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Colorist on Doom Patrol, Wayward, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, Flavor, Firebug, Angel Catbird, and more.

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@ReaperGrim2012 @mooncalfe1 It's a real battle of the elementals. One is weak against fire, the other ice."I was into tardigrades before they were cool" --- @mooncalfe1 @ReaperGrim2012 @mooncalfe1 The Blob wins UNLESS they're in cold weather. @mooncalfe1 You guys are so wrong, The Blob would just melt The Thing all up. You are just voting for The Thing bec… @mooncalfe1 neeeeeeeeeeeeeerds @darrylayo @mooncalfe1 Wrong The Blob @BonecrusherJenk @mooncalfe1 I think you know the answer to this @mooncalfe1 At first I was like, The Blob will just melt The Thing if it tries to absorb, but guys... get this. The… get my HRT at Walgreens. It’s terrifying that any pharmacist could refuse to fill a DOCTOR’s prescription. They a…
Retweeted by Tamra Bonvillain @mooncalfe1 That was the real trans tipping point. @mooncalfe1 I can name all sorts of amazing trans movies from the 2000s... like, uh... and um.... So manyCheck out our EXCLUSIVE preview of MULTIPLE MAN #1, on sale Wednesday, June 27th, from @Marvel! @CBCebulski
Retweeted by Tamra Bonvillain @EmmettHelenArt Oh, damn. They know what's up. I felt like I was going to die the 2 times I went here. I had to si… @brian_neubauer It's fine :P
@brian_neubauer You know what I meanHave the gays in the South not suffered enough that you also force us to celebrate pride in the summer >:( New mov… @marissadraws Were you hiking around like Dracula the whole time? @Elana_Brooklyn Those comments 💀💀 @Chloe_in_pink Ours is in June and it's still brutal. Pride in the south should be like October or something :P @wookjinclark @CommentAiry @ImageComics Thanks! The feeling is mutual, for sureFind out why everyone thinks Jamie is so annoying this Wednesday... Buy MULTIPLE MAN #1 wherever good comics are s…
Retweeted by Tamra BonvillainThis applies to many other life circumstances where you're told to wait to be treated like a full human being, of course.It's incredibly frustrating when you express pain or hardship for being trans, and people respond along the lines o…, and TERFs know this implicitly. That's the reason they're pushing so hard to scaremonger about supporting tra…
Retweeted by Tamra Bonvillain @lilah_sturges It's unfortunate that food is so great @tsuchigumo__ There are people I don't agree with (very strongly) and would choose not to work with. I wouldn't adv… @ericMesquivel This isn't even someone who is "edgy" or "problematic." Everything he does is built around hating on… @ericMesquivel He makes blatantly transphobic comments, as well as fixating on several trans women for abuse, and i… @ericMesquivel As for fans debating him? Don't follow him? You can argue with the guy without giving him a follow.… @ericMesquivel And after I ran it? Guess what? Virtually no abuse or harassment ever again, except from the few who… @ericMesquivel I certainly don't think EVERY person who follows him engages in harassment, but when he sets his sig… @ericMesquivel Block chain will block every person following the account you run it on, but it warns you of people… yeah! Some more BORDER TOWN cosplay! Thanks, JJ!
Retweeted by Tamra BonvillainOut this #NCBD! MOON GIRL AND DEVIL DINOSAUR #32! By @bmontclare, @NatachaBustos, @TBonvillain and @TravisJLanham
Retweeted by Tamra Bonvillain @3_legged_jake It's the main comic harassment ringleader.FLAVOR #3 FOC is this MONDAY! SO SO SO EXCITED TO THIS ISSUE! :D Hit up your LCS and let them know you wanna eat!…
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Hey @Marvel , if you ever need me, I’m here
Retweeted by Tamra Bonvillain“Get away from her, you bitch!” means the fight between Ripley and the Alien Queen passes the Bechdel Test.
Retweeted by Tamra Bonvillain @Trungles @paulreinwand I'm super not a fan of Ru for this reason. It came out in super gross ways when he was bein… @Chloe_in_pink Thanks! I made it using the perspective ruler, can't you tell? @superisabel76 Thanks!I was talking to a friend about how Pride makes me feel shitty & alienated. They invited me to come swimming w/ the…
Retweeted by Tamra BonvillainScout & Kyisha.
Retweeted by Tamra Bonvillain @TransComics Good to hear it went better than expected, and maybe over time she gets even better. Happy your experi… @TransComics Sorry this one didn't go so great, but at least you have it out of the way, and it sounds like most of… quick mid day break to color this beautiful drawing by @ZacRoane
Retweeted by Tamra Bonvillain @ReaperGrim2012 @hannahviera Ok, I've unblocked @ReaperGrim2012 Sure. I wish there was a better system for this, but if you know someone who does not support him o… @ReaperGrim2012 Yah, I think it's possible some people get caught up in it and don't know better, but anyone that p… if you are openly following this dude at this point, I don't think you can claim ignorance. @bloodredrache It's a browser add on that is available for Chrome and Firefox (probably others). It has been broken… be clear, I'm not saying the person quoting is supporting them, just that they are interacting with someone who… @DonalTDeLay Well, sometimes it is just a deleted tweet, but it's also the message that pops up if someone quote re…, I highly recommend you do this and completely starve them of access.One of the great benefits of running blockchain on you know who, is when I see you interacting with people and "twe… @ZackDavisson Comics were still around a bit in convenience stores and stuff when I was growing up, and between tha… let someone send me rape threats for a year. You made me delete an anti-Nazi tweet as if Nazis are a protected…
Retweeted by Tamra Bonvillain @ZackDavisson Dude has been known to be trash, saw he was blocked and there's only one reason why that would be. Do… to respectfully use my official government account with 3 million followers to sic psychos on a small business…
Retweeted by Tamra Bonvillain @CartaMonir I answered single pair of tight underwear cause that's what's doing the business, but I put another regular pair over it. @Chloe_in_pink I have it on good authority she will only be doing drawings with radial symmetry from now on :(Playing with Clip Studio for a bit. Had it for a while and finally installed it :P this #NCBD! MULTIPLE MAN #1! By @AshcanPress, @andymacdeez, @TBonvillain and @TravisJLanham We've read it a…
Retweeted by Tamra Bonvillain @nataliereed84 @marissadraws @mooncalfe1 @CartaMonir You are a sleepy baby :( @marissadraws @nataliereed84 @mooncalfe1 @CartaMonir just the regular ticking noise is bad enough, then it's going to yell at me. @nataliereed84 @marissadraws @mooncalfe1 @CartaMonir bragger @nataliereed84 @marissadraws @mooncalfe1 @CartaMonir yes @marissadraws @nataliereed84 @mooncalfe1 @CartaMonir I might go to bed early since I just did my brutal late night work sesh @mooncalfe1 @nataliereed84 @CartaMonir @marissadraws no, it's all the good parts of being trans without the bad stuff @nataliereed84 @CartaMonir @marissadraws @mooncalfe1 I dub Marissa an honorary tran
Next Wednesday, a man returns from the dead... For a bit... Sort of... It's complicated. MULTIPLE MAN #1 in store…
Retweeted by Tamra BonvillainFLAVOR ISSUE 3 soon!! Mark your calendars for a cook off competition!!
Retweeted by Tamra Bonvillain💜❤️🧡💛💚💙 Thank you, SO much, to everyone who spoke up. This is so, so important; and I am so grateful for and proud…
Retweeted by Tamra Bonvillain @nickfil @kmellon @kmichaelrussell @wastedwings @ZiggyFakeMcCoy And I'm not trying to say anyone was wrong for lear… @nickfil @kmellon @kmichaelrussell @wastedwings @ZiggyFakeMcCoy I agree, but K is a technical issue, so you think y… @nickfil @kmellon @kmichaelrussell @wastedwings @ZiggyFakeMcCoy But if people don't KNOW that K isn't the culprit,… @nickfil @kmichaelrussell @wastedwings @kmellon @ZiggyFakeMcCoy I still think this advice confuses the issue and ca… @nataliereed84 @marissadraws @mooncalfe1 No one was stopping you!Check out our EXCLUSIVE preview of MULTIPLE MAN #1, on sale Wednesday, June 27th, from @Marvel! @CBCebulski
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