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Martin Beeby @thebeebs Northampton

Developer Evangelist at Oracle. Previously at Microsoft.

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@fnproj @ritasker @kev_bite @LeedsSharp @FNPLATFORM @FNProject @Twitter @TwitterSupport That's weird. I checked it… @thechiefunicorn That's awesome I am going to try at an open mic night one time. What's the worst that could happen.A yorkshie pudding wrap... Clearly in the north @TerryJRJoyce @LeedsSharp Thank you! @LeedsSharp Enjoyed the talk of The State of the Function last night by @thebeebs Good to see the comparison of pro…
Retweeted by Martin Beeby @lawrencegripper or maybe I am missing what these systems actually do. @lawrencegripper It's funny because it sort of solves the same problem in a different way as fn flow. Functions are… don't know if it's something in the water but the Oracle team in Malaga are Awesome. @ritasker @kev_bite @LeedsSharp @FNPLATFORM It's @fnproject ;) @thechiefunicorn I was told today that you did standup comedy? Is this true. If so how did I not know.
Awesome night at @LeedsSharp with a great 'state of the function' talk from @thebeebs #azure #aws #oracle
Retweeted by Martin Beeby @kev_bite @thebeebs @LeedsSharp Yeah doing some serverless. @FNPLATFORM looks quite neat, if I can get it working :s
Retweeted by Martin Beeby @techdiction @LeedsSharp You going to the reactor community thing in shoreditch in March? I’m going to that. @techdiction @LeedsSharp I forget sometimes how many people I know in Leeds I probably should have made more of an… @csswizardry @LeedsSharp Thanks, that’s nice of you, but tonight I’m following the crowd, that worked out well last time I was here.Arrived in Leeds for my talk tonight at @LeedsSharp
There are some lessons in KFC for cloud development. Distribution and Scale are hard problems. Never choose a vendo… @mp3monster @gwronald @OracleDevs @UKOUG @Microsoft @Oracle I agree. Monolith is a horrible word as it makes it sou… @mp3monster @gwronald @OracleDevs @UKOUG @Microsoft @Oracle lol, I was wondering why I had been followed by the mp3… @thebeebs Hi, we ran some analysis identifying the most influential developers in AI, Cloud, Cybersecurity, IoT, VR…
Retweeted by Martin Beeby @Onalytica Nice, thanks @gwronald @OracleDevs @UKOUG @Microsoft @Oracle Do you want a job as my Hype man. I could get used to this :)Calling all @OracleDevs the @UKOUG Development SIG have a great agenda of content including a new face with a HUGE…
Retweeted by Martin BeebyToday I taught a #STEM infused lesson about holograms made from the Kimoyo bracelets worn in @BlackPanther. My st…
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@ballantine70 Me: I Need £500 this week. Corporate: Sorry budgets are tight. Me: I Need £50,000, next month. Corp… @jaffathecake @depoulo On a desktop [1] in the first instance on an iPhone in this instance [1] in chrome (sorry c… @jaffathecake @depoulo No it’s on click on my machine unless you have is turned offHoly moly, not only are there 140 people signed up for the @IDinLondon event next week (ft @thebeebs &…
Retweeted by Martin Beeby @jaffathecake on wikipedia. You click the footnote. it pops up a box? @jaffathecake Wikipedia solves this problem pretty elegantly. With JS and without. @jaffathecake Surely you should click the 1. then hit back? Anchors? @rem So I recall @robmiles showing me an all in one chip a few years ago that was under $10... what was it again rob?
@joshholmes I will have you know the UK is expert in all things curling 🥌 and I am a master of the sport having watched it at least 4 times
Packing for @devnexus & appreciating the clear pencil case organizing tip from @thebeebs. 40p each ✌️
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@IDinLondon @anthonykeenan The 27th isn't next week ;) Ok technically if you start your weeks on a Sunday.140 tickets taken for the event next week! Really looking forward to it, been a while @thebeebs & @anthonykeenan !…
Retweeted by Martin Beeby @sethjuarez First time I installed it I recall thinking that it didn't feel installed. But opened PowerShell and ra…
@MartinKearn You appear to be both surprised and fearful of this news?
If you are using WebLogic Server and your head has been turned by Kubernetes, here is an interesting Open Source pr…
Just landed back in the UK looks like I’m going to miss valantines day in a cab on my way home @vasudevram @davidrpmorris @stroustrup @rasmus @dhh @ahejlsberg And typescript @JohnONolan Your travel is not compatible with their fraud algorithms. P.S. On another note... I’m now a ghost pro… @Kamuela thanks, I have been working on my editing skills for a few years. I sort of know my way around premier.I made this video whilst I was at #dockerranstad @ChristosMatskas just walk the wrong way down the moving paths.Interesting visualisation tool for Microservices I personally had not seen it before.A new episode of a new show I am making. On the road with thebeebs. 📢 First Episode Klaxon 📢: Wrecker in Amsterdam
Retweeted by Martin BeebyA new episode of a new show I am making. On the road with thebeebs. 📢 First Episode Klaxon 📢: Wrecker in Amsterdam @JamesMontemagno Yep just tested. You just need to add the language ID to change the markdown code class. @gardnio You can not buy class @JamesMontemagno What you using to render your markdown @JamesMontemagno Prism worked for me @ChristosMatskas @VirginAtlantic I see USB. You need to get USB C charging in your life! @andspo @msdevUK @reddit @SaraAllison End of an era!!!
@gcaughey So I actually thought they were the same thing. Primer is the base on which you build other things on. @MarquisdeGeek I don't understand.Americans pronounce Primer weird. "Prim er" I say "Prime er" who is right? @ludlamzgull @ChesterDevs So I don't know much about it technically. My understanding that Google is quite expensiv… @shanselman If the world or Microsoft budgets were fair, you’d be flying business all the time. Although I do love… @shanselman In coach? Is that a choice? If not you need to change your agent. I’ve seen folks way below your level… @JamFactory Still, at least today, a lock would stop the the advance of our robotic overlords.
@galiyawarrier Amazing! If you ever want to organise a TED conference for the under 5s, I have a little one who wou… @aexmo Personally my family have never listened to so much music since we got Alexa. Makes access to music really s…
@thebeebs @ChesterDevs Hi @thebeebs thank you for your visit and amazing explanation of serverless. i recently lan…
Retweeted by Martin BeebyMe age 20 with my wife and long suffering partner Michelle
I love the Scottish @SheratonLHR my parents are staying with you tomorrow before their holiday is it possible for me to buy a bottle of…
If you create a load balancer in a public cloud using kubernetes and then the Load balancer is deleted outside of k… @mikebtweet @sil @ChesterDevs 8008 @sil @ChesterDevs Yes, I will sort it and get a link soon.Thank you to everyone @ChesterDevs for not using my AWS security key after I showed it on stage. I just checked the…"Chrome Didn't shut down correctly" Don't act all innocent Chrome, you were the damn reason my computer crashed and…
@stuartleeks @frances_tibble If we can find another 200 entangled brains and entangle with them also we can then r… @stuartleeks @frances_tibble We can then entangle our collective brains so that when one of us learns something, we… @stuartleeks @frances_tibble What we need to do Stuart is get your brain to be in two states at once, both relaxing… @RachMS Ok not heard that term before. So the difference between that and a normal business would be that they are… @RachMS I am going to bite... what’s a scaleup? @ShahidDev @troyhunt You can have it fast or elegant. Choose one. @ckindel I completely agree. Maybe a Vision Mixer would be more suitable if you are tone deaf. Same sliders and but…