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Co-host of 'What'd You Miss?' on BloombergTV. Editor at @business. Fan of poker, chess, (American) handball, country music, and Chinese food.

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@BryceWeiner I mean I guess I see what your saying. But that's not what the author had in mind @BryceWeiner It described No2x as being anti SegWit rather than anti the block size increase @BryceWeiner It's inaccurate thoughI find my mind starts to drift at about 145-150 characters.
Retweeted by Joe Weisenthal‘Twas the night before the 19th Communist Party Congress- insane backdrop for our special shows and coverage out of…
Retweeted by Joe WeisenthalRapid response from Sprott. CEO pulled out of conference by this story -- decision made in minutes.
Retweeted by Joe Weisenthal(Alright. Taking a break. Don't want to force them. Need to pace myself)36. Even though it'll probably be a money-losing experiencing, everyone should try trading stocks for a little bit.35. Minority Report is an all-time great movie.34. Bob Dylan is an underrated musician.33. Reddit is still a good website that is a great place to find interesting stuff.32. The bailouts after the financial crisis were mostly done correctly.31. Politically, the mainstream media is biased toward democrats, but ideologically it's biased against liberals and the left.30. There's nothing wrong with superdelegates.29. Closed primary voting makes a lot of sense.28. Tom Cruise is a very underrated actor.(Pause: ugh. This is going to start getting hard soon)27. Running is bad for you.26. The national debt is too damn low.25. Fighting against gold bugs is a waste of time.24. This is the healthiest dinner you can eat The UK is in much better shape politically and economically than UK finance twitter people would have you believe.22. Michael Jordan was underrated.21. We're probably at least 4 years away from the next recession.20. Corporations are, in fact, people.19. Regional boastfulnes about who has the best barbecue is kind of silly and contrived.18. Country music is the best genre.17. Most of Silicon Valley/tech isn't as bad as people think it is these days. But social networking is much worse than people think it is.16. The efficient markets hypothesis is very useful and good.15. There's hardly anything to watch on TV these days.14. Vanilla Sky was better than Abre Los Ojos.13. Rancid was better than Operation Ivy.12. Luna is/was better than Galaxy 50011. If you get married, it's a good idea to have a big extravagant ceremony with lots of guests.10. The best coffee is diner coffee and service coffee. Gas station coffee and Nespresso are also really good.9. Japan never really had a lost decade, and there really isn't much for Abenomics to fix.8. The Beatles were a very underrated band.7. For understanding history, McLuhan is more useful than Marx.6. Also most alcohol (beer, wine, whiskey) just isn't very good. People just pretend it is.5. Most of the effort that went to getting people to stop smoking should've gone to anti-drinking campaigns.4. Frank Black's solo work is better than the Pixies.3. Autumn is the worst season.2. Inflation is mostly a political phenomenon, and central banks don't really have much influence on it.1. Lawncare is important and all the time, money, and water spent on maintaining green lawns is worth it.Alright. I'm bored and I have some time to kill. So like this tweet etc. public company soared 71% today on plans to launch its own digital token via @LilyKatz @MattZeitlin Gasparino @MattBruenig @ObsoleteDogma Or what emails wereScott Sumner thinks Taylor might be a good choice for Fed chair. HT: @BobBrinkerGonna be fun with the Dow's at 100,000 and every day or so brings a new round number.*LIGHTHIZER: `SURPRISED AND DISAPPOINTED' BY NAFTA PARTNERSHaving a very trying day, but just found this photo of Neil Young in the 1990s with his Harvest Moon band. Extremel…
Retweeted by Joe WeisenthalI think this overlap may have more to it than people realize 6/
Retweeted by Joe WeisenthalThis is funny. Senators reach deal to shore up Obamacare markets, Alexander says
Retweeted by Joe WeisenthalMarc Faber has resigned from Sprott CEO asks board to oust Marc Faber after racist newsletter comments. peaked in 2011 when Rick Perry forgot the third federal department he would abolish. This is what historians will say.
Retweeted by Joe Weisenthal.@Matt_Levine is skeptical about “utility tokens” and he’s not alone via @bv
Retweeted by Joe Weisenthal @tomgara @sjhmorris @kadhimshubber Yes, that's what I thought too. A song and a dance combined. "A graveyard smash"… @TheStalwart The participants who do best are the early insiders who get 50-100% discounts during the pre-sale... w…
Retweeted by Joe WeisenthalThere's a reason they're called poison pills @kadhimshubber @tomgara Someone should write the actual Monster Mash song. Seems like a huge opportunity just sitting out there. @kadhimshubber @tomgara "Ah, thanks for the question. Now to be clear, do you mean the popular song for humans, or… @kadhimshubber @tomgara next time someone asks me if I know the song (which will never happen) I'll be sure to ask… @kadhimshubber @tomgara But I also knew, without reminding that it's a song about a song, and not the song itself. @kadhimshubber @tomgara TBF, if someone had asked me, "do you know the song the Monster Mash" I'd say of course. @tomgara I always thought this was pretty well understood.But I thought money was free these days! is one of the most interesting things to me. For all the supposed ICO mania, they really haven't done that wel… two words make me hungrier than "QSR burrito" @s8mb As you've noticed, nobody posts their actual unpopular opinions. @emmiemartin HowTF does she get to work? That makes no sense. @emmiemartin Wait, people say to avoid it when giving money advice?BREAKING: The Dow surpasses 23,000 for the first time
Retweeted by Joe WeisenthalI like that Texas Monthly has "Meat Theft" story tag."Escaramilla isn’t even the first suspected fajita bandit to pop up in headlines..." who did Facebook acquire?Scoop: Irish government weighs demanding border pledge as price for allowing Brexit talks move on:
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