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Alright, this Enki app is pretty cool. If you want to learn or brush up on Linux or Programming, it's pretty good a…
@jzb @sparkycollier Oh ok. Weird. Alright, TIL. Thanks again. 👍 @sparkycollier @jzb I'll be honest, I thought they needed 51 votes to pass things (is that true or certain types of… @sparkycollier Ahhhhhh ok, thanks!Legit question because I don't fully understand this. If the Republican Party controls The House, The Senate, and T…! Fresco has approved the promotion of the @Arm #aarch64 architecture for @fedora #server for #Fedora 28!
Retweeted by Adam MillerThis is what happens to #Fedora's EPEL mirrors when all of the sysadmins decide for some reason to update all of th…
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Red Hat recognized as one of Fortune’s Most Admired Companies #RedHat #WeAreRedHat @dbrandonjohnson That's literally what I just ordered. 😁 @5im05 Seems to be discontinued, I can't find it new from anywhere. :( @IRCCloud Thanks! 👍 @5im05 Thanks, will check it out. 👍 @thaumos Preferably nothing crazy, I'd like to keep around $300 or less if possible but I'm a little flexible there.Dear Internet people, I need a recommendation for a new monitor. Needs to be between 27" and 34", widescreen, IPS,…
@IRCCloud How would I go about requesting a feature to have people's nick highlighted in the same color in-line dur… Cook says you’ll soon be able to turn off the system that slows iPhones as the battery gets older reveals Labo, a DIY ‘build-and-play experience’ for Switch botnet infects cryptocurrency mining computers, replaces wallet address. Protection on Project Fi: data when you need it, and savings when you don't.
Fedora Elections! Go Vote! #FedoraThe worst thing you can do for yourself is believe your own hype.
Retweeted by Adam MillerThe Deconstruct 2018 CFP is available only to first-time speakers, airs on the side of diversity in selection, come…
Retweeted by Adam MillerProject Fi Bill Protection: Unlimited Data on Fi (for those who want it). @ring doorbell is really starting to raise my blood pressure... @vbatts @cheddarmint The GoRuck is an amazing backpack and I'm convinced nobody makes anything more durable. They'r… Infrastructure manager change #Fedora #CentOS #RedHat
125k retweets. Provided date works with s3 shooting schedule, I will get ordained and perform ceremony. I get to…
Retweeted by Adam Miller @dgilmoreAU and are top recommendations so far. Will keep you posted.Mozilla Files Suit Against FCC to Protect Net Neutrality starts certificate program to fill empty IT jobs @fatherlinux Oh, I've not stepped in it but I've stepped over enough of it to he annoyed. @ChristianHeimes I had not even considered that.This Map Shows San Francisco Is Covered In Human Poop To Extend Ansible Through Plugins by @thejimic #Ansible
Anyone have any good recommendations for at-home yoga learning/programs for complete beginners?The #AnsibleAutomates tour visits Shanghai on Jan 23. Learn more and register here:
Retweeted by Adam Miller @_KumarAbhinav @lenadroid PM me and we can figure out the best way to get started! @SurabhiBorgikar @lenadroid Hey! Feel free to DM me and we'll get rolling.ok google
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@schristoff25 @lenadroid Yes please! Let's try and find a good fit. 👍
@schristoff25 @lenadroid Awesome! Anything in particular you want to get started contributing to or looking for gen… @Ansible Tower isolated nodes:
Retweeted by Adam Miller @detiber 👍 @detiber What is it? Think I need one. @dgilmoreAU @ring Yeah, I think I'm going to go that direction as well. Just bummed, I drilled into mortar for nothing.
@lenadroid Ansible Core Developer here, sounding off. Happy to help newcomers, we all start somewhere. (… if you are a contributor of an OSS project (no matter how big it is), and are up for mentoring a person to he…
Retweeted by Adam Miller10 Fedora Women Days across the world @drturner_rx I don't know, I can't reproduce and there's nothing in the logs.🇺🇸'As recent unfortunate events have demonstrated, we cannot be complacent about racism & bigotry...If someone, eve…
Retweeted by Adam MillerThere's something oddly satisfying about this video. surprised this didn't exist, so I started it. Python bindings for the Kubernetes Container Runtime Interface (C…
Retweeted by Adam Miller @detiber @ring @ring Thanks, I will after work. @detiber @ring My spirit animal is QA.Oh cool, I just don't even get doorbell notifications on my phone anymore from my @ring video doorbell. First it wa…
I sometimes look around and realize we completely ignored the warnings provided to us in EPIC 2014 and we now basic… @majorhayden @rlove @reaperhulk @cloudnull It's an honor to be mentioned along side the others listed. I am extreme… your bags—#RedHat is heading to #SFO for #RHSummit 2018. Register now to join us:
Retweeted by Adam MillerThe #Ansible team will be back in #SFO for #RHSummit 2018. Make your plans to join us onsite.…
Retweeted by Adam Miller @KeybaseIO Hey, my https proof keeps randomly breaking for and I can't figure out why, my proof is s…
@mattwoodson @garethr @thismarkp @robynbergeron @thejimic @cfgmgmtcamp 👍 @garethr @thismarkp @robynbergeron @thejimic @cfgmgmtcamp Not that I know of (CC: @mattwoodson ) @thismarkp @garethr @robynbergeron @thejimic The OpenShift Online Ops team is doing some of this with their tools r…
Just unplugged an USB mouse and my laptop crashed, how is everyone else's Year of the Linux Desktop going?How So Many Researchers Found a 20-Year-Old Chip Flaw At Once
Happy 35th Anniversary of the breakup of the Bell System. Imagine if we had a government that wasn't in the pocket…
Retweeted by Adam Miller @iamjkeating @github 👍 @iamjkeating @github 1) Awesome! Congratulations! 2) Safe travels! 3) You ever used an electric kettle to heat yo…
I'm not sure why President Trump wants to shut down the government over an $18 billion wall that no one wants, isn'…
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Shout out to the elderly gentleman playing World of Warcraft at my neighborhood Starbucks. May your latency be minimal.In case you were wondering, this was Fox at 7:10 am this morning. The president's tweet at 7:20 am.…
Retweeted by Adam MillerCommand Line Heroes: A new podcast about the people who transform technology from the command line up. @SylBlackmore Thanks! @SylBlackmore @ring It happened, I'm sure the neighbors think I'm losing it.Pumped for the new Command Line Heroes #podcast which is all about people who transform tech from the command line…
Retweeted by Adam MillerWelp. Pretty sure my Achilles tendon is busted or I have a bone spur that's messing it up. Currently waiting to get…
Containers without Docker at Red Hat #RedHat #Containers