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Martin Beeby @thebeebs Northampton

Works for Microsoft as a Technical Evangelist.

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New Custom Speech Services available in public preview saw the future today. A future in which you never have to remove USB safely.
I want to thank the #BRITs for my nomination in the best technical speaking category. P.S. This may have been a dream
Top Tip: Avoid Expensive sauna and steam room costs by simply opening the dish washer mid cycle.Azure Functions now has a Proxy feature for lightweight API management. Now in public preview #serverless #azure
Retweeted by Martin BeebyThis week on #WebHacWed Myself and @martinkearn look at Web Notifications discussion about quantum computing live on channel9 right now: #uktechdays @MissRachilli first things first... Lets close some of those tabs ;)
Re live the early days of the internet, by dragging a telephone cable half way around the house everytime you check twitter.
Top tip: Experience life as a giant by buying 150ml cans of diet coke article on homework bot from @DaveLeeBBC disagree with "Progress is miserable" I see the opposite at Dev stage
So @GlitchTV on Netflix is brilliant.oh my god somebody modeled the trump handshake
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The Fonz aka @thebeebs - looking all holo-like #HoloLens
Retweeted by Martin BeebyQuite an impressive comparison of application performance monitoring products. @Azure App Insights came out on top…
Retweeted by Martin Beeby is June 12-16, 2017. Have you submitted your talk proposal yet? Come speak with me in 🇳🇴‼️
Retweeted by Martin BeebySeeking a new Director of Technical Product Marketing for the Microsoft data platform. Sound interesting?
Retweeted by Martin BeebyI am currently calling @dotjson "Joni Two Takes" because he demanded to reshoot his #uktechdays video. @HTwitt I always encode off the tricaster... so a 10gb file would be like hours of footage. It's not yet been a problem for me. @toddmotto which one.Onedrive is fantastic for sharing video. I run a small studio and it's revolutionised the editing work flow from Tricaster > Cloud > Editor
@rikhepworth @simon_mich bill gates was in 2day with a bottle of vanish, scrubbing the floor muttering about pesky MVPs under his breathBehind the scenes of #webhackwed and #techdaysuk on #WebHackWed @martinkearn shows a hack to ensure your site always stays warm on Azure using Azure Functions @robhawkes @riptari DM me your email and I will put you in contact
Congratulations to @jongalloway for becoming Executive Director of the .NET Foundation #webhackwed merchandise. was presenting at Broad Quay House. Looked out my hotel window... Oh there it is. Who needs maps. @troyhunt @danielfe @haveibeenpwned every time i hear this arvo... I think about yabbie creek. I grew up on neighbours and home and away.
@MarkXA @MartinKearn according to Sean Spicer it was pretty much everyone in the room. #AlternativeFacts @MartinKearn yes. And a microphone. A handheld freeking Microphone. That's the key.Happy 15th Birthday @dotnet - you changed my life. Thank you! 🎂🎉
Retweeted by Martin BeebyI gave a talk on at a Wetherspoons in Trowbridge on Sunday. All I said was that I preferred Tabs to Spaces. Lesson learned.Dear @dotnetsouthwest. Here is a wrap up post of everything I talked about tonight: @martinkearn I did the Roslyn/Roxanne Joke tonight. and more than 1 person laughed. I told you it was just a matter of time.Great talk this evening by @thebeebs on the .NET Compiler Platform (aka. Roslyn) at @dotnetsouthwest
Retweeted by Martin Beeby @jetbrains @msdevUK @thebeebs @mtaulty Any chance of a re-tweet for our cameild/pirate themed giveaway?
Retweeted by Martin BeebyOff to Bristol for my talk on Roslyn tonight. there is still space if you're interested in compilers
Surface Ergonomic Keyboard given 2 stars: Reason: Dosen't work on a mac... COME ON!
Woo go @NotABotRyan #bots
Retweeted by Martin Beeby @lawrencegripper nice to see you pushing the limits of #golang there ;)Was looking to buy some new cameras for work and came across this: Surface as a Service: @leggetter @sammachin @MSFTResearch lol it's great. I saw a version sam wrote before i think. Been meaning to get back to him about it. @leggetter @MSFTResearch this new cognitive service CRIS. Might clear up that API days Paris > API Dave paris bug my desktop. Found a tiny video I did for #APIDaysParis. 📲 ➡ Nexmo ➡ WebSocket ➡ App ➡ @MSFTResearch
Retweeted by Martin Beeby @Nick_Craver 1.5. Sorry I read it wrong :) @Nick_Craver 5tb of memory! Wow @ARMEducation great pic of the judging at @Hack_Cambridge with @geoffhu @thebeebs @Fur_Bi @liliankasem
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@brianteeman I will be out till about 10 I think. You going tonight? @MartinJThwaites I actually really like it hereArrived in leeds
@MarkXA are you kidding me!!!! Maybe I should come up with something else @danpi @MartinKearn it's just a Bing search away.Another Wednesday another WebHackWed. Today @martinkearn Shoehorns Language Understanding into the howhappy website @simondoy @MartinKearn when were you thinking. Possibly..@TheBeebs and I are doing a special event with @adnuguk on 23rd March in #Aberdeen #Scotland 4 talks planned: (1/2)
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@aexmo I'm on my surface book trying that out. Don't think I am seeing the issue: @aexmo you have any examples?
Looks like this month's .NET South West on the @roslyn compiler platform by @thebeebs is going to be a popular one!
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Big thanks to @thebeebs @galiyawarrier @zaask @tomhewitson for great talks at our #botmeetup at @IWLondon
Retweeted by Martin Beeby @DJVorTechS polymer apparently.Went to an Angular meetup. Was 20 mins before I realised my mistake as the guy kept going on about the best bait for carp. Damn my dyslexiaUber Skyscanner and more from @thebeebs
Retweeted by Martin BeebyWow are designing word templates now? When did that happen. @edbaker1965 @MVPAward well done ed. I also have an MVP award... It's not mine tho. I found it in the office. @london_hug great to meet a few fellow #HoloLens users this evening and thanks to @peted70 & @mtaulty for presentin…
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@marypcbuk @MartinKearn @codepo8 it's simply based upon the governments faq about the subject. Making light of a dark topic.
@mikehole @MartinKearn I had to bing sontaran... but yes. You're right.This weeks #WebHackWed where we build a bot to give us answers about brexit cc @MartinKearn
Just about to sneeze and someone nicked my hanky... Took me ages to clean the screen afterwards.
Retweeted by Martin BeebyOpen-sourcing Chrome on iOS has arrived! Read all about it 👉
Retweeted by Martin Beeby"video communications are now interoperable between Microsoft Edge and other major WebRTC browsers and RTC services…
Retweeted by Martin BeebyRecording in the studio with the wonderfully talented @dcoplin yesterday
2017, @TheBeebs & @MartinKearn look @ Recommendations API & how to give your website users usefu…
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Thank you @Hack_Cambridge it's been emotional writing Python.... And I don't hate it.
Having a break I thought I'd try my hand at a song by my namesake... I think I will leave it to him in the future @lookitskris @jmorrill or... to sit in a hotel room to worry about your talk for 3 days.MSFT is going to train 30,000 public sector staff for free and triple the run rate of our apprenticeship program: