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Colorist on Doom Patrol, Wayward, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, Uncanny Avengers, Angel Catbird, and more.

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@juliawhiteford @marissadraws Ah, yup. I did worry this came across as me kind of digging at the notion of being fa…, by the way. I'm bad at twittering @RachaelAtWork I loved it! Curious how you feel about Wesley later. I think he's ok sometimes, but they start to d…, I mentioned solicits, but I originally meant this more generally. Assuming you know your team members and you… disappointed to see the glorification of Billy Graham by so many world leaders. the man fought against the liv…
Retweeted by Tamra Bonvillain @ECCC Y6 @AlannaWrites There is definitely improvement, but still then we have a waaaaays to go. Btw, when I say this, I bel… @chrisarrant I understand, which is why I am asking why I never hear this about fill in artists. It's a very common… @AlannaWrites And I'm not laying this problem at the feet of editors of those books or any individual team member,… @AlannaWrites And, I mean, I say solicits, but that's one aspect of the thing. I get you can't solicit people if yo… @AlannaWrites I get that it happens in some cases, but I've been in situations where I was asked to be on a book mo… @TransComics theres only so many clothes I can take off before this is no longer effective at cooling down, but you… @RamonVillalobos We share a birthday! @ales_kot I do suspect that is closer to the real reason, but figured I'd ask. @RachaelAtWork My favorite part of TNG is when Picard tells him to shut up. It was the meanest I ever saw someone be on TNG @NakatomiTim @Chloe_in_pink This just happened to me @Chloe_in_pink damn @rickeypurdin I think about him every dayAs far as I know, this information is not solicited in time. What is different about this situation? Or am I missing something, there?I've been told before that colorists/letterers aren't on solicits because if creative teams changed something somet… know we all get excited to announce new books, but I wish they included the full creative teams and not just the writer/penciller.It's February. I feel like I shouldn't be sitting in my room in my underwear with a fan pointed at me and still sweating my ass off. @TransComics I just saw a thing on how stuff like this on Youtube works and was shocked to see a platform less effe… @TransComics It is even more of a cesspool than Twitter @TransComics Oooooh for goddamn sure. It's frustrating @TransComics Oh, I was not going to post, I was just curious if people were talking about it in a constructive way… @spectralnight I don't know who that wimp is @EmmaHouxbois *shrugs* What can you do? Your people will find you. Some people you can sway. The others you do you… @spectralnight I read comics, everyone is swole, even scientists. Why you trying to change comic book lore. @EmmaHouxbois Yah, sure, I'm just echoing what you said that they will use token examples of trans people (or whate… @spectralnight I know, I just forgot he didn't play the character as a human. He should have :P It's not even like… @EmmaHouxbois For real. But look Emma, one example exists (I'm sure there are more tho), so that means there is an… @EmmaHouxbois Never watched her, but I'm aware of the topics she covers. She is very vocal about trans kids not tra… @EmmaHouxbois Like when I was getting some... special attention for talking about trans stuff, a lot of those wonde… @EmmaHouxbois She's a prominent, alt right trans youtuber. She is absolutely infuriating. @spectralnight I was like whaaaaat, but then I realized I forgot him because a different actor plays him as Swamp Thing for some reason. @EmmaHouxbois WHAAAAAAAAAAAA. I don't know that I want to do this thing to you. I mentioned her first name, last name White. @EmmaHouxbois Like, side note, for some goddamn stupid reason, I looked up Blair W's twitter the other day, read a… @NakatomiTim Sometimes I forget how trash people are. I just wanted to see people discussing a point I thought she… @EmmaHouxbois We can't have any things @EmmaHouxbois I wasn't looking for trolls, I just forgot D:I was watching a trans Youtuber and went to the comments to see if anyone was talking about a particular thing she… @CommentAiry @wastedwings @robertwilsoniv I'm into it @CommentAiry @wastedwings @robertwilsoniv I think I'm free Thursday. @Graffitibandit1 "nothing" is fine :P @jcburcham hmm, acceptable @DavidPrecht I feel like the more I eat the less ready I am @wastedwings @CommentAiry @robertwilsoniv Unless you want to eat at midnight, I can't make it. My plane gets in pre…
@TransComics @JesskaNightmare I'm not a bigot, I just talk almost exclusively about how underrepresented people are… @TransComics @JesskaNightmare It is very frustrating for me, a person that sees myself in almost every piece of med… you like this status but don't respond, I don't know if you're going or you're just happy for meThe best explanation of what it's like to be on the internet that I've seen yet.
Retweeted by Tamra Bonvillain @ECCC Y6We Been Ready.... #MoonGirlandDevilDinosaur #Lunella Rocks!!!!💯🔥
Retweeted by Tamra Bonvillain @ECCC Y6 @micktglenn @gibsoncomics Hammerhead @LinnetBlue It's really stupid for sure @LinnetBlue I dunno, teachers scolded you?In regards to the last retweet about SC banning saggy pants... I remember when Columbine happened, and in addition… Carolina is about to pass a law banning sagging pants. You and I know that this is all about criminalizing…
Retweeted by Tamra Bonvillain @ECCC Y6 @CommentAiry I think the only solid plans I have are Friday and Saturday night. Mainly, I just hang out in the lobby @JesskaNightmare Things are only good when they're good, but I only complain about it when people unlike me do it. @Nomadic__Soul :( I could sign your face @KevinNewburn It might be. I've never had any and I don't really drink :PSorry, reposted because the Facebook linking thing must still think we only have 140 charactersI know I've asked a bunch already, but who is going to be at ECCC next week? Btw, it's my birthday, so you have to…, I am not @wookjinclark Yah, I definitely realize I'm lucky to be in this position. Having no money was certainly not fun. It… @messhallcook No, but this song played while it happened @nataliereed84 All the free drinks I will NEVER DRINK!I feel like I just lived through a cartoon. I went to grab my comb, which knocked a piece of paper into a pen, whi… peak into what REALLY goes on in our SECRET DMs @marissadraws @AndreaDemonakos done, there are a number of transition related things that I thought I'd never be able to afford, but now it's like…'m am very lucky to be in a relatively comfortable financial position in life for the first time ever, but it's li… is very kind of Emerald City to throw me a whole convention for my birthday on March 1st. @CommentAiry Thanks @CommentAiry Hopefully, things go ok again. Each time has been a total non issue for me, but have definitely heard horror stories. @CommentAiry At least the body scanner when they choose the male or female button I don't see what they pick, and h… hate when you go to say something to someone, but no one in the world but your small group of friends that have d… @CommentAiry Yah, I dunno, I've heard mixed things. The real issue is the body scanner, and apparently opting out o… @CommentAiry Sometimes I want to eat so bad, and it's all I can think about :P I'm not even hungry, but food is great