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Eva C Scanlan @ThatEvaOne NYC via Ireland.

Theatre & Events Producer in Dublin & NYC, @24HourPlaysDub @abbeytheatre - 5th annual #24HrDub: 31 Jan 2016! All controversial/hilarious views my own.

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Morning Eva is always so grateful to Nightime Eva for tidying up before bed. She's a good skin.
@tomhappens Please keep an eye out for my sister Enda. LAST confirmed sighting Phoenix Park Dublin, 4pm Sat 28th
Retweeted by Eva C Scanlan@TophHooperton She is definitely the best kid. Ethan Embry though - loved him 20 years ago in Empire Records, love him now.@TophHooperton I didn't hate it! LOVED the kids... more please!Not today, wisdom teeth. Not today.
This nail painting toy seems like a lot of work... #LateLateToyShowLet's pause for a moment for the real heroes: the RTE production staff who wrangle & harness mics to all those kids. #LateLateToyShowOh I wish I had some foreigners in my house to watch this with. I guess trending worldwide will do. #LateLateToyShowTractor Wars on #LateLateToyShow Fear the Deere!A doll with stretch marks - this is a learning moment for Ryan. #LateLateToyShow10 minutes into the Toy Show and Chill #LateLateToyShow
Retweeted by Eva C ScanlanI will not hate-tweet the #LateLateToyShow... Must... resist... too... many... jokes...!@CarolineHeffo @unajude It's a VERY gentle manoeuver - just far enough out to pull over the lens if it's not flush against the eyeball! :)@CarolineHeffo @unajude @colmheffo Eeek!@unajude @CarolineHeffo and down, so the lens is BEHIND your eyelid, and doesn't get pushed around / moved when you first blink. Gently!!@unajude @CarolineHeffo Haha! My trick (and it's gross), is once it's on your eyeball, to gently pull your eyelid (by the eyelashes!) out@unajude Oh no. Maybe not the best fit for the curve of your eye? Your opticians should've walked you through it/measured for fit, etc.@unajude Not at all! And make sure it doesn't flip inside out. Should be quite bowl-shaped, not flattening off, if that makes sense.@unajude Lots of solution, everywhere. On your fingertip before you put the lens on it, in the lens itself - feels easier to put into eye.@ZekeJMiller I want in on this mailing list...!
@TophHooperton As your magic laser eyes shoot death rays that slowly kill them from the back of their skulls.
And so to bed, after an eventful day of projects and future planning and general good times. Tomorrow, we start all over again. :) G'night!Jesus Christ, Twitter, I don't want to follow Joey Barton. Stop asking me!Only 21 Early Bird tickets left for #24HrDub @AbbeyTheatre. When they're gone, they're gone & fancy prices kick in! Actually, it'd be worth your while stopping everything til you find SV. My favourite show since 30 Rock, by a long measure.@TophHooperton Silicon Valley! LOL-out-loud funny. Otherwise, Catastrophe, Broad City, or just watch 30 Rock from the start.It took me over 10 years, but I finally filled my 15GB Gmail quota. Upgraded and now I'm flush with space. #TreatYoSelf.
Thanks for the RT @darraghdoyle! That video still gives me chills - seeing it for the first time with 497 others was nerve-wracking!@sarahling Woohoo! I didn't realise you were in the big house now! Congrats!! :)Wondering what all this #24hrDub hullaballoo is all about? Wonder no more with this 2014 video by @areamantom
Retweeted by Eva C ScanlanThere are just 30 early bird tickets left for the 24 HOUR PLAYS DUBLIN. Nab a a 30% off tic while you can: #24HRDUB
Retweeted by Eva C Scanlan@AODhubhshlaine Oh but sure listen.
Tickets are on sale now for @DubYouthTheatre's The 24 Hour Plays in @AbbeyTheatre #24hrDub #TheatreNews
Retweeted by Eva C Scanlan@ShaneDanByrne @DubYouthTheatre @AbbeyTheatre Very serious business, this.@ShaneDanByrne @DubYouthTheatre @AbbeyTheatre Good man Shane! Quick on the draw.
@peterdaly10 Shucks - I'm a bit too far north, otherwise I'd nab 'em! Hope it goes well.Suggested method for calculating the enormous dickishness of people on social media after terrible events.
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@TophHooperton It's a whole new career path for you.@TophHooperton People just really like Adele question mark????@TophHooperton I read that as 'finger-banged'. :(@TophHooperton Did you know you're @Buzzfeed-famous? Come for the theatre, stay for the lack of preaching. Looking forward to seeing the show tmw! :)@McMahonPhilly @HotForTheatre Ah. Bloody U2. :(What on earth is happening in Belfast this weekend that every hotel room is booked out or costs €250?? @HotForTheatre - is this your doing?!@enormous @AnyListApp @todoist I'm an easy target to join up. Making me USE the thing is the tricky part.Swapped out my Fitbit widget for the @SlackHQ one on my phone's homepage. Because let's be honest... (@enormous are you proud of me?)@paraicodonnell @OwensDamien This made me throw up in my mouth a little. *shudders*#24HrDub 2016: Tickets on sale this Monday 23rd November
Retweeted by Eva C ScanlanIt's #24HrDub time again! Early Bird Tix on sale @AbbeyTheatre next Monday. @24HourPlaysDub: 31 Jan 2016. BOOK EARLY! @LyricBelfast @HotForTheatre So I've heard! So glad I'm in the country for it!Finally, FINALLY getting to see #IHeartAlice @LyricBelfast tomorrow after missing every other tour. Cannae wait @HotForTheatre!
@lostplum Oh I know, I was being the kind of person who would miss the blank stare and all it entails! Lost in translation...@lostplum "Um, you didn't finish your sentence, you just kinda trailed off there..." :) I hear ya, sister. Hope NYC is treating you well! x@lostplum Ain't that the truth. Love NY but that country as a whole? Ouf. Seems to be an ongoing civil war over pretty much everything. :/@lostplum How can people NOT see history repeating itself here? It's as clear as day.
IRA & ETA operated extensively across borders. Terrorists will cross borders with or without refugees. Solution is more complex.
Retweeted by Eva C Scanlan
@InHollywoodland When they learn that Diane Keaton is sick again - Dermot Mulrooney's face. My heart!@InHollywoodland I adore that film. The 'Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas' bit slays me. I can't NOT watch it when it's on.About to see #BeowulftheBlockbuster at @projectarts. Going to bring some tissues, just in case the person sitting beside me needs one.The #WakingTheFeminists conversation going beyond the arts.
Retweeted by Eva C ScanlanDo you make things in Ireland? @broadsheet_ie would like to feature Irish-Made Stocking Fillers for Xmas
Retweeted by Eva C Scanlan@PippinParker Words to live by.@m_r_west @sweetoblivion26 Oy vey. I stopped scanning at 'raging harpies'. I'm in too good a mood to willingly annoy myself.@redlemonader Oh, HELLS no.
With love to all of you at @AbbeyTheatre today #WakingTheFeminists
Retweeted by Eva C ScanlanI have butterflies in my tummy walking towards @AbbeyTheatre for #WakingTheFeminists!
@LetaTremblay Kisses!!! Follow @lianbell (primary driver of this movement) and @WTFeminists to see how the meeting shakes out tomorrow. XThank you @LetaTremblay, one of the fiercest women I know. X @CapsLockTheatre @FullStopTweet #WakingTheFeminists #fairplayforwomenMy sister @lianbell needs a 2nd cameraperson to record proceedings at the #WakingTheFeminists Abbey event - please DM me if interested
Retweeted by Eva C Scanlan
What did you do on Sunday? Well, y'know. Stuff. #WakingTheFeminists (and with that, good night!)
Retweeted by Eva C ScanlanPS - do start following @WTFeminists too. Will be slowly moving official operations over there during the week! #WakingTheFeminists
Retweeted by Eva C Scanlan@kenarmstrong1 I judge so harshly everyone who posts those. The martyrist 'I understand if you don't post this, but...' makes me furious.
Dear @AbbeyTheatre, we love you but we need to talk, seriously, soon. Let's meet at yours. Get in touch. @lianbell #WakingTheFeminists
Retweeted by Eva C Scanlan@redlemonader If I didn't have a lunch to get to, I would happily, HAPPILY sit and watch Jeff Goldblum videos all day. Not even ashamed.@redlemonader SWOON. And there are outtakes! *cancel my 4 o'clock*
@sweetoblivion26 @antiroom They're up early, twitching and ready to go at their keyboards. So much fist-shaking outrage!@sweetoblivion26 @antiroom Christ alive, that's a depressing thing to read before 9.30am.Stars & Hearts
Retweeted by Eva C Scanlan@TophHooperton Easy, Lenny...
There'll be shrieks of "undignified!" at tweeting @EndaKennyTD about periods. Know what's undignified? Lack of bodily autonomy #repealthe8th
Retweeted by Eva C Scanlan
INSPIRING post by playwright @sonyakelly06. Love love love. #WakingTheFeminists #WakingtheNation
Retweeted by Eva C Scanlan@TophHooperton Or two ferries boinking into each other in the fog. What a shitshow. Travel safe. X@TophHooperton In the terminal? Does the boat not leave in 7 mins? Also, vvvv unlucky. What a shitty ending. :(@TophHooperton Hopefully you're safely on a boat, pointed east?
@TophHooperton You got most of the letters, just in the wrong order. *Oprah hug* Good For Youuuuu!@TophHooperton Go into Jezebel and read the spooky stories.@TophHooperton Winlock?, Wicklow?A pinch and a punch for the first of the month.
@darraghdoyle This ad makes me sob every time. I must have watched it 50 times over the years. There's an excellent making-of vid, too.@AODhubhshlaine You are a professional at something. More than 1/2 way there!Saw and loved #QueenOfIreland with @TophHooperton. Congrats @PantiBliss, @McMahonPhilly & co. (Philly - bawling w/ you at the count! X)
Oh my God!... Look at all this junk food! #Ghostbusters is a mine!Hair plug / hair restoration ads distress me. Embrace the hand you're dealt, balding gentlemen. It's a much, much, much, MUCH better look.@ProResting Mock all you like: I would watch the hell(!!!) out of that film.@AODhubhshlaine #SquadGoalsHey @AODhubhshlaine... If they ever bring broadband to Kilkenny, this is what it'll be like.
Brilliant work from the young artists and all involved in @DubYouthTheatre's #ShowMeLove! Congratulations and break legs for a great run.Just raced up three flights of stairs to reunite a little old lady with her purse. My sainthood will most likely be posthumous. *lungs pop*
@VirginMediaIE That was two days ago, but thanks...
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