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Host of the What the HELL Were You Thinking Podcast. Disgraced Dungeon Master. Purveyor of fine Mustache Waxes. Proud Father Guido Sarducci Cosplayer.

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@scalzi Aww earned it. That was an amazing novel. Can't wait for the next one!You DON'T say! @auntbeckyrose Objectivity. You know the kind of objectivity that elected Hitler. @spookperson Also solid way to keep demons at bay. @cheerful_ExGF @ukuleledan You need a Clippy like product? It looks like you are trying to post a photo of your b… @j_arthur_bloom You lost the war. Deal with it.Yes. Of course she does. @_grendan What now? No, wait, I don't want to know...#PermitPatty demonstrates the fundamental problem of privileged white women. Well, that and the 53% of them who voted for Trump. @brianstelter God, I am just some jackass on the street and I knew he was full of shit yet SOMEHOW CNN puts him on… @spookperson Ah, what you do not know is that Ted is the flesh incarnation of an Elder God, avatar of Nyarlathotep.… to memedom #PermitPatty @guygavrielkay There is a direct ration to those who never travel more 50 miles from their place of birth to xenoph… day will come when you and your hateful ideology will be on the dustbin of history. Until then, just let me sa… the wave and be sitting on top of the world! the refried beans!Huh, I would just have shit in your food. You got off light. @cheerful_ExGF Ah! So it DID happen! @cheerful_ExGF Got mine @RandBallsStu @TBTL There are dozens of us. DOZENS!de Blasio is out of control
Retweeted by Dave *Eat At the Red Hen Lexington VA* Bledsoe @Stonekettle It is why I drink Jameson, the Irish have multiple redundancies built into the system.STOP! JUST FUCKING STOP DOING THIS! THIS IS NOT A FUCKING TOM ARNOLD MOMENT! FUCKING CHILDREN ARE IN CONCENTRATI… you heard ‘Episode 165: Waiting for a Ghoul Like You’ by What The Hell Were You Thinking? on #SoundCloud? #np look into the history of Dear Leader Trump’s long and illustrious career in hating non-whites going all the way…
When family needs help and you can help, you help. @TBTL is family which is why I donated to the #tbtlathonI AM!
Retweeted by Dave *Eat At the Red Hen Lexington VA* Bledsoeyour much-needed best of the day #thiswebsiteisfree
Retweeted by Dave *Eat At the Red Hen Lexington VA* Bledsoe @cheerful_ExGF No shaming! I mean, I am a *mumbles* year old dude and I recognized them so... @cheerful_ExGF I have this book "How To Talk To Your Teen About Folk Music" that you should read, because...those a… @RandBall I prefer an Uncle Clem's Cousin Kisser, hoppy with just hint of strawberry, just like my cousin.Fucking Fox News is busy promoting fascism for profit. Womp. Stop it! Please, for the love of humanity just STOP! via @thedailybeast
"If you want to come to America, fuck a rich old man a few times like I did" the First Lady told the terrified and… know Jeff, have the courage of your convictions, you tiny little Klan Elf Fuck.'s important to remember that Melania was never an ofDonald. She's always been Serena Joy.Actually, Melania, I really do care.Some things are so fucking stupid, the HAVE to be true. #MelaniaTrump cut their bog into pieces. This was their last resort. @davidplotz Could you say they cut their bog into pieces, it was their last resort?Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn is the first day of my countdown to the first day of Fall. #FuckSummerHey Facebook, about that Fake News things... Ep 165 (This time for real) we talk about the rancid creature consuming the decaying flesh of POTUS' ass… @scalzi I want to be college age again...Just your regular reminder that Paul Ryan should eat a bowl of dicks. @onlxn Well, unless you a Koch brother.This is AMAZING! @StephenKing Stupid looks smart when you are stupid. @ClaraJeffery So, just the two Departments, this one and Defense?Well, gosh darn it, what the hecking heck should I be saying Flanders? @andrew_walsh @RandBallsStu The only way to stop a bad phanatic with a hot dog cannon is a GOOD Mr Met with a bigger hot dog cannon.
@Aviation_Intel POTUS Mobile KFC Distribution Vehicle. He is never more than 30 seconds from a six-piece and a side.There is two-word phrase that comes immediately into my mind... will still put people in concentration camps, but we will put them in TOGETHER! #FamiliesBelongTogether @Stonekettle No, just the best of a bad lot. @lukeburbank If there is a twister, you should hold onto Andrew, you do not want to arrive in Oz without a buddy. @scalzi Gordon Lightfoot covers for EVERYONE!My friend is learning Spanish and I want to help. I, however, do not actually SPEAK Spanish. So I am finding raunch… @maggieNYT Maggie. That ship sailed, ran into a container vessel in the harbor, sank with all hands aboard and is… That ship sailed, ran into a container vessel in the harbor, sank with all hands aboard and is leaking oil… imagined conversation between Trump supporters: "What is it now?" "Kids in cages." "We support kids in cages?"…
Retweeted by Dave *Eat At the Red Hen Lexington VA* BledsoeI've been struggling all week to find a way to make light of this tragic week. I settled on a vicious, mean-spirite…"IF YOU WERE A FLAG I'D HUG YOU!"
Retweeted by Dave *Eat At the Red Hen Lexington VA* Bledsoe @carolrhartsell I usually just photoshop in some abs on my selfies. @scalzi Blocked!DC fights the good fight! @scottdetrow Evergreen Feeling.Awww man, Trump canceled the Congressional cookout? Whose gonna eat all that potato salad with raisins in it now? @cheerful_ExGF @cheerful_ExGF Pics or it didn't happen :) @jeffzeleny I so want to photoshop Robert Mueller into the window behind the sign...Trump to MAYBE undo thing he did and could have undone any time except he is a stupid old racist fuckwit.… @CLewandowski_ WE HEARD YOU DO IT! @TMobile Been a customer for years, either Lewandowski goes or I do. #WompWomp #BoycottTMobile @scalzi It's like that Spaceballs tech where the movie is on video while still being made. @pegobry What actual mob violence might look like