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Martin Beeby @thebeebs Northampton

Works for Microsoft as a Technical Evangelist.

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@mtaulty yes. Lol
The annual "Should I buy an Air-con unit for 5 days of summer" dilemma
@toddmotto since it's quite coupled already I would be going for 2nd option.
@deanleigh yes I do.Since @mtaulty explained to me the term "Jump the shark" was a reference to a happy days episode, tech journalism makes a lot more sense.
@glenstonwells no sadly not.
@Wicko73 told ya ;) @Wicko73 I've seen this one before. He wins. @Maplin_NN that's the one. My next purchase.I'll be in Aberdeen in just over 2 weeks' time talking Windows 10, UWP, More Personal Computing & Cognitive Services
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@ericlaw it would have been a lot harder without the gun. Just a man shouting bang. @Maplin_NN not sure. It's on your display. I think its a corsair. Quite compact led lights. Had a mouse and gaming headset on display @MichelVdBel in your handover you need to get Cindy on Twitter. Can't find her. Good luck with your new role, you will be missed in the UK. @Maplin_NN was in your place earlier in the week... I'm completely sold on one of your gaming keyboards. A fantastic keyboard for coders.11:05 Track 1 - I'll be talking about bootstrapping your adoption of #microservices at scale and what Microsoft is doing! #micromanchester
Retweeted by Martin BeebyCheck out the @Microsoft booth with @techdiction and @dotjson at #micromanchester, and get yourself a penguin :-)
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@Sllayt3r yep... same thing for the last 2 days. Get some antihistamine.
Guess my feeling was correct!! Get in there #WAL πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» unbelievable team work #EURO2016
Retweeted by Martin BeebyYes wales!!! @toolan using a real sense camera I suspect to get depth. You can see it below the monitor in the hand. Then they have added some smarts.Not a demo... A real implementation of gesture control (Now with correct link)
Really excited to congratulate Cindy Rose on joining Microsoft UK where she will officially takeover from me on Nov 1st as UK CEO
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@shaunbellis @IrisClasson im on holiday... But @dotjson might be around to explain.
@anna_debenham @aexmo its usually just 10 and they are referred to as the board. @stopsatgreen boris get in the sea.I have no words today.
Retweeted by Martin Beeby @mrcfield also not good for people that have existing loans. In the 2008 crash I went 40,000 into negative equity. @mrcfield depends if banks will lend and interest rates remain low.Windows 10: A small voice of optimism when everything has gone to shit.
Retweeted by Martin BeebyThen they came for me - and there was no one left to speak for me.Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out - Because I was not a Jew.Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out - Because I was not a Trade Unionist.First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out - Because I was not a Socialist. @markrendle yep
@bseymour kettering doesn't even have a showing like that for the poppies. They must have thought it was a vote to leave corby. @rem @Julieanne A/B testing?I voted remain.
Get hands-on with Microsoft #CognitiveServices at @recognitionhack, June 25-26th: #AI
Retweeted by Martin Beeby @Sllayt3r yes.@TLAWomeninTech 'if you want to drive collaboration, have at least 1 woman at the table' #shecando
Retweeted by Martin Beeby @AdamFowler_IT if it's a software project. Visual Studio Team Services:
@burtware ill take it on board for next time. @burtware sorry :(Here’s something Iβ€˜m glad about tonight. That no single group gets to say what being British is. People say "we want our country back"...
Retweeted by Martin Beeby @shaundunne or we could... reinvent scrolling. @shaundunne oh gosh that's annoying.
Anyone who's involved in tech & digital in Birmingham needs to go to @FusionMeetup Great event. Beg or steal (or buy) a ticket to the next 1
Retweeted by Martin BeebyEntertaining talk from @FriendlyTester at #fusionmeetup #fusionbrum
Retweeted by Martin Beeby @PJGCreations @msdevUK @MartinKearn thanks mate. @ukmadlz I am here @MartinKearn gone camping. @Mozadonald yep your a winner of a charger. DM me your address and I will send it when I am next in the office.
Hahaha. Only @thebeebs
Retweeted by Martin Beeby @No1Melman sorry, just calling it as I see it... But I'm often wrong.Really enjoyed #MSWebDay both presenters were great! More like this please!
Retweeted by Martin BeebyGreat day, given me an overview of the web technologies I need to learn & solution ideas for a few tasks at work #MSWebDay
Retweeted by Martin BeebyYou can watch all of the recordings from today's #MSWebDay on @ch9 right now:
Retweeted by Martin Beeby#MSWebDay really useful and loads of info. Thanks guys.
Retweeted by Martin BeebyBoost Update. @martinkearn still not eaten the boost. @TheDarkJ3Zt4h did you jump back? hit the live button. @RachMS @MartinKearn do you have a picture of the msft aus office?#mswebday - staff at our work watching the Webcasting
Retweeted by Martin Beeby#mswebday @thebeebs Was about to ask the relational logic between Obama and Entity Framework. Thanks for clarifying :)
Retweeted by Martin BeebyAttending #mswebday while working on non web stuff :)
Retweeted by Martin BeebyHaha, you've inadvertently sparked a group debate on pluralising table names! #mswebday
Retweeted by Martin BeebyOMG can so relate to the frustration behind "the idea guy"...πŸ˜‚#mswebday
Retweeted by Martin Beeby @HotChilliLtd yep... my mistake... Thye dat in the backend is correct. Will see if i can fix today.Streaming #mswebday live today... What could possibly go wrong ;)
@shs96c fantastic! Everybody is now in the club.Official #selenium #webdriver support coming for Safari? Oh yes! Thank you, Apple!
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@MarkXA they already have mine.That's the problem with Chinese whispers... All I asked was that Satya added me on linked-in
Jurassic Park is a great movie about how big an impact you can have as the first programmer at a startup
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#ndcoslo is officially over. Thanks to all attendees, speakers and partners. We hope to see you again next year!
Retweeted by Martin BeebyA new hot desker in the office today @NathanGloyn whoops. Fixed.Reasons your demos will fail at conferences: do I not already follow @jonathansampson . No worries I have corrected that now. If you don't follow him, You should. @SmithPlatts awesome!!!!I must use Broccoli due to it's anti-aging properties: at 12:15 with @MartinKearn and @thebeebs #broccolijs
Retweeted by Martin Beeby @thebeebs I can't believe you just did that ... You've reinforced why I follow you!
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@pjgcreations @devoxxuk @liliankasem son of ray, demoer of Azure. Loyal servant of gates and protector of the house of Redmond. @techdiction @glenathan @sheffieldDevops tell that to the 1000 of demos that I've sat through that didn't work because of conf wifi @RickStrahl @timsneath you should never give up on a man that speaks Esperanto #longstoryGuess who's back, back again dotnets back, tell a friend. #dotnetconf @raymondcamden @nolanlawson @brucel @MicrosoftEdge can only speak for MS. But suspect "Scott Lawson" is be a fasttrack to exec leadership.More news from #dotnetConf. @SHanselman welcomes the newest project to join the .NET Foundation – Cake.
Retweeted by Martin Beeby @ICooper @markrendle I get the rest but python? That one just for fun?We have a winner on the ms stand at #devoxxuk cc @visualstudioukWe have a winner on the ms stand at #devoxxuk Murphy hit a home run @devoxxuk What if martin beeby was john snow newsreader: really has changed for the better, for all developers #Git #docker #kanban etc. #DevoxxUK @DevoxxUK
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At #devoxxuk2016 someone asked Project Murphy: What if Hillary Clinton was Donald Trump. It responded with this:
Mowed the lawn listening to @MartinKearn @thebeebs via the @ch9 podcast... #minicrash #webhackwed
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re:cognition hack London X-platform dev with Cognitive Services, Win10 has 1 or 2 seats left
Retweeted by Martin BeebyPackage managers used in Core – Nuget, npm, Bower by @thebeebs and @MartinKearn @ch9
Retweeted by Martin BeebyHelping out with the Imagine Coding sessions at #AzureCraft
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@shanselman London azure user groups yearly event @scottgu spoke there this am @scottisafool probably because someone was in a rush 4 Friday's ago to leave the office. @msdev @chrisbrunskill @HandP2010 I have already burned my eyes out and just got off the phone to my lawyer ;)