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The media usually supports the Dynasty for 'secular' reasons. #Sep22 Need Any group Blood donors At Hindu Rao Hospital Call 9013207879 via @rakraemer cc @crowngaurav @tavleen_singh #iCanSaveLife
Retweeted by Tavleen SinghThank you. do you get such bizarre information from? are the ten best countries for skill and education #hcr17
Retweeted by Tavleen SinghClearly you have never written a political column! Mine would not have survived 30 years if it was based on persona… said that at a concert in Central Park. Nothing to do with Madison Square Garden. event was organised by people who felt Modi had wrongly been denied a US visa. The Indian media played down th… Gandhi's foreign travels have pumped new energy into Dynasty devotees if they have achieved little else.#Noida 1 Unit B+ve #blood #urgent #need at Kailash Hospital Greater Noida Pls Call 9643500981 #Sep_22 @suhelseth @tavleen_singh #Tweet_06
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#Aurangabad #Sep20 Need @BombayBloodGrp Blood donors At MGM Hospital Call 9158073303 via @Digamber cc @tavleen_singh #iCanSaveLife
Retweeted by Tavleen SinghIn praise of capitalism. An unedited interview.
Retweeted by Tavleen Singhसामने उम्र पड़ी है शब-ए-तन्हाई की वो मुझे छोड़ गया शाम से पहले पहले ~अहमद फ़राज़
Retweeted by Tavleen SinghWhy not just send them to bars and give them something nice to eat?
Retweeted by Tavleen SinghWe must talk about pogroms over and over again or they will happen over and over again. are Europe's most popular tourist destinations
Retweeted by Tavleen SinghCongress chief ministers presided over Meerut, Hashimpura, Bhagalpur, Mumbai and Gujarat when the worst riots occur… 'peaceful' Congress era thousands of Muslims were killed in annual riots and thousands of Sikhs in 1984. Remembe… Prize for Feigned Ignorance: Aung San Suu Kyi pretends not to know why Rohingya Muslims are fleeing homes.
Retweeted by Tavleen SinghAnd they were killed by mobs who often had the support of the police. With total discipline the mobs vanished when…
#NEWSROOM You can apologise for a mistake and not for a lie: @tavleen_singh on Arnab's video LIVE…
Retweeted by Tavleen SinghPl do NOT believe in rumours. The sea link isn't closed down, neither is any arterial road. There is no cyclone warning for the same.
Retweeted by Tavleen SinghThe only state-sponsored pogrom in modern Indian history was against the Sikhs in 1984. In Gujarat 2002 Hindus and…'t agree with you more! any group #blood #urgent #need at Shrusha Hospital Dadar Pls Call 7038361167 @bahl_rajesh cc @suhelseth @tavleen_singh #Tweet_01
Retweeted by Tavleen Singhबारे दुनिया में रहो, ग़म-ज़दा या शाद रहो ऐसा कुछ कर के चलो याँ कि बहुत याद रहो #MirTaqimir #DeathAnniversary
Retweeted by Tavleen SinghWhile Bhindranwale was alive the death toll from Khalistani terrorism was small. Nowhere near 'thousands'. became alienated after Operation Blue Star which today is seen as a huge mistake. It damaged the fabric of In… opposed Bhindranwale and the Khalistan movement publicly. Details of that period are in my book 'Durbar'. Read it.
'मानवाधिकार' की आड़ में रोहिंग्या का राग अलापने वालों की पोल खुल रही है. कोलकाता में मौलाना साहब ने सारे पत्ते खोल…
Retweeted by Tavleen SinghDoes that amount to ethnic cleansing? There are almost no pundits left in Kashmir can you really say there are no H…! were a handful of incidents in which Hindus were targeted on buses. Bhindranwale's victims were mostly Sikh p… @tavleen_singhNo exact figure but more than 300,000."He’s on Wanted Posters in U.S., and Campaign Posters in Pakistan." [Hafiz Saeed]
Retweeted by Tavleen SinghThen how is nearly half the population of Punjab still Hindu? There was no ethnic cleansing in Punjab ever. for you Shahid. But most people demanding that Rohingyas be settled in India never spoke for the pundits. It's not about violence but about ethnic cleansing. The only instance in India ever was the pundits. still fastest growing 'large' economy, but 4th overall. Surprise, the 3 India trails: Ethiopia, Uzbekistan &…
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How many shedding tears for the Rohingyas shed just one or two when pundits were ethnically cleansed from Kashmir? Just asking.20 Must Read Books of Urdu literature. #UrduRekhta #LearnUrdu
Retweeted by Tavleen SinghRoxna Swamy's book is worth reading to see how mediocrity always trumps brilliance in dear old Bharat Mata.It is out of print. a nice way to begin the day to see 'India's Broken Tryst' back on the charts at Delhi airport!
Roxna Swamy's must-read book on@Swamy39 launched where @sardesairajdeep and @tavleen_singh had sharp exchanges over…
Retweeted by Tavleen SinghIt was fun! Even if we never agree. See what a liberal I am Rajdeep.वक्त की नब्जः वे वादे वे ईरादे! via @jansattaWell done Param Iyer. I met the Raigad CEO and he says the district will be ODF by next year this time. interview Vir. BJP reaction to Rahul Gandhi speech suggests "first signs of vulnerability in the Modi government."
Retweeted by Tavleen SinghFifth column: Rahul’s speech hit home via @IndianExpress
Retweeted by Tavleen SinghThese are the top 25 cities of the future #Cities
Retweeted by Tavleen SinghFifth column: Rahul’s speech hit home via @IndianExpress
Shekhar and I are old comrades in journalism and we often disagree. It was possible in that time before Twitter!!! #Sep16 Need B-ve Blood donors At Vinayaka Hospital Call 7975843765 via @karvem cc @WeAreBangalore @tavleen_singh #iCanSaveLife
Retweeted by Tavleen SinghWe can meet fanatics but you called Owaisi a friend that is what she objected to. Owaisi and his brother are awful…ख़ुदा के हाथ में मत सौंप सारे कामों को, बदलते वक़्त पे कुछ अपना इख़्तियार भी रख .! - निदा फ़ाजली
Retweeted by Tavleen Singhसही कहा था तुमने पाश कि शस्त्र या शास्त्र से विचारों को थोपने वाले हर युग में तुमसे डरेंगे🇮🇳👍डर रहे हैं👏👏
Retweeted by Tavleen Singh1973 :: Atal Bihari Vajpayee Arrives at Parliament In Bullock Cart to Protest Against Increase In Petrol & Kerosene…
Retweeted by Tavleen SinghThis is truly horrible! have to say Tasleema is right! are PTs? Attack in Europe Today! Paris: Knifeman shouting Allahu Akbar attacks soldier at Tain station near Notre Dam…
Retweeted by Tavleen Singh'First They Killed My Father': A surprising, devastating triumph, says @davidlsims:
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Thank you. police and emergency services at London's Parsons Green tube station after reported explosion in carriage…
Retweeted by Tavleen Singh"She says she saw people injured" - Sophie Raworth at Parsons Green tube station after reports of explosion on trai…
Retweeted by Tavleen SinghSocialism begins with questions like, "Why can't we provide healthcare for everyone?" It ends with questions like…
Retweeted by Tavleen Singh#BREAKING: Blast reported at London's Parsons Green metro station
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Yeh sab aapke daur mein hoteen Salman to chunaw kisi haal mein na haarte! is done to us. If these 6 people did not kill my father, who killed him? Irshad Khan, Son of Pehlu Khan (Victim) #PehluMurderTwist
Retweeted by Tavleen SinghYes. Not miscreants, murderers. Absolutely. #Sep14 Need B+ve Blood donors At KIMS Hospital Call 7978760307 via @manikick cc @vennelakishore @tavleen_singh #iCanSaveLife
Retweeted by Tavleen SinghThe six men Pehlu Khan named before he died have been let off. What is the point of catching anyone else your lords… that Pehlu Khan's killers might get away with his murder. Where the rule of law fails there comes the law of the jungle..@MarkSteynOnline: "[@POTUS] destroyed all of the boring, tedious conventions of professional American politics."…
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