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Team U.S. MAPLE is smacking down @ Storycode's Hackathon April 28-29th to make sweet Transmedia magic together! Follow us LIVE!

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RT @jlbhart: A shared hi-five by @team_US_Maple upon integrating the @twilio app into their #StoryHack.
Retweeted by TEAM_U.S._MAPLEThis is how you look when you do transmedia #storyhack with StoryCode ;-) cc Carrie Cutforth-Young Mike Michael...
Retweeted by TEAM_U.S._MAPLE @team_us_maple presents "reclaimanna" @FilmLinc #storyhack
Retweeted by TEAM_U.S._MAPLEAnd we move on to @TEAM_US_MAPLE at #storyhack w/real world stories integrated with fiction with "Reclaiming Anna."
Retweeted by TEAM_U.S._MAPLETeam Maple at @#storyhack is very impressive
Retweeted by TEAM_U.S._MAPLEFourth team, Team US Maple, presenting "Reclaiming Anna". #storyhack
Retweeted by TEAM_U.S._MAPLE#storyhack Love the depth of the Team US Maple story. Rich engagement from beginning to end.
Retweeted by TEAM_U.S._MAPLE#storyhack Team US Maple has an ARG playing out live. Well thought out.
Retweeted by TEAM_U.S._MAPLEloving "Eyes Wide Shut" funhouse themed #StoryHack mobile app built on HT @ Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center
Retweeted by TEAM_U.S._MAPLELinks to Team US Maple's mobile game and videos. #storyhack
Retweeted by TEAM_U.S._MAPLE @team_us_maple still going with 9 minutes left...! #storyhack @filmlinc
Retweeted by TEAM_U.S._MAPLEHoly hell here we go! “@jdcarter: The presentations for #storyhack begins now. Live Tweet Qs to #storyhackqa @RandyAstle continues his live blog of #storyhack @FilmmakerMag is he doing with his hands? MT @victorpineiro: 1am brainstorming sesh #storyhack @FilmLinc back, yo. MT @theloneolive: sending caffeinated thoughts @team_rodan @TEAM_US_MAPLE @VileHack @gydaarber & all at #storyhack sleepoverJust said by @KulturVultur to @enovacreations "I don't care where you put it as long as the CSS reads it." #storyhack #transmedia @killbadcopy You, with your magic iPad drawing pencil thingies. #storycodeOh. No. Everyone's ganging up on @jimbabb :( #storyhack #pasthisbedtime
Thanks @MegaMarkHarris for your pep talk. Got us to make some tuff choices fast. #mentorsrock #storyhackWe went to fisticuffs over title of our project. Rising, bloodied & bruised, the official title is: RECLAIM ANNA #storyhack #transmediaBlueprints from @TEAM_US_MAPLE circulate through #StoryHack. MT @jdcarter: Welcome to my world. #notsosecrets
Retweeted by TEAM_U.S._MAPLERT @FilmmakerMag: Randy Astle on participating in @filmlinc's #StoryHack. Filmmkrs curious about #transmedia must read.
Retweeted by TEAM_U.S._MAPLERT @jdcarter: Thinking cap. @KulturVultur #storyhack @theloneolive Thanks!Choosing team order of tomorrow's presentations now...we are going...4th! #storycode #storyhackHandsome devil. RT @storycodeorg: #StoryHack mentor, @MegaMarkHarris is in the house! @megamarkharris: Da bosses table #storyhack @murmurco: #storyhack team US Maple, yeah, @jennlevine? Well, we're changing the world. #storyhackGame plan set. Headphones in. In the zone. #storyhack"Fortune befriends the bold." - Emily Dickinson #storyhackTeam photos from #storyhack @TEAM_US_MAPLE
Retweeted by TEAM_U.S._MAPLEOff to the @storycodeorg #storyhack at @filmlinc #itson @team_rodan Yeah, well you can bite us for sure.
Gearing up for our video shoot tonight. Actors, check. Video camera, check. Costumes, check. Madcap #storyhack Team_US_Maple... #helzyeah @mbolish IT IS ON! @FilmLinc #storyhack Thanks for the support. #yourock
STATUS REPORT #storyhack conference call! Badass ideas being tossed around. Can't wait to start executing them. #storyhackWe're psyched to have you! RT @SteveCoulson: I'm a consulting "expert" @storycodeorg #Storyhack - gonna be fun!
Retweeted by TEAM_U.S._MAPLERT @jdcarter: Doin' research for @TEAM_US_MAPLE #storyhack project.Can we grab you if we need hugs? RT @megamarkharris: Will be at #storyhack this weekend! Grab me if you need any technology advice or help!
@team_us_maple @team_rodan The Weekend Hemingway Drank #StoryHack Under The Table #mynextstory
Retweeted by TEAM_U.S._MAPLE @team_rodan We just got drunk. "Write drunk. Edit Sober." - Hemingway #storyhack #decipheringnotesnowAfter @StoryCode @team_rodan, @TEAM_US_MAPLE & Cupcakes & Rainbows rumbled in the cafeteria. Takin it to the playground Sat. #storyhackAs long as it's us! RT @i_fiction: @TEAM_US_MAPLE Can I have a favorite hack-a-thon team? Because I do...
Our very own Rockin' @RandyAstle blogs about @storycodeorg #storyhack on @FilmmakerMag #GoUSMaple!
@team_rodan The only thing you'll be trampling this weekend is the road to loserville. @jdcarter #storyhackbeta @jennlevine @storycodeorg @ainaabiodun We don't need no stinkin' hashtag to trash talk. #hashtagsareforlosers But #storyhackbeta works.
Retweeted by TEAM_U.S._MAPLE
What other teams? RT @jdcarter: The @storycodeorg crew orienting @TEAM_US_MAPLE (and other teams) for #storycodehack
YO! @storycodeorg ! If TEAM U.S. MAPLE wins the Hackathon, do we or do we NOT get tiaras??? #NEEDTOKNOWINFORMATIONU can never have enuff RT @kulturvulturz My mother always taught me to only pack the essentials #smokingjackettoomuch? @vpisteve what do I get if I say: skin???WE ARE LIKE WHISKY AND APPLESAUCE @poburke @jdcarter #butnotinthatorderOF COURSE YOU DO! RT @storycodeorg: @jdcarter @TEAM_US_MAPLE woo-hoo! love the avatar. ;) #itstehbombWE BRING IT TO WIN IT! @murmurco: "@TEAM_US_MAPLE - Wow you guys rock! "smacking down..." damn you guys are kicking it WWE style." #OLDSKOOLHelz yeah. RT @stephendinehart: @TEAM_US_MAPLE looks like the battle of ages; gloves coming off - this is one big throw down. #TransmediaHow do you know it's on? I just changed my avatar. @team_us_maple @storycodeorg Hackathon HO!!
Retweeted by TEAM_U.S._MAPLEMeet the TEAM: James "THE EPIC" Carter @jdcarter, "KNUCKLES" Carrie Cutforth-Young @kulturvulturz, Randy "THE CASTLE" Astle, & Shifat SalimHow do 4 strangers unite to create an epic #transmedia spectacle that unfolds on three platforms in only 48 hours??? We`ll SHOW you how!Be sure to follow TEAM U.S. MAPLE as we update LIVE how we get 'er done #TRANSMEDIA STYLE starting TONIGHT! STRANGERS! THREE PLATFORMS! TWO PANASONIC DVX100a's! ONE EPIC TRANSMEDIA EXPERIENCE! = TEAM U.S. MAPLE smacking down @storycode's Hack.