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LOve family,comics,music,TV,books,sports,Boston, Los Angeles and Liberals! Please don't get pissed if I don't follow you. Can't follow everyone. :) Todd fan!

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@CateM5550 😱 @AngelaBelcamino Pretty much anyone else! @CateM5550 Sleep well Catie and hopefully many more good news in the future. 👋👋👋 @rmayemsinger You can call me Conan! 😳Day 15 of year 68.... How many of you out there wouldn't be too upset to McConnell go peacefully into the night....… @notcapnamerica You mean the white thing. Yeah! I noticed. @brat2381 Go get that bastard.......and if you need to rough him up a bit..... No problem! @Queen13Amanda @Bravewriting What a delusional idiot! @skg_18 Chuckle...... @MissNyetTrump He has been more shades of orange then I can keep track of. @karolcummins @CateM5550 Thanks Trump!Day 15 of year 68...There are a lot of reasons to vote Trump out of office. He's incompetent, lazy, racist, a liar,… @JeannieG40 NO! Np there isn't! Good point J.This!!!!!! @reddogsusie @shaunwalters041 Watch this video of sweet Kerchoff #A314392 in #Memphis. He’s such a good boy. Black…
Retweeted by Ray Plasse @brat2381 Insane! @skg_18 Jinx! @realTuckFrumper How is this fake dude relevant now. @DeadStateTweets @realTuckFrumper Sorry......Many people say it was the biggest rated 60 Minutes in human history..… @PalmerReport That's amazing he recognized you.I think Graham is looking in the wrong direction. @kylegriffin1 He's one sick puppy!
@rise_alien You're a tough cookie! @Ange_Amene No! Someone is trying to make it one. @rise_alien Well my wiefe did(know I was a terribale speler). I have quectioned her week standerds on occassion. @skg_18 Yup! Once I was on the same flight with the USA Men's Volleyball team. I'm still waiting for my medal.Let's allow Obama supporters to demand he be allowed to run for a third term. That only seems fair. @skg_18 Clearasil. @skg_18 The latter. @brat2381 Those righteous white Christian dudes always seem to be the creepiest, disgusting and evil ones of all. @RachelintheOC That really sucks Rachel! :(Day 14 of year 68...Why is it the (mostly)GOP wants to control every aspect of a woman's life(sexual,physical,finan… 13 of year 68... HAPPY FATHERS DAY to every good dad out there! @JeannieG40 @Currtis25Harr Ditto!!! @MissNyetTrump I don't want to know. @brat2381 He's insane. @wvjoe911 Well I demand he leaves the country. @BBW_BFF You know just what to say Ms. Page. @CateM5550 I did. @CateM5550 @alexjonesshows @CateM5550 @MissNyetTrump inadequate @skg_18 I'm sure you do but I would never lower myself to wearing a Dodger or Yankee hat but that's just me. @JeannieG40 I saw that in a dream once. @CateM5550 @alexjonesshows It's amazing how low he can still go.
@em_brulee31 @HiJCP @jimmyfallon My prom night was the worst night of my life. My date used me (chuckle) to make he… if you think the Trump administration should stop blocking the design of the new $20 bill. (image via…
Retweeted by Ray PlasseThis Is Just Unnecessary!!🤬 I’ve never heard of Lion Meat being consumed by Humans. Is the Head Part Of the Reaso…
Retweeted by Ray Plasse @CateM5550 @DevinCow @KimEGoldman @CateM5550 @MingGao26 @GaryTomson5 @brat2381 It's gross but why the hell does he have such skinny forearms?This is so sad and pathetic........ 16 of year 68.... WTF???? OJ Simpson is on Twitter now and he has almost 400k followers. WHAT THE FUCK is wrong with people???Day 13 of year 68... Saw "Late Night" yesterday. It was a terrifically funny movie and relevant movie. Mindy Kalin… @chelseahandler 🤔O M G ! ! ! @DevinCow @KimEGoldman Yup! @Dax_x98 @Ironhorse76 I'm so sorry! @rmayemsinger I don't even follow him and I want to block him. @crymeariver6666 @MissNyetTrump Nothing I'd want to know about. @apple_jack10 @reenie62 @ScarletMagdalen No need for a chat. They are as guilty as sin.
ROXY WAS “TOO BIG” FOR HER ‘FAMILY’S’ NEW HOME SO SHE MAY DIE TOMORROW. Great with people. Great with kids. Great w…
Retweeted by Ray PlasseROBYN STARTS SHY, TURNS SWEET, SHOULDN’T HAVE TO DIE TOMORROW. Her only flaws: she’s scared of kids; she’s as unhap…
Retweeted by Ray PlasseNot one bit! @CateM5550 Oooooppppssss I misread the tweet.🙄 @AmbitDiva Seriously??? @CateM5550 😡 @happyloner The more you know the more you believe....... That's absolutely true. @CateM5550 @Bravewriting @Kris_Sacrebleu Ahh.... So you noticed that too huh. 🤔 @JeannieG40 Waking up is overrated! @MTMPlasse WTF??? @joncoopertweets A one way ticket to Russia or N. Korea! @tribelaw You know why! @MTMPlasse I can see why. @rise_alien They should be forced to drink that water until they fix it! @rise_alien That's like getting away with murder. @rise_alien FUCK THAT!!!! @allhailmswantz LOL! @Kris_Sacrebleu ''It's''? @JeannieG40 Shocking! @Ange_Amene Chuckle...... That's why we hide an extra key. :) @MTMPlasse Yastremski, Reggie Smith, Johnny Bench, Rico Petrocelli @JeannieG40 👋👋👋👋Actually today's my wife's birthday. She's really pissed about that Trump thing. @AngelaBelcamino <3 @heyyguido Cranky Birthday! @JeannieG40 Chuckle...... @Denton21990 @pink_roses4u I do. @happyloner Exactly. @CateM5550 I really don't care what she's done to her face. It's her right. i just don't like what she and her fami… @TalbertSwan Just go now. Who's gonna miss you. @RighteousDem @JessicaBiel It's also okay to not like or support those beliefs. Especially when it endangers public health. @brat2381 That's true. It was a very good matter what his motives were. 👍 @brat2381 Maybe but while he didn't like Trump he still supported him in his run for president and voted with him a… @LAwomanSharon @steveshanyaski Don't worry! I'm older! @rosietran521 I like funny! @mmpadellan You would be surprised. I can guarantee he/she won't be better. Trump does not want the truth out there. @CateM5550 @Bravewriting SCORE!!!! @brat2381 That was great BUT if he had been healthy and not near death it would have been "thumbs up". Look at his record.