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Unsurprising! Well done Rajat for speaking out. The Rajput community must have become very insecure to have made su…
Shame on them! They could have learned everything they need to by just going online. When will we stop these junket…
I agree. We had political freedom since 1947 but economically it was a police state. It is sad that a ‘rightist’ go… clips from Padmavati on YouTube and since then have puzzled over why the Rajput community would object to a…"हंगामा है क्यूँ बरपा थोड़ी सी जो पी ली है डाका तो नहीं डाला चोरी तो नहीं की है" ~ अकबर इलाहाबादी के जन्मदिवस पर नमन
Retweeted by Tavleen Singhकौम के गम में खाते हैं डिनर हुक्काम के साथ, रंज लीडर को बहुत है,मगर आराम के साथ ~ अकबर इलाहाबादी
Retweeted by Tavleen Singhदुनिया में हूँ दुनिया का तलबगार नहीं हूँ बाज़ार से गुज़रा हूँ ख़रीदार नहीं हूँ #AkbarAllahabadi #BirthAnniversary
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Horrifying audio clip surfaces of Kerala ISIS recruiter urging war on Hindus, democracy
Retweeted by Tavleen SinghPlease Prime Minister sack this man or send him to a ministry that does not deal with the air we breathe. He mocks…’s excellent news. Perhaps Azad Sb may like to explain what successive Congress governments have done since ‘47…
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Waiting for today’s sensational video that goes viral: a rival “caught” peeing or defecating in the open.
Retweeted by Tavleen SinghAs a journalist totally opposed to stories invasive of personal lives- whether that of PM, RG or #HardikPatel - unl…
Retweeted by Tavleen SinghThis was the flag of Maharaja Ranjit Singh. Goddess Chandi in the centre, flanked by Hanuman to her right and Bhair…
Retweeted by Tavleen Singhउड़ने दो परिंदों को अभी शोख़ हवा में फिर लौट के बचपन के ज़माने नहीं आते ~बशीर बद्र #ChildrensDay
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Whatever it takes to #freenazanin is what the #UK government should do. No one should expect #Iran to do the right…
Retweeted by Tavleen SinghTrue. But, this article is almost the most bizarre analysis of India I have ever read. And, foreign correspondents… you believe that the New Yrok Times argues that ‘Hindu nationalist’ politics is making Indian women wear sari… kind of idiotic story in the New York Times confirms the Modi government’s suspicion that foreign newspapers l… is the 237th Birth Anniversary of Maharaja Ranjit Singh of Lahore, aka Sher-e-Punjab (The Lion of Punjab).…
Retweeted by Tavleen Singh.@tavleen_singh: The real place to look for black money in India is politics. But time Modi focused on jobs instead.
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Have we learned from a century of Communism? Or are we repeating the same old mistakes with Islamism?…
Retweeted by Tavleen SinghPakistan’s second-largest city “looks like a dystopian wasteland right now”
Retweeted by Tavleen SinghGhaziabad to Agra to Kanpur to Lucknow to Varanasi: cities of U.P. have lousier air quality than even Delhi. NGT sh…
Retweeted by Tavleen Singh | Some of us know where black money really exists in abundance. It oils the wheels of India’s election mac…
Retweeted by Tavleen Singh you. 🙏🏽
Khuda kay vaastay purdah na kaabay say utha zaalim/ kaheeN aisa na ho yaaN bhi wuhi kafir sanam niklay #Ghalib #SaturdaySher
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Unusual and interesting story on The Print.आँखों में जलन, सीने में तूफ़ान सा क्यों है। इस शहर में हर शख़्स परेशान सा क्यों है।#JustLandedInDelhi #DelhiSmog
Retweeted by Tavleen SinghMuch debated #GujaratModel is a reality, says @tavleen_singh who saw remarkable growth between 2001-6 #TalkPoint
Retweeted by Tavleen SinghAn Economical Solution for the Environmental Problem Resulting from the Disposal of Rice Straw | SpringerLink
Retweeted by Tavleen SinghTalk Point: Rural Gujarat in 2002 was backward, bleak, and lacking in reliable electricity and water… of the rare photographs of a slave ship. This was done by Marc Ferrez in 1882.
Retweeted by Tavleen SinghOn the cancer of Delhi’s air pollution emergency we will soon see the decorative bandaid of odd-even. If it didn’t…
No. They are in Delhi. Last week they closed South Mumbai and all ferries to Mandwa because of the President of Lat… is why I love Twitter.
Retweeted by Tavleen SinghStuck in a traffic jam in Mumbai caused by VIP movement. Only in India does some two-bit visiting dignitary manage… tribute by Kumar Vishwas to one of his favourite poets. via @youtubeख़ुदी को कर बुलंद इतना कि हर तक़दीर से पहले ख़ुदा बंदे से ख़ुद पूछे बता तेरी रज़ा क्या है #AllamaIqbal
Retweeted by Tavleen SinghShould there not have been ‘parivartan’ under the BJP? The police lacks basic investigative techniques that even a…
Centenary of the Bolshevik Revolution. Winter Palace was stormed 100 years ago last night. Droll Chilean beermat fo…
Retweeted by Tavleen SinghShame on the Haryana police for jailing an innocent man for the Ryan School murder. How will they compensate him fo… Prasad may have won the coveted “best new reason to justify demonetization” award.
Retweeted by Tavleen Singh1857:: Major William Hodson Shot Dead Bahadur Shah Zafar's Two Sons at Khooni Darwaza, a Day After Zafar Surrender…
Retweeted by Tavleen Singh1866 :: Gateway to Husainabad Market , Lucknow (Photo- Samuel Bourne / British Library )
Retweeted by Tavleen SinghA new American made weapon M16 was seized from terrorists killed in Kashmir yesterday. Those weapons r with Pak Arm…
Retweeted by Tavleen SinghAmericans make up 4.4% of the global population but own 42% of the world’s guns.
Retweeted by Tavleen SinghA silly idea should be called silly. Uma Bharati’s idea of asking citizens groups to help clean the Ganga is silly. in Haryana and Punjab are begging for the technology needed to ready their fields without burning crop wast… Jaitly vs Congress: Did Sonia Gandhi step in to shield #Tehelka financiers? @tavleen_singh on The Buck Stops H…
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My 4-year-old tweet, dug up by @kanvish, links a Reddit piece on Tejpal's cosy nexus with the Gandhis. Noxious then…
Retweeted by Tavleen SinghHorrific reality of cow vigilantism,a/c to @reuters: nearly2lakh cows stolen from Muslim farmers This isNOT Hinduism
Retweeted by Tavleen SinghIt did not reduce pollution. Money spent on it better spent on a citizens’ fund to give farmers an alternative to b…गुलशन की फ़ज़ा धुआँ धुआँ है कहते हैं बहार का समाँ है ~हबीब जालिब #smog
Retweeted by Tavleen Singh#Ahmedabad 1 Unit AB+ve #blood #urgent #need at GCS Hospital Kalupur Call 7046625599 @krutarth_patel cc @suhelseth @tavleen_singh #Tweet_05
Retweeted by Tavleen SinghI agree. Statues should come after better schools, hospitals, roads, sanitation, breathable air and clean water. pollution in Delhi is another thing that needs expertise. There is no time left for silly ideas like odd-even.If Uma Bharati really wants to clean the Ganga she must get help from experts. Setting up citizens forums is another silly idea.Rohtas readying itself for celebrations, to become the first #OpenDefecationFree district of Bihar. @swachhbharat
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True. And, tax evasion happens in countries where taxes seem to go into the pockets of corrupt leaders and not publ…मेरा लेख आज के अमर उजाला में। we not be asking why so many Indians evade taxes and hide their money in foreign accounts? Has to be a reason? No?Thank you. victims were praying to God as they were killed. You need to do something more than pray, Mr President.
Retweeted by Tavleen SinghWe grieve with all the families in Sutherland Springs harmed by this act of hatred, and we’ll stand with the survivors as they recover...
Retweeted by Tavleen SinghParadise Papers: Top doc, Fortis boss got shares from firm whose stents he used via @IndianExpress
Retweeted by Tavleen SinghEvery mass shooting has become an issue of race and politics in the US. That's as tragic as the citizens senselessly murdered.
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India also holds the world record for most records in things nobody else wants to hold a record in. [Remember longe…
Retweeted by Tavleen Singhवक्त की नब्ज- हकीकत से आंखें चुराने का सबब via @jansatta.@tavleen_singh: Three years in, BJP can’t blame everything on Congress “misrule.” A course correction is needed.
Retweeted by Tavleen SinghFifth column: Cracks in the facade via @IndianExpress
On the 100th anniversary of the Russian revolution it’s worth remembering that communism claimed at least 65m lives.
Retweeted by Tavleen SinghExcellent piece of economic advice for the Finance Minister.🙏🏽 true and so inedible!
BJP worker Gowhar Bhat Killed in South Kashmir’s Killora Shopian by Militants. What kind of #Jihad is this?…
Retweeted by Tavleen SinghCountries contributing most to global growth, 2017-2019 1 China 35.2% of est. global growth (based on real GDP) 2…
Retweeted by Tavleen SinghISIS Jihadist Publicly Executes His Own Mother If you want proof that ISIS is pure evil and that Islam has some...
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