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Comedian, talk show host and ice road trucker. My tweets are real, and they’re spectacular.

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Ever wonder what your pets think when they’re watching your talk show? I’m sure you have. Here's Ep. 2 of #PetDish!
If you take a great graduation photo, print it up at @Shutterfly. If you get a terrible one, send it to me. #4Ellen Bachelor recap show got to grill Nick and Vanessa on just how engaged they really are. #TheBachelor birthday, @LadyGaga! It’s been 31 years since you emerged from your giant egg, and we couldn’t be happier abo…
Sometimes the big spoon is a little spoon.’s mad for #MarchMadness, especially my montage editor. birthday, @MariahCarey! I hope today hits a high note.
Happy birthday, @Eltonofficial! I ❤a Saturday bday. Saturday night's the night I like. Saturday night's alright alright alright.
I want to watch @MelissaMcCarthy and @BenFalcone's morning show every day. just won something so big it will knock your wig off. and @BenFalcone are two of the funniest people I have ever met.! My jam session with @GwenStefani, @AdamLevine, @BlakeShelton, @AliciaKeys. birthday, Jim Parsons! Everything I know about science, I learned from #TheBigBangTheory's theme song.
If you love my ED Ellen DeGeneres footwear, it's about to be on @QVC! tells me about the incredible long run of #GreysAnatomy. #NationalPuppyDay! Love, E-dog. #WoofWoof all fell in love with this little boy, and now he needs our help. always thought I'd make a great biker chick. of Rachel's bachelors from #TheBachelorette just got very personal with my audience. never know where you’ll find a Russian spy… happens when two unbelievably adorable, genius 5-year-olds meet backstage at my show? ❤ Philadelphia.
Nobody shows up like Philly. Lots of love in Philadelphia today! ❤️ who showed up! @Eagles @JonDorenbos is it Philly! Get to the Capital One Café –you're gonna be on TV and you might win a huge prize. Anyone else hear the Rocky theme song?I love you, Philly. See you soon. finished rehearsal. Loved seeing you, Philly!I’m proud of my friend @LenaDunham for not letting the haters get the best of her. You always look great to me. birthday, @RWitherspoon! I love you even though you can't say wreath Witherspoon. sorority sisters may have just flipped their way into a trip to my show. can't wait to see you on my show today, Philadelphia! I love a city named after cream cheese. See you at 4pm at 17th and Walnut!Here it is! My first animated series on @ellentube. My pets have never looked so good. It's Ellen's #PetDish! love to everyone in London.#Philly! Come dressed as a famous duo – Lucy & Ethel, Bey & Jay, or Rocky & Adrian. Portia & I are dressed as us, so come as something else.
Hey you. Yeah, you. I love you. #EDbypetsmart friend & Pres. of Humane Society, @WaynePacelle has a new book. It's perfect for the animal lovers in your life. you’ve tried to meditate but couldn’t stop the voices in your head, see a doctor. Or this guy. @AndyPuddicombe you see President Trump is writing children's books? This is totally real.’s here! "Ellen’s Pet Dish," my first animated series, premieres tomorrow on @ellentube. Here’s a sneak peek. like the Beast is having some relationship issues. Tale as old as time. don't know what you've got going on tomorrow, #Philly, but you better be free at 4pm... that is, if you wanna be on my show.Balang is only 8 years old, but he's already a dance legend.❤️ broke my finger, but at least I have a story to tell. love @SesameStreet for making more people feel included. We need more of this in the world. I'm sending some of my crew to #Philly for a live shot on Walnut Street. Y'all are gonna look great on my show.
This is my finger. Seriously. Find out what happened tomorrow.’m going to shut down a couple of blocks on Walnut St. in #Philly. If you’re free on Wednesday, it’s gonna be fun.Idea for a sequel: Even Beautier and the Beastier. is awesome on "Billions" and even awesomer on my show. hope this softball coach from the Bronx & his students inspire you as much as they inspire me. I love this story. who went to the @ManCity game and met @AgueroSergiokun! brought me something. I don't think I can say what it is without getting in trouble. But it vibrates.…
Natalie is on #LittleBigShots tomorrow and she is all kinds of adorable... especially the kind that gets… birthday, @AdamLevine! You're my kind of guy – talented, funny, a high voice, and super pretty.
When you're trying to watch your favorite show, and someone keeps talking to you. told me her side of the story today, @DaxShepard1. has an opportunity for kids with big imaginations. Find out more about Dreamvention:… told you about my pot of gold? #StPatricksDay #EmojiExploji birthday, @RobLowe. You're a dear friend, a wonderful actor, and a prime slice of beefcake. and I played a special round of @HeadsUp for #StPatricksDay. It's safe to say our knees were the lo… #StPatricksDay to all of my Irish fans. And everyone who enjoys day drinking.
@thelaurengraham I love you right back.Everyone on my staff is so obsessed with my game "Dice with Ellen," they're too busy to focus on Show with Ellen.… learned about pollination & why bees are so important. It doesn’t get much cuter than this…'re so cute and they nose it."The Real Housecats" are back! This might be the best thing I've ever done.'ve teamed up with @danceon to find my next FITNESS trainer!!! You might get a chance to audition for me in NY.🗽…
Retweeted by Ellen DeGeneresSome of my audience members are on Bumble, so I offered to help them improve their profiles. #LaughDancePartner birthday, @theLaurenGraham! How do I tell you I love you? I do it with a montage. got in bed with @LeaMichele. You heard me. is 5 years old, and he's already an expert on two things – geography and being ridiculously adorable.… @FelicityHuffman You are almost as competitive as I am, but everyone knows I'm the most competitive.
It’s the finale of my staff's #Bachelor recap show! We were all thinking it. They said it. #TheBachelor you missed @TheEllenShow yesterday, you can watch my performance here:
Retweeted by Ellen DeGeneresThis is @EdGlavin’s dog, Lady, who has almost figured out how to use my #EDbyEllen dog bed. still hasn’t recovered from how much she loved playing "Dice with Ellen." It’s so much fun at home too!… @mindykaling The first thing you do when @MindyKaling is on your show today. things are coming to @ellentube. Soon.