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Martin Beeby @thebeebs Northampton

Developer Evangelist soon to start work at Oracle. Formally at Microsoft.

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@tomwarren Notebooks 📓 courier was a good idea then and it’s a good idea now ;)
@mikeschramm I have a 10 year old daughter that’s pretty nice.
Retweeted by Martin BeebyI believe my 90 year old nan just joined snap chat.So sad to see Misco go into administration and the site get pulled. I learnt so much about ecommerce at that place. Sad Times.
I gave up caffeine since I was off work. It led to 4 days of headaches and napping in the day. Feel fine now though. @burkeholland @code You’re made of stonger stuff than me. I cried at the good dinosaur. @burkeholland @kshep92 Web and software are always changing it can be tiresome, but at least it’s interesting... and grid is beautiful. @burkeholland And after that I felt really comfortable with it. @burkeholland It really is just a days worth of tinkering it’s straightforward. I spent about 4 hours with it re-la…
@tomwarren Fly virgin more. I have had many women captains on their flights.
@bobbyllew Damn damn damn I missed it! Red Dwarf means a lot to me and weirdly one of the reasons I became a programmer.As part of #BuyBritishDay please move all workloads to a UK data centre.Time to sell my bitcoin and buy a small island 🌴 ... is what I would have said if I’d have bought more than 1 bitcoin years ago.
Currently reading @kelseyhightower Kubernetes: Up and running. It’s excellent
"it shows that Oracle is committed and trying hard to engage the broader developer communities"
Retweeted by Martin BeebyThe New CSS Layout book by super smart @rachelandrew is out in e-flavour & sliced wood. An absolute steal—get it 👉
Retweeted by Martin Beeby @crtr0 Mustache works fine house at our Getting Started with Machine learning in R workshop 🎉@IWDSuk @WWCLondon #datascience #techknowday
Retweeted by Martin Beeby @Fur_Bi talking about building classification models and model evaluation in R! #TECHKNOW #R #ML
Retweeted by Martin BeebyAligning the kernel from wp7 to wp8 was neat engineering. As it transpired had no commercial benefit. Millions of work hours. @sethjuarez @Golnaz89 Try Garden Leave. I woke up from a nap to read this.Hi 👋 We’re a new site for conference speakers. We’re getting ready to launch, but you can reserve your username now
Retweeted by Martin BeebyRetweet if you ever got one of these at school for being a lick
Nice line in hit refresh: Consistency is better than perfection.The end of Windows Mobile/Phone just leaves more questions
Retweeted by Martin Beeby#selenium committers, past and present. So lovely to spend time with them again @seleniumconf #seconf
Retweeted by Martin BeebyWhen nothing goes right. float:left @iandevlin sorry about the WP news.Google executive in “Working his contracted hours” shocker:
@IrisClasson The first time I really read about dev culture was in Douglas Copeland’s Microserfs I think this and j… @Nick_Craver I’ve not used the latest generation of macs mine is 2015 but my surface book track pad is just as good. But Also has 16gb top.
Controversial, but I preferred Cars 3 to lala land. @Wicko73 @annatkinney @mtaulty For me it’s more of an exclusive timber building. @triblondon You are a better man than me. I’d have just put chocolate.“I’m painting a picture of a sunny place. I’m painting a picture of Bristol”. I am not sure where he gets that from love a good trampoline park. @burkeholland Yes no where calls it soft whip. I meant soft serve... I made that up. In the uk we call it mr whippy. @ConnectedMJ It’s all I got @ConnectedMJ I worked with the director Edgar Wright on a project once for IE9 it was called Brandon Generator: @burkeholland May I suggest change the word crap to ‘soft whip’ it avoids offending anyone and also adds a new level to the joke.Do you remember when you joined Twitter? I do! #MyTwitterAnniversary
Not feeling Lala land at all.The lip sync on lalaland is so bad. The folks on @milkshaketv put them to shame @edbaker1965 Not really. A little. Sort of @dotjson Cheers Joni @tomorgan I pride myself on my PowerPoint @jamesemann Cheers mate @MikeOrmond I will miss your sage advise and wisdom. Always enjoyed working with you. @MikeOrmond Thanks mike. I’m glad you have that impression, I’m a glass overflowing sort of guy.It’s called Redbull @ClaireS_MS @andyelastacloud Just surprised that’s not a box of wispas @ConnectedMJ I’m just never visiting Starbucks with you guys. “Coffee for Martin” @Adam__Bolton I’m joining Oracle on nov 1st @ballantine70 The guy talking about the dog bone sounds like he’s realised this is a terrible idea months ago... but was against a deadline.One good aspect of Garden Leave. I have been to the gym everyday so far 💪Super cool talk by @hboelman about #microsoft @azure Cognitive Services at #duugfest17. Source available on github:
Retweeted by Martin Beeby @thebeebs I'll miss you taking your clothes off on stage in the name of Microsoft. Oracle doesn't know what they've…
Retweeted by Martin Beeby @astroXP No MS is great. Excited about the opportunity in the new role @DannyT I like how I am an object and not a string. That was deep. @thebeebs MS.Employees.GoodPeople.RemoveAt(TheBeebs); #sadtimes Congrats on the new gig bud.
Retweeted by Martin Beeby @paul_v_m I suspect speak to @andspo @brucel The secret was... I never thought it was a beast at its heart. Just a dick sometimes.My leaving Evangelist tip: talk and show what makes your product great not what makes your competitors bad. @mtaulty Thanks mike. You have always been the best. If nothing else I will still follow your blog for stuff I can steal ;) @thebeebs heh! Seriously, good luck: you did a cracking job of being the friendly, human face of the Redmond Beast.
Retweeted by Martin Beeby @brucel Every time you say that I have to double check that he’s still out of prison so I can be cool with that name. ;) @JohnONolan Tearing up here John. Thanks @thebeebs Oh and thanks again for recording my first public talk at #dddscot
Retweeted by Martin Beeby @sammachin And also cloud app dev @sammachin I’m focusing primarily on the middle bit. @thebeebs I had to find out over twitter? Couldn’t have sent me an IM or something?! Dude.
Retweeted by Martin Beeby @TheClippy What you talking about, you helped write the resignation. @thebeebs
Retweeted by Martin BeebyCacao: trying to make chocolate sound healthy since 2011 @Wicko73 Totally not a shed. @Wicko73 3 years has it been that long @JezCorden Guy brush threep wood
@Marcus_Noble_ @troyhunt recently