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BWD @theonlyadult The Fourth Quarter

Barack Obama knows exactly what he's doing. Barack Obama knows exactly what he's doing. Barack Obama knows exactly what he's doing. Barack Obama knows exactly w

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this quiz is pretty easy
Retweeted by BWDI just voted for @HillaryClinton. Feels pretty damn good.
Retweeted by BWDIf I were Hillary, I'd ask Michelle Obama to stay on as first lady.
Retweeted by BWDHow bad has early voting been for GOP in NV? #nv03 contender @DannyTarkanian tells GOP women's group last night “we…
Retweeted by BWDThanks to Obama, immigrants are getting better jobs
Retweeted by BWDAll that said, this is no time to be complacent, so a POLLS ARE TIGHTENING SKY IS FALLING narrative should keep us working hard until 11/8.
Retweeted by BWDClinton calls on her supporters to prove Brewer "wrong and make sure we have the biggest turnout of Latinos in hist…
Retweeted by BWDI hope @MarkHalperin is on the pill. birthday, @HillaryClinton! This is just a little gift from me to you.
Retweeted by BWDZero minutes on climate change. This is indescribably awful.
Retweeted by BWDWhich is an important security measure to prevent hacking, not some nefarious plot to destroy America.
Retweeted by BWDBreaking! Developing! Wow!!!! Black mirror shmirror, The Fall is the best show on TV.!! I'm dead come help me"Dick" man, great seats
Retweeted by BWDMICHIGAN! I'm here for @HillaryClinton! Tomorrow, I'm in Ann Arbor, Southfield, Sterling Heights, and Minnow.…
Retweeted by BWDSo she's the first racist feminist icon? you don't live in a battleground state and are wondering whether it's worth your time to vote, read this by…
Retweeted by BWDI'm also on Team Uncertainty-Is-High-This-Year-And-Dems-Are-Way-Too-Complacent. But evidence for tightening is tenuous.
Retweeted by BWDTrump not giving interviews to journalists he doesn't think he can use. Of course he talks to @MarkHalperin @MarkHalperin is how Hitler happened.Good point. Over confidence. @MinstryOfTruth @jaketapper Grew to 14 in AP poll. LMAO cherry picking.Fox 3, AP 14. The margin was always 7. garbage block alert > @RadioPorkchan @RadioPorkchan LMAO, you're adorable deplorable, you're too dumb to even spin,Oh, perfect: Ha-ha Goodman is writing for the Daily Caller.
Retweeted by BWD"a dead guy who raped a teenager he enslaved told me that i should kill people because of gay weddings"
Retweeted by BWD @NolteNC my official prediction is Rom win: Wins NC+CO+FL+VA+IA+WI
Retweeted by BWDClinton +15 per AP/GFK So you know clear tightening across all the polls. (Uncertainty perhaps.)
Retweeted by BWDPresident Romney agree. that Illinois voters shitcanned @WalshFreedom in favor of a decent human being whose bionic legs have more empathy than Joe Walsh.
Retweeted by BWDOk I made a new one. Give $10 to these 10 folks running for Senate. Make the Supreme Court Great Again! 🇺🇸
Retweeted by BWDDeplorable woman Trump quote about Obama the day Obamacare passed: “It’s a pretty tough thing, but yeah, right now, he’s certainly looking like a hero.”
Retweeted by BWDObama at 55% nearly 10 points (9.8 without rounding) ahead nationally: Clinton 47% Trump 38% Johnson 4% Stein 2%
Retweeted by BWDHe said Trump was far more talented than a black man named Hussein Obama. is not enough to simply beat Trump. He must be destroyed thoroughly. His kind must not rise again.
Retweeted by BWD💊🚑 @MichaelGaree @WalshFreedom @jaketapper Blah blah blah, we know exactly what he's talking about with guns rhetoricIt's not your country. In fact, you should leave it, you unAmerican feces. numbers are way off. Happy Birthday, my queen. Love you to pieces.And then Halperin came.'s up 15, Obama at 55% approval > are so emotional.
Retweeted by BWD @liskaaz Excluding 9/11 than probably 30.@WalshFreedom @Jassssssooon @WalshFreedom I'm ready for you to die for the cause. LMAO. You're too lazy to leave the basement.Cc: @FBI @DHSgov is a former member of congress, but the media will tell you that Trump is a fluke and it's all about economic…, you're so dumb, you'll shoot yourself in the penis (if you can find it). is a very good kicker.
Retweeted by BWDFox News is the worst thing that happened to America in 15 years.💃❤️💃 now on the only indicator about the state of the race is what Hillary's campaign does. The rest is noise.That was quite a birthday surprise, @Adele. Loved the show last night! -H
Retweeted by BWDBen Affleck uses his Boston accent to convince New Hampshirans to vote.
Retweeted by BWDIt’s bizarre that they didn’t try this tactic against Bill in the 1990s or do any Benghazi hearings to stop Hillary…
Retweeted by BWDThe truth, as it's been for month, is around the middle. Clinton's up 5-6 grandmother, who is 101 and was born before women's suffrage, just cast her vote.
Retweeted by BWDBirthday parties can be a nice surprise. But we don't want any surprises on November 8, so go vote early! 🎂
Retweeted by BWD👌 reports: Trump and his companies have been accused of mistreating women for years
Retweeted by BWDWhere Americans get their health coverage & what the #ACA has done for them, in 1 chart. #ThanksObama
Retweeted by BWDLatest in NV: Ds up to 24K statewide lead Washoe may be key Clark firewall building Both GOP House seats in jeopardy
Retweeted by BWDLMAO at "progressives" who fell for this fraud. You stand with an asshole. Clinton will hold her Election Night party at the Javits Center in NYC, per @jmpalmieri. (The space, notably, has a glass ceiling!)
Retweeted by BWDThis press release announcing @FullFrontalSamB interview with POTUS is everything. WANT Guiliani's teeth represent his ideology. Take care of the top and completely disregard the bottom.
Retweeted by BWDThe people who threatened violence on election day are worried about it? is the only member of this family I have any empathy for. baseless fantasy will keep Republicans from changing, thus leaving us WH control for decades to come. to "Katich" seem low, I think it would probably be +25. comments by Chafetz and Cruz today, promising more unprecedented dysfunction in Washington, are a gift to Dem…
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