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he's going to kill us all

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@sallywarden @nycsouthpaw actually it's online now so go for it, we're good! @sallywarden @nycsouthpaw wait wait wait get tomorrow's crossword puzzle first @DragonflyJonez How’s bron’s relationship with Richard Jefferson?I often wonder what these people are expecting to say to their god when they inevitably meet him. Do they think tha… @shamus_clancy I remember my first day at Jim’s. I’d been a vegetarian for 16 years and @LogFlume took me there to… @GoldPaulyG Does seem like dude does Capoeira on the beach every Saturday or somethinghave you ever noticed that the inside of a cheese grater looks like a classic puff daddy/hype williams video set
Retweeted by Chase Gibson @MOConnor_NBA Really liked “Ish” @StyleWeekly Hey @rczullo this is really exciting.
@jack_hamilton I noticed that too @CityBeatCincy @wearescientists @MOTRpub I first saw @TheNational opening for these guys in Chapel Hill. Always bee…
@heatrockspod @elizaskinner ok right from the Pickle rap I'm hooked @ChrisVernonShow yeah but you are very bad at watching basketball so this probably works out well for you @jack_hamilton The World Cup has me a little behind on my draft-related work procrastination this year @QueenCityDisco keep your head on a swivel! Days like this are nuts.
@jbouie Say WHAT who from Avatar is involved?! @rodney_paris @vescoisland I saw Green Room, it was dope @rodney_paris @vescoisland I’m just worried that, if we stop making fun of Georgia, people will notice that every w… @copiesofcopies Yeah. McCain is the man who taught me that conservatives were by definition not serious people. @copiesofcopies I hate liking this @vescoisland @rodney_paris Yeah we don’t need to end that @maggieNYT they should either quit or whither away like the painting of myself that I keep in the attic @ringer @BillSimmons @ChrisVernonShow hard pass @senrobportman you ain't gonna do shit
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@EALindquist @MaxNWeiss @ChrisCinciBiz Yeeeeah but what if they’re canvassing for a Republican that’s keeping Guate… @copiesofcopies @TimCushing Everything he’s ever touched sounded right @CincinnatiPhil For the record I am also totally unreasonable about “ we live together, so it’s pretty much like we are married“. @CincinnatiPhil Fucking zero don’t @ me @TourdeJoe Look if you can nail Nigeria on a map of Africa without the lines drawn in, you’re a better man than I @copiesofcopies @erinspice Huntsville is the strangest place I’ve ever been, got these brilliant engineers skitteri…
@THEWesHester @FOXSoccer The guy talking about dumbo and Aerosmith? @boinjamin Iceland looked ready to brawl. After seeing Spain’s passing yesterday, I don’t want the US to be anywhere near this thing. @adamdavidson The only good-faith argument for trump is “the economy is going well, nothing he says matters”. Every… @Huey_P_Lewis I was explaining who Salt & Pepa were to my kids (who love the @mulaney bit about Patrick Stewart int… @MaxNWeiss @ChrisCinciBiz I don’t understand. What if the candidate they believe in is really bad?
@morninggloria What race are you training for? @copiesofcopies Do you know how rotten you have to be to be the worst Huckabee? @drconine I can’t tell if this is historically normal or not @drconine I wonder if my dad looked at whomever Bush Sr’s press secretary was on the news every night and just mutt…
@Stonekettle The Bible is extremely pro whatever you wanna do and hella anti anything them wanna do. @katienolan @TomSportsInc @espn @Disney @RobertIger Once we have Wikipedia why do we need to turn on a tv to watch the Schwab?
@lambdaillegal @maggieNYT Ok that's not how I read it, but your read on it seems a lot more insightful/intersting t… @lambdaillegal @maggieNYT these guys are doing nothing because they think things are going well and don't want to g… @lambdaillegal @maggieNYT I think it's insulting to imply that these men, most of whom knew exactly how to apply th… @maggieNYT This is basically the same argument used to critique Ivanka. "She portrays herself as a voice of moderat… @lambdaillegal @maggieNYT I like her but this was abject nonsense. @amyewalter it's because they are craven assholes. @thenodshow @RZA Hopefully @swipathefox shows up at some point @thenodshow @RZA I will always listen to anything that tries to explain how unbelievably good the Avatar series was @hksparling @Enquirer It’s too expensive to not be racist?
@MikeGrunwald I feel the same way about when we found out that the tight end for the Patriots killed a bunch of people. @NateSilver538 @ddale8 That’s a good point, the best outcome probably starts with no tweeting @CincinnatiPhil It’d be hard to walk past @ThreePointsBeer @Enquirer Good. Hopefully his teammates follow his lead and they miss all of camp and all of the games after that forever. @copiesofcopies Literally every single thing about politics is bullshit.the 80s open source community gave us computer terms like master, slave, latex, and fsck; and to this day it is sti…
Retweeted by Chase Gibson @copiesofcopies @j1mc Yeah, somebody had to swallow their ego to get this started. The narrative around it is nonse… @DMOneFive I had this exact same exchange with my high school guidance counselor in 1995. YOU KNOW WHICH ONE LADY!
@TourdeJoe @docrostov I've known a few of their reporters over the years, and they were all devoted to uncovering the news (in… @docrostov I think you’re unfairly conflating reporting with editorial @ChrisCinciBiz Giving up on the Bengals is such a relief. It’d be tougher if they’d won a playoff game since I was in high school. @ChrisCinciBiz Shhhhh @bradwenstrup Really looking forward to voting for your opponent in November @oliverswang @TauraStinson I didn’t realize how young she was when she died. Brutal.
@curaffairs mighta worked in '08 or '16 @twogunsholla With a ‘Gansett too? Solid. @boinjamin Ok so it’s really 12 Reasons Why
@bradwenstrup I don’t understand what they’re even pretending to support. Have you done anything of note in Congress? @Dennie302 She came to play
@LenGotGame @DragonflyJonez I honestly watched Rick Barnes crash the Durant ship into the rocks and thought that the show was over @GrandmaStreams Bet he invites the hell outta Alex ovechkin though @twogunsholla I’m sorry what I may have misheard you @TourdeJoe @rapha @americangiant Would you believe that my wife bought me these for my birthday? @kwbarrett @runt2pb I always ask “you got what you need?” in case they are missing a tube or whatnot but I ask as I…
@RobertKlemko this is one of those thoughts that sounds good while you type it and then completely falls apart like… @CincinnatiPhil @ThreePointsBeer I love Pendleton and Dangerwheel is the highest of the holy days @ebonkovsky Maybe he has a point