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How many times will Trump tweet "I hereby order" before he realizes it doesn't do anything reparations and white privilege. #BetweenTheScenes #FYC talks s**t with @BillGates. #ReinventedToilet #FYC
When you notice that Mike Pence always. talks. like. this. #FYC artist @burnaboy sings a pair of songs from his album “African Giant.”
Trevor on the difference between offending and affecting and how The Daily Show will tackle 2020. #FYC Full panel:… wants more than equality for Black Women's Equal Pay Day. Full piece: debt has reached an all-time high of $1.4 trillion across America, or roughly one dollar for every Democrat… a new dealer infringing on their territory, The CSC (Chicken Sammich Coalition) looks for a way to slow Popeye…
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“Get some bifocals. Take it easy, kid. You know? The war is over. Just lean into aging. Go with brains, good luck.”… 4 looking like trash Mooch wants everyone to know he doesn't move his hands like this anymore is Trevor’s mom coming on the show? Never. #BetweenTheScenes but respect for our King of Israel MILLER: President Trump is the most gifted politician of our time and the best orator to hold that office i…
MTV Cribs: Soweto featuring Trevor Noah went to Soweto, South Africa to talk to his grandmother about his childhood, her life under apartheid, and w… five lucky children got an exclusive tour of the Donald J. Trump Presidential Twitter Library in Washington D…
.@RoyWoodJr has a 2020 strategy for Democrats that might be crazy enough to work. Catch the season finale of “This… can you throw away a BMW when there are kids in America driving Kia Sorentos. presidential candidate @MichaelBennet takes questions from the audience on how he'd improve education and addr… to this gem from 2004 #FYC on both sides of the aisle are acknowledging America’s white supremacy problem — except Tucker Carlson:
We connected the dots and it’s abundantly clear that Donald Trump is trying to deport Melania. #DontDeportMelania“Do not try this s**t if you are black. Or Muslim.” A Missouri man walked into a Walmart with full body armor car… that the El Paso shooter’s manifesto is just Fox News fan fiction.
Tucker Carlson took a surprise vacation after these comments. 🤔 Full piece: Cuomo claps back at a negative Italian stereotype… with another negative Italian stereotype. video games have the power to inspire mass shooters, could they also inspire legislators to push a gun bill thro…
“Because Trump is such a visceral assault on the senses, I think people have forgotten the power of voting 𝘧𝘰𝘳 some… that Viacom and CBS are merging, the spinoff possibilities are endless. Full piece: brilliant!!
Retweeted by The Daily ShowThe BEST (unlicensed) #immigration lawyer I know, #TrevorNoah, argues #DontDeportMelania. Hilarious. THE case for…
Retweeted by The Daily ShowOne year ago today - remembering the life and music of Aretha Franklin. #BetweenTheScenes Donald Trump trying to deport Melania? The evidence points to yes. #DontDeportMelania Full piece:…
It’s #NationalRelaxationDay and Jeanine Pirro is here to calm you down. promise this isn't a Fox News "vacation" story. We’ll be back on Tuesday, September 3rd after our previously scheduled summer hiatus! Donald Trump trying to deport Melania? Trevor breaks down the president’s hard-line immigration policies that se… Memoriam: John Hickenlooper, Presidential Candidate, 2019 - 2019! 👏😄 #DontDeportMelania
Retweeted by The Daily ShowDonald Trump’s immigration policies seem to be targeting his wife. Don’t let him do this! #DontDeportMelania Full… Noah's #DontDeportMelania campaign is picking up some serious steam:
Retweeted by The Daily ShowEvery little bit helps, Nancy. #DontDeportMelania‘The Daily Show With Trevor Noah’ Asks: Is Donald Trump Trying To Deport Melania?
Retweeted by The Daily Show @TheDailyShow is trying to make #DontDeportMelania a thing and, yes, it IS trending! @wonkfm
Retweeted by The Daily Show#DontDeportMelania
Retweeted by The Daily ShowTrump’s hardline immigration policies are aimed squarely at his wife. We see you Donald! #DontDeportMelania Full p…’t do it Donald, #DontDeportMelania
Retweeted by The Daily ShowLeave it to Trevor to finally make sense of Trump’s immigration Executive Actions. #DontDeportMelania
Retweeted by The Daily Showthis one made me laugh way too hard #DontDeportMelania
Retweeted by The Daily Show#DontDeportMelania 😄🤨
Retweeted by The Daily ShowTrevor Noah thinks Trump wants to deport Melania #DontDeportMelania
Retweeted by The Daily Show"The Daily Show" host creates the wildest conspiracy theory yet. #DontDeportMelania
Retweeted by The Daily ShowPlease #dontdeportmelania who will decorate the White House for Christmas?
Retweeted by The Daily ShowWelp, @Trevornoah now owns the internet and we all have to pay him rent. #DontDeportMelania
Retweeted by The Daily ShowHere's the full interview with @jadapsmith: just got off the daily show on Youtube to see if people will really do it and y’all did #dontdeportmelania
Retweeted by The Daily ShowHere’s the full interview with @BilldeBlasio: is hilarious #dontdeportmelania has to be one the best trending yet today.
Retweeted by The Daily ShowLooks like all of trumps immigration policies affect his wife hmm coincidence?? I think not #dontdeportmelania
Retweeted by The Daily ShowMelania might be the best Trump we have… #DontDeportMelania because that was a rofl brilliant piece by @TheDailyShow
Retweeted by The Daily ShowHow did we not figure this out?? #dontdeportmelania
Retweeted by The Daily ShowTONIGHT: Actor and host of @RedTableTalk @jadapsmith is here! 📸: @ruminasean Noah descubre los verdaderos motivos de la insistente retórica y las políticas de Trump contra los inmigrant…
Retweeted by The Daily ShowAs Trevor Noah put it: #dontdeportmelania
Retweeted by The Daily ShowThis is a thing now huh... thanks #TrevorNoah #dontdeportmelania
Retweeted by The Daily ShowI should have seen this the whole time. #dontdeportmelania.
Retweeted by The Daily ShowIs Donald Trump trying to deport Melania? #DontDeportMelania 2020 presidential candidate @BilldeBlasio is here! 📸: @ruminasean
TONIGHT: Don’t throw away your BMW when there are kids driving Kia Sorentos! is being sampled by everyone, including Drake, and was named Best International Act by @BET for his Afro… of the hustle and bustle of being dropped by advertisers? Want to get away because your boss says you have to… all the surprise Fox News host vacations, Bill O’Reilly’s was the best. And longest. beats a Fox News vacation! house hunters got out of this house real fast once they found KKK paraphernalia framed on the walls. bail on Fox News's Tucker Carlson over his comments downplaying the white supremacy threat, and Nigerian s…💪🏾🙏🏾
Retweeted by The Daily Show @burnaboy And here's @BurnaBoy's performance of "Ye" and "Anybody":’s the full interview with @BurnaBoy: @burnaboy is here to talk about his new album #AfricanGiant! 📸: @ruminasean… Fox News hosts have a curious habit of going on surprise vacations after saying something controversial. Is there an N-word equivalent for Italians? Chris Cuomo & @roywoodjr weigh in.
@MrDanZak @washingtonpost Don't talk about it, TOK about it @delasfar YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DIDHong Kong protesters spent hours in an airport with no plans to travel. The dedication... end in sight for our bitter TikTok feud with the @washingtonpost🤔🤔 🤔 Full coverage of Jeffrey Epstein’s death and conspiracy theories: to @TheDailyShow for having me on to discuss the chaos & corruptness of this administration - but also the unspo…
Retweeted by The Daily Show.@RepPressley reacts to Trump's "go back to where you came from" tweet. Full interview:“Do not try this s**t if you are black. Or Muslim.” A Missouri man walked into a Walmart with full body armor carr…“One minute you’re answering questions about pork chops on a stick, and then the next thing you’re getting yelled a… needs a finsta. Full piece on the Epstein death and conspiracy theories: the real conspiracy in the Jeffrey Epstein story:
Retweeted by The Daily ShowGymnast Simone Biles lands a historic dismount, questions swirl around Jeffrey Epstein's supposed suicide, and Cong…’s the full interview with @AyannaPressley: the real conspiracy in the Jeffrey Epstein story: I’m talking gun violence & immigration with @Trevornoah at 11pm EST @TheDailyShow @ComedyCentral
Retweeted by The Daily ShowTONIGHT: @AyannaPressley is here! 📸: @ruminasean