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Bill Cosby found guilty of sexual assault #Fedora 28 is GO for May 1st release!
Retweeted by Adam MillerIn Trump's first year, FISA court denied record number of surveillance orders your Python with an interactive shell #Python #Fedora
Hackers emptied Ethereum wallets by breaking the basic infrastructure of the internet vindicates cops confronting corruption gentle introduction to FreeDOS Minute Attack Let Hackers Spoof Hotel Master Keys work from @ciliumproject team, eBPF powered container and microservices networking.
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file buffering
Retweeted by Adam MillerHow to recycle your used and unwanted gadgets
@matburt @WarbyParker @ansible Woot! I've got Cranes and upgrading to Hawthornes. Horray for Ansible too! ❤️Special Monday shout out to the Customer Support folks over at @WarbyParker, specifically the amazing Jen H. I'm a… the Vault Operator for Kubernetes #CoreOS #RedHat #Kubernetes #Vaultmmap
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page faults & how swap works
Retweeted by Adam Miller"Self care makes you... a human being with needs." @MooreClick #heartifacts
Retweeted by Adam Miller・ 。 ☆∴。 * ・゚*。★・  ・ *゚。   *   ・ ゚*。・゚★。 The next deploy will fix it     ☆゚・。°*. ゚    ゚。·*・。 ゚*…
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virtual memory
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To state a problem is not to imply a solution. I can agree with you there's a problem worth solving and still concl…
Retweeted by Adam Millermemory allocation
Retweeted by Adam MillerHow IBM quietly pushed out 20,000 aging workers was just granted a patent for tracking Bitcoin transactions and selling the data to the government is a Diamond sponsor at #KubeCon + #CloudNativeCon in Copenhagen. Swing by our booth for the latest technic…
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Paging @mattdm & @BitIntegrity, I'm sure some @fedora and @CentOSProject users might be able to add thoughts here!
Retweeted by Adam MillerSeriously y'all, @b0rk's zines are too good! Go get your Linux/Programming learn on and give thanks (and/or money)… libraries and dynamic linking
Retweeted by Adam MillerWidescreen laptops are dumb batteries are currently live & delivering power at 662 locations in Puerto Rico. Team is working 24/7 to acti…
Retweeted by Adam MillerAnsible 2.5.1 Released #Ansible #RedHat
A look at VDO, the new Linux compression layer. #RedHat #RHEL #Linux #Compression #DeduplicationLinuxAcademy Give Away! #LinuxAcademy (by @linuxacademyCOM)floating point
Retweeted by Adam MillerSomehow we've managed to burn through this year's CapEx and OpEx budgets in the first quarter. What can you tell me…
Retweeted by Adam MillerLook, just keep trimming features out of the update until we can make the delivery date set by sales. We can add…
Retweeted by Adam MillerTeam, Next monday's staff meeting will have a mad-libs theme to help boost morale. "Once I get _____ done, I'll ha…
Retweeted by Adam MillerHey, women of the @ansible community -- I would love to see a lot of names of Ansible speakers on this list. :)
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San Francisco's Seismic Gamble don't buy for a second that Facebook isn't listening to my phone's microphone for targeting ads. My phone sat on…
Woman on plane retrieving her luggage in the overhead: "Who's skateboard is this? It's blocking my bag" me: that's…
Retweeted by Adam MillerIf you're more mad at Facebook than Equifax, check your priorities.Hi, good morning.... Who just joined the call?
Retweeted by Adam Miller"Blameless" is apparently only for engineers. Engineer breaks prod, @netflix gives them a badge. I drop $20k on…
Retweeted by Adam MillerDevOps is all about breaking down the barriers...which is a long way to say: We're moving to an open floor plan.
Retweeted by Adam MillerOLPC's $100 Laptop Was Going To Change The World - Then It All Went Wrong is dead. Long live PyPI! (by @di_codes) #Python #PyPII want to say publicly that the Ansible Marketing Team is absolutely wonderful and are a joy to work with. Just wan…
A story in two Tweets:
Retweeted by Adam MillerLearn more about automating cloud security with #Ansible and @PaloAltoNtwks on our Apr 25 webinar. Register now:…
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@FOSSjunkie Agreed, the article was biased and I don't agree with it as written but thinks it raises an interesting point. @SamDoran Will read, thanks! @quaid 👍 @paradoxguitaris @quaid Exactly this, there's so much unforseen circumstances, consequence, and nuance. 👍 @paradoxguitaris @quaid Completely agreed, the article is extremely biased and I don't agree with it as written but… @paradoxguitaris @quaid That is, not to say that programmers can't be Professional Engineers, or are in any way unq… @paradoxguitaris @quaid PhD predates MD by about 300 years, so that would be the other way around, but that's not w… @quaid Either way, the thing I took away from the article is that there's a difference in requirements and regulati… @quaid It does not, but I'm also pretty sure that legally a Professional Engineer has to sign off on that software. @quaid There's a software engineer designation as defined by the regulated Professional Engineer title. I've met th… @quaid To be fair it's not as good, it just isn't. Software on my laptop segfaults multiple times a week, my kernel… do you mean be "hard coded"? Me:
Retweeted by Adam MillerProgrammers: Stop Calling Yourselves Engineers
IDEA: An ongoing series of nonverbal algorithm assembly instructions. Distribution Specification #OCI #OpenContainers
Scaling ARA to a Million Ansible playbooks a month #Ansible #ARA #Zuul #OpenStack
Ansible 2.5 Launch an Azure Container Instance #Ansible #Azure #RedHat #MicrosoftPython 2 will be replaced with Python 3 in the next Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) major release.…
These Senators don't know how Facebook works.Data Deduplication and Compression in RHEL 7.5 with Virtual Data Optimizer (VDO) #RedHat computer maker to move manufacturing to the U.S. cloud-native computing universal and sustainable via @opensourceway by @cra
Retweeted by Adam Miller25 things you should know about Red Hat“How to Run CRI-O 1.9.10 with OpenShift Container Platform 3.9 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.4” by @fatherlinux
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Our #upstream #communities will be at #RHSummit. Come see us in #SanFrancisco. @fedora @CentOSProject @RDOcommunity
Retweeted by Adam MillerWe're less than one month away from this year's #RHSummit. Make your plans to join us onsite for the premier…
Retweeted by Adam MillerImportant next step in standardizing #container building blocks. Image format, runtime, and now…
Retweeted by Adam MillerThat thing where you're sick but you think to yourself, "I'll power through and exercise anyways" and then your wor… File Manager (WinFile) is Open Source. (MIT Licensed) .... What a weird and magical time to be alive.…
#RedHat is 25. Celebrate a quarter century of liberating open source technology with a commemorative shirt or stick…
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