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Revenant Host of the What the HELL Were You Thinking Podcast.. Wrathful spirit haunting a bar stool near you Decayed corpse of a career who will not lie down. .

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"What VPOTUS SAID was we should BURN gay people at the stake, check your sources". @jodyavirgan Let me introduce you to my parents @nprmonkeysee Joey is the only truly decent person on Friends. #HotTake @offredtweets I know, this was a scary ass article.
This year’s #SpookiestHalloweenCostume is #BoughtNRASenator. Collect all eight!
Retweeted by Undead Dave BledsoeI predict the Notorious RBG will have the joy of watching him be impeached.
Do you have a ghost story? A scary story? Some weird shit go down? I am putting together a Halloween show All credit to the haunted.Have you heard ‘Episode 131: Harvey Danger’ by David Bledsoe on #SoundCloud? #np week Host Dave Bledsoe passed out drunk in an abandoned Hollywood Video store. Again. to god, can we just Kickstart to buy Gawker and get the band back together. Think of the people it would pis… @SopanDeb Way to show your Liberal Bias Sopan! Not ONE mention of Ralphie's dad in A Christmas Story. Why do you… @spookperson Funny, I do same thing every morning after reading the news.Like failing @nytimes Fast Eddie's Podcast Hut is reviewing Twitter usage. Wants us to up #dickjokes by 23% over next quarter.
I feel like if people wanted Clinton to come out and address every major event in the country, they probably should have elected her?
Retweeted by Undead Dave BledsoeI never thought I would miss the Bush years either part of Pokemon Go always struck me as strange
Retweeted by Undead Dave Bledsoe#ShowNotes Episode 131 "Harvey Danger" where we go all Hollywood. Episode tomorrow night 8PMish Eastern.…, read the news...he said what? He did THAT? What the Fuh...**LONG PRIMAL SCREAM OF DESPAIR AND ANGUISH** This is EVERY DAMN MORNING!
Safe money @HenryLovesYou @BenKissel @ENFIDL True @ghostgarbage @BenKissel 2017 "All The President's Men" remake is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by Undead Dave Bledsoe#facebookdown and suddenly I feel free is down, how will I know what my Russian handlers want me do now?IT DOESN'T WORK LIKE THAT YOU DIM WITTED FUCKING CRETIN! #FuckingMoron
@538politics @jodyavirgan True, it’s religion that’s doing that @andrew_walsh Possible Show Title @wxdam It's OK, he appears to be a Large Adult Son.I say this as purely a hypothetical: What if you are sexually attracted to Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson? @ashleyfeinberg I have tapes of Alec Baldwin imitating Trump peeing on a hooker. @andrew_walsh It's more of me drunkenly cursing for half an hour while playing funny drops. It's like TBTL without…
@donttrythis Leonard DaVinci for pete's sake!I am going to start watching ESPN so I can boycott ESPN. I guess that's how that works, I do not sportball. @Catrambo Far closer to Ocher Jelly really. @scalzi @spookperson Shop at Corey's Cross Shack for all your discount cross needs! Use the promo code "Nails" at check out for 10% off! @ezraklein And yet, the continue to do nothing.To celebrate #ColumbusDay I am going around infecting people with Chicken Pox and stealing their lunches!Watching #SzechuanGate leads me to realize this country fucking DESERVES Donald Trump.
On Twitter I have called out shitty Rick and Morty fans, Matt Damon and Russell Crowe for supporting Weinstein. Thi…
Retweeted by Undead Dave BledsoeWhy yes, I think he did!
That's right! Be mad at Harvey, not HARVEY! Guys, We’re Mad @ Harvey WEINSTEIN, Not Harvey FIERSTEIN! via @jdforward
Retweeted by Undead Dave Bledsoe#thefarside
Retweeted by Undead Dave Bledsoe
Have you heard ‘Episode 130: Better Dead Than LegislaTED’ by David Bledsoe on #SoundCloud? #np let's get it on folks! @HenryLovesYou Henry is getting philosophical EARLY today. @vid_icarus So, just a regular day on Twitter huh?Awww #RIPAIM I will miss middle aged truckers pretending to be pubescent girls!How you figure? WE didn't elect an serial sex offender to the highest office in the land, unlike some other partie…, good, my penis cast is being delivered. Finally! @LPontheleft @BenKissel @marcusparks @HenryLovesYou DUDES! Do NOT cross Big Milk! People disappear when they cross Big Milk.I gave up dignity, good judgement and self respect. It turns out I was annoying asshole! talk #guns and #booze on tonight's show, and how both of them are trying to kill us. I choose booze thank you.…
How am I supposed to sleep after that??? @InternetEh I am speaking with the doctor about your meds again.#America @ForecasterEnten This is the best Take.MOM I SAID STOP TWEETING!!! @HeerJeet *Sips his Soylent Green*I THINK I see why Conservatives want guns now... #GunControl @AnthonyDeVito The hero gave away Ben Stein's money and featured girls on trampolines before becoming a superhero... @ashleyfeinberg Evergreen Tweet @pescami Oh, I know, that is the other half of my argument. No need to worry, your guns aren't going anywhere, your wives and children are. @pescami It's driving them nuts :) @pescami I've been using your NYC based point talking gun control all week and it REALLY does make gun advocates lose their train of thoughtLikely because Ted Cruz sits on that committee.
Retweeted by Undead Dave Bledsoe @scalzi You use your tongue prettier than an award winning science fiction writer!I am reaching the point where my cynicism and misanthropy outweigh my compassion and decency. #GunControl Ep 130 "Better Dead than LegislaTED" yet ANOTHER show about guns and why nothing changes. FUN! New sho…
@ghostgarbage Results: OCD, Cancer, Allergies.“I am sick and tired of real-life gun violence getting in the way of us telling stories that glamorize gun violence…'s subtweet is strong., he is. @andrew_walsh But you have a towel for that, right?
GET. THE. FUCK. OUT. OR. HERE. WITH. THAT. SHIT. #Equifax @gregbwells @scalzi @wilw Way to spoil it!!I'm shocked! Shocked I tell you! Petty Learnt to Fly