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bwdone2017 @theonlyadult The Fourth Quarter

Barack Obama knows exactly what he's doing. Barack Obama knows exactly what he's doing. Barack Obama knows exactly what he's doing. Barack Obama knows exactly w

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Not sure why @HillaryClinton won't hit Sanders for doing the bidding of the NRA when they supported his campaign. It undermines his purity.
Retweeted by bwdone2017Kissinger looks down at the FEEL THE BERN shirt he wore to watch the debate. He sighs and turns off the TV. The room is silent. He is alone.
Retweeted by bwdone2017Low blow=true! Who knew??
Retweeted by bwdone2017Did Sanders just criticize Clinton for running against Obama in 2008. Um WTF?
Retweeted by bwdone2017bill clinton was the same age as rubio when he ran for president, somehow he wasn't a nervous wreck either.
Retweeted by bwdone2017Huge, if true. bad traits for a commander in chief though. also obama almost same age in 08, was not a wreck
Retweeted by bwdone2017A lot of people made a lot of money out of their Obama hate. They'll all be gone in 10 months., Bernie hitting Obama. His supporters demeaning John Lewis. And his superPAC offering classes on how to talk to black women. Hmm.
Retweeted by bwdone2017Tavis Smiley too? Bundy the bill @thinkprogress @atrupar intentional lie, I hope Sanders pays well.Toughest Wall Street reform since FDR, but you should definitely keep lying to help Sanders. ranks himself better than @POTUS on race relations, than @HillaryClinton on women's issues, than Ted Kennedy on human rights. Wow
Retweeted by bwdone2017 @JM_Ashby @txfreethinkerqt revolution, man. @admiralmpj @bpshow I know, it's a real shocker.I'm shocked that Sanders fan admire the guy who called Barack Obama "global George Zimmerman". Shocked, I tell you. @txfreethinkerqt @JM_Ashby LOL, he didn't get tickets to the inauguration.So @bpshow isn't only a racist, but a sexist too. How shocking. @Thefalkon @joanwalsh LOL, or course.Seriously, every presidential candidate does this. What a silly line of attack against Clinton.
Retweeted by bwdone2017Can you imagine if @HillaryClinton was the one wagging her finger all night? #DemDebate
Retweeted by bwdone2017LOL, he really think we're all stupid. Clinton & Barack Obama had differences as candidates in '08. Bernie Sanders attacks have been on the Obama presidency. #DemDebate
Retweeted by bwdone2017Meanwhile, Obama. 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻 seems relevant.
Retweeted by bwdone2017 @ellenbethgill @metaquest @LiberalMmama From Obamacare, climate change, gay marriage, criminal justice, saving our economy. Obama excelled.
Retweeted by bwdone2017That's how we Jews roll, lady. was literally called "Buyer's Remorse: How Obama Let Progressives Down" and he said "read this book." #DemDebate
Retweeted by bwdone2017.@johnpodesta tells CNN his "head snapped" when Bernie said he'd "absolutely" be better on race relations than @POTUS. #DemDebate
Retweeted by bwdone2017I mean he's said he wants those folks who are wavering on Trump. The last thing those people want to hear is some pro-black shit.
Retweeted by bwdone2017Yep, It's a real shame. @PartesanJournal @Arianna8927 because he didn't get tickets to Obama's inauguration.Says the Party that will nominate a robot or a nazi
Retweeted by bwdone2017this poor guy just does not want to have to face what is going on in his own party tbh just tryin to ignore it all
Retweeted by bwdone2017Tad Devine is lying. Bernie DID call PBO "weak, disappointing," called for primary challenge. Here's your proof:
Retweeted by bwdone2017Your Frontrunner retweeted a Nazi today. For the second time.
Retweeted by bwdone2017The party who's about to nominate Donald Trump has opinions. don't see @GOP candidates criticizing W but Sanders feels compelled more often than not to undermine Pres Obama's extensive achievements
Retweeted by bwdone2017Bill Press, who wrote a garbage book about Obama, with a racist title, is on TV, because feces.I feel like Sanders didn’t even bring up the *really* bad parts of Kissinger’s record in Bangladesh and Indonesia.
Retweeted by bwdone2017Also, when you write featured blurb for a book called Buyer's Remorse: How Obama Let Progressives Down, one assumes you agree! #DemDebate
Retweeted by bwdone2017Hillary is right. Bernie trashed Obama's policies routinely to me and other reporters, especially in 2011-2013 period.
Retweeted by bwdone2017Why is @BernieSanders hiding from supporting a primary challenge to @BarackObama?
Retweeted by bwdone2017Hey @ninaturner, your boss is campaigning with a guy who called Obama "global George Zimmerman". Have a seat. @PRyan's all? :( Blow.
Retweeted by bwdone2017 @Only4RM @davidplouffe much more. @jdola618 nice on the debate, nasty outside it.I can't shake the feeling that everything Bernie Sanders knows about foreign policy came from the world politics section of a used bookstore
Retweeted by bwdone2017Strong closing for @HillaryClinton. Policy whiz w/ passion tonight. Cameos by Kissinger, Obama. #DemDebate #PBSdebate
Retweeted by bwdone2017"The criticism we get about from President Obama from Sen. Sanders is something I expect from Republicans." -- Hillary Clinton #DemDebate
Retweeted by bwdone2017It's totally true. Bernie dissed POTUS just today. Has been doing it for 7 years.
Retweeted by bwdone2017Bullshit. He wanted to primary Obama, he trash him every day and lies about his record. You're out of touch. you wanted primary challenge & spent years criticizing, it is really unfair to suggest you have been supportive
Retweeted by bwdone2017At the break. I think millions of women recognize the way Sanders is talking to Clinton all too well. #PBSdebate
Retweeted by bwdone2017I don't know if debates move the needle. But they certainly help define the yawning gap between Democrats and Republicans.
Retweeted by bwdone2017Bernie Sanders is the new Marco Rubio. All repetitive slogans, no specifics. #BernieBot #DemDebate
Retweeted by bwdone2017Not OK.
Retweeted by bwdone2017 @theonlyadult @SabrinaSiddiqui unfortunately his line fell flat. She was in the race first on 08. Should she have stepped aside? #DemDebate
Retweeted by bwdone2017 @obbiecole Naa, you're one of the nicest guys around. @youbetyadupa Oh, blocking you. Bye Felicia, @youbetyadupa LMAO, excellent reply. You're adorable.Problem w Bernie calling for Obama to be primaried is not about loyalty, the problem is his AWFUL judgment
Retweeted by bwdone2017Only 48 hours after getting demolished in NH, impressive performance for @HillaryClinton. Better tone. Picked her shots. #DemDebate
Retweeted by bwdone2017What was strong about it? Hillary and Barack ran against each other in 2008. Sanders wanted to primary Obama in 2011 red faced anger of @BernieSanders when confronted with his Obama criticism was a big time tell.
Retweeted by bwdone2017Obama. will crack before the end of his first 100 days. Good man, who really can't and shouldn't sit in the Oval Office. #DemDebateYou wanted to primary his ass in 2012. @ChemiShalev yeah all his zingers felt mean and not substantive to me
Retweeted by bwdone2017Only his fanboys think it was a good answer. is back! #DemDebate @ZoneyBelle @TinaMcGugan @choosesam @BarackObama You're so young! @TinaMcGugan @theonlyadult @choosesam @BarackObama I'm ancient, & Pres. Obama is the best in my lifetime. [I was born when HST was POTUS.]
Retweeted by bwdone2017I'm shocked, I tell you. "it is unfair to say I have not been supportive." First time I have heard support = primary him. #DemDebate
Retweeted by bwdone2017Ha? Obama doesn't get the credit he deserves. His accomplishments shouldn't be up for debate at a #DemDebate.
Retweeted by bwdone2017A primary against the President of the United State Barack Obama is a “good idea.” Bernie Sanders. Listen:
Retweeted by bwdone2017No, this is deliberate campaign strategy from day one, and you know it. @ElectricOutcast Don't be petty.No shit, he's human. Also, the first black president, who faced the most hateful opposition in history. @theonlyadult @choosesam @BarackObama I'm even older, and he's the best in my lifetime, too.
Retweeted by bwdone2017Sanders: "Who would influence my decisions on foreign policy ... FDR ... now here is my stump speech
Retweeted by bwdone2017Bernie Sanders just gave Churchill a shout-out ... suddenly polling at 5% in GOP race
Retweeted by bwdone2017Sanders marched with FDR. #DemDebateI'm older, co-sign every word here. #DemDebate descrying the opening of China based on jobs is an amazingly narrow understanding of that policy and it's epochal beneficial effects.
Retweeted by bwdone2017 @eerreet Sanders isn't. President can't be a single issue voter.SO now Bernie has a TWO-part foreign policy answer. 1) I voted against the war 2) Kissinger? LOL ARE YOU KIDDING ME?
Retweeted by bwdone2017Sanders fans are as informed as Trump's. love this lady. Poet."maybe put pressure on [Iran] so they end their support for terrorism around the world" -- Bernie HOW?!
Retweeted by bwdone2017LMAO love that Bernie falls back on Obama's record only when it's convenient. Fascinating. #DemDebate
Retweeted by bwdone2017 @jonlovett No, thank you for making me laugh every day.You mean like post-Cold War?
Retweeted by bwdone2017Kissinger moment aside, Hillary Clinton continues to succeed in foreign policy sections of these debates. Optically, exudes experience.
Retweeted by bwdone2017
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