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Eva C Scanlan @ThatEvaOne Ireland via NYC via Ireland.

GM/Producer @Fishamble, Producer @24HourPlaysDub. Beginner Cat Lady. Youngest Child. Tactless, but trying. All controversial/hilarious views my own.

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I have come as an ominous sign of the end ti-- wheeeeeeeeeeee
Retweeted by Eva C ScanlanDear Irish Delis - iceberg is not the only lettuce. Your obedient servant E. Scan.#repealthe8th
Retweeted by Eva C Scanlan"It's Thom Yorke on the decks, let's get this party started" *plays audio recording from Stanford prison experiment*
Retweeted by Eva C ScanlanI loved working on this show. What marvellous company I keep! 😊 Thanks all!
@darraghdoyle @enormous @teamwork TEAMWORK - thank you. Someone mentioned they have Gantt capabilities. *nerd-swoons* Much appreciated! :) @darraghdoyle @enormous Hi both! I think there was a FB hivemind 2 weeks ago, re good online work-flow systems. Top recommendations pls+ta!This @timkaine guy sounds alright. Quite refreshing after the second-hand horror I've (very nearly) successfully avoided w/ the #RNCinCLE. @Ryanair thanks! 😊 @seagullskids Werque. @Ryanair Early BagDrop in T1 in Dublin airport, that is. Thanks! @Ryanair Hi! Is the bagdrop open tonight for early flight to Netherlands tomorrow morning? What do I need to bring? Thanks! :)
Tonight INVITATION TO A JOURNEY@projectarts Inspired by #EileenGray. Crash w/ @CoisCeim @Fishamble 4 PERFS LEFT
Retweeted by Eva C Scanlan
@TaraFlynn *Hnnnnuuurrrrrg* (My typed hugging noise is alarming similar to my typed puking noise... 😕) @TaraFlynn I got hugs. Want one? 🤗 x
@ProResting Written by a person who is probably horrified by women having armpit or leg hair in the first place.At @projectarts for the sold out preview of INVITATION TO A JOURNEY. Get tix while you can. Runs to July 24! @allisongoes Well congratulations, miss! Such fantastic news. XI'm a divil for the aul cashew nuts.
@mrjohnbutler @st_vincent 10/10 would watch.
Gwan @projectarts, @ciangobrien & @MaserArt with your beautiful, important work. #Repealthe8th ❤️ @pepperslaughter He scratches because he loves me. @pepperslaughter Hahahaha! The likelihood of getting these on without losing an eye is slim... I like the blue sparkly ones though.Can you buy mittens / socks / gloves / shoes / paw-coverings for cats? This claw situation is out of control. @PippinParker Amazing! 😂 @PippinParker Yep. I'm using the opportunity to catch up on my sleep/ with one-eye on Netflix.Day 2 of the Annual Long Weekend Strepathon. Can't quite move my head or swallow without much pain. Considering wearing PJs to pharmacy. @AODhubhshlaine Swoon. @lizzienugent Finished UO in jig time early this morning (gripping), then fell into a sick-bed fever nap and dreamt about caddish men! @lovelynitemusic @Lin_Manuel @59E59 I would see that show. 😉
It's the Annual Strep Long Weekend! A little later than usual, but back with a bang and worse than ever. See you in a few days, world. 😷 @lizzienugent Great to hear! Now... Which book should I start with? Any preference/suggestions? :) @lizzienugent Oh no worries - you were busy with your adoring public and I had to leg it to a dinner! Hope you had a fantastic night!Well @lizzienugent, where should I start my weekend reading? (How often does one get to ask an author directly..?!)
@AODhubhshlaine I love those two pictures together. #1 Oh hey, a suitcase! Where are we going? #2 Saywhat?
@AODhubhshlaine I know.Guys - Pokemon GO, or no?Eh, they REALLY could have rephrased that part of TM's speech...?So, the queen is just knocking around her house with her handbag on her arm, or...?I like the new design of the @olympiatheatre Portrait Bar. But 12 male actors & 1 woman? Really? #WakingTheFeminists
Retweeted by Eva C ScanlanThis tweet now has 64 likes & 59 RTs. I would love to hear what your response is @olympiatheatre?
Retweeted by Eva C Scanlan @AoibhIrish @RedBearDublin You're welcome!
Good GOD, Lemon. Except replace 'Lemon' with 'Great Britain'. @AODhubhshlaine Flawed logic somewhere in that campaign...Now THIS is cute.
This insomnia buzz is zero craic. Got to watch the curtain call of #HamiltonMusical though, so there's that. Also, I'm quite hungry. @lept I avoid it altogether but even if a tiny bit creeps in, everything has that manky taste. There are other kinds of lettuce, people!!
Iceberg lettuce ruins everything it touches. It is a blight on other foodstuffs.
@AODhubhshlaine This is why I can never quit Twitter. 2. Slathered on the Deep Heat. I smell like the mid-90s. #waaahmbulance
@ProResting 'Cunta' is a little on the nose, but I'm sure the character description will be more subt--... Nevermind.
Just finished my 1st sesh w personal trainer. Sitting in my car now, waiting for the power to return to my legs before I attempt the stairs.Woke up at 530am to this. And I have a cold.
@RoryOMurchu @AODhubhshlaine I didn't know you were taking the aul photos. I like them! @RoryOMurchu Happy 2nd best day of the year to you, Poodle. Lots of love from here. Xxx @sweetoblivion26 Live it, learn it! I was on my way to college though, so I took it as a sign from the universe and took the day off. ;) @sweetoblivion26 Same goes for those Skin, Hair, & Nail supplements. Had a nasty (public!) reaction 10 yrs ago, never did it again!
While I was out, SOMEone knocked a full bottle of balsamic vinegar over my kitchen floor. Not pointing any fingers. can't figure out if this is actual footage, or a giant bobble-head MG stitched onto a tiny baby-hands body? Halp. @Boojum_Dublin hahaha. OK, I'll tell my friend...! (yo, @tanyadean!!) @Boojum_Dublin Y'all have a loyalty card? (Asking for a friend...)
@tanyadean @Boojum_Dublin @Deliveroo_DUB Thanking the old gods & the new that they probably don't deliver out to Ashbourne! (or do they?! 🤗)The new @Boojum_Dublin on Abbey St is going to be a big problem for me. A big, delicious, mouth-watering problem. #Foodbaby
You haven't run on a treadmill until you've run to Yorktown on the Hamilton OCR. Or something. I don't know. It's a great song to run to.
Revenge is a dish best served 7 years later. #thierryhenry #neverforget #COYBIGFor non Irish people the easiest way to explain the "Irish Vs Thierry Henry" situation is think Sansa Stark Vs Ramsey Bolton #REVENGE #IRL
Retweeted by Eva C ScanlanI'm in a shopping centre and the place went wild. A score!?!??!
Maybe post-ref regret will serve as a warning to complacent US voters. This is bad, yes, but if it serves a greater purpose, take it.Writers Retreat @GlenstalAbbey 1-3 July Em for info/ reg. RTs appr @LimerickArts @IrishWritersCtr
Retweeted by Eva C ScanlanJo Cox was murdered 8 days ago.
Retweeted by Eva C ScanlanThe worst part of the Leave campaign win is seeing Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson's faces everywhere. No one thought about THAT, eh?
Random thought while falling asleep: shouldn't they have called it 'shitty-litter' instead of 'kitty-litter'..? @enormous @vicenews 😒💥🔫Lads, ye should remain. If only beause the 'Brexit' portmanteau is like nails on a blackboard to me. @LisaGarvo I've heard Hiddleswift. Yours is better. Very Hufflepuffean either way.
Wouldn't you be raging if you were a US Senator and left your phone charger at home today? #NoBillNoBreak #HoldTheFloor @Geoff_Minogue Haha - whatever gets you through, dude! Pavarotti would be proud. ;)Apparently @Geoff_Minogue is going to reprise his #24HrDub party-piece Nessun Dorma in honour of the boys in green. Give it a lash, Geoff!Twitter might be The Absolute Worst sometimes, but occasions like #NoBillNoBreak are what it's made for. Keep on keepin' on.Egging on #NoBillNoBreak from Ireland. Yo @SpeakerRyan, how 'bout you honour that 1st Ammendment & #TurnOnTheCameras? The world is watching.
I've been awake since 4am, so I'm planning a trip to Ikea, and another to the Isle of Man. @killianmccrea, next holiday together?
Home is: having a guilt-free 4 hour nap without waking up to find children standing over you, waiting to play Lego. #AuntieEva...3rd flight in the last 24 hours with a shrieking child drowning out the safety instructions. Which is quite a nice change, actually.Nearly, nearly, neeeeaaarrrly home.
Another very new plane, another lack of individual AC vents. What gives, @Airbus? @MalapropTheatre Flew through it (in ever sense of the word). Sarah Lancashire is so watchable and subtle and weary. I love it.Watched the entire 2nd season of Happy Valley on my flight. Time very well spent. Also, have half boiled to death. Send water.About to depart Oz after a 4-week trip away for business and pleasure. Turns out, I'm a homebird. Can't WAIT to get home and do laundry. 😊On a seemingly very new airplane with no individual air vent. Boiling alive. Surely this is a regression in passenger services?
Just started #AwfulAuntie by @davidwalliams with my niece in Oz and now I'm kind of RAGING that I have to leave the country tomorrow. :/
@Expedia I asked for help 13 days ago! Not great turnaround, guys. @margaritacors A girl will enjoy this one.[Spoiler Alert] _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ . OMG. #GoT
Sooo, when are we calling time on people posting those Snapchat flower headbands and dog-faces? I'm done.
@colmtobin Dya like me hat, Sharon?
@Expedia Hi there! Do you have a chat function I can get through to customer support please? Quick query!
Finally getting to see this! Part of a very excited audience waiting for @TheatreLovett @kencen. #Ireland100.
@AerLingus Hi- I got email re online check-in, but msg with 'Online check-in is unavailable.' A friend was able to check in for same flight?
I REALLY enjoyed #PleasureGround by @fregolitheatre when I saw it in Dec. Final perf @THTG tonight, May 18. Do it. Chuggers! Clicking your fingers at me is a surefire way to lose a hand. Give it a twirl!