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"For eight years Barack Obama walked on ice and never fell" - @tanehisicoates

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Exhibit A: Barack Obama. sure White House refuses to call the murder of Timothy Caughman a hate crime. Just like when Trump refused to disavow David Duke and the KKK.
Retweeted by 44ever.@SenSchumer: "Americans deserve to know who is funding this effort to get Judge Gorsuch on the highest bench in th…
Retweeted by 44everUntreatable cancer. I will not accept any other ending for this garbage piece of shit. than 20 Republicans sit on the Judiciary Committee. Fewer than 5 at Trump/Russia resolution markup. Blatant di…
Retweeted by 44everReally, @chrislhayes maybe do a town hall with gay people Trump just sent to the back of the bus. she weren't thin, pretty, white, and willing to fuck him, her husband would call her a disgusting cow and demand…
Retweeted by 44everAmericans also supported Garland confirmation by 21-point margin. @PrincessAfromCA he blocked me a long time ago.I see we're going to have to do this every day: MERRICK GARLAND MERRICK GARLAND MERRICK GARLAND MERRICK GARLAND MER… President being under FBI investigation is stronger basis to wait than a President being in 8th year of his term
Retweeted by 44ever.@JBarro Obamacare now covers your Clinton obsession. Use it soon, because you are fucking nuts.🤦 it's still a record high for any president who was elected with the help of Russia!
Retweeted by 44everI see we're going to have to do this every day: MERRICK GARLAND MERRICK GARLAND MERRICK GARLAND MERRICK GARLAND MER… just tried to take away 24 million Americans health insurance and make it so insurers didn't have to cover drug…
Retweeted by 44everImagine going through life with a mind that can produce this tweet. just killed the planet and equality for gays, but sure, you win. Idiot."BERNIE SAVED OBAMACARE!". Are you fucking kidding me???Oh hey, what's Sanders position on Gorsuch?Judge Gorsuch’s selective activism in restricting women’s rights is jarring & doesn't demonstrate a philosophy that belongs on #SCOTUS
Retweeted by 44everDamn, Pete. 🔥🔥🔥 @PeteSouza this what you tell yourself to feel better about electing Donald Trump? Bernie Sanders saved Obamacare? LMAO. country has never been run by people this stupid before.
Retweeted by 44everGeorgia! You don't have to live in the 6th to make a difference. Drive people to the polls, canvas, make phone calls. @ossoff to #FlipThe6th
Retweeted by 44everThere's an Access Hollywood bus you should probably check out.
Retweeted by 44everShameless, shameful, complicit woman. when @maddow went after Obama because he insisted on congressional repeal of DADT? Imagine it was just EO, and Trump would kill it.
Retweeted by 44everBut her emails and the two parties are the same and sometimes something something
Retweeted by 44everPetition: Move Melania Trump to White House, or she can foot security bill
Retweeted by 44everMy man literally thinks breaking up banks is non-negotiable but women's most basic right to control our own bodies…
Retweeted by 44everThis is a lie. Never happened.
Retweeted by 44everLet's get Kushner on that right away.
Retweeted by 44everMiddle America wins again. Trump signed law to help companies that steal employee's wages and allow unsafe working.
Retweeted by 44everWell, Trump never dine alone with his wife. declined all Obama's invitations. No Dem should go there now. @TheDemocrats @SenateDems @HouseDemocrats dumb cult many gays voted for Trump?American general echoes what NATO Supreme Commander said last week. Sad we can't trust POTUS to take this seriously.
Retweeted by 44everFor you, yes. demagoguery. "President" under FBI investigation can't appoint a SCOTUS judge for 40 years. Not to mention… this is the end of identity politics white Berniebros talk about. 👌 Sanders, fierce *progressive the fuck can any Democrat take a position that opposes the view that women get to decide their own medical/repr…
Retweeted by 44everRemember when @maddow went after Obama because he insisted on congressional repeal of DADT? Imagine it was just EO, and Trump would kill it.Congrats @jbarro there any organization more pathetic than @LogCabinGOP? @JuddLegum Is this the time we thank Ivanka and Jared? What a joke
Retweeted by 44everNaa, McCain enabled him. if Congress had been Republican controlled under Nixon. Would they have focused on investigating Deep Thro…
Retweeted by 44everWhat a fucking asshole. have asked the FBI to investigate whether anyone in the White House has connections to the United States.
Retweeted by 44evergo to to tell this senator to stand with progressives or face a challenge. #allofus
Retweeted by 44everBecause he is white, old and stupid? He is not a Democrat. 2. See 1. is not enough side-eye in all the damn world
Retweeted by 44everBut Obama wasn't progressive enough for the Sanders cult, just lovely. At least I can say that I was right about him being willing to sell out women. My vote/time/money…
Retweeted by 44everSpoiled, weak losers who won't vote unless they're madly in love with a candidate. see some journalists aren't happy that Hillary defends a black female journalist.Democrats don't have a working class problem. They won the working class. They have a "majority of white voters wen…
Retweeted by 44everShe lost because you saw a Nazi at the gate and helped him win. He's like a murderer. Fuck the NFL love the progressive influence of Ivanka. Right @nytimes? @theonlyadult This sweet old man has been pissing me off lately! And I voted for him in the primaries!
Retweeted by 44everWhy is a non-Dem who elected Donald Trump being asked about Dems? "candidate" only have to be rigidly pro white working class men. And pro Sanders of course. Bernie Sanders it's a cult living in an alternative universe.'s a cult evidence is now clear that the White House and Devin Nunes worked together to halt the Russia investigation:…
Retweeted by 44everSally Yates is willing to testify, WH says they want her to testify, public wants to hear from her, Brennan and Clapper...what's the holdup?
Retweeted by 44everBecause it's not about sovereignty, it's about white supremacy., listening to educated white people explaining why they voted for an ignorant racist is so embarrassing. He had me at "all Mexican's are rapist..." fuck that guy forever.
Retweeted by 44everThis exchange between a senior White House official and a reporter on climate change is.... not great.
Retweeted by 44everGreat job, "progressives", really great.