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Technology enthusiast, humanist, philosopher programmer, entrepreneur, retro-futurist, cynical optimist, and aficionado.

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So @PagerDuty devs are nuts: wiring a dartgun turret to the on-call rotation for VERY AGGRESSIVE notifications!
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Sometimes magic is just someone spending more time on something than anyone else might reasonably expect. — Teller
Retweeted by Scott TadmanAn amazing amount of scientific work goes on @ Malheur, even more than we knew #Oregonstandoff
Retweeted by Scott TadmanWhy I Just Dropped The Harassment Charges Against The Man Who Started GamerGate
Retweeted by Scott TadmanHere's what @CharlieAngusNDP - who has known Jian #Ghomeshi for 25 years - has to say about his trial.
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Adafruit on Apple TV – watch our latest vids in your living room!
Retweeted by Scott Tadman#til about jq, a command line tool like 'sed' for JSON data.
Retweeted by Scott TadmanEver wondered how you would do continuous soak testing of Tap&Go payments? @Tyro: #AlwaysInnovating
Retweeted by Scott TadmanFirst batch of NodeConf Adventure tickets are up!
Retweeted by Scott Tadman.@uOttawatechlaw host @schneierblog Deirdre Martin Memorial Privacy Law Lecture
Retweeted by Scott TadmanThis 'How To Detect a Brutalist Building' chart by Charles Humphries is genius #brutalism #architecture #brutalist
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The team at @StupidMag is making a print mag for unabashed pop music fans:
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One day to go! Can't wait to partake in honest and inspiring discussions. Thanks to @TWG for hosting!
Retweeted by Scott Tadman @bgilham Did Craigslist kill their report button? Some post the same thing dozens of times per day. Every day.Would anyone like to talk about CSS modules, PostCSS, custom properties, and so on? Other recommendations very welcome!
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@robdomagala @TorontoStar Ermagergement ring.Listen to astronaut Sally Ride discuss all the sexist questions she had to answer
Retweeted by Scott TadmanI think @StephenHawking8 has been reading @DavidBrin 's Earth -
Retweeted by Scott TadmanCrushed between two portals experiment.
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Leave it to @twitter to demonstrate in its own survey that it has no idea why people use Twitter.
Retweeted by Scott TadmanThis is fun…An excellent history of comedy: 100 jokes that shaped modern comedy
Retweeted by Scott TadmanLet's read about Jerry Lawson who invented the video game cartridge
Retweeted by Scott TadmanAnother great reason to scrap the myth of the (male) genius!
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‘Error 53’:
Retweeted by Scott TadmanSurprised and prroud to be on this list!: Here are the 10 people the #AI elite follow on Twitter
Retweeted by Scott TadmanHappy Friday! Read chapter 3 of our Logo Design Guide here:
Retweeted by Scott TadmanAll tests passing... And it blinks at every new run so that's possible to know everything is running.
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"Synchronous nature of PHP makes bug-free developing a breeze"
Retweeted by Scott TadmanIt's amazing how negatively some people react to The Witness. It's been an incredible experience for me so far.
Retweeted by Scott TadmanGreat moments in Shaun Bridges, a corrupt Silk Road investigator:
Retweeted by Scott TadmanNew York City is about to shell out $2.5 billion for fancy electric streetcars
Retweeted by Scott TadmanOn the blog, Creating A Document-Store Hybrid in Postgres 9.5 by @fritzy
Retweeted by Scott TadmanThe Bay Bridge bike path designs are completely insane. To call me an advocate for bicycling infrastructure would...
Retweeted by Scott Tadman'Pro-rape' blogger Roosh V says he's cancelling planned rallies worldwide
Retweeted by Scott TadmanI'll be hosting a workshop for webdevs interested in physical computing at @FITC Toronto (April 16). Details here:
Retweeted by Scott TadmanLogitech's G810 is a mechanical keyboard for both work and play
Retweeted by Scott TadmanThis House Costs Just $20,000–But It’s Nicer Than Yours
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Lawyer says Cold-FX sat on study that showed it's no better than a placebo | via @cbcasithappens
Retweeted by Scott TadmanUber Rebrands:
Retweeted by Scott TadmanSeinfeld pop-up bar coming to Toronto this summer
Retweeted by Scott TadmanThe tunnelling of the below grade portion of LRT on Eglinton Avenue – 10 km! - will be complete this year #TOpoli
Retweeted by Scott TadmanStats correction: Stack Overflow did 157,370,800,409 redis ops in the past 30 days, almost always under 2% CPU:
Retweeted by Scott TadmanBed bugs are gross right down to the very core — their genome
Retweeted by Scott TadmanHealthy fast food? McDonald's kale salad has more calories than a Double Big Mac
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"Unix will give you enough rope to shoot yourself in the foot. If you didn't think rope would do that, you should have read the man page."
Retweeted by Scott TadmanBPA-free plastics also pose risks; exposure to BPS may disrupt reproductive system
Retweeted by Scott TadmanI am totally confused about the difference between a panorama, a spherical map and a backplate. What are they all for?
Retweeted by Scott TadmanStaff from @cityplanTO using 3D model & 2 projectors to demonstrate building height/mass. Cool. @jen_keesmaat
Retweeted by Scott TadmanThe new members of the @CityPlanTO Planning Review Panel reflect the diversity of TO. Visit
Retweeted by Scott Tadman50K people have signed a petition asking for Snoop Dogg to narrate Planet Earth
Retweeted by Scott TadmanSanders: are you guys ready for a radical idea? So is America. We are going to create an economy for working families, not just billionaires
Retweeted by Scott TadmanBurning Out:
Retweeted by Scott TadmanI love America. Elections are a two year hilarious nightmare.
Retweeted by Scott Tadman.@antirez github pages support custom domains. See for an example of a site I host there.
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Illogical urban right-of-way. Too familiar. HT @slowottawa rendering by Fabian Todorovic
Retweeted by Scott TadmanDid you know The Lord of the Rings is actually a thinly veiled metaphor for software development?’re looking for ex-startup founders to join many more of us at @Shopify as Product Managers (TO, MTL, OTT): 🚀
Retweeted by Scott TadmanJust read @munificentbob's book cover to cover. #gamedev's looking to improve code quality should take a peak.
Retweeted by Scott TadmanThe Bechdel test for tech conferences: 1) two women speaking 2) on the same panel 3) not about women in tech.
Retweeted by Scott Tadman#Minecraft is #1 on JP Wii U eShop charts; that means right now Microsoft has the top digital Nintendo game in Japan? Madness!
Retweeted by Scott TadmanThis page shows the 12 teams that won Apple Design Awards in 2015. There are 134 faces on the page. 2 are women.
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New blog post: "Thoughts on The Witness" make no mistake, this is a love letter.
Retweeted by Scott Tadman#Toronto #tech companies are sending teams to #IWDTO. #DevTO CC @pagerduty @TWG @CampTechCo
Retweeted by Scott TadmanI'm pretty much convinced that if you want a team to go fast, a feeling of momentum is more important than a sense of urgency.
Retweeted by Scott Tadman @dcwca Maybe they could team up with the Wayans Brothers, do a screenplay swap.
Wow. Important read on the subsidies that GE pocketed from the City of Boston to return to the core. Staggering.
Retweeted by Scott Tadman.@learningcode is looking for some very special people to drive their code:mobile across Canada this summer!
Retweeted by Scott TadmanAre you a QA engineer or software developer looking to join an outstanding team? Join us at TWG! #jobs #hiring
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Beyond The Grid — Creating Unique, High Performance Interfaces With UICollectionView #iOS
Retweeted by Scott TadmanGlobal game jam by @IDGA_GBC takes over George Brown this Friday
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Python folk: writing the same buggy __unicode__, __str__, abd __repr__ over and over?
Retweeted by Scott TadmanOne of my fave most inspirational quotes is this: Never make fun of someone if they mispronounce a word. It means they learned it by reading
Retweeted by Scott TadmanBIG NEWS! We're excited to welcome @Scotiabank to our family today! Read about our exciting new partnership here:
Retweeted by Scott TadmanLego set includes 1st minifigure using wheelchair
Retweeted by Scott TadmanOnly a few more days to get your #IWDTO early bird tickets! Psst- students get in for $5 👌🏾
Retweeted by Scott TadmanThe Witness is an exhilarating and infuriating puzzle game that will haunt your dreams
Retweeted by Scott TadmanThis guy takes insurance scamming seriously.
Retweeted by Scott TadmanSuperb analysis of the language of Trump. Simultaneously funny and dreadful, as you’d expect. (via @pettore)
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Canadian initiative #BellLetsTalk strives to #endthestigma on #mentalhealth.Please participate by using the hashtags
Retweeted by Scott TadmanIf the site is down, it means it is time for you to go do non-computery things.
Retweeted by Scott TadmanHipChat: We are losing market share to Slack! Exec: Lets integrate with Uber! That will fix all of our problems.
Retweeted by Scott TadmanTardigrade cryptobiosis is the most literal expression of "don't quit while you're ahead"
Retweeted by Scott TadmanApparently @ID_AA_Carmack pulled a Fallout "mysterious stranger" and literally solo converted Minecraft to C++?
Retweeted by Scott TadmanLeft: Samsung SmartTV privacy policy, warning users not to discuss personal info in front of their TV Right: 1984
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I'm nominating @bobatl for Republican VP. Facts don't matter! #factsdontmatter #flatearth #tech #feedly
Retweeted by Scott TadmanPirates of the Caribbean was right #flatearththeory #flatearth
Retweeted by Scott TadmanBig collection of leaked SDKs from obsolete video game consoles.
Retweeted by Scott TadmanA woman turns into a 3D printed skeleton in the Chemical Brothers' video for "Wide Open"
Retweeted by Scott TadmanOnce again, winter storms reveal "wasted" roadways that could easily be reallocated to cyclists, pedestrians
Retweeted by Scott Tadman
5 years ago today I landed as an immigrant in Canada. Since last year I am a citizen. Time flies! #grateful #newcomer
Retweeted by Scott TadmanBurying waterways in cities has been a disaster; embracing them means clean air, mitigating flooding, liveability.
Retweeted by Scott TadmanOur meteorologist @JWagstaffe has the latest on #blizzard2016 #Jonas with @cbcian; Impact on U.S East coast & Cdn
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Our detailed work on the Relief Line has continued full throttle, alongside our network planning for SmartTrack and Scarborough. #TOpoli
Retweeted by Scott TadmanRT @Tim_Beshara: Japan's chief #TPP negotiator accused of accepting $100,000 bribe
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#\ i\ n\ c\ l\ ude <stdi\ o\ .\ h\ >\
Retweeted by Scott TadmanI just backed Stupid Magazine: A Print Publication about Pop Music on @Kickstarter
Retweeted by Scott TadmanICYMI: if you can read this you should come out tonight and hear nerds drop some truth and beauty: final heads up
Retweeted by Scott TadmanJust a reminder, city wasted $75 million by switching to that subway plan from the LRT, which could have been up and running by now.
Retweeted by Scott Tadman💥Registration for NSNorth 2016 is now open! 💥 You can get your tickets directly from the website:
Retweeted by Scott TadmanThanks to all the community partners that are supporting us this year! #IWDTO
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