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LOve family,comics,music,TV,books,sports,Boston, Los Angeles and Liberals! Please don't get pissed if I don't follow you. Can't follow everyone. :) Todd fan!

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@cjane87 @nikkifaceful Or the X-Files! @BBW_BFF It's our super power. @SmartOne8927 :(Mr. Loyalty "Godfather" is the best damn movie I never saw. @renato_mariotti @JuddApatow (R)'s can be such such mean lying scum.MIA, DUMPED, BLEEDING, IN PAIN, STILL LOVES THE POUND STAFF. WE SHOULDN’T LET THEM KILL HER TOMORROW. Crazy about p…
Retweeted by Ray Plasse @bookwyrm102571 @PamKeithFL What are they afraid of? @RepJerryNadler @RepDougCollins @senatemajldr Scum!!!Day 108 of year 68... While the Dems performance today was embarrassing the GOP mob was worse. They have no interes… 109 of year 68....I guess the Lewandowski hearings today were a disaster. I hope the Dems learn from this heari… @Ange_Amene Huh? @AndrewYang @BryanWinsAgain You traveled!CARDI B GOT A 20-WORD WRITE-UP, 6 DAYS TO ATTRACT A SAVIOR. SHE DIES THURSDAY. Think they’re in a rush to kill? We…
Retweeted by Ray PlasseMost viral tweets are annoying af.
Retweeted by Ray Plasse @LuvMacyIsabella He's a little man. @LindaViking77 @cornish1969 Sure. @JeannieG40 LOL!!! @80sThen80sNow @springsteen @bryanadams Glory Days @JeannieG40 I cannot argue with that. @JeannieG40 Sorry. I'm retired. @brat2381 @nicolejames I don't care! @KnowWhatEyeMeme @cornish1969 And he's a moron! @JeannieG40 That's what they're for! @JeannieG40 On it! @JeannieG40 Pretty much @JeannieG40 You can never have too much! @brat2381 I know! @JeannieG40 You're one tough ass bitch! @JeannieG40 Who hasn't. @BravelyWriting Morons! @BlueMark55 He doesn't care about anything! @LuvMacyIsabella There's a good chance! @JeannieG40 Racists just shouldn't period! @brat2381 Idiots!!! @JeannieG40 @JeannieG40 Why would you? @LunaLuvgood2020 @robreiner Nope!!!!
@psychdr100 Feh!!! He's no Putin. @solusnan1 Good! @LunaLuvgood2020 Steppenwolf. @LuvMacyIsabella I believe in the possibility. @andr3w2011 @shewitsch @katton6750 Chuckle...... Not in my experience.
Baby Elephant Killed. The hunting company is Charlton McCallum Hunting Safaris, owner - Buzz Charlton. The profes…
Retweeted by Ray Plasse @fras99 Ivanka is still his daughter.Day 105 of year 68...Back from MA. My 50th Class reunion was great. It was nice seeing old (😋) friends. I was unhap…
Day 101 of year 68... Well it will be 3 days radio silence from me. (Lucky people) Going to my 50th Class reunion in Massachusetts. 👋👋👋👋 @GreggWesthead @alispagnola Is there nothing you can't do? @markos @DevinCow You mean like "E Pluribus Unum"?Yeah #MoscowMitch ! It's all the Democrats fault. I have some swampland in the White House I can sell you. @Bakari_Sellers @rjamime Oh My God McCain is one of the worst people ever.SAPPHIRE LOVES TO HUG, LOVED HER DOG FAMILY. SHE’S ON SATURDAY’S KILL LIST. People-loving 6-yr. old, the ‘human’ sa…
Retweeted by Ray Plasse @MalcolmNance So sorry Malcolm. @BillOReilly I fact checked it and it's true. @realTuckFrumper @RawStory What a total wimp! @JeannieG40 Does that work? @LuvMacyIsabella I've always been impressed with her. @JeannieG40 Yup!
@skg_18 Good luck Sarah this team has packed it in. @CursedtoFirst @CateM5550 👋👋👋👋 @JeannieG40 If you find out I don't wanna know.Teacher asks student to punctuate "A woman without her man is nothing" Student: "A woman: without her, man is nothing."
Retweeted by Ray Plasse @stilldreamin78 Hair! @ABookWithLuv Suuuuure. 😝 @MarkHarrisNYC @LAwomanSharon Only after heavy sedation. @ABookWithLuv I agree......... Who the hell is Cliff? 😜 @skg_18 Chuckle.....Day 100 of year 68... #MoscowMitch is just as responsible for the ongoing destruction of our country as Trump is. H… 100 of year 68... 9/11... Never forget💔
@JeannieG40 I'm voting for elbow. @ErikJLarsen @SarahKSilverman I do think it shows his detachment from others. Even his own son. @Kris_Sacrebleu OMG!!! @littledeekay Stunning? Not really. Everything is always about him. @LuvMacyIsabella The one plus is I'm glad Bolton is gone. He just loves a good war. @skg_18 I can relate. @sdr_medco Oh My God!!! @1980Dorothy K! @AngelaBelcamino Getting ready for work. @LuvMacyIsabella "longer" not linger. :/ @LuvMacyIsabella It's an outmoded protection that no linger applies to this time and modern weapon capabilities. @1980Dorothy But I'm glad he's gone.Day 100 of year 68... I just don't get it. Regardless of political differences how does everyone not see what a shi… @Kris_Sacrebleu It's only fair! @1980Dorothy He wasn't a yes man. @skg_18 I'm so sorry Sarah! It's really not fair with the year he was having.BREAKING - New CNN national poll: Trump job approval: Approve 39% Disapprove 55%
Retweeted by Ray Plasse @CateM5550 @AynRandPaulRyan @atrupar DIES TUESDAY, THOUGH HE WANTS TO KISS, CUDDLE, AND TAKE YOU EXPLORING. Great pup whose owner didn’t read the l…
Retweeted by Ray Plasse @CateM5550 @AynRandPaulRyan @atrupar Well I would watch it once.RYDER WAS ABANDONED, TIED OUTSIDE A SUBWAY ENTRANCE. THEY’LL KILL HIM THURSDAY. Happy, sweet, calm on walks and at…
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HUEY WAS AN INJURED STRAY WHO STILL LIKES PEOPLE. HE DIES THURSDAY. We know little about him except that he’s 2, li…
Retweeted by Ray Plasse @Ange_Amene Well after that tweet I think he is.Personally I don't care what she does in her life but doesn't she judge us? @fras99 Disgust me. @fras99 Lie! (How original)This..... @ddale8 @MrJonCryer @HolmesLybrand @tarasubramaniam Nothing new here. move along!Me too.