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Co-host of 'What'd You Miss?' on BloombergTV. Editor at @markets. Fan of poker, chess, handball, country music, and Chinese food.

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Fox News poll: Obama job approval jumps to 56-41, his best showing in years on the Fox poll (and other polls showing the same as well).
Retweeted by Joe Weisenthal @bySamRo Man. Normally the "You have great kids" line is a gimme.I can now listen to #WDYM in the car (and even watch at stoplights) thanks to $TWTR. Well done.
Retweeted by Joe Weisenthal @ComfortablySmug If I'd had more time, I'd asked @sahilkapur whether Trump could still turn it around by putting forth common sense ideas. @ComfortablySmug It's disconcerting when you say nice things about my politics comments..@sahilkapur joining us next is discussing the 10-year Treasury yield on @BloombergTV, so it's an average Thursday.
Retweeted by Joe WeisenthalBoy, so many people upset about Dylan. Boycott his candy store.
Retweeted by Joe Weisenthal @DavidSchawel Seeing a lot of ads for that stuff. Where are you seeing volume levels. @leez34 What's the reason? What'd he say about it?Starting NOW. @markets is LIVE on Twitter with 'What'd You Miss'.👇
Retweeted by Joe WeisenthalNew polls in Ohio and North Carolina from WSJ/NBC News will be posted in a few mins
Retweeted by Joe WeisenthalWohoo!!!!! #WDYM time
Retweeted by Joe Weisenthal @mattfrost Good one. @saeedamenfx that looks interesting. @TheStalwart Lesson on inflation...Mike Tyson had to pay $3M for ear biting in 1997
Retweeted by Joe Weisenthal @kbschroedy True @TheStalwart I mean, it really only needs to happen once to make you realize you need it covered in your justice code.
Retweeted by Joe Weisenthal @ComfortablySmug Imagine the people who came across all that silver. "Guys, we are going to bite off so much nose tonight" @TheStalwart this is part of why nose bitings skyrocketed with discoveries of large silver deposits
Retweeted by Joe WeisenthalWas biting off someone's nose a common crime? @mattyglesias Yeah, Hammurabi should have let it float and let the market decide. Otherwise you'll get a shortage of one (or the other)Did you know the Code of Hammurabi specified the penalty in silver you had to pay for biting off a man's nose… TIME Watch here: Or here: it is interesting, isn't it, how even the most brilliant among us are reduced to trite one-liners in this medium.Guess I deserved it.Oh, I guess this is why. I made fun of him once for being a famous author tweeting cliche humor @Lahlahlindsey That's crushing. @dinabass No idea!Always weird when you come across something like this. russell simmons, that's a pretty cool mentor. Did DJT just call the women bitches? So funny, forgot that happened when we filmed.
Retweeted by Joe WeisenthalInteresting to see growth decelerating (from a very high level) for the whole space. like the notion of Bob Dylan constantly refreshing his mentions to check his #CongratsTwitter
Retweeted by Joe Weisenthal @griffinmcgee you fought the good fight against peso TwitterPeter Beinart could not contain his laughter during that last @CNNTonight segment
Retweeted by Joe Weisenthal📌 Here's Bloomberg's LIVE weekday schedule on @Twitter: - @markets 4pm ET, 1pm PT - @bpolitics 5pm ET, 2pm PT -…
Retweeted by Joe Weisenthal @tweetbrk Too late :(Here's a guy who knows better than anyone about when bubbles are bursting or are about to. are moving less - leading to fewer mortgages, fewer defaults and more renovating.
Retweeted by Joe WeisenthalDoes anyone else get day-after-fast exhaustion/headaches?When do the rest of the Traveling Wilburys get their Nobel Prizes?
Retweeted by Joe WeisenthalIn which @izakaminska says Brexit could be good if it kneecaps finance/London and rebalances power to rest of UK
Retweeted by Joe WeisenthalSeasonal adjustments for holiday temporary workers have been weird for 3 years, there's bound to be noise this year…
Retweeted by Joe Weisenthal*TRUMP SAYS HE TAKES SLINGS AND ARROWS 'GLADLY FOR YOU'Meanwhile @HillaryClinton @wikileaks, their story was, nope, no classified emails here
Retweeted by Joe Weisenthal @PolemicTMM That must be it.Corn futures are at their highest level of the day"Honestly, she should be locked up" - Trump @MattNegrin There's no such thing as an accidental slip. @RobDotHutton And now we heal. @ericlamTO Sorry man. Shouldn't have said that.Which was the more interesting story this year: The Canadian Cauliflower crisis or the Marmite Crisis? @titonka @JustinWolfers But the step up right at election time speaks to specific, election-related anxiety @titonka @JustinWolfers Downside protection typically slopes upward, since you have to pay more for longer-term protection. @titonka @JustinWolfers People buying options that protect against downside in the market. People paying extra for options around 11/8.Shocking! Americans throw away untold riches in @ChuckECheeses tokens every year!
Retweeted by Joe Weisenthal @mtracey The flip-flopping on both "sides" around Wikileaks is so blatant and embarrassing.Meanwhile, Manhattan rents just fell for the second month this year. via @OshratCarmiel top on spu at 2025. we'll see iif penmbra will be broen. in interm, stocks ridiculsly and short sitedly f…
Retweeted by Joe Weisenthal @conorsen Right. Something further that makes everyone just go silent for awhile.Big scoop from @kevcirilli. Trump prevented his staff from doing research into Trump's own past.… rally in corn futures today $ZC
Retweeted by Joe WeisenthalCongratulations to one of my favorite poets, Bob Dylan, on a well-deserved Nobel.
Retweeted by Joe WeisenthalThat's a good tweet. this feels like everything's building up to something. @Scaramucci that's what I'm asking about, which policies specifically @Scaramucci in all seriousness, how do you see Trump rectifying this? @Ugarles Had you tweeted this yesterday, he probably wouldn't have won.Bill Dudley's first Medium post
Retweeted by Joe Weisenthal @conorsen Every Podesta email -- even the benign ones -- give off a certain stench, simply by virtue of them coming out. @conorsen As the Wikileaks stuff makes clear, you can damage trust and create impression of scandal even with very little raw material. @conorsen It assumes that there's going to be a linear relationship between awareness of the material facts and level of trust. @conorsen Saying the prior trust wasn't "warranted" doesn't necessarily imply that modern times are more trustworthy. @conorsen This argument reminds me of @jasongay's column on the collapse of the myth of the Olympics. @conorsen John Stumpf resigning after getting hammered over a multi-year scandal doesn't reek of accountability. @conorsen Polls have shown a pretty significant decline in how people view various elite institutions, like the media, over time.A different GOP candidate would probably be hammering this story. @lisafleisher @fergalob Love those!