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Tools we 💚 : Claudia.js by @gojkoadzic simplifies AWS Lambda / API Gateway deployments
Retweeted by Scott TadmanDon’t Replace People. Augment Them.
Retweeted by Scott TadmanLearning about `` from @Brianloveswords. Really useful and hadn't known about it! #SRCCON
Retweeted by Scott Tadman"WHAT TO DO IF YOU'RE CARDED BY THE COPS AT CARIBBEAN CARNIVAL" Service journalism!
Retweeted by Scott TadmanMechanical Techno. Graham Dunning:
Retweeted by Scott Tadman @ted_livingston @tomwalsham @UWaterloo Max Zorin had a plan for this but some British bloke and a famous singer put the kibosh on it.
People being upset Bradley cooper who played the American Sniper is not a republican is like me being upset he is not a real space raccoon.
Retweeted by Scott TadmanHow did people feel about the collectible pins at #emberconf last year? Worth making every year? Worth collecting?
Retweeted by Scott Tadman @billxinli Learn vi already!SFMTrA. I fully endorse this kind of orange cone vigilanteeismism.
Retweeted by Scott TadmanStudy reveals a third of London’s cyclists started since appearance of safer infrastructure.
Retweeted by Scott TadmanThis Pokémon Go GPS hack is the most impressive yet
Retweeted by Scott Tadman
I am 99% sure Scott Adams is trolling at this point. There's no way anyone could seriously believe this.
Retweeted by Scott TadmanWriting a titanic blog post about LRU in Redis and the old and recent changes… should be ready for tomorrow in case you are interested.
Retweeted by Scott TadmanMeet Winnie & uncover her fate in Alone With You, a sci-fi adventure. Out 8/23 on #PS4 & #PSVita. #AWYgame #indiedev
Retweeted by Scott TadmanWriting about it for years Don't splash killer's name & pics. Report—but not on their terms.
Retweeted by Scott TadmanThere's an open source implementation of that kinect fusion algorithm for CUDA!
Retweeted by Scott Tadman @wolever Solution: Put six phones into production! @wolever Yeah, it does have limits. Hope it does the job! @wolever Whatever cracks the nut. For better perf could try GPU acceleration avail on some EC2 instances. CUDA or OpenCL can really blaze. @wolever That is PDF library deps. The JS PDF libraries seem more modern than many others, so worth keeping an eye on them long-term. @wolever Having it as a container gives you options, so it's not a bad thing to do anyway. PDD libraries are often super fussy with drops. @wolever Supposed to be possible, yeah. Great if you can wrangle your service into something that tidy. @wolever @dcwca Are you consuming, producing, or both? Have you tried Elastic Beanstalk and your "pile" spun into a Docker container? @wolever @dcwca SQS glue to make it more modular?
Edmonton households highest emitters of CO2, Montreal the lowest: study via @edmontonjournal #yeg #cities
Retweeted by Scott TadmanHey Twitter friends: I’m thinking of using AWS Lambda for bursty PDF processing. What have your experiences with it been like?
Retweeted by Scott Tadman @kantrn So true. Community sourced documentation is desperately needed, but this is not the shape it should take..@LetsGoToTheEX is hosting a #StarTrek exhibition this year!
Retweeted by Scott Tadman47 years ago I submitted my travel voucher reimbursement for my trip to the moon. #Apollo11
Retweeted by Scott TadmanOur '95 interview when Walmart banned t-shirts with this: "Someday a woman will be president" #DemsinPhilly
Retweeted by Scott TadmanEver wanted to speak at a PyCon? PyCon Canada is the perfect place to do it:
Retweeted by Scott TadmanJob alert! Help shape our next-gen software testing practice as our new #QA specialist
Retweeted by Scott TadmanIf only there was some other way to distribute their games other than on their own proprietary hardware. Ferrero takes a look into the usually unseen world of Japanese Indie in Branching Paths
Retweeted by Scott TadmanButterbeer and Hogwarts breakfast bennies: Diagon Alley is coming to Calgary
Retweeted by Scott Tadman
@phillmv Isn't it to send death threats to people you hate and sling mud at those you despise? Should be in their ad, or the Onion version.Seriously, Use the Index Luke is a spectacular dive under the hood of SQL databases v well written and illustrated:
Retweeted by Scott Tadman @phillmv You can always create custom tags like YAK and LATER or BACKLOG. Personally voting for SHAVEME.The #TIFF16 lineup looks pretty sick:
Retweeted by Scott TadmanImagine Twitter used the forward facing smartphone/computer cameras to tally how many eye-rolls certain tweets get.
Retweeted by Scott TadmanWe are currently in the process of creating Node.js Engineer certifications. Interested in helping? Go 👉
Retweeted by Scott TadmanLetter from basically every scientific org in the United States to Congress about climate change
Retweeted by Scott TadmanHow to Save Turtles and Nail Poachers With #3DPrinted Tech Eggs @PasoPacifico #CitizenScience
Retweeted by Scott TadmanJob Alert! We're looking for an experienced Digital Product Manager to join our Toronto team
Retweeted by Scott TadmanRay Kurzweil: The world isn’t getting worse — our information is getting better
Retweeted by Scott TadmanAfter years of work together, installation of the Bloor Street bike lanes will begin Aug. 2 @CycleToronto
Retweeted by Scott TadmanA great explanation of how Ruby variables are actually references to objects:
Retweeted by Scott TadmanReddit—of all places—has compiled the most astonishing case against Trump and his supporters I've seen anywhere
Retweeted by Scott TadmanWe read one-star reviews of ‘Run Lola Run' to Franka Potente:
Retweeted by Scott TadmanA big thanks goes out to @guardian for picking up this story. Let's hope @Support finally does something about it.
Retweeted by Scott Tadman
@billxinli The ActiveX Bonzai Buddy Toolbar Rootkit Suite is the best free download you can make. Install today! #thisaccountisnothackedThink about it for a minute - Verizon owns Tumblr in 2016. THINK ABOUT IT. Everything is weird.
Retweeted by Scott Tadman @billxinli You can fix it by downloading Norton Anti-Skype 30-day trial. @heshamized Stung with the same bizarre message, huh? Glad I could help! Ansible generally pretty friendly.NYC subway tunnel used by 225,000 people a day will shut down for 18 months
Retweeted by Scott TadmanHey @elonmusk -- having shown both high energy landings and in-space docking, catching a rotovator at apogee doesn't sound so crazy.
Retweeted by Scott TadmanWikileaks evidently doxxed every woman in Turkey who was eligible to vote. I kind of don't have words?
Retweeted by Scott TadmanA brief Yahoo history: 2000: Valued at $125B 2008: Microsoft's $44.6B offer rejected 2016: Verizon buys for $4.8B
Retweeted by Scott TadmanToday on #DailyVICE: Smashing comic book stereotypes with @Akitron
Retweeted by Scott TadmanWhy we're Post-Fact
Retweeted by Scott Tadman"How hot is it in #Saudi Arabia, Ahmad?" "This hot👇"
Retweeted by Scott TadmanTTC fares increasing above the rate of inflation, but there's no way Tory and his allies will do that to property taxes.
Retweeted by Scott Tadman @TORailwayMuseum @Sean_YYZ George's Trains was there at the time, so two bits of Toronto train history together.RT @pzf: BREAKING NEWS: Blue Line station collapse after lightning strike in Chicago.
Retweeted by Scott Tadman
Sometimes it's good to just SEE it, instead of arguing about it:
Retweeted by Scott Tadman @zmanji "I could build Facebook in a weekend and run it off a $5 VPS! Scaling is easy. Big companies are full of 1/10x engineers!"
The long awaited graphics tablet primer for hackers (like you!)
Retweeted by Scott TadmanNo listings on AirBnB for a walk-in freezer remade as a bedroom suite?! What kind of service is this?Knowing that @slolyserves could have (and SHOULD have) been #Toronto's police chief is heartbreaking #TOpoli
Retweeted by Scott Tadmani think it's cool that you can take one thing (drawing transit maps) & a small team and decide to beat google at it
Retweeted by Scott TadmanLate to this, but Gopnik here makes the most convincing "is Trump a fascist?" case I've seen
Retweeted by Scott Tadman @phillmv Political parties in the US seem a lot more like sports teams: Never switch allegiance even when they start to suck. (Go Leafs?)Gord. Alone on stage. Soaking up standing ovation. Over a minute now. #manmachinepoemtour
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@jden415 @substack It's inevitable The Valley will get disrupted into irrelevance, and then the champagne tears will really flow.Polar Vortex in the winter, Heat Dome in the summer. Can't catch a break here.The Globe and Mail building being evacuated by cops due to unknown emergency at Front street.
Retweeted by Scott Tadman @liamnickerson The all Aces model? Don't forget the power of a straight flush.Nobody gives a shit about how awesome your code-in-a-cave is. It's isolated and will die there real fast.
Retweeted by Scott TadmanCanada right now.
Retweeted by Scott TadmanCandy Crush Saga was actually designed by an economist to demonstrate how people don't understand the concept of sunk cost.
Retweeted by Scott TadmanHow a Guy from a Montana Trailer Park Overturned 150 Years of Biology
Retweeted by Scott TadmanShipping is a muscle. And, like any muscle, you can train it.
Retweeted by Scott Tadman
I don't think Toronto should pretend that it has a separated bike lane installed on Adelaide. #bikeTO #TOpoli
Retweeted by Scott Tadman a remarkable piece of long-form journalism by @PennyRed. You should read it. #MeetTheGoblins
Retweeted by Scott TadmanGreat insights for designing with the new colour densities of 4K displays and Apple Wide Color. (skip to 11min mark)
Retweeted by Scott Tadman#Toronto designers accuse #ZARA brand of copying their work
Retweeted by Scott TadmanReminder, just because, that 75% of white Americans have no friends who are people of color. Zero. Not a one.
Retweeted by Scott Tadman @moore_oliver @Sean_YYZ @humantransit This is the vision you get when you think all cities are exactly like San Jose.An even easier map tool for finding the location of every pokémon
Retweeted by Scott Tadman
Retweeted by Scott Tadman @scanlime Safe like helicopter parents never letting their kid out sight or near anything potentially scary. Bubble wrapped for protection.Google Slashed Its Energy Bill by Putting DeepMind AI in Charge
Retweeted by Scott TadmanIn one of Theresa May's first acts as prime minister, she abolished the Department for Energy and Climate Change
Retweeted by Scott Tadman"She hopes the photo will be evidence to [her son] that she fought for his rights"
Retweeted by Scott TadmanAutopilot prevents serious injury or death of a pedestrian in NY (owner anecdote confirmed by vehicle logs)
Retweeted by Scott TadmanI really don't get the whole Pokemon thing but this is awesome.
Retweeted by Scott TadmanFrom Niven to Gibson & Stephenson: A few predictions from Science Fiction Novels
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Worried about free speech on Twitter? Here's a repost of my handy guide on whether your speech is being violated.
Retweeted by Scott Tadman"Pokemon Go enthusiasm has reached its projected peak." "Good. Now announce the legendary Mewtwo can only be found on Mars." "Yes, Mr Musk."
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