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Martin Beeby @thebeebs Northampton

Works for Microsoft as a Technical Evangelist.

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I never would expect to see interesting windows hardware in a toyshop
@dotjson seems legit @jamesbmarshall Its the only permitted communication in our team globally now.
@EzraObiwale That's not important if the objective is to simply appear smartJust dug out my first ever Microsoft PC to look smart. Just make an acronmy of what people say to you. Them: Heard about Twitter Analytics dashboard? You: Oh you mean TAD @MarkXA @michaeltoner Too right. You got links to this competition. Sounds interesting? ;)4 coke cans you do not want to open
Spread is possibly my fav time saver about es6 @Fur_Bi @lawrencegripper I'm a new python convert too, only since I wrote this rubbish in Hack Cambridge that I sta… @Fur_Bi @lawrencegripper I feel like I converted you yesterday. Go on take the blue pill. @codepo8 I book Hilton through their app and on our sso. Significant savingsI just learned that they are people @shanselman Happy Scaramucci day @sebmck IT Crowd though. Good shout.
@csswizardry That's greatTried to say a name in text three times. Auto correct changed it as I sent every single time. How do I change that on an iPhone. @RobertHogg I would pay to see you do that.Saw a 90s style choker and belly top en route to London. Are all 90s things back? Can I wear a dreamscape bomber jacket and spliffy jeans?Sometimes I just wish Clarissa was here to explain it all. @darrenferguson Well it's an app service under the hood.... so it would be the same I guess. Will look into it. @kevmarmol Would be nice if there was a way you didn't loose the code documenting the system. Not sure if I make sense.For people that have deployed complex lambda/functions/micro service. Whats the best way to communicate the system to new members of a team.Azure Functions Core Tools Released" Me: "Oh cool so it works with .net core?" "No what makes you think that" Doh that source control, docs and versioning are rarely discussed in the onboarding but would be critical if you were going to use thisCurrently Writing about Azure Functions. Thinking that it would be quite possible to leave a terrible legacy to another developer with this
RT @rbranson: when the "full stack developer" who just discovered microservices leaves the team and its just u
Retweeted by Martin BeebyMy son did a drawing of Andy. Before you ask. Those are pockets.
@jrhunt @elonmusk @awscloud Good try ;)Anyone who ever schedules meetings with developers, please burn this image into your brain, thanks
Retweeted by Martin Beeby @jongalloway @holytshirt I use the visual studio merge tool
Some computer issues at Paddington last night. No excuse for these ever being shown you @ravimotha for having me along to @UmbLondon great selection of talksInteresting and thought provoking talk from @munkimagik last night @UmbLondonHad fun at @UmbLondon last night talking about functions. So tired now after going from Northampton to London via reading and returning at 2Great @umbLondon last night: from azure functions to ontological discussions! Thx @thebeebs @minirobbo @munkimagik @andybutland @ravimotha
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@danieltharris @mtaulty @andspo Those were fine times!Welcome to peak twitter 🍿
Retweeted by Martin BeebyDear Facebook target ads, this is a different type of evangelism conference... @danieltharris @UmbLondon Video is here: @danieltharris @UmbLondon yesSo I got the FTP in Visual Studio working as asked on stage tonight... Here is a look at the directory structure.…
@GaryPretty Hi I'm totally chill and know when I need to admit I'm wrong. Do you need me to change the water in those flowers? @GaryPretty We should build a bot for this and apply ;)My test Adapter was out of date. Updated the Nuget package and Boom.... My test Appeared again in 2017.Why would test explorer not be finding my test project 🤔 @HelgeKeck If it wasn't for spell check and intellisence I'd be cleaning bins.I tweet that as I just reviewed some code I wrote yesterday where I had spelt the var content / contetn... But hadn't noticed. @HelgeKeck yeah... e.g. variable namesAs a dyslexic developer: It doesn't matter if you spell something wrong, as long as you consistently spell it incorrectly everywhere.Mike aka @mtaulty is unquestionaly the best evanglist I have ever worked with. This is a great write up:
@markrendle Oh my, I am one of those people. I hate it when logic beats me.@BBCSimonMcCoy providing all the enthusiasm this story about surfing dogs deserves.
Retweeted by Martin Beeby @markrendle because we are all horrible people.Dear @realDonaldTrump. Please don't blow up the world. I want to see how Game of Thrones ends. Thanks in advance, Mark
Retweeted by Martin Beeby @burkeholland @shanselman Everyone deserves a second chance. It appears he has seen the error of his ways. You only… @shanselman Had I have seen this tweet back then I would have instantly unfollowed.I'm certain no one has ever wanted to actually open a JS file using whatever this is. @artificialham I love this. It reminds my of being lost in Monkey Island worlds.Just published NPM package for bots. It's middleware that translates incoming and out going messages: @mtaulty You can get a cream for that at Techlink
@toolan $10 a month... for a browser based visio? Nah you can stick that in my Office365I'm in VISIO. Clicking around, pretending I know what the hell I am doing.Hey @rippo and @RyanONeill1970, check out @MartinKearn's description of the hack Good Times!
Retweeted by Martin Beeby @stuartleeks @paths4parenting Sorry to read this stuart. We lost a baby the first time and I know how low it gets.…
@ChrisGannon Yep. Type safety and ultimately awesome code hinting are the real boons. @ChrisGannon Beauty being you can write es6 then if the project requires es5 boom one command line argument and its es5 @ChrisGannon I personally learnt typescript since they are so similar. @sihugh WayWho says romance is dead. Give the gift of transport
@anBenedetti @simon_mich @shrewsmuseum @BlackRadley @MartinKearn @Paulfo The URL is'm having to explain to every intern we have nowadays what Wayne's World is. What do they teach kids at school nowadays?
@peterfoot We are still working on getting it permanently at a museum. There are obviously privacy questions to be asked first.I went to a museum and built a thing of the UK’s generosity, we’re one step closer to ending polio forever.
Retweeted by Martin Beeby @pedrolamas Do that on GitHub and it disapears @pedrolamas Markdown usually allows html... except it doesn't allow html5 tagsIf you have an audio tag in markdown and you want it to render in Jekyll hows that work? @marypcbuk This is a risky search