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Trump voters voted for a white supremacy. The rest is media excuses. apocalypse in 8 tweets know what's coming is awful and the inability to grasp how bad it will be is part of the anguish.
Retweeted by ObamaOutAndMeTooWell, one of them was.
Retweeted by ObamaOutAndMeTooWhat is the precedent for this?
Retweeted by ObamaOutAndMeTooEven after all that I've seen over the past 8 years, I'm still shocked by how many "progressives" are so damn racis… economy in 2017 will indeed be great thanks to Obama. [public statement] PRESS: wow! TRUMP: [action that contradicts statement] PRESS: d'oh! TRUMP: [public statement] PRESS: wow!
Retweeted by ObamaOutAndMeToo.@SenatorReid: Democrats, it's never been more important to stand up for what we believe in
Retweeted by ObamaOutAndMeTooEconomic anxiety is a breakthrough for people with mental illness. #MentalHealthReform will become law:
Retweeted by ObamaOutAndMeToo"The most important thing for you to do is to get you and your family covered for 2017." —@POTUS. Sign up at…
Retweeted by ObamaOutAndMeTooRemember when he had to do the beer summit when a racist cop arrested a black man outside of his own house b/c he l…
Retweeted by ObamaOutAndMeTooGood times. (Yes, really:
Retweeted by ObamaOutAndMeTooYou misspelled racist mill Americans work in food service earning avg of $18K per year. Trump's labor sec pick thinks they make 2 much.
Retweeted by ObamaOutAndMeToo @NeverMyPres @chrislhayes Well, they won the election, so obviously there's more than enough of themWe will not survive the next four years. I doubt we'll survive two. Thank you for a life long of service. You are a great American and we will miss you dearly.Credit where credit is due. Trump was elected only one month ago and crime is at historically low levels across the country.
Retweeted by ObamaOutAndMeTooRemember he helped hide Trump Apprentice tapes
Retweeted by ObamaOutAndMeToo.@MarkBurnettTV is the guy who hid The Apprentice tapes, and actively helped a racist rapist get elected POTUS. Thi… endless embarrassment of America’s absorb the magnitude of the Pudzer appointment. Trump’s signature issue was immigration restriction. Number 1.
Retweeted by ObamaOutAndMeToo @ggreeneva They just forgot to voteOur next Labor Secretary has said he wants to avoid higher wages by replacing the jobs in his stores with machines:…
Retweeted by ObamaOutAndMeTooOnly if you think that Trump voters voted for him due to any reason other than white supremacy. is that enough, or should we wait until people actually die without health care? Hey, I'm reaching…"unexpectedly" only to the media who still refuse to see that we're in Germany 1936. think they do? From 3/5 of a soul to 3/5 of a vote...
Retweeted by ObamaOutAndMeTooEven after winning by 10 million in 2008 and by 5 million in 2012. While Trump is down by almost 3 million.
Retweeted by ObamaOutAndMeToo.@OurRevolution how is that protest vote going so far, guys? Enough people will suffer or you need more to soothe your ego? Please advise.Remember Obama had to withdraw Tom Daschle's nomination because he didn't pay taxes for couple of years?Remember when the media told Obama that he must appoint Republicans to his cabinet?Remember when @chucktodd went after Obama because the president didn't ask for Marco Rubio's approval of the new Cuba policy?CA, the biggest state in the country and the sixth economy in the entire fucking world, isn't part of America accor…'s been this weird subtext to the election commentary that California's vote should be considered separate/dif…
Retweeted by ObamaOutAndMeTooI really don't know why they count non-white votes to begin with. 2009 Byron York argued Obama's approval was artificially high because it included black opinions. He's back at i…
Retweeted by ObamaOutAndMeTooPretty sure that his QB voted for Trump. told @TIME that he didn't do anything to divide the country, and they just nodded in agreement. it's just me, but if people were constantly throwing my name around in connection with acts of hate, I'd addr…
Retweeted by ObamaOutAndMeTooWait, for Secretary of Labor Trump didn’t pick Pharaoh?
Retweeted by ObamaOutAndMeTooTrump's cabinet picks prove he doesn't think economic anxiety is what motivated his voters.
Retweeted by ObamaOutAndMeTooBy popular demand: @JasonKander will be joining @danpfeiffer and me on Keepin It 1600 later today. Can't wait.
Retweeted by ObamaOutAndMeTooGoing from Tom Perez to Andy Puzder. Excellent job, "white working class". @LaborSecLast year, the fast-food CEO made more in one day ($17,192) than one of his full-time minimum wage workers would ma…
Retweeted by ObamaOutAndMeTooLOL Senators weren't sure if they were supposed to applaud this or not.
Retweeted by ObamaOutAndMeTooAnd now a labor secretary against labor
Retweeted by ObamaOutAndMeTooThis is such a great conversation. You should listen to it."The greatest pleasure of my political life was working with Barack Obama. He'll go down as one of our greatest pre… @AlonPinkas Yes, them.New labor secretary nominee runs company where people can work 40 hours per week and still be below poverty level. Sounds right
Retweeted by ObamaOutAndMeTooAnother top campaign fundraiser headed to the cabinet ->
Retweeted by ObamaOutAndMeTooYes, but Hillary sent an email. had him slated for Health and Human Services but sure why not
Retweeted by ObamaOutAndMeTooGenerals, billionaires, WWE, and now fast food in the cabinet. Still room for a porn star!
Retweeted by ObamaOutAndMeToobut I thought he wasn't beholden to anybody 🤔
Retweeted by ObamaOutAndMeTooNo difference between the parties, or between Hillary and Trump, right? meet Ivanka, I hear she's in charge of humiliating naive geniuses the dude who'll be running the agency that's supposed to protect public health >>>>>
Retweeted by ObamaOutAndMeToo👌 how is that Trump vote working for you? the chance to meet w/ Chuck Jones & hardworking men of Local 1999 about our efforts to save Carrier jobs
Retweeted by ObamaOutAndMeTooSo called "white working class" going to die poor, sick and hungry, but boy, they'll be proud of their whiteness!, but Hillary sent an email and even worse, expressed concern for black people. ran the cleanest admin ever and the media gave him hell. Trump will run the most corrupt one and the media won't touch him. Racists.
Retweeted by ObamaOutAndMeToo"libertarians" only worried about security state when the president is a Democrat.‘You're gonna die’: Woman indicted in threats to father of Sandy Hook victim
Retweeted by ObamaOutAndMeTooDon't miss the ending (from the 25:00 mark). Barack had to tell a joke because Michelle almost made him cry. millennial woman, 100% racist. The future doesn't look good either. @kara_fenlon this woman, yes.They built themselves a parallel reality and they won't leave it even when Trump destroys all they've got. @watkins_suzette 1. "you" are not the "people", you lost by 2.5 million voted. 2. LMAO, you don't even know what happened under Hoover.Oh, Hoover, that was great. motivations of terrorist Dylann Roof: avenging "black on white crime" - racist trope pushed by conserv media…
Retweeted by ObamaOutAndMeTooI agree 100%
Retweeted by ObamaOutAndMeToo @DarlingEbony yes, that's exactly what she's sayingI hope she'll lose her health insurance soon