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Happy Almost Halloween! I mean, how could I not make this an emoji? #EmojiExploji birthday, @JesseTyler Ferguson! Hope your birthday is a scream.
I’m live on @QVC in 30 min! Grab a cozy blanket & a cute mug & get ready to watch. If you don’t have those, then you REALLY need to watch..@IamWandaSykes' special is tonight on EPIX. You don’t Wanda miss it..@GarthBrooks was here and decided to perform “Friends in Low Places” after the show, just for us. Incredible. are amazing at any age, @RobinRoberts.’s a baby candy corn. has a new song. He played it here first, and I love it.’m live at 6pm on @QVC with my ED by Ellen holiday collection. It’ll be like Rocky Horror, but with less singing & a little less nudity.OMG, @RobinRoberts! Thank you for matching Ulta Beauty’s $20K. You are amazing (but your backhand could use some wo… birthday, @KimKardashian. Love, your sister Karla. two women needed a bedroom makeover. See what The Cousins did for them with $1K & a dream. #LaughDancePartner learned how to strip from the Magic Mike Live dancers. He’s delightfully average.…
Hey there, good lookin’. is a certified beauty expert. She’s certifiable alright. was @JustinHartley’s first time on my show. This is us. to one of my earliest monologues. Things were so different back then. helped me raise money for breast cancer research. Rachel McAdams was there. His shirt was not.… #SpiritDay! Show the world you love them just the way they are.'s Mrs. President, if you're nasty. #debate
Since The Real Housewives isn’t on tonight, I guess I’ll have to see a catfight the old-fashioned way... by watching the #debate.Happiness is a warm nose. you’re under thirty, you’re welcome. is handsome, charming and fast… if you’re into that sort of thing. can’t keep Madea down for long. a fun night. was back to show me some more magic. If you remember the last time, you know you have to see this.…
Happy fall, everybody. is close with @JTimberlake. Not as close as I am, obviously. Right, Justin? @JonDorenbos is officially my all-time favorite pro football-playing magician. friend @CaroleBSager has a new autobiography. Even better, she wrote it about her life. ♥️ @TroyeSivan., @ArianaGrande. I was mistaken! It's 22 minutes. LaBeouf showed me some of his tattoos. Some. Not all. This is a daytime show. birthday, @ZacEfron! I hope it’s really weird. are asking when @AndyLassner will go to a haunted house. Here’s something to hold you over.
Do u know someone who could use a little extra love this holiday season? I wanna hear about them #BeKindToOneAnother looks permanent. you’ve got a great kid’s Halloween costume, you know I wanna see it. #4EllenMr. Wrong #MovieTitleToDescribeElection talked to me about the election and her new boobs. It was a busy day. You. Are. played an explosive Bejeweled Stars Master Blaster. You can play it here, without the explosion… the First Lady: Alright. I’ll admit it. You may have won that pushup contest. @FLOTUS Jason Sudeikis& @OliviaWilde! Welcome baby Daisy. Your parents aren't just hilarious & gorgeous. They’re also gorgeous & hilarious.He’s only 4 years old, but Tavaris is my new dance icon. #MondayMotivation week's #TheTylerOakleyShow has @ShawnMendes! I know how to treat you better.
Let me tell you something I know for sure— you are not ready for this little boy on my show tomorrow.
If you need a break from all the news, watch what these guys can do with $1K and some good ideas.…
I love this sound byte of @HillaryClinton talking about @FLOTUS was your nap? has a new song, "Baby, Let's Lay Down and Dance.” Seems like an awkward way to dance. I’ll ask him what he means next week.I’ll say it. This was the greatest Mark Harmon Week in the history of my show. birthday, @Usher. Nobody dances like you. Nobody sings like you. Nobody ushes like you.I think we all know who won the debate. This guy. did The Cousins do with $1K and a living room for these roommates? Find out here! #LaughDancePartner watched @FLOTUS Michelle Obama’s incredible speech. I asked @HillaryClinton about it.
Tomorrow – the tape, the debate – @HillaryClinton is talking to me about it all.’s a chill in the air. Time to find a snuggle buddy. Harmon Week is almost over. It’s time to break out the big guns. the world needs now is love. And @FLOTUS Michelle Obama. Farrell kisses me every time he’s here. I still got it. just met @LaverneCox today, but I’ve been a fan for a long time. of me loves all of @JohnLegend. #TBT @HillaryClinton
Stop it. Just stop it right now. in my audience told me her Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is working perfectly. I’m not so sure. met a baby sloth. I don’t know if you’re ready for this level of adorableness. played a new game called “Does Taye Diggs It?” Luckily, @TayeDiggs was here to play it with me. lives are complete. We played "Good Grief" with the actual goddess @KellyLeBrock on @TheEllenShow Tune in lat…
Retweeted by Ellen DeGeneresThanks, @PJBoggio. This is exactly what I’m looking for. #4Ellen you’re looking for love, and you love Mark Harmon, have I got a site for you.
Pumpkins are exciting., I'm gay #NationalComingOutDayMy co-host for the day, @KevinHart4real challenged me to a game of 5 Second Rule. have my own hashtag emoji! If you’ve got something for my show, send it to me with #4Ellen. Especially if it’s a… had a lot of fun catching up with @KhloeKardashian. She told me all about the family and @KimKardashian. love you for doing this, @AaronRodgers12. is on my show this Friday. I’m Ellen DeGeneres and I approve this message.