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.@MikeKellyPA: "There's nothing wrong with being successful. There's nothing wrong with being wealthy."
Retweeted by Neil Cavuto.@SecShulkin to Neil: My focus is on those who have given the ultimate sacrifice and those that continue to protect… Trump called @RepMarkMeadows asking to shorten the process to pass the budget in the house, and move on t… in today to see what Neil and the #GenerationHexed panel discuss @shelbyholliday @DionBaia @TheGunzShow @KirstenHaglundWHAT DO YOU THINK? Do you think tax cuts should be across-the-board? #CavutoDo you think the FAA should ban laptops on all checked luggage? #Cavuto.@POTUS meeting with UN Secretary-General @antonioguterres: "The United Nations has tremendous potential."
Retweeted by Neil Cavuto.@POTUS meeting with Secretary-General of the United Nations
Retweeted by Neil CavutoSenate approves the budget, clearing the way for tax reform. @TeamCavuto has the latest on the push for a 5th tax b…
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Cavuto's Common Sense: Looking back at the 1987 stock market crash 30 years ago #Cavuto.@GerriWillisFBN takes a close look at the short list of candidates for the next Fed chair told Neil today that 90% of Americans could fill out their taxes out on a postcard under the new Rep… to Neil: I think everyone should be paying taxes to live in this great country we have #Cavuto to Neil: If the Republican tax cut bill passes, average Americans could see an increase of $4000 in… Depot co-founder to Neil: The American workers need their money in their own pocket and not in Washington…, S&P 500, and Nasdaq since crash of 1987.
Retweeted by Neil CavutoDo you think NFL players will continue to kneel tonight at the first game since the meeting between owners and players? #CavutoWHAT DO YOU THINK? Do you think there could be another market crash like the one we saw 30 years ago today? #Cavuto.@POTUS on health care reform: "I want to take care of our people. I don't want to take care of our insurance compa…
Retweeted by Neil Cavuto.@ricardorossello: "The facts are that every petition we have made to @POTUS... it has been answered."
Retweeted by Neil Cavuto.@POTUS: "I think we have the votes [for the budget] ... and for the tax cuts that will follow."
Retweeted by Neil Cavuto.@POTUS on Puerto Rico: "There's never been a situation where power and energy have been so devastated."
Retweeted by Neil Cavuto.@POTUS: "The people of Puerto Rico are amazing, just incredible people."
Retweeted by Neil Cavuto.@ricardorossello: "I want to thank you personally, Mr. President."
Retweeted by Neil Cavuto.@POTUS to Puerto Rico governor: "This governor has worked as hard as anybody I've seen."
Retweeted by Neil CavutoThe Dow since "Black Monday":
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.@kilmeade: "I'm making a choice between patriotism... and football. I'm probably gonna choose the country."
Retweeted by Neil Cavuto.@SenCapito on tax reform: instead of challenging every small detail, let's look at the bigger picture to Neil: kneeling for the flag offends a lot of people, but we need to respect everyone's free spee… to Neil: The players and owners made a critical first step by creating a dialogue #Cavuto DO YOU THINK? What is the fallout for the NFL in wake of the National Anthem controversy? Neil discusses live at 4pm ET #Cavuto.@SenCapito on tax reform: "I'm not going to worry if it fails, I'm gonna talk about when it's signed."
Retweeted by Neil Cavuto.@SenCapito on tax reform: "Instead of challenging every small detail, let's look at the bigger picture here."
Retweeted by Neil CavutoJohn Hannah on ISIS: "I think we have to remain very much on our guard and not take too early a victory lap."
Retweeted by Neil CavutoSoon: @nflcommish Roger Goodell to hold news conference
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.@EPAScottPruitt on @foxbusiness: "Without question" the previous administration targeted the coal and fossil fuel… "Regulatory rollback... is a big part of what we are seeing across the country right now with… joined Neil to discuss her latest book "Through Your Eyes: My Child's Gift to Me" #Cavuto to Neil: I think these conversations will show the NFL is supporting what players are doing off the f… O'Neill joined Neil today to discuss the liberation of ISIS control in Raqqa #Cavuto @mchooyah DO YOU THINK? Will the National Anthem controversy change after the NFL meeting today? Neil discusses at 4pm ET. #Cavuto.@POTUS to Greek Prime Minister: "America looks on that glorious heritage with wonder and with awe."
Retweeted by Neil Cavuto.@POTUS: Stock market just hit an all-time record high
Retweeted by Neil CavutoHappening Now: President @realDonaldTrump and Greek PM Tsipras hold joint press conference Watch LIVE:…
Retweeted by Neil CavutoTrump narrows Fed chairmanship list, decision may come by November via @schwartzbFBN
Retweeted by Neil CavutoLt. Col. Michael Waltz: "We have to keep the pressure on the Chinese... to actually enforce the sanctions."
Retweeted by Neil Cavuto.@POTUS: "Obamacare is virtually dead."
Retweeted by Neil Cavuto.@EPAScottPruitt on climate change
Retweeted by Neil Cavuto.@EPAScottPruitt: "Without question" the previous administration targeted the coal and fossil fuel industry.
Retweeted by Neil Cavuto.@EPAScottPruitt: "Regulatory rollback... is a big part of what we are seeing across the country right now with…
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.@RepAndyBiggsAZ on tax reform: "You have to provide relief for the corporations... they're the job creators."
Retweeted by Neil CavutoBaltimore Ravens' tight end, @BenjaminSWatson, to Neil: I was offended by President Trump’s remarks to Neil: Our goal is to get tax reform done this year #Cavuto #FoxNews DO YOU THINK? Will Congress pass tax cuts this year? Tune in at 4pm ET as Neil discusses this with GOP @SenatorRounds #Cavuto.@POTUS: I would like to see tax reform passed this year
Retweeted by Neil Cavuto.@POTUS: "We think we're in good shape for the budget and we hope to be in good shape... with the largest tax cut e…
Retweeted by Neil Cavuto.@POTUS speaking after meeting with @SenateMajLdr Mitch McConnell: We are fighting for the same things.
Retweeted by Neil Cavuto.@POTUS: "Obamacare is finished, it's dead, it's gone... There is no such thing as Obamacare anymore."
Retweeted by Neil Cavuto.@RepAndyBiggsAZ: "I think you have to build the wall... it shows integrity and commitment."
Retweeted by Neil Cavuto.@POTUS: "One thing we're going to be looking at very strongly is welfare reform."
Retweeted by Neil Cavuto.@POTUS: "The gravy train ended the day I knocked out the insurance companies' money, which was last week.
Retweeted by Neil Cavuto.@POTUS: "When Americans are unified, no destructive force on earth can even come close to breaking us apart."
Retweeted by Neil Cavuto.@POTUS: "Prescription drug prices are out of control."
Retweeted by Neil Cavuto.@POTUS: "We're going to be departments with lots of heart."
Retweeted by Neil Cavuto.@POTUS: "We are getting tremendous accolades for what we're doing, having to do with both reform and and with mass…
Retweeted by Neil Cavuto.@POTUS: "It's time to restore America's competitive edge and pass historic tax cuts to the American people."
Retweeted by Neil Cavuto.@POTUS: "The unemployment rate is almost at a 17-year low... There's tremendous optimism."
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.@RandPaul on @FoxBusiness: I want to make sure the middle class gets a tax cut.
Former Ambassador John Negroponte reacts to Trump's announcement on the Iran deal on @FoxBusiness: people need to k… starts now with @TeamCavuto in Seattle... along with @cvpayne @adamlashinsky @DeirdreBolton @JrzyJoePiscopo & Ben Stein
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.@AntonioSabatoJr on @FoxBusiness: Hollywood elites should be protesting against Weinstein. joins Neil after being praised by President Trump for turning his stores into shelters during Hurric… to Neil: Show us a tax framework that actually cuts taxes, then we’ll support a budget that pushes tax… DO YOU THINK? Do you agree with President Trump’s stance on the Iran Deal? #Cavuto "[Dems are] obstructionists. If they came over, maybe we could make a deal. The subsidy, is really a subsi…
Retweeted by Neil Cavuto.@POTUS: "If the Dems were smart [they'd] come & negotiate something where people could really get the kind of…
Retweeted by Neil Cavuto.@POTUS: "We hope that our actions today will help bring about a future of peace, stability, and prosperity in the…
Retweeted by Neil Cavuto.@POTUS: "As we have seen in North Korea, the longer we ignore a threat the worse that threat becomes." #IranDeal
Retweeted by Neil CavutoWATCH: @POTUS lays out a four-part strategy "to address the full range of Iran's destructive actions."
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