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"For eight years Barack Obama walked on ice and never fell" - @tanehisicoates

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And a new story on Tillerson's Exxon doing business with state sponsors of terror through a Europe-based venture:
Retweeted by ObamaOutAndMeTooAll the way in Saskatoon, but is it true that cable is consumed by Meryl Streep rather than today's news of Trump untended nuclear arsenal?
Retweeted by ObamaOutAndMeTooThat's the best case scenario.
Retweeted by ObamaOutAndMeToo💩💩💩 is understatement. Sigh # via @HPLifestyleWell, it's working, Trapped in His Lies, Keeps Lying. Sad! finishes his presidency at 57% approval, which is 70% in white presidents scale
Retweeted by ObamaOutAndMeTooYes, he's the real deal. anyone requires a thorough vetting, it's Attorney General nominee Jeff Sessions.
Retweeted by ObamaOutAndMeTooCommittee to Protect Journalists saw a spike in donations after Meryl Streep's speech via @poynter
Retweeted by ObamaOutAndMeTooThe 🇺🇸 is a third world country. No wonder we elected a Neanderthal. didn't expect this from Booker. I'm genuinely impressed. you don't get how much courage @CoryBooker is showing, you don't understand the Senate and how rare this is -- k…
Retweeted by ObamaOutAndMeTooSanders will vote to confirm Sessions and his zombies will blame Hillary. @MichaelRizzo69 @jkillafam wow seem nice. 💩Racist TV channel that lies about the government for living has opinions on faith in government.😂 I wonder why he couldn't connect with non white people. is actually worrisome situation @hernandezlg @Karoli @maddow he also have some black friends.Really? So he's missing? on Derrick Rose: "Right now we don't have enough information to give you anything." #NYKvsNOP #Knicks
Retweeted by ObamaOutAndMeToo @zachblatt disgusting. Awful people.They're not even mediocre, they're the complete opposite of the Obamas. Crowley plagiarized her entire career. Imagine if she was a black woman an early and eager proponent of the "Monica Crowley is highly bad" school of thought, this is all very gratifying
Retweeted by ObamaOutAndMeTooCoal is dead, you neanderthal, and all that's left is a black lung. And now without Obamacare, they're all gonna di… you, racist. people >> Trump Pick Monica Crowley Plagiarized Parts of Her Ph.D. Dissertation, @Cher among celebrities signed on for anti-Trump women's march
Retweeted by ObamaOutAndMeTooBernie is busy selling his book. @ceetamtam003 I know. I feel you. I hardly watched anything with him for months. @davidaxelrod still don't get why Trump won and what he is going to do to people who aren't David Axelrod. for another @latimes GQ story on the leader of the "alt-right". they were too busy being racists. made Donald Trump, a billionaire living in a gold castle, their white working class hero, and they don't even blink.
Retweeted by ObamaOutAndMeTooDerrick Rose is missing the Knicks game and nobody knows why:
Retweeted by ObamaOutAndMeTooHey @TheDemocrats this is what we need. No less. This is a national emergency. Stop playing nice/ is the kind of leadership we need from the Democratic Party. Thank you @CoryBooker for standing up for the peo…
Retweeted by ObamaOutAndMeTooBrother @CornelWest is still mad about those inauguration tickets from 2009
Retweeted by ObamaOutAndMeTooBarbra Streisand on Trump: 'He has the need to insult anybody who doesn't agree w/ him. That's pretty disgraceful.'
Retweeted by ObamaOutAndMeTooSee how we got this historic shot of @POTUS snorkeling in waters he helped protect:
Retweeted by ObamaOutAndMeToo👊👏👊 is so sad. @metaquest we willl never have another preezy obeezy. Never. 😭😳 @katyperry @amyschumer too. So awesome. 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻 "disabled reporter" has a name. It's Serge Kovaleski. He's not a political prop or punchline, he's a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist.
Retweeted by ObamaOutAndMeTooSome of Jared Kushner's many conflicts of interest. Even if he manages to skirt anti-nepotism laws, these should di…
Retweeted by ObamaOutAndMeTooThe A.V. Club discusses how Meryl Streep is more presidential than Donald Trump
Retweeted by ObamaOutAndMeTooSources: There are team officials, teammates and close associates unclear of reason for Derrick Rose's absence for Knicks-Pelicans at MSG.
Retweeted by ObamaOutAndMeTooI give Booker much respect for this move. there's some drama around Derrick Rose? @6079_MPein of course. LMAOWhat's the odds that the person in this photo ever had sex he didn't pay for? is a New Mexican w/ multiple sclerosis. Thanks to #ACA, she's able to afford $60K in prescriptions every year…
Retweeted by ObamaOutAndMeToo @saraeproegler I can't deal.I may not be able to watch #ObamaFarewell tomorrow. Not sure I can handle it.Many Americans are racist and deplorable. Something people don't like to admit. They were fine with this, racism, e…
Retweeted by ObamaOutAndMeTooBig salute to @petesouza for eight years of great White House photography. 6,500+ photos here:…
Retweeted by ObamaOutAndMeToo @CRESS187 @drose you seem nice.4. We set a goal of 250K for the Trump Investigative Fund and we have less than 50K to go. Help us get over the top:
Retweeted by ObamaOutAndMeTooYep. They announced this 16 months ago. It was an agreement with UAW. A labor union. They got this done, not you.
Retweeted by ObamaOutAndMeTooGoing from this man to a guy who literally can't spell. @KenMcCombs @drose what a pathetic excuse for human being you are. Can't you wait to hear what happened? @GamingEelektros @prismspiritual @Cheese_Gravy @ira LMAO, watching you for the next 4 years going to be the only fun thing.Trump again takes credit for jobs that were already planned before the election
Retweeted by ObamaOutAndMeToo @prismspiritual @GamingEelektros @Cheese_Gravy @ira Because deep inside they know who they voted for, they also know that the end is near.If only Fred Trump had shown his son some love, we could've been spared all this.
Retweeted by ObamaOutAndMeTooMan, if only those elitists would let this folksy outsider do his job ...
Retweeted by ObamaOutAndMeTooThe positions&policies @SenatorSessions has supported do not uplift America’s shared values of love, justice & mercy.
Retweeted by ObamaOutAndMeTooTrump won because your dad brought Sarah Palin into polite society.
Retweeted by ObamaOutAndMeToo @JoyAnnReid fave quote from the People article:
Retweeted by ObamaOutAndMeToo @LJW_2017 @deirdrewalshcnn @costareports LMAO, watching you zombies get fucked by them every day will make the next 4 years so much fun.Top 1% orgy. it remained the biggest scandal of the Obama admin. celebrating repeal of Obamacare finds out he’s on Obamacare. Amazing.
Retweeted by ObamaOutAndMeTooRacism kills. remember when you guys yelled DEATH PANELS for two years?
Retweeted by ObamaOutAndMeToo