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Technology enthusiast, humanist, philosopher programmer, entrepreneur, retro-futurist, cynical optimist, and aficionado.

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Retweeted by Scott Tadman1. Just spoke with a charming widow whose husband was killed cycling in Scarborough by a driver who ran a red light at full speed.
Retweeted by Scott Tadman2. There were four witnesses. The driver received a $700 fine. I know I'm supposed to be "objective" but frankly that makes me furious.
Retweeted by Scott Tadman @dcwca Yeah they are innovating quickly and surpassing Github in a lot of ways. Really impressed with Gitlab CI.
Retweeted by Scott Tadman5 days until the next #Comic Jam! Tuesday, May 31, 408 @queenstreetwest, @TheCameronHouse
Retweeted by Scott TadmanWondering just how many weed dispensaries have popped up in Toronto? This map doesn't even include the burbs.
Retweeted by Scott TadmanJoin us for the 5k run walk, celebrate 5 years of #DevTO, donate to @techsdale #DevTO5k
Retweeted by Scott TadmanThere's something about the phrase "200MB GIF" that makes me die a little inside. GIF was never meant for this.Drone delivery is so difficult and slow. Better idea: using precision artillery to deliver products and food.Ayn Rand: Not even once.
Retweeted by Scott Tadman#GameDevPet Yoshi the chameleon doing some #GameDev research.
Retweeted by Scott Tadmanthis week's new yorker cover is ruthless
Retweeted by Scott Tadman3 separate reports thus far today of a pedestrian or cyclist struck according to @StruckTOBot
Retweeted by Scott TadmanBanking tips
Retweeted by Scott TadmanExcited to be featured in this week's episode of #BuiltToSell w/@johnwarrillow, chatting about the ShopLocket story!
Retweeted by Scott Tadman
BoJack Horseman is coming back on July 22nd
Retweeted by Scott Tadman @lsegal @PlayOverwatch @Blizzard_Ent Does Greenshot work? You can customize it a lot.That's what everyone I've ever loved said
Retweeted by Scott Tadman
Discover the bookstore that sells the "beautiful, arcane, macabre and obscure":
Retweeted by Scott Tadman#Toronto illustrators to keep an eye on
Retweeted by Scott TadmanCan we get a "fuck cancer" emoji?'I want to help you lift enormous things': Read Gord Downie's lyrics about cancer
Retweeted by Scott TadmanCalifornia's going to try to solve the water crisis in the most sci-fi way possible: with AI
Retweeted by Scott TadmanLaser cutting with Glowforge #MFBA16 #makerfaire #DIY
Retweeted by Scott TadmanBuildings to see at Doors Open #Toronto this weekend @Doors_OpenTO #DOT16
Retweeted by Scott TadmanIs Bombardier's management team capable of digging them out of this giant hole? If not, why get a new one? Spent a little time in Greece under the Colonels, Spain under Franco. That was fascism.
Retweeted by Scott TadmanCelebrate 36 years of @HemingwaysTO this Wednesday
Retweeted by Scott TadmanHoly shit! Thanks to @teamcoco for playing #homehorror on @Twitch! I was testing my new game and missed the stream!
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From flurries in Calgary to sunny days in the East: May 2-4 weekend across Canada
Retweeted by Scott TadmanAhhhh firmware. Do not turn the car on EXACTLY 150sec after parking brake or... bad things happen.
Retweeted by Scott TadmanThat's exactly right, Siri. I DID want to know how much a gallon of the movie "Milk" costs.
Retweeted by Scott TadmanAre you ready for the #DevTO5k ?
Retweeted by Scott Tadman @lindsayrenwick Ironic use of John Ritter?
@psobot @zmanji @younjin Inbox -9+3iOur Future King: Rethinking Toronto’s busiest surface transit corridor. Hold the evening of *June 16*
Retweeted by Scott TadmanIt's already looking like 2016 will be the hottest year on record
Retweeted by Scott TadmanThe perfect medievalist reply to contemporary racism by @chevalier_cygne
Retweeted by Scott TadmanThis just made my whole day better
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Oracle's Java Download page is optimized for 800x600. Should I open the page in Netscape Navigator 4 for the authentic download experience?I hope Oracle promises to stop shipping the Ask Toolbar junk with Java if they win a $9B settlement vs. Google. Can't be hurting for cash!
Jefferson quit the cabinet because he hated Hamilton, then undermined him at every turn until his VP shot him but ok
Retweeted by Scott Tadman5 Skills That Double Your Productivity Sorry, pills. It's 5 Pills That Double Your Productivity
Retweeted by Scott TadmanPhotographer unexpectedly captures Falcon 9 second stage burn and first stage entry @zgreth
Retweeted by Scott TadmanFound it. Wonderful satire :D
Retweeted by Scott TadmanIt's a shame Caffe Brasiliano is winding up. Dependably good food, great coffee. Miss the late night hours.’ll speak in Toronto at Ideacity 2016 - termed “Canada’s Premier Meeting of the Minds” – in June
Retweeted by Scott TadmanWhy is The Weather Network the first place I am learning about this?!?!
Retweeted by Scott TadmanI've been verifying a portion of the alleged 167M record LinkedIn data breach. It's *highly* likely this is legit. More soon.
Retweeted by Scott Tadman
Fight Club author Chuck Palahniuk turns to Kickstarter to finance his new movie
Retweeted by Scott TadmanCheer on the Toranno Hoopball Lizards tonight with the best not-so-official Raptors gear
Retweeted by Scott Tadman @billxinli So long try!The &. syntax in ruby 2.3.0 is fucking beautiful. model.foos.bars&.first&.updated_at
Retweeted by Scott TadmanIf your website doesn't have a weather widget you're wasting everyone's time
Retweeted by Scott TadmanNext time you want to throw away your mattress on the street, put a label on it that says 'FREE SOFTWARE'
Retweeted by Scott TadmanWhat's up w/ all these "please don't learn to code/please learn to code" posts? Do whatever you want. Put the code in a smoothie.
Retweeted by Scott TadmanToronto, we're filling a shipping container with donations at 225 King St. E for all affected by #FortMacFire!
Retweeted by Scott TadmanKernel memory corruption in Symantec/Norton antivirus, CVE-2016-2208 (more patches soon).
Retweeted by Scott TadmanMade a video demo of the slack bot + threejs + node with some updates
Retweeted by Scott Tadman @zmanji @psobot The rule here is to not have a bigger screen at work than at home?On a scale of 1 to 10, the air pollution in Fort McMurray is a 38
Retweeted by Scott Tadman
Bill Gates desperately trying to get Warren Buffett on the phone and make sure everything is okay
Retweeted by Scott Tadman @peteforde Per 1000, isn't it? Per-Mille.Scientists Slowly Reintroducing Small Group Of Normal, Well-Adjusted Humans Into Society
Retweeted by Scott Tadman @peterfenech_TO @Sean_YYZ @dmrider @JohnTory Streetcars full of people clog the streets, obviously they should pay for highways? Sad logic.New Raspberry Pi Zero out today - with camera support! via @recantha
Retweeted by Scott TadmanSo the average web page is the size of the original DOOM, and 2016 DOOM is 51GB. Joke's on you Webpages of 2039.
Retweeted by Scott Tadman'One of the kings.' Comics legend Darwyn Cooke mourned at Ottawa Comiccon
Retweeted by Scott Tadman
#TCAF was so great! Thanks everyone for coming!
Retweeted by Scott TadmanWhat "suspicious" activity did my son demonstrate? He posted his MacBook for sale on CraigsList. Armed undercover officers showed up. 1/?
Retweeted by Scott Tadman
2016 Darwyn Cooke. I loved talking to you about Jack Kirby. Wish we'd talked more.
Retweeted by Scott Tadman @scanlime Icelandic -dóttir/-son or Russian -ov/-ova not included? Personal pref for pronoun is all that matters. Ask. This isn't hard.Don't say anything just RT
Retweeted by Scott Tadman @neville_park Why doesn't this book exist? How can I pre-order?DC Comics artist and writer Darwyn Cooke dies of cancer
Retweeted by Scott TadmanThere's a sad, pathetic protest against "irresponsible" sex-ed driving/honking up and down Yonge St. Some people have more time than clue.This will be in a textbook someday
Retweeted by Scott TadmanJust learned that Darwyn Cooke is battling cancer. An excellent man, a terrific artist & storyteller. Love to him & his family #fuckcancer
Retweeted by Scott Tadmanwhen you're refactoring your code and you fix a bug too
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RT if you remember
Retweeted by Scott TadmanI Am Legend... A look at horror/sci-fi master Richard Matheson
Retweeted by Scott TadmanThis website's physical archive is designed to last 10,000 years
Retweeted by Scott Tadman1966 vs. now: What teens think about race, sex and how much their parents run their lives
Retweeted by Scott Tadman“Privilege is the human version of ‘works on my machine’” — @lrnrd #jsconfbp
Retweeted by Scott Tadman
Beck taxi has the best google business page cover photo.
Retweeted by Scott TadmanPeople ask, "Where were all the autistic adults in previous generations?" I get dozens of emails like this.
Retweeted by Scott TadmanALRIGHT. HERE IT IS. My absolutely terrible tutorial on integrating ThreeJS and Slack to make a creepy bot.
Retweeted by Scott TadmanDouglas Adams' Apple Macintosh SE/30 to be preserved at @computermuseum - #dna #hitchhikers
Retweeted by Scott TadmanHey! @TWG is hosting #GrowingDesignProcess on Thursday, June 2nd! RSVP at
Retweeted by Scott Tadman @GraphicMatt Seems like they're trying anyway.#TCAF taking over, one historic building at a time This new venue via sponsor @infotechRG
Retweeted by Scott TadmanDoes anyone know a person/company in Toronto that can RGB mod NES consoles? #retrogaming #nes
Retweeted by Scott TadmanHamilton: Our Product Is Stall, Our Strength Is Feeble. #HamOnt
Retweeted by Scott TadmanI know KS drama is tired, but this one's a DOOZY. A team member of a 650k 3D printer project BUILT A HOUSE w/the $.
Retweeted by Scott TadmanOk
Retweeted by Scott TadmanSee how much reading this story would cost if it were a prison phone call:
Retweeted by Scott TadmanThis kid who created macros for "no" on his parents' phones will never not make me die laughing
Retweeted by Scott TadmanAlmost 700 attenders at Redis Conf, pretty incredible. Learned a lot of things from Redis users, which is a very good thing I guess. Thx!
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Retweeted by Scott TadmanWe've definitely said GNU 3× in a row but the judge does not seem concerned about RMS bursting, Kool-aid Man-style, into the court
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