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@Robinbanerji Yes. No problem.It requires not guts but information. It is true that Indira Gandhi made the amendment under the shadow of the Emer… 8-10 Units O+ve #blood #urgent #need at Apollo Hospital Indraprastha Pl Call 8002663951 by #July21 @suhelseth @tavleen_singh @nistula
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Very well analysed Tufail. @Robinbanerji I will not be in Delhi that day.#Sircilla #Jul19 Need A+ve Blood donors At Srujana Children's Hospital Call 9502265788 via @bld4needy cc @tavleen_singh #iCanSaveLife
Retweeted by Tavleen SinghThey are the best! You're right.😜 McCain is an American hero & one of the bravest fighters I've ever known. Cancer doesn't know what it's up against. Give it hell, John.
Retweeted by Tavleen SinghGeorge Orwell on Muslims...
Retweeted by Tavleen SinghYou are so good at this. Do some for me!!!
'Mujh se pehli si mohabbat meray mehboob na mang':Faiz Sb reportedly said it did not belong to him after Noor Jehan…
Retweeted by Tavleen SinghChurchill said the best argument against democracy was a five minute conversation with the average voter. Twitter provides daily proof!How? Execution? Jail? Would you like India to revert to being a totalitarian state like it was during the Emergency? Smriti add my congratulations to the list. And make history by ridding us of the I&B ministry. The Internet makes it irrelevant!
Congratulations @smritiirani on your appointment as Minister for Information & Broadcasting. Please get rid of Pahlaj Nihalani urgently. 😂
Retweeted by Tavleen Singhरोज़ बढ़ता हूँ जहाँ से आगे फिर वहीं लौट के आ जाता हूँ बार-हा तोड़ चुका हूँ जिन को उन्हीं दीवारों से टकराता हूँ…
Retweeted by Tavleen SinghCouldn't agree with you more. Very good issue of India Today. Khan reciting his poetry "Is laaeq nahin ho tum"
Retweeted by Tavleen Singh#Delhi Need 4 Units any group #blood at AIIMS Hospital 9419101684 @sakbmushtaq cc @autumnrainwish @tavleen_singh @nistula @hardikpandya7
Retweeted by Tavleen SinghI do remember!मेरे लेख अमर उजाला और जनसत्ता में पढ़ने की तकलीफ़ करें। अखबारें नहीं ख़रीदते हैं तो ऑनलाइन पढ़ लें। you read Ms Moron you may find that I have written about Kerala jihadists since the professor's hand was chopped… Only the loony fringe. This is what he did in Gujarat. Remember the decimation of the VHP and Bajrang Dal? 4 Units any group #blood #urgent #need at AIIMS Hospital Pls Call 9419101684 @sakbmushtaq cc @suhelseth @tavleen_singh @nistula
Retweeted by Tavleen SinghOn India's political landscape Modi continues to shine. But he must control beef killers and Hindutva loonies.
I do not have a Muslim name Miss Moron but it would not shame me one bit if I did. It shames me that you should be… Ujala today. ka gham sun ke Meri palkon pe Ek aansoo jo aa gaya hai Ye aansoo kya hai Nazm "Aansoo" by #JavedAkhtar
Retweeted by Tavleen Singh#Mumbai Need O+ve Blood Platelets donor At Sion Hospital 7977729843 via @jayesh_129 c @tavleen_singh @imbhandarkar @vivekagnihotri @upma23
Retweeted by Tavleen SinghExcellent story in India Today on the lynchings that shame India. Between April and June 2017 there have been four a month.We remain totally colonised!! that the Prime Minister has spoken can we hope for sanity on Twitter from venom-spewing Gaurakshak types?I wish I had some idea of what you want to say. 'alas' is confusing. Are you sneering at what I say about Kashmir? 'Great Secular' is clearly derisive. What do… J&K any group blood #urgent #need at SKIMS Pls Call 9419000200 or 9596770587 @SalmanNizami_ cc @suhelseth @tavleen_singh @nistula
Retweeted by Tavleen SinghIn what shape will the economy be when Modi heads into his 2019 reelection campaign? Not so great, says @thejaggi.
Retweeted by Tavleen SinghA corruption crisis rocks the most dangerous country in the world
Well articulated perspective: Sadanand Dhume | A conservative’s take on India - Livemint
Retweeted by Tavleen Singhहम सभी राजनीतिक दलों को गौरक्षा के नाम पर हो रही इस गुंडागर्दी की कड़ी भर्त्सना करनी चाहिए।
Retweeted by Tavleen Singhगौरक्षा को कुछ असामाजिक तत्वों ने अराजकता फैलाने का माध्यम बना लिया है। इसका फायदा देश में सौहार्द बिगाड़ने में लगे लोग भी उठा रहे हैं।
Retweeted by Tavleen Singhगाय को हमारे यहां माँ मानते हैं,लोगों की भावनाएं जुड़ी हैं। लेकिन यह समझना होगा कि गौ रक्षा के लिए कानून हैं और इन्हें तोड़ना विकल्प नहीं है
Retweeted by Tavleen Singhवक्त की नब्ज: लोकप्रियता के बावजूद via @jansattaDelhi, Pls ask your neighbors, friends & families to donate old newspapers so we can feed the needy outside hospita…
Retweeted by Tavleen SinghOn the ‘more governance, less government’ front we have seen the opposite happen, writes @tavleen_singh
Retweeted by Tavleen Singh.@tavleen_singh: On the "more governance, less government" front Modi has delivered the opposite of what he pledged.
Retweeted by Tavleen SinghFifth Column: Musings from a Modi bhakt via @IndianExpress
Interesting discussion on a Pak channel. via @youtube
Retweeted by Tavleen SinghCongress workers hv barged in the Hotel lobby & created ruckus,me & team are stranded like hostages in hotel room.…
Retweeted by Tavleen Singh @imbhandarkar @shilpitewari Creation of Ministry of Hurt Sentiments must be created. File applications, gets stuck…
Retweeted by Tavleen SinghFor Congress freedom of expression is always flexible! #Jul15 Need O-ve Blood donors At Fortis Hospital Call 9418022361 via @bld4needy cc @AAPMohali @tavleen_singh #iCanSaveLife
Retweeted by Tavleen SinghTwo traits that rabid Hindutva types share: they hate air-conditioning and they hate people who drink wine. Explanations anyone??
What is going on in the name of gauraksha? Will hunting Muslims serve the cause of saving cows? If this is 'nationalism' we don't need it."Kill them, they are Muslims"; "The assailants groped my mother and sister blouse and salwar torn it" #Lynchistan
Retweeted by Tavleen Singh Harishankar Parsai’s article titled ‘Awaara bheed ke khatre’, written in 1991
Retweeted by Tavleen Singh“Samjho kuch ghalat hai” Zia Mohyeddin recites a heart wrenching nazm by Prasoon Joshi
Retweeted by Tavleen Singh#Delhi 2 Units any group #blood #urgent #need at Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital Pls Call 9717169019 @shivamgahlot cc @suhelseth @tavleen_singh
Retweeted by Tavleen SinghAs #Bofors is back in the news, I ask again. Where is this box and another one that was sent to India from Switzerl…
Retweeted by Tavleen SinghWith 73%, India tops the #Forbes list of countries with the most confidence/trust in their Government @rajeev_mp
Retweeted by Tavleen Singh @DailyO_ @vikramaditya_JK The gentle tradition of Kashmiriyat has been clearly hijacked by a radical "Islamiyat". O…
Retweeted by Tavleen SinghHowever, not one Kashmiri Muslim leader has denounced the Islamic doctrine of Armed Jihad @Ram_Guha, not one. None…
Retweeted by Tavleen SinghNo one sings like Farida Khanum. In this #video, she sings the classic 'Aaj Janay ki Zidd na karo' #music #maestra
Retweeted by Tavleen SinghThank you.
"The man China couldn't erase" - a look back at the life of Nobel laureate and human rights advocate Liu Xiaobo…
Retweeted by Tavleen SinghRIP Liu Xiaobo. Your courage was an inspiration.
Retweeted by Tavleen SinghThe average Hindu may not eat beef but he does not lynch beef-eaters. Where have these unHindu thugs come from?
Retweeted by Tavleen SinghHe is as much of a hero as the driver. you. does the film industry not demand abolition of the censor board? Why can't we have ratings like R, PG and U ins… of Bengal need to be reviewed. After Basirhat-Baduria riots, it's time to face new realities. My take:
Retweeted by Tavleen SinghNitish Kumar is the most cynical politician for having handed Bihar to Lalu and Sons. But, is the new darling of leftist commentators.11 facts about world population you might not know
Retweeted by Tavleen SinghWe do not need a Censor Board. Period. It is an ugly leftover from the past. Films should have ratings for appropri…
No. It is obsolete. Why can't India have ratings for different categories like R and U. Why do we need a censor boa… story or banal, everyday reality? Censor Board has become a joke! Its attempt to censor a documentary on Amartya Sen are beyond ludicrous. Gujarat, cow and Hindu bleeped!नेता को कहता गधा,शरम न तुझको आए कहीं गधा इस बात का, बुरा मान न जाए ~ हुल्लड़ मुरादाबादी 🙏
Retweeted by Tavleen SinghSensible: Condemn both Islamic terrorism and cow vigilantism. Twisted: Use terrorist attack to imply that protesting lynchings is immoral.
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