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Colorist on Doom Patrol, Wayward, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, Uncanny Avengers, Angel Catbird, and more.

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@j_xmas @CommentAiry The feeling is totally mutual @CommentAiry @j_xmas ☺️Excited to be working on Firebug again with @j_xmas and @CommentAiry
Between this updose in Spiro by 50% and the cold weather, I can feel my body mummifying @Jabby_J @MikeIsErnie She is Irish, the character isn't.Tomorrow!!!! My variant for Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur 25 by @bmontclare @NatachaBustos @TBonvillain
Retweeted by Tamra Bonvillain @Jabby_J @MikeIsErnie I am NOT recommending this show, haha. Also, they should have just let the poor girl be Irish… #9 by .@gerardway .@NickDerington #tomfowler & .@TBonvillain hits tomorrow, and .@screenrant has an exc…
Retweeted by Tamra Bonvillain @turnageb @nataliereed84 There is an entire episode of TNG where they can't translate the aliens meaning because th… @nataliereed84 EXACTLYFinally got it figured out after wasting far too much time. :PAnd it's also almost always reading my stylus button set to right click and left click, so I can't use certain shor… anyone knows how to get those awful ctrl/alt/shft buttson to go away in Photoshop 2018, that would be great. I… @TonyGregori @ZackDavisson @marissadraws seemed like you interpretted what i said differently than how i intended.… @TonyGregori @ZackDavisson @marissadraws wah? @TonyGregori @ZackDavisson @marissadraws I like the food, I see my family, the rest is the problem @ZackDavisson @marissadraws @TonyGregori I don't know these people @TonyGregori @marissadraws I can't talk to him Marissa, you do it @TonyGregori @marissadraws Help @nataliereed84 I meant to say span but my brain @TonyGregori @marissadraws Yah, I hate that stuff year round. Christmas just brings all these cornballs out the woodwork. @TonyGregori @marissadraws Yah, but it's worse at Christmas @TonyGregori @marissadraws Get your Jack Skelington ass over to Christmas Town you love that shit so much @ZackDavisson @marissadraws @TonyGregori Disgusting. It's made worse by the fact that it starts right after Hallowe… @TonyGregori @marissadraws Get your Thomas Kinkade looking bullshit outta my face! @TonyGregori @marissadraws Wow, you're just too focused on Christmas to see it @TonyGregori @marissadraws This is the beginning of a bad Twilight Zone episode. Be careful what you wish for. @TonyGregori @marissadraws I'm nice to people. I just hate the aesthetics. @TonyGregori @marissadraws You're gross @TonyGregori @marissadraws Christmas theming is the worst. The decorations are ugly, the music sucks, the exaggerat… @nataliereed84 @rpriceart the future is now @marissadraws Christmas time is the worst time. @nataliereed84 @rpriceart very spooky @marissadraws This the spookiest thing I've heard about your house yet @nataliereed84 like their shit is identical except for the proper names @nataliereed84 One of my favorite things, most notably in Voyager which is even FURTHER away, is how aliens just us… @nataliereed84 All alien species that plan hundreds of planets have one homogenous culture @nataliereed84 I have heard comicker but I hate it @rpriceart @nataliereed84 In the future we will only communicate by gif @nataliereed84 I guess I am just not smart enough to be as concise and restrained to an arbitrary character limit as I should be @nataliereed84 yah @nataliereed84 Anyone that posts long posts is a monster and they are ruining the internet @RamonVillalobos @nataliereed84 @marissadraws It's from a classic film by the director of one of your favorites. @nataliereed84 @RamonVillalobos @marissadraws @RamonVillalobos @nataliereed84 @marissadraws He's furiously doctoring images in Gimp as we speak @nataliereed84 @RamonVillalobos This is definitely true, but sometimes someone specific inspires you to speak out @RamonVillalobos @nataliereed84 it could, and yet @nataliereed84 @RamonVillalobos Ramon is like tempting fate where I call out who his subtweet is really directed at @nataliereed84 @RamonVillalobos Look at these mother fuckers right now
Good news: I was able to go to sleep no problem today. Bad news. They repaved our street so I didn't stay asleep fo… @TaddGalusha How about "you're dead to me"?I’m part of We’re Still Here with @TBonvillain with our story about a pair of trans girls who play a game together…
Retweeted by Tamra Bonvillain @Chloe_in_pink Go, do it.I've colored a lot of books, and I can only recall 2 books that ever credited my flatters, and one of those books I…'ve never seen someone so pleased with themselves as @RamonVillalobos uploading his OW hilights to Youtube. Not fo… @TransComics I totally understand, but would be good to see you if you can make it @TransComics yes do it @RamonVillalobos @McKelvie Is this a person that tricked 3 totally unsuspecting, wonderful people into wasting thei… @RamonVillalobos @McKelvie I think flick is worse except in this context, then film wins out. I cannot in good conscious vote in your poll.I know this is complicated, but if you don't treat trans kids like monsters, they hate themselves less. @RamonVillalobos A lot of things about you are starting to make a lot more sense right nowOpening scene of season 5:
Retweeted by Tamra BonvillainFor future reference:
Retweeted by Tamra Bonvillain
@nataliereed84 @caseyplett @morganmpage I don't know if it was an intentional call back to that, but it just seemed… @nataliereed84 @caseyplett @morganmpage There's a thing I noticed for the first time rewatching it recently where i… @nataliereed84 @caseyplett @morganmpage But I also see them as ending up with each other out of desperation more th… @nataliereed84 @caseyplett @morganmpage I think my use of villain came across harsher than I meant. More like tragi… women cannot drive the peacock chariot of cow-eyed hera, lady of the hearth. that's just anatomy 101.
Retweeted by Tamra BonvillainSuch an important read: 'If the former example concerns you, but the latter one doesn’t, then that’s a clear sign…
Retweeted by Tamra Bonvillain @nataliereed84 @caseyplett @morganmpage I agree it makes him sympathetic and relatable and not an easy situation to… @nataliereed84 @caseyplett @morganmpage Like I said, I don't think he's a monster, he's sympathetic, but he's still responsible. @nataliereed84 @caseyplett @morganmpage I understand that totally. I also understand his actions lead to other peop… @Ty_C_Livingston yes. I plan to keep coming back @nataliereed84 @caseyplett @morganmpage I like this reading, but I have a hard time watching it (especially with th… least favourite genre of cis academia is "look at this historical cross-dressing 'woman' and how 'she' lived as…
Retweeted by Tamra Bonvillain @marissadraws ARE WE GETTING TATTOOS NOW TOO? @marissadraws I didn't say I wouldn't do it, just that I regret it :P @marissadraws I'M RUDE!? @wastedwings YOUR DOG!?