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Martin Beeby @thebeebs Northampton

Works for Microsoft as a Technical Evangelist.

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@shaunmnemonic I have that sort of faceGuess where I am today #wcls
Retweeted by Martin Beeby @ChristosMatskas @arranrp Not for leaders in the community like you, but those running meetups. Which I actually th… @Microsoft @Google @mozilla working together for building stronger communities #serendipity @rupertwhitehead #wcls
Retweeted by Martin Beeby @FusionMeetup So glad you could make it!We're here! Looking forward to a great day meeting tech community leaders in UK & Ireland #fusionmeetup #wcls
Retweeted by Martin BeebyKicking off Web Community Leaders Summit. Let us rock! #wcls
Retweeted by Martin BeebyExcited to be at the Web Community Leads Summit and meet all the lovely webby people here! #wcls
Retweeted by Martin Beeby @sdh100Shaun yes... circa 2011 @Si Yes this sounds great. Let me know if you can make the time and I will sort it out.I got to annoy @liliankasem for another evening...will miss you loads again 😭enjoy summer in Seattle Xxx
Retweeted by Martin Beeby @Si Yes. Make it easy, pick something you've done already. As long as there is some tech angle the audience will be delighted. @laurakalbag not sure about independents but I've used funky pigeon before @Si It's Northampton geek night @arranrp We have a meeting of folks that run Meetups. I'm surprised I didn't invite you. I have been pretty disorga… @Si I can't quite process that tweet. lol it's 18:00 talks usually start around 7 as I recall. @Si P.s don't suppose you have availability on the evening of 12of July to speak in Northampton @Si Ah yes. I should have invited you thinking about it, you run community events about the web. Come to the next one.Today we are partnering with Google, Mozilla and Samsung to provide a united front for Web Community leaders #wcls Make web not war.Hope all web community organisers have fun at Google today for #wcls. Our rep is @MartinKearn be sure to say hello.
Behold! This is the greatest use of Microsoft Technology I have ever seen! #WebGL @babylonjs work in progress implementation. Mansion scene works great in VR! Stay tuned for tutorials
Retweeted by Martin BeebyNear Northampton and looking for a career change. Friend of mine has some LAMP stack and DevOps jobs going: @jaffathecake I was tracking a 3rd in my first year. I got a 1st in my 2nd and 3rd year @jaffathecake Self confidence, self awareness, self belief. The lady introduced me to others with dyslexia that wer… @jaffathecake Nothing the uni paid for it. You should check if your health care covers it. @jaffathecake It was possibly one of the biggest turning points in my life. Even though I thought it was going to be a waste of time. @jaffathecake I took one when I was at Uni. She told me I had adult dyslexia. Which means I've developed coping str…'m looking to hire senior front-end engineers and tech leads for @amazonprimenow! Message me for further details.
Retweeted by Martin Beeby @Wicko73 That has changed even I have a revenue target now. I miss the loose fancy free days of dpe creativity, although I still love it.
@sugendran Yes you are right. "Our" not "are".No one knows our market and our customers better than we do 5/10We honour our commitment to the rest of Microsoft 10/10We think of job descriptions as loose guidelines 9/10Our rock stars are those that make the team around them better 8/10We challenge the broader business to get better highlighting both problems and how we are solving them 7/10We own our business and are the only ones accountable for it's success 6/10No one knows are market and our customers better than we do 5/10We take risks, try many things and whole-heartedly embrace the failure of many of those 4/10We drive the results we need with the levers we control 3/10We celebrate small successes with disproportionate glee 2/10This is DX, We make a choice everyday to be here and be part of this. 1/10These are the 10 statements written on the wall in our office 0/10 @sethjuarez @ch9 Seriously tho, you should visit @umbracoWho should I have next on @ch9?
Retweeted by Martin Beeby @sethjuarez @ch9 A guy called Martin Beeby in the UK, he has incredible insight. Might not be good for the MVP show…
Starting today you can download the @Spotify app for #Windows10 right from the Windows Store:…
Retweeted by Martin BeebySave the date: Microsoft Edge Web Summit 2017 comes to Seattle on September 13th
Retweeted by Martin Beeby @vcsjones @JamesLMilner Everyone feels like that @Sarkies_Proxy No my friend. the ad was on a differnt website. Not twitter.Turns out Oracle own that ad company. Creepy.I will be writing a letter to who ran that ad asking them to delete any information the slippery suckers have on meMaybe coincidence, 30secs ago I mention cheerios in a tweet and then the next article I look at on a website I get… @wfshiningstars you have inspired my youngest this morning after seeing zac playing with pasta and cheerios.
@ChristosMatskas Wow, that's amazing @ChristosMatskas That blows my mind @ChristosMatskas You can't be serious? @ChristosMatskas Do you get to speak Greek?I have a whole heap of great stuff to talk about. Come along! 😃
Retweeted by Martin Beeby @dotjson I'm your #1 fan. Writing the fanzine now.Oh my I just saw a cracking video of @dotjson #slowmotion #epic. @boilsegg We have a large number of customers and a key to helping the startups on azure grow is to make introduction to them.PowerPoint isn't the problem. It's people that don't know how to use PowerPoint to illustrate their points.
@stevensanderson That is so very true @shanselman I for one, think you are very good. @Julieanne Or when you're screaming to the kids "for the 15th time Get your Shoes ON!!!" open the door, see the nei… @sethjuarez Looks fantastic, epic as alwaysThis. 💔
Retweeted by Martin Beeby @boilsegg Rather than being hypothetical, next time you have a complex system that requires scale and global reach… @boilsegg I've had people that wanted UK data sovereignty. Access to China. We have more regions than anyone else in our cloud. @boilsegg Another wanted better IOPS as they had a disk latency issue. @boilsegg The last customer that I helped moved wanted a PAAS database service so they could offer their customers a better SLA. @MarkXA I think you (we all) might have mis judged corbyns leadship qualities. He has not learnt those on the job. @boilsegg There are lots of reasons we take their customers. We can do lots of things they can't, it depends on the app.
If you are too young to remember Nelly he's the guy Kelly Roland used to text using excel: thought: I wonder if Nelly is still wearing that plaster.I get annoyed by microsoft people that think azure has nothing to do with the web. Our biggest competitor is called Amazon WEB services.Thank you @wfshiningstars for little touches like this. off today. Zac at school and Louis pulling faces