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Co-host of 'What'd You Miss?' on BloombergTV. Editor at @business. Fan of poker, chess, (American) handball, country music, and Chinese food.

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How businesses are trying to prevent legal marijuana companies from opening up next door. @MarkDiStef Sad.Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein says he hasn’t seen cause to fire Mueller
Retweeted by Joe WeisenthalIt's weird that there are only two people in modern public American life named "Howell" and they were both from Alabama.This is what every reporter at the FOMC presser should be asking today. From
Retweeted by Joe WeisenthalSchumer, asked about Pres. Trump’s position on SALT: “President Trump, when I talk to him about policy, has an amaz…
Retweeted by Joe WeisenthalUgh millennials not coming through again
Retweeted by Joe WeisenthalAlso this. BF created the beast it is now blaming the media woes on.
Retweeted by Joe Weisenthal @MichaelBKelley @FerroTV @LJKawa From an aesthetic point of view, Luke reminds me most of Barry Melrose @FerroTV @LJKawa Luke made a subtle point about the role that aging demographics has on reducing economic volatilit… @FerroTV @LJKawa This is great TV.@FerroTV @LJKawa and Tobias Levkovich having a great convo right now. the people who pump scammy investment schemes via paid newsletters or webinars ever feel even a twinge of guilt?U.S. stocks open higher on Fed decision day
Retweeted by Joe WeisenthalJust went outside. Boy is it cold! (In Fahrenheit)The all powerful B Unit knows today is about short rates!
Retweeted by Joe WeisenthalGroup blogging was cool.One of the original, true surviving blogs, the Volokh Conspiracy, has moved from WaPo to Reason move in 10-year rates after the inflation data inflation picks up; core gauge slows
Retweeted by Joe WeisenthalParty like it's 1999.
Retweeted by Joe WeisenthalCPI out in 10 minutes. @s_m_i @_SidVerma Thank you.*REPUBLICAN REP. KINZINGER CALLS BANNON A `RINO' IN TWITTER POSTMr @Scaramucci joining us on at 8ET/1UK
Retweeted by Joe WeisenthalLATFH -Fed decision day -Moore wins Alabama -U.K. loses workers -Markets quiet -Aramco looks for banks…
Retweeted by Joe WeisenthalSun rise in DC from @business office.
Retweeted by Joe Weisenthal @zerobeta Yeah, better to be just be cramped and miserable rather than having a difficult decision to make.If I ever got to fly in this suite, I would be torn between my desire to sleep and my desire to be awake and miss t… — NOTABLE: African American participation rate matched and in some counties surpassed Obama 2008 turnou…
Retweeted by Joe Weisenthal @pearkes That too.The message is loud and clear from last night: Voters will not accept a corporate tax rate higher than 20% and will… @pearkes Brexit was such a bizarre gap, I'm still confused by it.Everyone knew that tweet was coming.Congrats to everyone who survived the great Doug Jones market selloff of 2017 to say, another bad night for the “nothing matters” crowd, who are going to be big bagholders in 2018.
Retweeted by Joe WeisenthalHappy Fed day to everyone.You are not just imagining it: ‘Buy the Dip’ Has Never Been More Popular in U.S. Stocks. Literally. via @LJKawa
Retweeted by Joe WeisenthalRepublicans now have a reason to panic via @AlHuntDCItalian production rises as employers raise 2018 growth forecast via @ltotaro
Retweeted by Joe WeisenthalSaunders speech this January changed how I think about this. Low cost of advertising vacancies in an online world m…
Retweeted by Joe WeisenthalLatest on Britain's unemployment: • Number in work falls by 56,000 • Fastest pace since May 2015 • Jobless rate de…
Retweeted by Joe Weisenthal
SEC halted #Munchee #ICO for reasons that will probably most likely impact how ICOs are advertised moving forward.
Retweeted by Joe Weisenthal @mbreston NoHappy Channukah y'all. June is already going crazy on her uke @ComfortablySmug I knew it from the first line of the first tweet @ComfortablySmug Thank you for this important threadException: I'm listening to the original version of 'Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)' by Darlene Love and it's 10x better than the covers.Most covers are better. Logically the odds that the original songwriter also nailed the best version of their song… danger of crafting a tax bill that is least favorable to the demographic that journalists belong to 👇
Retweeted by Joe Weisenthal @guan Are you still sleeping? @pearkes Good one.#FCOTY WINNER TO BE ANNOUNCED AT HIGH NOON EST TOMORROW
Retweeted by Joe WeisenthalI wrote about the Munchee ICO.
Retweeted by Joe WeisenthalHere's my chart. NFIB Small Business Optimism in blue vs. the spread between Republican consumer comfort and Democr… to show my NFIB chart., this one is in the weeds even by Sean's standards. coming up on #WDYM to talk about the explosion on that Austrian natural gas pipeline, and the impact o… news. It's #WDYM time. @LorcanRK Is that a deed on your land or something? @Wilderwins Very interesting @guan Interesting. How come? @guan Are you one of them? @Wilderwins Really? Interesting. Go on. @MattZeitlin Just straight up. @jyarow That looks real to me.Does anyone think Doug Jones is going to win? @earldean71 @RameshPonnuru "Polls remain open in the controversial state of Alabama." @RameshPonnuru Hahaha @RameshPonnuru Is the race itself controversial? @jbarro @jyarow But the money just doesn't disappear! And anyway, consumption drives investment, not tax policy. @jbarro @jyarow Increasing spending and cutting taxes are functionally equivalent from a private sector balance sheet perspective. @jbarro @jyarow But spending winds up in private hands as well.+1 @jyarow @jbarro Yes, that I get, and is not unreasonable, but that's not Josh't point I don't think.Goldman predicts states will find various ways to "adapt" to the elimination of SALT and therefore this will bring… @pearkes I know, I know. Just trying to soften Josh up here by setting aside my own views, and acknowledging that J… @jbarro And I'm asking this from the conservative perspective, not from my own crazy MMT perspective.