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Having seen the worst of 'Aya Ram Gaya Ram' politics 1970s onward, these days I find political turncoats like…
Retweeted by Tavleen SinghRegardless of how one feels about the current Indian government, recent developments in Russia and China (dictators…
Retweeted by Tavleen SinghBy diverging from its motto of #SabkaSaathSabkaVikas, BJP opened up wide space for the Congress to fill in. A party…
Retweeted by Tavleen Singh~ @tavleen_singh: Dalits have been as affected by Hindutva vigilantes as Muslims, and that lower-caste Hindus in ge…
Retweeted by Tavleen SinghFrom an interview with Economist Ruchir Sharma. If doing business in India had become easier would this happen? the Defense Minister of India behaves like the BJP spokesperson she once was, and attacks Rahul Gandhi for spe… of changing course, Congress doubles down on failed economic ideas.
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Read the column again and read carefully. You may notice that it is not my opinion about Modi’s sincerity but the o… Modi must stop pretending that achche din (good times) are already here. They are not.
Retweeted by Tavleen SinghFifth column: Alarm bells start to ring via @IndianExpress
This constant harking back to India’s ‘glorious past’ indicates a deep inferiority complex. The Minister of Science… worrying General Sahib. wrong with Fox News in one video
Retweeted by Tavleen Singh56% of its waste is reused. Read more:
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Are devotees of Rahul Gandhi ever referred to as RaGamuffins? And if not can we please start ASAP please.
Retweeted by Tavleen SinghThese were Stephen Hawking’s most dire predictions for the #future of mankind
Retweeted by Tavleen Singh“If kids are old enough to be shot, they’re old enough to have an opinion about being shot.”
Retweeted by Tavleen SinghFor the absurdity of their tit-for-tat diplomacy no two countries can beat India and Pakistan.…
Retweeted by Tavleen Singh#Patna Need AB+ve blood At Sri Sai Hospital, Kankarbagh Call 8271054443 Via @B4Deo cc @PatnaPirates @Bihar_ke_lala @TajinderBagga
Retweeted by Tavleen Singhजिसको हम सबने ‘नज़रिया’ समझा, उसने हम सब को बस ‘ज़रिया’ समझा !👎😡A Real Insignificant Man
Retweeted by Tavleen SinghIf you haven't read this piece on Qatar's $360m ransom payments and cack-handed attempts to free royal hostages cau…
Retweeted by Tavleen SinghNidhi please check and you will find that it is usually passed without debate because most MPs have nothing to say… the India Today conclave Sonia Gandhi told an adoring audience that Congress has blocked debate in the Lok Sabha…, many times. Check the Lok Sabha records. I have been writing about this for years.
What is this fuss about the Finance Bill being passed without debate. It has almost always been this way. Puzzling… BJP believes that it can win elections without the Muslim vote but can it win without the support of Hindu Dali… a wonderful image to see this morning in my #whatsappwonderbox This is how I would like to think of Stephen Ha…
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Life is not a dress rehearsal for the afterlife. It's up to us to make the world a better place. Thank you for remi…
Retweeted by Tavleen SinghThe Prime Minister needs to urgently discover that bureaucrats cannot win him elections. He needs to very quickly b… ke hum bichde to shayad kabhi khwaabon mein milen Jis tarah sukhe hue phool kitaabon mein milen ~Ahmad Faraz
Retweeted by Tavleen SinghThey are not angels but they may take over India because not one BJP Chief Minister has shown a new way of governan… spokesmen blaming the defeat in UP on caste factors are making their case worse. They did this after Alwar and…"Victory margin will be as big as in 2014," says Yogi Adityanath on UP Bypolls Read:
Retweeted by Tavleen SinghWill the Prime Minister learn from the defeat in Gorakhpur and Phulpur that it is because of the absence of ‘pariva… mein ab yun tere bhule huwe gham aate hain Jaise bichhde huwe kaabe mein sanam aate hain ~Faiz Ahmad Faiz
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In Amar Ujala yesterday. Tavleen singh piece Amish. you India, #ChooseFrance!
Retweeted by Tavleen SinghBig mistake! It is much more than just a political issue. If every Kashmiri was a Pandit would there be an issue? it anyway you want but it should be taught in our schools as part of ancient Indian sh… you read the Ramayana as history what is most fascinating are its details about Ayodhaya as a city and about the… confusion over my having said in my column that Hindutva types must decide if the Ramayana is history or a rel…
1930s :: Ghats of Varanasi
Retweeted by Tavleen SinghRafta rafta khatm qissa ho gaya hona hi tha Wo bhi aakhir mere jaisa ho gaya hona hi tha ~Ashar Najmi
Retweeted by Tavleen SinghTo my fellow journalists. Nov 1984 was no 'RIOT'. Using the term only helps the guilty while hurting the victims. B…
Retweeted by Tavleen SinghThe White House has officially backed off their call to raise the minimum age to buy long guns. ... and a full cy…
Retweeted by Tavleen SinghI miss my daughter every minute of every day. For anyone who wants to know why I have been triggered and will not…
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Thank you. Column: The past is still with us via @IndianExpress
No she meant to say Dalai but the autocorrect intervened as it has done before. And try not to use abusive words fo… is economic illiteracy married to a conspiracy mind-set. The dark truth about Davos isn’t that it’s…
Retweeted by Tavleen SinghWonderful interview by Vir Sanghvi of the Dalal Lama on CNN News 18.Hemanta Biswa Sarma at the India Today conclave said it was wrong of Sonia Gandhi to have said that she will not al… is smaller than India? India has remained poor not just because of socialist policies but because we failed t… Gandhi admitted yesterday that when it came to economic ideas she was not very proficient. It seems that this…, Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia, South Korea and Indonesia. Germany and Japan despite being bombed to nonexistenc…
Sonia Gandhi in comeback mode at the India Today conclave. Said clearly that Congress would return in 2019. ‘We won… when asked about her ideology by Aroon Purie said we must have growth but we must look after the poor. What a… Gandhi says Congress is forced to make a nuisance of itself in the Lok Sabha because it is not allowed to spe… Gandhi says that fear and intimidation is the order of the day. And that India is being destroyed as part of… Gandhi just got a standing ovation at the India Today conclave.इस भरे शहर में कोई ऐसा नहीं जो मुझे राह चलते को पहचान ले ~अख़्तर-उल-ईमान #DeathAnniversary
Retweeted by Tavleen SinghAbuse them for sure. But, more appropriate to call them hyper-nationalistic fanatics living in a time warp. And, wi… Bhave was no giant intellectual. He was remarkable only for his utter devotion to the path Gandhi walked. I…
No harm in a little apolitical holiday. It’s his timing that is a bit weird!! point being oh knowledgeable one that the rule of law did not collapse with a few statues. If only people like… Rahul Gandhi wants to be taken seriously as a political leader he really must try and stay in India when electio… everyone is gifted with your profound knowledge. But, what I may know a little more about is that the rule of l…'माँ का दूल्हा आगरा से था. वह आगरा का ताज महल दिखाने से रहा, अपने घर पर काम करवा कर कुछ सालों तक माँ को खटाया और खू…
Retweeted by Tavleen SinghWajood-e-zan se hai tasveer-e-kayenaat mein rang Isi ke saaz se hai zindagi ka soz-e-daroo.n ~Allama Iqbal…
Retweeted by Tavleen SinghThese countries have the most doctoral graduates #education
Retweeted by Tavleen SinghThich Quang Duc, a Buddhist monk, burns himself to death to protest against religious persecution. Saigon, 1963
Retweeted by Tavleen SinghI tried reaching out to the Prime Minister to inform him about our decision. But sadly, he was unavailable.
Retweeted by Tavleen Singh“ lay day Kay apnay pas faqat( sirf). Ik nazar to Hai / kyoN dekhieNay zindagi Ko Kisi ki nazar say hum “ ( Sahir)…
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At the launch of Karan Thapar’s book. The British High Commissioner, Shashi Tharoor, L.K Advani and the author. And… Pakistani military man with a sense of humour or a deep sense of irony!! Indian communists start building statues to Indian Marxist heroes they may start recovering those seats in the…