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"For eight years Barack Obama walked on ice and never fell" - @tanehisicoates

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So here's the deal, America. Somebody is knowingly lying to you. It's either the ENTIRE national media, or one guy…
Retweeted by 44ever @tblessed they thought it'll only effect non white.donald trump has sexually assaulted more women than all the trans people in all the public restrooms in america
Retweeted by 44everUmmm... The scientific method?
Retweeted by 44everExcuse me, this is intelligence. I requested stupid.
Retweeted by 44everI read this quote three times and still can't believe it. every Muslim is a terrorist is like thinking every American is Donald Trump. #MuslimBan #RefugeeBan
Retweeted by 44everRepublicans: What you have allowed yourselves to become is utterly, utterly disgraceful.
Retweeted by 44ever @opiejeanne @latimes she can die for all I care.There's literally nothing they can do right.🇳🇮 FALSE 🇳🇮 FLAG 🇳🇮
Retweeted by 44everThe Obama admin never tried to exclude you. Racist garbage., @AsraNomani it's the "president" you voted for who will kill you. Pretty soon., who happens to be a woman and Muslim, votes for Trump and has opinions about Liberals. You can fuck right of…
Retweeted by 44everCongratulation Israel for the new flag!'re going to delete this tweet soon. this guy had yelled "allahu akbar" and not "get out of my country" this would be getting nonstop media coverage
Retweeted by 44everThis is happening. Our country is completely fucking out of control and a maniac is at the helm
Retweeted by 44everRacism kills. Literally. Miss me now. am shocked by the murder of Srinivas Kuchibhotla in Kansas, and want to share some things I learned reporting on a similar crime in Texas.
Retweeted by 44everSo he is saying that Trump is wrong and doesn't know what he's talking about. I wonder how well that will go over.
Retweeted by 44ever¯\_(ツ)_/¯ bars Syrian behind "White Helmets" nominated film from attending Oscars
Retweeted by 44everWH scrambling to divert attn from alleged Russian ties. Independent investigation needed as GOP allies in Congress try to help bury story.
Retweeted by 44everI'm beginning to think they didn't hate Hillary Clinton just because of her email practices.
Retweeted by 44everNobody👏 cares👏 if 👏Judge👏 Gorsuch👏has👏 gay👏 friends. He doesn't think LGBT rights are protected by the Constitution!
Retweeted by 44everTrump: media is the enemy, they will pay White House: oh we only take questions from GunZette and Birth Certificate Weekly but it's normal
Retweeted by 44everI don't blame her, he looks 10 years younger. are throwing shoes to show their disrespect for Donald Trump​ 😂😂
Retweeted by 44everIt wouldn't happen if we were a little nicer to the people who elected a white supremacist. 🙄 @SarahLerner "I'm a nice, good guy", says the profile.Is this aggression makes you feel better about helping install a Nazi in the White House? called "president" tweet some vomit. My mind: administration sought to enlist senior intelligence officials, lawmakers to counter Russia stories
Retweeted by 44everWhat show do we think he's watching?
Retweeted by 44everThe president hasn't said a thing about Wednesday's apparent hate crime in Kansas. Tweeted about Chicago, though.
Retweeted by 44everThis man is a better American than all Trump voters combined, but he's the one who'll be detained at the airport.'s plant. tweet.
Retweeted by 44everVery few bright spots in this national nightmare of ours. Colbert not having any more fucks is one of them. also had pneumonia. Good Samaritan who tried to stop the shooter in the apparent hate crime in Kansas is up and talking.
Retweeted by 44everHeartbreaking quotes from the wife of the Indian-American shot dead in possible racist murder:…
Retweeted by 44everI can't even.
Retweeted by 44everThis presidency is doing incalculable damage to our people and our reputation.
Retweeted by 44ever @jonfavs he is killing us.Obama glowed up like when you leave your ain't shit ex. he looks so relaxed & happy 😩
Retweeted by 44everThey'd do the same to Barack Hussein Obama. Ali Jr. will be surprised to hear this. don't really have a point with this tweet, except that Donald Trump is a miserable human being.
Retweeted by 44everLegal immigrants, afraid and confused, are backing out of Seattle-area home purchases.
Retweeted by 44everCompare costs under the ACA vs. the GOP approach yourself. The last column is the kicker.
Retweeted by 44everMuhammad Ali's son was questioned twice about his religion, and then held for at about two hours at #FLL.
Retweeted by 44everProbably time to start picketing the airports #EnoughOfThisShit #TrumpismIsRacism
Retweeted by 44everCNN was blocked from WH @PressSec's media gaggle today. This is our response:
Retweeted by 44everSad.'s my birthday. If you'd like to give me a gift, a donation of $5 to Planned Parenthood would make my day: @ppfa
Retweeted by 44everWATCH: Street filled with thunderous cheers as former President Obama emerges from a building in Manhattan.…
Retweeted by 44everthey are really effing afraid of this russia story.
Retweeted by 44everThe reporting angle needs to be that Trump is SPECIFICALLY excluding news orgs that have broken news on his ties to Russia. Clear motive.
Retweeted by 44everOnce upon a time, presidents like Obama or Bush would've spoken out against this hate crime today. Trump yelled a…
Retweeted by 44everhe's an American citizen, detained for being a Muslim. Were you born a zombie garbage bigot or is it a lifestyle ch… you tell him that we promise to be good and ask him to please come back? Muhammad Ali Jr story is just nauseating. This is pure bigotry and it's happening in the name of every single American
Retweeted by 44everIn a million years I won't get how America sent a bunch of dumb imbeciles to the fucking White House.
Retweeted by 44everJFC, Donald Trump should be removed by any non violent mean. He is killing us. should read everything that Ron writes. Ali Jr. detained by immigration at Fla. airport <-- He's a US citizen. Detained only because he's Muslim.
Retweeted by 44everA deadly shooting in Kansas is now an international incident, thanks to Trump's rhetoric. And that last paragraph.…
Retweeted by 44everOh come on. can only imagine the things only Michelle hears. @deray That white guy in the back is all of us
Retweeted by 44everGood job @jaketapper no tie and tanned. dude really just mad available to the world. he looks happy. FOH. i'm sick.