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BWD @theonlyadult The Fourth Quarter

Barack Obama knows exactly what he's doing. Barack Obama knows exactly what he's doing. Barack Obama knows exactly what he's doing. Barack Obama knows exactly w

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Make no mistake that the same coalition responsible for Bernie's loss will be the same one that takes Trump out.
Retweeted by BWDI would love to be able to debate the finer points of libertarianism v democratic theory but THE HOUSE IS ON FIRE, take the exit that works.
Retweeted by BWDHa, excellent.'s comments just today. You're gonna tell me this DNC thing matters more? Really? For real? In real life?
Retweeted by BWDSure, his daughter's family is Jewish. He still can't help himself. Not surprising from a birther who said this:
Retweeted by BWDMisses the point. Myriad moderate R-leaners who would have pulled the lever for a Kasich but can't abide Trump.
Retweeted by BWDVery mild disarray. Lord is a "way smart folks"? You really don't have to do this, it's ugly. Yelchin. :( @amharris34 @ScottPelley She has a slightly better chance, being white.2. As far as I can tell, no one at the DNC was forwarding white supremacist memes
Retweeted by BWDHillary for America Launches New Smartphone App to Empower Supporters - download here:
Retweeted by BWDLMAOOO @JCBuildHikeRide @kurteichenwald They will turn on him after his speech tomorrow.Just the Republican nominee and his views on neurotic pushy money-grubbing Jews.
Retweeted by BWDTrump: The Kremlin’s Candidate - POLITICO Magazine PS: Michael Flynn an RT regular.
Retweeted by BWDThis is disgraceful. Defending the indefensible.
Retweeted by BWDGive them a break, they didn't see many black people in their lives. @FLOTUS speech is tomorrow, right?The Trump campaign is legitimizing white supremacism on a scale we haven’t seen in a hundred years. But hey, look at these mean DNC emails!
Retweeted by BWD @therealPumaster @fawfulfan @RPSeawright LMAO, what a zombie. Can't stop laughing.White privilege: it's nearly August, Donald Trump could be President, and you're in the street for Bernie.
Retweeted by BWDLMAOOOOOOO right=Far Left
Retweeted by BWDZombies gonna zombie. Republican Convention nominated a Nazi Putin boy for president. No one can top this. called you a sociopath. 2.delegates had a brawl. 3.wife stole a speech. 4.Cruz made you his ho.
Retweeted by BWDMelania's plagiarism scandal is the worst political plagiarism scandal since Trump plagiarized his entire foreign policy from Vladimir Putin
Retweeted by BWDFirst Trump bashed NATO, then the EU, now he's going after the World Trade Organization. Should probably pin this:
Retweeted by BWDImportant.
Retweeted by BWDAmerica, where making fun of a disabled man, putting Muslims on the trains and carpet bombing kids is ok and where we make war over an email
Retweeted by BWDAh. My first Nazi tweet. My father, a Holocaust survivor, would've been proud—seriously.
Retweeted by BWD @YoureInTheKNOW @linnyitssn Yes, she sent an email, so you should definitely vote for a Nazi. Derp."our lawyers will monitor your program"? seriously? and will you lurk in the alley, too?
Retweeted by BWDHow Putin works: "hundreds of bloggers are paid to flood forums and social networks"
Retweeted by BWD.@ScottPelley: He calls you Crooked Hillary. What do you call him? @HillaryClinton: I'm not going to engage in that kind of insult fest
Retweeted by BWDWho? I just have to add that he plays a mean harmonica. PELLEY: I heard that. KAINE: Got to have a fallback in my line of work.
Retweeted by BWDThis really should have happen a long time ago. Oh well. Next. Eyes on the Nazi at the gate. used to have more problems with Putin more than Democrats did. And then we got a Black President. Now he's their friend.
Retweeted by BWDI have tried not to give unnecessary attention to extremists my whole career. But it's unfortunately a significant story this election.
Retweeted by BWDDoes this mean there's an open spot to speak at the DNC? I'll do it, but I'm not leaving my chair in the living room. I can Periscope in.
Retweeted by BWDThis "corruption" answer from Hillary is very good. She is such a strong woman. #60MinutesAnd now we moved to the EMAILS! LMAO, derp. @ScottPelley just formed another BENGHAZI committee. Derp. #60MinutesYEA BENGHAZI! Derp. #60Minutes @Maddox01a Which why I said sane and serious.What a wonderful photo. is awesome "both sides-ism" at work here
Retweeted by BWDOh yes, the intra party nonsense over someone most people don't even know is EXACTLY like a party nominating a Nazi. and report this nazi feces. I'm gonna pick up the phone and call Vladimir Putin for advice...
Retweeted by BWDYou can't be a serious, sane adult who watch #ClintonKaine now and watched Trump/Pence last week, and still vote Trump.Hillary is letting Kaine speak. Is this a good thing?He is. Kaine just can't speak about Virginia Tech without tearing up.For those just tuning into Russian involvement in our election, read this: via @slate
Retweeted by BWDHey @ScottPelley Republicans didn't work with Obama because he's black. You know it and still pretend. #60MinutesHillary looks very very confident.Voted for Bernie, and would still very much vote for a Debbie Wasserman Schultz/Six Flags Old Man ticket over Trump.
Retweeted by BWDHillary: "I'm gonna pick up the phone and call president Obama for advice". @HelenPeterson2 @MSNBC @CNN Cool, thanks. :)That'll show 'em!
Retweeted by BWDSome cyber experts agree with Clinton campaign: Russia is behind email release
Retweeted by BWDWatching #ClintonKaine on 60 minutes.This @NickKristof column is devastating.
Retweeted by BWD @donjuanw I never liked DWS, she should have gone a long time ago. Doesn't change the fact that Sanders and his fans are full of shit.Yawn @donjuanw Your point? @lawalazu LMAOOOOOO, DYING. Thanks.Funny that none of our enemies is trying to get the GOP in trouble.
Retweeted by BWDTrump has left up every RT of actual nazis, but deleted the tweet where everyone made fun of his spelling.
Retweeted by BWDReally? All it took is her resigning? Lame. and Hillary totally ended this bullshit together. Thank you for your service, you're now a distraction."Neurotic." For a guy who's repeatedly retweeted anti-semitic agitprop that word choice sets off zero alarms. Zero.
Retweeted by BWD @lawalazu What is it? I can't see the tweet!It also show how little they think of Sanders supporters., Obama found some Wall Street apologist to gush about his financial reforms.
Retweeted by BWD @HelenPeterson2 @MSNBC @CNN Good picture quality? @Dollarfray @LunaMoon137 @realDonaldTrump I'm Jewish, it's my DUTY to speak up when I see a modern Hitler rising.Congrats @donnabrazile, very well deserved and now let's focus on beating Adolf.
Retweeted by BWDWith all the Trump-Putin talk, here's my story on his 2013 visit to Russia and his oligarch friends there
Retweeted by BWDBoy, that was a quick turnaround from "freedom of information" to "unleash the lawyers".
Retweeted by BWDWe're not at the #RNCinCLE anymore -- welcome to the #DemConvention
Retweeted by BWDReal story: Trump is pro-Putin, anti-NATO. + Russian intel leaks emails to sabotage Dem convention. = Putin trying to elect Trump.
Retweeted by BWDYea! More airtime for Corey Lewandowski! behind the scenes with @POTUS and @FLOTUS in the latest episode of #WestWingWeek:
Retweeted by BWD @dansac @MSNBC @CNN @tomwatson @BenJealous @ninaturner @PBS Yes, PBS! Thanks.We want many more conservatives to back her. Fake "progressives" don't get that Trump is an existential threat. can't pay me to watch the #DNCinPHL on @MSNBC or @CNN. C-span or online. my first day at #AmericanU, @SarahEMcBride became a friend. Congrats, Sarah. Here's looking at you kid! #DNCinPHL
Retweeted by BWDSo, to be clear, Trump campaign trusts National Enquirer but not the Bureau of Labor Statistics
Retweeted by BWDNina Turner is so transparent.The Trump takeover of the GOP is complete
Retweeted by BWD.@realDonaldTrump build a wall around Tim kaine's mouth, he spoke mexican at me !
Retweeted by BWD @HeimanLA Good. Learn from your mistakes! (Also, why did you leave the beach? :) @HeimanLA NEVER LEAVE TWITTER NEVER WHAT ARE YOU DOING GOING TO THE BEACH????!!!!Former U.S. Ambassador to Russia."The world should pay reparations to the UK because we civilized you lot" is a real line from this guy's profile. @PatrioticBriton @HillaryClinton @timkaine @donnabrazile I agree. Truth telling is the best.