING DOUGHNUTS.
Retweeted by Scott TadmanWait, if Milo doesn't work for Breitbart anymore - he's a UK citizen - so he's on a work visa. Doesn't that mean we have to deport him?
Retweeted by Scott TadmanWe just received this statement from Iceland's President Guðni Th. Jóhannesson regarding his thoughts on pineapple…
Retweeted by Scott Tadmanthe official stance of the president donald trump is to play the victim to ANNE FRANK
Retweeted by Scott Tadman“For Nextdoor, Eliminating Racism Is No Quick Fix” by @jessiwrites
Retweeted by Scott Tadman"A panicked billionaire's latest sophomoric attempt to decorate an unpalatable business model grounded in the...
Retweeted by Scott TadmanHello, my name is David. I would fail to write bubble sort on a whiteboard. I look code up on the internet all the time. I don't do riddles.
Retweeted by Scott Tadman