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Comedian, talk show host and ice road trucker. My tweets are real, and they’re spectacular.

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#OMG, now I'm a fan of yours too @JRandalWard42. Good luck in the #StanleyCupFinal
I love when he’s the big spoon. give what you can. We didn't get Bill Gates to say "on" for nothing. #RedNoseDay
Happy #TBT! guys, @JesseTyler Ferguson doesn’t know what he’s selling. #RedNoseDay special is live on NBC tonight. Tell your friends, your family, and anyone who doesn’t nose. is a great new way to make the Internet safe for your whole family. My cats keep joining Tinder. have the hardest job in the world.
Whatever you do today, I hope you make time to tell someone you love them. And to eat a cake wearing a tiny hat. Ellen Shop is having a big Memorial Day sale! I hope you don’t forget. McKinnon impersonated me and @HillaryClinton, in front of me and Hillary Clinton. played Heads Up! w/ 4 of the funniest people on Earth–also known as the #Ghostbusters cast played “Who’d You Rather?” with @HillaryClinton. Talking about her VP, of course. of the #Ghostbusters are on my show today. It’s a great day. As long as you’re not a ghost.
I’ll get right on top of that. Cards accepted here. you like my show? Do you like free money? This is the perfect opportunity for you. life handed Pearl lemons, they made lemonade. these two created the #RunningManChallenge, now they’re running the red carpet. it is! Exclusive, the new trailer! #FindingDory
.@JamesConner_ is cancer-free! Sending so much love to him and his family. What amazing news..@BlakeShelton told me about the beautiful music he’s making with @GwenStefani. They’re also writing songs. that what I look like?!?! whole audience got a trip to Dubai, thanks to @Emirates. Seriously. don’t know how this audience member got here, but I know how she’s getting home. had a big surprise for Brian & Jackson. So did @DrewBrees. This is guaranteed to make you smile.'s a very first look at the cast of #FindingDory. The new trailer is out tomorrow!
Knock ‘em dead tonight, @BlakeShelton! I’ll see ya on my show tomorrow. #BBMAs
My friends who created #RunningManChallenge are takin over my snapchat on #BBMAs red carpet tmrw in Vegas. Oh, they also have some extra tixThis is unforgettable. @Sia sent my writer Lauren to swim with sharks. I’ve been telling her forever she’s my good chum. can’t believe it. Cher’s birthday was yesterday. Happy birthday. If I could turn back time.
Mug for the camera. Ellen Shop products are on Amazon! Order some and have a drone fly it to you. Johnny Depp is the coolest! you look like your pet? If so, you could win the new contest in Chosen! Download the app! #PurrfectPairs out my first 360° video. The future is here. dance so good it’s scary. Right, @AndyLassner? whole audience sang happy birthday to my mama!
.@TheLaurenGraham told me the name of the new show — Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life! #TBT’s hard to remember the rules when @KanyeWest’s around. love this little boy so much. you're watching my show, I hope it's on a @TCL_USA Roku 4K TV. If not, you can get 'em at Target! had a lot to say on my show. Like, a lot. never know what my friend @KanyeWest is going to say or do on my show, but I always love it when he’s here.
I guess her uncle is on Tinder. scared @Drake, and boy, did he jump(man). was the most incredible round of Hot Hands ever played. Incredible. little gymnast wowed my audience, but I knew there was only one thing that would wow her — her dad. birthday, Tina Fey! You’re very funny and very smart. You’re smunny.I played Never Have I Ever w/ @JaredLeto & @Drake. There’s not a lot they’ve never ever done and my boo thangs. (That means friends, right?) #BackstageAtEllen
#MakeADrake! Make a meme of this photo & post w/ the hashtag. If I show it on my show, I’ll send you some underwear! Army Secretary Eric Fanning, the first openly gay leader of a US military service. 5 years & we're already running the place#SquadGoals just can’t believe how talented these kids are. #TADC has given away over 5 million dollars on my show. Today, they have some for you. Hader is here today! He's hilarious. Hader's gonna hade. love playing with Colin Farrell… you heard me! love my friends @Shutterfly. Here’s why. had a big surprise for some of my favorite people, thanks to @LibertyMutual. Things didn’t go the way we'd hoped. entire cast of Ghostbusters is here next week and now @HillaryClinton is coming, too! Get your Woman Cards ready.
.@JTimberlake has something to show me tomorrow. OMJ! I hope it’s not in a box.Kym Douglas has some tips for summer! Summer great. Summer not so great. #MeMeMonday! showed off her impressions of @Adele, @Rihanna, @Beyonce & more. It was insane. birthday, Janet! Or, as I call you, Ms. Jackson. @JanetJackson
This girl is so talented.
I’m pretty sure this is a picture from the Kitty Lee and Hoda show. have my own slot machines in the DoubleDown app. Are you playing yet? girl. @RyanGosling knows all about your memes. fun is almost here, and to celebrate, I have a new deck in "Heads Up!" from Crocs! The shoe. Not the animal.’s embarrassing how my staff reacted to @RyanGosling.'s #FridayThe13th! I'm not scared. There are too many real things to be afraid glitter, or if Khaleesi will escape the DothrakisIn case you missed me in #Lemonade, here it is. showed me the 1st photo of his new baby girl. I think she looks just like him.
We’ve all been there. helped me with my first installment of Keith Urban Dictionary. told me about his baby, Finding Dory, LIVE with Kelly, & Donald Trump. We had a lot to catch up on. ❤️ That Cute Little Soap Shop. honor of @RyanGosling being here tomorrow, happy #TBT. Brielle-iant 4-year-old is back. I hope you’re ready, Internet.
They have their differences, but they can still see nose to nose.’re welcome. really appreciated Mother’s Day-ish. had a surprise that sent grandma running. can’t help it. #FruitOfTheLauer being a big fan really pays off. Thanks, Chevy!
Three dog bowl. continue to hope for a world where everyone is treated with dignity. If you do too, sign here. #RepealHB2 performed “Work From Home”. I hope none of my staff listens. #5HonEllen’s ready for some more #MagicMike? is just like that scene from The Notebook. Award winner @RussellCrowe told me about important things. Like meeting @RyanGosling are #1in7Billion & I love every 1 of you. At least the ones who post videos on ellentube birthday, Bono! I hope you’ve found what you’re looking for.I think it might be physically impossible to get cuter than my friend Violet.