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.@sahilkapur on now to talk about the big rally in zinc prices.'re annotating the minutes of the Fed's July meeting. Follow along here:
Retweeted by Joe WeisenthalI was saying to @guan last night, all the stuff happening in DC right now is way more inflationary than anything thā€¦ does Jacob Wohl's name get thrown into the mix as the possible next Fed chair?S&P Construction & Engineering sub-index down another 1.2% today.A look at how various "Trump trades" have done., how is it only Thursday? said he was shutting down the councils 28 minutes after @ZTracer first reported they were disbandingā€¦
Retweeted by Joe Weisenthal @guan 33Fed minutes coming up in just over half an hour.Damn, there it is. up merely 0.2%. Markets in turmoil.Trump's CEO council is disbanding after blowback over his remarks on violence in Virginia
Retweeted by Joe Weisenthal Manufacturing Council to Janus
Retweeted by Joe Weisenthal#TBT President Trump's CEO strategy council is disbanding after exodus, source says
Retweeted by Joe WeisenthalZinc is going bananas. @Jason What would the coin accomplish? @IvanTheK Do you concoct your own injection? I've never used one before.I bought a meat flavor injector on Amazon and I just got a free e-book with it. Can't wait to really dive into thisā€¦ @BTabrum @LJKawa How BUBBLE doing today?Wow. Huge day for zinc, lead, aluminum, and nickel. from @matt_levine funds are the vanguard of socialism, something only I and the company Vanguard realizes
Retweeted by Joe Weisenthalcompiled overdose data from largest cities/counties. 2-year jump in fatal fentanyl overdoses simply jaw-droppingā€¦
Retweeted by Joe Weisenthal @IvanTheK That's a good one. @LorcanRK Basically.TFW a site throws up a popup over a popup"there is nothing magical about the passage of time" NASDAQ-100 ETF QQQ just had its 4th biggest inflow of the last 5 years. @NickTimiraos @JimPethokoukis It does seem like there's a growing anti-tech sentiment building on the right. Amazonā€¦ we evolved from apes why are there still apes.
Retweeted by Joe WeisenthalDespite years of theories crashing and burning, the "actually labor markets are tight" content industry continues to boom
Retweeted by Joe WeisenthalShorting the dollar has become a very crowded trade
Retweeted by Joe WeisenthalThe relative lack of concern by Amazon shareholders to Trump's tweets says a lot about his perceived effectiveness.SCOOP: Inside Jawbone's high-risk plan to become a medical device maker @technology
Retweeted by Joe WeisenthalMajor Trump backer Robert Mercer borrowed money to up his stake in Medallion. legendary Renaissance Medallion fund made a major shift right after the election. are returning to the U.S. labor force in greater numbers this year as the economy grows via @business
Retweeted by Joe WeisenthalU.S. housing starts faltered in July on an abrupt slowdown in apartment construction
Retweeted by Joe WeisenthalThis is a weird omen.
Retweeted by Joe Weisenthal @josephjpeters I just find it hard to believe that this is simultaneously a key factor for investors and that they'ā€¦ @josephjpeters So the inflation schedule is an important factor for coin investors but that those investors can't be bothered to study this? @josephjpeters Why wouldn't they have already moved if this were an important factor for them? @josephjpeters So you have to make the argument that this isn't factored into price already @josephjpeters I still don't get why publicly available information should have an impact on price.Steve Bannon was "proud" of Trump's performance yesterday, a source close to him tells Bloomberg:ā€¦
Retweeted by Joe Weisenthal @josephjpeters If the supply schedule is known, why shouldn't that be factored into the price already?Newell CEO is sticking with Trump's council "to have a voice"
Retweeted by Joe Weisenthal @ZipperTheory @CliffordAsness Ah yeah, that was a good paper.Tencent Highlights: 35% profit beat, Mobile game rev surpassed PC for the first time, QQ Mobile users continued toā€¦
Retweeted by Joe Weisenthal @MichalakisCon But I agree, the first question is overall allocation relative to global assets. Then from there more levels etc. @MichalakisCon Right. So if you're purely allocated to the S&P 500 then that's not strictly passive. But it's moreā€¦$TGTOMG is close to a billion users By @SirSteven
Retweeted by Joe Weisenthal @SBarlow_ROB Right. Like sector ETFs are not "passive" but, arguably buying an energy ETF is more passive than pickā€¦ @MarketPlunger Thanks pal.And then every investing strategy basically falls somewhere between the two, based on trading activity and adherence towards market weights.Seems like basically there should be a spectrum with daytrading on one side, and the global market portfolio on the other end.Is the whole debate about whether this or that activity really constitutes passive investing really that helpful?somebody just called their broker and found out they didn't get the bond allocation they wanted..
Retweeted by Joe Weisenthal*Fire emoji* from GMO'd like to talk to someone in that 1% of the population who doesn't approve of him, but who does think he is makinā€¦ is incredible chart reminds me of the Nassim Taleb "life of a Turkey" chart big shipping giant Maersk says that June cyber-attack will cost it up to $300 million. of Netflix, @NoceraBV thinks will be a long-term winner, a la Amazon. stress for Netflix @TinaFordham1 Nice.ze Phillips curve shall be renamed : Godot Curve
Retweeted by Joe WeisenthalAnother strong number for a key holding in the me and @BTabrum bubble portfolio. nations are joining the euro-area recovery, where economic growth is gathering pace
Retweeted by Joe WeisenthalItaly's economic recovery extends for a 10th consecutive quarter
Retweeted by Joe WeisenthalLATEST: Euro-area economic growth picks up pace, with GDP increasing 0.6% in 2nd quarter
Retweeted by Joe WeisenthalWhat'd I miss?
@TheStalwart Post- is clearly the best of all.
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