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he's going to kill us all

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@FO_ASchatz Black people to the rescue @oneshiningpod I legit tried to use the promo code "dropthebag" at @DrinkAriZona. This pod is the best college bask…
Roy Moore campaign spokesman responds with silence when asked if he knew people can be sworn in with a text other t…
Retweeted by Chase Gibson @VaughnHillyard @TheChairmanMow Tonight is your night, baby. If only you’d know about the pederasty years ago (or did you)(you know) @TourdeJoe Saving up for the #Festive500? @LogFlume It’s like watching someone endure a sweat session and discover that their spirit animal is Bender. @LogFlume My son discovered Futurama yesterday. It’s terrifying. So much mention of porno!
I want to go back and apologize and make amends to every coach that I had growing up, in particular any between 198… @PortlandGuy1974 It’s actually worse than the first season of TOTL was greatTOTL:CG was one of those shows that I forced myself to finish because it kept getting worse and I was determined to… @sonofabitumen @andygreenwald That show was shockingly awful and I’m not at all surprised to see it on this list. @sipeoner You fail @caitlinrcruz Please listen to the Why Oh Why episode about this- it blew my mind. @timmarchman Has Rian Johnson ever made something bad though?RNC: 'We Warned You Gay Marriage Would Be A Slippery Slope Toward Accepting Pedophilia'
Retweeted by Chase Gibson @PortlandGuy1974 Rand Paul almost got stomped to death for less @katienolan @djacoby It’s About Goddamned Time with Katie Nolan. I’m also trying to figure out something with Tremendous Upside
@copiesofcopies The Hunger Games series doesn't get enough credit for being a present dystopia instead of a metaphor for a future one.
@TourdeJoe @NorthCarolinaCX Badass. I fell in love with cried watching that Nationals at Hartford last year @jonathanalter This is how we lost in 2016- it’s a vote for or against paul Ryan’s budget. That’s the only choice you get to make.
@WebNosis75 @GoZwift @wahoofitness @UKCycleChat @ScienceinSport Does a sticky tire prevent the slipping that sends… @ehk009 @OHSupremeCourt @ohiogop @OHDems Luckily with this guy you know there’s always a story on the margins ready to come out @Halestorm75 yeah every act of violence in the show has consequence and fear. I wish @SteveLightfoot5 was doing mor… @ben_miotke Every critic missed it! If you said “dude from Hannibal is directing this season of Homeland” I think w… @Halestorm75 I don’t get it at all. I’ve only seen two critics that I follow even mention it, both hated it, and ev… @tylerpgardner @sepinwall I’m stunned that there isn’t more critical appreciation of @ThePunisher. If it wasn’t a M…
@rczullo Doesn’t look like a party @PortlandGuy1974 Yeah but how did all that planning work out for ya @DragonflyJonez Fact- all the ball kids are bad players
@Enquirer That’s one way to look at it, I guess. @Huey_P_Lewis I still say this to my daughter at practice all the time as our code for “it’s ok to screw up here”.… @RedTRaccoon but then who will lead the rest of the C.H.U.D.S? @brentmusburger Has this guy always been such an asshole?
@BortlesFacts Wait are you saying that we could get Blake Bortles?! @charlesthomas Seriously, he cant?Another @oneshiningpod to discuss the JP Macura-Mick Cronin war of words, Florida missing shots, and more Good Guys
Retweeted by Chase Gibson @tatefrazier @oneshiningpod Love this show. @ebonkovsky @RossCatrow Segregation in Milwaukee has always been the worst. Wisconsin is Alabama with jewelry. @gmoomaw @rczullo Welcome to 2017, somebody
@Enquirer Why would we think that’s all he has? @JasonShen I feel like the first big event of the year, the Women’s March in DC, was a precursor to it but was part of the same wave. @warriors I have no memory of this. @DustyRaygs Time to get back in the damn Buick
@VaughnHillyard @MooreSenate It’s not that they think he didn’t hit on teenage girls, it’s that they don’t think th… @nytimes the problem is that you allow the "conservative" economist to make an unchallenged theological proclamatio… @gabrielroth My first job was at McDonalds - ain't nobody eating 2 Fillet-o-fish and living to tell the tale @CBOD14 @jbouie Dear god @copiesofcopies @RonColeman Sheriff Clarke is pretty much bulletproof because of all of his flair @PortlandGuy1974 At least they’re not trying to force us to do it this time @ameercats @PodSaveAmerica and Cincinnati! Jon's gotta come here anyway! We could probably fill the banquet room in… @PortlandGuy1974 I wanted to buy my boy a current jersey for my boy, to reflect players that HE thinks are cool ins… @copiesofcopies We have a burger joint named after her here that hosts the Dangerwheel races
@LogFlume did it flood AGAINI liked @3Billboards but the sight of all of these guys sitting in Missouri talking evil business and sipping on NC… @chucktodd say her name or stuff it
@tenspeedspokes Yeah but you’re gonna need a jacket @mattyglesias @jbouie I’m starting to suspect that the whole plan is for everyone to vote yes and yet have it die in reconciliation @LogFlume It’s almost cosmically frustrating at this point @LogFlume @markknoller @maggieNYT I think he’s honestly saying “yeah that is funny, this idiot thinks I’ll quit”, not that it’s wrong. @DavidKlion They know that trump will end the party and this is the looting out the door @BradKellerDA @Skyline_Chili Keep me posted!
@brianbeutler @crookedmedia @ashleyfeinberg was right @jonlovett Sexy Rexy @NateSilver538 The only thing that matters right now is tax reform and budget issues. We need to ignore all this ho… @LogFlume I have one republican “friend” and even he says that it’s an elimination of high potential taxes on forei… @morninggloria I like that he always tried to be gross in public instead of being all sneaky about it @mattyglesias these fucking guys
@ebonkovsky I am always reminded of my grandmother’s intensely racist name for those things. For that alone they make me shiver @RichardRubinDC What in the actual fuckthe "king in the mountain archetype" exists in many cultures; a long-past monarch who is not dead, only sleeping, a…
Retweeted by Chase Gibson @abenedikt Maybe she was bad because she was constantly seething at the injustice around her office @kwlovell @megynkelly @WillieGeist People assaulted by Lauer? @E_A_Swearengen @TerenceBegleyNJ @CharlesPPierce We saw that shit when he wrote letters to the editor @CincinnatiPhil Could not disagree more. Nice is not enough! @PortlandGuy1974 Is anyone there reading your old mail?
@tcdphotog @lkmcgann Nope. @TourdeJoe There’s “performance” and then there’s. . . ¡PERFORMANCE! @lkmcgann Just need to follow the president’s lead here. If he resigns then they should. If not, get back in the trenches.