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TODAY IS FOC for FLAVOR issue 6! AW YEAH! A fave panel from the upcoming issue! Bask in the delicious colors from…
Retweeted by Tamra BonvillainLCSD retailers! FOC is Monday Sept 24 (today). Fans, get the Alien 3 #1 James Stokoe @HeGotGronch variant on Saturd…
Retweeted by Tamra Bonvillain @marissadraws Good luck, plane buddy @TaraOComics That I view differently, but it is definitely a way some people get in their own way @jemalistrash Nothing wrong with healthy competition, but it's not all healthyI'll be frank - how this issue sells will have a big influence on how much more story we’ll tell and how we'll tell…
Retweeted by Tamra Bonvillain @MachineSqarrs Lol, yah, they are master orators.One of the most jam packed, informative and on task minute protests I’ve ever seen👌🏻
Retweeted by Tamra BonvillainAnd the people that do? I've noticed they tend to shoot themselves in the foot one way or another, isolate themselv…'ve found most of my comics peers to be kind, generous people, and even among fellow colorists, who in theory are… @MachineSqarrs I mean, it's not like I was trying to make a nuanced argument myself,I just find it funny that their… @marissadraws @nataliereed84 @RamonVillalobos @erikapriceart it's a not pronouncing their r's after a vowel if not… is the perfect summary of cg's current rhetorical tactics. "Nuh uh, you are" @nataliereed84 @marissadraws @RamonVillalobos @erikapriceart I don't know what thatmeans but this is hurting my brain. @nataliereed84 @marissadraws @RamonVillalobos @erikapriceart Yah, that'd be complicated D: @nataliereed84 @marissadraws @RamonVillalobos @erikapriceart Or should tht be Goowner, shit this is hard @nataliereed84 @marissadraws @RamonVillalobos @erikapriceart Maybe after I beat XCOM2. I was close to the endbut pu… @nataliereed84 @marissadraws @RamonVillalobos @erikapriceart Salway Gow-ner @nataliereed84 @marissadraws @RamonVillalobos @erikapriceart Lol, it's been almost a year since I played it for may… @nataliereed84 @marissadraws @RamonVillalobos @erikapriceart I need to go back to it. I met their emissaries, but n… @nataliereed84 @marissadraws @RamonVillalobos @erikapriceart Waney Widi Weeki @marissadraws @RamonVillalobos @erikapriceart :( I don't know. maybe they just think it's funny to make us look silly @marissadraws @RamonVillalobos @erikapriceart they hate us all @darrylayo October in the South can be either summer or fall depending on the year, and you'll probably be ok eithe… @RamonVillalobos @marissadraws It's one of my favorite movies @craigcermak @RamonVillalobos It passes the Villalobos test, but in the worst way @marissadraws @RamonVillalobos I KNOW @RamonVillalobos @craigcermak That was different, and we were working on reconciliation. We were so close @RamonVillalobos @craigcermak Ramon was like "woah he's punk" to every guy in Prom Night 2, so I said we should watch this. I feel betrayed
@RamonVillalobos @craigcermak We're not friends anymore @RamonVillalobos Mother fucker,I was going to watch this with you the other night @nataliereed84 @wookjinclark @AliBouzari @CommentAiry @joekeatinge @ImageComics It's uncanny the resemblances @nataliereed84 @wookjinclark @AliBouzari @CommentAiry @joekeatinge @ImageComics Labeled and everythingTOMORROW IS FOC for the 6TH issue of FLAVOR!! WAMPWAMP! Holla at your local comic shop! :D
Retweeted by Tamra Bonvillaintfw you ate too damn much and the food baby is weighing you down (@j_xmas and @TBonvillain's art for the upcoming…
Retweeted by Tamra Bonvillain @DoesntExistHere @TransComics I used to hate spicy foods, now I like it (not over here trying to get my picture on… @RamonVillalobos @nataliereed84 @mooncalfe1 @marissadraws @milkybootscomix @robkirbycomics @NoelArthurian… @nataliereed84 @RamonVillalobos @mooncalfe1 @marissadraws @milkybootscomix @robkirbycomics @NoelArthurian… @nataliereed84 @mooncalfe1 @RamonVillalobos @marissadraws @milkybootscomix @robkirbycomics @NoelArthurian…
@marissadraws @milkybootscomix @robkirbycomics @NoelArthurian @yeshomoofficial @RIPMeghan @makeshiftlove… @kenlowery Yah, that is a thing that I've also found very annoying. Don't they know, everyone is awful?
Preview: MOON GIRL AND DEVIL DINOSAUR #35 by @bmontclare @NatachaBustos @TBonvillain @TravisJLanham…
Retweeted by Tamra Bonvillain @BrianChurilla @brentschoonover @RamonVillalobos It's pretty good. I like it a lot more than the first one @KalelData @RamonVillalobos I dunno, any good?Watching THE RAGE: Carrie 2 with @RamonVillalobos and then I noticed her sick little dog in her room and I'm dying. @RamonVillalobos loved this movie that I ever would have imagined"She's definitely the type of bitch that blends too much" --@RamonVillalobos forgot this amazing lady was in this movie. Prom Night 2 with @RamonVillalobos and he's loving it so much, he has to keep pausing the movie to give me… @MattGarvey1981 @RamonVillalobos I meaaaaaanAccording to @RamonVillalobos the golden age of horror is the late 90s-early 2000sThis is how I say goodnight @mooncalfe1 @NickDerington I feel like the fairest criticism I saw is that she went kind of easier on that character's viewpoin… @NickDerington I think so. I didn't feel she landed on saying either perspective was THE view. I understand why tra… @NickDerington I enjoyed it. I think there's a fair level of criticism pointed at her, and I get trans people get n… @mperezwritesirl Like just suddenly, oh, right, you're a piece of shit, and I feel dirty for ever having had a plea… @mperezwritesirl Yeah, sure. I've been in those situations, and it's easy/tempting to want to believe the best in p… @AmazonChique The thing that really prompted me to write this was OTHER peoples' takes calling her truscum, which I… @mperezwritesirl As we know all too well, being family with people requires you to deal with their fucking nonsense… @mperezwritesirl Yah, it's nonsense that I have practically 0 patience for at this point, and honestly find it frus… @AmazonChique This isn't about you specifically, I saw a lot of these takes. You are 100% allowed to be critical, b… @mperezwritesirl The targeted by harassment is what I meant, not the recruiting thing. Lol, the idea of someone try… @mperezwritesirl I think it's just hard generally, but also, once you become a specific target OF it, it's REAAAALL… @mperezwritesirl I do, SOMETIMES, think there can be SOME value in trying to reach people on the fence if you have… @mperezwritesirl Yah, sure. I'm not saying I agree with everything she does. I mean, you seen me doing much outreac… @mperezwritesirl That's a different argument, and one I think I tend to agree with. She's addressed it in the past,… @mperezwritesirl Yah, I mean I know, but I was referring to Contra's own content, and that debate video specificall… @mperezwritesirl Yah sure. It's kind of a "here are two mostly opposing viewpoints" but doesn't wrap it up in a nea… @mperezwritesirl She CITES the Blair White video where she tried to debate her, which I dunno, seems like pretty cl… @mperezwritesirl It's super fucked up that there are toxic elements within our own communities that also try to imp… @mperezwritesirl Tearing down other trans women in order to appease society and court their favor. That stuff is bu… @mperezwritesirl I've met trans people that are some version of Justine. It's all about who in the community makes… @mperezwritesirl Yah. I've also taken issue with people framing this as some kind of "baby trans" shit. You reachin… @mperezwritesirl I DO agree she probably tips the perspective a little in Justine's favor, and given how it's frame… @mperezwritesirl Like, saying that optics and how society views/treat you MATTER is not saying that it is moral or… @mperezwritesirl Yah, sure. I'm not saying it's flawless, but some people are trying to paint her as some kind of t…, she doesn't tell us which one is right at the end, so let me project my feelings about which one made me most…, I picked maybe the worst time to specifically say I liked a Contrapoints video apparently. I still liked it, a… reconstruction, congress passed an anti-KKK law, essentially criminalizing KKK membership as treasonous. The…
Retweeted by Tamra Bonvillain @mperezwritesirl @wastedwings @kenlowery The writer's room is a SAFE SPACE for assholes, to be fair @kenlowery Weird, I just watched it last night, and I must have missed it. He definitely does like to throw in dumb…
that thing where cis folks refer to "women and women-identifying" people in the same breath you know who identifies as women? women
Retweeted by Tamra Bonvillain @RoboWolfMobster Ah, just leaving from and going to, no connection @RoboWolfMobster Wait, what!?I'm getting on a plane and going to Denver for 3 days and my brain has not yet fully processed this D: @kenlowery @nataliereed84 Those... evil... trans rights activists! I had assumed it would have been something with… @kenlowery @nataliereed84 What does TRA even stand for?Sneak peek of #doompatrol 12! Inks by me, colours by the phenomenal @TBonvillain!
Retweeted by Tamra Bonvillain @juan_gedeon I only know because someone showed me an old Marvel handbook from the 80s @juan_gedeon I was telling people about the Fallen Angels thing,a nd this image came up. That's Devil Dinosaur cree…'m dead. When they finally discover my body, they will find me slouched across the back of my chair with dried te… @JesskaNightmare @AmazonChique I've totally KNOWN versions of both these characters and agreed with various things… @JesskaNightmare @AmazonChique Even in the cases of people she very obviously disagrees with, she does it to accura… @JesskaNightmare @AmazonChique Also seeing some dismissal of her experiences as being early in transition, but I st… @JesskaNightmare @AmazonChique She's done this more than once in the past with more clearly distinct characters fro… *gets catcalled* Cis Women: welcome to womanhood ;) Me: *chips a nail* CW: welcome to womanhood ;) Me: *stubs a…
Retweeted by Tamra Bonvillain @RamonVillalobos You think you know a person @Chloe_in_pink IT'S FOR THE SPOOK FACTOR, CHLOE! @JonRivera I watched a few episodes of various things on FXs website tonight, so I saw some version of the trailer… @Chloe_in_pink bad looks? :(