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Scheming all kinds of fun things for our first-ever fundraising event, including a Podcast Wheel of Fortune. yes, p… party!
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@UnionDocs thanks for spreading the word, friends! :)🔊 📢 Intern with Third Coast this Summer. They are looking for two PAID interns to join their stellar team. Great op…
Retweeted by Third Coast FestivalPls let your peeps know! @saic_news @columbiajourn @city_bureau @Medill_Doc @MedillSchool @ucbsoj @Transom_org really love this internship you will become an *expert* on the radio/podcasting landscape chicago in the summer i…
Retweeted by Third Coast FestivalHEY WORLD: We're looking for 2 (paid!) interns to join us this summer. This listening-based internship is a v incre… sent out our February Producers News - pssst producers, check your inboxes for the latest from Third Coast! all audio people / podcasters / radio producers headed to @truefalse next month. Looking for your people? H… a good session! And yes, I bawled my eyes out.
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@Moe_McMurray WE LOVE THIS.Hopping on the group listen train. We’ve started listening to @ThirdCoastFest sessions on a monthly basis. People i…
Retweeted by Third Coast FestivalThere are SO many challenges to making confessional-style stories, but @sherships & @FallingTreeProd worked through…, it's Valentine's Day - and "The Confessional," aka the new episode of Third Coast Pocket Conference from… to all of the 2018 @ThirdCoastFest Radio Residents! 🎙️😍📻@AudioBlahBlah @jnnsmn @TaunyaEnglish
Retweeted by Third Coast FestivalCan't wait for our week together. Another incredibly talented group. @ThirdCoastFest always on point!
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Happy world radio day, keep makin' that radio :) like an amazing crew - congrats all! (esp @alexjrlewis who I worked with way back when...)
Retweeted by Third Coast FestivalYASSS @ZakiyaGibbons !!!
Retweeted by Third Coast FestivalAnd: we are so lucky to have returning Third Coast Radio Residency mentor @nishatjaan & TC @sarahegeis leading insp… to the supercool crew of 2018 @ThirdCoastFest Radio Residents! Can't wait to spend a week @Ragdale with yo…
Retweeted by Third Coast Festival @mxarielg Shout outs to our Conf. Manager @mxarielg SLASH BASICALLY VISUAL ARTIST IN RESIDENCE for this awesome Residency anno design :)* squee *
Retweeted by Third Coast FestivalCongratulations to all of the 2018 @ThirdCoastFest residents including our Contributing Editor @nielaorr!!
Retweeted by Third Coast FestivalAlso - WE SO APPRECIATE everyone who helped amplify the 2018 Radio Residency. We got *so many* incredible/strong ap… - curious what the 2016/17 Third Coast Radio Residents are up to? Check these out these talented folks in our…! Congratulations to a stellar group of creative folks! Will be listening along.
Retweeted by Third Coast Festival @Ragdale @AudioBlahBlah @ZakiyaGibbons @alexjrlewis @feebswang Introducing the 2018 Third Coast Radio Residents:…❤️❤️❤️ #WorldRadioDay so hype rn
Retweeted by Third Coast FestivalHooray all! Hooray @jnnsmn!
Retweeted by Third Coast FestivalThrilled to announce the 2018 Third Coast Radio Residents! Read all about these 9 producers and the exciting projec… a listen to this new piece from 2017 Third Coast Radio Resident @chermusings on @thenodshow!
HEY CHICAGO: Join us @revbrew for our first-ever live fundraiser April 16! A Third Coast extravaganza to support th…, this is very Gwen Macsai. <3 @ThirdCoastFest Re:sound for your 250th episode birthday! Never a dull moment in a…
Retweeted by Third Coast FestivalStill can't believe it's been 250 episodes of Re:sound, started waaaay back in 2004. Celebrate Re:sound & the audio… is an amazing showcase. It's a way to discover new podcasts and audio artists you've never heard of. Also,…
Retweeted by Third Coast Festival @Ciara_OC Thanks, Ciara!Chicagoans - love Third Coast? Podcasts? Support the future of audio storytelling and SAVE. THE. DATE! hey, Chicago listeners! You should go to this! (P.S. check out who's on the poster!)
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Truly a thing to celebrate. Re:sound on @ThirdCoastFest Tales of life unexpected, told in amazing ways & gathered b…
Retweeted by Third Coast Festival @jessocallaghan ❤️❤️Episode 250 of @ThirdCoastFest Resound made me really weirdly emotional -- hearing all these producers come to audi…
Retweeted by Third Coast FestivalHappy 250th, @ThirdCoastFest Re:sound! Thanks for introducing me to Communicating with Horses by @jay_allison and s…
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@sarahegeis @jay_allison Can't find the horse emoji ❤️Time to share yr Re:sound crushes.... can have more than one 😜 @ThirdCoastFest Congrats on your 250th show! 😍 So many shows, so many gems.
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Loved hearing an hour of Re:sound highlights, and so many ace former producers in this *250th* episode. That Bosett…
Retweeted by Third Coast FestivalShout out your radio crushes, tag the producers/stories you discovered thru Re:sound! Here are a few... to see you there, Chicago friends! @WBEZ @LoganUChicago @city_bureau @ChiPodcastCoop - many more deets to come soon, too :)Chicagoans: what a perfect snowy day to *mark your calendars* for April 16 - the 1st-ever Third Coast Extravaganza,… work by @romanmars @katiemingle @daphall @jatomic @kestecher @WYSO's Neenah Ellis, Alessandro Bosetti, Rick Moody, and many more!Look no further for yr snowy weekend listening.... @ThirdCoastFest @SceneOnRadio Oh my goodness...YES! I got sniffly hearing the very first line! Scared by John Biew…
Retweeted by Third Coast Festival @noiseandlight was it this super sweet @SceneOnRadio ShortDoc? is your favorite radio producer / piece that you discovered thru Re:sound?! Celebrate our #250th episode by letting the world know....Which producers/stories have YOU discovered thru Re:sound?! In celebration of our weird/exquisite little show, ta… celebrate, we talked to all past/present Re:sound producers: @romanmars @katiemingle @daphall @D____sF__k & Kati…'s kind of a miracle: we've made 250 episodes of Re:sound, a show dedicated to finding the most beautiful, someti…
@toughbunny1 Yep, you can always send ideas/pitches! is the place to send 'em. @meribah @WPLN .@meribah took an *opposite* approach - "I made it my mission to report this series with honesty and… motiviated @meribah to make a podcast for @WPLN about life in Nashville's public housing? For one, Meribah go…
We changed up the format of our behind-the-scenes interviews w/ producers, check it out! We asked producer…!! backstory on The Promise, episode 2. Thanks @ThirdCoastFest for the love.
Retweeted by Third Coast Festival👇Looks like a must-read/listen from @ThirdCoastFest
Retweeted by Third Coast FestivalIt's such an honor to have @ThirdCoastFest, the standard-bearer of great audio storytelling, feature #ThePromise.
Retweeted by Third Coast Festival @meribah @WPLN @ThisAmerLife & that's a wrap on this week's feature! 1 not-to-miss story: @meribah @WPLN @ThisAmerLife 4. Taking time. @meribah managed to get lots of time reporting in Cayce - and it paid… @meribah @WPLN @ThisAmerLife 3. Big Man! @meribah and Big Man had a great dynamic, but he pushed back, too: "he alw… @meribah @WPLN 2. Mentorship from Alex Kotlowitz & others. The Chicago author/@ThisAmerLife contributor/journalist… @meribah @WPLN 1. Cayce hasn't always been given a fair shake in the press. In 1994, a local paper sent reporters t… week, we talked to @meribah, the reporter behind @WPLN's new podcast "The Promise" about life, death and chang… stories, new ingredients: we're doing something new! Every two weeks, we'll share a story that we think you *ne… @meribah @WPLN What's peaking our attention? Episode #2 of "The Promise: A Beautiful Day in the Projects," in which… 2 weeks, we share a story you *need* to hear & talk to producers about essential ingredients baked into their…
Want to be the next great investigative podcast reporter? New on the Third Coast Pocket Conference -…