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#CooksTip: When your turkey is done cooking, don’t forget to let it sit for at least 30 minutes (or 40 minutes for… holiday guide is now live! Visit our shop to find gifting ideas, deals, kits, and more in our one-stop shop for… Don’t rely on the pop-up thermometer inside your turkey. They are set to pop at 178 (breasts should be c… America’s Test Kitchen Holiday Special: Coming to a television near you this December! Check your local listing…’re proud to announce that America's Test Kitchen is a winner of a @MassEcon IMPACT Award for Greater Boston!…
.@realblancaster was on @HomeandFamilyTV making a delicious Thanksgiving side dish: Bread Stuffing with Sausage, Dr… Shortcut: Frozen peas. All of the frozen peas we tested were sweet and fresh, with a bright green colo… Thanksgiving hacks from our friends at @testkitchen. #NoStressThanksgiving
Retweeted by America's Test Kitchen#QuickTip: Lumpy gravy? Give it a whiz in the blender to smooth it out. #atkthanksgiving
#CooksTip: Peel potatoes ahead—peeled whole potatoes will stay white in a bowl of cold water in the fridge for up t… Ensure warm gravy by serving it from an insulated coffee carafe. #atkthanksgiving
Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and we’re getting so excited for the best meal of the year. What dish are y… the latest episode of Proof, we follow the history of the mai tai to trace the rise and fall of tiki culture in… Have you started defrosting your Thanksgiving Day bird yet? You should plan on 1 day of defrosting for e…
#CooksTip: Kosher salt is the ideal choice for brining. Its large, airy crystals dissolve very quickly in water. #atkthanksgiving
"In the inaugural episode of Proof, host Bridget Lancaster sets out to discover what the hell happened to these onc… mobile app is designed to enhance your all-access membership experience by making it faster and easier for you… Don't use frozen green beans. It sounds like a time-saver, but don't be fooled; they'll create a… back...relax...and listen to our latest #proofpodcast episode about tiki cocktails. Be sure to subscribe and th…
Retweeted by America's Test KitchenWant to make a Mai Tai at home? Visit our website for Trader Vic's Original 1944 Mai Tai recipe: week on PROOF: Did you know the mai tai was invented in Oakland? We follow the popular cocktail on a historica… To quickly aerate wine, give it a whiz in the blender. #atkthanksgiving
The @PittsburghPG spoke to Cook's Country's Tucker Shaw to find out every turkey tip you need for Thanksgiving.… In the test kitchen, we approach every recipe & testing as a team & we think you should do the same on T…’s the secret to a Thanksgiving turkey with perfectly crispy skin and moist meat? Reliable recipes and the righ… Green patches on potatoes indicate increased levels of a toxic alkaloid, solanine. Be sure to slice off… is #WorldDiabetesDay! When developing our Diabetes cookbook, our goal was simple: to encourage home cooks to…
#CooksTip: Let apple pie cool about 3 hours before slicing. Too soon and juices will not set up, causing a soggy cr…’ve teamed up with the travel and culture experts at National Geographic to capture Italy’s magnificent regional…'s the last week of the season for our food truck! Head to the @IDBldg Tuesday through Thursday, 11 AM - 1:30 PM… @amyhahne Glad you enjoyed! Thanks for cooking with us!
In planning mode? Don’t forget to check out our Thanksgiving guide: edition:The ultimate Thanksgiving 🥧 face-off:Pie crusts...Green bean casserole (we love it!):When it comes to pie toppings, you prefer...Cranberry sauce...When buying your turkey, which one are you going for this year?White bread or cornbread stuffing (or dressing)?First up: "stuffing" or "dressing"?Thanksgiving is next week! What’s on your Thanksgiving table this year? Vote on this thread of polls and let us kno… some help choosing what will go on the #Thanksgiving table? Head to our guide for suggestions, tips, and more:… Shortcut: Ready-made pie crusts. Our favorite is Wholly Wholesome 9" Certified Organic Traditional Bak… vegetarians for #Thanksgiving? Check out this menu for inspiration. Brush your pie crust with a lightly beaten whole egg and one egg yolk for a perfectly shiny, golden brown crust. #atkthanksgivingOn the latest episode of PROOF: the science behind CRAVINGS. Listen to Proof wherever you get your podcasts and su…
Retweeted by America's Test KitchenWe're developing recipes and STEAM-focused, hands-on activities designed to get kids ages 8-13 cooking and experime…
#CooksTip: For pie crusts, it's ok to substitute Crisco with the same amount of butter. The texture will just be a… your Thanksgiving grocery shopping routine with the America’s Test Kitchen member app. Free for all All-…
Our new podcast, PROOF, is featured on @RadioPublic! Listen and subscribe now. #proofpodcast Keep drinks cold & save space: fill your washer's basket with ice & drinks. When you're done empty & run…
#QuickTip: Use your muffin tin for mise en place. Fit each cup with a liner, and fill with small amounts of up to 1… friends at America's @TestKitchen have a great new podcast called PROOF! Proof solves food mysteries, one story…
Retweeted by America's Test Kitchen @eveewing Happy Breadiversary! We've loved watching you bake your way through Bread Illustrated. 🍞😊If you haven’t heard our deep dive into celery, click here to subscribe and listen on Apple Podcasts:… looked are some restaurant menus from the past, too. (And yes, caviar and celery were at one time the same price… are some of the of the vases mentioned to display and serve celery, dated in chronological order from 1875-80,… you listen to our NEW podcast Proof’s episode last week on celery? We discussed how celery was the "it" vegetab…
We asked our test cooks: What’s the most important kitchen tool for Thanksgiving cooking? #thanksgiving you know our new podcast, Proof, is featured on @pocketcasts? Subscribe and download to never miss an episode!…’ve teamed up with the Washington Post’s Voraciously to bring you our 14 most-coveted and essential kitchen gifts… has teamed up with @TestKitchen to come up with a list of 14 essential kitchen gifts for people who lov…
Retweeted by America's Test KitchenOn the latest episode of PROOF: the science behind CRAVINGS. Listen to Proof wherever you get your podcasts and su… @JGregRandall Hi Greg! We just released one, with over 400 Diabetes-friendly recipes! Before handling meat, drape a small piece of plastic over pepper mill. This keeps you from getting raw m…
The holidays are almost here, and we’re busy baking some of our favorite pies and tarts. But even for experienced b… There’s a lot you can prepare in the days leading up to Thanksgiving to make the holiday less overwhelmi… week at our food truck, parked at the @IDBldg: Thai chicken curry! 11-1:30 PM. #atkonwheels More info here:… Winter squash seeds giving you trouble? Use an ice cream scoop to clean out the strings and seeds -- mor…
#CooksTip: If you’re planning to make a more complicated dish for the first time, we recommend giving it a test run… No fridge space? Brine your turkey in a large insulated cooler with some ice packs. #atkthanksgivingOur TV cast loves our recipes offscreen as much as they love them onscreen. #thanksgiving’d love to hear your thoughts on our new website, America’s Test Kitchen Kids. Whether you've used our new kids w…
#CooksTip: Don’t baste your turkey. Basting does nothing to create moist meat—it only slows down cooking and turns… at 4 PM ET, for our multisite membership community, join Ashley and Lawman for Ask the Test Kitchen, where te… Shortcut: Canned pumpkin. Our favorites are Libby's Canned Pumpkin and One-Pie Canned Pumpkin. Whichev… this clip-on probe thermometer, you’ll never overcook a roast (or burn caramel, or risk soggy fried chicken) a…
#QuickTip: Keep mashed potatoes warm by placing them in a slow cooker set to low. #atkthanksgivingTOMORROW at 4 PM ET, for our multisite membership community, join Ashley and Lawman for Ask the Test Kitchen, where… what all the fuss is about with our tried-and-true recipes by visiting our Thanksgiving guide.…
On this episode of Is it Bad?, Hannah explains why it's bad that you haven't been sharpening your kitchen knives an… Roll pie dough on a cold counter by filling zip-lock bags with ice and resting them on surface for 20 mi… your Citi card at Seattle EATS Fest today and enjoy reserved seating and early entrance to cooking demos! Ltd.…
Have you heard? We have a new podcast, and it’s number 4 on the top Apple Podcasts charts! Listen to Proof now wher… Flip a muffin pan upside down on the counter and use it as an impromptu cooling rack. #atkthanksgivingThis episode of What’s Eating Dan? is all about burgers. Watch Dan explain the science behind one of America's favo… us this Saturday at our Seattle EATS Fest and show your @Citi credit card or Citibank Debit Card to receive a…“From the rigorous testers behind America's Test Kitchen comes a more joyfully presented, but no less foolproof, gu… in #Seattle, we’re celebrating Cook’s Illustrated’s 25th Birthday with a 90s themed bash! Are you coming? T… does Cook’s Illustrated’s Editor-in-Chief Dan Souza plan to celebrate Thanksgiving? With new takes on Brussels… all foodies: Join America’s Test Kitchen and Cook’s Illustrated starting TONIGHT and TOMORROW in Seattle fo…
What’s your favorite #Thanksgiving recipe? Tweet us your favorites, whether it's the turkey or, like David, the pum… there. Would love for you all to listen to our new podcast PROOF. Hope you enjoy it!
Retweeted by America's Test Kitchen#CooksTip: Squash size matters: smaller squashes have a more concentrated flavor while larger squashes tend to tast… #WorldVeganDay! To help you avoid some common pitfalls, we’ve developed a primer on ingredients and products… weekend: Our Seattle EATS festival! Don’t miss our food festival in the Emerald City, featuring your favorite… you seen the newest issue of #CooksIllustrated? We've made a few exciting updates, including COLOR photography… friends at @TestKitchen have a brand new podcast, and the first episode is available now. Check out…
Retweeted by America's Test KitchenHappy #November! We’re 21 days away from #Thanksgiving and in full planning mode. Need recipe inspiration? Check ou…