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Registration for the 2017 TC Conference is SOLD OUT! Looking for registration/to transfer yr registration? Go here:…, Third Coast Conference attendees: check your inboxes! We just sent you some ~exclusive~ content.Come say hi all you @ThirdCoastFest folks
Retweeted by Third Coast FestivalIf you need to transfer yr TC registration to someone else - or if you didn't register in time & need tix - go here:!?! πŸ‘€
@annfriedman p.s. @annfriedman any faves so far?GUYS! @annfriedman shouted out the TCIAF 2017 Competition winners in her newsletter this week! AN HONOR. (TBH, this… @mikiebarb Are ya coming?Wouldn't want to miss this.
Retweeted by Third Coast Festivalrly excited for these last 3 @ThirdCoastFest sessions TBH
Retweeted by Third Coast FestivalThis panel was πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ last year. Looking forward to this year!
Retweeted by Third Coast Festival @kai_wright @EveEpstein @Al_Letson @leitalm The Daily w/ @mikiebarb from @nytimes broke new ground in audio this ye… the politics panel from #ThirdCoast16? We're back at it at #ThirdCoast17 w/ @kai_wright @EveEpstein…"The Tyranny of Good Talkers" from @radiogrego of @Roughly @NPR challenges the American aesthetic of storytelling:…'re thrilled to announce the final 3 Third Coast Conference sessions! @mattlargey @PopUpMag @KUT @CriminalShow @PhoebeVJudge 4/4 And finally, a radio premier about faith and family from… @mattlargey @PopUpMag @KUT @CriminalShow 3.5/4 That story is followed by a behind-the-scenes interview with… @mattlargey @PopUpMag @KUT 3/4 Followed by the story of a pro footballer (aka a soccer player) turned amateur detec… First up, one man's quest to amend the US Constitution from @mattlargey for @PopUpMag & @KUT β€” This week's all new Re:sound features three stories of dogged, unwavering and relentless determination! β€”
YAY! The #ThirdCoast17 Basic Schedule is here:
Retweeted by Third Coast FestivalYAY! The #ThirdCoast17 Basic Schedule is here: plans include binge listening to the riveting, remarkable tales from @ThirdCoastFest '17 winners. #congrats
Retweeted by Third Coast FestivalAnd if ya haven't already registered, this weekend is likely yr last chance!, we're dropping the final 3 #ThirdCoast17 sessions tmrw.. & they're pretty great. Stay tuned! guest @EveEwing performs poetry onstage with @NPRCodeSwitch Nov 10. Don’t miss this! Tix:…
Retweeted by Third Coast FestivalHi Chicago πŸŽƒ won a @ThirdCoastFest award! Congratulations to all of this year's winners.
Retweeted by Third Coast Festival
@HelenZaltzman Got any advice for Third Coast Awards Ceremony hosting @annasale?Already giddy excited for the Third Coast Awards Ceremony - aka the Oscars of Radio - hosted by @HelenZaltzman at…<3 @longestshortest @abigailkeel @TheNoisyNomad @JohnFecile @jeven_stackson @lizzieschiffman @nickvdk @loveandradio… @longestshortest @abigailkeel @TheNoisyNomad @JohnFecile @jeven_stackson @lizzieschiffman @nickvdk @loveandradio… @longestshortest @abigailkeel @TheNoisyNomad @JohnFecile @jeven_stackson @lizzieschiffman @nickvdk @loveandradio… @longestshortest @abigailkeel @TheNoisyNomad @JohnFecile @jeven_stackson @lizzieschiffman @nickvdk @loveandradio… @longestshortest @abigailkeel @TheNoisyNomad @JohnFecile @jeven_stackson @lizzieschiffman @nickvdk @loveandradio… @longestshortest @abigailkeel @TheNoisyNomad @JohnFecile @jeven_stackson @lizzieschiffman @nickvdk @loveandradio… @longestshortest @abigailkeel @TheNoisyNomad @JohnFecile @jeven_stackson @lizzieschiffman @nickvdk @loveandradio… @longestshortest @abigailkeel @TheNoisyNomad @JohnFecile @jeven_stackson @lizzieschiffman @nickvdk @loveandradio… @longestshortest @abigailkeel @TheNoisyNomad @JohnFecile @jeven_stackson @lizzieschiffman @nickvdk @loveandradio… @longestshortest @abigailkeel @TheNoisyNomad @JohnFecile @jeven_stackson @lizzieschiffman @nickvdk @loveandradio "E… @longestshortest @abigailkeel @TheNoisyNomad "Blink Once For Yes" by @JohnFecile @jeven_stackson @lizzieschiffman +…"The Accidental Gay Parents, Episode 5" by @longestshortest w/ @abigailkeel @TheNoisyNomad:… to share this playlist of #ThirdCoastWinners w/ the world: Find out WHO won WHAT Nov. 11 at #ThirdCoast17.@EveEwing onstage with @NPRCodeSwitch on Nov. 10. Be there! Tix: @ThirdCoastFest @WBEZ
Retweeted by Third Coast FestivalWe're SO EXCITED for Code Switch Live during #ThirdCoast17 - a party for both producers/listeners. More amazing Chi… @forensicgarlic @NickCatal @PodSaveAmerica @JBPritzker Hey @PodSaveAmerica fans in Chicago, do ya LOVE podcasts? We… only a few reg spots to #ThirdCoast17 left - so NOW IS THE TIME. presenter @VeeSimmonds has a very important poll for you today... @bylukemalone Much love to all of this year's judges!!! Y'all had a HARD job to do.It was fun helping judge the @ThirdCoastFest awards this year. You can listen to all of the winning stories here:
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AMAZing list of winners for this year's @ThirdCoastFest. Congrats to all!!
Retweeted by Third Coast Festival @njerieaton <3 we believe it.We are so proud of MA radio production student Laura Irving graduating in November AND a winner of @ThirdCoastFest…
Retweeted by Third Coast FestivalThe @ThirdCoastFest winners are πŸ”₯πŸ’₯πŸ”₯πŸ’₯πŸ”₯πŸ’₯πŸ”₯ yaaaas
Retweeted by Third Coast FestivalYay, that's a great thing. to this year's @ThirdCoastFest winners! Also, if u r looking for your next roadtrip playlist, here it is:
Retweeted by Third Coast FestivalLISTEN: The winners of the @ThirdCoastFest Competition are out β€” and there's a playlist! #podcasting #pubmedia
Retweeted by Third Coast FestivalCan't wait to listen to all the @ThirdCoastFest winners!
Retweeted by Third Coast FestivalSo excited to share this years list of unforgettable stories!
Retweeted by Third Coast Festivalsome fab sonic treats right here:
Retweeted by Third Coast FestivalSome really great πŸ“» here... #listenlist
Retweeted by Third Coast FestivalHuge congrats to all the winners of Third Coast Awards! πŸŽ™ @loveandradio @longestshortest @heavyweight @MPRnews!
Retweeted by Third Coast FestivalπŸ“»πŸ†πŸ“»πŸ†πŸ“»πŸ†πŸ“»πŸ†πŸ“»πŸ†πŸ“»πŸ†πŸ“»πŸ†πŸ“»πŸ†πŸ“»πŸ†πŸ“»πŸ†
Retweeted by Third Coast FestivalπŸŽ‰πŸ’«βœ¨πŸ“» They're here! They're here! Congratulations to all!
Retweeted by Third Coast FestivalA hearty congrats to ALL producers, reporters, hosts, sound designers, engineers, researchers, & editors who worked on these award-winners! @radioambulante Don't speak Spanish? You can still enjoy this award-winning story, in full, with the @radioatlas tr…!! 1: soak in the list of TC winners Step 2: send out yr congrats Step 3: LISTEN to all these amazing stories!!!… this list! Congrats to all.
Retweeted by Third Coast FestivalDon't miss this @radioatlas custom translation, made just for Third Coast/RHDF Competition award winners not in Eng… to the @ThirdCoastFest winners!
Retweeted by Third Coast FestivalWe're ready to divulge the results... Announcing the winners of the 2017 TC/RHDF Competition:…
Like what you see? Tix:!! love a registration gif !! @radiogrego @JenniferBrandel @njerieaton @kai_wright Trust us, it wasn't an easy job.Lots of appreciation for all the 2017 TC/RHDF judges including @radiogrego @JenniferBrandel @njerieaton @kai_wright…, we've got an announcement: winners of the 2017 Third Coast/RHDF Competition. AKA the best stories in radi…
Found a guy who DEFINITELY has a @radioatlas tattoo! (that he got 10 years ago...) @mirpmeeting