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Technology enthusiast, humanist, philosopher programmer, entrepreneur, retro-futurist, cynical optimist, and aficionado.

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@GoddardTara @Sean_YYZ That shirt is too dark, it should be neon green, and why does the helmet have a pedestrian logo on it?BRAND NEW: Tool for Thursday's vote Want to see how many lose coverage by Congressional district? (Example: Dent)…
Retweeted by Scott TadmanHAPPY MONDAY! Here's my new film "Hi Stranger"
Retweeted by Scott TadmanIn the universe of concerns nerds have, none is less important to society as a whole than DRM.
Retweeted by Scott TadmanIf you laugh, you too are a nerd.
Retweeted by Scott TadmanOH MY GOD NO WHY IS THIS REAL (thank you @RooneyMcNibNug)
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The annual combined Federal budgets of the NEA & NEH equals 4hrs & 23min of spending on the US Military.
Retweeted by Scott TadmanWho's there, Uzair? ❤️ My fam at @TWG 💚 y'all have beautiful names, don't stop correcting us 👈
Retweeted by Scott TadmanThere’s nothing in this list that you can’t build a good work sample test for. But nobody does that.
Retweeted by Scott TadmanEven if you own the most expensive pen in the world it'll make no difference if you don't put in the practice. Prac…
Retweeted by Scott TadmanDid you hear about our sale? This new 75-page printable PDF is the best resource to learn …
Retweeted by Scott Tadman @vicecanada Apparently Vice didn't actually the headline.When you used to design Doom levels but now design office buildings.
Retweeted by Scott Tadmanin protest of @YouTube's restricted mode hubbub, @vampirecoffee and I did a shirt. proceeds go to the @splcenter.
Retweeted by Scott Tadmanah yes, the logo to fight against xenophobia and division…gives a different color for each race
Retweeted by Scott TadmanA Scaled Version of the Star Wars Millennium Falcon Built Out of LEGO Bricks and Minifigs
Retweeted by Scott TadmanI still think almost every day about this piece of writerly life advice my grandfather's agent gave him in 1953:
Retweeted by Scott TadmanAgreed 100% . I didn't submit to conferences for 7 years, erroneously thinking that nobody wanted to hear what I ha…
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@liamnickerson Or set it in the 1930s. @billxinli Run some genetic algorithms to find out.Boston schools have adopted a new world map — one that tells the truth about continent sizes.…
Retweeted by Scott TadmanTSA agent (checking my ID): "Hawk, like that skateboarder Tony Hawk!" Me: exactly Her: "Cool, I wonder what he's up to these days" Me: this
Retweeted by Scott TadmanCanada may join in on the electronics ban for flights from the Middle East
Retweeted by Scott TadmanImplying Miller didn’t care about Scarborough is ridiculous. He secured prov funds for SRT replacement and got the EA for Crosstown East.
Retweeted by Scott TadmanBut which one is acceptable?
Retweeted by Scott TadmanOne of the best interview questions I've been asked was "Tell me about some people you've helped in your career."
Retweeted by Scott TadmanNot The Onion: GOP just approved cruel methods to hunt baby bears & other animals on protected wildlife refuges]
Retweeted by Scott TadmanPlayer: I'm the best dice roller. Nobody rolls higher than me. My stats are all 20s. DM: Can I see your character sheet? Player: No #GOPDnD
Retweeted by Scott Tadman @garybernhardt Ah, yes. Then what's needed is one with moddable firmware. Either that or an AT connector to Bluetooth adapter. @GraphicMatt Do we have any of those horse drawn streetcars that can be pressed back into service?The Netflix turnaround on net neutrality is exactly why you’d want net neutrality to exist.
Retweeted by Scott TadmanThread
Retweeted by Scott TadmanArizona spent $3,600,000 drug testing 87,000 welfare recipients. 1 tested positive for a fine of $560.
Retweeted by Scott TadmanGreat example of RFC 3492 (punycode) abuse in #phishing URL (xn--paypl-680b\.com -> paypḁl\.com)
Retweeted by Scott Tadman @MiyoMusashi @riskybusiness History does have unnerving examples of this sort of thing. Maybe just inject malware? @eevee sed does more in an afternoon than most production code does in a lifetime. Humble tools get the job done. Haters have no clue.Y'all think this is a fukin game
Retweeted by Scott TadmanIn the core of the city, 75% of the population walks cycles or takes transit to work. #GreenCity
Retweeted by Scott Tadman @0xabad1dea deep learning, n.: a method by which programmers can transfer responsibility to a machine for their own failings
Retweeted by Scott TadmanPLEASE RT: To anyone affected by Ren Bostelaar and has photos up that are coming up on Google search results and need them removed, DM me.
Retweeted by Scott Tadman @garybernhardt You can use any Bluetooth keyboard with an iPad, so you should have options.This is suddenly news? For years maps shown that the wealthiest neighbourhoods are in Midtown Toronto, and a U-shap…
Retweeted by Scott TadmanThat explains it, and yet that's infuriating. Snoop everything?! How criminally illegal is this? with 100s of Apple II floppies writing in. Please continue to spread this, or mail me at
Retweeted by Scott Tadmanif you die in canada you respawn to the last tim hortons you went to
Retweeted by Scott TadmanNetworking as aesthetic.
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PUBLICC SAFETY ALERT: City of Toronto -Military conducting drills all over city -Soldiers have training rifles -We are not being invaded ^dh
Retweeted by Scott TadmanHaha. All the compromised #cloudpets at the 99 cent store. I like how they covered the name with a sticker hoping…
Retweeted by Scott TadmanFighter. Cleric. Wizard. Rogue.
Retweeted by Scott Tadman"Reality has one advantage over fiction -- it does not have to be plausible." -- Joe Carroll
Retweeted by Scott TadmanThe year is 2017. Desktop applications are written in JavaScript. Your CPU is busy rendering a blinking cursor. (W…
Retweeted by Scott TadmanThe fuck is going on? @billxinli Hopefully not the regexp channel.When you write bad code that works
Retweeted by Scott TadmanThe Sagans' letter to Chuck Berry
Retweeted by Scott Tadmanon the 14th anniversary of Iraq War remember not just how the media sold it, but how fucking smug they were doing s…
Retweeted by Scott TadmanA good example of "is it a purse or a lock?" (On the right)
Retweeted by Scott Tadman @ASFried @phirephoenix Considering it costs more than a year at Princeton to keep someone in jail, universal coverage is cheaper.
@kaille_kirkham @ANNELAMOTT Ink made from the ashes of the bones of your adversaries adds considerably to the charm of writing.Getting a @torontolibrary card takes 5 min (IRL), then you can your heart out! Thx @christinatruong for the info!
Retweeted by Scott TadmanChuck Berry reviewing old punk records remains one of my favourite things. RIP
Retweeted by Scott TadmanTory publicly supported motion for gender equity in budgeting while his office instructed cllrs to vote against it
Retweeted by Scott Tadman @cmcmahon @phirephoenix @MCSerf Learns ancient secrets of crazy hot chill and kickass slow-cooked ribs ribs.This is a badass talk about what a "Real Developer" looks like: - so thankful to be working with @brnnbrn!
Retweeted by Scott TadmanWhen I say "the primary function of democracy is to protect us from the whims of crazy rich people": via @newyorker
Retweeted by Scott TadmanA useful tool when developing new cultures, especially in fantasy or sci-fi.
Retweeted by Scott TadmanThere, 40-year old sociological proof that the "my best friend is black" defense is garbage BS
Retweeted by Scott TadmanThe VR Tracked Pet, #VRCat, is coming along nicely! Injected into all @SteamVR games! #VR @htcvive
Retweeted by Scott Tadman Put in a website and I'll MONETISE it for you... by replacing the images with random paintings by Monet 😂
Retweeted by Scott TadmanWho made this?
Retweeted by Scott TadmanThis photo is stunning... via
Retweeted by Scott TadmanPretending to have “chinks in your armor” but having them really be “hairy arms” is a masterful deception technique
Retweeted by Scott TadmanStill my favorite headline of all time:
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Wikipedia has a nice list of "You can't have your cake and eat it too"-like idioms in various languages:
Retweeted by Scott TadmanMaster's coffin will be in Toronto!!
Retweeted by Scott TadmanNo. Best known for developing the first compiler. She didn't raise awareness of women in computing, she helped crea…
Retweeted by Scott Tadman @scanlime So it's a metaphor for life?This. Like all this.
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