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Co-host of 'What'd You Miss?' on BloombergTV. Editor at @business. Fan of poker, chess, (American) handball, country music, and Chinese food.

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" Diet Coke in particular posted a comeback.." @Selina_y_wang @tsgiles Did you feel better in the end? @TheStalwart @tsgiles I did it! Was a brutal five days
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Retweeted by Joe WeisenthalThere it is! @pierre_rochard It's amazing that I haven't gotten that pitch in earnest yet.This is a very Texas GOP story."The lump sum beat dollar cost averaging about two-thirds of the time."
Retweeted by Joe Weisenthal @LJKawa You forgot the 2 in the front. @Birdyword Intergalactic brain: 2.9808 you're not spending today tweeting the number 2, followed by three decimal places, you're not even in the game.Two great future-of-transportation stories today. 1) Chinese carmakers are now getting serious about their global… of course, Caterpillar shares have tracked emerging market shares for about 20 years. So today's lift is a posi… industrial bellwether Caterpillar just gave a huge vote of confidence in the economy. Really good sign that… is adding *1900* electric buses a week
Retweeted by Joe WeisenthalWhat do I win? @markets I wrote about tokens and blockchains and LARPing in the newsletter today. @AlanMCole @mdudas Oh, I'm all over it. @tsgiles @Selina_y_wang "He advocates multiday fasting and sells a $250 box filled with breakfast bars" lmao @tsgiles @Selina_y_wang Lol, wtf is this’s commercialize that thing where humans literally consume nothing!
Retweeted by Joe Weisenthal @tsgiles @Selina_y_wang This gives me an excuse to re-post my song about fasting. Valley Wants to Cash In on Fasting via @tsgiles and @Selina_y_wang"One problem: Regulators haven’t recognized the arrangement as a valid way to raise money in compliance with invest… @a16z crew have been crypto investment leaders from very early on. This is huge, as I’m assuming a separate fun…
Retweeted by Joe WeisenthalA brand new datapoint from an Austrian chipmaker confirms that the iPhone supercycle is over. via @atbwebbRead this from @_SidVerma and @tracyalloway about the rebuildup of petrodollars number of FBU social media accounts have been hacked. We are working to resolve the issue. To be clear, the FBU i…
Retweeted by Joe WeisenthalI don't really get this. Can someone explain to me why people in UK media are so worked up about what a random colu… carmakers have been on a crazy buying spree
Retweeted by Joe WeisenthalIn the @markets newsletter today, I accuse blockchain/token people of LARPing, so sign up now to get it in your inb… @Birdyword In other words, if rich people speaking at a conference for rich people are talking about ideas that I m… @Birdyword I'm interested in this question because I'm curious to the degree that trendy ideas have permeated the i… @Birdyword which is what?What did Jeff Gundlach say about the Universal Basic Income?Good chart. The spread between the S&P 500 earnings yield and the 10-year yield. company that supplies chips to Apple posted some mediocre results.'s central bank bans cryptocurrency transactions
Retweeted by Joe WeisenthalGoogle reveals it's sitting on about $11 billion worth of investments in startups.'d I miss?
A country's "Facebook policy" is sort of a foreign policy/ trade decision at this point
Retweeted by Joe Weisenthal*ALPHABET 1Q REV. EX-TAC $24.9B, EST. $24.3B @bendreyfuss I'd never heard of Raya up until, like, two days ago. @bySamRo Get Bluetooth headphones. LifechangingAll pictures are selfies, all lines are yellow lines.
Retweeted by Joe WeisenthalApple is at a crucial yellow line. records obtained by Bloomberg detail the 45 hours and 43 minutes that Trump spent in Moscow in 2013, though…
Retweeted by Joe Weisenthal @josephlawler agreed"Calorie counting fails, in his view, because eating isn’t like putting gasoline in your car..."'s Sundar Pichai is about to cash in a $380 million stock award. going long oil and gas exploration companies and short Facebook is giving me some serious nostalgia. @BamaTrader I'd hope that either of those things would move me up a little!How many grandparents are going to hear snippets of their grandkids’ voices and immediately try to help out in any way possible?
Retweeted by Joe WeisenthalScam phone calls are really going to be way more destructive once criminal rings start to master Deep Fakes audio to prime the callers.
Retweeted by Joe Weisenthal$BOX shares surging 13% after recommendation from @chamath at Sohn.Trump's approval rating is dipping again in GallupI wrote about how long housing crises last, and maybe how to tell when they are over in this mornings Five Things e…
Retweeted by Joe Weisenthal @LJKawa What cut is that?The Mexican peso is getting crushed thanks to AMLO's seemingly insurmountable lead love when I randomly come across @tomkeene Bloomberg bio page, because he has the best photo @guan Really? I was thinking around V maybeYou know how there's like A-list celebrities, B-list celebrities, D-list celebrities and so on? How far down in t… @econwonk Right, that too @jamiepastore But then how do the assistants get the numbers? @JohnPowersUS NoI know this tweet is really old, but it got me thinking about something I've wondered, which is that, is there some…'d I miss?Congrats? some morning audio? Listen to me tell @TheStalwart and @tracyalloway about the time the Murdoch brothers invit…
Retweeted by Joe WeisenthalI also found out that Tracy is a Millennial, which, well, I had no ideaOn the latest Odd Lots, @tracyalloway and I talked to @BigMeanInternet about why we should stop talking millennials…
Summer's overIn gentrifying East Austin, are dogs replacing children?
Retweeted by Joe Weisenthal @JoeAndrieu @Steve_Lockstep @joelight @TheStalwart The blockchain story in one thread, right here. "blockchains hav…
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@ArthurDayne1 REKTFun segment on #WDYM yesterday with @docofchoc talking about the surge in cocoa prices.'t miss "An Economist Explains Why Losing Weight Is Kind Of Like Defeating Inflation" @TheStalwart…
Retweeted by Joe WeisenthalAll 57,636 U.S. wind turbines on one map
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