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BWD @theonlyadult The Fourth Quarter

I know what I'm doing and I'm fearless.

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You think the so called "establishment" is finally in panic over Trump, or they still dream that's he'll fade?Hey, @nbcsnl, you had a chance to destroy @realDonaldTrump to his face. Instead, you decided to suck his dick. How's that feel now?
Retweeted by BWDBruhh 💀💀 #ThanksgivingWithWhiteFamilies
Retweeted by BWD@blakehounshell hey, it's a KKK party, but yea, PARTY!Remember just a few days ago tho... when a Black guy had a very different experience at a Trump pep rally. Fun for some. @blakehounshell
Retweeted by BWDSpewing hate that media shrugs at because of the party atmosphere. Nothing to worry about. What could go wrong? @blakehounshell
Retweeted by BWDInspiring couple cancels wedding and raises funds for Syrian refugees instead
Retweeted by BWD@GrooveSDC 10 idiots.@admiralmpj @AZTanya They'll get nothing. It's all gone. Though I'm not sure it's gonna stay with me... GROSSSS.@admiralmpj @AZTanya In the galaxy.LMAO, Bears.Today is a reminder to be thankful for what we have, and share our blessings by helping others. –mo
Retweeted by BWD@theonlyadult we all knew him as fearless, until he ran into thanksgiving #RIP
Retweeted by BWD@AZTanya not a chance, simply because I finished all the pies.What's interesting about Trump is the undisguised scorn he has for his own supporters -- and how they love his abuse
Retweeted by BWDLiterally can't move. I will not eat for at least a week. RIP me.Here Is Your Annual Thanksgiving Sarah Palin Turkey Day Massacre, For 'Tradition'
Retweeted by BWD#ThanksObama racist piece of shit abusing the flag. #Thanksgiving Morning from @Space_Station! #YearInSpace
Retweeted by BWDExactly. @Snowden is a coward and a fraud. dare you even mention Mandela's name, you racist asshole. Ohhh, where were you since Paris? Busy washing the blood of your hands?You are an asshole. happy thanks, my dear friend. Love you.I started my Christmas shopping during the first wave of advertising, handed out gifts the day after Halloween; taking my tree down tonight.
Retweeted by BWD@Lawrence @admiralmpj @bballer @realDonaldTrump on substance, the rest of the GOP is no different.I'm spending most of Thanksgiving in airports & wifi equipped planes so I haven't missed a single lie @realDonaldTrump has tweeted today.
Retweeted by BWDLMAO, of course > UN: no clear-cut picture of whether Iran worked on nukes via @YahooNewsFox News just reported that the turkey Obama pardoned yesterday flew to Syria and is now fighting for ISIS. #ThanksObama
Retweeted by BWD@teenagesleuth There's already a huge line outside Best Buy downstairs. These people are nuts.In a time of political malevolence, why I'm thankful for @POTUS
Retweeted by BWD@realDonaldTrump Good for you, your supporters are so dumb and so morally corrupted, they'll but this crap too.Morally corrupted feces, the classic right wing hero. @POTUS Facebook post. 37 awesome family photos.I need a candidate who is strong enough to mock a disabled person, but also savvy enough to lie about it when caught. - Trump Supporters
Retweeted by BWDZizi has a way with words. Love."I'm not a scientist." - Republicans "I'm not a Republican." - Scientists
Retweeted by BWDI'm veggie and I wouldn't touch this. happy thanksgiving. I'm not with my family right now & just wanted to reach out to someone
Retweeted by BWDFuck you >> @FetnehVJThey died in the camps. You have any more wisdoms, asshole Trump supporter?
Retweeted by BWD@FetnehVJ @Sttbs73 @AP you'd do so great back in 1933. Go read a book.@thestustein and want to register Muslims.My POTUS got pies. called out for appearing to mock the disabled. always misspell "ass". I don't get it. LMAO, I got nothing.@TheObamaDiary you cut the best part of the trees here. I hate you.@admiralmpj no, not at all. Happy Thanksgiving, my friend. ❤️@TheObamaDiary we're the only two people with any appreciation for trees. Love you.@charles_gaba you're so Jewish. SMH.But... but... never mind.
Retweeted by BWDFLAG ON THE PLAY: Redskins take a ton of heat over tone deaf Thanksgiving tweet.
Retweeted by BWD@charles_gaba Not bad? Happy Thanksgiving, my good man.❤️#HappyThanksgiving from @franceintheus! We are thankful this year and every year for French-American #friendship.
Retweeted by BWDhow to deal with your libertarian relative at thanksgiving: send him to his room
Retweeted by BWDMore tweets from the German media 1933. gas prices below $2 in more than 50% of states--lowest in 7 years--putting billions back into consumers' pockets #ThanksObama
Retweeted by BWD@admiralmpj ???.@TheObamaDiary Chips! Look at the trees from today! Happy Thanksgiving. Obama makes Thanksgiving phone calls to U.S. troops:
Retweeted by BWDI mean... You guys wasn't outrage when he attacked POTUS, blacks and latinos but this ==>
Retweeted by BWDInstead of using my time machine to kill Baby Hitler I'm trying to talk Baby Trump's mother into breastfeeding Baby Trump.
Retweeted by BWDHappy Thanksgiving, everyone! Today, we give thanks for all of our loved ones and the brave men and women in uniform who serve our country.
Retweeted by BWDHappy Thanksgiving! Yesterday, the First Family served food yesterday at Friendship Place
Retweeted by BWDToday we commemorate the survival of a band of refugees who found a home in America & who were welcomed by the locals. Happy Thanksgiving.
Retweeted by BWD@RichardDawkins Please have a heart attack, you racist POS.Dawkins & Mengele are both famous scientists. Horrified anyone thinks I could POSSIBLY liken Dawkins to Nazi.
Retweeted by BWDHappy #Thanksgiving! Here are a few things we’re thankful for. #FeedtheFuture
Retweeted by BWD@MikeGrunwald Happy Thanksgiving to a true journalist. Thank you.The Syrian Refugee Crisis and the Undoing of the GOP via @intelligencer#ImThankfulFor a beautiful read.'t Matt Lauer once an actual journalist?#ImThankfulFor the trio that keep me sane and make me laugh > @LOLGOP @TeaPartyCat @TheDailyEdge#ImThankfulFor Barack Obama.Thanksgiving has its feces too. a President who knows we can't #MakeAmericaGreatAgain by rejecting refugees. We keep America great by offering a helping hand
Retweeted by BWDThanksgiving: In A Time Of Malevolence, Renewed Appreciation For Barack Obama Thanksgiving. I'm thankful for a President who does not spread fear and knee jerk us into war. Thanks President #Obama
Retweeted by BWDTrue, although the media will do its best to help him. Obama is 'thankful' for his daughters during the National Turkey pardon.
Retweeted by BWD"WHY WON'T OBAMA LE...."
Retweeted by BWDFiedler On The Roof? LMAO, this is something from previous life.Love Jaimie Alexander. #MacysParade #Blindspot@SMetzeler @GerardAraud I see you don't go out of Fox that much, ha?@SMetzeler @GerardAraud LMAO.Oh, finally the media got mad at this Hitler Wannabe. Assholes. people he owes apologies to: 1. A world religion 2. 11 million immigrants 3. Everyone else
Retweeted by BWD@Kennymack1971 And to you, Kenny..@POTUS Happy Thanksgiving, Mr. President. I'm thankful for being alive during your presidency. History will adore you.Happy Thanksgiving, my dear tweeps. You keep me sane.To bad you'll never see this on the news Muslim soldiers who fight to protect this nation from terrorists
Retweeted by BWDThe media is very upset that Trump mocked one of their own. All the other nazi crap was cool.@realDonaldTrump thanks, Adolf.Sure mom, I'll have some bread you shoved inside the turkey carcass after you ripped its guts out then cooked it so we could eat it.
Retweeted by BWD@Quinnrob76 @SenSherrodBrown @HuffPostPol Yawn, you're too dumb for a holiday morning. Enjoy thanksgiving in the cave. Bye, Felicia.
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