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Martin Beeby @thebeebs Northampton

Developer Evangelist at Oracle. Previously at Microsoft.

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@philhawksworth @paulrobertlloyd @sallylait @eleven_ty @Netlify @fnproj When I am less busy I will see if I can imp… @paulrobertlloyd @philhawksworth @sallylait @eleven_ty @Netlify @fnproj It’s made by us at Oracle... we welcome feedback @paulrobertlloyd @philhawksworth @sallylait @eleven_ty @Netlify Perhaps @Fnproj
@Dr_Tempest it's own fire and police department.
@Baddiel Raddison Blu in Edinburgh does both white and black pudding. @tomcoates Venga boys?
@shanselman I travel all over EMEA. I haven’t used cash in over a year whilst travelling. With the exception of Qat… recommended! This was a really fun evening of gamified coding recently!
Retweeted by Martin BeebyNext Friday come on a Code Adventure with me and some friends at the Oracle Offices. You will get hands-on with Mic… @lizrice @BrianLinuxing It'll be fine, just make sure you take your towel. #hhg2tgMartijn Vlek talking about blockchain at #OracleMBX
Retweeted by Martin BeebyNext Friday afternoon why not come along to my code adventure workshop. We will be exploring Microservices, Kuberne…
We visited Norway last week to talk about @fnproj - what a wonderful surprise to find an @acntechie blog about it a…
Retweeted by Martin Beeby @MaximumGilliard @fnproj @acntechie Got a cab from the airport as it was really late and I couldn’t be bothered wit… @MaximumGilliard @fnproj @acntechie Beautiful place... but how expensive are taxis!!!A new DiscoTech meetup is coming today! Let's meet and talk about serverless and @fnproj #Meetup #Copenhagen
Retweeted by Martin Beeby @ClaireS_MS I’m an adult dyslexic. Was diagnosed age 22 *so about 6 months ago ;)* if you can find coping mechanism…“Introducing Build Pipeline in Oracle Developer Cloud” by Abhinav Shroff
Retweeted by Martin Beeby @MkHeck @Oracle I promise you not everyone at Oracle wants to upset developers. I suspect that the legal team are j… you @kulkhanjian and @ismailsyed97 for doing an amazing job on #stage and in the #PressBriefing yesterday at…
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@andspo Sure I’ve changed my number... it’s now 123I'm becoming increasingly entrenched in my views when I hear folk talking about whether AI can be ethical. Technol…
Retweeted by Martin Beeby @andspo It’s 22:00 in Doha @MasonCusack They would mason. You’re far too helpful and competent. That always raises the intern flag for me ;) @edent Its more like twitter but without a delete button. You can be wrong or make a mistake. You can rectify it...… @edent If you made a mistake on a hyperledger fabric blockchain. You create a new transaction that changes the mist… @edent No other way to achieve it. Since even if you enabled some delete mechanism you couldn’t guarantee that it h… @edent The pointer would be for the personal data. The other data would remain immutable.Only automate a process once you have done it nonautomated successful enough that you understand it. @edent Most of the data you are storing in a blockchain transaction can be modified by another transaction. You can…
Thanks for listening to me speak to today Oracle Cloud Day Qatar. Here are the Blockchain Examples I talked about:…
Come along it’s going to be fun @ballantine70 Music in pubs?
@housecor @sddconf to the rescue @davidwalshblog If you want to do this programmatically you could use a html5 canvas use rgba as a fillstyle and then read the rgb values.
@sarah_edo After using AMEX for 8 years. Carson Wagonlit are very, very good.
@brad_frost SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Architect's Guidebook by @MartinKearn @gwronald True story I heard it at Bletchley Park so must be trueCan anyone think of other outdated Metaphors that are commonly used in technology e.g shipping software.
Just want you all to know that Helsinki has a snowplow API: We used it in our @fnproj hand…
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Still, some tickets left for my Cloud native themed event in a few weeks:
@simon_mich very cool! If you have a recomendation let me know.
Get hands on with @fnprog and serverless at my free event in London
@codepo8 Kebab pizza would be true understandingUpcoming trips to Barcelona then on to Doha. Always wanted to go to Barcelona ever since my English teacher in seco… some ticket available for my free afternoon event in London on the 27th of April #kubernetes #nodejs @gblock Yes they are far too often slated. Good marketers are worth their weight in gold.
@sazzy I find doing it alone helps with production since you only have to organise yourself to be there. You should…
@steven_feeney james acaster. Was supposed to be directed at him. @JamesAcaster just binged watched your Netflix series. Was brilliant. So clever. and that's coming from someone bor… @steven_feeney whoops @Bars1kTheCaT yes @IrisClasson I think comments are now enabled.A Java consultant, author and trainer, @DaschnerS, explains the "20 Ways to Boost Your Productivity" to #developers
Retweeted by Martin Beeby @lookitskris @IrisClasson I am paying them monthly. Part in support. Part to simplify my life. @IrisClasson Yes. I haven't got around to adding comments to my ghost installation.I just blogged about being a developer and getting jealous of others:
@mtaulty wow. Some strange moves going on at Windows.Want to learn about Kubernetes? Then why not come on a code adventure with me: year ago today, Emanuel Santos’ Cristiano Ronaldo bust was unveiled. The world laughed at him. We challenged hi…
Retweeted by Martin Beeby @brucel They optimise the packages for their logistics, not necessarily for the final few miles, which is why I thi…
@Kamuela Yep. That’s the joke ;)Every single day I misspell exaggerationI think Germany have a great approach to privacy and Facebook. Null Zucker to learn more about Serverless or Kubernetes come to a free afternoon event I'm runing in London google search result a free event in London for people interested in Cloud Native Development at Oracles offices on the afternoo…
@MaximumGilliard @brunoborges I will stop once I have a @GWRSlide inception. 5 levels deep talk held by @thebeebs at #dockerbday in Berlin. Interesting how far we came at almost day 10000 of the web c…
Retweeted by Martin Beeby @annatkinney Bacon expert 🥓
@Marcus_Noble_ This one... it plays with my eyes. I wonder if I am just to used to regular fonts. Might persevere,… @Marcus_Noble_ The dyslexia font on the kindle actually bugs me a bit. I think that might be open dyslexia, will check. @Marcus_Noble_ I have adult dyslexia which means I have found coping mechanisms, I wasn’t diagnosed till my early 2… @Marcus_Noble_ As a dyslexic I’m not sure that’s true. I personally don’t find it easy to read @rem I was wondering. I read a little about your transformation but can't recall if you ever got personal training.… sans has its benefits:
@Herring1967 really enjoyed the show tonight. Although now missed my train. On the upside got a great rate at the E… presentation from @NLad95 on tips and tricks of using Docker #codenode #dockerlondon #OracleCode #oracle
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