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Comedian, talk show host and ice road trucker. My tweets are real, and they’re spectacular.

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Demarjay is at the @NBA All-Star Game. Those players don’t know what they’re in for. played the new Disney Parks deck with my Head Writer, Kevin! Things went downhill from there.
Demarjay met @Drake at the NBA All-Star game. I love this photo.❤️ NBA All-Star Game is this weekend. I think I just found their starting lineup. was NCRDBLE things I do for you, @FLOTUS. you love my game Heads Up!, and you love Disney Parks, today is a very very very good day, you done did it! meets the President. @BarackObama @POTUS day with @BarackObama that I will never forget. @POTUS
Selfie with the Chief. @BarackObama @POTUS’m ready to Barack and baroll. @POTUS @BarackObamaThis is the photo I took right before secret service tackled me. You can almost see @BarackObama’s shoe. wife and me at the Saint Laurent show. was here in 2007, and tomorrow he’s barack. I mean back. #TBT @POTUS equality may be the law of the land, but there's more work to do to end discrimination. Join the fight:
Retweeted by Ellen DeGeneresI'll be watching you at the #Grammys this Monday, @NickiMinaj. #TBT’s not every day I get to do this. Sending love to Spain Elementary and Detroit. Thank you @Lowes. birthday to my wonderful friend, Jennifer Aniston. You've come so far. And you've made it Theroux..@ElleKingMusic was here to perform "America's Sweetheart" for America's Sweetheart.
❤️ U 2 should start a club of #Scandal wives.’s wildly undercharging. Grammys are Monday. I remember when this whippersnapper was on my show for the 1st time. #GrammyTB #Throwback told me she’s ready for a ring. I hope you’re listening, @WValderrama.’re gonna be FNTSTIC. is on my show next Thursday. You’re welcome.You’ve got dreams. I know you do. Chevy and I wanna make ‘em come true!’s National Umbrella Day! I’m celebrating with @Rihanna.This performance by @ddlovato is unreal.
They're on now, West Coast! guess he had a big lunch. husband is on my show this week, @FLOTUS. Quick question — is he better or worse than you at push-ups?Guess who’s here today. @Millerlite40 undefeated high school wrestler just lost his first match for the best reason. did Von Miller want to go after winning MVP of the Super Bowl? The Ellen DeGeneres Show! @Millerlite40 remember filming this scene. I still have water in my ears. #HaveYouSeenHer #YoullSeeHerSoon cast of Fuller House is here today, and they brought me an exclusive first look at the show.
#EllenDesignOnHGTV starts in 8… 7… 6… 5… (hurry and turn on your TV)Happy #MeMeMonday! on Ellen’s Design Challenge, one of my all-time favorite surprise guests stops by. Me! #EllenDesignOnHGTV Neither loves when I prank people. So I pranked her with a new @Chevrolet. #LaughDancePartner wish they had shown the other side of the Super Bowl stadium last night. Beautiful. #SB50’s in the box? A vacation for everyone in my audience. And maybe one for you, too. does a fantastic impression of @SofiaVergara.
Congratulations to Peyton Manning and the Denver @Broncos on a great win. Keep your heads up @Panthers. You did good. #SB50That was the best halftime show ever. Believe in love. @Coldplay @beyonce @brunomars #SB50Love you so much, @ladygaga. I'm so glad I loaned you my jumpsuit.If ur not playing the @HeadsUp Football deck while you watch the #SuperBowl, you may wanna rethink some life choices you’re wondering who’s gonna win the #SuperBowl I already did the leg work for you. birthday, Ashton Kutcher! I hope you’re celebrating in your birthday suit.
Happy birthday, @AllisonHolker. Hope you and @official_twitch don’t celebrate too hard, or this could turn into two birthdays.
I love @SerenaWilliams for inspiring girls to be anything they want to be. #InTheHuddle tore this place up. look good in each other’s underwear.’s National Doodle Day! Have a happy Doodle Day, everybody. Suddenly, I sound Irish..@HeidiKlum showed off her Ellen underwear from the #EllenShop. She’s never looked better. biggest Panthers fan is going to the Panthers' biggest game. Thank you, @Visa. have loved Earth, Wind & Fire my entire life, and my heart goes out to Maurice White and his family today..@Rihanna and I sang some @BonJovi in the commercial break.! President @BarackObama is on my show next Friday! And he’s gonna play “Never Have I Ever"! That part is uncomfirmed.
Happy #ThrowbackThursday #TBT is adorabowl. told me about boys, parties, and karaoke. I know about at least 2 of those. shined bright like a diamond. Unless you shone bright like a diamond. is going on tour! And I'm giving out free tickets right here. Clooney told me how he proposed to Amal. may be nothing more fun than playing "Never Have I Ever" with George Clooney and @Rihanna.
Did they let you fly the plane?’s an 11-year-old changing the world… was here for the first time. I had him throw balls at Andy. For charity, of course. always ask what it’s like backstage at my show. The shirtless hunks were on a lunch break. #BackstageAtEllen Carrot Cake Day! They all laughed at Martha Clutterbuck when she wanted to put carrots in her cake. Who’s laughing now, Martha?I sent Jeannie to surprise some big fans who could use a boost. Consider them boosted.
“Now, for the reason I brought you all here.” #GroundhogDay! I hope I get to watch the movie. is a genius. #GroundhogDay! Gosh, that was a great movie. found these dancers from my dance contest on Chosen. Have you uploaded a dance video yet? #GroundhogDay! That movie is one of the best. is adorable on every level. #GroundhogDay! Wasn’t that movie great?
Hello from Ohio. on Ellen’s Design Challenge, the tables are turning. #EllenDesignOnHGTV want a signed copy of “Blue Neighborhood”? #TroyeOnEllen is a master class in how to be adorable.’s a new episode of #EllenDesignOnHGTV! These are some of the best furniture designers around. You won’t believe what they make.It sounds like having Wolverine for a dad is better than Tinder. sent me a copy of his memoir. It's a great L.A. read. have a new puppy. I won’t tell you what’s in this cup. birthday, @Harry_Styles! 22 is gonna be a great year. That’s the year I learned how to play Yahtzee.Do you like me? Do you like elephants? Watch this. birthday, @RondaRousey. Please come back and rough up @AndyLassner. It doesn't even need to be on TV.
Jeannie I don’t wanna make you nervous but you only have one chance to get it right in Grease: Live! in front of the whole world. Go get em!Happy birthday to my brilliant and adorable friend, @Jtimberlake.Happy birthday to my incredible wife.
I love this story and I love this video. played Heads Up! for kids and OMG it’s adorable. #SesameStreet
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