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Comedian, talk show host and ice road trucker. My tweets are real, and they’re spectacular.

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The #Oscars deck in @HeadsUp is back! What are you waiting for?
Let’s all go out and do something nice today for someone you have nothing in common with.Everyone's welcome at #EDbyEllen. Especially hedgehogs. #EDbyPetSmart hasn’t sent Rachel home yet, but something tells me she doesn’t get the final rose. #TheBachelor told @JohnMayer why he’d be great on #TheBachelor. weekend is here. And @official_tWitch and I are getting in the mood.
I love you all – no ifs, ands or butts. need to embrace people who are different from us. Show someone marginalized you accept them. Don’t just think it. Make your voice heard.I believe in kindness & acceptance, but it’s time to do more than believe. It’s time to act. Speak out against hate. Do it with love.Brielle taught Cookie Monster about the 5 senses. Show this to your kid right now. & then show it to everyone else. good rat removal team needs a good person-batting cleanup. is now ready to host the #Oscars thanks to me and @KymDouglas. birthday, Emily Blunt. The Devil Wears Prada, Into the Woods, The Last of the Mohicans, Hoosiers. I got you all these films on Blu-ray.@JimmyKimmel and Matt Damon have strong feelings for each other. a country where the rights of people and animals are being removed, I want to be a voice of kindness and light. I hope you’ll join me.One of the most incredible moments I've been a part of. Entire class gets 4yr college scholarship. Thanks, @Walmart is crazy. I made Portia @JimmyKimmel pancakes this morning.
For anyone who feels scared or hopeless, know that we will never stop fighting for your rights.Just seeing the news about removing laws protecting trans people. This isn’t about politics. It’s about human rights, and it’s not okay.This is the first and last time you will see @DDLovato giving a lap dance in an inflatable suit. Thank you for doing this. You give me hope.Melissa played a game of “Lucky Lucky Shoot the Pucky.” She’s the luckiest @SanJoseSharks fan ever.… #Bachelor recappers had a lot to say about the hometown visits. #TheBachelor are raising funds for a Jewish cemetery after an attack. This is America. This is who we are. I love this. birthday, @DrewBarrymore. You're a gift to the world. And my show. And me. Oh no, u so funny. 😘.@DDLovato is always inspiring to me, even in a see-through dress. Dylan brought me a gift from @StephenCurry30 from the All-Star Game. you seen this ad for the Mar-a-Lago?
I love you all. But I think @MileyCyrus might be planning a steal. Thanks, Alicia. People keep talking. They can say what they like.So adorable you can taste it. do not want to miss how I surprised this student with a car. #LaughDancePartner played "Who'd You Rather?" with @JLo. You better watch this, @Harry_Styles. sent @AndyLassner to learn sumo wrestling with a 600-pound champion. The good news is, Andy survived.… you're wondering what's going on between @JLo and @Drake, then you should probably watch this.
Anybody got change for a ten? out this outstanding performance of “Bad and Boujee." @MIGOS are my new three amigos. wouldn’t be #PresidentsDay without my favorite President expert Macey! And dropping people through a trap door.… birthday, @Rihanna. Thanks to you, we all have a day off of werk werk werk werk werk. gave me the latest on how all the Kardashians are doing. Especially @KimKardashian. hope your #PresidentsDay is as adorable as Macey.
.@BigSean Consider me a fan for life.Your eyes say it all. #EDEllenDeGeneres #EDbyPetSmart's a deck with all of your favorite Disney Parks cards in my app Heads Up!’s nothing better than soaking a guest with water. And then giving them a whole bunch of money.… it! Read it! Read it! @BigSean dropped a song with Mr. Bonner’s 2nd grade class. Watch it! Watch it! Watch it!… Hudson looks absolutely @Fabletics. Bonner is one of the most inspiring teachers I've ever met. #SouthGreenvilleElementary I love you too, Gwen. Thanks @AdamLevine and @BlakeShelton. @AliciaKeys?Happy #RandomActsofKindnessDay, @tanasala!Happy birthday, to the wonderfully talented @EdSheeran. Save the last dance for me.
No matter who you love, we all love football. found some new pet products on the internet. Some of them were mine. Some of them were definitely not mine. sink can keep us apart. met The Count from @SesameStreet. Counting bones has never been so cute.'s not every day you meet someone as inspiring as Ekhlas. Paying off her student loans was an honor.… spent the night on stage with @RKelly dancing with @SnoopDogg. We were supposed to leave at 8. Hunnid is about to blow you away. is back! @NBCLilBigShots birthday to Ice T and @TheWeeknd. You both have so much talent, and some missing letters. @FINALLEVELMatt Damon told me why he spent Valentine's night in a bunk bed.
If there's a better guest for my office #Bachelor Recap Show than Nick, I don't know who it is. @viallnicholas28 @AdamLevine #FakeNewsI hear they’re doing a remake of “Entourage.” low can Shemika go? Really really reallllllllly low., if you love my show, I could have something incredible for you. Tell me here. tried to convince me that he loves me more than Blake does. What do you have to say about this,… love it when you use caps like that. loves my dancing hunks, but she was the one who left with a whole lotta singles. performed the world premiere of their new song, “Cold,” right here on my show. Prepare to be marooned.
This is the best little #Bachelor recap there is. #TheBachelor’ll just leave this right here. #ValentinesDay women's basketball has won 100 consecutive games. Not only that, but they were all in a row. Amazing.Today, Nick tells me if he’s in love, and I tell him my prediction for who wins. #TheBachelor and her mom made me a trade. They gave me their credit card bills and I gave them a check. ❤️ @EdSheeran. emoji is for the most important person in my life. You know who you are. feeling when you’re singing an Ed Sheeran song... and @EdSheeran is right behind you.