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Apply apply apply apply apply apply apply!!!!
Retweeted by Third Coast Festival @AIRmedia @Ragdale Thanks for spreading the word! This is awesome.
Check out this new cross-generational storytelling platform from #ThirdCoast17 presenters/award-winners @youthradio! @njerieaton @Ragdale Thank you for spreading the word, yay!!Call for applications: the 2018 @ThirdCoastFest Radio Residency @Ragdale is seeking producers from diverse backgrou…
Retweeted by Third Coast Festival"Third Coast Conference is a legendarily special place for those in the radio and podcasting world." -… the word: Apply to the 2018 Radio Residency - a week of inspiration, focus, mentorship and community…
Third Coast merch is hella cool - and this is your last chance to order some before the winter holidays! Get your p… this! It was great and lovely and fun and beautiful!
Retweeted by Third Coast FestivalCheck out the #HearkenAwards from @JenniferBrandel's public powered media company @wearehearken - Jenn was also a 2… a podcast idea? Need training?! TCIAF alum @sarahegeis' workshop "Make That Podcast" is back! "We'll start wit… to 2017 Third Coast provocateur @sarahalvarezMI, who just received a @cfsem grant "to expand Outlier Media… - if you're maxed out on TC-related spending for now (hello, Conf. attendees!), we just ask that you keep us in… you for being part of a phenomenal year at Third Coast! End-of-year donations to TCIAF support our 2018 progr… @ThirdCoastFest AND THEY ARE SO EFFING CUTE
Retweeted by Third Coast FestivalLook Johanna's wearing her birthday socks from @Pidgey3rdCoast !! can now listen to @martinacastro giving a provocative talk at the @ThirdCoastFest about going bilingual.
Retweeted by Third Coast Festival
"Winning makes him uneasy, Goldstein told me: 'I do better with failure.'" - from @asarahlarson's Podcast Dept.… in the Podcast Dept. from @asarahlarson of @NewYorker - longtime TC friend, the weird & brilliant @J_Goldstein was an awesome presentation. Can’t wait to listen back to it soon!
Retweeted by Third Coast FestivalSneak peek of next week's #pocketconference episode: Bringing Together Narrative & News w/ @lisannette, Exec Produc…
Want #TheFestChicago '17 to live on forever? You need a limited edition poster by Chicago artist Ryan Duggan:… of our favorite photos #TheFestChicago's live-on-stage podcasts including @Al_Letson @PhoebeVJudge FEST AIN'T OVER! We just posted a full photo album from The Fest - so you can re-live the memories of @reveal @theheartradio Did you love this new episode of @theheartradio by Sharon Mashihi as much as we did?! She devoted a… on the Third Coast Pocket Conference podcast - 2017 Provocations: & more #ThirdCoast17
"You have the voices you need - you just need to consider a different audience" - @martinacastro of Adonde Media in… the word!
Retweeted by Third Coast FestivalOur hearts are bursting as we listen to the premiere of "Man Choubam (I Am Good)" by Third Coast Radio Resident Sha…!
Retweeted by Third Coast FestivalIf you missed it at @ThirdCoastFest, check out @SceneOnRadio's provocation about #SeeingWhite, and #FindingAmerica:…
Retweeted by Third Coast FestivalTwo questions: 1. Are you a radio/podcast producer in the midst of an AWESOME project (that you don't always have…
Hey producer folk, this is worth a listen!
Retweeted by Third Coast Festival @A_MMontgomery YES, YOU!Thanks to all #ThirdCoast17 attendees who sent us feedback thru our Conference survey - and congrats to the raffle… people, check this out! came to #ThirdCoast17 rrrrrrrrrrrrrrready to rumble, arguing the merits of 2x vs. 1x speed listening. Bu… cool to get to share my talk on "Going Bilingual" at the @ThirdCoastFest with those who weren't there!
Retweeted by Third Coast FestivalIf you make audio, now is the perfect time to subscribe to this podcast...
Retweeted by Third Coast FestivalObligatorio escuchar esto, especialmente la charla de @martinacastro
Retweeted by Third Coast FestivalHey producers: over the next few months, we'll be releasing all the sessions from #ThirdCoast17, with new episodes… Provocations HALFTIME RUMBLE, ft. @EricZorn & @JohannaZorn, settles the hottest debate in podcasting today: lis… timing! Tomorrow, I'll be telling fellow CBC staffers why these provocations were a major highlight of…
Retweeted by Third Coast FestivalThese were all great, looking forward to re-listening.
Retweeted by Third Coast FestivalHave you slack'd about #pocketconference yet? Oh, you will.... 🤣😉 @jodyavirgan Very awesome!!!!!The first episode of this seasons #pocketconference - sessions from the 2017 Third Coast Conference - is HERE! So… to these fearless provocations by @MiaLobel @martinacastro @Moe_McMurray @SceneOnRadio @sarahalvarezMI @lmillernpr @MiaLobel @Panoply You can LISTEN to it now on Third Coast Pocket Conference!
#ThirdCoast17 Provocations drop tomorrow on the Third Coast Pocket Conference! These provocateurs dare to inspire… was a fascinating session - well worth a listen to the TCF Pocket Conference podcast if you weren’t there!
Retweeted by Third Coast Festival @ThirdCoastFest pocket pod-cats now 2017. Meow baby!
Retweeted by Third Coast FestivalIf you are into audio --podcasts, documentaries, etc. -- this set of presentations will be just your thing. I atten…
Retweeted by Third Coast FestivalIf you've been itching to hear Conference sessions from #ThirdCoast17, we've got good news: new episodes of Third C… up, folks! Third Coast Pocket Conference IS BACK this week... first up: Late Night Provocations featuring…
Apply! ! ! !
Retweeted by Third Coast FestivalWhat does the TC Radio Residency feel like? "A big, warm hug from the radio world saying 'Hey! Your experience isn’…
Looking for a great story this afternoon? @ThirdCoastFest's 2017 winners list is a good place to start:…
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"Third Coast and the future of audio storytelling" from @CJR's @megdalts:"Unlike other mediums, the rules [of audio] are still being written, many of them by those in that hotel ballroom.…'t miss these new posters (limited edition!!)!! friends! @NancyPodcast is coming to town, part of WBEZ's Podcast Passport. See BFF's/co-hosts @_kathytu &… short, haunting doc by Third Coast Radio Resident @sayrequevedo is now a @radioatlas piece! A must-listen/watc… @sarahegeis @sayrequevedo @radioatlas !! Love this Radio Residency -----------------> Radio Atlas trail.
Producers!! Did you love yr Pidgey tote from #ThirdCoast17? Better get one for your loved ones, too - or they will… posters = the best way to soak in the podcast + Chicago vibes forever, ft. @RadioMirage @GeeDee215 @longform Fest posters have been added to the Shoppe & they are goooorgeous! Made by Chicago art… out this piece on grantee @ThirdCoastFest in the @NewYorker. Proud to support the annual Third Coast/Richard…
Retweeted by Third Coast FestivalToday is the best day to buy your radio/podcast nerd friends some Third Coast merch! you @driehausfdn for all your support! You are so essential to our success... you with pidgey ?! :)
Retweeted by Third Coast FestivalLove TCIAF but overwhelmed by Giving Tuesday? Don't worry, we're not asking you to donate today.... just SHOP! We'v…💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥
Retweeted by Third Coast Festival🔊yes plz🔊
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Retweeted by Third Coast Festival<3
Retweeted by Third Coast Festival @theheartradio @kaitlinprest @nytimes @chicagotribune @SFGate @Chicago_Reader Excited about the rallying cry to add…! Doesn't that look better? Loving this hypothetical screenshot by @theheartradio's @kaitlinprest. We've alway…